Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/www/curl
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-11-29 14:56:28
Message id:

Log Message:
curl: update to 7.57.0.

Curl and libcurl 7.57.0

 o auth: add support for RFC7616 - HTTP Digest access authentication [12]
 o share: add support for sharing the connection cache [31]
 o HTTP: implement Brotli content encoding [28]

This release includes the following bugfixes:

 o CVE-2017-8816: NTLM buffer overflow via integer overflow [47]
 o CVE-2017-8817: FTP wildcard out of bounds read [48]
 o CVE-2017-8818: SSL out of buffer access [49]
 o curl_mime_filedata.3: fix typos [1]
 o libtest: Add required test libraries for lib1552 and lib1553 [2]
 o fix time diffs for systems using unsigned time_t [3]
 o ftplistparser: memory leak fix: free temporary memory always [4]
 o multi: allow table handle sizes to be overridden [5]
 o wildcards: don't use with non-supported protocols [6]
 o curl_fnmatch: return error on illegal wildcard pattern [7]
 o transfer: Fix chunked-encoding upload too early exit [8]
 o curl_setup: Improve detection of CURL_WINDOWS_APP [9]
 o resolvers: only include anything if needed [10]
 o setopt: fix CURLOPT_SSH_AUTH_TYPES option read
 o appveyor: add a win32 build
 o Curl_timeleft: change return type to timediff_t [11]
 o cmake: Export libcurl and curl targets to use by other cmake projects [13]
 o curl: in -F option arg, comma is a delimiter for files only [14]
 o curl: improved ";type=" handling in -F option arguments
 o timeval: use mach_absolute_time() on MacOS [15]
 o curlx: the timeval functions are no longer provided as curlx_* [16]
 o do not generate comment with current date [17]
 o memdebug: use send/recv signature for curl_dosend/curl_dorecv [18]
 o cookie: avoid NULL dereference [19]
 o url: fix CURLOPT_POSTFIELDSIZE arg value check to allow -1 [20]
 o include: remove conncache.h inclusion from where its not needed
 o CURLOPT_MAXREDIRS: allow -1 as a value [21]
 o tests: Fixed torture tests on tests 556 and 650
 o http2: Fixed OOM handling in upgrade request
 o url: fix CURLOPT_DNS_CACHE_TIMEOUT arg value check to allow -1
 o CURLOPT_INFILESIZE: accept -1 [22]
 o curl: pass through [] in URLs instead of calling globbing error [23]
 o curl: speed up handling of many URLs [24]
 o ntlm: avoid malloc(0) for zero length passwords [25]
 o url: remove faulty arg value check from CURLOPT_SSH_AUTH_TYPES [26]
 o HTTP: support multiple Content-Encodings [27]
 o travis: add a job with brotli enabled
 o url: remove unncessary NULL-check
 o fnmatch: remove dead code
 o connect: store IPv6 connection status after valid connection [29]
 o imap: deal with commands case insensitively [30]
 o --interface: add support for Linux VRF [32]
 o content_encoding: fix inflate_stream for no bytes available [33]
 o cmake: Correctly include curl.rc in Windows builds [34]
 o cmake: Add missing setmode check [35]
 o connect.c: remove executable bit on file [36]
 o SMB: fix uninitialized local variable
 o zlib/brotli: only include header files in modules needing them [37]
 o URL: return error on malformed URLs with junk after IPv6 bracket [38]
 o openssl: fix too broad use of HAVE_OPAQUE_EVP_PKEY [39]
 o macOS: Fix missing connectx function with Xcode version older than 9.0 [40]
 o --resolve: allow IP address within [] brackets [41]
 o examples/curlx: Fix code style [42]
 o ntlm: remove unnecessary NULL-check to please scan-build [43]
 o Curl_llist_remove: fix potential NULL pointer deref [43]
 o mime: fix "Value stored to 'sz' is never read" scan-build error [43]
 o openssl: fix "Value stored to 'rc' is never read" scan-build error [43]
 o http2: fix "Value stored to 'hdbuf' is never read" scan-build error [43]
 o http2: fix "Value stored to 'end' is never read" scan-build error [43]
 o Curl_open: fix OOM return error correctly [43]
 o url: reject ASCII control characters and space in host names [44]
 o examples/rtsp: clear RANGE again after use [45]
 o connect: improve the bind error message [46]
 o make: fix "make distclean" [50]
 o connect: add support for new TCP Fast Open API on Linux [51]
 o metalink: fix memory-leak and NULL pointer dereference [52]
 o URL: update "file:" URL handling [53]
 o ssh: remove check for a NULL pointer [54]
 o global_init: ignore CURL_GLOBAL_SSL's absense [55]