Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/rsyslog
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2017-11-30 23:19:36
Message id:

Log Message:
Update sysutils/rsyslog* to 8.31.0

- remove systemd embedded code, use libsystemd instead
- mmanon: add support for IPv6 adresses with embedded IPv4 address
- ommongodb: big refactoring, more or less a feature-enhanced rewrite
- rainerscript: add parse_time() function
- omelasticsearch: add pipeline support
- lmsig_ksi_ls12: support asynchronous mode of libksi
- omprog: added error handling and transaction support for external
- imzmq3/omzmq3: marked as deprecated, modules will be remove in v8.41
- imzmq3/omzmq3: fixed build issues with gcc-7
- core: emit error message on abnormal input thread termination
- core: refactored locking for json variable access
- core: refactored creation of UDP sockets
- core/dnscache: refactor locking
- rainerscript: use crypto-grade random number generator for random()
- imkafka: improve error reporting and cleanup refactoring
- imkafka bugfix: segfault if "broker" parameter is not specified
- omkafka: improve error reporting
- omkafka: slight speedup do to refactoring of LIST class
- TCP syslog: support SNI when connecting as a client
- msg variable bugfix: potential segfault on variable access
- ratelimiting bugfix: data race in Linux-like ratelimiter
- core/template bugfix: potential NULL pointer access at config load
- core/json var subsystem bugfix: segfault in MsgSetPropsViaJSON
- core/wrkr threads bugfix: race condition
- core/wtp: potential hang during shutdown
- omfwd bugfix: generate error message on connection failure
- imtcp bugfix: "streamdriver.mode" parameter could not be set to 0
- imjournal bugfix: module was defunctional
- imjournal: refactor error handling, fix error messages
 -mmdblookup bugfix: fix potential segfault due to threading issues
- omkafka bugfixes
- kafka bugfix: problem on invalid kafka configuration values
- [io]mgssapi: fix build problems (regression from 8.30.0)
- [io]czmq: fix build problems on some platforms (namely gcc 7, clang
- tcpsrv bugfix: potential hang during shutdown
- queue bugfix: potential hang during shutdown
- queue bugfix: NULL pointer dereference during config processing
- imczmq bugfix: segfault
- imfile: some small performance enhancements
- omfile: hande file open error via SUSPEND mode
- omfile bugfix: race during directory creation can lead to loop
- imudp: improve error reporting
- omrelp bugfix: incorrect error handling
- [io]mrelp bugfix: segfault on startup if configured cert not
- mmanon fix: make build under gcc 7
- mmpstrucdata bugfix: formatting error of ']' char
- mmexternalb bugfix: memory leak
- core/stats bugfix: memory leak if sender stats or tracking are
- core bugfix: potential segfault during startup
- core bugfix: potential race in variable handling
- core bugfix: potential segfault when shutting down rsyslog
- core/action bugfix: potential misadressing when processing hard
- template object bugfix: NULL pointer access on invalid parameters
- omjournal bugfix: NULL pointer access on invalid parameters
- omelasticsearch bugfix: configured credentials not used during
  health check
- omelasticsearch bugfix: abort on unavailable ES server
- omelasticsearch: fix memory leak and potential misadressing
- omelasticsearch bugfix: output from libcurl to stdout
- iczmq bugfix: potential memory leak
- imptcp bugfix: potential misadressing
- imptcp: potential buffer overflow
- core/nsd_gtls: fix potential unitialized data access
- stats bugfix: potential program hang
- omfwd bugfix: memory leak if network namespaces are used
- core: potential misadressing when accessing JSON properties
- gcry crypto provider bugfixes: potential misadressing and memory
- core/file stream object bugfix: memory leak
- imdiag bugfix: double mutex unlock when working with stats
- fixed several minor and cosmetic issues found by Coverty scan
- build: make compile warning-free under gcc 7