Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/net/get_iplayer
From: Patrick Welche
Date: 2017-12-06 01:11:47
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Log Message:
Update get_iplayer to 3.07

* get_iplayer no longer lists all programmes when invoked without a
  search argument. If you wish to list all programmes, you must now
  explicitly specify a wildcard search: get_iplayer ".*" - note the
  quotes. The Web PVR Manager does that by default. Also remember to
  use --refresh for ad hoc cache updates.
* get_iplayer no longer automatically attempts to add higher-quality
  audio to "hls" mode downloads (functionality introduced in v3.03).
  Some output files were being produced with audio and video out of
  sync. get_iplayer should never produce output worse that what is
  offered by iPlayer, so that functionality is now optional. Use the
  new --hls-hq-audio option to enable it, and heed the warning that
  you may need to edit your output files to sync audio and video. The
  --no-hq-audio option is now ignored and will be removed in the next
  release. If you added it to your preferences, remove it now with
  get_iplayer --prefs-del --no-hq-audio. (@notnac)
* Added --audio-only option to download only the audio stream for a
  TV programme. It is intended to enable users with visual
  impairments to skip downloading the video stream for programmes
  with audio description, but it can be used for any programme. It
  does not work with "hls" modes, however, so do not try to use it
  with --tvmode=hlshd, for example. Use of --audio-only also enables
  --force so that you can re-download a different audio track for a
  previously-downloaded TV programme. That will also produce an
  additional entry in your download history for the audio file.
  Audio-only downloads produce .m4a files.
* Web PVR: Updated to support HTTPS URLs for Quick URL recording. The
  BBC has begun redirecting iPlayer episode pages to secure
  equivalents, and Web PVR limitations have required changing
  "https:" to "http:" for pages used in the Quick URL box. \ 
This did
  not affect the CLI or recording from search results in Web PVR.
* Added support for World Service programme PIDs beginning with "w".
  These WS programmes released since 11 Aug could not be downloaded
  because their PIDs were not recognised by get_iplayer. … leasenotes