Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/p5-SQL-Translator
From: Thomas Klausner
Date: 2017-12-06 08:05:39
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Log Message:
p5-SQL-Translator: update to 0.11023.

0.11023 2017-12-05

 * Fix error handling for Test::PostgreSQL 1.20

0.11022 2017-12-04

 * Add support for monotonically increasing SQLite autoincs (GH#47)
 * Add support for CHECK constraint in SQLite producer (GH#57)
 * Add support for CHECK constraint in POD producer (GH#63)
 * Fix forgotten quoting in the MySQL DROP TABLE diff producer (GH#50)
 * Fix Pg grammar parsing of UUID, time, timetz columns (RT#100196, GH#52)
 * Add support for USING and WHERE on indexes in PostgreSQL producer
   and parser (RT#63814, GH#52)
 * Improve add_trigger consistency between producers (GH#48)
 * Add trigger 'scope' attribute support to JSON, YAML and XML producers,
   and XML and SQLite parsers (RT#119997)
 * Declare dependencies in deterministic order (RT#102859)
 * Multiple speedups of naive internal debugging mechanism (GH#54)
 * Remove dependency on List::MoreUtils ( )
 * Fix parsing of strings with leading whitespace for MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL,
   SQLServer and SQLite
 * Fix parsing of MySQL column comments (RT#83380)
 * Fix multi-line comments in YAML, JSON and PostgreSQL producers
 * Fix identifier quoting in PostgreSQL diff producer
 * Fix incorrect type conversion from various BigInt AutoIncrement to the
   PostgreSQL-specific bigserial (GH#72)
 * Fix missing semicolons between PostGIS statements
 * Fix string and identifier quoting in PostGIS statements
 * Fix intermittent test failures (RT#108460)
 * Fix relying on exact serialisation for JSON/YAML tests (RT#121901)