Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/rspamd
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2018-02-19 12:49:01
Message id:

Log Message:
mail/rspamd: Update to 1.6.6.

- [CritFix] Add sanity guards for badly broken HTML
- [CritFix] Another errors path handling fix
- [CritFix] Fix ARC chain verification
- [CritFix] Fix crash in milter errors handler
- [Feature] Allow to insert headers into specific position
- [Feature] Allow to receive signing keys from mempool vars
- [Feature] Authentication-Results: support hiding usernames
- [Fix] Another try to deal with #1998
- [Fix] Another try to fix #1998
- [Fix] Better handling of the legacy protocol
- [Fix] Check decoded headers sanity (e.g. by excluding \0)
- [Fix] Deal with nan and inf encoding in json/ucl
- [Fix] Deal with URLs wrapped in [] in text parts
- [Fix] DKIM signing: allow for auth_only to be false
- [Fix] Do not crash on empty subtype
- [Fix] Do not fail rbl plugin when there are no received or emails
- [Fix] Do not skip the last character
- [Fix] Do not try to dereference last character
- [Fix] Do not try to sign unknown domains
- [Fix] Exim Received header protocol parsing
- [Fix] First load selector_map and path_map. And only return false
  when domain not found if try_fallback is false
- [Fix] Fix bad archive characters stripping
- [Fix] Fix comparision
- [Fix] Fix connecting to a unix socket in rspamadm statconvert
- [Fix] Fix empty headers simple canonicalization
- [Fix] Fix extra hits in PCRE mode for regular expressions
- [Fix] Fix parsing of the per-user script
- [Fix] Fix processing of skip-hashes in fuzzy storage
- [Fix] Fix Redis timeout setup
- [Fix] Fix sanity checks on macro value
- [Fix] Fix text splitting: stack overflow (too many captures)
- [Fix] Fix urls/emails distinguishing found in queries
- [Fix] F-PROT Antivirus: only check return code to determine
- [Fix] Metadata exporter: check IP sanity
- [Fix] Multimap: received: filtering of artificial header
- [Fix] Plan new event on HTTP errors
- [Fix] Plug another possible memory leak
- [Fix] Remove hop-by-hop headers in proxy
- [Fix] Sanitize IP in history redis
- [Fix] Setting check_local / check_authed in plugins (#1954)
- [Fix] Settings: avoid checking invalid IP (#1981)
- [Fix] Try harder in passing IPv6 addresses
- [Fix] WebUI: use relative path for savemap (#1943)
- [WebUI] Fix message count in throughput summary (#1724)
- [WebUI] Fix NaNs display on Throughput graph
- [WebUI] Restore passwordless login support (#2003)