Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/sysutils/consul
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2018-04-16 14:36:12
Message id:

Log Message:
sysutils/consul: Update to 1.0.7.


- build: Bumped Go version to 1.10
- agent: Blocking queries on service-specific health and catalog
  endpoints now return a per-service `X-Consul-Index` improving watch
  performance on very busy clusters.
- agent: All endpoints now respond to OPTIONS requests.
- agent: List of supported TLS cipher suites updated to include newer
- agent: WAN federation can now be disabled by setting the serf WAN
  port to -1.
- agent: Added support for specifying metadata during service
- agent: Added a new `discover-max-stale` config option to enable
  stale requests for service discovery endpoints.
- agent: (Consul Enterprise) Added a new option to the snapshot agent
  for configuring the S3 endpoint.
- dns: Introduced a new config param to limit the number of A/AAAA
  records returned.
- dns: Upgrade vendored DNS library to pick up bugfixes and
- server: Updated yamux library to pick up a performance improvement.
- server: Add near=\_ip support for prepared queries
- api: Add support for GZIP compression in HTTP responses.
- api: Add `IgnoreCheckIDs` to Prepared Query definition to allow
  temporarily bypassing faulty health checks


- agent: Fixed an issue where the coordinate update endpoint was not
  correctly parsing the ACL token.
- agent: Fixed an issue where `consul monitor` couldn't be terminated
  until the first log line is delivered
- agent: Added warnings for when a node name isn't a valid DNS name
  and when the node name, a service name or service tags would exceed
  the allowed lengths for DNS names
- agent: Added truncation of TCP DNS responses to prevent errors for
  exceeding message size limits
- agent: Added -config-format flag to validate command to specify the
  syntax that should be used for parsing the config
- agent: HTTP Checks now report the HTTP method used instead of always
  reporting as a GET
- server: Fixed an issue where the leader could miss clean up after a
  leadership transition.