Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/mail/rspamd
From: Filip Hajny
Date: 2018-05-16 18:49:44
Message id:

Log Message:
mail/rspamd: Update to 1.7.4.

* [Conf] Major stock config updates:
    - Workers are now specified in a new format worker "type" { ... }
    - Enable fuzzy worker to simplify local fuzzy storages configuration
    - Bind all workers to localhost by default to avoid security flaws
* [Conf] Make more sane fuzzy_check default settings
* [CritFix] Fix ucl escape for bad symbols
* [Feature] Add failure symbol for AV module
* [Feature] Add lazy expiration mode for new classifier schema
* [Feature] Add preliminary version of maps stats plugin
* [Feature] Allow to block fuzzy requests from specific networks
* [Feature] Allow to change `expire` of live statistics
* [Feature] Distinguish AV failure from clean result
* [Feature] Further improvements of language detector by using khash
* [Feature] Further optimization of the lang_detection
* [Feature] Implement cluster-aware bayes expiry
* [Feature] Implement exclude patterns in rspamc
* [Feature] Implement glob maps in addition to regexp maps
* [Feature] Implement map statistics function for lua API
* [Feature] Implement stop symbols for Clickhouse collection
* [Feature] Support recipients separated by commas
* [Feature] Try harder to upload scripts to the Redis server
* [Feature] Upgrade t1ha distribution
* [Feature] use_domain_sign_inbound
* [Feature] Use scores from maps if `symbols_set` is not defined
* [Fix] Add resolving version of radix map helper
* [Fix] Check URL before adding implicit prefix
* [Fix] Do not check pid/state when using PRNG
* [Fix] Fix CentOS logrotate script for systemd
* [Fix] Fix slash + dot in urls
* [Fix] Fix systemd version of the logrotate script
* [Fix] Propagate key when import implicit array from Lua
* [Fix] Strip spaces from map keys and values
* [Fix] Try to fix a specific case when processing milter protocol
* [Fix] Try to fix crash when a tcp connection cannot be set
* [Fix] Typo use_domain_local --> use_domain_sign_local
* [Fix] Various fixes to once_received module
* [Project] Store hits counters for map elements