Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-astroid
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2018-07-17 12:05:46
Message id:

Log Message:
py-astroid: updated to 2.0

astroid 2.0:
* String representation of nodes takes in account precedence and associativity \ 
rules of operators.
* Fix loading files with modutils.load_from_module when
  the path that contains it in sys.path is a symlink and
  the file is contained in a symlinked folder.
* Reworking of the numpy brain dealing with numerictypes
  (use of inspect module to determine the class hierarchy of
   numpy.core.numerictypes module)
* Added inference support for starred nodes in for loops
* Support unpacking for dicts in assignments
* Add support for inferring functools.partial
* Inference support for dict.fromkeys
* int() builtin is inferred as returning integers.
* str() builtin is inferred as returning strings.
* DescriptorBoundMethod has the correct number of arguments defined.
* Improvement of the numpy numeric types definition.
* Subclasses of *property* are now interpreted as properties
* AsStringRegexpPredicate has been removed.
  Use transform predicates instead of it.
* Switched to using typed_ast for getting access to type comments
  As a side effect of this change, some nodes gained a new type_annotation attribute,
  which, if the type comments were correctly parsed, should contain a node object
  with the corresponding objects from the type comment.
* typing.X[...] and typing.NewType are inferred as classes instead of instances.
* Module.__path__ is now a list
  It used to be a string containing the path, but it doesn't reflect the situation
  on Python, where it is actually a list.
* Fix a bug with namespace package's __path__ attribute.
* Added brain tips for random.sample
* Add brain tip for issubclass builtin
* Fix submodule imports from six
* Fix missing __module__ and __qualname__ from class definition locals
* Fix a crash when __annotations__ access a parent's __init__ that does not have \ 
* Fix multiple objects sharing the same InferenceContext.path causing \ 
uninferable results
* Fix improper modification of col_offset, lineno upon inference of builtin functions
* Subprocess.Popen brain now knows of the args member
* add move_to_end method to collections.OrderedDict brain
* Include new hashlib classes added in python 3.6
* Fix RecursionError for augmented assign
* Add missing attrs special attribute
* Inference now understands the 'isinstance' builtin
* Stop duplicate nodes with the same key values
  from appearing in dictionaries from dictionary unpacking.
* Fix contextlib.contextmanager inference for nested context managers
* Implement inference for len builtin
* Add qname method to Super object preventing potential errors in upstream
* Stop astroid from getting stuck in an infinite loop if a function shares
its name with its decorator
* Fix issue with inherited __call__ improperly inferencing self
* Fix __call__ precedence for classes with custom metaclasses
* Limit the maximum amount of interable result in an NodeNG.infer() call to
 100 by default for performance issues with variables with large amounts of
 possible values.
 The max inferable value can be tuned by setting the max_inferable_values flag on