Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/emulators/qemu
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2018-12-12 17:26:58
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Log Message:
qemu: updated to 3.1.0

Incompatible changes
- The "qemu-system-ppcemb" target has been removed. \ 
"qemu-system-ppc" or "qemu-system-ppc64" should be used \ 
- The "tls", "x509", and "x509verify" options to \ 
"-vnc" have been removed. The "tls-creds" option should be \ 
used instead to point to a "tls-creds-x509" object created using \ 
- The -drive options "cyls", "heads", "secs", \ 
"trans", "addr" and "serial" have been removed. \ 
The corresponding options of the "-device" parameter have to be used \ 
instead now.
- The "-balloon" option has been removed since it is replaced by \ 
"-device virtio-balloon" now.
- The "-nodefconfig" option has been removed. Use \ 
"-no-user-config" instead.
- The "-startdate", "-localtime" and \ 
"-rtc-td-hack" options have been removed. Use the corresponding \ 
parameters of "-rtc" instead.
- The "-tftp", "-bootp", "-redir" and \ 
"-smb" options have been removed. Use the corresponding parameters of \ 
"-nic" or "-netdev" instead.
- The "ssi-sd" device cannot be created anymore with \ 
"-device". This could be changed again in the future.
- x86 machines cannot be live-migrated if nested Intel virtualization is \ 
enabled. The next version of QEMU will be able to do live migration when nested \ 
virtualization is enabled, if supported by the kernel.

New deprecated options and features
- The '-machine enforce-config-section' parameter is replaced by the '-global \ 
migration.send-configuration' option.
- The 'name' parameter of the '-net' option is a synonym for the 'id' parameter, \ 
which should now be used instead.
- The 'hub_id name' parameter tuple of the 'hostfwd_add' and 'hostfwd_remove' \ 
HMP commands has been replaced by 'netdev_id'.
- The PowerPC target 'prep' machine type should be replaced by the '40p' machine \ 
- Parsing of key,value pair filenames for the RBD block device
- Incorrect CPU topologies specified by -smp socket,core,thread options that are \ 
describing number of VCPUs not equal to 'maxcpus'