Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/weechat
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2018-12-16 01:24:08
Message id:

Log Message:
chat/weechat: Update to 2.3.


in version 2.3:

- add hook "line"
- add option "-P" (or "--plugins") to customize the plugins \ 
to load at startup
- allow multiple options "-r" ("--run-command") in command \ 
line arguments
- allow allow partial buffer name and multiple arguments in command /buffer close
- allow specifying buffer number/name for /buffer localvar
- allow creation of temporary variables with the regex in trigger plugin
- add real IP in client description in relay plugin
- add repeat of string in evaluation of expressions with \ 
- many bugs fixed.

in version 2.2:

- add support of list options in curl
- allow merge of buffers by name in command /buffer
- add reverse of string in evaluation of expressions with "rev:"
- add indexed ban list and completion for /unban and /unquiet (IRC plugin)
- add support for IRCv3.2 Client Capability Negotiation
- add support for IRCv3.2 invite-notify
- add support for IRCv3.2 chghost, add options irc.look.smart_filter_chghost and \ 
- add option
- add support of Python 3.7
- fix memory leaks scripting plugins
- many bugs fixed.