Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/audio/fasttracker2
From: Santhosh Raju
Date: 2019-01-05 14:45:02
Message id:

Log Message:
fasttracker2: update to b127

Changes since b121:

Beta #127 - 02.01.2019
- Remove overflown notes (> B-9) when loading modules
- Remove overflown efx/notes when loading tracks/patterns
- Removed some unneded logic in the pattern editor text routines
- Code cleanup

Beta #126 - 29.12.2018
- Pattern row quantization (record) was broken in beta #125

Beta #125 - 28.12.2018
- Fixed an issue with sample data peaks while zooming in/out in Smp. Ed.
- The playback timer is now counting BPM ticks from the replayer
  instead of spawning/deleting a 1-sec SDL timer every time you
  play a song.
- Updated the "Keyboard" and "Problems/FAQ" help texts

Beta #124 - 17.12.2018
- The scrollbar in the MIDI input device list didn't work
- Fixed some minor audio/video timer problems
- More verbose error checking on program startup

Beta #123 - 16.12.2018
- Rewrote the Help screen routines to be exact to real FT2.
  It now uses less RAM.
- Some GUI decoration was missing in extended pattern editor mode
- Code cleanup

Beta #122 - 15.12.2018
- Windows: Reverted back to SDL2.0.8 because of the keyboard
  shutting itself off and on randomly with SDL2.0.9.
  Really strange stuff... It doesn't happen in SDL2.0.8.
- More bug fixes on sample hand editing (Smp. Ed.)