Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/devel/py-hypothesis
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-02-17 00:36:02
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Log Message:
py-hypothesis: updated to 4.5.11

This release fixes :issue:1813, a bug introduced in :ref:3.59.1 <v3.59.1>, \ 
which caused :py:meth:~hypothesis.strategies.random_module to no longer affect \ 
the body of the test: Although Hypothesis would claim to be seeding the random \ 
module in fact tests would always run with a seed of zero.

This patch fixes an off-by-one error in the maximum length of \ 
:func:~hypothesis.strategies.emails. Thanks to Krzysztof Jurewicz for \ 

This patch removes some unused code from the shrinker. There is no user-visible \ 

This release fixes an internal IndexError in Hypothesis that could sometimes be \ 
triggered during shrinking.

This release modifies the shrinker to interleave different types of reduction \ 
operations, e.g. switching between deleting data and lowering scalar values \ 
rather than trying entirely deletions then entirely lowering.

This may slow things down somewhat in the typical case, but has the major \ 
advantage that many previously difficult to shrink examples should become much \ 
faster, because the shrinker will no longer tend to stall when trying some \ 
ineffective changes to the shrink target but will instead interleave it with \ 
other more effective operations.

This release makes a number of internal changes to the implementation of \ 
:func:hypothesis.extra.lark.from_lark. These are primarily intended as a \ 
refactoring, but you may see some minor improvements to performance when \ 
generating large strings, and possibly to shrink quality.

This patch prints an explanatory note when :issue:1798 is triggered, because the \ 
error message from Numpy is too terse to locate the problem.

In Python 2, long integers are not allowed in the shape argument to \ 
:func:~hypothesis.extra.numpy.arrays. Thanks to Ryan Turner for fixing this.

This release makes a small internal refactoring to clarify how Hypothesis \ 
instructs tests to stop running when appropriate. There is no user-visible \ 

This release standardises all of the shrinker's internal operations on running \ 
in a random order.

The main effect you will see from this that it should now be much less common \ 
for the shrinker to stall for a long time before making further progress. In \ 
some cases this will correspond to shrinking more slowly, but on average it \ 
should result in faster shrinking.

This patch updates some docstrings, but has no runtime changes.

This release adds exclude_min and exclude_max arguments to \ 
:func:~hypothesis.strategies.floats, so that you can easily generate values from \ 
open or half-open intervals