Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/chat/weechat
From: Nia Alarie
Date: 2019-02-24 16:47:20
Message id:

Log Message:
chat/weechat: Update to 2.4

New features

        core: do not automatically add a space when completing "nick:" \ 
at the beginning of command line (the space can be added in option \ 
        core: add default keys Ctrl+F11/Ctrl+F12 to scroll up/down one page in \ 
nicklist (same action as F11/F12)
        core: add command line option "-t" (or "--temp-dir") \ 
to create a temporary WeeChat home (deleted on exit)
        api: add functions string_base_encode and string_base_decode, remove \ 
functions string_encode_base64 and string_decode_base64
        api: add support of Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP), add infos \ 
"totp_generate" and "totp_validate"
        buflist: add default keys Ctrl+F1/Ctrl+F2 to scroll up/down one page in \ 
buflist (same action as F1/F2)
        buflist: add variable ${number2}, always set with the indented buffer number
        exec: add option to customize the shell used with \ 
/exec -sh
        relay: add support of close frame in websocket connection (issue #1281)
        relay: add support of Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) as second \ 
authentication factor in weechat protocol

Bug fixes

        core: fix compilation of empty regular expression (not allowed on FreeBSD)
        core: fix forced highlight on messages sent to other buffers (issue #1277)
        aspell: look for suggestions only if the misspelled word has changed \ 
(issue #1175)
        buflist: add alternate key codes for F1/F2 and Alt+F1/Alt+F2 \ 
(compatibility with terminals)
        buflist: fix warning displayed when script is loaded (issue #1274)
        irc: fix parsing of whois messages in notify
        irc: fix parsing of MODE, 341 (invite) and CHGHOST commands when there \ 
are colons (issue #1296)
        irc: return IRC color code instead of WeeChat color code when decoding a \ 
too short ANSI color sequence
        irc: fix encoding of italic attribute when colors are removed
        irc: fix parsing of "time" message tag on FreeBSD (issue #1289)
        relay: fix crash on /upgrade when the real IP is not set (issue #1294)
        relay: fix memory leak in connection of client


        unit: fix UTF-8 and evaluation tests on FreeBSD
        unit: add tests on IRC configuration and protocol functions


        core: add C compiler flag "-fsigned—​char" to force \ 
"char" data type to be always signed (issue #1277)