Subject: CVS commit: pkgsrc/databases/py-peewee
From: Adam Ciarcinski
Date: 2019-04-15 09:03:50
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Log Message:
py-peewee: updated to 3.9.4


* Add Model.bulk_update() method for bulk-updating fields across multiple
  model instances.
* Add lazy_load parameter to ForeignKeyField. When initialized with
  lazy_load=False, the foreign-key will not use an additional query to
  resolve the related model instance. Instead, if the related model instance is
  not available, the underlying FK column value is returned (behaving like the
  "_id" descriptor).
* Added Model.truncate_table() method.
* The reflection and pwiz extensions now attempt to be smarter about
  converting database table and column names into snake-case. To disable this,
  you can set snake_case=False when calling the Introspector.introspect()
  method or use the -L (legacy naming) option with the pwiz script.
* Bulk insert via insert_many() no longer require specification of the
  fields argument when the inserted rows are lists/tuples. In that case, the
  fields will be inferred to be all model fields except any auto-increment id.
* Add DatabaseProxy, which implements several of the Database class context
  managers. This allows you to reference some of the special features of the
  database object without directly needing to initialize the proxy first.
* Add support for window function frame exclusion and added built-in support
  for the GROUPS frame type.
* Add support for chaining window functions by extending a previously-declared
  window function.
* Playhouse Postgresql extension TSVectorField.match() method supports an
  additional argument plain, which can be used to control the parsing of the
  TS query.
* Added very minimal JSONField to the playhouse MySQL extension.