Subject: CVS commit: wip/pidgin-sipe
From: yacht
Date: 2010-01-20 11:41:52
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Log Message:
Upgrade from pidgin-sipe-1.6.3 to pidgin-sipe-1.7.1. From the ChangeLog:

version 1.7.1 (2009-11-19)
	- "About SIPE plugin" screen implemented. Accessible as
	  "Accounts->{Your Account}->About SIPE plugin".
	- New correct 'User Agent:' header in SIP messages with
	  Purple and Sipe versions, host operating system type and
	  processor architecture as well as OCS version. To take
	  advantage of it - empty your old 'User Agent' setting in
	  the account configuration.
	- Version now stored in single place - VERSION file and
	  used for all builds.
	- Core - not using bodies for single subscriptions in 2005
	  environment. Optimized CSeq numbers usage. Beautified debug
	  log output.
	- Call Control - session timer for dialog with CSTA.
	  Otherwise session with CSTA got expired after ~30 min due
	  to no refresh. RFC4028.
	- Call Control - removing internal alternative phone number
	  from phone string.
	- RPM spec file update for CentOS/RHEL 5 - purple-sipe
	  needed a "Group" (John B.)
	- Fixed crash in 2005 'New Chat' menu.
	- Fixed #2886534 - routing - Request-URI/Route headers.
	  Problem was a re-subscription failure resulting in stopping
	  contacts' status update after approximately 8 hours.
	- Fixed #2892842 - interference of conference invite to
	  normal IM dialog on 2007 environment. Incoming BYE from
	  conf invite process used to kill ongoing regular IM dialog
	  with the same user.
	- Fixed crash in presense processing on Reuters environment
	  (LSC 2005) on Linux.
	- Fixed #2882304 - 'Note' not working with LCS2005
	- Fix for the First message in 2005 multiparty chat.
	- Fix for initial outgoing messages - some were lost if
	  typed too fast if dialog was not established yet.
	- Fixed #2882658 - SIGSEGV in process_incoming_info_csta() -
	  happened on some Cisco-Systems 7 CSTA Gateways.
	- Fixes for SLED 10 SP2 and SP3 compilations.

version 1.7.0 (2009-10-19)
       - Added integration with PBX (external phones) using CSTA
	 protocol (ECMA TR-87). Users can initiate a call by clicking
	 on contact phones in right-click context menu. This feature
	 should be enabled for user on the server side.
       - Added reconnection to chat after disconnection by continue
	 typing in the same open chat window (OCS 2007 only). Feature
	 request #2866630.
       - More precise errors shown on message undelivery event.
       - Better re-subscription logic for contact status updates.
       - 'Out of Office', 'In a Meeting', 'In a Conference', etc.
	 contact activities are shown now in contast's status and
	 tooltip. Also meeting subject and location are shown in 2007
	 environment if contact is in Team access category.
       - New Idle status.
       - Added 'Site' to User Info panel. Can be a link to user's
	 corporate directory page or similar.
       - Removed message acceptance in incoming INVITE.
       - Fixed type errors in sip-sec-ntlm.c for Linux/Unix platforms.
       - Added 32- and 64-bit header conflict check to configure.
       - Removed from old incorrect installation location.
	 This makes sure that DIY users don't have two copies of
       - Moved to the correct installation directory.
	 The libpurple protocol plugins directory is $(libdir)/purple-2.
	 While the name of the plugin is pidgin-sipe, it works
	 perfectly fine with 'finch' too.
       - Rewritten transaction payload handling. This should fix
	 memory leaks in transaction handling.
       - Fixed crash on reauthentication when IM window is open not Chat window
       - Fixed warnings on compilation.
       - Fixed memory leaks.