Subject: CVS commit: wip/pidgin-sipe
From: othyro
Date: 2013-07-06 18:56:24
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Log Message:
Update to latest release. Add msgfmt, msgmerge, and xgettext to USE_TOOLS.
Buildlink gmime, gstreamer0.10, glib2, libxml2, libnice, and heimdal. Some
need to be made into PKG_OPTIONS. Telepathy-glib support still needs
adding. From ChangeLog:

version 1.16.0 "HTTP Rewrite & Subscription Fixes" (2013-06-14)
	- Feature #58: Implement Digest authentication scheme for SIP Proxy \ 
Authentication (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #196: Useragent value not forwarded to core (Michael Lamb)
	- Fixed #193: Pidgin Status changes stop working (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #186: Users appear offline when they are not (Stefan Becker)
	- fix kinit-less use case with krb5 >= 1.11 (Stefan Becker)
	- rewritten HTTP stack from scratch (Stefan Becker)
	  * cleaner, layered and hopefully less error-prone implementation
	  * HTTP stack internals no longer exposed to user code
	  * reduced network traffic and less SSL handshakes by utilizing HTTP/1.1
	    connection keep alive for multiple HTTP requests to the same host
	- switch purple backend to deferred destruction approach (Stefan Becker)
	  * Pidgin should no longer crash at connection close, even in corner cases
	- add menu entry to make a call with a phone number (Jakub Adam)
	- some progress on telepathy backend (Stefan Becker)
	  * add TLS certificate accept/reject user interaction
	  * add "Single Sign-On" & "Don't Publish Calendar" \ 
account options

version 1.15.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2013-04-07)
	- NOTE: SIPE SourceForge project got updated. Because of this all bug
	        and feature request numbers have changed.
	- Fixed #190: SIP 407 response rejected with invalid message signature (Stefan \ 
	- Fixed #189: Adium SIPE plugin vs. libpurple linking issues (Michael Lamb)
	- fixed free-after-use issue that caused crashes for some users (Stefan Becker)
	- fixed broken NTLM fallback in Negotiate (Stefan Becker)
	- fixed subscriptions expiration by subscribing again after re-authentication \ 
(Stefan Becker)
	- allow different user name and login for Office 365 authentication (Stefan Becker)
	- add SIPE version & git commit ID to debug log (Stefan Becker)
	- added valgrind log analyzer script (Stefan Becker)
	- added NTLM message anaylzer (Stefan Becker)
	- updated translations: Hungarion (hu), Romanian (ro)
	- updated Adium port (Michael Lamb, Harris P. Kauffman)

version 1.15.0 "Authentication & Autodiscovery Update" (2013-03-09)
	- Feature #3578135: Support Kerberos for HTTP(S) authentication w/o SSPI \ 
(Stefan Becker)
	  * effective for all platforms that support --with-krb5
	  * this triggered a series of cleanup & simplification changes and
	    functionality & memory leak fixes in the sip-sec modules
	  * special thanks to Jarek Polok for the logs and testing
	- Feature #3594094: Add HTTPS to autodiscover probe (Stefan Becker)
	- Feature #3607040: Simple button to disable calendar integration (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3603228: Crash on 1.14.1 when connecting to server (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3604671: sip uri with apostrophe is not valid (Stefan Becker)
	- fixed HTTP redirect crash (Stefan Becker)
	- unified Single Sign-On handling in all places (Stefan Becker)
	  * if SSO is enabled then "Login" & "Password" \ 
settings are ignored
	  * SSO is now off by default for new accounts
	  * NOTE: if you do *NOT* use SSO, then be sure to disable it in the
	          "Advanced" tab of the account settings after updating!
	- added implementation for HTTP "WWW-Authenticate: Negotiate" scheme \ 
(Stefan Becker)
	  * effective for all platforms that support --with-krb5
	  * it will try Kerberos first, then fall back to NTLM
	  * valid Kerberos Single Sign-On setup will be detected automatically
	  * setup for a mixed Kerberos/NTLM HTTP environment:
	    - login name:     DOMAIN\account
	    - password:       domain password
	    - authentication: Kerberos
	    - Single Sign-On: OFF(!)          (see above)
	- enabled TLS-DSK support in Windows SSPI version
	- TLS-DSK: don't ask for password if SSPI or Kerberos are compiled in
	- Farstream 0.1.1 compatibility fix (Jakub Adam)
	- support conf:sip: meeting URIs (Jakub Adam)
	- updated Adium port (Michael Lamb)

version 1.14.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2012-12-26)
	- Feature #3578132: Kerberos configuration should be passwordless (Stefan Becker)
	  * purple: non Single Sign-on users are asked for the password again
	- bug & memory leak fixes in sipe-buddy.c (Jakub Adam)

version 1.14.0 "Buddy photo & ADFS support, Web Ticket \ 
Optimizations" (2012-12-16)
	- Feature #3585364: Add support for Web Ticket authentication using ADFS \ 
(Stefan Becker)
	  * special thanks to user bhakta79 for the hard work taking logs
	- Feature #3578132: Kerberos configuration should be passwordless (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3580212: Connection drops after a few hours (Stefan Becker)
        - add support for buddy photos (Jakub Adam)
	- add support for call to Audio Test Service (Jakub Adam)
	- initial implementation for telepathy backend (Stefan Becker)
	  * nothing much to see for end users yet...
	- reduce Web Ticket traffic by queueing requests & caching tickets (Stefan \ 
	- update OBS packaging information for Debian (Stefan Becker)
        - various minor bug & build fixes

version 1.13.3 "Bug Fixes III" (2012-08-19)
	- Fixed #3537084: OpenBSD build issue (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3543294: Support Lync 2010 meet URLs (Jakub Adam)
	- revert to legacy MSOC protocol on Lync FT invitation (Jakub Adam)
	- fix broken busy->available status switch (Stefan Becker)
	- updated translations: Portuguese (pt)

version 1.13.2 "Bug Fixes II" (2012-06-10)
	- tls: fix buffer overrun (Oleksandr Hryshchuk, Stefan Becker)
	- win32: fix TCP connections (Stefan Becker)
	- nsis: fix broken locale installation (Stefan Becker)
	- updated translations: French (fr)
	- various build fixes (Stefan Becker, Jakub Adam)

version 1.13.1 "Bug Fixes I" (2012-04-09)
	- detect incompatible encryption level with Lync (Jakub Adam)
	- purple: add URI validity check to Add Buddy callback (Stefan Becker)
	- new translations: Romanian (ro), Turkish (tr)
	- various build fixes (Stefan Becker)

version 1.13.0 "Lync & Office365" (2012-03-14)
	- added [MS-SIPAE] TLS-DSK authentication scheme (Stefan Becker)
	  * TLS-DSK has been introduced in Lync
	  * mandatory for Office365 accounts
	  * also works for non-public Lync installations
	  * does not work yet with SSPI on Windows
	- added [MS-DLX] based Get Info/Contact Search (Stefan Becker)
	  * [MS-PRES] SIP-Based Active Directory Search is disabled in Lync
	- added experimental media TCP transport (Jakub Adam)
	- make it compile against the latest purple 3.0.x API (Stefan Becker)
	- make it compile against the latest glib2 2.31.x API (Stefan Becker)
	- completed cleanup: core no longer requires libpurple (Stefan Becker)
	- refactored crypto code, ie. NSS can replaced if necessary (Stefan Becker)
	- sipe-domino.c is no longer built under UNIX to remove dead code (Stefan Becker)
	- restricted XXX_CFLAGS to modules that need them (Stefan Becker)
	- NSS is now a mandatory build requirement (Stefan Becker)
	- decoupled SSPI from HAVE_LIBKRB5 flag. New flag is HAVE_SSPI (Stefan Becker)
	- OBS mingw packages now use SSPI instead of NTLM (Stefan Becker)
	- added NSIS package generation to OBS mingw packages (Stefan Becker)
	- removed kopete backend. KDE is moving to telepathy (Stefan Becker)
	- added MinGW cross-compilation on Linux instructions (Stefan Becker)

version 1.12.0 "Group Chat" (2011-08-29)
	- Feature #3064877: Add support for OCS2007R2 Group Chat (Stefan Becker)
	- Feature #3311026: Support for HTTP/1.1 Transfer-Encoding: chunked (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #2834758: First NTLM signature check after startup fails (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3082602: Crash on Autodiscover (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3090663: Re-authentication fails (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3092324: Core dump in "make check" (psfales)
	- Fixed #3130915: Failed to authenticate to server (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3148124: sipe segfaults during login on Solaris (Jakub Adam)
	- Fixed #3150482: "configure --with-vv" test uses wrong include \ 
(Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3156430: Messages not Delivered (rwinchsf, Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3161273: Lost Connection Gives No Error Message (rwinchsf, Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3198585: Extra line breaks (Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3267073: False "could not be delivered" errors (sort of..., \ 
Stefan Becker)
	- Fixed #3399007: Crash when sipe_cal_working_hours->days_of_week is NULL \ 
(Stefan Becker)
	- Patch #3091490: Make 1.11.0 Compile on FreeBSD (jprather)
	- Patch #3108246: Patch for better windows installer (archrival, galiven)
	- add random Ms-Conversation-ID to INVITE (Jakub Adam)
	- fix parsing of P-Asserted-Identity header (Jakub Adam)
	- added MS TURN support (Jakub Adam)
	- fix crash on zero length password in NTLM (Vladimir Ushakov)
	- implement timeouts for SIP request. Used for REGISTER (Stefan Becker)
	- more work on Voice & Video call support (Jakub Adam)
	- make it compile against the purple 2.8.x & 3.0.x APIs (Stefan Becker)
	- more internal changes to prepare for non-purple backends (Stefan Becker)
	- added integration for update (Stefan Becker)
	- configure improvements for 64-bit: use libdir, gsize/size_t compatibility \ 
(Stefan Becker)
	- update compiler warnings configuration for all build platforms (Stefan Becker)
	- updated Adium port (Matthew Duggan)
	- mingw build updates (Harris P. Kauffman, Stefan Becker)
	- added miranda port (Jochen De Smet)
	- added mingw to OpenSUSE Build Service configuration (Stefan Becker)