./graphics/netpbm, Toolkit for conversion of images between different formats

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 10.77.02, Package name: netpbm-10.77.02, Maintainer: adam

Netpbm is a toolkit for conversion of images between a variety of
different formats, as well as to allow a few basic image operations.
Netpbm is based on the widely spread Pbmplus package (release: 10 Dec
91). On top of that, a lot of improvements and additions have been
made. After the latest release of Pbmplus, a lot of additional filters
have been circulating on the net. The aim of Netpbm was, to collect
these and to turn them into a package. This work has been performed by
a group of programmers all over the world.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [graphics/jasper] [graphics/tiff] [graphics/png]

Required to build:

Master sites:

SHA1: 73b6815ea922394050c7c596b3f7d502cde22866
RMD160: 99afb99fcce4f20aee35ecc67ff1522b17e8aa7b
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   2017-02-24 00:13:43 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated netpbm to 10.77.02.

17.01.24      Release 10.77.02

              tifftopnm: Fix memory corruption when image is more pixels
              than can be represented as a C unsigned integer.  Broken in
              Netpbm 10.11 (October 2002).

17.01.11 BJH  Release 10.77.01

              svgtopam: Fix crash when out of memory.  Always broken
              (svgtopam was new in Netpbm 10.33 (March 2006)).

16.12.25 BJH  Release 10.77.00

              pnmpad: fix bug: incorrect output width.  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.72 (July 2015).

              Makeman: slight improvement to formatting of man pages.
              Thanks Werner LEMBERG <wl@gnu.org>.

              Test: skip tests of some parts that are configured out of the

16.09.27 BJH  Release 10.76.00

              pnmquantall: Fix failure when temporary file location is
              not the same filesystem as the output file.

              pnmquantall: Fix incorrect handling of when the Pnmremap or
              the final rename fails.

              giftopnm: Fix bug: crash on little-endian computers that can't
              toleration unaligned memory access.  Thanks Ignatios Souvatzis
              (is@netbsd.org).  Broken in Netpbm 10.47 (June 2009).

              cmuwmtopbm: fix trivial memory leak.  Always broken (cmuwmtopbm
              was in primordial Pbmplus, in 1988).

              Build: Add PKG_CONFIG make variable.

              Build: tifftopnm.c: fix undefined WIFSIGNALED, etc. in

16.06.26 BJH  Release 10.75.00

              pbmtextps: Add -leftmargin, -rightmargin, -topmargin,
              -bottommargin, -ascent, -descent, -pad, -crop.

              pbmtextps: Add -dump-ps.

              pbmtextps: Abort with error instead of generating single space
              when user supplies no text.

              pbmtextps: Accept fractional -fontsize.

              pbmtextps: Change margins for non-default fonts.

              pbmtextps: Minor output changes caused by code cleanup.

              bmptopnm: Add ability to convert Version 4 and 5 Windows BMP.

              pbmtext: remove undocumented -dump option; add 'genfontc'
              development tool (buildtools/ directory) to replace it.

              pbmtext: Add -dry-run

              pbmtext: Add -dump-sheet

              pbmtext: Speedup: renders directly in raw PBM.

              pbmreduce: add -randomseed.

              anytopnm, pnmmargin, pnmquant, ppmquant, pnmquantall, pgmcrater,
              ppmfade, ppmrainbow, ppmshadow, pbmtox10bm, pamstretch-gen:
              Add -version.

              fiascotopnm: change -version to include Netpbm version.

              libnetpbm: Add pm_system2(), pm_system2_lp(), pm_system2_vp() -
              same as pm_system(), etc. but returns the termination status.

              pamarith: fix incorrect output when maxvals differ, for
              -add, -multiply, -mean, -min, -max.  Broken in Netpbm 10.41
              (December 2007).

              pbmtextps: Fix bug: input text or font name with Postscript
              control characters messes up the Postscript program.

              hpcdtoppm dummy version: update web link to real version.

              ppmhist: fix incorrect color names.  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.19 (November 2003).

              ppmshadow: fix bug: don't ignore invalid option.  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.9 (September 2002).

              pnmpaste: fix possible invalid memory access.  Introduced in
              Netpbm 1.44 (September 2008).

              pbmreduce: fix undefined behavior when scale factor argument is
              too big.  Always present (pbmreduce was new in September 1989).

              pbmtext: Fix bug: invalid memory reference when text contains
              code points > 127.  Broken in 10.74.

              pnmtofiasco, fiascotopnm: Fix incorrect math on systems with
              unusual floating point representation.  Always broken (programs
              were new in Netpbm 9.6 (July 2000).

              cameratopam: fix invalid memory reference; effect unknown.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.68 (September 2014).

              Install on Windows: fix backward compatibility symlinks for
              pnmtoplainpnm, pnmquantall.

              Build: Remove use of strndup so it compiles on Mac OS X 10.6.
              Broken in 10.74.

              Build: Remove use of isfinite so it compiles with C89 standard

16.03.27 BJH  Release 10.74.00

              pbmtext: produce same image when you run pbmtext with -width
              explicitly set to the width you get when you don't specify

              pbmtext: ignore -nomargins when -width is specified.

              pbmtext: report when line ends are dropped because of

              pbmtext: Fix bug: if input has a code point that is not in the
              font, Pbmtext substitutes space, but behavior is undefined if
              font doesn't have space either.  Now it aborts the program in
              that case.

              pbmtext: fix bug: Respect -width when specified.

              pbmtext: fix bug: Deal correctly with negative -space.

              pbmtext: fix bug: Consider all characters in line, not just
              first and last, in determining line width.

              libnetbpm font facility (so pbmtext): fix bug: undefined
              behavior when font definitions are invalid in any of various

              libnetpbm font facility (so pbmtext): fix incorrect font names
              in error messages.

              pnmtopsnr: Add -machine, -max .

              Netpbmlib: add /usr/local/netpbm/lib and /etc/X11 to search
              path for rgb.txt.

              makeman: Add some text replacements to solve glitches.
              Handle &mdash, &minus.

15.12.26 BJH  Release 10.73.00

              anytopnm: use --mime-type option instead of --mime on newer
              'file' program (on which --mime has a new meaning so that
              'anytopnm' cannot recognize some file types).

              anytopnm: recognize "Netpbm PAM" non-mime output from 'file'
              program as indicating PAM.

              pnmtops: fix bug: always thinks -level=N is -level=1.
              Introduced after Netpbm 10.26 (January 2005) but before 10.35
              (August 2006).  Manifests only with recent compilers.

              pnmpaste: fix bug with PBM: incorrect output.  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.44 (September 2008).

              Build: fix undefined reference to parse_printf_format etc.  on
              system that doesn't have that facility.  Broken in Netpbm 10.69
              (December 2014).

              Build: fix superfluous error message when USER environment
              variable contains whitespace.  Broken since primordial Netpbm.

              Windows build: fix bug: make clean doesn't clean icon/netpbm.o.
              Broken since Netpbm 10.67 (June 2014).

              Test: improved pnmpaste test.

15.09.26 BJH  Release 10.72.00

              Add pamunlookup .

              pamtopng: Implement -itxt .

              pamlookup: Add -byplane .

              pbmtoescp2: Add -stripeheight .

              phmtoescp2: Add -resolution .

              pbmtoescp2: Add -formfeed .

              pbmtoescp2: Add -raw .

              pbmtoescp2: Add -resolution=720 .

              pbmtoescp2: Pad output horizontally to a multiple of 8 columns
              and vertically to a whole stripe to prevent image loss.

              fitstopnm: Add message saying you're probably making a mistake
              if you have a 3-D image and don't specify -image.  The third
              dimension is almost always time in practice.

              fitstopnm: Fix -min and -max.  Broken in Netpbm 10.39 (June

              pnmtopclxl: fix buffer overrun causing unpredictable behavior.
              (Introduced in Netpbm 10.54 (March 2011).

              pnmtopclxl: fix wild memory access when out of memory.  Always
              broken (Pnmtopclxl was new in Netpbm 10.6 (July 2002)).

              pnmtopclxl: fix wild memory access with pathologically large and
              uncompressible image.  Always broken (Pnmtopclxl was new in
              Netpbm 10.6 (July 2002)).

              pnmtopclxl: fix silent output corruption when a file write
              fails.  Always broken (Pnmtopclxl was new in Netpbm 10.6 (July

              escp2topbm: Fix -plain.  Always broken (escp2topbm was new in
              Netpbm 10.18 (September 2003)).

              pnmpad: Add -mheight, -mwidth.

              ppmtoilbm: Fix failure with -hamforce and -nocompression.
              Broken in Netpbm 9.12 (March 2001).

              makeman: fix Python syntax error.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.70
              (June 2015).

15.06.28 BJH  Release 10.71.00

              Add pamtopng.  Thanks Willem vanSchaik (willem@schaik.com).

              pnmtopng: Add -srgbintent.

              pamstereogram: Add -xbegin.  Change default to render from
              center outwards intead of from right to left, thus making the
              center of the image the crispest part.  Thanks Scott Pakin

              pamstereogram: Allow -xshift and -yshift to be negative.  Thanks
              Scott Pakin (scott@pakin.org).

              pnmpsnr: Add -rgb.

              ppmtoicr: remove -rle option.  Actually, it never worked
              because of a bug.  Now it isn't expected to.  Ppmtoicr was
              new in 1991.

              pnmtopalm: Fix arithmetic overflow with ridiculously large
              image.  Introduced after Netpbm 10.26 (January 2005) but before
              Netpbm 10.35 (August 2006).

              palmtopnm: Fix distorted output with PackBits compressed input.
              Always broken (Ability to convert PackBits input was new in
              Netpbm 10.27 (March 2005).

              pbmtoepson: fix -protocol option - never works and sometimes
              crashes program.  Always broken (-protocol was new in Netpbm
              10.23 (July 2004).

              pbmtoppa: fix buffer overruns, double-free crashes.  Always
              broken (pbmtoppa was new in Netpbm 9.1 (March 2000).

              pbmtomatrixorbital: fix bug: fails if you specify the input
              file name argument.  Always broken.  (pbmtomatrixorbital was
              new in Netpbm 10.18 (Setpember 2003).

              sbigtopgm: fix detection of camera type.  Always broken
              (sbigtopgm was new in Netpbm 8.3 (March 2000)).

              sbigtopgm: fix recognition of compressed image.  Broken in
              Netpbm 10.70 (March 2015).

              pbmtogo: Fix bug: garbage first row.  Broken at least since
              November 1989.

              pbmtogo: Fix bug: buffer overrun with certain input.  Broken
              at least since November 1989.

              pbmtoescp2: Fix bug: overrun on certain input.  Always broken
              (pbmtoescp2 was new in Netpbm 10.18 (September 2003)).

              escp2topbm: Fix buffer overrun on certain input.  Always broken
              (escp2topbm was new in Netpbm 10.18 (September 2003)).

              libnetpbm: pm_stripeq: fix bug: wild pointer access when
              comparator is shorter than comparand.  Doesn't affect function,
              but could cause crash or privacy exposure.  Affects reading of a
              PAM file by any program.  Introduced in one of Netpbm 10.27
              (March 2005) through 10.35 (August 2006).

              pnmconvol: Fix bug: wrong output for pixels that convolve to
              negative values (should be clipped to zero).  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.68 (September 2014).

              pbmtog3: Fix buffer overrun.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.23
              (July 2004).

              cameratopam: Fix arithmetic underflow in JPEG processing;
              unknown effect.

              pbmtoxbm: Fix bug: crash with zero width input.  Broken in
              Netpbm 10.37 (December 2006).

              sbigtopgm: fix buffer overrun with invalid input image.  Always
              present (sbigtopgm was new in Netpbm 8.3 (March 2000)).

              pnmtorle: Fix buffer overrun with long file name.  Always
              present.  (pnmtorle was new to Netpbm in Netpbm 9.0 (April

              pbmtopk: Fix buffer overrun with long file name.  Always
              present.  (pbmtopk was new in Netpbm 1 (March 1991)).

              pktopbm: Fix buffer overrun with long file name.  Always
              present.  (pbmtopk was new in Netpbm 1 (March 1991)).

              ppmtoyuvsplit: Fix buffer overrun with long file name.  Always
              present.  (New in Netpbm 1 (March 1991)).

              pbmtopi3: Fix bug: wrong output when input is higher or wider
              than 640 pixels.  Always broken (pbmtopi3 was new in September

              st4topgm: Fix bug: with no argument, uses file named "'" \ 
              of Standard Input.  Always present (st45topgm was new in Netpbm
              10.70 (March 2015).

              pbmtomgr: Fix incorrect output when input is too large (must be
              at most 4095 pixels high or wide).  Always broken.  (pbmtomgr
              was new in 1989).

              pbmtomacp: fix wild pointer dereference with -b larger than
              image height.  Always broken.  (pbmtomacp was new in X.V11R3
              (March 1988).

              ppmtorgb3: Fix buffer overflow with long input file name.
              Always present.  (ppmtorgb3 was new in X.V11R4 (November 1989).

              ppmtoarbtxt: fix bug: wrong output when high numbers represent
              darker.  Broken in Netpbm 10.69 (November 2014).

              ppmtoarbtxt: better rounding in sample values.

              libnetpbm: Remove bitio.h as an external interface.

              test: replace some GNU-only code with more portable code that
              works on OS X.  Thanks Ryan Schmidt <ryandesign@macports.org>.

              makeman: deal properly with backlash in source.  But something
              was wrong with this change and it caused the program always to
              fail, so we reversed this change in 10.72.

              Build: don't build and install libjbig and libjasper if we
              are using external versions of them instead.

              Build: various cross-compile fixes, especially for MinGW.

              Build: work around bug in GCC < 4.2 related to SSE2 builtins
              that causes compile of pamflip to fail.

              Build: fix 'make package' where config.mk sets a subdirectory
              other than 'man' for the manual.

              Build: improve pointer man page text.

15.03.29 BJH  Release 10.70.00

              Add st4topgm, pgmtost4.

              Add pgmtosbig.  Mainly a test tool for sbigtopgm.

              Add yuy2topam.  Thanks Michael Haardt.

              tifftopnm: allow input file to be nonseekable.
              Thanks Ludolf Holzheid <ludolf.holzheid@gmx.de>.

              pnmhisteq: add -noblack and -nowhite.  Idea from Andrew Brooks

              pgmmorphconv: add -gradient.  Thanks Michael Haardt

              giftopnm: Fix bug: crashes if purported GIF has neither a global
              color map nor a local one.

              pgmmorphconv: fix bug: always produces PGM Plain format.  Always
              present (progam was added to Netpbm in Release 10.0 (June 2002)).

              pamtilt: fix bug: unconditional crash.  Broken in Netpbm 10.63
              (June 2013).

              pnmgamma -srgbtobt709, -bt709tosrgb: fix bug; incorrect output
              nearly always.  Always broken (These options were new in
              Netpbm 10.32 (February 2006)).

              pamtosvg: fix use of unset variable; probably results in a
              crash.  Always present (pamtosvg was new in Netpbm 10.33 (March

              cameratopam: fix bug: variable used before set; unknown impact.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.66 (March 2014).

              On Windows, don't leave temporary files around (previous code
              did so because unlink of an open file fails in Windows; new
              code deletes temporary files via atexit).  Thanks
              Ludolf Holzheid <ludolf.holzheid@gmx.de>.

              Libnetpbm: fix external header file pm.h so it does not include
              internal header file pm_c_util.h.  Introduced in Netpbm
              10.69 (December 2014).

              build: fix incompatible type compilation error in giftopnm.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.38 (March 2007) (but obviously manifests
              only in recent build environments).

              build: fix compile failure in wordint_access_be.h with Bigendian
              target platforms.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.63 (June 2013).

              build: fix compile failure in pbmtomacp, ppmtoacad, pgmabel:
              TRUE redefined.  Introduced in Netpbm 10.69 (December 2014).

14.12.25 BJH  Release 10.69.00

              pnmnorm: add -bsingle, -wsingle.

              ppmtoarbtxt: Do some validation of format strings.  Thanks
              Akira F Urushibata <afu@wta.att.ne.jp>.

              pamcrater: Add -verbose.

              ppmtoarbtxt: Fail if a #() escape sequence runs off end of
              file or is too long to process; before, the program would
              treat the text from # to EOF or where the buffer filled up
              as literal text, even ignoring any #() within.

              NetBSD: show actual numbers in messages instead of "f" or
              no information, by using NetBSD's vasprintf.

              Make %g in messages display the actual number instead of \ 
"g" in
              messages where platform doesn't have vasprintf.  (But scores of
              %f are still left).

              anytopnm: convert all images in a multi-image GIF instead of
              just the first.

              Improve "bad magic number" message from pbmXXX, and \ 
pgmXXX, and
              pnmXXX programs.

              Fix bogus message from ppmXXX programs when the input is not
              (per the magic number) a Netpbm image.  Introduced after
              Netpbm 10.26 (January 2005) but before Netpbm 10.35 (August

              ppmtoarbtxt: Fix some undefined behavior when program limits
              are exceeded (i.e. buffer overruns).

              pambackground: fix bug: segfault or incorrect results in most
              cases.  Thanks Ludolf Holzheid (ludolf.holzheid@gmx.de).
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.37 (December 2006).

              Windows build: fix universal build failure with "No rule to make
              ...icon.netpbm.oLINKERISCOMPILER...".  Broken in Netpbm 10.67
              (June 2014).
   2016-08-12 00:48:00 by Ignatios Souvatzis | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
Fix bus error on little-endian architectures with strict alignment.
   2016-07-09 08:39:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1068) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.0 for everything mentioning perl.
   2016-05-16 23:23:31 by Richard PALO | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
netpbm should use flex tool instead of lex and, while we're here, enable
vasprintf for SunOS.
   2016-04-09 22:08:54 by Alexander Nasonov | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
   2016-02-26 12:40:30 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
Remove manual addition of MAKE_FLAGS to OPSYSVARS, it's now in by default.
   2016-02-25 14:37:48 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (20)
Log message:
   2015-11-03 22:34:36 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (610)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for graphics category

Problems found with existing digests:
	Package fotoxx distfile fotoxx-14.03.1.tar.gz
	ac2033f87de2c23941261f7c50160cddf872c110 [recorded]
	118e98a8cc0414676b3c4d37b8df407c28a1407c [calculated]
	Package ploticus-examples distfile ploticus-2.00/plnode200.tar.gz
	34274a03d0c41fae5690633663e3d4114b9d7a6d [recorded]
	da39a3ee5e6b4b0d3255bfef95601890afd80709 [calculated]

Problems found locating distfiles:
	Package AfterShotPro: missing distfile AfterShotPro-
	Package pgraf: missing distfile pgraf-20010131.tar.gz
	Package qvplay: missing distfile qvplay-0.95.tar.gz

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.