./graphics/netpbm, Toolkit for conversion of images between different formats

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 10.79.04nb1, Package name: netpbm-10.79.04nb1, Maintainer: adam

Netpbm is a toolkit for conversion of images between a variety of
different formats, as well as to allow a few basic image operations.
Netpbm is based on the widely spread Pbmplus package (release: 10 Dec
91). On top of that, a lot of improvements and additions have been
made. After the latest release of Pbmplus, a lot of additional filters
have been circulating on the net. The aim of Netpbm was, to collect
these and to turn them into a package. This work has been performed by
a group of programmers all over the world.

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [graphics/jasper] [graphics/tiff] [graphics/png]

Required to build:

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SHA1: 24a5f348b406891354595e85db8b7889c24619ea
RMD160: 772d63bc9b08bdc4ec09cb333c3eb9e7615388be
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   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-07-04 15:40:45 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (423)
Log message:
*: Move SUBST_STAGE from post-patch to pre-configure

Performing substitutions during post-patch breaks tools such as mkpatches,
making it very difficult to regenerate correct patches after making changes,
and often leading to substituted string replacements being committed.
   2018-02-20 08:04:54 by David A. Holland | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Use REPLACE_SH on buildtools/stamp-date so it gets a shell that works on
Solaris. PR 55241
   2018-01-25 11:29:21 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
netpbm: Perform _XOPEN_SOURCE workaround for clang too.
   2018-01-14 15:58:41 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (36)
Log message:
graphics/*: remove redundant :Q modifiers

pkgsrc doesn't support PREFIX with spaces or other special characters.
Therefore it is not necessary to add the :Q modifier to this variable
and several others.
   2017-10-16 17:35:41 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
netpbm: Extend SunOS workaround to GCC 6.x.
   2017-09-04 22:31:42 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated netpbm to 10.79.04.

17.08.11 BJH  Release 10.79.04

              libnetpbm: font facilities: fix invalid memory reference with
              certain font files.

17.08.02 BJH  Release 10.79.03

              pbmtoibm23xx: change license terms to GPL 2 or later.

              Makeman: make it work with Python 3.6 II.

17.07.08 BJH  Release 10.79.02

              libnetpbm: pnm_parsecolorn(), pnm_parsecolor(): fix parsing of
              rgb: color specifications: yields value slightly too dim.
              Affects many programs.  Broken in Netpbm 10.79.00 about a week

17.07.03 BJH  Release 10.79.01

              Fix 'format-security' GNU compiler warning.  Introduced in
              Netpbm 10.79.00 a few days ago.

17.06.30 BJH  Release 10.79.00

              Add pamtable .

              pamgauss: Add -maximize, -oversample .  Thanks Anton Shepelev

              pnmconvol: Extend -normalize to be applicable to convolution
              kernels specified by PGM file.  Thanks Anton Shepelev

              g3topbm: tolerate fill bits.

              pbmtog3: Add -align8, -align16.

              ppmshadow: Improve results for very small maxval.

              ppmshadow: eliminate extraneous messages from pnmconvol.

              libnetpbm: Improve error message for purported image that is
              exactly 1 byte long (so ends in the middle of what would be the
              magic number).

              pbmtox10bm: Get the Perl interpreter for this Perl program from
              the PATH instead of hardcoded as /usr/bin/perl (like all other
              Netpbm Perl programs).

              ppmcolormask: fix incorrect output when input maxval is not 255.
              Always broken (ppmcolormask was new in Netpbm 9.0, April 2000).

              bmptopnm: fix crash when input is a Windows BMP with negative
              number for width.  Always broken.  (bmptopnm was new, as
              bmptoppm, in original Netpbm, 1992).

              pamcomp: fix incorrect output with -mixtransparency.
              Always broken.  (-mixtransparency was new in Netpbm 10.56,
              September 2011).

              pamcomp: remove debug trace message with -mixtransparency.
              Always broken.  (-mixtransparency was new in Netpbm 10.56,
              September 2011).

              pnmtojpeg: fix array bounds violation in argument list.  Always
              broken (pnmtojpeg was new to Netpbm in Netpbm 8.2 (March 2000).

              pamcrater: fix incorrect output with non-square image.
              Introduced in Netpbm 10.69 (December 2014).

              svgtopam: fix treating negative width or height values in SVG
              like twos complement positive numbers; fail instead.  Always
              broken (svgtopam was new in Netpbm 10.33 (March 2006)).

              svgtopam: fix error messages when input has splines or negative
              positions.  Always broken (svgtopam was new in Netpbm 10.33
              (March 2006)).

              libnetpbm: fix bug: pm_system_XXX closes Standard Input if you
              supply a Standard Output accepter but not a Standard Input
              feeder.  Broken since Netpbm 10.40 (September 2007).

              Windows: fix bug: pm_system_lp() and pm_system_vp() fail
              silently instead of with a clear error message in an environment
              that does not provide Unix process management.  Always broken.
              (pm_system_lp and pm_system_vp were new in Netpbm 10.40
              (September 2007), but wouldn't even compile until Netpbm 10.42
              (March 2008)).

              installnetpbm: Accept globs for directory name responses
              (notably, ~/DIR).

              makeman: Make it work with Python 3.6.

              Build: don't try to build standardppmdfont.c if it already
              exists (so don't require ppmdcfont to exist).  Broken around
              Netpbm 10.35 (2006).

              Build: Define _XOPEN_SOURCE=500 in source files that use M_PI.
              While C libraries in the past have always provided this with
              just _XOPEN_SOURCE=null, it appears that M_PI is actually
              defined by Single Unix Specification 2, aka UNIX98, for which
              you need _XOPEN_SOURCE=500, and Cygwin has changed to enforce

              Build: document MinGW _XOPEN_SOURCE incompatibility and add
              warning to Configure.

              Debian packaging: fix bug: don't try to include Manweb files, as
              it is no longer packaged by 'make package'.

17.03.28 BJH  Release 10.78.00

              ppmpat: Add -color.

              ppmpat: Add -argyle1, -argyle2.

              pnmtotiff: Fail with -miniswhite or -minisblack on color image
              rather than produce an invalid TIFF.

              tifftopnmcmyk: Default rows per strip to the TIFF library
              default instead of whatever yields 8K strips.

              --version global option: with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH environment
              variable, display source code datetime instead of build
              datetime.  And when displaying build datetime, do it in the
              local time of the process running the command instead of the
              process that did the build.

              tifftonm: Fix incorrect PBM output with two-color paletted TIFF
              image.  Broken in primordial Netpbm, ca 1990.

              tifftopnm: Fix memory corruption when image is more pixels than
              can be represented as a C unsigned integer.  Broken in Netpbm
              10.11 (October 2002).

              tifftopnmcmyk: Fix bug: fails with very wide images and no
              -rowsperstrip.  Always broken.  (Tifftopnmcmyk was new in Netpbm
              8.2 (March 2000).

              svgtopam: Fix crash when out of memory.  Always broken (svgtopam
              was new in Netpbm 10.33 (March 2006)).

              pnmcrop: Add -closeness

              libnetpbm: Add ppmd_pathbuilder_* functions.

              libnetpbm: ppmd_fill_path: remove debug trace.  Always broken
              (ppmd_fill_path was new in Netpbm 10.34 (June 2006).

              Build: don't create pointer man pages anymore.  These were
              classic man pages, created by 'make package', one for each
              program, that just told the user to get the manual from the web
              and that other options for manuals are available at install
              time.  Getting documentation online is commonplace enough now
              that the user doesn't need to be told to do it or that there are
              other options.  The existence of pointer man pages was,
              meanwhile, misleading, since it looked from the outside like
              they actually contained documentation.

              Build: Don't package or install Manweb setup (for accessing
              manuals on the web with Manweb).  Probably 100% unused and

              Debian package: change dependencies to be compatible with
              Debian 8.
   2017-07-12 11:00:33 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Honor LDFLAGS. Fixes RELRO build.