./graphics/p5-Image-ExifTool, Perl module and program to read EXIF information

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 10.80, Package name: p5-Image-ExifTool-10.80, Maintainer: gdt

ExifTool is a Perl module with an included command-line application
for reading and writing meta information in image files. It recognizes
EXIF, GPS, IPTC, XMP, JFIF, GeoTIFF, ICC Profile, Photoshop IRB and
ID3 meta information as well as the maker notes of many digital
cameras including Canon, Casio, FujiFilm, Kodak, Leaf,
Minolta/Konica-Minolta, Nikon, Olympus/Epson, Panasonic/Leica,
Pentax/Asahi, Ricoh, Sanyo and Sigma/Foveon.

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SHA1: 57b58738f086150b42bc13db12872ccebdb3232b
RMD160: 8b2188cfc952b77388b4ad922a26cace44b61468
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   2018-02-25 18:54:02 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
p5-Image-ExifTool: update to 10.80.

Feb. 22, 2018 - Version 10.80 (production release)

  - Decode a new PanasonicRaw tag (thanks LibRaw)
  - Extract ImageWidth/Height for main image of HEIC file
  - Added preliminary read/write support for Reconyx UltraFire maker notes
  - Added a new Sony/Minolta lens (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Internal changes:
      - Changed TimeNow() make ExifTool object optional

Feb. 11, 2018 - Version 10.79

  - Added a new Olympus CameraType (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added a new XMP-microsoft tag (thanks José Oliver-Didier)
  - Decode a new GoPro QuickTime tag
  - Convert nulls IPTC:DocumentHistory to newlines
  - Removed all null terminators from JSON and PHP output
  - Fixed writing of GPSDateStamp and GPSTimeStamp to be able to set to \ 
  - Internal changes:
      - Changed TimeNow() to require ExifTool object as first argument

Jan. 31, 2018 - Version 10.78

  - Added a few new values for some Olympus tags (thanks John)
  - Decode GoPro APP6 metadata in JPEG images and more GoPro MP4 tags
  - Decode more Red tags, and improved decoding of others
  - Decode face detection information from timed metadata with the -ee option
  - Fixed problem writing shorthand XMP containing CDATA sections
  - Fixed problem copying XMP-acdsee:Snapshots
  - Fixed decoding of a few Panasonic RAW tags (thanks Klaus Homeister)

Jan. 26, 2018 - Version 10.77

  - Added read support for Redcode R3D RAW videos
  - Enhanced -sep option to specify separator and terminator for binary output
  - Removed null terminator from JSON output of ICC_Profile:CharTarget
  - Improved error messages to help diagnosing some types of corrupted files
  - Return an exit status of 2 instead of 1 if all files fail the -if condition
  - Fixed decoding of QuickTime chapter names
  - Fixed incorrect MimeType for RMD files
  - Fixed problem where exit status of 1 was returned when writing with a -if
    condition if any of the files failed the condition

Jan. 22, 2018 - Version 10.76

  - Added ability to write shorthand XMP with the -z option
  - Added write support for Google XMP GFocus tags
  - Improved decoding of GoPro timed metadata
  - Renamed ASF PlayDuration to Duration
  - Fixed problem where fractional seconds were ignored when geotagging from an
    NMEA track log with no date stamps
  - Fixed runtime warning when reading XMP with an empty structure in a list
  - API Changes:
      - Added XMPShorthand option
      - Enhanced Compact option so a setting of 2 avoids XMP indentation

Jan. 12, 2018 - Version 10.75

  - Added another Sony/Minolta lens (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Decode more QuickTime tags
  - Decode a number of new tags from GoPro Hero6 MP4 videos
  - Enhanded "Unknown file type" error to indicate if "File is \ 
empty" or "File
    header is all binary zeros"
  - Improved decoding of some Sony tags (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Improved decoding of QuickTime timed metadata
  - Marked ArtworkCircaDateCreated as "Unsafe" for writing to avoid it \ 
    added when attempting to shift all date/time tags
  - Fixed bug which could cause runtime error when reading some old Sony maker
    notes (thanks Tamas Lovag)

Jan. 8, 2018 - Version 10.74

  - Added a new Sony/Minolta lens (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added print conversion for ICC_Profile DeviceManufacturer and ProfileCreator
  - Added informational warning when the ExtractEmbedded option may be useful
  - Improved experimental validate feature for RAW files
  - Fixed bug in experimental Validate feature that could cause out-of-memory
    error when combined with "-use mwg"

Jan. 5, 2018 - Version 10.73

  - Added read/write support for GoPro RAW (GPR) files
  - Added a new Sony/Minolta lens (thanks Sylvain)
  - Improved conversions for GPS tags extracted from video streams

Jan. 4, 2018 - Version 10.72

  - Added IF feature to -p option
  - Decode streamed GPS position and other streamed metadata from MP4 videos
    when the -ee option is used
  - Fixed problem geotagging GPSAltitude from some GPX files

Jan. 2, 2018 - Version 10.71

  - Decode some more ICC_Profile tags (thanks Eef Vreeland)
  - Decode MechanicalShutterCount for Nikon D850 (thanks Xavier Jubier)
  - Convert PNG:CreationTime values to/from standard date format
  - Fixed problem loading default config file from application directory
  - Fixed problem reading XMP where a namespace is defined after an attribute
    which uses the namespace

Dec. 27, 2017 - Version 10.70

  - Search application directory for -config file
  - Improved robustness of JSON import
  - Enhancements to experimental Validate feature
  - Fixed bug introduced in 10.69 which could result in hang when writing
    multi-segment JPEG metadata

Dec. 18, 2017 - Version 10.69

  - Added "OK" UserParam for use in -if conditions
  - Allow writing an empty JPEG Comment
  - Check for proper location of Photoshop metadata with -validate or -use mwg
  - Exit status now set to 1 if command was aborted due to invalid arguments
  - Translate "UTF8" to appropriate escape sequence when writing
    IPTC:CodedCharacterSet with the -n option
  - Improved "Not a valid TIFF" error message to be more specific \ 
about the file
    type for TIFF-based formats
  - Fixed problem parsing Honeywell PTNTHPR NMEA sentences from some GPS devices

Dec. 5, 2017 - Version 10.68

  - Added ability to set tag values and API options to an empty string using
    "^=" on the command line
  - Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a new Nikon LensID
  - Decode more tags from some newer Leica models
  - Decode a new Apple tag
  - Fixed indeterminate order of extracted XMP structures

Nov. 16, 2017 - Version 10.67

  - Fixed problem introduced in 10.66 with -execute not returning the command
    number in the "{ready}" message when -stay_open was used
  - API Changes:
      - Added TimeZone option

Nov. 14, 2017 - Version 10.66

  - Added a new Canon LensType (thanks Norbert Wasser)
  - Updated en-ca and en-gb language translations
  - Minor format change to experimental Validate feature return value
  - Prevent JFIF from being added to a JPEG containing Adobe APP14
  - Changed a number of Canon LensType strings to add "USM" to L model \ 
  - Patched for compatibility with Time::Piece version 1.29_04 and later, and
    improved error handling when writing formatted date/time values
  - Fixed bug in Composite MWG CreateDate and DateTimeOriginal tags which could
    cause existing tags to be hidden when not using the -a option
  - Fixed problem using '#' suffix not properly fixed in 10.65
  - Fixed problem decoding Nikon D810 MultiExposure tags

Oct. 31, 2017 - Version 10.65

  - Added support for DOSLatinUS (cp437) and DOSLatin1 (cp850) character sets
  - Added Extra ForceWrite tag for forcing metadata in a file to be rewritten
  - Added write support for RAF images from some newer FujiFilm models
  - Added a new SonyModelID, Sony LensType and Olympus LensTypes (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added a new Pentax LensType
  - Added a new Nikon LensID
  - Decode more Sony tags for new models (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Decode Nikon D850 ShotInfo tags and custom settings (thanks Warren Hatch)
  - Decode Nikon D850 ColorTemperatureAuto (thanks LibRaw)
  - Decode Photoshop LayerModifyDates and LayerIDs
  - Improved decoding of Nikon D5/D500/D810 ShotInfo tags
  - Allow advanced formatting expressions to return a list reference
  - Fixed problem in Composite:GPSAltitude when derived from an \ 
"undef" altitude
  - Fixed bug which could result in runtime warning when excluding some tags
    from being extracted

Oct. 17, 2017 - Version 10.64

  - Added a new Nikon LensID
  - Added a new SonyModelID
  - Added a new CanonModelID (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added some new non-standard CustomRendered values
  - Decode FrameRate from FLIR SEQ files (thanks Sebastian Hani)
  - Enhanced shift feature to be able to shift some not-so-simple numerical
    values (eg. GPSLatitude) with -TAG+=VALUE syntax
  - Fixed problem with possible malformed UTF-8 when writing IPTC values that
    require truncation
  - Fixed incorrect Writable type for XMP-GSpherical:TimeStamp
  - Fixed incorrect family 2 group name for Nikon HDRInfo tags

Oct. 4, 2017 - Version 10.63

  - Added a number of new Canon LensTypes (thanks Norbert Wasser for some)
  - Added a new CanonModelID
  - Added a new Olympus CameraType
  - Decode MD5Signature in FLAC StreamInfo (thanks Tim Eliseo)
  - Improved decoding of HEIC/HEIF metadata
  - Removed useless write support for QuickTime date/time tags in HEIC/HEIF
  - Fixed "Incorrect XMP stream length" problem when writing some INDD \ 

Sept. 28, 2017 - Version 10.62

  - Added preliminary support for HEIC/HEIF images
  - Added support for Google depthmap metadata (XMP-GDepth)
  - Added some new Sony/Minolta lenses (thanks LibRaw and Jos Roost)
  - Added a new CanonModelID (thanks Norbert Wasser)
  - Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Michael Tapes)
  - Decode a new Sony tag (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Decode some new Nikon tags (thanks Warren Hatch)
  - Decode maker notes from Leica TL2
  - Enhanced ID3 -v2 output to show frame flags
  - Fixed problem decoding Nikon D810 camera tilt angles
  - Fixed problem where SphericalVideoXML metadata was deleted when writing XMP
    to a QuickTime-format file containing this information

Aug. 18, 2017 - Version 10.61

  - Added a new Canon LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added a number of new Sigma, Nikon and Sony lenses (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Yang You)
  - Decode a number of new Sony tags (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Decode Panasonic FocusDistance (thanks David Ellsworth)
  - Updated to the IPTC video metadata 1.1 specification
  - Restored the ability to delete JpgFromRaw from RAW images (broken in 10.38)
  - Fixed problem decoding maker notes from Pentax K-70 AVI videos
  - Fixed problem conditionally replacing a tag if the value to be deleted was
    taken from another tag while the new value was assigned directly

July 21, 2017 - Version 10.60

  - Added two new Sony/Minolta LensTypes (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks Dieter Pearcey)
  - Added new Composite UniquePathPoints tag to photoshop_paths.config
  - Extract raw-data JFIF/JFXX thumbnails as ThumbnailTIFF
  - Improved Sony LensSpec conversion
  - Updated German translations (thanks Herbert Kauer)
  - Set family 1 group name of JFXX ThumbnailImage to JFXX instead of JFIF
  - Fixed problem with %C no longer incrementing properly

July 7, 2017 - Version 10.59

  - Added a new Canon LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added a new Nikon LensID
  - Added "wrong extension" warning to experimental Validate feature
  - Decode Pentax maker notes in Q-S1 AVI videos
  - Updated iptc2exif.args and exif2iptc.args to support new EXIF OffsetTime
    tags (thanks Herb)
  - Patched potential problem with "Use of uninitialized value $pos" \ 
error when
    importing malformed JSON data
  - Patched to avoid runtime warning due to invalid Nikon ShutterCount value
  - Raise an error if -b is used with the -csv option
  - Changed PNG exIf chunk name to eXIf
  - Fixed bug introduced in 10.26 which could cause hang when %C is used in an
    output file name
  - Fixed MWG:DateTimeOriginal and MWG:CreateDate to return XMP when EXIF and
    IPTC don't exist

June 29, 2017 - Version 10.58

  - Added read support for RIFF-format MBWF/RF64 files
  - Added write support for dji-drone XMP tags
  - Added a new Canon LensType (thanks Steve Bates)
  - Added a few new Sony/Minolta LensType values (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a couple of new CanonModelID values (thanks LibRaw and Norbert Wasser)
  - Decode some new FujiFilm tags (thanks Chris Schucker)
  - Enhanced FileSize print conversion to show in "GB" for large files
  - Fixed "outside of string in unpack" errors when reading some corrupted
    EXE/ICC files
  - Fixed problem extracting GIF MIDISong metadata

June 20, 2017 - Version 10.57

  - Added a new Canon LensType (thanks Norbert Wasser)
  - Added write support for PNG Collection tag
  - Added a few new CanonModelID values
  - Added some new Pentax ShakeReduction values
  - Removed ability to create PNG zxIf chunks
  - Documented -progress:%b feature (added in 10.26)
  - No longer report FileType, FileTypeExtension or MIMEType for JPEG/TIFF
    images with an unknown header
  - Relaxed case requirement for "SourceFile" header in CSV and JSON import
  - Fixed decoding of Pentax ExposureCompensation for newer Ricoh models
  - Fixed some incorrect "Wrong IFD" messages with experimental \ 
Validate feature
  - Fixed a couple of Sony/Minolta lens names (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Fixed "Error reading PreviewImage" warning for some Sony models

June 6, 2017 - Version 10.56

  - Removed ordering constraints between Geotag/Geosync and Geotime assignments
    on the command line
  - Removed debugging print statement left in photoshop_paths.config
   2017-06-14 15:14:49 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated p5-Image-ExifTool to 10.55.

June 5, 2017 - Version 10.55 (production release)

  - Added support for GIF multimedia extensions
  - Added a couple of new Sony/Minolta lenses (thanks Chris)
  - Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Jakob Dettner)
  - Added new Composite TotalPathPoints tag to photoshop_paths.config
  - Decode a number of new Sony tags and updated some others (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Decode a new Pentax tag and fixed decoding of another (thanks Andras
  - Updated iptcCore.args for new IPTC specification
  - Changed description of a couple of AVI Model tags to match EXIF
  - Patched tests to avoid failures with Perl 5.25.11 due to missing \ 
"." in @INC
  - Fixed an incorrect warning from the experimental Validate feature

May 26, 2017 - Version 10.54

  - Added support for Google XMP GImage and GAudio tags
  - Added a new Olympus CameraType (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added a two new Sony lenses and decode more ILCE-9 tags (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added new values to some Pentax tags (thanks Andras Salamon)
  - Added a new Canon LensType
  - Added an additional checks to the experimental -validate feature
  - Improved user-defined FileTypes feature to provide more flexibility
  - Enhanced -ext option to allow specific files extensions to be processed
    along with supported files
  - API Changes:
      - Added ListJoin option to replace List and ListSep options

May 17, 2017 - Version 10.53

  - Added support for "MeSa" Photoshop IRB resource
  - Made XMP-GSpherical tags writable
  - Improved German translations (thanks Jobi)

May 12, 2017 - Version 10.52

  - Added some new values to a number of FujiFilm tags and changed some others
    (thanks Albert Shan)
  - Decode a number of new Sony tags for the ILCE-9 (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Made SonyISO writable
  - Changed behaviour of advanced formatting expression for Shortcut tags so it
    now applies to the combined value rather than individual constituent values
  - Minor changes to some Pentax print conversions
  - Fixed problem using new NoDups utility with Shortcut tags

May 2, 2017 - Version 10.51

  - Added "NoDups" utility function for use in advanced formatting \ 
  - Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks JohnK)
  - Added some new Pentax DriveMode values (thanks Andras Salamon)
  - Enhanced -ver option to report Perl include directories with -v2
  - Improved warning message when advanced formatting expression returns undef
  - Minor change to a few FujiFilm print conversion strings (thanks Albert Shan)
  - Changed behaviour when interpolating Shortcut tags in a string (the values
    are now separated according to the -sep option setting instead of simply
    being concatenated)
  - Patched to allow file times to be set on systems where futimes is not
   2017-06-05 16:25:36 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from lang/perl5 5.26.0
   2017-04-27 14:42:26 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated p5-Image-ExifTool to 10.50.

Apr. 20, 2017 - Version 10.50 (production release)

  - Decode a new Pentax tag (thanks Andras Salamon)
  - Improved decoding of Olympus DriveMode (thanks Herbert Kauer)
  - Improved handling of errors from utime when setting file times
  - Fixed potential hang problem when reading corrupted QuickTime metadata
  - Fixed problem deleting duplicate EXIF tags when writing other tags at the
    same time

Apr. 10, 2017 - Version 10.49

  - Added "DateFmt" utility function for use in advanced formatting \ 
  - Added a new Sony/Minolta LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  - Decode a new Panasonic tag
  - Fixed problem decoding Sony VariableLowPassFilter values (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Fixed problem setting XMP:About when creating new XMP in a file
  - Fixed an incorect Pentax DriveMode value (thanks Andras Salamon)
  - API Changes
      - Allow access to the advanced formatting expression via a new ExifTool
        "FMT_EXPR" member variable

Apr. 3, 2017 - Version 10.48

  - Added some new FujiFlashMode values (thanks Albert Shan)
  - Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a new Canon LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added a new CanonModelID and minor changes to some others (thanks Dmitry)
  - Decode two Pentax tags and added a number of new values for other Pentax
    tags (thanks Andras Salamon)
  - Decode a new Sony tag (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Improvements to the experimental Validate feature
  - Fixed problem which could cause hang when reading bad PPT documents

Mar. 20, 2017 - Version 10.47

  - Added read support for JSON-format files
  - Added two new Sony/Minolta lenses (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a number of new Pentax tag values
  - Decode a new Canon CR2 tag (thanks Ed Hannon)
  - Decode WB information for Canon 800D (thanks LibRaw)
  - Improved config_files/photoshop_paths.config to indicate start of paths
  - Attempt to validate new file names in Windows before renaming images
  - Experimental Validate feature no longer warns about Windows XP tags
  - Fixed problem extracting layer information from very large PSD/PSB files

Mar. 8, 2017 - Version 10.46

  - Moved Mac System tags from the Extra table into a new MacOS group and added
    ability to extract them by requesting the MacOS group
  - Updated QuickTime GenreID list (thanks Francois Bonzon)
  - Fixed "Invalid xref" problem when reading some PDF files
  - Fixed error in Minolta lens list (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Fixed minor problem with -U option generating Unknown tags for some known
    bytes in variable-sized strings
  - API Changes:
      - Enhanced RequestTags option to allow groups to be requested

Mar. 2, 2017 - Version 10.45

  - Added ability to write a number of Mac OS X system tags (including the file
    creation date!)
  - Added ability to extract OS X extended attributes ("XAttr" tags)
  - API Changes:
      - Added XAttrTags option
      - Enhanced RequestAll option

Feb. 24, 2017 - Version 10.44

  - Added a few new CanonModelID values and a new Canon LensType
  - Added two new Nikon lenses (thanks Rolf Probst)
  - Added a few new Sony/Minolta lenses (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added two new Sony MeteringMode values (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Improved verbose dump of Photoshop Layer information
  - Patched to allow "FileName encoding not specified" warnings to be \ 
avoided by
    setting -charset filename=""
  - Fixed problem in photoshop_paths.config printing some paths

Feb. 16, 2017 - Version 10.43

  - Restrict writing of EXIF:FlashEnergy to a single value as per EXIF spec
  - Reverted format change of Sony ImageCount tag
  - Changed PNG new eXIF/zXIF chunk names to "exIf" and \ 
"zxIf" until the
    proposed chunks are accepted (of course, while maintaining backward
    compatibility for reading/updating the other chunks)
  - Lowered priority of XMP-pdf:Keywords so it doesn't take precedence over
    PDF:Keywords when the Duplicates option is not used
  - Improved config_files/convert_regions.config to handle the case where the
    RegionInfoMP is missing a Rectangle

Feb. 10, 2017 - Version 10.42

  - Added ability to read/write PNG eXIF and zXIF chunks, and made these the
    place where new EXIF is created in PNG images (zXIF if the -z option is
    used, or eXIF otherwise)
  - Added ability to copy Photoshop OriginPathInfo with photoshop_paths.config
  - Made FileUserID and FileGroupID writable
  - Changed format for a Sony ImageCount tag
  - Improvements to experimental Validate feature
  - Fixed incorrect XMP swf namespace URI
  - Fixed problem using new -p section feature when combined with -w or -ee
  - Fixed formatting problem in -listx output when -lang option was used
  - Fixed problem where UserComment wasn't removed if found in IFD0 when writing
    it to the correct IFD

Feb. 1, 2017 - Version 10.41

  - Added an experimental metadata validation feature (invoked either by
    requesting the new Extra Validate tag or by setting the API Validate option)
  - Added support for PSDT file extension
  - Added age.config to the distribution
  - Added a new Sony lens (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a new PentaxModelID (thanks Louis Granboulan)
  - Enhanced -p option to allow files to be grouped in sections
  - Made makernote offset warning minor
  - Relaxed parsing of NMEA GGA sentence so comma after the geoid units is now
  - Patched problem extracting value of an unsafe binary tag with the -b option
    when specified using -TAG# instead of -TAG with -n
  - API Changes:
      - Added experimental Validate option
   2017-01-19 19:52:30 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (352)
Log message:
Convert all occurrences (353 by my count) of

	MASTER_SITES= 	site1 \

style continuation lines to be simple repeated


lines. As previewed on tech-pkg. With thanks to rillig for fixing pkglint
   2017-01-16 10:32:33 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated p5-Image-ExifTool to 10.40.

Jan. 14, 2017 - Version 10.40 (production release)

  - Fixed tests that were failing on some platforms

Jan. 13, 2017 - Version 10.39

  - Added Perl version and Unicode settings to -ver -v output
  - Added a new Sony LensType2 value
  - More improvements to sample time_zone.config file (thanks Hayo Baan)
  - Fixed problem with MWG date/time tags introduced in version 10.34
  - Fixed problem setting the value of a tag from a binary file when the
    PERL_UNICODE environment or the perl -C option is used to force UTF-8
    treatment of @ARGV elements

Jan. 5, 2017 - Version 10.38

  - Added a couple of new XMP-ics tags
  - Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks Ken Cochran)
  - Decode a couple more PhaseOne tags
  - Increased priority of Sony 0x0115 WhiteBalance when reading
  - Range check QuickTime date/time values when writing
  - Apply CharsetPhotoshop setting to decoding of Photoshop LayerNames
  - Improved identification of Nikon NRW images
  - Minor improvements to verbose dump of FLIR information
  - Improvements to sample time_zone.config file (thanks Hayo Baan)
  - Removed trailing null in -b output for GPSDateStamp
  - Changed "TAG is not supported" warning when writing to "TAG \ 
is not defined"
  - Changed groups of Composite Preview/Thumbnail/JpgFromRaw/etc images to match
    the tags from which they are derived
  - Changed description of Composite Nikon LensSpec tag to match the tag name
  - Fixed problems reading/writing PreviewImage from some DNG files

Dec. 19, 2016 - Version 10.37

  - Decode more information from BMP V4 and V5 images
  - Added a few new FujiFlashMode values (thanks Albert Shan)
  - Changed -geotime default to use unconverted value of DateTimeOriginal
  - Changed a couple of Sony Voigtlander LensType strings (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Warn about invalid tag names used on the command line
  - Generate default-language version of QuickTime tags even if the same-named
    tag already exists in another group
  - Fixed bug reading some Photoshop layer information
  - Fixed problems in sample config file time_zone.config (thanks Hayo Baan)
   2016-11-28 14:50:57 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated p5-Image-ExifTool to 10.36.

Nov. 24, 2016 - Version 10.36 (production release)

  - Added 3D Studio MAX files to the list of supported file types
  - Decode more Sony tags (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Decode a couple more FlashPix tags
  - Minor changes to some of the new IPTC Extension tags
  - Fixed problem reading some FlashPix (Windows Compound Binary Format) files

Nov. 21, 2016 - Version 10.35

  - Fixed bug in Windows version introduced in 10.32 which could cause ExifTool
    to exit with an error if the -lang option was used

Nov. 21, 2016 - Version 10.34

  - Added support for new IPTC Extension version 1.3 + video metadata XMP tags
  - Added missing print conversion for PreviewDateTime
  - Decode a few new FujiFilm tags (thanks Zilvinas Brobliauskas)
  - Enhanced MWG date/time tags to support new EXIF time offsets
  - Patched loophole in WriteMode which would allow creation of new metadata
    files when creation of new groups was disallowed
  - Fixed problem where some EXIF date/time tags may not shifted when shifting
    all date/time tags with "-time:all-=VAL" for ExifTool version \ 
10.28-10.33 or
    when the MWG feature was used

Nov. 11, 2016 - Version 10.33

  - Windows EXE version is 32-bit again, and packaged with Perl 5.24.0
  - Fixed encoding problem with EXIF:Copyright when writing MWG tags using an
    alternate EXIF charset

Nov. 9, 2016 - Version 10.32

  - WARNING: The Windows EXE version for this release is 64-bit (and packaged
    with Perl 5.22.2 instead of 5.24.0)
  - Time::Piece may now be used as an alternative to POSIX::strptime for parsing
    date/time values when writing, and is included in the Windows package
  - Added a number of new XMP tags (thanks StarGeek)
  - Added support for a few new Sony cameras (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added new Nikon LensID (thanks Tanel)
  - Decode a new Nikon tag (thanks Warren Hatch)
  - Decode FLIF encoding type
  - Decode a new Samsung tag (thanks Klaus Homeister)
  - Ignore -filter option for a tag if it returns an undefined value

Oct. 19, 2016 - Version 10.31

  - Added write support for FLIF images
  - Added support for animated PNG images
  - Added a few new SamsungModelID values
  - Added a new Canon LensType
  - Added a new Sony/Minolta LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Decode more Samsung tags (thanks Klaus Homeister and Sreerag Raghavan)
  - Decode more Nikon tags (thanks Warren Hatch)
  - Changed "TAG does not exist" warning when writing to "TAG is \ 
not supported"
  - Fixed problem importing information from CSV or JSON databases for files
    with special characters in their name

Oct. 13, 2016 - Version 10.30

  - Added read support for FLIF images
  - Added a couple of new Minolta/Sony LensType values (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a new SonyModelID (thanks LibRaw and Jos Roost)
  - Added a new digiKam XMP tag
  - Decode a new Apple tag (thanks Neal Krawetz)
  - Decode a few new FujiFilm tags (thanks Chris Schucker)
  - Decode more Nikon D5 custom settings (thanks Warren Hatch)
  - Decode a couple more Samsung tags (thanks Klaus Homeister)
  - Improved decoding of Nikon D500/D5 ShotInfo information
  - Enhanced -ver option to output system information when -v is added
  - Minor change to parsing of -@ argfile (comment lines may may no longer have
    spaces before the "#")
  - Patched Jpeg2000 reader to read bad UUID-EXIF boxes
  - Lowered priority of unknown XMP tags when reading
  - Fixed problem in new xmp2exif.args date/time arguments introduced in 10.28
  - Fixed potential "Use of uninitialized value" warning when decoding
    compressed PNG iTXt chunk

Oct. 5, 2016 - Version 10.29

  - Added a couple of new Sony LensType values (thanks LibRaw)
  - Decode a few new Sony tags
  - Decode a few new FLIR tags
  - Decode some new Nikon D5 tags (thanks Warren Hatch)
  - Decode a new Apple tag
  - Enhanced -geotag option to allow tagging from KML placemarks with a TimeSpan
  - Enhanced -d option (and API DateFormat option) to perform inverse date/time
    conversion when writing if the POSIX::strptime module is available.  If
    POSIX::strptime is not available then the behaviour is like older versions
    (ie. the date/time is not converted) unless the API StrictDate option is set
    in which case a warning is issued and the tag is not written

Sept. 27, 2016 - Version 10.28 - "EXIF 2.31"

  - Added support for new EXIF 2.31 tags
  - Added some new Canon LensType values (thanks Norbert Wasser for one)
  - Added a new Olympus LensType (thanks LibRaw and Niels Kristian Bech Jensen)
  - Added a new Sony LensType and SonyModelID (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a new Pentax LensType
  - Added fotoware.config and bibble.config files to the distribution
  - Made Composite SubSecDateTimeOriginal, SubSecCreateDate and SubSecModifyDate
    tags writable, and expanded to include new EXIF 2.31 time zone tags
  - Fixed problem writing user-defined structured tag elements with a dot (.) in
    their tag ID

Sept. 23, 2016 - Version 10.27

  - Added a new CanonModelID (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a few new NikonLensID's (thanks Yang You and Robert Rottmerhusen)
  - Added a couple of new Olympus LensType values (thanks LibRaw and Niels
    Kristian Bech Jensen)
  - Added a new Olympus CameraType
  - Decode some Canon 80D, 750D, 760D and 1200D CameraInfo tags
  - Changed writing of some ExposureTime and ExposureCompensation tags to allow
    the exact numerator and denominator of the stored rational value to be
  - Fixed Timecode printout in -v3 output for M2TS videos (thanks Ken Neighbors)
  - Fixed some problems with the new "-progress:TITLE" feature
  - Fixed problem where "_exiftool_tmp" file could be left around \ 
after a failed
    write attempt
  - Fixed potential "isn't numeric" runtime error when reading a PDF \ 
file with
    the -ee option

Sept. 15, 2016 - Version 10.26

  - Added read support for GSpherical metadata in MP4 videos
  - Added a few new XMP-xmpMM tags and a new XMP-crs tag
  - Added some new Minolta/Sony lenses (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added two new CanonModelID's (thanks Norbert Wasser and Laurent Clevy)
  - Added two new Canon LensType's (thanks Norbert Wasser)
  - Decode a number of Nikon D610 custom settings (thanks Tor)
  - Removed a questionable Samsung tag
  - Marked TestName tag as "Unsafe" for writing
  - Enhanced -progress option with ability to set console window title
  - Changed behaviour of %C to increment for each processed file as documented
    (was incrementing for each output file created)
  - Patched to recreate XMP in the standard location of PNG images when deleting
    certain non-standard XMP as a group and recreating in one step
  - Fixed runtime warning when writing 0 to MinoltaRaw ISOSetting
  - Fixed problem writing SRW images from some newer Samsung models

Aug. 3, 2016 - Version 10.25

  - Added a new Pentax PictureMode (thanks Louis Granboulan)
  - Added a new Nikon LensID (thanks LibRaw)
  - Decode a new Samsung tag (thanks LibRaw)
  - Decode a few more Canon tags (thanks Anton Reiser)
  - Removed "Avoid" flag for XMP-crs:ColorTemperature
  - Changed the format of a number of XMP-GPano tags from integer to real
  - Fixed incorrect tag ID's for some obscure Island Graphics EXIF tags
  - Fixed decoding of some UTF-8 DNG tags which may be stored in BYTE format

July 27, 2016 - Version 10.24

  - Added support for DJI Phantom maker notes
  - Added a few more XMP-crs tags
  - Added ability to write DNG OpcodeList tags
  - Added a new Sony/Minolta LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Added a few new FujiFilm Saturation values
  - Added a new FujiFlashMode value and fixed an incorrect Italian translation
    (thanks Massimo Sanna, ApolloOne)
  - Decode more Pentax tags (thanks Louis Granboulan)
  - Changed -config option to search the current directory first for the config
    file (patches problem introduced in ExifTool 10.21 for Windows where the
    working directory might not be searched when using the -config option)
  - Changed print conversion of ProcessingTime to show 3 significant digits
  - Fixed bug decoding PanasonicRaw DistortionInfo in DNG images

July 14, 2016 - Version 10.23

  - Added read support for Ogg Opus audio files
  - Added ability to geotag only GPS date/time if no position information is
    available by setting Geotag to "DATETIMEONLY" (all caps)
  - Added "-charset RIFF" option
  - Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
  - Decode a number of new Canon tags (thanks Kai Harrekilde-Petersen)
  - Changed handling of special characters in RIFF-format files (eg. AVI, WAV)
  - Changed MIME type of OGG files to audio/ogg (was audio/x-ogg)
  - Minor change to wording of new Nikon D80 Rotation tag for consistency
  - API Changes:
      - Added CharsetRIFF option

July 7, 2016 - Version 10.22

  - Added read support for BPG images
  - Minor changes to a few of the new Nikon tags
  - Fixed problem in Windows version where not all 10.21 updates were included
    in the release

June 29, 2016 - Version 10.21

  - WARNING: The Windows EXE package for this release was built on Windows 10
    using Perl 5.24 instead of Windows XP and Perl 5.8 -- please watch for
    problems and report anything that you find
  - Added a new Minolta/Sony LensType (thanks LibRaw)
  - Added a new element to the XMP Colorant structure
  - Added a new Pentax lens (thanks Louis Granboulan)
  - Decode Nikon D5/D500 AF information (thanks Michael Tapes for samples)
  - Decode a number of new Olympus tags (thanks Daniel Pollock)
  - Decode a number of new Nikon tags (thanks Warren Hatch)
  - Decode Pentax K-1 AF points (thanks Louis Granboulan)
  - Extract a new DPX tag
  - Patched to avoid writing an empty structure field for an undefined value
   2016-06-15 09:46:19 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated p5-Image-ExifTool to 10.20.

June 13, 2016 - Version 10.20 (production release)

    Added a few new Sigma LensTypes (thanks LibRaw and Jos Roost)
    Added a new Sony LensType (thanks Jos Roost)
    Added two new Canon LensTypes (thanks Jos Roost and Norbert Wasser)
    Added a couple of new PentaxModelID's (thanks Louis Granboulan for one)
    Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks Louis Granboulan)
    Added a few new Olympus PictureMode values (thanks Daniel Pollock)
    Added a few more XMP tags
    Decode a new Nikon video tag (thanks Hayo Baan)
    Patched to allow protected binary data tags to be extracted when -b is \ 
combined with -php or -X if the tag is specifically requested
    Fixed bug introduced in version 9.96 where extended XMP is ignored if the \ 
MWG module is used
    Fixed problem where the MWG module wasn't loaded automatically if there were \ 
MWG tags in the argument to the -p option
    Fixed column alignment of alternate-language output (requires \ 
Unicode::LineBreak to be installed)
    Fixed problem writing Sigma:LensFocalRange

May 31, 2016 - Version 10.19

    Added a few new Sony and Sigma LensType values (thanks Jos Roost)
    Decode more Nikon tags (thanks Warren Hatch)
    Fixed an incorrect Sigma LensType (thanks LibRaw)
    Fixed decoding of D500 custom settings for NEF images (thanks Warren Hatch)

May 27, 2016 - Version 10.18

    Added a number of new Sigma LensTypes (thanks LibRaw)
    Added a few new Sony/Minolta lenses (thanks Jos Roost)
    Added ability to write FilePermissions
    Decode NikonCustom settings for the D500 (thanks Warren Hatch)
    Decode PLUS MediaSummaryCode values
    Use hexadecimal for Sigma LensType values
    Changed -fileOrder option to sort numbers in strings numerically
    Fixed typo in Samsung lens name

May 16, 2016 - Version 10.17

    Added support for Leica X-U (Typ 113) maker notes
    Added a new Pentax LensType (thanks Louis Granboulan)
    Added a number of new Sony lenses (thanks Jos Roost)
    Added a new Canon LensType (thanks Mees Dekker)
    Extract TIFF-format thumbnails and previews
    Patched to ignore XML entities inside comments
    Fixed inconsistent conversion of PreviewColorSpace values
    Fixed writing of TargetPrinter tag
    Fixed bug introduced in 10.16 which which could cause a runtime warning when \ 
using the -o option and not writing any "real" tags

May 3, 2016 - Version 10.16

    Added %D, %F and %E filename format codes
    Added a new Minolta lens (thanks Jos Roost)
    Decode Photoshop Compression mode
    Decode Nikon MultiExposure information for the D5
    Updated decoding of Sony tags for ILCA-68 (thanks Jos Roost)
    Fixed bug adding back XMP tags after deleting all XMP from MOV/MP4 files
    Fixed problem using -o option when reading from stdin (ie. FILE is "-")
    Fixed problem where user-defined Composite tags may not always override \ 
pre-defined Composite tags with the same name, and added feature to allow the \ 
user to specify whether they should override existing tags or not