./lang/oracle-jre8, Oracle Java(tm) 2 Standard Edition, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8u152

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 8.0.152, Package name: oracle-jre8-8.0.152, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This is the official port of the Oracle Java(tm) Runtime Environment
(Java SE 8).


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[emulators/suse131_x11] [emulators/suse131_compat] [emulators/suse131_locale]

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SHA1: ecbadf5df959428a25caedf7332ea41231553c3c
RMD160: 912d4e6e94a1350ba6522aff29aaa4944ca978d7
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   2018-01-01 23:30:04 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (537)
Log message:
Sort PLIST files.

Unsorted entries in PLIST files have generated a pkglint warning for at
least 12 years. Somewhat more recently, pkglint has learned to sort
PLIST files automatically. Since pkglint 5.4.23, the sorting is only
done in obvious, simple cases. These have been applied by running:

  pkglint -Cnone,PLIST -Wnone,plist-sort -r -F
   2017-12-15 18:51:46 by Min Sik Kim | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
lang/oracle-jre8: Fix PLIST for macOS.
   2017-12-13 10:34:48 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
oracle-j{re,dk}8: Fix SunOS, print-PLIST, and SSP.
   2017-11-28 06:15:27 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 8.0.152

Security bug fixes:
   2017-10-03 12:55:13 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
oracle-j*8: fix RELRO packaging

These binary files were built without RELRO support, so disable
the check.
   2017-08-18 15:54:17 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update oracle-jre8 and oracle-jdk8 to 8.0.144

Security fixes and bug fixes.
   2017-06-01 15:30:26 by Johnny C. Lam | Files touched by this commit (21)
Log message:
Use public SHLIB_TYPE instead of private _OPSYS_SHLIB_TYPE.
   2017-05-16 13:55:30 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 8.0.131

1	JDK-7155957	client‑libs	java.awt	closed/java/awt/MenuBar/MenuBarStress1/MenuBarStress1.java \ 
hangs on win 64 bit with jdk8
2	JDK-8035568	client‑libs	java.awt	[macosx] Cursor management unification
3	JDK-8079595	client‑libs	java.awt	Resizing dialog which is JWindow parent \ 
makes JVM crash
4	JDK-8169589	client‑libs	java.awt	[macosx] Activating a JDialog puts to \ 
back another dialog
5	JDK-8147842	client‑libs	javax.swing	IME Composition Window is displayed \ 
at incorrect location
6	JDK-7167293	core‑libs	java.net	FtpURLConnection connection leak on \ 
7	JDK-8169465	core‑libs	javax.naming	Deadlock in \ 
8	JDK-8133045	deploy	deployment_toolkit	java.lang.SecurityException: Failed to \ 
extract baseline.versions error
9	JDK-8028538	deploy	webstart	Fedora Linux issue with jnlp‑servlet.jar demo \ 
source code license
10	JDK-8170646	deploy	webstart	JNLP fails to get loaded with old javaws when \ 
multiple jres (jre9 and jre8u111) installed
11	JDK-8075196	docs	guides	CosNaming's implementation doesn't comply with the \ 
12	JDK-8161147	hotspot	compiler	jvm crashes when \ 
‑XX:+UseCountedLoopSafepoints is enabled
13	JDK-8161993	hotspot	gc	G1 crashes if active_processor_count changes during startup
14	JDK-8147910	hotspot	runtime	Cache initial active_processor_count
15	JDK-8150490	hotspot	runtime	Update OS detection code to recognize Windows \ 
Server 2016
16	JDK-8170888	hotspot	runtime	[linux] Experimental support for cgroup memory \ 
limits in container (ie Docker) environments
17	JDK-8166208	hotspot	svc	FlightRecorderOptions settings for defaultrecording \ 
18	JDK-8161945	install	install	REGRESSION: 8u91 update of 32 bit JRE removes \ 
preferences of the 64 bit JRE
19	JDK-8172932	install	install	JRE installation fails with 1603 on Windows 10 \ 
with enabled Deviceguard
20	JDK-8089915	javafx	web	Input of type file doesn't honor "accept" \ 
21	JDK-8090216	javafx	web	HTMLEditor: font bold doesn't work when an indent is set
22	JDK-8144263	javafx	web	[WebView, OS X] Webkit rendering artifacts with \ 
inertia scrolling
23	JDK-8150982	javafx	web	Crash when calling WebEngine.print on background thread
24	JDK-8164314	javafx	web	[WebView] Debug build is no longer working after \ 
25	JDK-8165098	javafx	web	WebEngine.print will attempt to print even if the \ 
printer job is complete or has an error
26	JDK-8165173	javafx	web	canvas/philip/tests/2d.path.clip.empty.html fails with \ 
27	JDK-8165508	javafx	web	Incorrect Bug ID in comment for JDK-8164076
28	JDK-8166231	javafx	web	use @Native annotation in web classes
29	JDK-8166677	javafx	web	HTMLEditor freezes after restoring previously \ 
maximized window
30	JDK-8166775	javafx	web	Audio slider works incorrectly for short files
31	JDK-8166999	javafx	web	Update to newer version of WebKit
32	JDK-8167098	javafx	web	Backport of JDK‑8158926 to JDK 8u mistakenly used \ 
preliminary patch
33	JDK-8167100	javafx	web	Minor source diffs introduced in backports of \ 
JDK-8160837 and JDK-8163582
34	JDK-8167675	javafx	web	Animated gifs are not working
35	JDK-8169204	javafx	web	Need to document JSObject Call and setSlot APIs to use \ 
weak references
36	JDK-8170585	javafx	web	Fix PlatformContextJava type leaking to GraphicsContext
37	JDK-8170938	javafx	web	Memory leak in JavaFX WebView
38	JDK-8173783	security‑libs	javax.net.ssl	IllegalArgumentException: \ 
39	JDK-6474807	security‑libs	javax.smartcardio	(smartcardio) \ 
CardTerminal.connect() throws CardException instead of CardNotPresentException
40	JDK-8168774	tools	javac	Polymorhic signature method check crashes javac
41	JDK-8167485	tools	visualvm	Integrate new version of Java VisualVM based on \ 
VisualVM 1.3.9 into JDK
42	JDK-8167179	xml	jaxp	Make XSL generated namespace prefixes local to \ 
transformation process