./lang/php70, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor version 7.0

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.0.17, Package name: php-7.0.17, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

PHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. It is modular, with
some object-oriented features. Much of its syntax is borrowed from
C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features
thrown in. The language is designed to allow web developers to
write dynamically generated pages quickly.

This package provides PHP version 7.0.x.

PHP 7.0.0 comes with a new version of the Zend Engine, numerous improvements
and new features such as

* Improved performance: PHP 7 is up to twice as fast as PHP 5.6
* Significantly reduced memory usage
* Abstract Syntax Tree
* Consistent 64-bit support
* Improved Exception hierarchy
* Many fatal errors converted to Exceptions
* Secure random number generator
* Removed old and unsupported SAPIs and extensions
* The null coalescing operator (??)
* Return and Scalar Type Declarations
* Anonymous Classes
* Zero cost asserts

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Package options: inet6, ssl

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SHA1: 6c20436c50fdf342891f836f2864a43fdbe0bf71
RMD160: 2f4dd83e4d4253aaad45fa5f28cd973815382edb
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   2017-03-23 10:50:36 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Fix the macro tests for fpclassify(3) functions.
   2017-03-17 16:34:15 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Update php70 to 7.0.17.

16 Mar 2017 PHP 7.0.17

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #73989 (PHP 7.1 Segfaults within Symfony test suite).
    (Dmitry, Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #74084 (Out of bound read - zend_mm_alloc_small). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #73807 (Performance problem with processing large post request).
  . Fixed bug #73998 (array_key_exists fails on arrays created by
    get_object_vars). (mhagstrand)
  . Fixed bug #73954 (NAN check fails on Alpine Linux with musl). (Andrea)
  . Fixed bug #74039 (is_infinite(-INF) returns false). (Christian Schmidt)
  . Fixed bug #73677 (Generating phar.phar core dump with gcc ASAN enabled
    build). (ondrej)

- Apache:
  . Fixed bug #61471 (Incomplete POST does not timeout but is passed to PHP).
    (Zheng Shao)

- Date:
  . Fixed bug #72719 (Relative datetime format ignores weekday on sundays
    only). (Derick)
  . Fixed bug #73294 (DateTime wrong when date string is negative). (Derick)
  . Fixed bug #73489 (wrong timestamp when call setTimeZone multi times with
    UTC offset). (xiami, Derick)
  . Fixed bug #73858 (first/last day of' flag is not being reset). (Derick)
  . Fixed bug #73942 ($date->modify('Friday this week') doesn't return a Friday
    if $date is a Sunday). (Derick)
  . Fixed bug #74057 (wrong day when using "this week" in strtotime). \ 

- FPM:
  . Fixed bug #69860 (php-fpm process accounting is broken with keepalive).
    (Denis Yeldandi)

- Hash:
  . Fixed bug #73127 (gost-crypto hash incorrect if input data contains long
    0xFF sequence). (Grundik)

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #74031 (ReflectionFunction for imagepng is missing last two
    parameters). (finwe)

- Mysqlnd:
  . Fixed bug #74021 (fetch_array broken data. Data more then MEDIUMBLOB).
    (Andrew Nester, Nikita)

- Opcache:
  . Fixed bug #74152 (if statement says true to a null variable). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #74019 (Segfault with list). (Laruence)

- OpenSSL:
  . Fixed bug #74022 (PHP Fast CGI crashes when reading from a pfx file).

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #74148 (ReflectionFunction incorrectly reports the number of
    arguments). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #74005 (mail.add_x_header causes RFC-breaking lone line feed).
  . Fixed bug #73118 (is_callable callable name reports misleading value for
    anonymous classes). (Adam Saponara)
  . Fixed bug #74105 (PHP on Linux should use /dev/urandom when getrandom is
    not available). (Benjamin Robin)

- Streams:
  . Fixed bug #73496 (Invalid memory access in zend_inline_hash_func).
  . Fixed bug #74090 (stream_get_contents maxlength>-1 returns empty string).
   2017-02-20 10:35:18 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (15)
Log message:
Fix build with tidy-5.x.
   2017-02-20 04:22:55 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Add work around for build problem of php-intl.
   2017-02-18 14:09:20 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update php70 to 7.0.16.

16 Feb 2017 PHP 7.0.16

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #73916 (zend_print_flat_zval_r doesn't consider reference).
  . Fixed bug #73876 (Crash when exporting **= in expansion of assign op).
  . Fixed bug #73969 (segfault in debug_print_backtrace). (andrewnester)
  . Fixed bug #73973 (assertion error in debug_zval_dump). (andrewnester)

- DOM:
  . Fixed bug #54382 (getAttributeNodeNS doesn't get xmlns* attributes).

- DTrace:
  . Fixed bug #73965 (DTrace reported as enabled when disabled). (Remi)

- FPM:
  . Fixed bug #67583 (double fastcgi_end_request on max_children limit).
    (Dmitry Saprykin)
  . Fixed bug #69865 (php-fpm does not close stderr when using syslog).

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #73968 (Premature failing of XBM reading). (cmb)

- GMP:
  . Fixed bug #69993 (test for gmp.h needs to test machine includes).
    (Jordan Gigov)

- Intl:
  . Fix bug #73956 (Link use CC instead of CXX). (Remi)

  . Fixed bug #73933 (error/segfault with ldap_mod_replace and opcache).

- MySQLi:
  . Fixed bug #73949 (leak in mysqli_fetch_object). (krakjoe)

- Mysqlnd:
  . Fixed bug #69899 (segfault on close() after free_result() with mysqlnd).
    (Richard Fussenegger)

- Opcache:
  . Fixed bug #73983 (crash on finish work with phar in cli + opcache).

- OpenSSL:
  . Fixed bug #71519 (add serial hex to return value array). (xrobau)

- PDO_Firebird:
  . Implemented FR #72583 (All data are fetched as strings). (Dorin Marcoci)

  . Fixed bug #73959 (lastInsertId fails to throw an exception for wrong
    sequence name). (andrewnester)

- Phar:
  . Fixed bug #70417 (PharData::compress() doesn't close temp file). (cmb)

- posix:
  . Fixed bug #71219 (configure script incorrectly checks for ttyname_r). (atoth)

- Session:
  . Fixed bug #69582 (session not readable by root in CLI). (EvgeniySpinov)

- SPL:
  . Fixed bug #73896 (spl_autoload() crashes when calls magic _call()). (Dmitry)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #69442 (closing of fd incorrect when PTS enabled). (jaytaph)
  . Fixed bug #47021 (SoapClient stumbles over WSDL delivered with
    "Transfer-Encoding: chunked"). (Rowan Collins)
  . Fixed bug #72974 (imap is undefined service on AIX). (matthieu.sarter)
  . Fixed bug #72979 (money_format stores wrong length AIX). (matthieu.sarter)

- ZIP:
  . Fixed bug #70103 (ZipArchive::addGlob ignores remove_all_path option). (cmb,
    Mitch Hagstrand)
   2017-01-22 12:37:29 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
php70: add workaround requested in PR pkg/51787, pcre-jit segfaults on
non-amd64 (i386, SPARC - at least). disable it until PHP, add note that
it's mostly relevant for PCRE1 8.38, so if PHP updates to PCRE2 as they
plan, it will be irrelevant.

From Joern Clausen / cmb@php
   2017-01-19 15:48:49 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Update php70 to 7.0.15.

PHP                                                                        NEWS
19 Jan 2017 PHP 7.0.15

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #73792 (invalid foreach loop hangs script). (Dmitry)
  . Fixed bug #73663 ("Invalid opcode 65/16/8" occurs with a variable \ 
    with list()). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #73585 (Logging of "Internal Zend error - Missing class
    information" missing class name). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #73753 (unserialized array pointer not advancing). (David Walker)
  . Fixed bug #73825 (Heap out of bounds read on unserialize in
    finish_nested_data()). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #73831 (NULL Pointer Dereference while unserialize php object).
  . Fixed bug #73832 (Use of uninitialized memory in unserialize()). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #73092 (Unserialize use-after-free when resizing object's
    properties hash table). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #69425 (Use After Free in unserialize()). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #72731 (Type Confusion in Object Deserialization). (Nikita)

- COM:
  . Fixed bug #73679 (DOTNET read access violation using invalid codepage).

- DOM:
  . Fixed bug #67474 (getElementsByTagNameNS filter on default ns). (aboks)

  . Bug bug #73737 (FPE when parsing a tag format). (Stas)

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #73869 (Signed Integer Overflow gd_io.c). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #73868 (DOS vulnerability in gdImageCreateFromGd2Ctx()). (cmb)

- GMP:
  . Fixed bug #70513 (GMP Deserialization Type Confusion Vulnerability).

- Mysqli:
  . Fixed bug #73462 (Persistent connections don't set $connect_errno).

- Mysqlnd:
  . Fixed issue with decoding BIT columns when having more than one rows in the
    result set. 7.0+ problem. (Andrey)
  . Fixed bug #73800 (sporadic segfault with MYSQLI_OPT_INT_AND_FLOAT_NATIVE).

  . Fixed bug #73612 (preg_*() may leak memory). (cmb)

- PDO_Firebird:
  . Fixed bug #72931 (PDO_FIREBIRD with Firebird 3.0 not work on returning
    statement). (Dorin Marcoci)

- Phar:
  . Fixed bug #73773 (Seg fault when loading hostile phar). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #73768 (Memory corruption when loading hostile phar). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #73764 (Crash while loading hostile phar archive). (Stas)

- Phpdbg:
  . Fixed bug #73615 (phpdbg without option never load .phpdbginit at startup).
  . Fixed issue getting executable lines from custom wrappers. (Bob)
  . Fixed bug #73704 (phpdbg shows the wrong line in files with shebang). (Bob)

- Reflection:
  . Fixed bug #46103 (ReflectionObject memory leak). (Nikita)

- Streams:
  . Fixed bug #73586 (php_user_filter::$stream is not set to the stream the
    filter is working on). (Dmitry)

- SQLite3:
  . Reverted fix for bug #73530	(Unsetting result set may reset other result
    set). (cmb)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #73594 (dns_get_record does not populate $additional out
    parameter). (Bruce Weirdan)
  . Fixed bug #70213 (Unserialize context shared on double class lookup).
    (Taoguang Chen)
  . Fixed bug #73154 (serialize object with __sleep function crash). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #70490 (get_browser function is very slow). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #73265 (Loading browscap.ini at startup causes high memory usage).
  . Fixed bug #31875 (get_defined_functions additional param to exclude
	disabled functions). (willianveiga)

- Zlib:
  . Fixed bug #73373 (deflate_add does not verify that output was not truncated).
    (Matt Bonneau)
   2016-12-20 08:22:19 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
php70: pass the parameter to _php_dns_free_res the same way as the original
code does, for glibc case.

should fix/help failing ubuntu builds