./lang/php71, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor version 7.1

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.1.16, Package name: php-7.1.16, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language
that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded
into HTML. It is modular, and object-oriented. Much of its syntax
is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific
features thrown in. The language is designed to allow web developers
to write dynamically generated pages quickly.

This package provides PHP version 7.1.x.

PHP 7.1.x builds upon 7.0.x, adding new features:

* Nullable types
* Void return type
* Iterable pseudo-type
* Class constant visibility modifiers
* Square bracket syntax for array destructuring assignment
* Catching multiple exceptions types
* HTTP/2 Server Push Support in ext/curl & other ext/curl improvements
* Fix inconsistent behavior in $this variable
* Create closure from callable
* More precise float values
* Asynchronous Signal Handling (without ticks) in ext/pcntl

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [devel/readline]

Required to build:

Package options: inet6, readline, ssl

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SHA1: 07419a1902450bc857af4696c4942d1c200e19b8
RMD160: 811bed87e9929e3add210706e8ff1f2014f316fe
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   2018-03-29 18:19:39 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php71: update to 7.1.16

29 Mar 2018, PHP 7.1.16

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #76025 (Segfault while throwing exception in error_handler).
    (Dmitry, Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #76044 ('date: illegal option -- -' in ./configure on FreeBSD).

- FPM:
  . Fixed bug #75605 (Dumpable FPM child processes allow bypassing opcache
    access controls). (Jakub Zelenka)

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #73957 (signed integer conversion in imagescale()). (cmb)

  . Fixed bug #76088 (ODBC functions are not available by default on Windows).

- Opcache:
  . Fixed bug #76074 (opcache corrupts variable in for-loop). (Bob)

- Phar:
  . Fixed bug #76085 (Segmentation fault in buildFromIterator when directory
    name contains a \n). (Laruence)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #74139 (mail.add_x_header default inconsistent with docs). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #76068 (parse_ini_string fails to parse \ 
"[foo]\nbar=1|>baz" with
    segfault). (Anatol)
   2018-03-02 03:09:48 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php71: update to 7.1.15

01 Mar 2018, PHP 7.1.15

- Apache2Handler:
  . Fixed bug #75882 (a simple way for segfaults in threadsafe php just with
    configuration). (Anatol)

- Date:
  . Fixed bug #75857 (Timezone gets truncated when formatted). (carusogabriel)
  . Fixed bug #75928 (Argument 2 for `DateTimeZone::listIdentifiers()` should
    accept `null`). (Pedro Lacerda)
  . Fixed bug #68406 (calling var_dump on a DateTimeZone object modifies it).

  . Fixed #75838 (Memory leak in pg_escape_bytea()). (ard_1 at mail dot ru)

  . Fixed bug #73725 (Unable to retrieve value of varchar(max) type). (Anatol)

  . Fixed bug #49876 (Fix LDAP path lookup on 64-bit distros). (dzuelke)

- libxml2:
  . Fixed bug #75871 (use pkg-config where available). (pmmaga)

- Phar:
  . Fixed bug #65414 (deal with leading slash when adding files correctly).

- SPL:
  . Fixed bug #74519 (strange behavior of AppendIterator). (jhdxr)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #75916 (DNS_CAA record results contain garbage). (Mike,
    Philip Sharp)
  . Fixed bug #75981 (stack-buffer-overflow while parsing HTTP response). (Stas)
   2018-02-05 12:21:56 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
php7*: Standardise on major.minor.99 usage in buildlink3.mk

With the introduction of beta and rc releases of php7* into pkgsrc the pattern
matching is often incorrect (for example the current version of php-7.1.0rc6
breaks both <7.1.0 and >=7.1.0).  Using .99 is not ideal but does at least
avoid the confusion developers seem to be having with the pmatch ordering.
   2018-02-02 13:53:39 by Jaromir Dolecek | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Update lang/php71 to php 7.1.14

Changes since 7.1.13:

Fixed bug #75679 (Path 260 character problem).
Fixed bug #75786 (segfault when using spread operator on generator passed by \ 
Fixed bug #75799 (arg of get_defined_functions is optional).
Fixed bug #75396 (Exit inside generator finally results in fatal error).
Fixed bug #75079 (self keyword leads to incorrectly generated TypeError when in \ 
closure in trait).

Fixed bug #75794 (getenv() crashes on Windows 7.2.1 when second parameter is false).

Fixed bug #75774 (imap_append HeapCorruction).

Fixed bug #75720 (File cache not populated after SHM runs full).
Fixed bug #75579 (Interned strings buffer overflow may cause crash).

Fixed bug #75671 (pg_version() crashes when called on a connection to cockroach).
Fixed bug #75775 (readline_read_history segfaults with empty file).

Fixed bug #75735 ([embed SAPI] Segmentation fault in sapi_register_post_entry).

Fixed bug #70469 (SoapClient generates E_ERROR even if exceptions=1 is used).
Fixed bug #75502 (Segmentation fault in zend_string_release).

Fixed bug #75717 (RecursiveArrayIterator does not traverse arrays by reference).
Fixed bug #75242 (RecursiveArrayIterator doesn't have constants from parent class).
Fixed bug #73209 (RecursiveArrayIterator does not iterate object properties).

Fixed bug #75781 (substr_count incorrect result).
   2018-01-16 12:04:54 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
php71: Don't automatically add libgcc on SunOS.
   2018-01-05 04:11:13 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php71: update to 7.1.13

04 Jan 2018, PHP 7.1.13

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #75573 (Segmentation fault in 7.1.12 and 7.0.26). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #75384 (PHP seems incompatible with OneDrive files on demand).
  . Fixed bug #74862 (Unable to clone instance when private __clone defined).
    (Daniel Ciochiu)
  . Fixed bug #75074 (php-process crash when is_file() is used with strings
    longer 260 chars). (Anatol)

- CLI Server:
  . Fixed bug #60471 (Random "Invalid request (unexpected EOF)" using \ 
a router
    script). (SammyK)
  . Fixed bug #73830 (Directory does not exist). (Anatol)

- FPM:
  . Fixed bug #64938 (libxml_disable_entity_loader setting is shared between
    requests). (Remi)

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #75571 (Potential infinite loop in gdImageCreateFromGifCtx).

- Opcache:
  . Fixed bug #75608 ("Narrowing occurred during type inference" error).
    (Laruence, Dmitry)
  . Fixed bug #75579 (Interned strings buffer overflow may cause crash).
  . Fixed bug #75570 ("Narrowing occurred during type inference" error).

  . Fixed bug #74183 (preg_last_error not returning error code after error).
    (Andrew Nester)

- Phar:
  . Fixed bug #74782 (remove file name from output to avoid XSS). (stas)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #75511 (fread not free unused buffer). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #75514 (mt_rand returns value outside [$min,$max]+ on 32-bit)
  . Fixed bug #75535 (Inappropriately parsing HTTP response leads to PHP
    segment fault). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #75409 (accept EFAULT in addition to ENOSYS as indicator
    that getrandom() is missing). (sarciszewski)
  . Fixed bug #73124 (php_ini_scanned_files() not reporting correctly).
    (John Stevenson)
  . Fixed bug #75574 (putenv does not work properly if parameter contains
    non-ASCII unicode character). (Anatol)

- Zip:
  . Fixed bug #75540 (Segfault with libzip 1.3.1). (Remi)
   2017-11-26 20:14:34 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
php71: improve pattern

Since we have php72 release candidates in pkgsrc, "<7.2" is not \ 
since this will pull in "7.2rc6". Change pattern to <7.1.99 to stop \ 
   2017-11-25 14:16:08 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php71: Update to 7.1.12

23 Nov 2017, PHP 7.1.12

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #75420 (Crash when modifing property name in __isset for
    BP_VAR_IS). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #75368 (mmap/munmap trashing on unlucky allocations). (Nikita,

- CLI:
  . Fixed bug #75287 (Builtin webserver crash after chdir in a shutdown
    function). (Laruence)

- Enchant:
  . Fixed bug #53070 (enchant_broker_get_path crashes if no path is set). (jelle
    van der Waa, cmb)
  . Fixed bug #75365 (Enchant still reports version 1.1.0). (cmb)

- Exif:
  . Fixed bug #75301 (Exif extension has built in revision version). (Peter

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #65148 (imagerotate may alter image dimensions). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #75437 (Wrong reflection on imagewebp). (Fabien Villepinte)

- intl:
  . Fixed bug #75317 (UConverter::setDestinationEncoding changes source instead
    of destination). (andrewnester)

- interbase:
  . Fixed bug #75453 (Incorrect reflection for ibase_[p]connect). (villfa)

- Mysqli:
  . Fixed bug #75434 (Wrong reflection for mysqli_fetch_all function). (Fabien

- OCI8:
  . Fixed valgrind issue. (Tianfang Yang)

- OpenSSL:
  . Fixed bug #75363 (openssl_x509_parse leaks memory). (Bob, Jakub Zelenka)
  . Fixed bug #75307 (Wrong reflection for openssl_open function). (villfa)

- Opcache:
  . Fixed bug #75373 (Warning Internal error: wrong size calculation). \ 
(Laruence, Dmitry)

  . Fixed bug #75419 (Default link incorrectly cleared/linked by pg_close()). (Sara)

  . Fixed bug #75464 (Wrong reflection on SoapClient::__setSoapHeaders). (villfa)

- Zlib:
  . Fixed bug #75299 (Wrong reflection on inflate_init and inflate_add). (Fabien