./lang/php72, PHP Hypertext Preprocessor version 7.2

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 7.2.18, Package name: php-7.2.18, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language
that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded
into HTML. It is modular, and object-oriented. Much of its syntax
is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific
features thrown in. The language is designed to allow web developers
to write dynamically generated pages quickly.

This package provides PHP version 7.2.x.

PHP 7.2.x builds upon 7.1.x, adding new features:

* Argument type declarations
* Object return type declarations
* Parameter Type Widening
* Trailing commas in list syntax
* HashContext as Object
* Argon2 in password hash
* Libsodium as part of PHP Core
* Deprecated: __autoload, $php_errormsg, create_function(),
mbstring.func_overload, parse_str() without second argument,
gmp_random(), each(), assert(), $errcontext
* uniqid() patch to avoid usleep() integrated, 10000x improvement on NetBSD,
about 10x on Linux

Required to run:
[textproc/libxml2] [devel/pcre] [devel/readline]

Required to build:

Package options: inet6, readline, ssl

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SHA1: 1ceecc98182429c65c6952cf101fe3e2ff0e85b0
RMD160: 5eca44c9c1b9853f51a5d3aeeaef694d6a05ed27
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   2019-05-23 21:23:24 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (242)
Log message:
all: replace SUBST_SED with the simpler SUBST_VARS

pkglint -Wall -r --only "substitution command" -F

With manual review and indentation fixes since pkglint doesn't get that
part correct in every case.
   2019-05-02 15:43:38 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php72: update to 7.2.18

Update php72 to update to 7.2.18.

02 May 2019, PHP 7.2.18

- CLI:
  . Fixed bug #77794 (Incorrect Date header format in built-in server).

  . Fixed bug #77950 (Heap-buffer-overflow in _estrndup via exif_process_IFD_TAG).
    (CVE-2019-11036) (Stas)

- Interbase:
  . Fixed bug #72175 (Impossibility of creating multiple connections to
    Interbase with php 7.x). (Nikita)

- Intl:
  . Fixed bug #77895 (IntlDateFormatter::create fails in strict mode if $locale
    = null). (Nikita)

- litespeed:
  . LiteSpeed SAPI 7.3.1, better process management, new API function
    litespeed_finish_request(). (George Wang)

- Mail
  . Fixed bug #77821 (Potential heap corruption in TSendMail()). (cmb)

  . Fixed bug #77827 (preg_match does not ignore \r in regex flags). (requinix,

- PDO:
  . Fixed bug #77849 (Disable cloning of PDO handle/connection objects).

- phpdbg:
  . Fixed bug #76801 (too many open files). (alekitto)
  . Fixed bug #77800 (phpdbg segfaults on listing some conditional breakpoints).
  . Fixed bug #77805 (phpdbg build fails when readline is shared). (krakjoe)

- Reflection:
  . Fixed bug #77772 (ReflectionClass::getMethods(null) doesn't work). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #77882 (Different behavior: always calls destructor). (Nikita)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #77680 (recursive mkdir on ftp stream wrapper is incorrect).
    (Vlad Temian)
  . Fixed bug #77844 (Crash due to null pointer in parse_ini_string with
    INI_SCANNER_TYPED). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #77853 (Inconsistent substr_compare behaviour with empty
    haystack). (Nikita)
   2019-04-07 18:31:08 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php72: update to 7.2.17

04 Apr 2019, PHP 7.2.17

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #77738 (Nullptr deref in zend_compile_expr). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #77660 (Segmentation fault on break 2147483648). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #77652 (Anonymous classes can lose their interface information).
  . Fixed bug #77676 (Unable to run tests when building shared extension on
    AIX). (Kevin Adler)

- Bcmath:
  . Fixed bug #77742 (bcpow() implementation related to gcc compiler
    optimization). (Nikita)

- COM:
  . Fixed bug #77578 (Crash when php unload). (cmb)

- Date:
  . Fixed bug #50020 (DateInterval:createDateFromString() silently fails).
  . Fixed bug #75113 (Added DatePeriod::getRecurrences() method). (Ignace
    Nyamagana Butera)

  . Fixed bug #77753 (Heap-buffer-overflow in php_ifd_get32s). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77831 (Heap-buffer-overflow in exif_iif_add_value). (Stas)

- FPM:
  . Fixed bug #77677 (FPM fails to build on AIX due to missing WCOREDUMP).
    (Kevin Adler)

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #77700 (Writing truecolor images as GIF ignores interlace flag).

- MySQLi:
  . Fixed bug #77597 (mysqli_fetch_field hangs scripts). (Nikita)

- Opcache:
  . Fixed bug #77691 (Opcache passes wrong value for inline array push
    assignments). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #77743 (Incorrect pi node insertion for jmpznz with identical
    successors). (Nikita)

- phpdbg:
  . Fixed bug #77767 (phpdbg break cmd aliases listed in help do not match
    actual aliases). (Miriam Lauter)

- sodium:
  . Fixed bug #77646 (sign_detached() strings not terminated). (Frank)

- SQLite3:
  . Added sqlite3.defensive INI directive. (BohwaZ)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #77664 (Segmentation fault when using undefined constant in
    custom wrapper). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #77669 (Crash in extract() when overwriting extracted array).
  . Fixed bug #76717 (var_export() does not create a parsable value for
    PHP_INT_MIN). (Nikita)
  . Fixed bug #77765 (FTP stream wrapper should set the directory as
    executable). (Vlad Temian)
   2019-03-12 05:13:42 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php72: update to 7.2.16

Update php72 to 7.2.16.

07 Mar 2019, PHP 7.2.16

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #77589 (Core dump using parse_ini_string with numeric sections).
  . Fixed bug #77630 (rename() across the device may allow unwanted access
    during processing). (Stas)

- COM:
  . Fixed bug #77621 (Already defined constants are not properly reported).

  . Fixed bug #77509 (Uninitialized read in exif_process_IFD_in_TIFF). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77540 (Invalid Read on exif_process_SOFn). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77563 (Uninitialized read in exif_process_IFD_in_MAKERNOTE). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77659 (Uninitialized read in exif_process_IFD_in_MAKERNOTE). (Stas)

  . Support Oracle Database tracing attributes ACTION, MODULE,
    CLIENT_INFO, and CLIENT_IDENTIFIER. (Cameron Porter)

  . Fixed bug #77396 (Null Pointer Dereference in phar_create_or_parse_filename).

- SPL:
  . Fixed bug #51068 (DirectoryIterator glob:// don't support current path
    relative queries). (Ahmed Abdou)
  . Fixed bug #77431 (openFile() silently truncates after a null byte). (cmb)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #77552 (Unintialized php_stream_statbuf in stat functions).
    (John Stevenson)

  . Disabled LOCAL INFILE by default, can be enabled using php.ini directive
    mysqli.allow_local_infile for mysqli, or PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_LOCAL_INFILE
    attribute for pdo_mysql. (Darek Slusarczyk)
   2019-03-11 14:43:22 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
php72: Do not autodetect (and get wrong) maintainer-zts.

This resulted in a mod_php that cannot be loaded, as reported in
joyent/pkgsrc#152.  Patch copied from php71.  Bump PKGREVISION.
   2019-02-07 15:05:05 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php72: update to 7.2.15

07 Feb 2019, PHP 7.2.15

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #77339 (__callStatic may get incorrect arguments). (Dmitry)
  . Fixed bug #77494 (Disabling class causes segfault on member access).
  . Fixed bug #77530 (PHP crashes when parsing `(2)::class`). (Ekin)

- Curl:
  . Fixed bug #76675 (Segfault with H2 server push). (Pedro Magalhães)

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #73281 (imagescale(…, IMG_BILINEAR_FIXED) can cause black border).
  . Fixed bug #73614 (gdImageFilledArc() doesn't properly draw pies). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #77272 (imagescale() may return image resource on failure). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #77391 (1bpp BMPs may fail to be loaded). (Romain Déoux, cmb)
  . Fixed bug #77479 (imagewbmp() segfaults with very large images). (cmb)

- ldap:
  . Fixed bug #77440 (ldap_bind using ldaps or ldap_start_tls()=exception in
    libcrypto-1_1-x64.dll). (Anatol)

- Mbstring:
  . Fixed bug #77454 (mb_scrub() silently truncates after a null byte).
    (64796c6e69 at gmail dot com)

- MySQLnd:
  . Fixed bug #75684 (In mysqlnd_ext_plugin.h the plugin methods family has
    no external visibility). (Anatol)

- Opcache:
  . Fixed bug #77361 (configure fails on 64-bit AIX when opcache enabled).
    (Kevin Adler)

- OpenSSL:
  . Fixed bug #77390 (feof might hang on TLS streams in case of fragmented TLS
    records). (Abyl Valg, Jakub Zelenka)

- PDO:
  . Fixed bug #77273 (array_walk_recursive corrupts value types leading to PDO
    failure). (Nikita)

- Sockets:
  . Fixed bug #76839 (socket_recvfrom may return an invalid 'from' address
    on MacOS). (Michael Meyer)

- Standard:
  . Fixed bug #77395 (segfault about array_multisort). (Laruence)
  . Fixed bug #77439 (parse_str segfaults when inserting item into existing
    array). (Nikita)
   2019-01-12 15:59:03 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
lang/php72: update to 7.2.14

10 Jan 2019, PHP 7.2.14

- Core:
  . Fixed bug #77369 (memcpy with negative length via crafted DNS response). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #71041 (zend_signal_startup() needs ZEND_API).
    (Valentin V. Bartenev)
  . Fixed bug #76046 (PHP generates "FE_FREE" opcode on the wrong line).

- COM:
  . Fixed bug #77177 (Serializing or unserializing COM objects crashes). (cmb)

- Date:
  . Fixed bug #77097 (DateTime::diff gives wrong diff when the actual diff is
    less than 1 second). (Derick)

- Exif:
  . Fixed bug #77184 (Unsigned rational numbers are written out as signed
    rationals). (Colin Basnett)

- GD:
  . Fixed bug #77269 (efree() on uninitialized Heap data in imagescale leads to
    use-after-free). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #77270 (imagecolormatch Out Of Bounds Write on Heap). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #77195 (Incorrect error handling of imagecreatefromjpeg()). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #77198 (auto cropping has insufficient precision). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #77200 (imagecropauto(…, GD_CROP_SIDES) crops left but not right).

  . Fixed bug #77020 (null pointer dereference in imap_mail). (cmb)

- Mbstring:
  . Fixed bug #77370 (Buffer overflow on mb regex functions - fetch_token). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77371 (heap buffer overflow in mb regex functions
    - compile_string_node). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77381 (heap buffer overflow in multibyte match_at). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77382 (heap buffer overflow due to incorrect length in
    expand_case_fold_string). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77385 (buffer overflow in fetch_token). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77394 (Buffer overflow in multibyte case folding - unicode). (Stas)
  . Fixed bug #77418 (Heap overflow in utf32be_mbc_to_code). (Stas)

- OCI8:
  . Fixed bug #76804 (oci_pconnect with OCI_CRED_EXT not working). (KoenigsKind)
  . Added oci_set_call_timeout() for call timeouts.
  . Added oci_set_db_operation() for the DBOP end-to-end-tracing attribute.

- Opcache:
  . Fixed bug #77215 (CFG assertion failure on multiple finalizing switch
    frees in one block). (Nikita)

- PDO:
  . Handle invalid index passed to PDOStatement::fetchColumn() as error. (Sergei

- Phar:
  . Fixed bug #77247 (heap buffer overflow in phar_detect_phar_fname_ext). (Stas)

- Sockets:
  . Fixed bug #77136 (Unsupported IPV6_RECVPKTINFO constants on macOS).
    (Mizunashi Mana)

- SQLite3:
  . Fixed bug #77051 (Issue with re-binding on SQLite3). (BohwaZ)

- Xmlrpc:
  . Fixed bug #77242 (heap out of bounds read in xmlrpc_decode()). (cmb)
  . Fixed bug #77380 (Global out of bounds read in xmlrpc base64 code). (Stas)
   2018-12-12 16:44:43 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
lang/php72: drop sqlite3 PKG_OPTIONS

Drop sqlite3 PKG_OPTIONS since sqlite3 is supported by
databases/php-sqlite3 package.