./lang/snobol, Macro implementation of SNOBOL4 in C

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.3nb1, Package name: snobol-1.3nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This is a C implementation of the original Macro SIL (SNOBOL4 Implementation
Language) version of SNOBOL4, originally developed at ATT Bell Labs.

SNOBOL4, primarily known as a string processing language, excels at any task
involving symbolic manipulations. The interpreter provides run-time typing,
garbage collection, user defined data types, and on-the-fly sub-interpretation
within a running program. Its primary weakness is a simple syntax, and a lack
of "structured" constructs, although many would consider these to be strengths
when compared to some "modern" and ever-changing agglomerations such as Perl.

While not computationally speedy, it is handy for minimizing development time
and effort when creating data conversion tools. This is because of its data
manipulation functions, associative memory data structures, and an extensive
set of sophisticated built-in string pattern matching primatives.

SNOBOL4 consists of one relatively small executable file, without the scads
of associated libraries and modules that make package management difficult.

Although developed in the early 1960s (the SNOBOL3 primer was published by the
MIT press in 1967), some feel that it is still ahead of its time today. While
it is fully functional and extensively tested, it is no longer evolving, having
reached the desirable stable plateau in any programming language's life cycle.

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   2018-07-04 15:40:45 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (423)
Log message:
*: Move SUBST_STAGE from post-patch to pre-configure

Performing substitutions during post-patch breaks tools such as mkpatches,
making it very difficult to regenerate correct patches after making changes,
and often leading to substituted string replacements being committed.
   2017-01-19 19:52:30 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (352)
Log message:
Convert all occurrences (353 by my count) of

	MASTER_SITES= 	site1 \

style continuation lines to be simple repeated


lines. As previewed on tech-pkg. With thanks to rillig for fixing pkglint
   2016-04-01 14:24:14 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Pass --mandir.  Fixes PKGMANDIR.
   2015-11-03 23:50:46 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (194)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for lang category

Problems found with existing digests:
	Package nhc98 distfile nhc98src-1.22.tar.gz
	a8adc8f22371998ee0657bc0e01058a57d876abc [recorded]
	81975fcb5f1dda5efeaabc30ce8c6dceae55e591 [calculated]

Problems found locating distfiles:
	Package gcc-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.i386.dragonfly.36A.tar.bz2
	Package gcc-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.i386.freebsd.84.tar.bz2
	Package gcc-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.x86_64.dragonfly.36A.tar.bz2
	Package gcc-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.x86_64.freebsd.84.tar.bz2
	Package gcc-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.x86_64.solaris.511.tar.bz2
	Package gcc5-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.i386.dragonfly.36A.tar.bz2
	Package gcc5-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.i386.freebsd.84.tar.bz2
	Package gcc5-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.x86_64.dragonfly.36A.tar.bz2
	Package gcc5-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.x86_64.freebsd.84.tar.bz2
	Package gcc5-aux: missing distfile ada-bootstrap.x86_64.solaris.511.tar.bz2
	Package ghc7: missing distfile ghc-7.6.3-boot-i386-unknown-freebsd.tar.xz
	Package icc11: missing distfile l_cproc_p_11.1.080.tgz
	Package jini: missing distfile jini-1_2_1_001-src.zip
	Package oo2c: missing distfile oo2c_32-2.0.11.tar.bz2
	Package openjdk7: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk7: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk7: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk7: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk7: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk7: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk8: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk8: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk8: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk8: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk8: missing distfile \ 
	Package openjdk8: missing distfile \ 
	Package oracle-jdk8: missing distfile jdk-8u60-linux-i586.tar.gz
	Package oracle-jdk8: missing distfile jdk-8u60-solaris-x64.tar.gz
	Package oracle-jre8: missing distfile jre-8u60-linux-i586.tar.gz
	Package oracle-jre8: missing distfile jre-8u60-solaris-x64.tar.gz
	Package sun-jdk6: missing distfile jdk-6u45-linux-i586.bin
	Package sun-jdk6: missing distfile jdk-6u45-solaris-i586.sh
	Package sun-jdk7: missing distfile jdk-7u72-linux-i586.tar.gz
	Package sun-jdk7: missing distfile jdk-7u72-solaris-i586.tar.gz
	Package sun-jre6: missing distfile jce_policy-6.zip
	Package sun-jre6: missing distfile jre-6u45-linux-x64.bin
	Package sun-jre6: missing distfile jre-6u45-solaris-x64.sh
	Package sun-jre7: missing distfile jre-7u72-linux-i586.tar.gz
	Package sun-jre7: missing distfile jre-7u72-solaris-i586.tar.gz

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2014-09-20 20:13:29 by Jonathan A. Kollasch | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
fix path in snobol post-build target
   2014-07-06 20:25:31 by Jonathan A. Kollasch | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Use new DIST_SUBDIR for snobol-1.3bis distfile, in the unlikely event
anyone had the old one.  Also, add the "old" release distfile path to the
   2014-07-06 20:05:38 by Jonathan A. Kollasch | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Un-break snobol-1.3.  Use snobol-1.3bis distfile.  For tutorial.gz use
snobol4.man from vanilla.tar.gz rather than from pm.exe within vanilla.zip;
as vanilla.zip is no longer distributed (and the change between these two
versions is very minimal).  Due to distfile and packaging changes bump
   2014-07-06 19:46:12 by Jonathan A. Kollasch | Files touched by this commit (6)
Log message:
restore (broken) lang/snobol package to state before removal