./mail/p5-Mail-DKIM, Perl5 module for DKIM-based mail-signing and -verifying

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.40nb2, Package name: p5-Mail-DKIM-0.40nb2, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

This Perl module implements the various components of the DKIM message-signing
and verifying standard for Internet mail.

Required to run:
[lang/perl5] [net/p5-Net-DNS] [security/p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA] [mail/p5-MailTools]

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SHA1: 992fa0e37527eea83803ce8ec39d5a3ef9326278
RMD160: da7b03e2fbf0e45633d553711bfba02ad2d4e9c8
Filesize: 92.955 KB

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   2016-06-08 21:25:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2236) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.
   2015-11-04 00:27:24 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (312)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for mail category

Problems found locating distfiles:
	Package mutt: missing distfile patch-1.5.24.rr.compressed.gz
	Package p5-Email-Valid: missing distfile Email-Valid-1.198.tar.gz
	Package pine: missing distfile fancy.patch.gz
	Package postgrey: missing distfile targrey-0.31-postgrey-1.34.patch
	Package qmail: missing distfile badrcptto.patch
	Package qmail: missing distfile outgoingip.patch
	Package qmail: missing distfile qmail-1.03-realrcptto-2006.12.10.patch
	Package qmail: missing distfile qmail-smtpd-viruscan-1.3.patch
	Package thunderbird24: missing distfile enigmail-1.7.2.tar.gz
	Package thunderbird31: missing distfile enigmail-1.7.2.tar.gz

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2015-07-12 20:56:37 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (405)
Log message:
Comment out dependencies of the style
since pkgsrc enforces the newest perl version anyway, so they
should always pick perl, but sometimes (pkg_add) don't due to the
design of the {,} syntax.

No effective change for the above reason.

Ok joerg
   2015-06-12 12:52:19 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3152)
Log message:
Recursive PKGREVISION bump for all packages mentioning 'perl',
having a PKGNAME of p5-*, or depending such a package,
for perl-5.22.0.
   2014-10-09 16:07:17 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1163)
Log message:
Remove pkgviews: don't set PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPES in Makefiles.
   2014-10-09 15:45:06 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (456)
Log message:
Remove SVR4_PKGNAME, per discussion on tech-pkg.
   2014-06-09 21:23:04 by Amitai Schlair | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 0.40. From the changelog:

* New/changed functionality:
  * a single DNS resolver is created for the lifetime of the program,
    rather than reinitializing the resolver for each new query.

* bugfixes:
  * fix the error message given when an invalid algorithm is
    specified in the construction of Mail::DKIM::Signer.
  * avoid Perl warning about use of an undefined value in several
    places (rt.cpan.org issue #82913).
  * speed- improved performance of parsing the message into lines
    (rt.cpan.org issue #77902). Patch by Mark Martinec.
  * fix DNS queries to use the correct method (txtdata) of Net::DNS
    (rt.cpan.org issue #83170). Patch by Mark Martinec.
  * fix issue with getting wrong error codes when q= tag is empty
    (issue #3011005)
  * anti-abuse- prevent a message with thousands of signatures from
    thrashing the whole computer (issue #3010997)
  * memory usage- significantly reduced memory footprint for
    processing a message with a large header and many signatures
  * fix error message given when no KeyFile has been specified
    (issue #1889690)

* API changes:
  * global subroutines resolver() or enable_EDNS0() in module
    Mail::DKIM::DNS can be called to specify non-default options
    to Net::DNS::Resolver (see also rt.cpan.org issue #80425).
  * the Canonicalization::finish_header() method now expects a
    argument to be passed to it. In the unusual case that you are
    using this method from your own code, please update your code.
   2014-05-30 01:38:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3049)
Log message:
Bump for perl-5.20.0.
Do it for all packages that
* mention perl, or
* have a directory name starting with p5-*, or
* depend on a package starting with p5-
like last time, for 5.18, where this didn't lead to complaints.
Let me know if you have any this time.