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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 2.2nb2, Package name: rspamd-2.2nb2, Maintainer: bartosz.kuzma

Rspamd is fast, modular and lightweight spam filter. It is designed to work
with big ammount of mail and can be easily extended with own filters written in

Required to run:
[textproc/icu] [security/gnupg2] [security/openssl] [mail/gmime] [devel/fann] [devel/glib2] [devel/libevent] [devel/ragel] [devel/lua-lpeg] [security/libsodium] [databases/hiredis] [lang/lua53]

Required to build:

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SHA1: 06de7849611ab6024af7bfb886aeced3a245ab23
RMD160: a68863cf34da19e178469123ce687b4a814c54a1
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   2020-01-18 22:51:16 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1836)
Log message:
*: Recursive revision bump for openssl 1.1.1.
   2020-01-06 13:06:09 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
rspamd: Create rundir via SMF method script.

Fixes first run after reboot.  Bump PKGREVISION.
   2019-12-08 10:32:05 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
rspamd: update to 2.2

upstream changes:
    [Conf] Antivirus: Fix the default config
    [Feature] Add verdict library in lua
    [Feature] Allow exception when choosing upstream
    [Feature] Allow to disable symbols from the metric config
    [Feature] Allow to limit maps per specific worker
    [Feature] Always validate Rspamd protocol output
    [Feature] Antivirus: Add preliminary virustotal support
    [Feature] Clickhouse: Rework Clickhouse collection logic
    [Feature] Improve base64 usage
    [Feature] Shutdown timeout is now associated with task timeout
    [Fix] #3129 Multiple classifiers on redis working incorrectly
    [Fix] Allow real upstreams configuration
    [Fix] Another try to fix slow callbacks and timers
    [Fix] Check results of write message as SSL can bork them
    [Fix] Clickhouse: Avoid potential races in collection
    [Fix] Clickhouse: Fix periodic script
    [Fix] Fail DNS upstream on each retransmit attempt
    [Fix] Fix consistent hashing when upstreams are marked inactive
    [Fix] Fix issues found
    [Fix] Fix off-by-one in retries for the proxy
    [Fix] Fix termination
    [Fix] Fix upstreams exclusion logic
    [Fix] Fix utf8 validation for symbols options and empty strings
    [Fix] Oops, fix maps reload
    [Fix] Rbl: Allow utf8 lookups for IDN domains
    [Fix] Sigh, another try to fix brain-damaged openssl
    [Project] Add fast utf8 validation library
    [Project] Use own utf8 validation instead of glib
    [Rework] Another phase of finish actions rework
    [Rework] Further cmake system rework
    [Rework] Further isolation of the controller’s functions
    [Rework] Make cmake structure more modular
    [Rework] Move cmake modules to a dedicated path
    [Rework] Replace controller functions by any scanner worker if needed
    [Rework] Rework final scripts logic
    [Rework] Rewrite rspamd_str_make_utf_valid function
   2019-12-06 17:37:52 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
rspamd: Disable inotify on SunOS, assumes Linux.
   2019-11-17 12:11:21 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
rspamd: guess correction for weird BUILDLINK_FNAME_TRANSFORM
   2019-11-05 20:16:32 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
mail/rspamd: make cfgfiles.mk conform to the preferred code style
   2019-11-03 19:19:32 by =?UTF-8?B?RnLDqWTDqXJpYyBGYXViZXJ0ZWF1?= | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
rspamd: update to 2.1

pkgsrc changes:
  * Add c++ to USE_LANGUAGES because the configure step failed.

upstream changes:
2.1: 28 Oct 2019
  * [Conf] Update neural.conf
  * [CritFix] Fix dkim verification for multiple headers listed
  * [Feature] Add support of uudecode
  * [Feature] Allow to explicitly set events backend
  * [Feature] Implement configurable limits for SPF lookups
  * [Feature] Lua_scanners: Use lua magic for inclusion/exclusion logic
  * [Feature] Multimap: Do not check files in office archives
  * [Feature] Neural: Add sampling when storing training vectors
  * [Feature] SPF: Allow to disable AAAA checks in configuration
  * [Feature] Spf: Add limits configuration support
  * [Feature] Store etag in cached HTTP maps + better logging
  * [Feature] Support segwit BTC addresses, fix LTC verification
  * [Feature] Support uuencoding
  * [Fix] Add configurable number of threads for OpenBLAS
  * [Fix] Add workaround for ragel 7 in hyperscan related maps code
  * [Fix] Another fix for numeric urls parsing
  * [Fix] Correct EMA time calculations
  * [Fix] Do not treat archives as text
  * [Fix] Do not use strdup on data extracted from lua
  * [Fix] Fix a failure calcuating URL reputation.
  * [Fix] Fix crash due to constructors init order
  * [Fix] Fix crash on parts with no cd
  * [Fix] Fix empty prefilters that require mime structures
  * [Fix] Fix event loop creation
  * [Fix] Fix issues sending DMARC reports.
  * [Fix] Fix misprint
  * [Fix] Fix saving of the file maps
  * [Fix] Fix size calculations when converting from utf16
  * [Fix] Fix support of disable_monitoring in rbl
  * [Fix] Fix use-after-free
  * [Fix] Fix zip files check to relax requirements
  * [Fix] Important hiredis fixes
  * [Fix] Lot's of fixes in maps check logic
  * [Fix] Lua_tcp: Deal with temporary fails on write
  * [Fix] Lua_tcp: Make write errors fatal and rework error handlers
  * [Fix] Meta: Filter some more values
  * [Fix] Neural: Add protection agains infinities
  * [Fix] Oops, fix math.huge invocation
  * [Fix] Plug memory leak
  * [Fix] Sigh, another email to string fix
  * [Fix] Try to fix another ownership race in ssl connection
  * [Fix] Uuencode: Fix parsing of corrupted uuencode
  * [Fix] lua_scanners - razor rename need_check function
  * [Rework] Require CMake 3.9 to work, remove manual lto crap

2.0: 11 Oct 2019
  * [Conf] Add BROKEN_HEADERS_MAILLIST composite
  * [Conf] Add path to greylist-whitelist-domains.inc
  * [Conf] Clarify documentation in the config files
  * [Conf] Introduce maps.d directories
  * [Conf] Log settings id by default
  * [Conf] Make LEAKED_PASSWORD_SCAM a composite rule again
  * [Conf] Move all surbl/emails rules to rbl
  * [Conf] Register new Spamhaus codes
  * [Conf] Remove configs for deleted modules
  * [Conf] Remove surbl parts, fix hash_format attribute
  * [Conf] Show autolearn sample
  * [Conf] Slashing: Change default stats backend to Redis
  * [Conf] Surbl: Utilise new `check_emails` option
  * [Conf] Update header
  * [Conf] Use multi-prefixes RBLs in the default config
  * [CritFix] Deal with case-sensivity in Content-Disposition parser
  * [CritFix] Eliminate old endpoint
  * [CritFix] Fix case sensivity when parsing Content-Type
  * [CritFix] Fix loading of DKIM public keys
  * [CritFix] Fix procesing of urls
  * [CritFix] Fix whitelisting when both spf and dkim are required to be valid
  * [CritFix] Langdet: Fix language detection where no stop words found
  * [Feature] Add description to the groups
  * [Feature] Add limit for number of URLs in Lua
  * [Feature] Add logging of groups to the log_format
  * [Feature] Add lua_smtp library
  * [Feature] Add maps cache and type refinement
  * [Feature] Add p0f scanner
  * [Feature] Adopt emails module to use lua_maps
  * [Feature] Allow options matching in composites
  * [Feature] Allow selectors in rbl module
  * [Feature] Allow to output group results
  * [Feature] Asn: Allow to use bgpdump when NET::MRT is broken
  * [Feature] Calculate tokens occurrences distribution
  * [Feature] Clickhouse: Add authenticated user and settings id columns
  * [Feature] Clickhouse: Store groups data
  * [Feature] Clickhouse: Utilise LowCardinality feature
  * [Feature] Implement Redis prefixes registration logic
  * [Feature] Implement settings id propagation between deps
  * [Feature] Improve AV results caching
  * [Feature] Improve autolearning
  * [Feature] Improve logging locking logic (remove it actually)
  * [Feature] Improve settings processing
  * [Feature] Langdet: Limit number of stop words to be checked
  * [Feature] Libucl: Allow to sort keys in ucl objects
  * [Feature] Lua_config: Extend get symbols method
  * [Feature] Lua_maps: Allow static maps for key-value pairs
  * [Feature] Lua_mimepart: Add function filter_words
  * [Feature] Lua_selectors: Add `words` selector
  * [Feature] Lua_selectors: Add sort and uniq transform functions
  * [Feature] Lua_selectors: Allow table arguments for selectors
  * [Feature] Lua_tcp: Add preliminary support of SSL connections
  * [Feature] Lua_trie: More flexible API
  * [Feature] Lua_util: Add filter_specific_url function
  * [Feature] Lua_util: table_digest can now recursively traverse tables
  * [Feature] Maillist: Improve detection
  * [Feature] Maps: Allow caching for complex maps
  * [Feature] Monitored: Support random lookups
  * [Feature] Multimap: Add combined maps prototype
  * [Feature] Multimap: Add dependend maps via redis keys selectors
  * [Feature] Multimap: Allow multiple email addresses matches
  * [Feature] Multimap: Also check detected charset when do filename checks
  * [Feature] Output number of messages processed to proctitle
  * [Feature] Perform clean SSL shutdown
  * [Feature] Performance: Do not use base64 SIMD version for bad inputs
  * [Feature] RBL: Support bit results in replies
  * [Feature] RBL: Support type specific prefixes
  * [Feature] Ratelimit: Consider number of SMTP recipients
  * [Feature] Rbl: Add ability to check urls
  * [Feature] Rbl: Add resolve_ip based RBLs
  * [Feature] Rbl: Make config checks much more strict
  * [Feature] Rbl: Support per-rule whitelists
  * [Feature] Rbl: Support process script
  * [Feature] Rbl: Support replyto addresses
  * [Feature] SURBL: Allow to check email domains
  * [Feature] Selectors: Add `list` generator
  * [Feature] Selectors: Add `specific_urls` extractor
  * [Feature] Selectors: Add flatten function
  * [Feature] Selectors: Support filter_map and apply_map functions
  * [Feature] Store Clickhouse data outside of lua alloc
  * [Feature] Support caching for encrypted files and macros
  * [Feature] Support images when extracting urls
  * [Feature] Support more hyperscan flags
  * [Feature] Support protocol flags
  * [Feature] URL: Apply stringprep to hostnames to filter garbage
  * [Feature] Upstreams: Add lazy resolving logic to all upstreams
  * [Feature] Upstreams: Set noresolve flag on numeric upstreams
  * [Feature] Use `scores` in apply section
  * [Feature] Use maps logic from lua_maps for multimap
  * [Feature] Use random monitored in rbl module
  * [Feature] lua_scanners - add Razor support
  * [Fix] Add another safe-guard in urls processing
  * [Fix] Add debug to ssl, fixed write hangs
  * [Fix] Add missing groups to C callback symbols
  * [Fix] Add more checks for ghosts symbols
  * [Fix] Allow to enable or add new actions via settings
  * [Fix] Allow to set 0 size for spf/dkim caches
  * [Fix] Another bunch of fixes towards protocol mess
  * [Fix] Another fix to deal with bad URLs
  * [Fix] Arc: Another bunch of fixes for arc signing
  * [Fix] Arc: More arc signing fixes
  * [Fix] Avoid another overflow in fpconv
  * [Fix] Clickhouse: Fix quoting
  * [Fix] Clickhouse: Fix retention query quoting
  * [Fix] Distinguish empty and non-empty prefilters
  * [Fix] Distinguish remote and local addrs parsing
  * [Fix] Do not assert if length of sig is bad, just fail verification
  * [Fix] Do not assert if we have broken mime boundary in the headers
  * [Fix] Do not call implicit strlen to avoid issues
  * [Fix] Do not count images urls when checking url regexps for compatibility
  * [Fix] Do not output rbl suffix in symbol option
  * [Fix] Do not use config pool to avoid issues with double reload
  * [Fix] Do not use ephemeral string
  * [Fix] Do not use lightuserdata for traceback
  * [Fix] Do not use priority in metric registration
  * [Fix] Emails: Check email sanity before testing on BL
  * [Fix] Emails: Fix misprint in key name
  * [Fix] Escape utf in regexp to dodge ragel/hyperscan issue
  * [Fix] Extend task_timeout to postfilters stage
  * [Fix] Fix ARC signing after fixing another bug in it...
  * [Fix] Fix AV scan logic
  * [Fix] Fix DMARC_NA behaviour in case of no valid policies
  * [Fix] Fix LRU hash iteration logic
  * [Fix] Fix alignment mess
  * [Fix] Fix configuring symbols without scores
  * [Fix] Fix disabling of the actions
  * [Fix] Fix dkim signing exceptions
  * [Fix] Fix embedded images linking logic
  * [Fix] Fix events leak
  * [Fix] Fix eviction corner case
  * [Fix] Fix fuzzy image score calculation #2962
  * [Fix] Fix hang in fuzzy_learn when explicit rotation is set
  * [Fix] Fix headers propagation logic
  * [Fix] Fix hearbeats restart issue
  * [Fix] Fix history reset
  * [Fix] Fix log parameter
  * [Fix] Fix lua_ip_equal logic
  * [Fix] Fix more issues with nested messages + tests
  * [Fix] Fix normalization of non-alphabet based languages
  * [Fix] Fix offsets when parsing message/rfc822 in multipart
  * [Fix] Fix options in rbl symbols
  * [Fix] Fix out of bound access in lua logger
  * [Fix] Fix out-of-bound read in qp decode
  * [Fix] Fix parent CTE propagation
  * [Fix] Fix parsing of the received headers with empty part
  * [Fix] Fix pending checks for events
  * [Fix] Fix printing of NULL pointer with fixed length
  * [Fix] Fix race condition in watcher handler
  * [Fix] Fix read-after-end in quoted printable decoding
  * [Fix] Fix redis sentinel support
  * [Fix] Fix registry leak in case of DNS errors
  * [Fix] Fix reload logic
  * [Fix] Fix sending of large entries via HTTPS
  * [Fix] Fix settings reload
  * [Fix] Fix some more corner cases for fpconv
  * [Fix] Fix trie code when there are regexps and Hyperscan is absent
  * [Fix] Further fixes to printing of the FP numbers
  * [Fix] Fuzzy_check: Fix timeouts
  * [Fix] Grrr, fix empty ip case
  * [Fix] Html: Fix processing of fjlig entity
  * [Fix] Lang_det: Try better to distinguish Chinese and Japanese
  * [Fix] Lua_mime: Fix reversed extensions map
  * [Fix] Lua_task: Fix message-less API
  * [Fix] Lua_tcp: Report connection failures
  * [Fix] Lua_tcp: Various fixes and debugging improvements
  * [Fix] Metadata_exporter: This plugin is idempotent not a postfilter
  * [Fix] More fixes to extract_specific_urls
  * [Fix] More stages fixes
  * [Fix] Neural: Another bunch of fixes
  * [Fix] Neural: use version in ANN key profile
  * [Fix] Postpone lua state destruction to allow lua dtors to be used
  * [Fix] Prefer surbl/emails rule on rbl to preserve compatibility
  * [Fix] RBL: Fix behaviour of emails_domainonly
  * [Fix] Ratelimit: Fix dynamic score
  * [Fix] Rbl: Fix emailbl functions
  * [Fix] Really fix hyperscan workaround
  * [Fix] Set sanity limits for pcre2
  * [Fix] Settings: Fix settings check flags
  * [Fix] Sort keys when getting data from Lua when filling rules
  * [Fix] Statistics: Do not query Redis tokens when there are no learns
  * [Fix] Stop IO event on write finished in http connection
  * [Fix] Use heuristically detected text parts data
  * [Fix] Various fixes to QP encoding algorithm
  * [Fix] Various fixes to SSL state machine handler
  * [Fix] Various fixes to asn module
  * [Fix] Workaround for empty charset in rfc2231 encoding
  * [Project] Switch from torch to KANN
  * [Project] Add heartbeat events
  * [Project] Add preliminary support of the Kaspersky Scan Engine
  * [Project] Add preliminary version of maps expressions
  * [Project] Add preprocessed settings to the config structure
  * [Project] Add simple forward propagation function
  * [Project] Add small helpers for migration simplifications
  * [Project] Allow to replace body in milter
  * [Project] Bundle libev
  * [Project] First refactoring step libevent->libev
  * [Project] Implement syntax highlighting for Lua
  * [Project] Lua_magic: Adopt lua_magic stuff in mime_types
  * [Project] Remove libfann, gd and other unsupported stuff
  * [Project] Remove torch
  * [Project] Rework upstreams
  * [Rework] Allow execution of async events when hs compiles regexps
  * [Rework] Bayes expiry: eliminate `default` expiration mode
  * [Rework] Dkim: Remove signing code
  * [Rework] Dkim_signing: Move sign condition to dkim_signing
  * [Rework] Do not lowercase all data send to ClickHouse
  * [Rework] Drop url tags
  * [Rework] Eliminate lua_squeeze as it has shown no improvements
  * [Rework] Eliminate virtual scan time as it is useless
  * [Rework] Lua core: Use lightuserdata to index classes
  * [Rework] Lua_util: Another rework for extract_specific_urls
  * [Rework] Migrate from ip_score to reputation
  * [Rework] Move mime modification functions to lua_mime library
  * [Rework] Rbl: Major whitelisting logic rework
  * [Rework] Remove deprecated plugins
  * [Rework] Remove log helper worker
  * [Rework] Remove rspamd.classifiers.lua
  * [Rework] Rename filter.h to a more sane name
  * [Rework] Reorganise selectors implementation
  * [Rework] Replace linenoise with replxx
  * [Rework] Reputation: Remove ipnet from the ip reputation
  * [Rework] Reputation: Slashing - change name of symbols
  * [Rework] Rework children operations
  * [Rework] Rework config reload
  * [Rework] Rework expression API
  * [Rework] Rework image urls processing
  * [Rework] Rework initialisation to reduce static leaks count
  * [Rework] Rework request headers processing
  * [Rework] Slashing: Change versioning schema - move to 2.0
  * [Rework] Slashing: Turn off postfilters when passthrough result is set
  * [Rework] Start moving to replxx
  * [Rework] Stop support of signed HTTP maps to simplify code
  * [Rework] Store ASN as UInt32 in ClickHouse
  * [Rework] Url_redirector: Rewrite plugin
  * [Rework] Use a dedicated library for autolearn
  * [Rework] Use libsodium instead of hand crafted crypto implementations
  * [Rework] Use opaque structure to store a table of mime headers
  * [Rules] Add dedicated bitcoin addresses filter rule
  * [Rules] Add more detection to LEAKED_PASSWORD_SCAM
  * [Rules] Catch LTC addresses
  * [Rules] Reduce weight of RSPAMD_EMAILBL
  * [Rules] Rework LEAKED_PASSWORD_SCAM rule one more time
   2019-11-02 17:25:29 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (112)
Log message:
mail: align variable assignments

pkglint -Wall -F --only aligned -r

No manual corrections.