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R-fansi (V) ANSI control sequence aware string functions
R-fitdistrplus (V) Fit a Parametric Distribution to Non-Censored or Censored Data
R-forcats Tools for working with categorical variables (factors)
R-foreach (V) Foreach looping construct for R
R-forecast Forecasting functions for time series and linear models
R-fracdiff Fractionally differenced ARIMA aka ARFIMA(p,d,q) models
R-fs (V) Cross-platform file system operations based on 'libuv'
R-gdata Various R programming tools for data manipulation
R-genetics Classes and methods for handling genetic data
R-geoR Analysis of geostatistical data
R-geoRglm Package for generalised linear spatial models
R-getopt (V) C-Like 'getopt' Behavior
R-ggExtra (V) Add marginal histograms to 'ggplot2', and more 'ggplot2' enhancements
R-ggplot2 (V) Create elegant data visualisations using the grammar of graphics
R-ggtern (V) Extension to 'ggplot2', for the creation of ternary diagrams
R-gh (V) GitHub API
R-git2r (V) Provides access to Git repositories
R-glue (V) Interpreted string literals
R-gmp (V) Multiple Precision Arithmetic for R
R-graph (V) R package to handle graph data structures
R-gridExtra (V) Miscellaneous functions for grid graphics
R-gsl (V) R wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library
R-gss General smoothing splines
R-gstat Spatial and spatio-temporal geostatistical modelling, prediction and simulation
R-gsubfn (V) Utilities for strings and function arguments
R-gtable Arrange 'Grobs' in tables
R-gtools Various R programming tools
R-haven (V) Import and export 'SPSS', 'Stata' and 'SAS' files
R-hms (V) Pretty time of day
R-htmlTable (V) Advanced tables for Markdown/HTML
R-htmltools (V) Tools for HTML
R-htmlwidgets (V) HTML widgets for R
R-httpRequest Basic HTTP request
R-httpuv (V) HTTP and WebSocket server library
R-httr (V) Tools for working with URLs and HTTP
R-hwde Models and tests for departure from Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium
R-igraph Network analysis and visualization
R-ini (V) Read and write '.ini' files
R-inline (V) Functions to inline C, C++, Fortran function calls from R
R-intervals Tools for working with points and intervals
R-iterators (V) Provides iterator construct
R-jsonlite (V) Robust, high performance JSON parser and generator for R
R-labeling (V) Axis labeling
R-later (V) Utilities for delaying function execution
R-latex2exp (V) Use LaTeX expressions in plots
R-lazyeval (V) Lazy (non-standard) evaluation
R-lme4 Linear mixed-effects models using Eigen and S4
R-lmm Linear mixed models
R-lmtest Testing linear regression models
R-lsei (V) Solving Least Squares under Equality/Inequality Constraints
R-magrittr (V) Forward-pipe operator for R
R-mapproj Map projections
R-maps Draw geographical maps
R-maptools (V) Tools for handling spatial objects
R-mclust (V) Model-based clustering and normal mixture modeling
R-memoise (V) Memoisation of functions
R-miniUI (V) Shiny UI widgets for small screens
R-minqa Derivative-free optimization algorithms by quadratic approximation
R-mitools Tools for multiple imputation of missing data
R-moonsun Basic astronomical calculations with R
R-mpfr (V) Multiple Precision Floating Point Arithmetic for R
R-munsell (V) Utilities for using Munsell colours
R-mvtnorm Multivariate normal and t distributions
R-ncdf High-level R interface to Unidata's netCDF data files
R-nloptr R interface to NLopt
R-nortest Tests for normality
R-np (V) Nonparametric Kernel Smoothing Methods for Mixed Data Types
R-npsurv (V) Nonparametric Survival Analysis
R-numDeriv Accurate numerical derivatives
R-openssl (V) Toolkit for encryption, signatures and certificates based on OpenSSL
R-openxlsx (V) Read, write and edit XLSX files
R-optparse (V) Command Line Option Parser
R-pbdZMQ (V) Interface to ZeroMQ
R-pbkrtest Parametric bootstrap and Kenward Roger based methods for mixed model comparison
R-pillar (V) Coloured formatting for columns
R-pixmap Functions for manipulations of bitmaps with R
R-pkgbuild (V) Find tools needed to build R packages
R-pkgconfig (V) Private configuration for R packages
R-pkgload (V) Simulate package installation and attach
R-plogr (V) The 'plog' C++ logging library
R-plyr Tools for splitting, applying and combining data
R-png (V) Read and write PNG images
R-poweRlaw Analysis of heavy tailed distributions
R-praise (V) Praise users
R-prettyunits Pretty, human readable formatting of quantities
R-prob Elementary probability on finite sample spaces
R-processx (V) Execute and control system processes
R-progress (V) Terminal progress bars
R-promises (V) Abstractions for promise-based asynchronous programming
R-proto (V) Prototype object-based programming
R-ps (V) List, query, manipulate system processes
R-purrr (V) Functional programming tools
R-quadprog Functions to solve quadratic programming problems
R-quantmod (V) Quantitative financial modelling framework
R-quantreg Quantile regression
R-randomForest Breiman and Cutler's Random Forests for Classification and Regression
R-rcmdcheck (V) Run 'R CMD check' from 'R' and capture results
R-readr (V) Read rectangular text data
R-readstata13 (V) Import 'Stata' data files
R-readxl (V) Read Excel files