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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.47.0, Package name: py37-numba-0.47.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Numba is an Open Source NumPy-aware optimizing compiler for Python
sponsored by Continuum Analytics, Inc. It uses the
remarkable LLVM compiler infrastructure to compile Python syntax to
machine code.

It is aware of NumPy arrays as typed memory regions and so can speed-up
code using NumPy arrays. Other, less well-typed code will be translated
to Python C-API calls effectively removing the "interpreter" but not removing
the dynamic indirection.

Numba is also not a tracing JIT. It *compiles* your code before it gets
run either using run-time type information or type information you provide
in the decorator.

Numba is a mechanism for producing machine code from Python syntax and typed
data structures such as those that exist in NumPy.

Required to run:
[devel/py-setuptools] [math/py-numpy] [devel/py-llvmlite] [lang/python37]

Required to build:

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SHA1: ce163d458c9a7bded4993d6de9dbc6feb1a15380
RMD160: be1bb3d60153a154c6f6382400b2f6298dd968cf
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   2020-01-14 17:25:34 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numba: updated to 0.47.0

Version 0.47.0

This release expands the capability of Numba in a number of important areas and
is also significant as it is the last major point release with support for
Python 2 and Python 3.5 included. The next release (0.48.0) will be for Python
3.6+ only!  (This follows NumPy's deprecation schedule as specified in
`NEP 29 <https://numpy.org/neps/nep-0029-deprecation_policy.html>`_.)

Highlights of core feature changes include:

* Full support for Python 3.8 (Siu Kwan Lam)
* Opt-in bounds checking (Aaron Meurer)
* Support for ``map``, ``filter`` and ``reduce`` (Stuart Archibald)

Intel also kindly sponsored research and development that lead to some exciting
new features:

* Initial support for basic ``try``/``except`` use (Siu Kwan Lam)
* The ability to pass functions created from closures/lambdas as arguments
  (Stuart Archibald)
* ``sorted`` and ``list.sort()`` now accept the ``key`` argument (Stuart
  Archibald and Siu Kwan Lam)
* A new compiler pass triggered through the use of the function
  ``numba.literal_unroll`` which permits iteration over heterogeneous tuples
  and constant lists of constants. (Stuart Archibald)

Enhancements from user contributed PRs (with thanks!):

* Ankit Mahato added a reference to a new talk on Numba at PyCon India 2019
* Brian Wignall kindly fixed some spelling mistakes and typos
* Denis Smirnov wrote numerous methods to considerable enhance string support

  * ``str.rindex()``
  * ``str.isprintable()``
  * ``str.index()``
  * ``start/end`` parameters for ``str.find()``
  * ``str.isspace()``
  * ``str.isidentifier()``
  * ``str.rpartition()``
  * ``str.lower()`` and ``str.islower()``

* Elena Totmenina implemented both ``str.isalnum()``, ``str.isalpha()`` and
* Eric Larson fixed a bug in literal comparison
* Ethan Pronovost updated the ``np.arange`` implementation to allow
  the use of the ``dtype`` key word argument and also added ``bool``
  implementations for several types.
* Graham Markall fixed some issues with the CUDA target, namely:

  * Added physical limits for CC 7.0 / 7.5 to CUDA autotune
  * Fixed bugs in TestCudaWarpOperations
  * Improved errors / warnings for the CUDA vectorize decorator

* Guilherme Leobas fixed a typo in the ``urem`` implementation
* Isaac Virshup contributed a number of patches that fixed bugs, added support
  for more NumPy functions and enhanced Python feature support. These
  contributions included:

  * Allow array construction with mixed type shape tuples
  * Implementing ``np.lcm``
  * Implement np.gcd and math.gcd
  * Make slice constructor more similar to python.
  * Added support for slice.indices
  * Clarify numba ufunc supported features

* James Bourbeau fixed some issues with tooling, add ``setuptools`` as a
  dependency and add pre-commit hooks for ``flake8`` compliance.
* Leo Fang made ``numba.dummyarray.Array`` iterable
* Marc Garcia fixed the ``numba.jit`` parameter name signature_or_function
* Marcelo Duarte Trevisani patched the llvmlite requirement to ``>=0.30.0``
* Matt Cooper fixed a long standing CI problem by remove maxParallel
* Matti Picus fixed an issue with ``collections.abc``
  from Azure Pipelines.
* Rob Ennis patched a bug in ``np.interp`` ``float32`` handling
* VDimir fixed a bug in array transposition layouts and re-enabled and
  fixed some idle tests.
* Vyacheslav Smirnov Enable support for `str.istitle()``

General Enhancements:

* Bounds checking
* Add pre-commit hooks
* Handle kw args in inliner when callee is a function
* Permits closures to become functions, enables map(), filter()
* Implement method title() for unicode based on Cpython
* Enable support for istitle() method for unicode string
* Implement str.lower() and str.islower()
* Implement str.rfind()
* Refactor `overload*` and support `jit_options` and `inline`
* Added support for slice.indices
* Add `bool` overload for several types
* Allow array construction with mixed type shape tuples
* Python3.8 support
* Add parfor support for ndarray.fill.
* Update typeconv error message to ask for sys.executable.
* Update `np.arange` implementation with `@overload`
* Make slice constructor more similar to python.
* Implement np.gcd and math.gcd
* Add setuptools as a dependency
* put git hash into build string
* Better compiler error messages for improperly used reduction
* Typed list implement and expose allocation
* Typed list faster copy
* Implement str.isspace() based on CPython
* Implement str.isprintable() based on CPython
* Implement str.isidentifier() based on CPython
* Implement str.isalnum() based on CPython
* Implement str.isalpha() based on CPython
* Implement str.rpartition() based on CPython
* Implement str.isascii() based on CPython
* Add graphviz output for FunctionIR
* Python3.8 looplifting
* Implement str.expandtabs() based on CPython
* Implement str.index() based on CPython
* Implement str.rindex() based on CPython
* Support params start/end for str.find()
* Bump to llvmlite 0.31
* Specialise arange dtype on arch + python version.
* basic support for try except
* Implement np.lcm
* loop canonicalisation and type aware tuple unroller/loop body
  versioning passes
* Update hash(tuple) for Python 3.8.
* Implement sort/sorted with key.
* Add `is_internal` property to all Type classes.


* Update to LLVM8 memset/memcpy intrinsic
* Convert sub to add and div to mul when doing the reduction across
  the per-thread reduction array.
* Handle 0 correctly as slice parameter.
* Remove multiply defined variables from all blocks' equivalence sets.
* Fix pickling of dufunc
* BUG: Comparison for literal
* Change get_call_table to support intermediate Vars.
* Requires  llvmlite >=0.30.0
* prefer to import from collections.abc
* fix flake8 errors
* Fix and enable idle tests from test_array_manipulation
* Fix transpose output array layout
* Fix issue with SVML (and knock-on function resolution effects).
* Treat 0d arrays like scalars.
* fix missing incref on flags
* fix typos in numba/targets/base.py
* fix typos
* fix spelling in now-failing tests
* windowing test should check equality only up to double precision
* fix refining list by using extend on an iterator
* Fix return type in arange and zero step size handling.
* suppress spurious RuntimeWarning about ufunc sizes
* skip the xfail test for now.  Py3.8 CFG refactor seems to have
  changed the test case
* regex needs to accept singular form of "argument"
* fix typed list equals
* Fix some spelling typos
* np.interp bugfix for float32 handling
* fix creating list with JIT disabled
* fix creating dict with JIT disabled
* Better handling of prange with multiple reductions on the same
* Improve the error message for `raise <string>`.
* Move overload of literal_unroll to avoid circular dependency that
  breaks Python 2.7
* Fix test error on windows
* Fixes a bug in the relabelling logic in literal_unroll.
* Fix overload_method problem with stararg
* Add ind_to_const to enable fewer equivalence classes.
* Remove xfail for test which has since had underlying issue fixed.
* skip pycc test on Python 3.8 + macOS because of distutils issue
   2019-10-19 16:17:02 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numba: updated to 0.46.0

Version 0.46.0

This release significantly reworked one of the main parts of Numba, the compiler
pipeline, to make it more extensible and easier to use. The purpose of this was
to continue enhancing Numba's ability for use as a compiler toolkit. In a
similar vein, Numba now has an extension registration mechanism to allow other
Numba-using projects to automatically have their Numba JIT compilable functions
discovered. There were also a number of other related compiler toolkit
enhancement added along with some more NumPy features and a lot of bug fixes.

This release has updated the CUDA Array Interface specification to version 2,
which clarifies the `strides` attribute for C-contiguous arrays and specifies
the treatment for zero-size arrays. The implementation in Numba has been
changed and may affect downstream packages relying on the old behavior

General Enhancements:

* Add rewrite for semantic constants.
* Add np.cross support
* Make IR comparable and legalize it.
* R&D inlining, jitted and overloaded.
* Automatic JIT of called functions
* Inspection tool to check what numba supports
* Implement np.count_nonzero
* Unicode array support
* Entrypoints for numba extensions
* Literal dispatch
* Allow dtype input argument in np.sum
* New compiler.
* add support for np.append
* Refactor NRT C-API
* 0.46 scheduled deprecations
* Add env var to disable performance warnings.
* add np.array_equal support
* Implement numba.cross2d
* Add triangular indices functions
* Enable support for count() method for unicode string


* Fix inplace operator error for arrays
* Detect and raise unsupported on generator expressions
* Don't allow the allocation of mutable objects written into a
  container to be hoisted.
* Avoid deprecated use of inspect.getargspec
*  Replace GC macro with function call
* Loosen up typed container casting checks
* Fix some coding lines at the top of some files (utf8 -> utf-8)
* Replace "import \*" with explicit imports in numba/types
* Fix incorrect alg in isupper for ascii strings.
* test using jitclass in typed-list
* Add allocation hoisting info to LICM section at diagnostic L4
* Offset search box to avoid wrapping on some pages with Safari.
* Replace all "except BaseException" with "except Exception".
* Restore the "free" conda channel for NumPy 1.10 support.
* Add lowering for constant bytes.
* Add exception chaining for better error context
* Name of type should not contain user facing description for debug.
* Limit the number of return types for recursive functions
* Fixed two module teardown races in py2.
* Fix and test numpy.random.random_sample(n) for np117
* NamedTuple - Raises an error on non-iterable elements
* Add a newline in patched errors
* Fix liveness for remove dead of parfors (and other IR extensions)
* Make List.__getitem__ accept unsigned parameters
* Raise specific error at typing time for iteration on >1D array.
* Fix static_getitem with Literal type as index
* Update to inliner cost model information.
* Use specific random number seed when generating arbitrary test data
* Adjust test timeouts
* Skip unicode array tests on ppc64le that trigger an LLVM bug
* Fix packaging issue due to missing numba/cext
* Fix issue 4520 due to storage model mismatch
* Updates for llvmlite 0.30.0

CUDA Enhancements/Fixes:

* cudasim mishandling recarray
* Replace use of `np.prod` with `functools.reduce` for computing size
  from shape
* Prevent taking the GIL in ForAll
* Just pass NULL for b2d_func for constant dynamic
* Update CUDA Array Interface & Enforce Numba compliance
* Implement math.{degrees, radians} for the CUDA target.
* Bump cuda array interface to version 2

Documentation Updates:

* Add docs for ARMv8/AArch64
* Add supported platforms to the docs.
* Add docstrings to inspect methods
* Update Python 2.7 EOL statement
* Add note about np.sum
* Minor parallel performance tips edits
* Clarify docs for typed dict with regard to arrays
* Fix example in guvectorize docstring.
* fix two typos in architecture.rst
* Document numba.extending.intrinsic and inlining.
* Fix typo in jit-compilation docs
* add dependency list to docs
* Add documentation for implementing new compiler passes.
   2019-08-06 22:00:42 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numba: updated to 0.45.1

Version 0.45.1
This patch release addresses some regressions reported in the 0.45.0 release and \ 
adds support for NumPy 1.17:

* accept scalar/0d-arrays
* Fix. Parfors reduction vars not deleted.
* Use process level locks for fork() only.
* Try to fix.
* Fix np1.17 isnan, isinf, isfinite ufuncs
* Fix np.interp for np1.17 nan handling
* Fix nump1.17 random function non-aliasing

Version 0.45.0
In this release, Numba gained an experimental numba.typed.List container as a \ 
future replacement of the reflected list. In addition, functions decorated with \ 
parallel=True can now be cached to reduce compilation overhead associated with \ 
the auto-parallelization.

Enhancements from user contributed PRs (with thanks!):

James Bourbeau added the Numba version to reportable error messages, added the \ 
signature parameter to inspect_types, improved the docstring of \ 
normalize_signatur, and fixed by adding reference counting to \ 
Guilherme Leobas implemented the dominator tree and dominance frontier algorithms
Nick White fixed the issue with round in the CUDA target.
Joshua Adelman added support for determining if a value is in a range (i.e. x in \ 
range(...)), and added windowing functions (np.bartlett, np.hamming, \ 
np.blackman, np.hanning, np.kaiser) from NumPy.
Lucio Fernandez-Arjona added support for np.select
Rob Ennis added support for np.flatnonzero
Keith Kraus extended the __cuda_array_interface__ with an optional mask attribute.
Gregory R. Lee replaced deprecated use of inspect.getargspec
   2019-06-21 10:07:47 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numba: updated to 0.44.1

Version 0.44.1
This patch release addresses some regressions reported in the 0.44.0 release:
- Fix 4164 issue with NUMBAPRO_NVVM.
- Abandon branch pruning if an arg name is redefined.
- Fix 4156. Problem with defining in-loop variables.
   2019-06-02 11:04:33 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numba: updated to 0.44.0

Version 0.44.0

IMPORTANT: In this release a few significant deprecations (and some less
significant ones) are being made, users are encouraged to read the related

General enhancements in this release include:
- Numba is backed by LLVM 8 on all platforms apart from ppc64le, which, due to
  bugs, remains on the LLVM 7.x series.
- Numba's dictionary support now includes type inference for keys and values.
- The .view() method now works for NumPy scalar types.
- Newly supported NumPy functions added: np.delete, np.nanquantile, np.quantile,
  np.repeat, np.shape.

In addition considerable effort has been made to fix some long standing bugs and
a large number of other bugs, the "Fixes" section is very large this time!

Enhancements from user contributed PRs (with thanks!):
- Max Bolingbroke added support for the selective use of fastmath flags in
- Rob Ennis made min() and max() work on iterables in 3820 and added
  np.quantile and np.nanquantile in 3899.
- Sergey Shalnov added numerous unicode string related features, zfill in 3978,
  ljust in 4001, rjust and center in 4044 and strip, lstrip and rstrip in
- Guilherme Leobas added support for np.delete in 3890
- Christoph Deil exposed the Numba CLI via python -m numba in 4066 and made
  numerous documentation fixes.
- Leo Schwarz wrote the bulk of the code for jitclass default constructor
  arguments in 3852.
- Nick White enhanced the CUDA backend to use min/max PTX instructions where
  possible in 4054.
- Lucio Fernandez-Arjona implemented the unicode string __mul__ function in
- Dimitri Vorona wrote the bulk of the code to implement getitem and setitem for
  jitclass in 3861.

General Enhancements:

* Min max on iterables
* Unicode type iteration
* Allow fine-grained control of fastmath flags to partially address 2923
* Add support for np.delete
* Support for np.quantile and np.nanquantile
* Fix 3457 :: Implements np.repeat
* Add .view() method for NumPy scalars
* Update icc_rt clone recipe.
* __mul__ for strings, initial implementation and tests
* Type-inferred dictionary
* Create a view for string slicing to avoid extra allocations
* zfill operation implementation
* ljust operation implementation
* Support dict() and {}
* Support for llvm 8
* Make type.Optional str more representative
* Deprecation warnings
* rjust and center operations implementation
* strip, lstrip and rstrip operations implementation
* Expose numba CLI via python -m numba
* Impl np.shape and support function for asarray.
* Deprecate the use of iternext_impl without RefType

CUDA Enhancements/Fixes:
* Adds .nbytes property to CUDA device array objects.
* Add .inspect_ptx() to cuda device function
* CUDA: Use min/max PTX Instructions
* Update env-vars for CUDA libraries lookup

Documentation Updates:
* Code repository map
* adding Joris' Fosdem 2019 presentation
* order talks on applications of Numba by date
* fix two small typos in vectorize docs
* Fixup jitclass docs
* mention preprint repo in FAQ. Fixes 3981
* Correct runtests command in contributing.rst
* fix typo
* Ambiguous Documentation fix for guvectorize.
* Remove remaining mentions of autojit in docs
* Fix annotate example in docstring
* Add FAQ entry explaining Numba project name
* Add Documentation for atomicity of typed.Dict
* Remove info about CUDA ENVVAR potential replacement

* Resolves issue 3528.  Adds support for slices when not using parallel=True.
* Remove dels for known dead vars.
* Fix mutable flag transmission in .astype
* Fix some minor issues in the C source.
* Correct boolean reinterpretation of data
* Comments out the appveyor badge
* fixes flake8 after merge
* Add assert to ir.py to help enforce correct structuring
* fix preparfor dtype transform for datetime64
* Prevent mutation of objmode fallback IR.
* Updates for llvmlite 0.29
* Use safe_load from pyyaml.
* Add tolerance to network errors by permitting conda to retry
* Fix casting in namedtuple ctor.
* Fix array inliner for multiple array definition.
* Cherrypick 3903 to main
* Raise better error if unsupported jump opcode found.
* Apply flake8 to the numpy related files
* Silence DeprecationWarning
* Better error message for unknown opcode
* Fix typing of ufuncs in parfor conversion
* Return variable renaming dict from inline_closurecall
* Fix bug in alignment computation of Record.make_c_struct
* Fix error with pickling unicode
* Unicode split algo versioning
* Add handler for unknown locale to numba -s
* Permit Optionals in ufunc machinery
* Remove assert in type inference causing poor error message.
* add is_ascii flag to UnicodeType
* Prevent zero division error in np.linalg.cond
* Resolves 4007.
* Add a more specific error message for invalid write to a global.
* Fix handling of titles in record dtype
* Do a check if a call is const before saying that an object is multiply defined.
* Fix issue 4020.  Turn off no_cpython_wrapper flag when compiling for…
* [WIP] Fixing wrong dtype of array inside reflected list 4028
* Change IPython cache dir name to numba_cache
* Delete examples/notebooks/LinearRegr.py
* Catch writes to global typed.Dict and raise.
* Check tuple length
* Fix missing incref on optional return None
* Make the warnings fixer flush work for warning comparing on type.
* Fix function definition finding logic for commented def
* Fix alignment check on 32-bit.
* Use PEP 508 compliant env markers for install deps
   2019-04-08 18:41:45 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numba: updated to 0.43.1

Version 0.43.1
This is a bugfix release that provides minor changes to fix: a bug in branch
pruning, bugs in `np.interp` functionality, and also fully accommodate the
NumPy 1.16 release series.

* NumPy 1.16 support
* Refactor np.interp
* Rewrite pruned conditionals as their evaluated constants.
   2019-03-27 17:15:14 by Jason Bacon | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
mathy/py-numba: Add PLIST.Linux to fix install on CentOS 7
   2019-03-14 14:04:17 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
py-numba: updated to 0.43.0

Version 0.43.0
In this release, the major new features are:
* Initial support for statically typed dictionaries
* Improvements to hash() to match Python 3 behavior
* Support for the heapq module
* Ability to pass C structs to Numba
* More NumPy functions: asarray, trapz, roll, ptp, extract