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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
aegis-devel (V) Infrastructure meta-package to develop on Aegis
aspell-dictionaries (V) meta-package for aspell spell checker dictionaries
boost Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
bulk-large Meta-package for a standard largish limited bulk build
bulk-medium Meta-package for a standard medium-sized limited bulk build
bulk-small Meta-package for a standard short limited bulk build
c++-gnome-bindings Meta-package for C++ bindings for the GNOME desktop
compiz-fusion Meta-package for compiz fusion
courier Meta-package for the Courier mail server suite
deforaos-desktop Meta-package for the DeforaOS Desktop environment
desktop-gnome Software stack for the NetBSD Desktop Project
emacs-packages (V) Meta-package for the GNU Emacs lisp packages
etoile (V) Desktop environment built on GNUstep
freetype (V) FreeType libraries and utilities
fxtv-capture Meta-package including all packages to capture video with bktr(4)
gimp-docs Documentation package for The GIMP image manipulation software
git (V) GIT version control suite meta-package
git-svn (V) Bidirectional operation between a Subversion repository and git
gnome Meta-package for the GNOME desktop
gnome-devtools Meta-package for utilities used for developing GNOME applications
gnome-mobile Meta-package for mobile support for the GNOME desktop
gnome-platform Meta-package for core platform libraries of the GNOME desktop
gnuradio Collection of GNU Radio (meta package, easy to install whole thing)
gnustep Meta-package for GNUstep
gstreamer-plugins (V) GStreamer plug-ins meta-pkg
gstreamer0.10-plugins Open-source multimedia framework (plug-in meta-package)
hunspell-dictionaries (V) meta-package for hunspell spell checker dictionaries
io-base (V) All base Io addons
ispell-dictionaries (V) meta-package for ispell spell checker dictionaries
ja-ptex (V) Meta-package for pTeX et al, supports Japanese language
kde3 meta-package for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kde4 meta-package for the KDE4 integrated X11 desktop
light-desktop (V) Fast and lightweight desktop
matchbox The Matchbox window manager environment
modular-xorg Modular Xorg meta-package
modular-xorg-apps Modular Xorg application meta-package
modular-xorg-drivers Modular Xorg driver meta-package
modular-xorg-fonts Modular Xorg font meta-package
modular-xorg-libs Modular Xorg library meta-package
modular-xorg-protos Modular Xorg application meta-package for prototypes
modular-xorg-utils Modular Xorg application meta-package for Xorg development utilities
mono-gnome-bindings Meta-package for Mono (C#) bindings for the GNOME desktop
mupen64 (V) Free Nintendo 64(TM) emulator for unix-like OS
netbsd-doc Meta-package including all packages to convert SGML->HTML
netbsd-doc-print Meta-package including all packages to convert SGML->PDF/PS
netbsd-www Packages required to build the web site
p5-gnome-bindings Meta-package for Perl bindings for the GNOME desktop
php54-extensions meta-package for the PHP 5.4 HTML-embedded scripting language
php55-extensions meta-package for the PHP 5.5 HTML-embedded scripting language
php56-extensions meta-package for the PHP 5.6 HTML-embedded scripting language
pkg_developer Meta-package for pkgsrc package development
pkgsrc-guide-tools Packages required to build the pkgsrc Guide
pulseaudio-tools Management tools for PulseAudio
py-gnome-bindings Meta-package for Python bindings for the GNOME desktop
ruby-gnome2 Set of Ruby language bindings for GNOME2
ruby-shoulda Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes
suse100 SUSE-based Linux binary emulation environment
suse121 SUSE-based Linux binary emulation environment
suse131 SUSE-based Linux binary emulation environment
web-server Provides some useful tools for a web server
windowmaker-desktop Provides a desktop based on the WindowMaker wm
xfce4 Xfce
xfce4-extras Xfce extras
xmms-skins (V) Skins for XMMS