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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.40.1nb6, Package name: calibre-3.40.1nb6, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

calibre is a ebook library management application. Its features are
divided into the following categories:

* Library Management
* Format conversion (all major ebook formats can be converted from)
* Syncing to ebook reader devices
* Fetching news from the web and converting it into ebook form
* Viewing many different ebook formats
* Giving you access to your book collection over the internet using
just a browser

Required to run:
[sysutils/desktop-file-utils] [sysutils/py-dbus] [textproc/py-html2text] [textproc/py-feedparser] [textproc/py-elementtree] [textproc/py-markdown] [textproc/icu] [print/poppler] [graphics/libwmf] [graphics/png] [databases/shared-mime-info] [fonts/fontconfig] [net/py-dns] [devel/chmlib] [devel/py-setuptools] [time/py-dateutil] [textproc/py-pygments] [databases/py-sqlite3] [devel/libmtp] [converters/py-chardet] [x11/py-sip] [sysutils/hal] [www/py-mechanize] [print/podofo] [security/py-crypto] [lang/python27] [devel/py-msgpack] [graphics/libwebp] [devel/libusb-compat] [www/py-beautifulsoup4] [net/py-netifaces] [sysutils/py-psutil] [graphics/py-Pillow] [x11/qt5-qtbase] [lang/py-six] [databases/py-apsw] [print/poppler-qt5] [lang/gcc49-libs] [x11/py-qt5] [textproc/py-regex] [textproc/py-html5-parser] [www/py-soupsieve] [textproc/py-css-parser]

Required to build:
[pkgtools/x11-links] [print/poppler-includes] [misc/xdg-utils] [x11/xcb-proto] [x11/fixesproto4] [sysutils/dbus-python-common] [lang/gcc49] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

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SHA1: 12cea0bed963dde2b58c9cdd4c3c25c735d6d15a
RMD160: 72bf801e4164dcebec22ba36162fe034c9edad54
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   2019-07-23 19:20:01 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (43)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for poppler 0.79
   2019-05-09 15:57:51 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (37) | Package updated
Log message:
Recursive revbump from print/poppler

Exclude print/luatex that is updated manually.
   2019-04-25 09:33:32 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (620)
Log message:
PKGREVISION bump for anything using python without a PYPKGPREFIX.

This is a semi-manual PKGREVISION bump.
   2019-04-03 02:33:20 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (748)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from textproc/icu
   2019-03-27 12:23:19 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (38)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for poppler 0.75 -> 0.74 downgrade
   2019-03-26 08:12:11 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (43)
Log message:
*: recursive bump for poppler-0.75
   2019-03-25 14:11:56 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
calibre: update to 3.40.1.

Add more dependencies. Probably still more to do in that regard.

- version: 3.40.1
  date: 2019-03-08

  new features:
    - title: "TXT Input: Use markdown 3.0 with support for new extensions \ 
such as code highlighting and smarten punctuation."

    - title: "Book details panel: Allow editing the identifiers for the \ 
book by right clicking on the existing Ids."
      tickets: [1815005]

    - title: "Content server: Allow specifying custom URLs for the 'Search \ 
the internet' feature via Preferences->Sharing over the net->Search the \ 
      tickets: [1810923]

    - title: "Tag browser: Category editor: Add a checkbox to restrict the \ 
entries shown to only those present in the current Virtual library"

    - title: "Allow adding files to selected book records from the \ 
clipboard. To use copy a file from windows explorer, right click the Add books \ 
button and choose: Add files to selected books from clipboard"
      tickets: [1815419]

    - title: "Tag browser: When right clicking on a saved search add a menu \ 
option to search using the raw search expression."
      tickets: [1816274]

    - title: "Tag browser: Have pressing the Enter key find the next \ 
      tickets: [1816276]

    - title: "Windows: Add a button to Preferences->Sharing over the net \ 
to set calibre to run when the computer starts"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Fix a regression in the previous release that broke Copy to \ 
library and delete after when copying a duplicated book."
      tickets: [1816224]

    - title: "Edit book: Fix pasting of image from clipboard using (Ctrl-V) \ 
not working"

    - title: "Content server: Fix {id} not working in the custom list \ 
      tickets: [1818308]

    - title: "EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix presets not saving title and format \ 
      tickets: [1818838]

    - title: "macOS: Respect the system setting for text insertion cursor \ 
blink time"

    - title: "FB2 Output: Fix comments from the input document not present \ 
in the output."
      tickets: [1815357]

    - title: "calibredb: Fix adding books with an OPF file to a remote \ 
server not picking up the cover specified in the OPF file"

    - title: "TXT Input: Fix option to remove indents at the start of lines \ 
breaking conversion of markdown documents."
      tickets: [1814989]

    - title: "EPUB/MOBI Catalog generation: Allow matching empty fields in \ 
exclusion rules."
      tickets: [1814458]

    - title: "EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix multiple books with the same title \ 
but different authors in a genre not being listed."
      tickets: [1415990]

    - title: "Update the Get Books and metadata Amazon.com plugins to \ 
handle changes to the markup on the Amazon results page"

    - title: "Version 3.40.1 fixes a bug in 3.40 that could prevent calibre \ 
starting when using a custom date column"

  improved recipes:
    - Scientific American
    - Taipei Times
    - Harpers Magazine
    - General Knowledge Today
    - Granma
    - South China Morning Post
    - New York Times (Web)
    - China Daily
    - "1843"
    - Pro Physik
    - Caravan Magazine
    - Spektrum der Wissenchaft

  new recipes:
    - title: Quanta Magazine
      author: lui1

    - title: El Periodico Mediterraneo
      author: benages

- version: 3.39.1
  date: 2019-02-01

  new features:
    - title: "Content server: Implement the \"Copy to library\" \ 
function. To use it click the three dots in the top right corner of a book's \ 
page and choose \"Copy to library\""
      tickets: [1810486]

    - title: "Content server: Add Next/Previous buttons to the book details \ 

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Content server: Fix editing metadata that affects multiple \ 
books causing all the metadata for all the books to become the same."
      tickets: [1812781]

    - title: "Open With: Fix using .bat files as the program not working."
      tickets: [1811045]

    - title: "ZIP Output: Fix an error when building the ToC on macOS for \ 
some books with non-ASCII ToC entries"
      tickets: [1813905]

    - title: "Edit book: Check book: Follow recent releases of epubcheck in \ 
expecting .ttf files to have the mime-type application/vnd.ms-opentype in EPUB 3 \ 

    - title: "Fix font mime-types not being auto-corrected when upgrading \ 
EPUBs from 2 to 3"

    - title: "Content server: Try to detect if a book file has been edited \ 
outside of calibre and serve the updated copy"

    - title: "Fix merging books not updating author if the source book has \ 
no title"

    - title: "Content server: Fix heading for custom comments columns being \ 
duplicated in the book details page"

    - title: "Fix editing of dates not working is the date format is set to \ 
      tickets: [1812560]

    - title: "Version 3.39.1 fixes a bug in 3.39.0 that broke copy to \ 
library for books that have saved conversion options"
      tickets: [1814279]

  improved recipes:
    - Spiegel Online
    - Il Post

  new recipes:
    - title: BSI News
      author: Volker Heggemann

    - title: Science Advances
      author: Jose Ortiz

- version: 3.38.1
  date: 2019-01-18

  new features:
    - title: "Tag browser: When using the Find function have unaccented \ 
characters match their accented equivalents, if the setting for it is set in \ 

    - title: "DOCX Input: When converting indices, put each sub-entry on \ 
its own line."
      tickets: [1811611]

    - title: "Edit book: Insert hyperlink: Add history for the template"

    - title: "Edit book: Insert hyperlink: Add a few more variables for the \ 

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Catalogs: Set the language of created catalogs to the calibre \ 
interface language instead of English"
      tickets: [1810936]

    - title: "DOCX Input: Do not display section breaks that have a \ 
numbering style applied to them."
      tickets: [1811611]

    - title: "Content server: Fix listening on :: not also listening on \ 
IPv4 interfaces on Windows"

    - title: "DOCX Output: Fix heading styles that have the same font size \ 
as body text getting incorrect font sizes after conversion."
      tickets: [1811616]

    - title: "EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix prefix rules not working when calibre \ 
UI language is something other than English"

    - title: "EPUB/MOBI Catalogs: Fix exclusion by tag not working for tags \ 
that have spaces in them"

    - title: "Subset fonts: Fix error when trying to subset unicode \ 
characters that require two UTF-16 code points on Windows."
      tickets: [1811224]

    - title: "Content server: Fix option to restrict displayed user field \ 
not working in the /opds view"

    - title: "Tag browser: Fix incorrect icon for user categories."
      tickets: [1810217]

    - title: "PDF Output: Fix conversion failing when fonts with \ 
non-English names are used."
      tickets: [1812218]

    - title: "3.38.1 fixes a typo in 3.38.0 that caused the Polish books \ 
function to not work when polishing small numbers of books"

  improved recipes:
    - Chicago Tribune
    - New York Times Book Review

  new recipes:
    - title: Nature
      author: Jose Ortiz

- version: 3.37.0
  date: 2019-01-04

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Switch from cssutils to css_parser for parsing CSS. Fixes \ 
various minor, long standing bugs"

    - title: "calibredb: Fix adding books from directories to a remote \ 
server running on Windows not working"

    - title: "Edit Book: Fix style attribute on <html> tags not being \ 
preserved when editing AZW3 files."
      tickets: [1810193]

    - title: "Get Books: Use an external browser for Google Books"
      tickets: [1810205]

    - title: "Saving to disk: Fix errors on Linux/macOS if the \ 
title/authors are long enough to make individual path components larger than 255 \ 
      tickets: [1807525]

    - title: "PDF Input: Fix non-breaking spaces represented as entities in \ 
the output of pdftohtml, which breaks some search/replace expressions"

    - title: "Edit book: Fix a crash when mousing over links in an instance \ 
of the editor launched standalone on macOS Mojave"
      tickets: [1805521]

    - title: "Conversion: When converting with font size rescaling \ 
disabled, convert font size names to rem unit rather than pt units."
      tickets: [1809671]

    - title: "Windows: When registering calibre programs as possible \ 
handlers for various file types, dont set the AllowSilentDefaultTakeOver \ 
registry key"

    - title: "macOS: PDF Output: Fix bold fonts not working on Mojave."
      tickets: [1799750]

    - title: "Content server: Fix strings with double quotes not being \ 

  improved recipes:
    - Il Post

- version: 3.36.0
  date: 2018-12-21

  new features:
    - title: "Happy Holidays to everyone!"

    - title: "Kobo driver: Add supported for newly released firmware \ 

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Kobo driver: Fix a regression in the last release that caused \ 
book title
to appear as Unknown if metadata management was set to manual in calibre."
      tickets: [1807914]

    - title: "PDF Output: Do not fail if one of the fonts from the source \ 
document has no name metadata"

  improved recipes:
    - Wall Street Journal
    - ESPN
    - Al Jazeera (English)

- version: 3.35.0
  date: 2018-12-07

  new features:
    - title: "Edit book: Insert hyperlink: Allow specifying a template to \ 
control the markup that is inserted for the hyperlink."
      tickets: [1804250]

    - title: "Metadata download: Add an option (in Preferences->Metadata \ 
download) to keep multiple results from individual metadata sources, useful if \ 
you prefer to pick the best result by hand and use only one or two metadata \ 
      tickets: [1802293]

    - title: "KoboTouch driver: Extend the metadata updated in the Kobo \ 
device database to all metadata displayed on the device. The update is only done \ 
for books already on the device. Needs to be enabled via \ 
Preferences->Plugins->Customize the KoboTouch device plugin."

  bug fixes:
    - title: "E-book viewer: Fix a regression that broke viewing of HTMLZ \ 
      tickets: [1691976]

    - title: "Edit book: Fix suggestions in completion popup not being \ 
      tickets: [1803985]

    - title: "Windows: Fix restarting calibre with system tray icon enabled \ 
causing duplicate defunct icons in the tray."
      tickets: [1803034]

  improved recipes:
    - Wired Magazine
    - Wall Street Journal
    - Telepolis
    - Yahoo News
    - Associated Press
    - Mother Jones

  new recipes:
    - title: Macrobusinness
      author: 2018robert

    - title: Sports Illustrated
      author: Kovid Goyal

    - title: Le Peuple Breton
      author: Lionel Plais

    - title: Mandiner
      author: pofa

- version: 3.34.0
  date: 2018-11-08

  new features:
    - title: "Support for the new Kindle Paperwhite 2018"
      tickets: [1802088]

    - title: "Metadata plugboards: Allow defining plugboards that modify \ 
comments metadata as well"

    - title: "E-book viewer: Add a keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+M) for toggling \ 
between paged and flow mode"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "EPUB Input: Handle invalid EPUB files that have their NCX \ 
documents in the spine."
      tickets: [1796497]

    - title: "EPUB3 Input: Handle EPUB 3 files that incorrectly use EPUB 2 \ 
markup to identify cover images."

    - title: "Content server: Fix --url-prefix feature not working with \ 
book conversion"

  improved recipes:
    - Business Standard
    - Washington Post
    - General Knowledge Today
    - How To Geek

  new recipes:
    - title: Arts and Letters Daily
      author: pjpaulpj

    - title: Magyar Idok
      author: pofa

- version: 3.33.1
  date: 2018-10-19

  new features:
    - title: "Driver for the new Kobo Forma"

    - title: "PDF Output: Add a new 'page number map' setting to easily \ 
modify page numbers as needed in headers/fotters and the generated inline table \ 
of contents."
      tickets: [1796902]

    - title: "Edit book: Insert image: remember size of displayed \ 
      tickets: [1795845]

    - title: "Edit book: Compress images losslessly: Remember the last used \ 
compression quality for jpeg compression."
      tickets: [1796950]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "CHM Input: Fix a regression in the previous release that \ 
broke processing of CHM files."
      tickets: [1796889]

    - title: "Fix clearing of metadata download author and tag map rules \ 
not working"

    - title: 'Fix notifications from calibre being displayed as \ 
"Others" on the GNOME desktop'

  improved recipes:
    - Ambito Financiero
    - Pagina 12
    - stuff.co.nz
    - The New Zealand Herald
    - Various Polish news sources

- version: 3.32.0
  date: 2018-09-28

  new features:
    - title: "Edit book: Insert image dialog: Add buttons to change the \ 
image thumbnail size."
      tickets: [1791428]

    - title: "Book details panel: Allow right clicking on a format to open \ 
it in the calibre editor"

    - title: "Edit metadata dialog: Allow viewing or editing specific \ 
formats by right clicking the format in the formats list"

    - title: "When creating a metadata jacket allow HTML in custom long \ 
text columns"

    - title: "Content server: When editing metadata add a button to remove \ 
the existing cover. Note that after removing the cover a auto-generated cover is \ 
displayed instead. You might need to hit refresh in your browser to see the \ 
      tickets: [1794123]

    - title: "Content server: Date edit: Add buttons to clear the date or \ 
set it to today's date"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "When showing books on the device, disable keyboard shortcuts \ 
for actions that operate on library books"

    - title: "Content server: Custom List: Fix a zero series index being \ 
displayed as one"

    - title: "Content server: Fix covers not being updated in downloaded \ 
copies of some books."
      tickets: [1699932]

    - title: "PDF Output: Fix an error that could occur in rare \ 
circumstances when using the option to read page margins from the input \ 
      tickets: [1792616]

    - title: "Edit book: Check book: Fix an error if a filename contains a \ 
% character"

    - title: "PDF Output: Fix CSS opacity property causing text to not be \ 
rendered.  Now opacity is ignored, as it is unsupported by Qt WebKit."
      tickets: [1792048]

    - title: "Create custom column dialog: Ensure that the format numbers \ 
field is always visible"

  improved recipes:
    - Washington Post

- version: 3.31.0
  date: 2018-09-07

  new features:
    - title: "Book list: Allow changing the font used for any column to \ 
bold and/or italic by right clicking on the column header and choosing 'Change \ 
font style'."
      description: "Note that this setting is per-library so it has to be \ 
done once for the book list in every calibre library."
      tickets: [1758434]

    - title: "fetch-ebook-metadata.exe: Allow specifying identifiers other \ 
than just ISBN"

    - title: "Amazon metadata download: Add support for Amazon Australia \ 
(can be configured via Preferences->Metadata download->customize the \ 
amazon metadata source)"

    - title: "Table of Contents Edit tool: When generating from XPath's add \ 
a checkbox to control if duplicate entries at the same level are added or \ 
      tickets: [1790761]

    - title: "Edit book: Allow disabling the popup to show changes after \ 
running the Fix HTML and Beautify all files tools."
      tickets: [1789540]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "DOCX Input: Fix figures in newer Word documents being \ 
      tickets: [1789238]

    - title: "Content server: Disable offline access if application cache \ 
is not available, rather than failing."
      tickets: [1737642]

    - title: "DOCX Output: Workaround for broken CSS that uses -o-pre-wrap \ 
for the white-space property"
      tickets: [1786410]

    - title: "Metadata download: Remove the option to lookup first edition \ 
dates as the service used to get the data no longer exists"

  improved recipes:
    - Howto Geek
    - Welt der Physik
    - Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung
    - Fortune Magazine

- version: 3.30.0
  date: 2018-08-24

  new features:
    - title: "ToC Editor: When generating ToCs using headings/XPath ignore \ 
duplicate entries at the same level that have the same text."
      tickets: [1735799]

    - title: "Windows: The default calibre library location is now not in \ 
My Documents but instead in the user home folder, to avoid issues with OneDrive \ 
auto-syncing calibre libraries"
      tickets: [1787488]

    - title: "Kobo driver: Support for new firmware version"

    - title: "Add a tweak (in Preferences->Tweaks) to allow skipping \ 
network check on news download"

    - title: "Edit metadata dialog: Show a confirmation dialog on cancel if \ 
some changes have been made."
      tickets: [1786544]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Downloaded metadata review dialog: Fix a regression in the \ 
last release that broke the revert buttons"

    - title: "E-book viewer: Fix clicking links in the footnote popup \ 
ignoring the anchor part of the link."
      tickets: [1786577]

    - title: "ToC editor: Fix generating toc entries from links not working \ 
for links that start with #"

    - title: "HTML Input: Collapse multiple spaces in filenames when \ 
sanitizing them."
      tickets: [1788187]

    - title: "Edit book: Remove matching tag: Fix incorrect removal if the \ 
remove matching function is triggered in rapid succession"

    - title: "Edit book: Fix some links in the file being split not being \ 
adjusted when splitting HTML files."
      tickets: [1787892]

    - title: 'Fix a crash when using some third party plugins and enabling the \ 
"two lines for text under icons" option'
      tickets: [1787700]

    - title: "Make the create catalog dialog freely resizable"
      tickets: [1787523]

    - title: "DOCX Input: Fix an error when converting some DOCX files with \ 
inherited fonts."
      tickets: [1786414]

- version: 3.29.0
  date: 2018-08-10

  new features:
    - title: "Add a option to draw a grid in the main book list \ 
(Preferences->Look & feel)"

    - title: "Edit book: Allow removing the currently highlighted tag \ 
(while keeping its contents) by pressing Ctrl+>. You can also add a tool to \ 
do it via Preferences->Toolbars"

    - title: "Content server: When defining a color scheme for the in \ 
browser viewer allow specifying the link color as well as the foreground and \ 
      tickets: [1735904]

    - title: "Edit book: Show a popup after a fix all HTML/Beautify all \ 
files so the user can easily see what was changed, if needed."
      tickets: [1785482]

    - title: "Kindle driver: Create cover thumbnails on the device when \ 
transferring KFX format books"

    - title: "Edit Book: Recognize numbers in image names in the 'Insert \ 
image' dialog"
      tickets: [1782981]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Content server: Display custom comments field on the book \ 
details page in the same order as in the calibre GUI"

    - title: "Edit book: Fix open image editors not being updated when \ 
image file is replaced"

    - title: "Fix keyboard shortcuts for Edit book tools created from \ 
plugins not working"

    - title: "PDF Output: Fix error when trying to convert books that do \ 
not specify a language in their metadata."
      tickets: [1783563]

    - title: "Browser viewer: Fix inability to open books that contain \ 
zero-byte stylesheets/images"

  improved recipes:
    - Boston Globe
    - Newsweek
    - Ambito and Ambito Financiero
    - New York Times
    - New England Journal of Medicine
    - The Hindu Business Line
    - Private Eye
    - Le Temps

- version: 3.28.0
  date: 2018-07-20

  new features:
    - title: "Allow creating rules to transform author names when adding \ 
books to calibre. Accessible via Preferences->Adding books->Adding \ 
      tickets: [1780152]

    - title: "Add a similar author mapper tool to manipulate author names \ 
in the existing library. Accessible via Preferences->Toolbars"

    - title: "Add a similar author mapper tool for metadata downloading, \ 
accessible via Preferences->Metadata download"

    - title: "Comments Editor: Add options to change the case of the \ 
selected text to the right click menu"
      tickets: [1780469]

    - title: "Edit book: When sorting non text files in the File list \ 
recognize numbers in the file names"
      tickets: [1781721]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "calibredb catalog: Recognize file extensions even when they \ 
are not lowercase"

  improved recipes:
    - Sunday Times Magazine UK
    - The Economist
    - The Houston Chronicle
    - El cohete a la luna
    - CBC Canada

  new recipes:
    - title: Il Post
      author: frafra

    - title: Bloomberg Columnists
      author: Dale Furrow

- version: 3.27.1
  date: 2018-07-06

  new features:
    - title: "Content server: Allow conversion of books"
      type: major
      description: "Click the convert icon in the top bar of the book \ 
details page to convert a book. Note that conversion only works for logged in \ 
users who have permission to make changes to the calibre library."

    - title: "Kobo driver: Add support for new firmware"

    - title: 'Bulk metadata edit dialog: Add an "edit tags" button for \ 
tags like custom columns.'
      tickets: [1779299]

    - title: "Add an option in Preferences->Look & feel to disable \ 
the new 'drag and drop to merge books feature'"

    - title: "E-book viewer: Add a shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+B) to toggle the \ 
bookmarks panel."
      tickets: [1780097]

    - title: "Edit book: Add a copy to clipboard button on the various \ 
report dialogs"

    - title: "Edit book: Add a shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Down) to edit the next \ 
file in the book spine."
      tickets: [1779616]

    - title: "calibre-smtp: Verify relay server TLS certificates by \ 
default. New option --dont-verify-server-certificate to restore old \ 

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Version 3.27.1 fixes a build error in 3.27.0 that caused \ 
calibre not to start on macOS older than High Sierra"

    - title: "Conversion: Fix a regression in the previous release that \ 
caused conversion of EPUB 3 to EPUB 3 to fail."
      tickets: [1779518]

    - title: "Fix detection of the Bookeen NolimbookXL on macOS and Linux"
      tickets: [1780302]

    - title: "Fix a regression that broke the fetching of annotations from \ 
Kobo and Kindle devices."

    - title: "DOCX Input: Fix failure to convert some DOCX files that use \ 
Symbol fonts."
      tickets: [1777390]

    - title: "When exporting very large libraries fix failures due to busy \ 
      tickets: [1779664]

    - title: "Fix commas not working in identifiers that are transformed to \ 
URLs via rules."
      tickets: [1779602]

    - title: "Review downloaded metadata: Fix cancel button on the confirm \ 
reject all dialog not working."
      tickets: [1779576]

    - title: 'Kindle Fire driver: Send books by default to the \ 
"kindle" folder instead of the "Books" folder to workaround \ 
a change in the Fire firmware that causes the Kindle to not recognize files in \ 
the Books folder.'

    - title: "Linux installer: Also fix the execute bits in the umask if \ 
the user runs the installer with a umask that prevents files from being world \ 

    - title: "Sort the entries in the show column menu alphabetically."
      tickets: [1778155]

  improved recipes:
    - Gosc Niedzielny
    - Cracked.com
    - Psychology Today
    - The Atlantic
    - LA Times
    - Handelsblatt
    - Newsweek

- version: 3.26.1
  date: 2018-06-15

  new features:
    - title: "Book list: Allow drag and drop of books onto other books to \ 
merge the book records."
      tickets: [1775123]

    - title: "Check Book: External link checker: Also check HTML anchors \ 
(the part after the # in the link). Can be turned off via a checkbox at the \ 
bottom of the link checker window."

    - title: "Edit Book: Preview panel: Show previews when editing SVG \ 

    - title: "Edit book: When downloading external resources, also convert \ 
data URLs into files."
      tickets: [1774945]

    - title: "E-book viewer: When the controls are hidden show the progress \ 
in the window title."
      tickets: [1776710]

    - title: "Library Quick switch menu: Highlight the previously switched \ 
from library in bold."
      tickets: [1775888]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "PDF Input: Fix a regression in 3.24 that caused conversion of \ 
PDF to be significantly worse."
      tickets: [1775984]

    - title: "E-book viewer: Fix very slow loading for HTML files with very \ 
many images on Linux."
      tickets: [1774884]

    - title: "Content server: Fix a regression in 3.14 that removed the \ 
separator between books in the detailed list view mode."
      tickets: [1776294]

    - title: "Edit book: Fix SVG files not being beautified by the Beautify \ 
all files tool"

    - title: "Edit book: Fix searching in selected files not searching SVG \ 

    - title: "Fix Tweaks help string not being displayed translated"

    - title: "Edit metadata dialog: Fix distorted rendering of some labels \ 
in the custom metadata tab in rare circumstances."
      tickets: [1766762]

    - title: "version 3.26.1 prevents dropping of a book onto itself from \ 
triggering the merge dialog, which should reduce accidental triggers"
      tickets: [1777054]

  improved recipes:
    - Slate
    - New York Times Book Review
    - The Independent UK
    - NYTimes Tech Beat
    - New York Times
    - Cracked.com

  new recipes:
    - title: El Cronista
      author: Darko Miletic

- version: 3.25.0
  date: 2018-06-01

  new features:
    - title: "Kobo driver: Support the new Clara HD"

    - title: "PDF Output: Add an option to use page margins from the input \ 
document, specified via @page CSS rules."
      description: "Allows individual HTML files in the input document to \ 
have different page margins in the output PDF."
      tickets: [1773319]

  bug fixes:
    - title: 'Fix option to "show text under buttons only if there is \ 
enough space" not working well with the option to use "two lines for \ 
the text under the buttons".'
      tickets: [1773426]

    - title: "Update notification: When both calibre and plugin updates are \ 
available and the user updates only the plugins, fix the restart calibre button \ 
not working."
      tickets: [1774059]

    - title: "E-book viewer: Fix printing of comics (cbz/cbr files) not \ 
      tickets: [1774163]

    - title: "EPUB3 Input: Fix Table of Contents not being recognized for \ 
some EPUB 3 books that placed their nav document in-side a sub-folder."
      tickets: [1773627]

  improved recipes:
    - Associated Press

- version: 3.24.2
  date: 2018-05-25

  new features:
    - title: "Conversion: EPUB Output: Add an option to output EPUB 3 \ 
      type: major

    - title: "PDF Output: Add an option to break long words at the ends of \ 
      tickets: [1773111]

    - title: "PDF Output: Allow using images in the header/footer \ 

    - title: "Add an option to use two lines for the text under the toolbar \ 
button in Preferences->Look & feel"

    - title: "Edit book: Spell check: Update the number of misspelled \ 
words/total words displayed when correcting/ignoring words."
      tickets: [1772276]

    - title: "Edit book: Fix HTML: Automatically resolve private entities"
      tickets: [1772157]

    - title: "Improve formatting of help in Preferences->Tweaks"

    - title: "ToC Editor: Allow undo for renaming single items as well."
      tickets: [1769442]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Version 3.24.2 fixes a bug in the new EPUB 3 output \ 
functionality that prevented conversion of non-EPUB 3 books to EPUB 3"

    - title: "Version 3.24.1 fixes a regression in the 3.24 in the editor \ 
that caused syncing between the editor and the Preview panel/Live CSS panel to \ 
not work correctly"

    - title: "PDF Output: Strip zero-width space characters from the text \ 
as their presence prevents searching from working"

    - title: "DOCX Output: Fix <pre> tags not being converted \ 
      tickets: [1772219]

    - title: "DOCX Input: Fix incorrect conversion of a framed block that \ 
contains a list."
      tickets: [1771279]

    - title: "Conversion: Fix private entities that use the same name as an \ 
HTML entity not being handled correctly"
      tickets: [1772157]

    - title: "Viewer: Fix HTML files with private entities displaying an \ 
artifact at the top"
      tickets: [1772157]

    - title: "Edit book: Check book: Show an error for HTML files with \ 
private entities"
      tickets: [1772157]

    - title: "EPUB3 Input: Fix titlepage being referred to in the nav \ 
causing two titlepage entries in the final book."

    - title: "Fix throbber buttons not being perfectly aligned inside \ 

    - title: "Quickview: Fix sizes not being displayed."
      tickets: [1772151]

    - title: "Edit book: Compress images tool: Do not mark the book as \ 
changed if no images could be further compressed."

    - title: "Book list split-view: Fix horizontal scroll position of split \ 
view can change when changing the current column in one view."

    - title: "Fix Bookeen Saga not being recognized on macOS/Linux."
      tickets: [1769681]

    - title: "Edit metadata dialog: Fix undo last trim not working for \ 
automatic trims."
      tickets: [1769606]

    - title: "Content server: Fix series field blank in Italian \ 

    - title: "BeautifulSoup: Port fix from upstream for outputting bare \ 
ampersands in strings."
      tickets: [1769481]

    - title: "calibredb add: Run the input plugins before reading metadata \ 
instead of after."

  improved recipes:
    - The New York Times Book Review
    - New York Times
    - Le Devoir

  new recipes:
    - title: The Federalist
      author: Kovid Goyal

- version: 3.23.0
  date: 2018-05-04

  new features:
    - title: "Kobo driver: Add support for new firmware"
      tickets: [1767589]

    - title: "Book polishing: Add an option to upgrade EPUB 2 to EPUB 3"

    - title: "DOCX Input: Convert text written with dingbat fonts such as \ 
Wingding or Symbol correctly."

    - title: "When choosing the page to use as a cover from a PDF file, add \ 
a button to render more pages, if needed"

    - title: "TXT Input: Add support for embedded images that use relative \ 
URLs when converting markdown or textile. Note that this will only work if you \ 
are converting using the ebook-convert command line tool as the main calibre \ 
program moves files around, so relative references will not be valid."

    - title: "Edit book: Insert special character: Add an option to select \ 
if searching should match all words or any of the words"

    - title: 'Edit book: Insert special character: When searching by name match \ 
prefixes in addition to whole words. So you can now type "horiz" to \ 
match "horizontal".'

    - title: "Linux installer: Simplify the command used to install calibre \ 
and add support for Ubuntu 18.04 which is missing a default python \ 

    - title: "When upgrading EPUB 2 to EPUB 3 add the 'epub' namespace to \ 
all HTML files, for convenience."
      tickets: [1765944]

    - title: "Kobo driver: Add an option to not maintain bookmarks/read \ 
status/etc. when resending a book already on the device."

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Edit Book: Fix an error caused by a landmark entry in EPUB 3 \ 
files that has an <a> tag without an href attribute."

    - title: "Edit Book: Fix names for some control characters not being \ 
displayed in the status bar"

    - title: "Searching: Fix A (B) not being treated as A AND (B)"

    - title: "DOCX Input: Ignore complex script font styles. Fixes \ 
conversion of documents that specify only complex script styles and no simple \ 
script styles."
      tickets: [1766650]

    - title: "When updating EPUB 2 to EPUB 3 ensure only a single dc:date \ 
element is present in the OPF"

- version: 3.22.1
  date: 2018-04-19

  new features:
    - title: "Edit book: Add a tool to upgrade books from EPUB 2 to EPUB 3 \ 
(Tools->Upgrade book internals)"
      description: "Automatically upgrades metadata, converts the NCX table \ 
of contents and adds required manifest annotations"
      type: major

    - title: "Add support for the FBZ format (zipped FB2)"
      tickets: [1762634]

    - title: "Kindle driver: Change the height of generated thumbnails to \ 
500px, needed for the Oasis 2017"

    - title: "Edit book: When bulk renaming files add an option to rename \ 
by the order in which the files appear in the book."

    - title: "Polishing: Recognize titlepages that are marked as covers in \ 
the EPUB 3 landmarks section"

    - title: "Edit Book: Automatically updated the modified timestamp in \ 
the OPF when saving EPUB 3 books."

    - title: "Remove the ISBNDB metadata plugin as ISBNDB no longer allows \ 
free lookups."
      tickets: [1761906]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "EPUB 3 metadata: If the book defines more than one author \ 
sort value for an author use the first instead of the last"

    - title: "Check Book: Dont warn for nav document not in spine in EPUB 3 \ 

    - title: "Linux installer: Fix umask question not working with the \ 
recommended install command because stdin is a pipe"

    - title: "Browser viewer: Show an error message when trying to use the \ 
Sync function without being logged in"

    - title: "When setting cover from a PDF file and the user clicks \ 
cancel, do not delete the existing cover"

  improved recipes:
    - Globe & Mail
    - National Geographic
    - Slate
    - GoComics
    - Oregonian

  new recipes:
    - title: "Le Monde: subscriber paper edition"
      author: Remi Vanicat

- version: 3.21.0
  date: 2018-04-06

  new features:
    - title: "Browser viewer: Allow showing the time left in the current \ 
chapter/book in the header and footer areas of the book."
      description: "To use go to the preferences of the browser viewer and \ 
customize the headers and footers to display the time left. Note that time left \ 
in chapter only works correctly if chapters are in separate HTML files in the \ 

    - title: "Manage tags dialog: Searching now shows all matching tags and \ 
there is an undo button to undo changes."
      tickets: [1743896]

    - title: "Add an output profile for the Kindle Oasis 2017"
      tickets: [1759434]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Content server: Fix adding/deleting books and editing \ 
metadata not updating the main calibre book list automatically."
      tickets: [1761017]

    - title: "Viewer: When doing a dictionary lookup, remove soft hyphens \ 
from the word, if any are present."
      tickets: [1760292]

    - title: "Edit metadata dialog: Fix tab order for buttons to the left \ 
of the title and author"

    - title: "Trim cover dialog: Remove the redundant Trim & OK button, \ 
instead have the OK button trim automatically if there is a selection."
      tickets: [1759671]

    - title: "Update Amazon metadata plugin for a website change"

    - title: "Content server: Fix translations not being updated without \ 
clearing the browser cache"

    - title: "Content server: Fix switching from translations to no \ 
translations not working"

    - title: "Content server: When updating interface data do not transmit \ 
translations if they have not been changed. Saves ~30-60KB bandwidth when using \ 
non-English interface language."

  improved recipes:
    - The Atlantic
    - Fortune Magazine
    - Telegraph UK
    - Hot Air
    - Reader's Digest
    - The Economist

- version: 3.20.0
  date: 2018-03-23

  new features:
    - title: "Content server: Allow editing the metadata of books from the \ 
book details page"
      type: major
      description: "On the book details page, you can now edit any metadata \ 
and change covers by clicking the edit metadata icon in the right area of the \ 
top bar. Note that only users that have write permissions for the library can \ 
edit metadata."

    - title: "Kobo driver: Recognize Kobo Aura 2 with new firmware \ 

  bug fixes:
    - title: 'When reading metadata from HTML also recognize <meta \ 
name="dc.description"> as being comments'

  improved recipes:
    - Danas
    - Al monitor
    - Folha de Sao Paolo
    - New York Times
    - Wirtschaft's Woche

- version: 3.19.0
  date: 2018-03-09

  new features:
    - title: "Driver for the new PocketBook 740"

    - title: "Allow using relative URLs in comments type metadata. The \ 
relative URLs are interpreted relative to the book folder in the calibre \ 

    - title: "Edit book: Reports: Do not show characters from the HTML \ 
markup in the characters report."
      tickets: [1753788]

    - title: "Allow adding the Virtual library button to any toolbar/menu \ 
via Preferences->Toolbars & menus"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Server: Fix server becoming unresponsive if a client sends \ 
invalid SSL data at exactly the right moment"

    - title: "Conversion heuristics: Make unwrapping recognize Georgian \ 
letters as well."
      tickets: [1753533]

    - title: "Make de-serialization of stored conversion options safe \ 
against maliciously crafted input"
      tickets: [1753870]

    - title: "E-book viewer: Change the file format used to import/export \ 
bookmarks to use JSON. This prevents malicious bookmarks files from causing code \ 
      tickets: [1753870]

    - title: "Make the history completion for the search and replace edit \ 
box case-sensitive."
      tickets: [1752447]

    - title: "PDF Output: When the input document contains multiple anchors \ 
with the same value, use the first anchor rather than the last. This follows \ 
browser behavior."
      tickets: [1752825]

    - title: "FB2 Input: Add <div> to <blockquote> content to \ 
silence the useless epubcheck"
      tickets: [1752141]

  improved recipes:
    - WirtschaftsWoche Online
    - Spektrum der Wissenschaft

  new recipes:
    - title: Granta
      author: Gary Arnold

- version: 3.18.0
  date: 2018-02-23

  new features:
    - title: "Browser viewer: Allow long tapping a word to look it up in a \ 
dictionary or search the internet for it."
      tickets: [1738995]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Conversion: Handle the deprecated type attribute on \ 
<ol> tags."
      tickets: [1751148]

    - title: "Fix metadata download from amazon stopped working because of \ 
a website change"

    - title: "Fix re-ordering of columns causing split book splitter state \ 
not being restored on restart"

    - title: "Fix errors when using strftime with unicode strings on \ 
non-utf-8 windows systems."
      tickets: [1749219]

    - title: "Split book view: Fix vertical scroll position of the two \ 
views getting out of sync after doing some searches."
      tickets: [1748739]

    - title: "Fix some edit widget appearing in the wrong place when \ 
editing in the right hand panel of the new split book list."
      tickets: [1748713]

    - title: "Portable build: Fix cache directory not always being \ 
      tickets: [1747887]

    - title: "Workaround for Qt 5.10 on Linux resetting the global font, \ 
preventing custom interface font settings from working"

  improved recipes:
    - New York Times
    - The Economist
    - Gosc
    - Various Uruguayan recipes

- version: 3.17.0
  date: 2018-02-09

  new features:
    - title: "Allow splitting the book list, by right clicking on the \ 
column headers and choosing 'Split the book list'"
      type: major
      description: "This is useful to 'lock' one or more columns in place \ 
so that they are always visible even when scrolling through other columns. Also, \ 
the split list has a separate right click menu which you can configure via \ 
Preferences->Toolbars and menus"

    - title: "Store temporary files used by the editor and viewer in the \ 
cache directory to try to prevent errors caused by 'file cleaner' programs \ 
deleting temporary files still in use"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "EPUB3 Input: Fix HTML covers and titlepages that are marked \ 
using the deprecated <guide> element not being recognized."
      tickets: [1746794]

    - title: "Bulk metadata edit: Fix regression in 3.13 that made it \ 
impossible to use the Force numbering checkbox for custom series"

    - title: "Conversion: Fix the valign attribute on <td> tags not \ 
being honored"

    - title: "E-book viewer: Fix the 'Copy' keyboard shortcut/context menu \ 
action not working on some Windows systems"
      tickets: [1477696]

    - title: "E-book viewer: Make the semi-transparent background for \ 
viewing metadata a little more opaque."
      tickets: [1745812]

  improved recipes:
    - New York Times
    - Le Devoir
    - New Statesman
    - London Review of Books
    - New York Post
    - LWN Weekly
    - Associated Press

  new recipes:
    - title: Computing
      author: Darko Miletic

- version: 3.16.0
  date: 2018-01-26

  new features:
    - title: "Content server: Allow adding and deleting of books using the \ 
web interface"
      type: major
      description: "Use the + icon in the top bar of the book list to add \ 
new books and the trash icon in the top bar of the book details page to a delete \ 
a book. Note that only authenticated users are allowed to perform these actions, \ 
so you have to setup user accounts for the server to use these features."

    - title: "Allow removing the close button from tabs in the Virtual \ 
library tab bar. Right click the tab bar and choose 'Lock tabs' to do \ 

    - title: "calibredb export: Add --progress option"

    - title: "Bulk metadata editing: Show progress bars to track progress \ 
of the operation"

    - title: "Content server: When downloading books from the server send \ 
both the ASCII and full Unicode file names. Browsers that support RFC 6266 can \ 
make use of the unicode file name."

    - title: "Content server: Show a warning popup on Apple devices when \ 
the user tries to search with an expression containing smart quotes, since Apple \ 
devices now automatically replace quotes with smart quotes when typing."

  bug fixes:
    - title: "DOCX Output: Fix links without anchors in the input document \ 
not being converted correctly."
      tickets: [1741098]

    - title: "calibredb: Fix a regression that broke reading of passwords \ 
from stdin"

    - title: "Edit book: Fix an error when saving files with filenames that \ 
cannot be encoded using the system codepage on Windows"

    - title: "Pasting metadata: Fix excluding title and authors not \ 

  improved recipes:
    - The Galaxy's Edge
    - Orange County Register
    - Danas

  new recipes:
    - title: Revista Veintitres
      author: Darko Miletic

    - title: Cronica
      author: Darko Miletic

- version: 3.15.0
  date: 2018-01-05

  new features:
    - title: "Browser viewer: Allow customizing what information is \ 
displayed in the header and footer areas. Access Preferences from the viewer \ 
controls to change."

    - title: "Add support for MTP devices on FreeBSD"

    - title: "ToC editor: Add more case changing operations to the right \ 
click menu"

    - title: "Content server: Redirect pre 2.x book URLs to new 3.x URLs \ 
via a JavaScript redirect"

    - title: "Content server: Allow opening entries in the book list in a \ 
new tab via middle click/right click"

    - title: "Add a tweak in Preferences->Tweaks to exclude some fields \ 
when using the Edit metadata->Copy/paste actions"

    - title: "Linux: Allow using calibre-tray.png in the calibre resources \ 
folder to override the system tray icon."
      tickets: [1738518]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Browser viewer: Fix goto next/previous section actions not \ 
working when the sections are in different individual HTML files."
      tickets: [1740333]

    - title: "Edit book/Book polishing: When compressing images and the \ 
compressed image is larger thant he original, use the original image."
      tickets: [1741063]

    - title: "PDF input: Fix conversion of multi-level PDF Outline causing \ 
duplicate entries in the Table of Contents."
      tickets: [1738385]

    - title: "Edit book: Fix incorrect EPUB 3 declarations being added to \ 
the OPF file when adding covers to an EPUB 2 book"

    - title: "Edit book: Fix backspace key un-indenting instead of deleting \ 
even when text is selected if the cursor is at the start of the line"

    - title: "Tag browser: Fix position not being preserved when deleting \ 
      tickets: [1740387]

    - title: "Edit Book: Use the cache directory rather than the temp \ 
directory to store working files. Hopefully prevents temp file cleaners from \ 
destroying books."
      tickets: [1740460]

    - title: "EPUB input: Handle books that erroneously set the mimetype \ 
for font files to text/plain"

    - title: "AZW3 input: Do not fail to process files with invalid \ 
internal flow references."
      tickets: [1740140]

    - title: "When updating plugins, do not show the dialog asking which \ 
toolbar to put the plugin, even if the user has removed the plugin for all \ 

    - title: "Content server: Fix using the Clear logs button preventing \ 
the server from restarting until calibre itself is restarted."
      tickets: [1738433]

  improved recipes:
    - LA Times
    - Popular Science
    - Nikkei News

- version: 3.14.0
  date: 2017-12-15

  new features:
    - title: "User manual: A new quick reference primer for regular \ 
expression syntax \ 
https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/regexp … html"

    - title: "Content server: Allow viewing the book metadata while reading \ 
a book. In the viewer controls, tap Goto and then Metadata to see the \ 
      tickets: [1736312]

    - title: "Kobo driver: Add support for new firmware"

    - title: "Bulk metadata edit: Allow choosing the algorithm used for \ 
changing the case of titles"

    - title: "Get books: The koobe.pl store plugin has now become the Swiat \ 
Ebookow store plugin"

    - title: "Allow Copy/paste of book metadata from the main book list. \ 
Right click the Edit metadata button to access these actions."

    - title: "Allow disabling the confirmation popup when opening the \ 
containing folder of many books at once."
      tickets: [1735862]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Nook driver: Fix books sent via calibre not appearing under \ 
My Files on the Glowlight 3 Plus"

    - title: "Get Books: Update Mills & Boon, publio, empik, legimi, \ 
woblink and beam-ebooks.de plugins for website changes"

    - title: "Book polishing: Do not scan book for font usage when \ 
subsetting if no embedded fonts are available."
      tickets: [1737400]

    - title: "Content server: Open links in the comments section from the \ 
book details page in new windows."
      tickets: [1737644]

    - title: "Choose English as the User interface language when a locale \ 
related environment variable is set to the C locale"

    - title: "Linux installer: A nicer error message if the user tries to \ 
run the installer on an ARM machine"

  improved recipes:
    - Boston Globe
    - The Times
    - Economist

  new recipes:
    - title: El Cohete a la luna
      author: Darko Miletic

- version: 3.13.0
  date: 2017-12-01

  new features:
    - title: "Driver for the new Bq Cervantes 4"

    - title: "Edit book: Auto-generate links to existing stylesheets when \ 
adding a new HTML file."
      tickets: [1733845]

    - title: "Add a button to easily clear server logs in \ 
Preferences->Sharing over the net->Show server logs."
      tickets: [1730046]

    - title: "Catalog generation: Store the list of fields to be used in \ 
generating CSV/XML catalogs per library."
      tickets: [1730500]

    - title: "Bulk metadata edit: Make the custom series controls similar \ 
to the builtin series ones, with the same set of features"

    - title: "Edit book: Pre-select existing cover image (if any) in add \ 
cover dialog"

    - title: "Make the Manage saved searches dialog a little easier for new \ 
      tickets: [1733163]

    - title: "Add a tweak to control behavior of Enter on the book list"

    - title: "Content server: Fix random book button on book details page \ 
      tickets: [1732493]

    - title: "Edit Book: Bulk file rename dialog: Remember last used prefix \ 
for renaming files"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Tag browser: Fix use of the tweak to control order of items \ 
in the Tag browser causing unexpected expansion of items after editing \ 
      tickets: [1730245]

    - title: "Content server: Improve rendering of tags/categories with \ 
long words on small screens."
      tickets: [1734119]

    - title: "Fix first added saved search not appearing in Tag browser \ 
until calibre restart."
      tickets: [1733151]

    - title: "When checking added books for duplicates, also check on the \ 
language field. So books with the same title/authors but different languages are \ 
not considered duplicates."

    - title: "Edit Book: Spell check should not fail if there are non-HTML \ 
files in the spine"

    - title: "Conversion: Fix an error when using the embed_all_fonts \ 
option with certain books"

    - title: "Save to disk: Dont error out if the user deletes all formats \ 
to be saved."

    - title: "Linux binary: Fix calibre not starting on systems where \ 
QT_QPA_PLATFORM is set to use wayland"

  improved recipes:
    - The Economist
    - The Walrun Magazine
    - China Daily
    - Telepolis

  new recipes:
    - title: Various Russian news source
      author: bugmen00t

- version: 3.12.0
  date: 2017-11-09

  new features:
    - title: "Driver for the new Nook Glowlight 3"
      tickets: [1731024]

    - title: "Allow configuring the metadata fields displayed in the pop-up \ 
Book details window. To configure, simply click the 'Configure' link at the \ 
bottom of the window."

    - title: "Wireless driver: Allow specifying extra file formats (unknown \ 
to calibre) to send"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Fix a regression that caused clicking the clear button in the \ 
main search bar to not unapply the current search until enter is pressed."

    - title: "Linux: Fix a regression causing calibre to fail to start on \ 
systems with no DBUS session bus"

    - title: "Browser viewer: Fix body font being forced to sans-serif, \ 
overriding in book and user stylesheet settings"

    - title: "Fix sending email failing of the computer's FQDN is set to a \ 
single period."
      tickets: [1730166]

  improved recipes:
    - New Yorker
    - Geopolityka

- version: 3.11.1
  date: 2017-11-02

  new features:
    - title: "Kindle driver: Add support for the new Kindle Oasis"

    - title: "Browser viewer: Allow the user to specify a CSS style sheet \ 
to control the look and feel of the text"

    - title: "Edit book spell check: In the list of suggestions show the \ 
original word in italics."
      tickets: [1727827]

    - title: "Edit Book: When adding a new HTML file, add it after the file \ 
being currently edited instead of at the end."
      tickets: [1728601]

    - title: "Column coloring: Add a contains rule type."
      tickets: [1728464]

    - title: "Book details panel: Allow saving the displayed cover to disk \ 
via the right click context menu."
      tickets: [1728251]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Browser viewer: Fix font size and color scheme settings not \ 
being respected in the footnote popup"

    - title: "DOCX Output: Fix comments/XML processing instructions in the \ 
middle of text causing text to be skipped."
      tickets: [1727599]

    - title: "Book details panel: Fix metadata field titles not being top \ 

    - title: "Linux: Fix long startup delay on systems that do not have a \ 
desktop notification service running"

    - title: "3.11.1 fixes a couple of regression in 3.11.0 that broke \ 
configuring Get books and creating catalogs"

  improved recipes:
    - Financial Times
    - computerworld.pl
    - Tulsa World
    - Science Daily
    - El Mundo

- version: 3.10.0
  date: 2017-10-20

  new features:
    - title: "Browser viewer: Show footnotes in a popup window. Similar to \ 
the popup footnote functionality in the calibre viewer."
      type: major

    - title: "Content server: Add an option to control the timeout for \ 
making AJAX queries to the server."
      tickets: [1722016]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Fix regression that broke \ 
Preferences->Conversion->Common options in version 3.9"

    - title: "Server: Fix adding expressions to the search always using AND \ 
instead of respecting the setting to use OR or AND."
      tickets: [1724405]

    - title: "Browser viewer: Fix a regression that caused loading more \ 
than one book in the same session or using the back/forward browser buttons to \ 
require refreshing the browser."

    - title: "Jobs list: Fix killing of job killing the wrong job if other \ 
jobs are completed while waiting for kill confirmation."

    - title: "DOCX Output: Fix preserve cover aspect ratio option still \ 
distorting the aspect ratio slightly."
      tickets: [1721864]

  improved recipes:
    - Lomza
    - Go Comics
    - Various Polish news sources

- version: 3.9.0
  date: 2017-10-06

  new features:
    - title: "Remove the Connect to iTunes function since Apple has removed \ 
that functionality from iTunes"
      description: "Now you have to use one of the wireless connection \ 
methods to connect to an iPad/iPhone, as described at: \ 
https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/faq.ht … ouch"

    - title: "Kobo driver: Support for new firmware"

    - title: "Allow changing the icons in yes/no columns via column icon \ 
      tickets: [1721374]

    - title: 'Quickview panel: Add a context menu with a "View" action \ 
to the book table.'

    - title: "Make the elapsed time display in the jobs dialog more human \ 
      tickets: [1719059]

  bug fixes:
    - title: "EPUB Input: Fix styles in existing titlepage not being \ 
flattened when the titlepage is preserved during conversion."
      tickets: [1720715]

    - title: "Fix conversion of grayscale JPEG-XR images not working"
      tickets: [1720638]

    - title: "Update the douban metadata download plugin to match changes \ 
to the website"

    - title: "DOCX Output: Fix the preserve cover aspect ratio option not \ 
      tickets: [1719026]

  improved recipes:
    - Respekt Magazine
    - Associated Press
    - Heraldo de Aragon
    - El Correo
    - El Periodico de Aragon
    - A List Apart

- version: 3.8.0
  date: 2017-09-22

  new features:
    - title: "Bulk metadata edit dialog: Add an action to set metadata from \ 
e-book files."
      tickets: [1717755]

    - title: "Server: Add an option to control the number of books \ 
displayed per page in the browser (Preferences->Sharing over the \ 
      tickets: [1715283]

    - title: "DOCX Output: Add an option to preserve the cover aspect ratio \ 
in the output document."
      tickets: [1715800]

    - title: "Book details panel: An option to control the layout of the \ 
panel in 'Narrow' mode (Preferences->Look & feel->Book details)"
      tickets: [1714613]

    - title: "If the --start-in-tray option is specified, create a tray \ 
icon even if the configuration option to enable tray icons is off."

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Possible fix for issue with pinning calibre to taskbar on \ 
windows. Note that as an unfortunate side-effect, you will have to unpin and \ 
re-pin calibre to the taskbar after updating."

    - title: "DOCX Output: Fix text immediately after a hidden tag not \ 
being included."
      tickets: [1717403]

    - title: "Fix a regression that broke fetching of metadata from Douban"

    - title: "Cover grid: Fix Shift+arrow keys to manipulate selection not \ 
      tickets: [1717828]

    - title: "Editor snippets: Dont lose the last selected word when the \ 
user triggers a non-existent snippet."
      tickets: [1713244]

    - title: "Book details popup window: Show the cover size in the bottom \ 
right corner if the option to show cover size in the Book details panel is \ 
      tickets: [1716520]

    - title: "Linux: Fix regression that broke using calibre on some older \ 
VNC servers"

    - title: "Browser viewer: Do not fail if the book contains javascript \ 
that has errors."
      tickets: [1715781]

    - title: "Linux: Fix file open dialog on older KDE desktops not working \ 
      tickets: [1715648]

    - title: "Update Ozon.ru metadata plugin for website changes."
      tickets: [1715347]

    - title: "LIT Input: Fix a buffer overflow caused by malformed LIT \ 
      tickets: [1713716]

    - title: "Conversion: Expand -epub-writing-mode to -webkit-writing-mode \ 
and writing-mode properties for maximum compatibility."
      tickets: [1713509]

    - title: "Linux: Fix SONY PRS-650 not being detected"

  improved recipes:
    - The Hindu
    - Le Monde
    - Wired Monthly
    - Cracked.com
    - Carta
    - FAZ.NET
    - Newsweek
    - Financial Times

  new recipes:
    - title: Dunya Halleri
      author: Sukru Alatas

- version: 3.7.0
  date: 2017-08-25

  new features:
    - title: "Allow searching for books in a virtual library using a new \ 
'vl:' prefix"

    - title: "Server: Show file sizes in the tooltips for the download \ 
      tickets: [1708762]

    - title: "Server: Reduce the grid view minimum cover thumbnail size \ 
from 150px to 105px"

    - title: "Narrow layout: Fix wasted space to the left of the comments \ 
in the Book details panel"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Server: Fix downloading files via the list of formats not \ 
working when launching calibre from the home screen on iOS"

    - title: "Browser viewer: Fix controls help overlay not being displayed \ 
the first time the viewer is used"

    - title: "MOBI Output: Fix a regression causing a crash for some input \ 
documents that specify text-transform or font-variant CSS properties."
      tickets: [1711776]

    - title: "DOCX Input: Fix framed lists being rendered with the frame \ 
inside the bullets instead of outside it."
      tickets: [1709569]

    - title: "Fix a regression that could cause conversion to crash when \ 
using the first-letter CSS pseudo selector and outputting to MOBI or DOCX."
      tickets: [1711224]

    - title: "Conversion: Fix remove first image option not working for \ 
comic input with the disable comic processing option."
      tickets: [1709150]

    - title: "Server: Fix tooltip not working in the cover grid view."
      tickets: [1708760]

    - title: "Workaround for Qt bug that prevented using the shift and ctrl \ 
keys with the touchscreen"

    - title: "Linux: fix native KDE file dialog not working on older \ 

    - title: "Linux: Fix KDE dialogs not supporting multiple file name \ 
filter groups"

    - title: "Fix libraries being sorted alphabetically by full path rather \ 
than just library name"

    - title: "Server: Allow hyphens in user names"

    - title: "calibredb.exe: Fix misleading error message when connecting \ 
to a server with incorrect username or password"

  improved recipes:
    - Asian review of Books
    - Financial Times
    - National Post
    - Go Comics

  new recipes:
    - title: Paris Review and Public Domain Review by fenuks
      author: fenuks

    - title: IDPixel and The Insider
      author: bugmen00t

- version: 3.6.0
  date: 2017-08-04

  new features:
    - title: "Linux: Use native file dialogs via zenity or kdialog, if \ 

    - title: "Copy to library: Add an action to show a dialog that allows \ 
for easy selection of libraries for copy/move. Useful when there are a large \ 
number of libraries to choose from."
      tickets: [1706198]

    - title: 'Server: Allow deleting a downloaded book from the "Browse all \ 
downloaded books" screen'

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Hopefully fix an issue with the book list jumping around when \ 
using the mouse on some computers"

    - title: "E-book viewer: Change the default fonts on windows to the \ 
Liberation font family. This matches the other platforms and avoids rendering \ 
issues with Times New Roman."
      tickets: [1706491]

    - title: "DOCX Output: Convert images placed by themselves inside block \ 
tags as block images rather than inline images."
      tickets: [1707430]

    - title: "Fix a typo that broke the download of a few news sources"

    - title: "ebook-viewer.exe: Fix --continue-reading not working"

    - title: "Fix non XML safe characters in feed descriptions causing news \ 
download to fail."
      tickets: [1707545]

    - title: "Browser viewer: Fix books that contain broken links with \ 
unicode characters in their paths not working."
      tickets: [1704498]

    - title: "Quickview: Fix regression in previous release that broke the \ 
'Lock quickview' control"

  improved recipes:
    - Navy Times

  new recipes:
    - title: Various Sardinian news
      author: tzium

- version: 3.5.0
  date: 2017-07-28

  new features:
    - title: "Server: Add a new 'custom' mode for the book list, where you \ 
can specify exactly what metadata fields are displayed, via a template (see \ 
Preferences->Sharing over the net->Book list template)"

    - title: "Speed up HTML parsing by an order of magnitude, by switching \ 
from html5lib to html5-parser"

    - title: "Add support for touch screens to the main calibre book list. \ 
You can now flick to scroll, tap to select and double-tap to view books."

    - title: "Server: Add an option to ban IP addresses if there are too \ 
many failed login attempts"

    - title: "calibre-debug: Change the --explode-book action to only \ 
create the exploded directory and not rebuild the file. Add a new --implode-book \ 
action to rebuild the file, separately."

    - title: "Book details panel: Add Manage authors/series/tags/etc. to \ 
the menu when right clicking on the item"

    - title: "Kobo driver: Update for new firmware"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "PDF Output: Fix a regression in 2.82 that caused conversion \ 
of comics to PDF files to have successive images become smaller and smaller in \ 
some circumstances."
      tickets: [1706814]

    - title: "PDF Output: Fix a regression in 2.83 that caused occasional \ 
blank pages at the end of chapters when using headers/footers."
      tickets: [1706484]

    - title: "Get books: Update store plugins for ebook.nl and the various \ 
amazon websites"

    - title: "Edit book: Hide editor toolbars if they are empty."
      tickets: [1706343]

    - title: "Server: Fix failed login attempts using digest auth not being \ 
logged to the main log"

    - title: "Quickview: for non-text fields, sort on native values instead \ 
of text."

    - title: "Fix hidden search bar state not being restored on calibre \ 
      tickets: [1705916]

    - title: "Fix option to not save cover separately when using Save to \ 
disk not working."
      tickets: [1704925]

    - title: "Server: Fix an error on browsers that do not support blob \ 
storage in IndexedDB."
      tickets: [1704912]

    - title: "Comic input: Fix a bug in the normalize image filter that \ 
caused a crash when converting comics that contain a page with only a single \ 
      tickets: [1704778]

    - title: "Edit Book: Handle non-normalized unicode characters in file \ 
names better"
      tickets: [1704225]

  improved recipes:
    - Mediapart
    - New Yorker
    - Boston Globe
    - Private Eye

- version: 3.4.0
  date: 2017-07-14

  new features:
    - title: "Edit book: Allow exporting all selected files to the computer \ 
from the 'File browser' by right clicking and choosing 'Export selected \ 

    - title: "Server: When returning to the search page, remember the last \ 
used state of the Tag browser"

    - title: "Template language: Allow the in_list() functions to return \ 
different values depending on what is found"

    - title: "Add a configurable shortcut to move the focus from Quickview \ 
to the book list"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Conversion: When inserting the publication year in the \ 
metadata jacket, do so in the local time zone, so it matches what is displayed \ 
in the main calibre program."
      tickets: [1703439]

    - title: "Server OPDS feeds: Fix incorrect counts in letter categories \ 
when there are lowercase names."
      tickets: [1703251]

    - title: "Edit book: Fix 'Show details' button not visible when doing \ 
'Replace all' rather than 'Count all'"

    - title: "Nook driver: Remove the % character from filenames sent to \ 
the Nook."
      tickets: [1703284]

    - title: "Fix calibre startup crash caused by Quickview when the \ 
applied virtual library is empty (has no books)."

  improved recipes:
    - FOX News
    - Private Eye

- version: 3.3.0
  date: 2017-07-07

  new features:
    - title: "Quickview panel: Allow opening and closing the panel via the \ 
Layout button in the bottom right corner."
      details: "Also make various improvements to the panel's operation, \ 
see https://manual.calibre-ebook.com/gui.ht … view"
      tickets: [1701833]

    - title: "Book details panel: Allow right clicking on author names to \ 
search for books by the author on Amazon."
      tickets: [1702446]

    - title: "Edit book: When doing a Replace/Count all with multiple \ 
searches add a 'Show details' button on the result dialog that shows the \ 
individual counts for each search."

    - title: "Comments editor: Add a button to easily insert separators \ 
(i.e. <hr> tags) when editing comments"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Browser viewer: Fix back/forward buttons not working \ 
correctly when clicking on links that lead to different internal files in the \ 
      tickets: [1700004]

    - title: "Server: Fix using 'Show more books' button and then changing \ 
list mode setting causing resulting book list to be incomplete"

    - title: "Server: Fix changing sort/search in the /mobile view only \ 
working with the default library."
      tickets: [1701704]

    - title: "DOCX Input: Fix alt and title attributes for some images not \ 
being preserved"

    - title: "Amazon metadata download: Change the default source from Bing \ 
to Google as the Bing cache seems to be having trouble at the moment"

    - title: "ISBNDB metadata download: Ignore SSL errors when contacting \ 
isbndb.com as they seem to have no intention of fixing their broken SSL \ 

    - title: "Conversion: Fix heuristics processing incorrectly removing \ 
some <br> tags."
      tickets: [1205637]

    - title: "Handle non-ASCII binary strings in the \ 
author_name_prefix/suffix tweaks."
      tickets: [1701138]

  improved recipes:
    - Politico
    - The Times
    - The Sunday Times Magazine

- version: 3.2.1
  date: 2017-06-29

  new features:
    - title: "Server: Allow logged in users to change their passwords by \ 
clicking the user icon in the top right corner of the home screen."
      tickets: [1700631]

    - title: "macOS: Add headless support: calibre command-line utilities \ 
can now run on macOS machines without a screen"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "3.2.1 has a fix for an issue that broke mouse wheel scrolling \ 
in the cover grid view"

    - title: "Viewer: Fix incorrect display of pages in paged mode for \ 
books that override the box-sizing CSS property on the <body> \ 
      tickets: [1700109]

    - title: "Server: Fix timeout errors when using SSL (particularly \ 
common when running the server on windows)"

    - title: "Linux: Fix slow mouse wheel scrolling in Cover grid because \ 
of Qt bug"

    - title: "Blacklist the iOS Reader applications and Marvin XD plugins \ 
as they were preventing calibre from starting up and they have not worked in a \ 
long time anyway, since Apple restricted USB access to their iOS devices"

    - title: "Fix for in-program restart not working on some Windows 10 \ 
Home machines"

    - title: "EPUB3 metadata: Fix handling of <dc:creator> elements \ 
with multiple roles."
      tickets: [1699918]

    - title: "Server: Disallow client initiated SSL renegotiation"

    - title: "Windows: Try to prevent windows from showing the annoying 'no \ 
disk in drive' error messages at calibre startup if one of the calibre libraries \ 
is on a removable disk that is missing from the system"
      tickets: [1701399]

  improved recipes:
    - The Australian
    - Wired Daily

  new recipes:
    - title: Kitekinto
      author: pofa

- version: 3.1.0
  date: 2017-06-23

  new features:
    - title: "Edit metadata dialog: Allow right clicking the Paste ISBN \ 
button to instead paste an identifier with a different prefix."
      tickets: [1698543]

    - title: "Tag browser: Add an option to control the spacing between \ 

    - title: "Add an option in Preferences->Look & feel to show \ 
individual layout buttons in the status bar, as was the case in calibre \ 

    - title: "Edit metadata dialog: Add buttons to easily set/clear Yes/no \ 
      tickets: [1698331]

    - title: "Support for RAR 5.0 format RAR and CBR files"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Version 3.1.1 fixes a regression in 3.1.0 that prevented the \ 
standalone calibre-server.exe from working on Windows and macOS"

    - title: "Content server: Fix various bugs in the SSL implementation \ 
causing aborted transfers when enabling SSL in the server"

    - title: "Content server: Fix connections not being closed after \ 
errors/timeouts on the server side"

    - title: "Fix an error during startup on Windows systems where the home \ 
directory is in a character encoding different from the system encoding"
      tickets: [1699435]

    - title: "Edit book: Fix escaping of text for regular expression \ 
searches unnecessarily escaping spaces"

    - title: "Get Books: Search the entire catalog, including restricted \ 
      tickets: [1698943]

    - title: "Fix regression in previous release that caused the Tag \ 
browser view to jump around when renaming items"

    - title: "Splash screen: Fix text vertical overlap for some \ 
systems/font sizes"

    - title: "Server: --daemonize option should not be present on Windows \ 
and macOS as it does not work on those platforms"

    - title: "macOS: Fix some keyboard shortcuts not working in calibre \ 
      tickets: [1698545]

    - title: "Server interface: Fix error in the Browse all downloaded page \ 
when the book list mode is set to detailed list"

    - title: "Get books: Update amazon.fr and ebooks.com plugins for \ 
website changes"

    - title: "Content server: Fix for home screen being empty if the path \ 
to the calibre library has a trailing slash."
      tickets: [1698489]

    - title: "Content server: Fix the new server interface not working with \ 
the --url-prefix option when the trailing slash is omitted on the URL used in \ 
the browser."
      tickets: [1698406]

    - title: "Google images metadata download plugin: Fix for change in \ 
website causing no covers to be downloaded"

  improved recipes:
    - The Times
    - Wall Street Journal
    - New Yorker
    - BBC News

- version: 3.0.0
  date: 2017-06-16

  new features:
    - title: "For details on the major changes in calibre between 2.0 and \ 
3.0, see https://calibre-ebook.com/new-in/twelve"
      type: major

    - title: "A completely re-written Content server with support for \ 
reading books in-browser on your phone/tablet. Also works in offline mode."
      type: major

    - title: "Support for high resolution (Retina screens)"
      type: major

    - title: "A new splash screen to celebrate the release of calibre 3"

    - title: "Minor tweaking of the main user interface to emphasize the \ 
core features"

  bug fixes:
    - title: "Kobo driver: Fix for detection of some devices, with SD card \ 
not working on macOS"

    - title: "Tag browser: Fix preservation of state when recounting and \ 
the visible categories have changed."
      tickets: [1696596]

    - title: "CHM Input: Handle CHM files that have missing or empty root \ 
      tickets: [1697764]

    - title: "Fix Page flips options box in viewer preferences bot being \ 
laid out properly"

    - title: "Fix initial down arrow in search box jumping two places"

    - title: "Fix editing the authors via the book list not respecting the \ 
tweak to control author name splitting"

    - title: "E-book viewer: Fix external links not working in the footnote \ 
popup panel"

    - title: "Fix a regression that broke command line completion in bash"

  improved recipes:
    - Economist
    - New York Times
    - Private Eye
    - The Hindu
    - Harper's Magazine
    - Lifehacker
    - The Daily Mail

  new recipes:
    - title: RussiaFeed
      author: Darko Miletic
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