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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 5.1.0, Package name: libreoffice5-bin-5.1.0, Maintainer: ryoon

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity
suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, that gives you six feature-rich
applications for all your document production and data processing
needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base.

This package tracks libreoffice-5.x branch of official Linux binary.

Required to run:
[sysutils/desktop-file-utils] [emulators/suse131_gtk2] [emulators/suse131_x11] [emulators/suse131_libcups] [emulators/suse131_freetype2] [emulators/suse131_krb5] [emulators/suse131_libdbus] [emulators/suse131_glx] [emulators/suse131_fontconfig] [emulators/suse131_libpng] [emulators/suse131_locale] [emulators/suse131_dbus-glib]

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   2018-01-14 11:16:30 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
libreoffice5-bin: follow redirect
   2017-01-24 02:21:52 by Kamil Rytarowski | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
Add required files/ by libreoffice5-bin after removal of libreoffice4-bin

Verbatim copy of libreoffice4-bin/files to libreoffice5-bin/files.

This fixes the package.
   2016-03-04 01:34:23 by Youri Mouton | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Include desktop-file-utils/desktopdb.mk when there are desktop files.
   2016-03-04 01:31:49 by Youri Mouton | Files touched by this commit (15)
Log message:
Rename desktop files to avoid conflicts. Also install desktop files for
   2016-03-04 00:22:34 by Youri Mouton | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Add desktop files, making it easier for users to launch the programs.
   2016-02-14 20:54:47 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 5.1.0

New features:
Spelling dialog no longer automatically closes once spellcheck is complete. \ 
tdf#79312 (Marek Dolezel)
Widow/Orphan paragraph text-flow enabled by default for new documents. tdf#89714 \ 
Hide Whitespace option added to View menu tdf#39080 (Ashod Nakashian, Collabora)
Outline split button available in formatting toolbar, but hidden by default \ 
tdf#95403 (Maxim Monastirsky)
While in print preview mode to jump a specific page, the only thing you have to \ 
do to enter the page number on the numeric field in the toolbar. tdf#80657 \ 
(Gülşah Köse)

New commands to add rows below and columns right. (Philippe Jung)
Formula Wizard shows the values of parameters and results on the Structure page. \ 
(Benjamin Ni)
Statistics regression: linear, logarithmic, power: Add a new statistics dialog \ 
for calculating regression. tdf#74667 commit (Tomaz Vajngerl, Collabora)
Organize sheet level context menus. commit (Yousuf Philips)
PNG export in LibreOffice Calc was added, as in Writer and Impress. blog entry \ 
(Miklos Vajna, Collabora)
Option to search formatted display strings using find bar and also "Find \ 
& Replace" dialog. tdf#48456 (Dennis Francis)
INDIRECT function: better compatibility for legacy OOo documents, improved \ 
interoperability with Excel tdf#92256,tdf#93688 (Katarina Behrens, CIB)
Custom number formats with question mark in decimal part (such as 0.???), to get \ 
decimal alignment without '0', are now saved in ODF tdf#40517 (Laurent BP)

Formula engine:
Table structured references

tdf#85063 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)

    The following restrictions of Table structured references that were present \ 
in 5.0 were addressed:
        The column names must not be present as cell content in the table's \ 
header row any more; column-header-less tables are now supported.
            For this, for new database ranges without header cells or with empty \ 
header cell content, internal names are generated, for example Column1, Column2, \ 
            Internal names are imported from OOXML spreadsheet documents and \ 
continue to function in formula expressions.
        Saving to OOXML, structured references are now written (not transformed \ 
to A1 notation any more) and the table context is maintained.
        Saving to OOXML, the defined database ranges are now exported as \ 
<table> elements.
    Modifying header cell content updates the internal table column names.
        When deleting header cell content, formulas referring the column name \ 
continue to function and are still editable using the previous name.
        When duplicating header cell content, duplicated column names internally \ 
are numbered. For example, having two FooBar header cells the column names will \ 
be FooBar and FooBar2. This is
automatically reflected in existing formula expressions.
        When inserting columns within a table, numbered column names are \ 
internally generated for empty header cells, starting with the column number \ 
within the table. For example, inserting two
columns before the third column of a table the generated names are Column3 and \ 
            The generated column names are updated if text is entered in such an \ 
empty cell.
        All internal column names are unique within one table, which is \ 
reflected when displaying existing formula expressions.

Sticky end column/row anchors

tdf#92779 (Eike Rathke, Red Hat)

    For range references that encompass at least two columns or rows where the \ 
end reference points to the last column or row, i.e. AMJ or 1048576, the end \ 
column or row is sticky now and not moved
when inserting or deleting columns or rows.
    When inserting columns or rows and updating a reference the end reference \ 
would be shifted out of the sheet bounds, the reference is anchored at the last \ 
column or row instead of generating a
#REF! error.
        For example a reference B2:B1048575 when inserting two rows will be \ 
updated to B2:B1048576.
        The column or row will become sticky then, in the example row 1048576.
    A reference like B1048576:C1048576 does not have a sticky end row anchor, \ 
because only one row is referenced.

Compatibility with ODF 1.2

Function WEEKNUM strictly complies with ODF 1.2 function definition and \ 
ISOWEEKNUM has been introduced. tdf#50950 (Winfried Donkers + Eike Rathke)

    In the UI the WEEKNUM_ADD function has been renamed to WEEKNUM_EXCEL2003 to \ 
point out it exists for interoperability of documents created with Microsoft \ 
        Importing such documents created with older Microsoft Excel versions map \ 
the WEEKNUM function to WEEKNUM_EXCEL2003
        Saving to ODF or OOXML writes WEEKNUM, older LibreOffice and \ 
OpenOffice.org release map that to WEEKNUM_ADD.
        For new documents the WEEKNUM function should be used.
    WEEKNUM now supports all arguments of the second parameter as defined in ODF \ 
OpenFormula (ODFF), see \ 
http://docs.oasis-open.org/office/v1.2/ … ml#WEEKNUM
    The ISOWEEKNUM function has been implemented to calculate the week number \ 
according to ISO 8601, see \ 
http://docs.oasis-open.org/office/v1.2/ … ISOWEEKNUM
    WEEKNUM_OOO provides compatibility with older LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org \ 
releases for cases that can not be mapped to WEEKNUM or ISOWEEKNUM as defined in \ 
the standard, specifically if the
mode argument is 1 the old WEEKNUM implementation returned a week number \ 
calculated as if it was an ISO 8601 calculation but with the week starting on \ 
Sunday instead of Monday. This is not covered by
any standard.
        Not offered in the Function Wizard to prevent accidental use. Use it \ 
only if interoperability with older LibreOffice or OpenOffice.org releases is \ 
        Currently still saved wrongly as ISOWEEKNUM with 2 parameters for \ 
interoperability with older LibreOffice or OpenOffice.org releases.
    be changed in future for release 5.3 and the function will be saved as \ 
ORG.LIBREOFFICE.WEEKNUM_OOO, the current 5.1 release is already enabled to read \ 

Impress and Draw:

    Slide navigation and sorting commands were added with corresponding shortw \ 
appears in a different background color to normal view. tdf#87905 (Katarina \ 
Behrens, CIB)
    KDE, XFCE, and Mate ScreenSavers are now also inhibited when presenting \ 
(Andrzej Hunt).

Impress Mode selection

Several modes were active in Impress:

    Pag Master to edit Notes container
    Plan to sketch a presentation
    Handout to define the handout format
    Slide sorter to organise presentation

It was hard to navigate between Master / non master modes. Tabs above the \ 
working area were jumping right and left, consuming screen space.

Now, two toolbox icons have been added:

    one to toggle Tab bar visibility. It is hidden by default. Clicking the \ 
toggle disables the new Mode Selection tool and restores the previous behaviour.
    one to Select the Working mode among the 7 modes listed above. It is divided \ 
in two zones: top zone is regular mode (dealing with content of the \ 
presentation), bottom zone is the Master mode
(dealing with container).

Slide Design

Slide Design dialog in Slide ▸ Slide Design now affects all selected \ 
(standard) slides. (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat)
Equalize Width/Height

When multiple objects are selected, the right click context menu Shapes submenu \ 
now supports Equalize Width and Equalize Height which adjusts the width/height \ 
of the selected objects to the
width/height of the last selected object. (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat)

Save Background Image

Right clicking a slide now supports saving a background image to file, this \ 
matches the pre-existing set background image option. (Caolán McNamara, Red \ 

View/Edit Control Points

The Shape Properties dialog for enhanced shapes now lists and enables editing \ 
the control points. This is in addition to the preexisting mechanism of \ 
selecting with the mouse the yellow control
handle of the shape, but enables viewing and fine control over the control \ 
values. (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat)

Presenter Console

There is now a button on the presenter console to restart the timer of the \ 
slideshow without restarting the slideshow itself (see this blog entry) (Miklos \ 
Vajna, Collabora; Andreas Kainz)

OpenGL Transitions

All OpenGL transitions have been ported to OpenGL 2.1+, which removes support \ 
for very old GPUs but allows a better usage of modern ones. Four new transitions \ 
have been added and exploit these new
available features. (Emmanuel Gil Peyrot, Collabora; Tomaž Vajngerl, Collabora)


    Autoclosing brackets is optional now tdf#43090

Import MathML from Clipboard

(Regina Henschel)

    The tool “Math Input Panel” in Windows or the context menu of a \ 
formula in a browser allow to copy the MathML source to clipboard. The Math \ 
module in LibreOffice has got a new item “Import MathML
from Clipboard” in menu Tools to import such source and convert it into \ 
LibreOffice’s own formula syntax StarMath.

MathML and StarMath have some differences and therefore sometimes corrections on \ 
the imported formula are needed, but most of the formula should be correct. If a \ 
conversion is not possible, nothing

The import expects, that a <math> element exists, which has an attribute \ 

Ancient SeaMonkey based mozab driver was only used on Windows 32 bit and is \ 
removed now. This functionality is replaced with mork driver, that supports \ 
Thunderbird address book.

Given that SeaMonkey based mozab driver also provided Outlook and Outlook \ 
Express address book integration, that Windows 32 bit only feature is lost for \ 
now. Note that Windows 64 bit never supported
ancient SeaMonkey based mozab driver.

Trend Line

    Exponential and Power trend lines accept negative Y values tdf#70673 (Laurent BP)
    Improve equation rendering by removing some useless 1: (Laurent BP)
        polynomial: f(x) = 1x^2 + 1x +1 => f(x) = x^2 + x +1


Unicode character input with Alt+X

Some Windows applications, such as Microsoft Word and WordPad, permit the user \ 
to input arbitrary Unicode characters by typing an hexadecimal code point (for \ 
example, 2026 for …) and then pressing
Alt+X. LibreOffice now includes this functionality as well. (Note: This feature \ 
adds to the long-existing, equivalent Linux/GTK functionality of pressing \ 
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+U+hexadecimal code point.)
tdf#73691 (SIL)


    Toggles (switches back and forth) between the character before the cursor \ 
and its Unicode notation.
    Intelligently handles combining characters, expanding the entire character \ 
    Selection is not necessary, but if used will limit the input to those \ 
characters. (Draw/Impress/Calc have the final result selected, but not Writer.)
    Handles all 16 Unicode planes
    Available in Writer, Draw, Impress, Calc and Math.
    Re-assignable keyboard shortcut: Tools ▸ Customize ▸ Keyboard \ 
▸ Category:Options ▸ Function:Toggle Unicode Notation. Defaults to \ 
Alt+X assigned at the global level. (Alt+C used for
Basque/Dutch/Galician/German/Brazilian-Portugese locales and ⌘ \ 
Command+⌥ Option+X used for MacOS).

WebDav Improvements

    Better LOCK/UNLOCK support tdf#82744 (Giuseppe Castagno)
    Support a (https-like) non-standard vnd.sun.star.webdavs URL scheme in \ 
addition to the non-standard (http-like) vnd.sun.star.webdav scheme, core commit \ 
(Stephan Bergmann, Red Hat)

New import filters

    Gnumeric is now an officially supported import format (does not work on \ 
Windows) (It was supported as part of the experimental features for some time) \ 
(Markus Mohrhard)
    Microsoft Write (.wri files) can now be imported, via libwps. (Sean Young)
    Apple Keynote 6 files can now be imported, via libetonyek. tdf#88682 (David \ 
Tardon, Red Hat)

Improvements in OpenXML filter

    Export of the modified VBA stream back to binary Microsoft formats and OOXML \ 
(Rosemary Sebastian, Markus Mohrhard)
        There is a new configuration value that allows to control whether to use \ 
this feature (by default yes) or switch back to the old behavior of discarding \ 
or writing back the unchanged stream
        The following features are not yet (completely) supported: Protected \ 
macros, macro sheets, active x and some of the designer features.
    Improved export of embedded objects to DOCX and PPTX, including export of \ 
Math formulas (Michael Stahl, Red Hat)
    Numerous other improvements to the Microsoft OOXML import and export \ 
filters, the Microsoft Office binary file formats and the RTF format. Details:
        OOXML Filters → OOXML, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, VML, drawingML
        Microsoft Office binary file filters → DOC, XLS, PPT, "ww8"
        RTF Filters → RTF

Improvements in MS Visio filter

    Implement overriding of colour of lines and of text from layer properties \ 
and the visibility and/or printability of a layer. tdf#50309, tdf#68392 \ 
(Fridrich Strba)
    Fix incorrect handling of stencil text. tdf#90154 (Fridrich Strba)
    Basic initial implementation of hatch fill. tdf#44552, tdf#76835 (Fridrich Strba)
    Implement support of bullets/lists. tdf#92349 (Fridrich Strba)
    Implement support of default tab-stops and custom tab-sets in paragraph \ 
properties. (Fridrich Strba)
    Instead of line-break, spit out a new paragraph when a paragraph break is \ 
found. (Fridrich Strba)
    Initial emulation of line rounding property. (tdf#90603) (Fridrich Strba)
    VSDX theme color import fix (tdf#92270) (Andras Timar, Collabora)
    fix VSDX char background handling (tdf#92271) (Andras Timar, Collabora)

Improvements in CorelDRAW filter

    Do not drop empty text lines. tdf#67873 (David Tardon)

    In dialog Tools ▸ Options ▸ LibreOffice ▸ View was added \ 
displays the current status OpenGL: Enabled or Disabled

Reorganization of the menus

The main menus in Writer, Calc and Impress were reorganized to improve \ 
usability, group similar functions together, add functions that were not present \ 
and sorting items based on their usage and
importance. blog entry

    Reorganization of the menus in Writer, including the addition of a Styles \ 
menu tdf#91781 (Yousuf Philips)

    Reorganization of the menus in Calc, including the addition of a Sheet menu \ 
tdf#91820 (Yousuf Philips)

Remote Files Dialog

    In Start screen and menu File was added item Open remote files for opening \ 
file on remote resources such as Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.
    In menu File was added item Save to remote server for saving file on remote \ 
resources such as Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.
    Blog entry


    Sidebar Deck and Panel states are saved between sessions tdf#67770 (Laurent \ 

    Reorganize the Area content panel found in the Properties deck. tdf#90078 \ 
(Rishabh Kumar, Yousuf Philips)

To left section Area in Libreoffice 5.0, to right - in LibreOffice 5.1

    Reorganize the Line content panel found in the Properties deck. tdf#89543 \ 
(Rishabh Kumar, Yousuf Philips, Katarina Behrens [CIB])

To left section Line in Libreoffice 5.0, to right - in LibreOffice 5.1

    Creation of a Shadow content panel found in the Properties deck in Calc, \ 
Impress and Draw. tdf#87702 (Rishabh Kumar, Yousuf Philips)

New section Shadow in Sidebar in LibreOffice 5.1

    Addition of new contour and spacing controls to the Wrap content panel in \ 
Writer. core commit 30c2ae28eecb3f1a4454784974c0c2bffc60334e tdf#93775 (Rishabh \ 
Kumar, Yousuf Philips)

To left section Wrap in Libreoffice 5.0, to right - in LibreOffice 5.1

    Increase and decrease font size buttons added to sidebar properties pane in \ 
Calc. tdf#86179 (Maxim Monastirsky)

On top - section Character in Calc 5.0, from below - in Calc 5.1

    Cell reference edge added to alignment section of sidebar in Calc. tdf#91802 \ 
(Rishabh Kumar)

    Cell styles added to properties pane in Calc. tdf#73071 (Rishabh Kumar, \ 
Yousuf Philips, Maxim Monastirsky)

    Grouped Slide Transitions for easy selection and added icon based selection \ 
palette to Sidebar in Impress tdf#36946 (Tor Lillqvist, Collabora; Michael \ 
Meeks, Collabora; Andreas Kainz, Yousuf

Section Slide Transition in Impress 5.1

    New Chart sidebar tdf#91063 (Markus Mohrhard, Yousuf Philips, Heiko Tietze)
        Some limitations still apply

    Image flip buttons are now available in Writer also (Samuel Mehrbrodt [CIB])

    Icons now honor RTL/Vertical Text settings and rotate/flip accordingly, as \ 
in the toolbar. tdf#85767 (Samuel Mehrbrodt [CIB])

    An "AutoCorrect Options" item has been added in the spell checking \ 
context menu. Users can now directly enter the autocorrect replacement table \ 
when there's no satisfying suggestion in the
"Always correct to" submenu. tdf#92341 (Yousuf Philips, Samuel \ 
Mehrbrodt [CIB])

    The Spelling Dialog now has a toolbar for pasting and inserting special \ 
characters. tdf#95682 (Caolán McNamara, Red Hat, Inc.)


    Enable auto-accelerator behaviour for gtk tdf#92630 (Simon Long, Raspberry Pi)

New languages/locales with locale data

Available as default document language and for locale specific formatting.

    Added locale data for Arabic [ar-BH] [ar-IQ] [ar-JO] [ar-LY] [ar-MA] [ar-QA] \ 
[ar-SY] [ar-YE]. tdf#95485 (Ghasan Al-Sakkaf and Eike Rathke)

Improvements to proofing tools and language support

    Proofing tools for German language (de-AT, de-CH, de-DE) have been largely \ 
improved (tdf#96782):
        The spell-check dictionary now contains over 250,000 words. The new \ 
version adds over 20,000 new words.
        The thesaurus now contains over 135,000 words in over 35,000 meaning \ 
groups. The new version adds ~ 35,000 new words.
        The hyphenation patterns have been updated and contain an improved \ 
exception list.
    Updated Slovenian thesaurus (Martin Srebotnjak)
    New Guarani (gug-PY) thesaurus (Giovanni Caligaris and Olivier Hallot)
    Updated Hungarian spell-check dictionary (tdf#95024), major update, \ 
implemented the spelling reform defined by the 12th edition of Rules of \ 
Hungarian Spelling (by the Hungarian Academy of
Science, 2015) (László Németh, Collabora)
    Updated Greek spell-check dictionary (tdf#94415)
    Updated Portuguese (pt-PT) spell-check dictionary
    Updated Swedish spell-check dictionary
    Updated Spanish spellcheck dictionary (Ricardo Palomares)
   2016-01-09 00:53:14 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
Import libreoffice5-bin-5.0.4 as misc/libreoffice5-bin for PR pkg/50617.

LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity
suite for Windows, Macintosh and Linux, that gives you six feature-rich
applications for all your document production and data processing
needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base.

This package tracks libreoffice-5.x branch of official Linux binary.