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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.8.3, Package name: ruby23-progressbar-1.8.3, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Ruby/ProgressBar is a text progress bar library for Ruby. It can indicate
progress with percentage, a progress bar, and estimated remaining time.

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   2017-09-18 02:59:47 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
misc/ruby-progressbar: update to 1.8.3

Version v1.8.3 - September 13, 2017

* Update warning_filter to fix require_relative

Version v1.8.2 - December 10, 2016


* Predicates not available on 1.8.7


* progressbar as a gem build target


* reek
   2017-05-30 16:22:41 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (7)
Log message:
* Drop setting RUBY_VERSIONS_ACCEPTED since it is now default value.
   2017-04-22 20:27:05 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (11)
Log message:
   2016-10-17 16:27:37 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-progressbar to 1.8.1.

Version v1.8.1 - May 13, 2016


* no dynamic length when working with spring

Version v1.8.0 - April 24, 2016


* Gem signing via certificate
* ActiveSupport Time-Traveling Compatibility


* ProgressBar::Time to an instantiated class


* Progress#finish causing an exception when total was unknown
   2016-09-08 17:19:19 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (42)
Log message:
naming scheme of the other multi-version packages. Add support for the
   2016-03-14 01:59:07 by Tobias Nygren | Files touched by this commit (16)
Log message:
remove references to ruby200
   2016-01-24 09:17:45 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Mark as allowing ruby18 as well.
   2016-01-20 23:57:38 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-progressbar to 1.7.5 and convert to gem.

Version v1.7.5 - March 25, 2015

    Prevent method redefined warnings being generated by replacing uses of \ 
attr_accessor with: attr_reader where a setter function is already defined, \ 
attr_writer where a getter function is already defined

Version v1.7.4 - March 23, 2015
Version v1.7.3 - March 23, 2015
Version v1.7.2 - March 23, 2015

    rubygems config

Version v1.7.1 - December 21, 2014

    ETA works again, when ProgressBar is initialized with a non zero starting_at.


    Describe the wiki link
    Inline the cage image in the README
    Remove superfluous subtitle
    Remove sections from the README that were moved to the Wiki
    Add link to wiki
    Update logo

Version v1.7.0 - November 4, 2014

    Massive internal refactoring. Now 236% faster!
    Add Timer#restart

Version v1.6.1 - October 30, 2014

    Update readme about output option
    Display warnings when testing


    Remove warnings from uninitialized instance variable
    Instance variable @started_at not initialized
    Instance variable @out_of_bounds_time_format not initialized
    Change private attributes to protected
    `*' interpreted as argument prefix
    Prefix assigned but unused variables with underscores
    Ambiguous first argument

Version v1.6.0 - September 20, 2014

    Add ability to disable auto-finish
    Add SCSS lint configuration
    Update JSHint config with our custom version
    Add right-justified percentages - Closes #77


    Don't allow title to change for non-TTY output
    Percentage formatter failed when total was 0 or unknown

Version v1.5.1 - May 14, 2014

    Make grammar and spelling corrections in the README
    Add the ability to scale the rate component
    Add notes to the README about the new format components
    Add the %R flag to the formatting to show the rate with 2 decimal places of \ 
    Remove unused molecule cruft
    Add specs to make sure that rate works even if the bar is started in the middle
    Add base functionality for the rate component
    Add Slack notification to Travis builds
    Upgrade rspectacular to v0.21.6
    Upgrade rspectacular to v0.21.5
    Upgrade rspectacular to v0.21.4
    Upgrade rspectacular to v0.21.3
    Upgrade rspectacular to v0.21.2
    Add badges to the README
    Upgrade rspectacular to v0.21.1
    Lower Timecop version for Ruby 1.8 compatibility
    Lower rake version to 0.9.6 so that it will be compatible with Ruby 1.8
    Update rspectacular to 0.21
    Add CODECLIMATE_REPO_TOKEN as a secure Travis ENV variable
    Upgrade rspectacular to v0.20
    Add the Code Climate test reporter gem
    Add Ruby 2.1 to Travis
    Convert to RSpec 3


    The running average is always set back to 0 when the bar is reset

Version v1.4.2 - March 1, 2014

    Improve estimated timer for short durations
    Remove useless protection
    README Update
    Slight formatting changes on the PACMAN example to make it consistent with \ 
the others
    Pacman-style progressbar

Version v1.4.1 - January 26, 2014

    Change from 'STDOUT.puts' to the more appropriate 'Kernel.warn'
    Add another spec which tests this in a different way
    Add an acceptance spec to mimic running fuubar with no specs
    Makes Timer#stop a no-op unless it has first been started.

Version v1.4.0 - December 28, 2013

    Displaying the call stack was probably too much
    Upgrade fuubar
    Add an error specifically for invalid progress so that, in parent libraries, \ 
it can be caught properly
    Use the splat operator just to be clear
    Fix an issue with the estimated timers blowing up if the total was nil - \ 
Closes #62
    Changed my mind. Rather than checking if the bar is stopped/started just \ 
blow up when the attempt is made to increment/decrement the bar to an invalid \ 
    Remove the CannotUpdateStoppedBarError
    Changes to the total should also be considered a change in progress and \ 
should therefore not be allowed for a stopped bar
    Add a warning that any changes to progress while the bar is stopped, will \ 
eventually be an exception
    Use the helper to divide the seconds. Don't know why I didn't do this before
    When finishing the bar, we also should stop the timers
    When checking 'finished?' make sure we check all progressables
    Always thought it was weird that the 'finished?' check was in the update method
    Move the 'finished' logic into the progressable
    Rather than specifying @elapsed_time explicitly, use the with_timers helper
    Add a method to check to see whether the bar has been started
    Extract logic for updating progress into a 'update_progress' method
    Add placeholder for an Error which will be used in v2.0.0
    Update the copyright in the README to 2014 (we're almost there :)
    Add 'Zero dependencies' to the README as a beneifit of using ruby-progressbar

Version v1.3.2 - December 15, 2013

    Try to fix issues with testing on 1.8 and 1.9 when 'console/io' is not available
    Remove rspectacular so we can get the specs to pass on 1.8 and 1.9.2

Version v1.3.1 - December 15, 2013

    Even if the throttle rate is passed in as nil, use the default regardless

Version v1.3.0 - December 15, 2013

    Remove the 'Road Map' section in the README
    Add notes to the README about non-TTY output
    Add notes to the CHANGELOG
    Give the bar the option of whether or not to automatically start or if \ 
#start has to be explicitly called
    Default to a non-TTY-safe format if there is no TTY support when outputting \ 
the bar
    Do not output the bar multiple times if #resume is called when the bar is \ 
already started
    Do not output the bar multiple times if #stop is called when the bar is \ 
already stopped
    Do not output multiple bars if #finish is called multiple times
    Change progressbar variables in specs to be let's instead
    Change output variables in specs to be let's instead
    Update Gemfile.lock to use HTTPS for Rubygems
    Add Ruby 2.0.0 to the README as a supported Ruby version
    Test with Ruby 2.0.0 on Travis CI
    Use HTTPS RubyGems source
    Added an option to set the :remainder_mark (along the lines of \ 
:progress_mark) that allows the user to set the character used to represent the \ 
remaining progress to be made along the bar.
    Add specs for the ANSI color code length calculation
    Name the regex for the ANSI SGR codes so that it's more clear what we're doing
    Remove comment
    allows to inclue ANSI SGR codes into molecules, preserving the printable length
    Switch from using 'git ls-files' to Ruby Dir globbing - Closes #54

Version v1.2.0 - August 12, 2013

    Add note to CHANGELOG about TTY updates
    Update benchmark script
    Update logic to describe the bar as being 'stopped' also when it is 'finished'
    Only print the bar output if we're printing to a TTY device, or any device \ 
as long as the bar is finished
    Switch to instead of STDOUT so that it can be properly reassigned for \ 
    Move carriage return to the clear method
    Add better inspection now that we can have a nil total
    Add note about unknown progress to the changelog
    Add notes to the README about displaying unknown progress
    Fix missing throttle rate in README
    Allow the progress bar to have an 'unknown' amount of progress
    Add item to the changelog
    Update the benchmark script
    Add #log to progressbar for properly handling bar output when printing to \ 
the output IO
    Rename all of the requires lines to be consistent with the new lib file
    Remove depreciation code

Version v1.1.2 - August 11, 2013

    Fix the 'negative argument' problem - Closes #47
    Update a spec that was passing when it shouldn't have been and pend it until \ 
we can implement the fix
    Upgrade rspec and fuubar
    When dividing up the remainder of the length and determining how much space \ 
a completed bar should take up, round down so that the bar doesn't complete \ 
until 100%
    Add tags file to gitignore

Version v1.1.1 - June 8, 2013

    Fix file modes to be world readable
    Filter out specs themselves from coverage report
    Add tags file to gitignore
    Simplify #with_progressables and #with_timers

Version v1.1.0 - May 29, 2013

    Upgrade simplecov so it is resilient to mathn being loaded
    fix progress format when core lib mathn is loaded
    Rename throttle_period to throttle_rate
    Set a default throttle_period of 100 times per second
    Use the new precise #elapsed_seconds in the throttle component
    Add #elapsed_seconds that gets a more precise value for the elapsed time
    Rename #elapsed_seconds to #elapsed_whole_seconds
    Add throttle_period documentation
    Made throttle API resemble other components
    Add throttle_period option to #create
    Add throttle component
    Use StringIO in the new spec so we don't get output to STDOUT
    fix for the ruby_debug error, where debug defines a start method on kernel \ 
that is used erroneously by progressbar
    spec that recreates the problem we're seeing with ruby-debug under jruby
    fix terminal width crashing progressbar
    Add failing test for terminal width crashing progress bar
    Make sure we're using an up-to-date version of the JSON gem
    Fix gemspec since Date.today is no longer supported
    Update ruby-prof
    Upgrade timecop
    Upgrade simplecov
    Upgrade rake
    Make changes related to rspectacular
    Install rspectacular
    Remove guard
    Rework gem manifest so that it only calls ls-files once
    Replace .rvmrc with .ruby-version
    Rework #length specs now that we have a more complex set of specifications
    Fix overriding the progress bar length with an environment variable.
    Fix the rdoc_options specification in the gemspec
    Add Ruby Markdown code fencing to the README

Version v1.0.2 - October 7, 2012

    Remove superfluous comment
    The amount returned if the total is 0 should always be 100 (as in 100%) and \ 
not the DEFAULT_TOTAL. Even though they currently happen to be the same number.
    return DEFAULT_TOTAL for percentage_completed of total is zero, fixing \ 
    Use io/console where available.
    Add tmux notifications to Guardfile
    Bundler is not a development dependency
    Hashes are not ordered and therefore when looking for the time mocking \ 
method, we weren't selecting the proper one. Switched to an Array instead.
    Update development gems
    Move ruby-prof into the Gemfile so it is only loaded when it's MRI Ruby
    Add a script for benchmarking
    Now that we're memoizing Format::Base#bar_molecules, just use it to \ 
calculate how many bar molecules are left
    Limit the API of the Format.Base class by making #non_bar_molecules and \ 
#bar_molecules private
    Move Formatter#process into Format::Base because it is much more concerned \ 
with the format
    Remove the Kernel#tap in Formatter#process and just use an instance variable \ 
    Now that we're not reparsing the format string each time, we can save some \ 
cycles by memoizing the Format::Base#non_bar_molecules and #bar_molecules
    When setting the format string, if it hasn't changed, we don't need to reparse it
    Extract the logic of setting the format string out into its own private \ 
method ProgressBar::Formatter#format_string=
    Add 'ruby-prof' to the project as a development gem

Version v1.0.1 - August 28, 2012

    Add Ruby 1.8.7 back into Travis CI build
    Fixing string slice bug
    Add a Rakefile
    Update .gitignore
    Add Rake to the Gemfile

Version v1.0.0 - August 18, 2012

    Remove 1.8 from the Ruby Travis builds
    Add a spec for the %% molecule
    Fix bug where a progress bar with an integrated percentage miscalculated the \ 
space it was taking up
    fix @terminal_width and bar_width calculation
    Fix more README typos
    Set the default bar mark to '='
    Make sure to blow up if a molecule is not value
    It's not sufficient to say that a molecule is 'a percent sign followed by \ 
something that isn't a percent sign', we need to force it to be followed by a \ 
    Fix   problems in the README
    Update the formatting to make sure the %b and %i formatting molecules can \ 
coexist with each other
    Now that we can use the %b and %i flags, we can create a mirrored bar simply \ 
by using a format string of '%i%b' and therefore this extra code is no longer \ 
    Make sure that when the timer is started, then stopped, then started again, \ 
it should not register as stopped?
    Allow %i to be used display the incomplete space of the bar
    Update ProgressBar::Formatter#format to reset the bar style to default if it \ 
is called without passing in a format string
    Allow the %b molecule to be used to display the bar only without incomplete space
    Update the %B format test to be more reasonable
    Make the %w molecule only return the bar with the percentage instead of \ 
including empty space
    Remove the length argument when calling ProgressBar::Components::Bar#to_s \ 
and instead set the attribute
    Rename ProgressBar::Formatter#bar to #complete_bar
    Change the %b (bar with percentage) format molecule to %w
    Swap the meaning of the %b and %B molecules
    There was a typo in the example formats in the README. The literal percent \ 
sign needs to be included in the format string
    Make sure the '%%' molecule is formatted properly
    Little refactoring on the ProgressBar::Formatter#process method
    README update
    Remove all of the ProgressBar::Base#update calls and convert to method calls \ 
that take a block #with_update
    Add an "In The Weeds" section to the README
    Add 'It's better than some other library' section to the README
    Add contributors to the README
    Add supported Rubies to the README
    Tons of README formatting updates
    Add time-mocking information to the README
    If Time is being mocked via Delorean, make sure that the progress bar always \ 
uses the unmocked time
    If Time is being mocked via Timecop, make sure that the progress bar always \ 
uses the unmocked time
    When testing, make sure that we're able to always get the proper version of \ 
now that we need for our particular spec
    When calling ProgressBar::Time.now allow a Time-like object to be passed in
    Add a ruby-progressbar-specific implementation of Time to encapsulate the \ 
business logic
    Extract the notion of now into a method on the Timer module
    Remove extra private
    Use inheritance to put title= in the Formatter module where it belongs
    I didn't notice that #total and #progress were available in the Formatter module
    Move logic specific to the modules into those modules and use the \ 
inheritance chain to get at them
    Evidently Travis is having issues with Rubinius so we'll remove them from \ 
our .travis.yml file to get a passing build
    Try and get better 1.8.7 compatibility when checking the end character in \ 
the progressbar string
    Add the Travis-CI build status to the README
    Add the Travis-CI configuration file
    Update the other deprecation warnings outside of ProgressBar::Base
    Add the remaining method deprecation/warning messages
    Use a little metaprogramming to further dry up the deprecation messages
    fixup! c3e6991988107ab45ac3dac380750b287db3bc2e
    When displaying deprecation warnings for methods, only show them one time; \ 
not every time the method is invoked
    Dry up the warning messages in ProgressBar::Depreciable
    Move ProgressBar::Base#backwards_compatible_args_to_options_conversion to \ 
the ProgressBar::Depreciable module
    Add a new ProgressBar::Depreciable module to encapsulate all of the \ 
deprecation logic
    Forgot to return the options hash from \ 
    Add the old bar_mark= method back so it's more backwards compatible
    Update deprecation warnings to expire June 30th, 2013 instead of October \ 
30th, 2013
    Update the README to reflect the new syntax for creating a ProgressBar
    Override ProgressBar.new and remain backward compatible with the pre-1.0 \ 
versions of the gem
    Convert the ProgressBar module to a class so that we can...
    Add ProgressBar::Base#progress and #total
    Update the gemspec
    Update the EstimatedTimer specs when smoothing is turned off such that the \ 
#decrement spec is sufficiently different from the smoothing on #decrement spec
    Update EstimatedTimer specs when smoothing is turned off to be more \ 
consistent with the new smoothing specs
    Add EstimatedTimer specs to test when smoothing is turned on
    Update the spec text for the EstimatedTimer class so that it doesn't contain \ 
the actual expected value but rather the general expectation
    Extract smoothing into its own let variable
    Add notes to the README about smoothing
    Invert the smoothing value such that 0.0 is no smoothing and 1.0 is maximum \ 
    Set the default smoothing value to 0.9
    Convert the EstimatedTime#estimated_seconds_remaining over to using the \ 
running average
    Tell the Progressable module to update the running average any time the \ 
progress is set
    Add the notion of a smoothing variable to the Progressable module for use \ 
when calculating the running average
    Introduce Progressable#running_average and reset it any time \ 
Progressable#start is called
    Add a RunningAverageCalculator so we can offload the logic for calculating \ 
running averages in our Progressables
    Always refer to total using the accessor rather than the instance variable
    Fix place where we were using a literal string for our time format rather \ 
than the TIME_FORMAT constant
    Make the Progressable initializer optional
    Fix README mistake regarding out of bounds ETAs
    In Progressable, rather than accessing the starting_position instance \ 
variable, use an accessor
    Rather than having the logic in multiple places, use Progressable#start \ 
where possible
    Update the Progressable module to always reference the progress accessor \ 
rather than the instance variable
    Add the ability to customize the bar's title in real time
    Add a note to the README about customizing the bar in real time
    Add notes to the README about overriding the bar's length
    Update the deprecation date of
    Upgrade the README to describe the new 'integrated percentage' formatting option
    Update Ruby version in .rvmrc
    Replace @out.print with @out.write to work better in dumb terminal like \ 
Emacs' M-x shell.
    Document the smoothing attribute a little better.
    Rewrote smoothing stuff to something better.
    Offload handling of weird time values to format_time (isn't that its job?) ;-)
    Added "smoothing" attribute (default 0.9). It can be set to nil to \ 
use the old ETA code.
    Make time estimate a smoothed moving average
    Use the inherited #initialize
    Add a format where the bar has an integrated percentage
    Just always run all specs
    Alias stopped? to paused?
    If the bar is completed, show the elapsed time, otherwise show the estimated time
    estimated_time to estimated_time_with_no_oob
    Add a Guardfile
    Add the ability to set the progress mark at any point
    Upgrade RSpec in the Gemfile
    Allow :focused w/o the '=> true'
    More gem updates. Include guard
    Unindent private methods
    And again
    Consistency is key
    And again
    Change to new date and repo
    Upgraded RSpec uses RSpec not Rspec
    Not sure why I did this here
    Upgrade RSpec and SimpleCov
    Bump Ruby version to 1.9.3
    allow to customize the #title_width
    Detect whether the output device is a terminal, and use a simplified output \ 
strategy when it is not.
    Use 1.9 compatible require in test.
    Add tests for Timecop and Delorean time mocking
    Make Progressbar resistant to time mocking
    Automatically tag gem builds as Date.today
    Replace the Bar's instance variable references
    Remove Options Parser
    The starting value should be passed on #start
    Remove Title class for now
    Change 'reversed bar' to 'mirrored bar'
    Rename out to output and access w/o variable
    Change default output to STDOUT
    Rename output_stream to output
    Rename current to progress
    Update README
    Add #decrement to the progress bar
    Backwards compatibility for instantiation
    Create with_timers helper
    Update spec_helper with new root gem file
    Update gemspec with new license file
    Update gemspec to auto-update Date
    Add deprecation and backwards compatibility helprs
    Add SimpleCov to the project
    Rename 'beginning_position' option to 'started_at'
    Fix require files
    Update README
    Update README
    Update README
    Remove Test::Unit test cases which are covered
    Replace licenses with the MIT license
    Begin updating README
    Add .gitignore
    Fix 'ArgumentError: negative argument' when using with Spork
    Bar can be forcibly stopped
    Autostart for now
    Add ability to pause/resume progress bar
    Bar resets the elapsed time when reset.
    Bar resets the estimated time when reset.
    Timers can now be reset
    #start determines #reset position
    On #reset, bar goes back to its starting position
    Bar can be reset back to 0
    Fix test typo
    Fix tests
    Reminder for autostart
    Move #title
    Delete unneeded code
    Stop Elapsed Timer on finish
    Progressable components finish properly
    Refactor out common 'Progressable' functionality
    Prepare for more 'finish' functionality
    Refactor common Timer functionality into a module
    Bar outputs a \n when it's finished
    Bar can now be "finished"
    Remove unnecessary (for now) code
    Resizing algorithm is much smarter
    Fix length_changed? check
    Move formatting methods and make them private
    Create #inspect method
    Remove implemented methods
    We have a LICENSE file. No need for this.
    Fix output problem
    Always show 2 decimal places with precise percentage
    Elapsed Time works properly with progress bar
    Estimated Timer works properly with progress bar
    %r format string works properly
    Estimated Timer can now be incremented
    Bar graphic can now be reversed
    Remove method arguments from molecule
    %e, %E and %f format the estimated time correctly
    Include Molecule specs
    Estimated Timer works with out of bounds times
    Estimated Timer displays estimated time correctly
    Estimated Timer displays unknown time remaining
    Estimated Time can now be displayed
    Make Timer work properly
    Move bar_spec to the proper locale
    Elapsed Time can now be displayed
    Percentage information can now be displayed
    Capacity information can now be displayed
    Move Bar and Title into Components submodule
    Base refactoring work laid out
    Add RSpec support files
    Create a Gemfile and other infrastructure files
    Update gemspec
    Fix to failing test: Adjusting the path to progressbar.rb file
    accessor for alternate bar mark
    Updated gem name to match project (so it would build)
    Add a gemspec.
    Move progressbar.rb into lib/.
    Add LICENSE files.
    Get rid of the ChangeLog. That's what revision logs are for.
    Make the readme use Markdown.
    Initial commit (based on Ruby/ProgressBar 0.9).