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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.2.5, Package name: zeromq-4.2.5, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The 0MQ lightweight messaging kernel is a library which extends the
standard socket interfaces with features traditionally provided by
specialised messaging middleware products. 0MQ sockets provide an
abstraction of asynchronous message queues, multiple messaging
patterns, message filtering (subscriptions), seamless access to
multiple transport protocols and more.

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SHA1: 1132f839d703486c4ee1cf22f056585dfbb329c2
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   2018-07-14 20:19:16 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
zeromq: updated to 4.2.5

0MQ version 4.2.5 stable:
* Fixed 3018 - fix backward-incompatible change in the NULL auth
                mechanism that slipped in 4.2.3 and made connections
                with a ZAP domain set on a socket but without a working
                ZAP handler fail. See ZMQ_ZAP_ENFORCE_DOMAIN and RFC27.
* Fixed 3016 - clarify in zmq_close manpage that the operation will
                complete asynchronously.
* Fixed 3012 - fix CMake build problem when using LIBZMQ_WERROR and a
                compiler other than GCC.

0MQ version 4.2.4 stable:
* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) socket options:
  - ZMQ_LOOPBACK_FASTPATH to enable faster TCP loopback on Windows
  - ZMQ_METADATA to set application-specific metadata on a socket
  See doc/zmq_setsockopt.txt and doc/zmq_getsockopt.txt for details.
* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) context options:
  - ZMQ_ZERO_COPY_RECV to disable zero-copy receive to save memory
    at the expense of slower performance
  See doc/zmq_ctx_set.txt and doc/zmq_ctx_get.txt for details.
* New DRAFT API zmq_stopwatch_intermediate which returns the time
  elapsed without stopping the stopwatch.
* TIPC: support addressing TIPC Port Identity addresses.
* Added CMake option to disable tests: BUILD_TESTS
* Added CMake and autotools make targets to support clang-formatter:
  make clang-format, clang-format-check and clang-format-diff to
  help developers make sure their code conforms to the style guidelines
* For distributors: a new test framework has been added, which
  includes a copy of the Unity source code. This source code library is
  distributed under the MIT license and thus is compatible with
  libzmq's LGPL3.
* Fixed 2867 - add ZeroMQConfig.cmake.in to distributable tarball
* Fixed 2868 - fix OpenBSD build
* Fixed 2870 - fix VC++ 11.0 (VS2012) build
* Fixed 2879 - prevent duplicate connections on PUB sockets
* Fixed 2872 - fix CMake tests on Windows
* Fixed 2895 - fix assert on Windows with POLL
* Fixed 2920 - fix Windows build with Intel compiler
* Fixed 2930 - use std::atomic when available with VC++ and VS2015
* Fixed 2910 - fix race condition with ZMQ_LINGER socket option
* Fixed 2927 - add support for ZMQ_XPUB_NODROP on ZMQ_RADIO
* Fixed 2820 - further clarify ZMQ_XPUB_VERBOSE(R) documentation.
* Fixed 2911 - ZMQ_DISH over UDP triggers errno_assert() after hitting
* Fixed 2942 - ZMQ_PUB crash when due to high volume of subscribe and
                unsubscribe messages, an unmatched unsubscribe message is
                received in certain conditions
* Fixed 2946 - fix Windows CMake build when BUILD_SHARED is off
* Fixed 2960 - fix build with GCC 8
* Fixed 2967 - fix race condition on thread safe sockets due to pthread
                condvar timeouts on OSX
* Fixed 2977 - fix TIPC build-time availability check to be more relaxed
* Fixed 2966 - add support for WindRiver VxWorks 6.x
* Fixed 2963 - fix some PVS Studio static analysis warnings
* Fixed 2983 - fix MinGW cross-compilation
* Fixed 2991 - fix mutex assert at shutdown when the zmq context is part
                of a class declared as a global static
   2018-01-16 10:15:28 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
zeromq: Requires C99.
   2018-01-13 19:22:42 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
zeromq: updated to 4.2.3

version 4.2.3 stable:

* API change: previously ZMQ_POLLOUT on a ZMQ_ROUTER socket returned always
  true due to how the type works. When ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY is set, sending
  fails when the peer is not available, but ZMQ_POLLOUT always returns true
  anyway, which does not make sense. Now when ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY is set,
  ZMQ_POLLOUT on a ZMQ_ROUTER will return true only if at least one peer is
  Given ZMQ_POLLOUT with ZMQ_ROUTER was not usable at all previously, we do
  not consider this a breakage warranting a major or minor version increase.

* ZMQ_IDENTITY has been renamed to ZMQ_ROUTING_ID and ZMQ_CONNECT_RID has been
  renamed to ZMQ_CONNTECT_ROUTING_ID to disambiguate. ZMQ_IDENTITY and
  ZMQ_CONNECT_RID are still available to keep backward compatibility, and will
  be removed in a future release after further advance notice.

* DRAFT API change: zmq_poller_wait, zmq_poller_wait_all and zmq_poller_poll
  have been changed to be inline with other existing APIs that have a timeout
  to return EAGAIN instead of ETIMEDOUT as the errno value.

* Existing non-DRAFT socket types ZMQ_REP/REQ, ZMQ_ROUTER/DEALER and
  ZMQPUB/SUB, that were previously declared deprecated, have been reinstated
  as stable and supported.

* Tweetnacl: add support for, and use preferably if available, getrandom() as
  a simpler and less error-prone alternative to /dev/urandom on OSes where it
  is available (eg: Linux 3.18 with glibc 2.25).

* Curve: all remaining traces of debug output to console are now removed, and
  new DRAFT events are available to properly debug CURVE, PLAIN, GSSAPI and
  ZAP events and failures. See below for details on the new events.

* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) socket options:
    the corresponding GSSAPI features. Additional definitions for principal
    name types:
    See doc/zmq_gssapi.txt for details.
  - ZMQ_BINDTODEVICE (Linux only), which will bind the socket(s) to the
    specified interface. Allows to use Linux VRF, see:
    https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentatio … ng/vrf.txt
    NOTE: requires the program to be ran as root OR with CAP_NET_RAW
  - ZMQ_ZAP_ENFORCE_DOMAIN, enables strict RFC 27 compatibility mode and makes
    the ZAP Domain mandatory when using security. See:
  See doc/zmq_setsockopt.txt and doc/zmq_getsockopt.txt for details.

* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) context options:
    to add and remove CPUs to the affinity set of the I/O threads. Useful to pin
    the background threads to specific CPUs.
  - ZMQ_THREAD_NAME_PREFIX (Posix only), to add a specific integer prefix to the
    background threads names, to easily identify them for debugging purposes.
  See doc/zmq_ctx_set.txt and doc/zmq_ctx_get.txt for details.

* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) message property name definitions to facilitate
  the use of zmq_msg_gets:
  See doc/zmq_msg_gets.txt for details.

* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) API zmq_socket_get_peer_state, to be used to
  query the state of a specific peer (via routing-id) of a ZMQ_ROUTER socket.

* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) Socket Monitor events:
  - ZMQ_EVENT_HANDSHAKE_FAILED_NO_DETAIL, unknown system error and returns errno
  - ZMQ_EVENT_HANDSHAKE_SUCCEEDED, handshake was successful
  - ZMQ_EVENT_HANDSHAKE_FAILED_PROTOCOL, protocol errors between peers or server
    and ZAP handler. Returns one of ZMQ_PROTOCOL_ERROR_* - see manpage for list
  - ZMQ_EVENT_HANDSHAKE_FAILED_AUTH, failed authentication, returns ZAP status
  These events trigger when the ZMTP security mechanism handshake is
  completed or failed. See doc/zmq_socket_monitor.txt for more information.

* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) zmq_proxy_steerable command 'STATISTICS' to
  retrieve stats about the amount of messages and bytes sent and received by
  the proxy. See doc/zmq_proxy_steerable.txt for more information.

* Add new autoconf --disable-libunwind option to stop building with libunwind
  even if it is available.

* Add new autoconf --disable-Werror option to avoid building with the Werror

* Use pkg-config as the first method for finding and building with external
  optional dependencies such as libnorm, libpgm and gssapi.

* On Posix platform where the feature is available, name the ZMQ background
  threads to simplify debugging: "ZMQbg/<num_thread>"

* Improve performance of zmq_poller_* (and zmq_poll and zmq_proxy when building
  with DRAFT APIs enabled).

* The TCP unit tests have been refactored to bind and connect to random ports
  rather than hard-coded ones, to allow running tests in parallel.
  There are 6 exceptions where it is necessary to use an hard-coded port to
  test specific code paths that would not be exercised when binding to a
  wildcard port. These are listed in tests/testutil.hpp so that distributions
  can easily patch them if they wish to and so that they can be unique across
  all the tests, allowing parallel runs.
  The IPC unit tests have been changed as well to use unique socket file names
  per test, where before there were some clashes.

* Fixed 2349 - fix building with libsodium when using CMake

* Fixed 2334 - do not assert when tuning socket options fails due to network
  errors, but simply retry again when connecting or send a socket monitor
  ZMQ_EVENT_ACCEPT_FAILED event when binding

* Fixed 2341 - fix source files path in VS2015 solution

* Fixed 2344 - Note that on Windows with VS2012 it is mandatory to increase
  the default stack size to at least 2MB

* Fixed 2348 - ZMQ_ROUTER send with ZMQ_ROUTER_MANDATORY can be stuck in case of
  network problem

* Fixed 2358 - occasional abort on zmq_connect on Windows

* Fixed 2370 - zmq_curve_keypair should return an error on failure rather
  than ignoring them and always returning 0

* Fixed 2452 - __STDC_LIMIT_MACROS before precompiled headers causes VC++

* Fixed 2457 - fix building with libsodium in Visual Studio solutions

* Fixed 2466 - add const qualifier to internal and public API that does not
  modify parameters

* Fixed 2471 - do more checks for OOM conditions when dynamic allocations is

* Fixed 2476 - assertion causes abort after ZAP stop at shutdown

* Fixed 2479 - improve zmq_poller performance on Windows

* Fixed 2481 - potential memory leaks due to ZMTP handshake failures

* Fixed 2531 - ZMQ_GSSAPI_PRINCIPAL sockopt has no effect on client side

* Fixed 2535 - add BUILD_SHARED and BUILD_STATIC options to CMake, both on by
  default, to toggle shared and static library builds

* Fixed 2537 - use SYSTEM_CLOCK on OSX and CLOCK_MONOTONIC elsewhere for
  internal timers to avoid races

* Fixed 2540 - new zmq_poller used by zmq_poll without DRAFTs

* Fixed 2552 - Fix WITH_DOC CMake build to avoid checking for asciidoc if the
  option is disabled

* Fixed 2567 - Memory leak in REP socket handling

* Fixed 2579 - Compilation issue on Windows with CMake + ninja

* Fixed 2588 - SIGBUS under 64-bit SunOS Sparc

* Fixed 2590 - crash when using ZMQ_IMMEDIATE and ZMQ_LINGER to non-zero

* Fixed 2601 - XPUB_MANUAL subscriptions not removed on peer term

* Fixed 2602 - intermittent memory leak for ZMQ_REQ/REP send/recv

* Fixed 2608 - CURVE server (connect) fails when client rebinds

* Fixed 2610 - print backtraces in mutual exclusion to avoid mixing
  different traces

* Fixed 2621 - add missing CMake files to distributable tarball

* Fixed 2630 - improve compatibility with OpenBSD w.r.t. IPV6_V6ONLY

* Fixed 2638 - note in INSTALL that when using Windows builds on Linux with
  Wine it is necessary to increase the minimum TCP buffers

* Fixed 2632 - Fix file descriptor leak when using Tweetnacl (internal NACL
  implementation) instead of Libsodium, and fix race condition when using
  multiple ZMQ contexts with Tweetnacl

* Fixed 2681 - Possible buffer overflow in CURVE mechanism handshake.
  NOTE: this was protected by an assert previously, so there is no security

* Fixed 2704 - test_sockopt_hwm fails occasionally on Windows

* Fixed 2701 - pgm build via cmake doesn't link libzmq with libpgm

* Fixed 2711 - ZAP handler communication errors should be handled consistently

* Fixed 2723 - assertion in src\select.cpp:111 or hang on zmq_ctx_destroy on

* Fixed 2728 - fix support O_CLOEXEC when building with CMake

* Fixed 2761 - improve compatibility with TrueOS (FreeBSD 12)

* Fixed 2764 - do not unlink IPC socket files when closing a socket to avoid
  race conditions

* Fixed 2770 - support lcov 1.13 and newer

* Fixed 2787 - add libiphlpapi to PKGCFG_LIBS_PRIVATE for static mingw builds

* Fixed 2788 - document that adding -DZMQ_STATIC is required for Windows
  static builds with Mingw

* Fixed 2789 - description of zmq_atomic_counter_value return value is cloned
  from zmq_atomic_counter_new

* Fixed 2791 - fix building with DRAFT APIs on CentOS 6

* Fixed 2794 - router_t methods should not allocate memory for lookup in

* Fixed 2809 - optimize select() usage on Windows

* Fixed 2816 - add CMake and autoconf check for accept4, as it is not
  available on old Linux releases, and fallback to accept + FD_CLOEXEC

* Fixed 2824 - ZMQ_REQ socket does not report ZMQ_POLLOUT when ZMQ_REQ_RELAXED
  is set

* Fixed 2827 - add support for Haiku

* Fixed 2840 - fix building with VS2008

* Fixed 2845 - correct the ZMQ_LINGER documentation to accurately reflect that
  the default value is -1 (infinite). It never was 30 second in any released
  version, it was only changed briefly and then changed back, but the manpage
  was not reverted.

* Fixed 2861 - CMake/MSVC: export ZMQ_STATIC when needed.
   2017-08-13 19:10:45 by Adam Ciarcinski | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
version 4.2.2:
* Improve compatibility with GNU Hurd
* Fixed 2286 - improve CMake on Windows documentation
* Fixed 1235 - improved compatibility with mingw64
* Improve zmq_proxy documentation to state it can return ETERM as well
* Fixed 1442 - SO_NOSIGPIPE and connection closing by peer race condition
* Improve CMake functionality on Windows: ZeroMQConfig.cmake generation CPack
  option, correct static library filename, ship FindSodium.cmake in tarball
* Fixed 2228 - setting HWM after connect on inproc transport leads to infinite
* Add support for Visual Studio 2017
* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) zmq_has option "draft" option that returns
  true if the library was built with DRAFT enabled. Useful for FFI bindings.
  See doc/zmq_has.txt for more information
* Fixed 2321 - zmq_z85_decode does not validate its input. The function has
  been fixed to correctly follow RFC32 and return NULL if the input is invalid
* Fixed 2323 - clock_t related crash on Apple iOS 9.3.2 and 9.3.5
* Fixed 1801 - OSX: Cmake installs libzmq in a weird PATH
* Fixed potential divide by zero in zmq::lb_t::sendpipe
* Improve compatibility with OpenIndiana by skipping epoll and using poll/select
* Fix IPv4-in-IPv6 mapped addresses parsing error
   2017-05-03 10:38:46 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (95)
Log message:
Convert CXXFLAGS setting C++ standard to USE_LANGUAGES.
   2017-02-08 19:15:44 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
zeromq: document the fact that the patches are only needed for netbsd<8
now, since netbsd 8 will have accept4. it'll be a long time before they're
safe to remove, and we'll probably forget why they're here by then.
   2017-02-03 17:39:16 by Maya Rashish | Files touched by this commit (3)
Log message:
zeromq: fix build on NetBSD. it has SOCK_CLOEXEC, but no accept4.
it's expected to use paccept instead. do this.

tests 75/78 passing
   2017-02-02 11:09:53 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (7) | Package updated
Log message:
Update net/zeromq to 4.2.1.

0MQ version 4.2.1 stable, released on 2016/12/31
* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) Socket Monitor events:
  These events trigger when the ZMTP security mechanism handshake is
  completed. See doc/zmq_socket_monitor.txt for more information.
* New DRAFT (see NEWS for 4.2.0) Context options:
  See doc/zmq_ctx_get.txt for more information.
* Fixed #2268 - improved compatibility with mingw32
* Fixed #2254 - ZMQ_PUB compatibility with libzmq 2.x broken
* Fixed #2245 - added support for VS2017, Windows SDK 10.0.14393.0, toolset v141
* Fixed #2242 - file descriptors leaks on fork+exec
* Fixed #2239 - retired poller item crash from reaper thread
* Fixed #2234 - improved compatibility with AIX 7.1
* Fixed #2225 - cannot pick select for poller
* Fixed #2217 - CMake build uses library version as the ABI version
* Fixed #2208 - added support for ZMQ_TOS on IPv6
* Fixed #2200 - no documentation for ZMQ_SOCKS_PROXY
* Fixed #2199 - no documentation for zmq_curve_public
* Fixed #2196 - fixed build and runtime errors on kFreeBSD

0MQ version 4.2.0 stable, released on 2016/11/04
* For Pieter. Thanks for making all of this possible.
  "Tell them I was a writer.
   A maker of software.
   A humanist. A father.
   And many things.
   But above all, a writer.
   Thank You. :)"
   - Pieter Hintjens
* This release introduces new APIs, but it is ABI compatible with
  libzmq 4.1.2 and up.
* Note for ARM and SPARC users: an alignment problem in zmq_msg_t that could in
  some cases and on some CPUs cause a SIGBUS error was solved, but it requires
  a rebuild of your application against the 4.2.0 version of include/zmq.h.
  To clarify, this change does not affect the internals of the library but only
  the public definition of zmq_msg_t, so there is no ABI incompatibility.
* Security with Curve is now available by default thanks to Tweetnacl sources:
  Libsodium is still fully supported but has to be enabled with the build flag
  --with-libsodium. Distribution and package maintainers are encouraged to use
  libsodium so that the security implementation can be audited and maintained
* New Context options:
  See doc/zmq_ctx_set.txt and doc/zmq_ctx_get.txt for details.
* New Socket options:
  See doc/zmq_setsockopt.txt and doc/zmq_getsockopt.txt for details.
* New CURVE helper function to derive z85 public key from secret key:
* New cross-platform atomic counter helper functions:
    zmq_atomic_counter_new, zmq_atomic_counter_set, zmq_atomic_counter_inc,
    zmq_atomic_counter_dec, zmq_atomic_counter_value, zmq_atomic_counter_destroy
  See doc/zmq_atomic_*.txt for details.
* New DRAFT APIs early-release mechanism. New APIs will be introduced early
  in public releases, and until they are stabilized and guaranteed not to
  change anymore they will be unavailable unless the new build flag
  --enable-drafts is used. This will allow developers and early adopters to
  test new APIs before they are finalized.
  NOTE: as the name implies, NO GUARANTEE is made on the stability of these APIs.
  They might change or disappear entirely. Distributions are recommended NOT to
  build with them.
  New socket types have been introduced in DRAFT state:
  All these sockets are THREAD SAFE, unlike the existing socket types. They do
  NOT support multipart messages (ZMQ_SNDMORE/ZMQ_RCVMORE).
  ZMQ_RADIO, ZMQ_DISH and ZMQ_DGRAM also support UDP as transport,
  both unicast and multicast. See doc/zmq_udp.txt for more details.
  New methods to support the new socket types functionality:
    zmq_join, zmq_leave, zmq_msg_set_routing_id, zmq_msg_routing_id,
    zmq_msg_set_group, zmq_msg_group
  See doc/zmq_socket.txt for more details.
  New poller mechanism and APIs have been introduced in DRAFT state:
    zmq_poller_new, zmq_poller_destroy, zmq_poller_add, zmq_poller_modify,
    zmq_poller_remove, zmq_poller_wait, zmq_poller_wait_all, zmq_poller_add_fd
    zmq_poller_modify_fd, zmq_poller_remove_fd
  and a new supporting struct typedef: zmq_poller_event_t
  They support existing socket type, new thread-safe socket types and file
  descriptors (cross-platform).
  Documentation will be made available in the future before these APIs are declared
  New cross-platform timers helper functions have been introduced in DRAFT state:
    zmq_timers_new, zmq_timers_destroy, zmq_timers_add, zmq_timers_cancel,
    zmq_timers_set_interval, zmq_timers_reset, zmq_timers_timeout,
  and a new supporting callback typedef: zmq_timer_fn
* Many, many bug fixes. The most important fixes are backported and captured in the
  4.1.x and 4.0.x changelogs.

0MQ version 4.2.0 rc1, released on 2016/11/01
* Many changes, see ChangeLog.

0MQ version 4.1.6 stable, released on 2016/11/01
* Fixed #2051 - getifaddrs can fail with ECONNREFUSED
* Fixed #2091 - testutil.hpp fails to build on Windows XP
* Fixed #2096 - add tests/CMakeLists.in and version.rc.in to dist tar
* Fixed #2107 - zmq_connect with IPv6 "source:port;dest:port" broken
* Fixed #2117 - ctx_term assert with inproc zmq_router connect-before-bind
* Fixed #2158 - Socket monitor uses internal Pair from multiple threads
* Fixed #2161 - messages dropped due to HWM race
* Fixed #1325 - alignment issue with zmq_msg_t causes SIGBUS on SPARC and ARM

0MQ version 4.1.5 stable, released on 2016/06/17
* Fixed #1673 - CMake on Windows put PDB in wrong directory.
* Fixed #1723 - Family is not set when resolving NIC on Android.
* Fixed #1608 - Windows 7 TCP slow start issue.
* Fixed #1806 - uninitialised read in curve getsockopt.
* Fixed #1807 - build broken with GCC 6.
* Fixed #1831 - potential assertion failure with latest libsodium.
* Fixed #1850 - detection issues with tweetnacl/libsodium.
* Fixed #1877 - Avoid terminating connections prematurely
* Fixed #1887 - zmq_bind IPv4 fallback still tries IPv6
* Fixed #1866 - fails to build on SunOS 5.10 / Solaris 10
* Fixed #919 - ZMQ_LINGER (related to #1877)
* Fixed #114 - cannot unbind with same endpoint with IPv6 enabled.
* Fixed #1952 - CMake scripts not part of release tarballs
* Fixed #1542 - Fix a crash on Windows when port 5905 is in use.
* Fixed #2021 - Fix building on sparc32.