New packages New packages, past week:


          COMMENT: The Most Popular Replication Manager for PostgreSQL (Postgres)
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Statistics collection daemon - write_prometheus plugin
          MAINTAINER(S): filip


          COMMENT: Documentation for tex-fvextra
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Extensions and patches for fancyvrb
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Open compressed files transparently
          MAINTAINER(S): bacon


          COMMENT: Port knocking via Single Packet Authorization (SPA)
          MAINTAINER(S): khorben


          COMMENT: IM(egg) for (Free)Wnn, Canna, sj3 and Anthy
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Fish-like autosuggestions for Zsh
          MAINTAINER(S): minskim


          COMMENT: Detect confusable usage of unicode homoglyphs
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Das U-Boot, the Universal Boot Loader (jetson-tk1_defconfig)
          MAINTAINER(S): port-arm


          COMMENT: Documentation for tex-make4ht
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: A build system for tex4ht
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Libretro core based on the Caprice32 Amstrad CPC emulator
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Libretro core based on the melonDS emulator
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: PHP extension for debugging
          MAINTAINER(S): jdolecek


          COMMENT: Python package providing useful locks
          MAINTAINER(S): triaxx


          COMMENT: Implementation of time.monotonic() for Python
          MAINTAINER(S): triaxx