New packages New packages, past week:


          COMMENT: Python bindings for the Qwt QT4 C++ class library
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: All of the zeromq blocks, utilities, and examples
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Machine learning algorithms for Python
          MAINTAINER(S): filip


          COMMENT: Command line client for
          MAINTAINER(S): root
          Also listed in: filesystems/megatools


          COMMENT: Platform-neutral API for system level and libc like functions (hg version)
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Libraries to support development of security-enabled applications (hg version)
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Scintilla C++ editor class for Qt5
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Web browser with support for extensions (hg version)
          MAINTAINER(S): ryoon


          COMMENT: Cross platform make
          MAINTAINER(S): wiz


          COMMENT: Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libgcrypt
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Osmocom Mirics MSi2500 + MSi001 SDR library
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users


          COMMENT: Linux compatibility package for libgcrypt
          MAINTAINER(S): pkgsrc-users