./print/tex-tcolorbox, Coloured boxes, for LaTeX examples and theorems, etc

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 4.11, Package name: tex-tcolorbox-4.11, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The package provides an environment for coloured and framed
text boxes with a heading line. Optionally, such a box may be
split in an upper and a lower part; thus the package may be
used for the setting of LaTeX examples where one part of the
box displays the source code and the other part shows the
output. Another common use case is the setting of theorems. The
package supports saving and reuse of source code and text

Required to run:
[print/tex-pgf] [print/kpathsea] [fonts/tex-psnfss] [print/tex-oberdiek] [fonts/tex-marvosym] [print/tex-listings] [print/tex-ifluatex] [devel/tex-etoolbox] [devel/tex-l3packages] [graphics/tex-incgraph]

Required to build:

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   2017-10-23 03:19:56 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
tex-tcolorbox{,-doc}: update to 4.11

- Standard internal minipage settings changed from 'c' to 'b' which
should fix some glitches
   2017-08-17 05:30:07 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update tex-tcolorbox{,-doc} to 4.10

- new options:
  'inherit height', 'verbatim ignore percent'
- library 'skins'
  * new style 'enhanced standard jigsaw'
- library 'magazine':
  * new macro: '\ifboxarrayempty'
- library 'breakable':
  * option 'break at' allows negative values now.
  * the algorithm for breaks inside a multicolumn environment was
improved (user code may be affected by this change).
  * new macro: '\tcbbreak'
- library 'minted':
  * the default settings for 'minted options'
    are supplemented by 'breaklines,autogobble'
- new library 'poster'
  * new macros and environments:
    'tcbposter',  '\tcbposterset', '\posterbox', 'posterboxenv',
    'tcbposterwidth', 'tcbposterheight', 'tcbpostercolspacing',
'tcbposterrowspacing', 'tcbpostercolumns', 'tcbposterrows',
'tcbpostercolwidth', 'tcbposterrowheight'
  * new options:
    'poster', 'columns', 'rows', 'colspacing', 'rowspacing', 'spacing',
    'showframe', 'width', 'height', 'prefix', 'coverage', 'no coverage',
    'boxes', 'fontsize', 'name', 'column', 'column*', 'span', 'row',
'rowspan', 'fixed height', 'below', 'above', 'at', 'between',
'sequence', 'placeholder', 'xshift', 'yshift'
- New example file 'tcolorbox-example-poster'
- New tutorial 'tcolorbox-tutorial-poster' for poster creation
   2017-06-21 15:25:35 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (99) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to TeXlive 2017

  Updated fonts/tex-raleway{,-doc} to 1.4
  Updated print/tex-readarray{,-doc} to 2.0
  Updated graphics/tex-repere{,-doc} to 17.05
  Updated fonts/tex-sansmathfonts{,-doc} to 2017
  Updated print/tex-siunitx{,-doc} to 2.7g
  Updated fonts/tex-sourcesanspro{,-doc} to 2.6
  Updated print/tex-sttools{,-doc} to 2.0
  Updated print/tex-tcolorbox{,-doc} to 4.03
  Updated print/tex-tetex{,-doc} to 3.0.44331
  Updated print/tex-tex4ht{,-doc} to 2017
  Updated print/tex-texconfig{,-doc} to 2017
  Updated print/tex-texdoc{,-doc} to 2017
  Updated print/tex-texinfo to 5.1.43137
  Updated print/tex-texlive.infra to 2017
  Updated print/tex-texlive-scripts to 2017
  Updated graphics/tex-tikzmark{,-doc} to 1.3
  Updated graphics/tex-tikzsymbols{,-doc} to 4.02
  Updated print/tex-todonotes{,-doc} to 1.0.5
  Updated print/tex-tools{,-doc} to 2017
  Updated print/tex-toptesi{,-doc} to 5.9.06
  Updated print/tex-udesoftec{,-doc} to 1.6.0
  Updated print/tex-updmap-map to 2017
  Updated fonts/tex-xcharter{,-doc} to 1.08
  Updated print/tex-xdvi to 22.87.03
   2017-01-20 22:44:01 by Mark Davies | Files touched by this commit (109)
Log message:
Add tex-abntex2{,-doc} 1.9.6
 Typeset technical and scientific Brazilian documents based on ABNT rules
Add tex-blindtext{,-doc} 2.0
 Producing 'blind' text for testing
Add tex-cleveref{,-doc} 0.19
 Intelligent cross-referencing
Add tex-diagbox{,-doc} 2.1
 Table heads with diagonal lines
Add tex-fncychap{,-doc} 1.34
 Seven predefined chapter heading styles
Add tex-fontaxes{,-doc} 1.0d
 dditional font axes for LaTeX
Add tex-longfbox{,-doc} 1.0
 Draw framed boxes with standard CSS attributes that can break over multiple pages
Add tex-mweights{,-doc} 20130721
 Support for multiple-weight font packages
Add tex-options{,-doc} 1.0
 Provides convenient key-value options for LaTeX package writers
Add tex-realboxes{,-doc} 0.2
 Variants of common box-commands
Add tex-sfmath 0.8
 Sans-serif mathematics
Add tex-tcolorbox{,-doc} 3.94
 Coloured boxes, for LaTeX examples and theorems, etc
Add tex-titling{,-doc} 2.1d
 Control over the typesetting of the \maketitle command
Add tex-trimspaces{,-doc} 1.1
 Trim spaces around an argument or within a macro