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wip/hs-Boolean, version 0.2, maintainer szptvlfn
  Generalized booleans and numbers, hs-Boolean-0.2

wip/hs-ConfigFile, version 1.0.6, maintainer pho
  Configuration file reading & writing, hs-ConfigFile-1.0.6

wip/hs-Diff, version 0.1.3, maintainer pho
  O(ND) diff algorithm in haskell, hs-Diff-0.1.3

wip/hs-GLURaw, version, maintainer pho
  Raw binding for the OpenGL graphics system, hs-GLURaw-

wip/hs-GLUT, version, maintainer pho
  Binding for the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, hs-GLUT-

wip/hs-HCL, version 1.4, maintainer pho
  High-level Haskell library for building command line interfaces, hs-HCL-1.4

wip/hs-HDBC, version 2.2.6, maintainer pho
  Haskell Database Connectivity, hs-HDBC-2.2.6

wip/hs-HDBC-sqlite3, version, maintainer pho
  Sqlite v3 driver for HDBC, hs-HDBC-sqlite3-

wip/hs-HList, version, maintainer pho
  Haskell Heterogeneous Lists, hs-HList-

wip/hs-HSH, version 2.0.3, maintainer pho
  Library to mix shell scripting with Haskell programs, hs-HSH-2.0.3

www/hs-HTTP, version 4000.2.17nb9, maintainer pho
  Haskell library for client-side HTTP, hs-HTTP-4000.2.17nb9

wip/hs-HUnit, version, maintainer pho
  Unit testing framework for Haskell, hs-HUnit-

wip/hs-HsOpenSSL, version, maintainer pho
  OpenSSL binding for Haskell, hs-HsOpenSSL-

wip/hs-HsSVN, version, maintainer pho
  Subversion binding for Haskell, hs-HsSVN-

wip/hs-MemoTrie, version 0.6.1, maintainer szptvlfn
  Trie-based memo functions, hs-MemoTrie-0.6.1

wip/hs-MissingH, version, maintainer pho
  Library of utility functions for Haskell programmers, hs-MissingH-

wip/hs-MonadCatchIO-mtl, version, maintainer pho
  Monad-transformer version of the Control.Exception module, hs-MonadCatchIO-mtl-

devel/hs-MonadRandom, version 0.3nb1, maintainer szptvlfn
  Random-number generation monad, hs-MonadRandom-0.3nb1

wip/hs-NumInstances, version 1.3, maintainer szptvlfn
  Instances of numeric classes for functions and tuples, hs-NumInstances-1.3

wip/hs-ObjectName, version, maintainer pho
  Explicitly handled object names, hs-ObjectName-

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