./security/p5-Net-OpenSSH, Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.78nb1, Package name: p5-Net-OpenSSH-0.78nb1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

The Perl 5 module Net::OpenSSH is a secure shell client package
implemented on top of OpenSSH binary client (ssh).
This module is implemented around the multiplexing feature found
in later versions of OpenSSH.

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SHA1: 1cf7650247590bda8bc905b6691de15a320d0e5d
RMD160: fcfdf1161a69a28e2a68b4ff07db5147705875b3
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   2018-08-22 11:48:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3558)
Log message:
Recursive bump for perl5-5.28.0
   2018-05-06 08:55:59 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
p5-Net-OpenSSH: update to 0.78.

0.78  May 5, 2018
	- Free master pty when the user calls disconnect (bug report
          by Jaroslav Reindl, #rt125240).
   2018-02-25 19:57:11 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
p5-Net-OpenSSH: update to 0.77.

0.77  Feb 15, 2018
	- Fix regression broking password authentication (bug report
          by Russell Shingleton).

0.76  Feb 8, 2018
        - Allow passing "file_from" and "from0" options into \ 
          (bug report and patch by Slaven Rezic, fixes #rt124357)
        - Document how to manipulate port forwardings.
        - Rename sample directory to examples (fixes #rt122042
          reported by Karen Etheridge).

0.75_02  Jul 18, 2017
        - Add support for "master_pty_force" and \ 
        - Add support for "subsystem" feature.

0.75_01  Mar 3, 2017
        - Use an opaque digest as the last part of the multiplexing
          socket path in order to reduce its size (bug report by
          Sombrerero_Loco at PerlMonks).
        - Improve ctl_path/ctl_dir handling catching more errors
        - Add support for stdin_keep_open feature (bug report by
          fwalters at PerlMonks).
   2017-06-05 16:25:36 by Ryo ONODERA | Files touched by this commit (2298)
Log message:
Recursive revbump from lang/perl5 5.26.0
   2017-04-06 15:49:32 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated security/p5-Net-OpenSSH to 0.74
0.74  Feb 10, 2017
        - Update list of options accepted by method "sftp" (bug report
          by Mirror).
   2016-08-06 03:40:34 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated security/p5-Net-OpenSSH to 0.73
0.73  Jun 10, 2016
        - Some old perl versions doesn't like Errno constant subs
          being called without parents. Add them.

0.72  Jun 9, 2016
        - Rerelease as stable.

0.71_03  Mar 16, 2016
        - Improve shell detection code.
        - Use a timeout to kill external commands not returning
        - improve ksh version checking in tests (bug report by jtzako
          via PerlMonks)

0.71_02  Mar 11, 2016
        - Lighten master socket checks in async mode in order to avoid
          blocking and setting custom signal handlers which can
          interfere with event-programming frameworks (bug report by
          Doug Hoyte).

0.71_01  Jan 20, 2016
        - Add entry on the documentation about how to integrate the
          module with event-oriented programming frameworks (bug
          report by Doug Hoyte, #gh17)
        - Use an adaptative delaying algorithm while waiting for the
          multiplexing socket to pop up (bug report by Doug Hoyte,
        - Improve SIGCHLD handling and interoperability with other
          modules setting custom handlers (bug report by Doug Hoyte,
   2016-06-08 21:25:20 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (2236) | Package updated
Log message:
Bump PKGREVISION for perl-5.24.
   2016-01-31 06:36:53 by Makoto Fujiwara | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update 0.57 to 0.70
Revision history for Perl extension Net::OpenSSH.

0.70  Jan 20, 2016
        - Re-release as stable.

0.69_01  Jan 14, 2016
        - Add fish.pm to MANIFEST (bug reported by Erik Ferguson).

0.68  Dec 20, 2015
        - Rerelease as stable.

0.67_02  Dec 4, 2015
        - Do not croak when a method gets an unknown argument as far
          as its value is undef.

0.67_01  Nov 7, 2015
        - fix internal waitpid usage (bug report by Konrad
          Bucheli, #rt108516)
        - use strict and warnings in Net::OpenSSH::ConnectionCache
          (bug report and fix by Mohammad S Anwar)

0.66  Oct 11, 2015
        - documentation fix (reported by Alex Kok)
	- allow redirecting debug output to a custom file handle

0.65_06  Aug 26, 2015
        - accept IPv6 addresess with zone indexes (bug report by
          Cserb叩k M叩rton)
        - some documentation corrections (bug report and patch by
          Florian Schlichting)

0.65_05  Jul 13, 2015
        - improve documentation

0.65_04  Jul 13, 2015
        - add support for Object::Remote framework integration
        - be more explicit on errors about non matching host public
          keys if possible (still unfinished, bug report by Ferenc
        - add support for connecting to remote unix sockets (requires
          patch to OpenSSH)

0.65_03  Jun 18, 2015
        - remove defined-or operator usage in order to remain perl
          5.8.x compatible

0.65_02  Jun 17, 2015
        - accept as targets URIs where the username contains the at
          sign (bug report by Mark Rushing)

0.65_01  Mar 12, 2015
        - add disown_master method
        - add sshfs_mount.pl sample

0.64  Mar 12, 2015
        WARNING: mayor internal changes have been introduced since
                 last stable release!!!
        - Rerelease as stable

0.63_07  Jan 25, 2015
        - umask is not thread safe, avoid it (bug report and fix by
          Shaun Pankau)

0.63_06  Jan 15, 2015
        - DESTROY was overwritting $@

0.63_05  Jan 8, 2015
        WARNING, this is a mayor internal change!!!
        it may introduce regression bugs!!!
        - completely revamp internal logic for master monitoring
        - add constructor option 'connect'
        - add method 'any'
        - add "contributing code" documentation section
        - update TODO list

0.63_04  Jan 4, 2015
        - remove usage of defined-or operator in order to restore
          support for perl 5.8

0.63_03  Jan 3, 2015
	- remove usage of defined-or operator in order to restore
          support for perl 5.8

0.63_02  Jan 2, 2015
	- make module instalable on Windows and Cygwin
        - fix error on regular expression inside quoting.t (bug report
          by Slaven Rezic)
        - documentation section about security added
        - doc corrections (reported by Gregor Herrmann from Debian)
        - AT&T ksh is broken, don't use it when testing quoting
          functions (bug report by Greg Oldendick)

0.63_01  Jun 14, 2014
        - add clean_cache method to Net::OpenSSH::ConnectionCache (bug
          report by Mithun Ayachit)

0.62  Jun 14, 2014
        - rerelease as stable

0.61_18  May 6, 2014
        - add passwd_prompt feature
        - check for the password not being requested a second time
          (bug report by leschm)
	- more spelling errors corrected

0.61_17  Apr 24, 2014
        - lots of spelling errors corrected
        - support code for master_setpgrp feature was not reseting the
          terminal process group owner on failure (bug report by
          Matthias Hofer)
        - MSWin, MSCmd and Chain quoters where missing from the
          MANIFEST and so not being distributed
        - document MSWin and MSCmd quoters
        - add dummy package Net::OpenSSH::SSH

0.61_16  Apr 6, 2014
        - add work around in quoting.t for Solaris csh 'fixing'
          invalid UTF8 sequences

0.61_15  Apr 2, 2014
        - from OpenSSH version 6.5 UNKNOWN is not a valid
          you-are-not-going-to-use-it-anyway hostname as it tries to
          resolve; now we use instead
        - add support for master_setpgrp and setpgrp features
        - scp does not accept setting bandwidth limit to 0

0.61_14  Oct 30, 2013
        - the way used in tests to detect when they are running in the
          background was broken (bug report by Victor Efimov)

0.61_13  Oct 28, 2013
        - set bath_mode when test are being run on the background
          (bug report by Victor Efimov)
        - disable testing against custom ssh server as it is currently

0.61_12  Oct 10, 2013
        - rsync_* was not replicating time attributes when copy_attrs
          was set (bug report and fix by SUN Guonian)
        - add chain quoter
        - add quoters for MS Windows (MSWin, MSCmd)
        - extended argument quoting was never triggered
        - stream_encoding option was not accepted by capture2 method
        - glob_quoting option was not accepted by most methods
        - rename quote_style option as remote_shell

0.61_11  Aug 29, 2013
        - rsync_get method relied on a feature not available in old
          but still widely used versions of rsync (bug report by

0.61_10  Jul 29, 2013
        - disable ControlPersist only when OpenSSH version >= 5.6 (bug
          report by Philippe Bruhat)
        - autodetect OpenSSH version during object creation

0.61_09  Jul 19, 2013
        - forcibly disable ControlPersist that may have been set from
          ssh configuration files (bug report by Philippe Bruhat)

0.61_08  Jul 19, 2013
        - fix test errors on perl 5.8

0.61_07  Jul 15, 2013
        - capture methods were not hanling retriable errors correctly
          (bug report by Victor Efimov)

0.61_06  Jul 12, 2013
        - another take into the shell_is_clean sanity check. Now we
          mimic sshd close enough to fool bash and make it behave as
          when really called by sshd

0.61_05  Jul 11, 2013
        - add shell_is_clean sanity check to test scripts to avoid
          false negatives while testing (bug report by Karen

0.61_04  Jun 28, 2013
        - print more informative error messages when loading an
          optional module fail
        - remove useless old fix for a nonexistent bug on
          _fileno_dup_over (un-bug report by Tammy Rockvam)

0.61_03  May 10, 2013
        - when testing on AIX don't check mux socket permissions and
          use correct ps arguments (bug report by mwatson)
        - apply doc patch by Florian of Debian project
        - add open3socket method
        - open2socket and open2pty now return the socket and pty
          respectively when called on scalar context
        - methods returning several file objects now croak when called
          on scalar context

0.61_02  Apr 16, 2013
        - add support for multiple shell quoting backends
        - add support for X11 forwarding

0.61_01  Mar 18, 2013
        - remote shell detection code was broken in tests (bug report
          by Neil Bowers)
        - skip tests requiring a bourne shell when the remote shell is
          csh or some derivative as tcsh

0.60  Feb 15, 2013
        - scp_put and rsync_put where not handling correctly the case
          where glob was set but the given file patterns didn't match
          any local file (bug report by Pavel Leity).
        - $SIG{__DIE__} was not always localized before calling eval

0.59  Jan 31, 2013
        - release as stable
        - fix some misspellings

0.58_04  May 2, 2012
        - solve some git merge mistakes

0.58_03  May 1, 2012
        - several misspellings corrected on the docs (bug report by
          Florian Schlichting from Debian - I love these guys!)
        - don't put square brackets around IPv6 addreses when passing
          the hostname to ssh (bug report by Alexey ?)

0.58_02  Apr 16, 2012
        - strict_mode lets pass world-writable directories if they
          have the restricted deletion flag set
        - implement sshfs import and export methods
        - add forward_agent feature
        - do not disable ssh-agent when using password authentication
        - some documentation improvements

0.58_01  Jan 30, 2012
        - add new documentation section about debugging
        - new helper module Net::OpenSSH::OSTracer added
        - ConnectionCache module was missing from MANIFEST
        - correction on default_ssh_opts feature documentation
          (reported by Yann Kerherv.)