./security/py-acme, ACME protocol implementation in Python

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.18.2, Package name: py27-acme-0.18.2, Maintainer: filip

ACME (Automated Certificate Management Environment) protocol
implementation in Python.

Required to run:
[devel/py-setuptools] [time/py-pytz] [devel/py-mock] [lang/python27] [devel/py-requests] [time/py-rfc3339]

Required to build:
[devel/py-pbr] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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   2017-08-04 00:12:17 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update security/py-certbot and security/py-acme to 0.17.0.

### Added

- Support in our nginx plugin for modifying SSL server blocks that do
  not contain certificate or key directives.
- A `--max-log-backups` flag to allow users to configure or even completely
  disable Certbot's built in log rotation.
- A `--user-agent-comment` flag to allow people who build tools around Certbot
  to differentiate their user agent string by adding a comment to its default

### Changed

- Due to some awesome work by cryptography project, compilation can now be
  avoided on most systems when using certbot-auto.
- The `--renew-hook` flag has been hidden in favor of `--deploy-hook`.
- We have started printing deprecation warnings in certbot-auto for
  experimentally supported systems with OS packages available.
- A certificate lineage's name is included in error messages during renewal.

### Fixed

- Encoding errors that could occur when parsing error messages from the ACME
  server containing Unicode have been resolved.
- certbot-auto no longer prints misleading messages about there being a newer
  pip version available when installation fails.
- Certbot's ACME library now properly extracts domains from critical SAN
   2017-05-11 10:23:35 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
Update py-certbot and py-acme to 0.14.0.
Use ALTERNATIVES to handle different Python versions better.

0.14.0 - 2017-05-04


- Python 3.3+ support for all Certbot packages. certbot-auto still
  currently only supports Python 2, but the acme, certbot,
  certbot-apache, and certbot-nginx packages on PyPI now fully support
  Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.3+.
- Certbot's Apache plugin now handles multiple virtual hosts per file.
- Lockfiles to prevent multiple versions of Certbot running


- When converting an HTTP virtual host to HTTPS in Apache, Certbot
  only copies the virtual host rather than the entire contents of the
  file it's contained in.
- The Nginx plugin now includes SSL/TLS directives in a separate file
  located in Certbot's configuration directory rather than copying the
  contents of the file into every modified server block.


- Ensure logging is configured before parts of Certbot attempt to log
  any messages.
- Support for the --quiet flag in certbot-auto.
- Reverted a change made in a previous release to make the acme and
  certbot packages always depend on argparse. This dependency is
  conditional again on the user's Python version.
- Small bugs in the Nginx plugin such as properly handling empty
  server blocks and setting server_names_hash_bucket_size during
   2017-04-11 08:32:32 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix py-requests dependency version
   2017-04-10 12:29:38 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Fix stale and missing dependencies in py-acme and py-certbot. PKGREVISION++
   2017-02-07 15:03:14 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated py-acme to 0.11.1.

No concise changelog found. ~30 bugs/issues fixed.
   2017-01-25 13:34:07 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update py-acme and py-certbot to 0.10.1.

All py-certbot self tests pass.
39 self test failures in py-acme (running py.test), one core dump
in openssl (running make test).

Test bug fixes
   2017-01-12 17:02:44 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update security/py-{acme,certbot} to 0.10.0.

No changelog released, commits closed for 0.10.0:
- Stop IDisplay AssertionErrors
- Add update_symlinks to "--help manage"
- Hide rename command for 0.10.0
- Disable rename command for 0.10.0
- Break on failure to deploy cert
- Incorrect success condition in nginx
- certbot delete and rename evoke IDisplay
- Put update_symlinks in certbot --help manage
- Fix Error Message for invalid FQDNs
- pyopenssl inject workaround
- pyparsing.restOfLine is not a function, don't call it
- Add information on updating [certbot|letsencrypt]-auto
- Remove quotes so tilde is expanded
- Correctly report when we skip hooks during renewal
- Add line number to Augeas syntax error message
- Mention line in (Apache) conf file in case of Augeas parse/syntax
- Fixes #3954 and adds a test to prevent regressions
- Further OCSP improvements
- `-n` doesn't like `force_interactive`?
- Save allow_subset_of_names in renewal conf files
- I promise checklists are OK (fixes #3934)
- Return domains for _find_domains_or_certname
- --cert-name causes explosions when trying to use "run" as an installer
- Interactivity glitch in git master
- Document some particularities of the revoke subcommand
- test using os.path.sep not hardcoded /
- Save --pre and --post hooks in renewal conf files, and run them in a
  sophisticated way
- Don't add ServerAlias directives when the domain is already covered by
  a wildcard
- Mitigate problems for people who run without -n
- Use relative paths for livedir symlinks
- Implement delete command
- Use isatty checks before asking new questions
- Ensure apt-cache is always running in English if we're going to grep
- Sort the names by domain (then subdomain) before showing them
- Merge the manual and script plugins
- --allow-subset-of-names should probably be a renewalparam
- Fix certbox-nginx address equality check
- Implement our fancy new --help output
- Make renew command respect the --cert-name flag
- Error when using non-english locale on Debian
- Document defaults
- Improve simple --help output
- Add pyasn1 back to le-auto
- Mark Nginx vhosts as ssl when any vhost is on ssl at that address
- Fully check for Nginx address equality
- Preserve --must-staple in configuration for renewal (#3844)
- Git master certbot is making executable renewal conf files?
- Improve the "certbot certificates" output
- Renewal: Preserve 'OCSP Must Staple' (option --must-staple)
- Security enhancement cleanup
- Parallalelise nosetests from tox
- "certbot certificates" is API-like, so make it future-proof
- Fix LE_AUTO_SUDO usage
- Remove the sphinxcontrib.programout [docs]dependency
- No more relative path connection from live-crt to archive-crt files
- Ensure tests pass with openssl 1.1
- Output success message for revoke command
- acme module fails tests with openssl 1.1
- Pin pyopenssl 16.2.0 in certbot-auto
- Fixed output of `certbot-auto --version`(#3637).
- Take advantage of urllib3 pyopenssl rewrite
- Busybox support
- Fix --http-01-port typo at source
- Implement the --cert-name flag to select a lineage by its name.
- Fix reinstall message
- Changed plugin interface return types (#3748).
- Remove letshelp-letsencrypt
- Bump pyopenssl version
- Bump python-cryptography to 1.5.3
- Remove get_all_certs_keys() from Apache and Nginx
- Further merge --script-* with --*-hook
- Certbot opens curses sessions for informational notices, breaking
- Fix writing pem files with Python3
- Strange reinstallation errors
- Don't re-add redirects if one exists
- Use subprocess.Popen.terminate instead of os.killpg
- Generalize return types for plugin interfaces
- Don't re-append Nginx redirect directive
- Cli help is sometimes wrong about what the default for something is
- [certbot-auto] Bump cryptography version to 1.5.2
- python-cryptography build failure on sid
- Remove sphinxcontrib-programoutput dependency?
- Allow notification interface to not wrap text
- Fix non-ASCII domain check.
- Add renew_hook to options stored in the renewal config, #3394
- Where oh where has sphinxcontrib-programoutput gone?
- Remove some domain name checks.
- Allowing modification check to run using "tox"
- How to modify *-auto
- Don't crash when U-label IDN provided on command line
- Add README file to each live directory explaining its contents.
- Allow user to select all domains by typing empty string at checklist
- Fix issue with suggest_unsafe undeclared
- Update docs/contributing.rst to match display behavior during release.
- Referencing unbound variable in certbot.display.ops.get_email
- Add list-certs command
- Remove the curses dialog, thereby deprecating the --help and --dialog
  command line options
- Remove the curses dialog, thereby deprecating the --help and --dialog
  command line options
- Specify archive directory in renewal configuration file
- 0.9.1 fails in non-interactive use (pythondialog, error opening
- Allow certbot to get a cert for default_servers
- [nginx] Cert for two domains in one virtaulhost fails
- [nginx] --hsts and --uir flags not working?
- `certbot-auto --version` still says `letsencrypt 0.9.3` (should say
  `certbot 0.9.3`?)
- Add a cli option for "all domains my installer sees"
- Stop rejecting punycode domain names
- Standalone vs. Apache for available ports
- nginx-compatibility-weirdness
- Support requesting IDNA2008 Punycode domains
- Cert Management Improvement Project (C-MIP)
- Add --lineage command line option for nicer SAN management.
- Fix requirements.txt surgery in response to shipping certbot-nginx
- Use correct Content-Types in headers.
- Missing Content-Type 'application/json' in POST requests
- Script plugin
- Inconsistent error placement
- Server alias [revision requested]
- When getopts is called multiple time we need to reset OPTIND.
- certbot-auto: Print link to doc on debugging pip install error
  [revision requested]
- Update ACME error namespace to match the new draft.
- Update errors to match latest ACME version.
- Testing the output of build.py against lea-source/lea
- Make return type of certbot.interfaces.IInstaller.get_all_keys_certs()
  an iterator
- Fix requirements file surgery for 0.10.0 release
- Update Where Are My Certs section.
- Hooks do not get stored in renewal config file
- Multiple vhosts
- Bind to IPv6, fix the problem of ipv6 site cannot generate / renew
  certificate [revision requested]
- Warning message for low memory servers
- Run simple certbot-auto tests with `tox`
- letsencrypt-auto-source/letsencrypt-auto should be the output of
- DialogError should come with --text instructions
- Support correct error namespace
- Verification URL after successful certificate configuration can't be
  opened from terminal
- Use appropriate caution when handling configurations that have complex
  rewrite logic
- `revoke` doesn't output any status
- adding -delete option to remove the cert files
- Stop using simple_verify in manual plugin
- Ways of specifying what to renew
- Allow removing SAN from multidomain certificate when renewing
- Dialog is sometimes ugly
- Allow user to override sudo as root authorization method [minor
  revision requested]
- Add a README file to each live directory explaining its contents
- ExecutableNotFound
   2016-10-11 11:23:36 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update py-certbot and py-acme to 0.9.1.

No changelog available, issues closed since 0.8.1:

certbot 0.9.1
- Make --quiet reduce the logging level

certbot 0.9.0
- Allow tests to pass without dnspython
- Remove psutil dep
- Renew symlink safety
- Update Nginx redirect enhancement process to modify appropriate
- If lineages are in an inconsistent (non-deployed) state, deploy
- Restructure how Nginx parser re-finds vhosts, and disable
  creating new server blocks.
- Remove pointless question
- Tie Nginx OCSP stapling to enhancements system
- Nginx server block selection: Handle non-80/443 ports
- Include log retention count to 1000.
- Make parser.py: add_server_directives documentation consistent
  with functionality
- Fix Nginx prompt
- Make Nginx error out if no matching server block is found
- Only suggest names LE will accept
- Implement Nginx server block selection
- should_autorenew ignores symlinks
- Fixes cffi errors in Travis during oldest tests
- DNS challenge support in the manual plugin and general purpose
  --preferred-challenges flag
- Fixed hash_bucket_size detection for nginx
- Support both invalidEmail and invalidContact errors
- Removes duplication between README.rst and resources.rst
- Psutil tests
- Allow tests to run when psutil isn't available
- Tests fail on Certbot package due to missing psutil dependency
- Hide the Nginx plugin
- Add the Nginx plugin to certbot-auto
- OCSP stapling in Nginx
- Nginx plugin selection
- Add certbot-nginx to certbot-auto
- Missing links in README
- clarify invalid email error in non-interactive
- Replace '-' with '_' before filtering plugin settings
- Fix extra or lack of spacing between words in help for renew
- Fix Travis tests
- Avoid importing conflicting security policy directives
- Change log rotation scheme
- Plugins with hyphens do not receive their args during renewal
- Handle dns01 challenge into the manual plugin [see #3466]
- Enable unit tests of certbot core on Python 3
- Add os-release ID_LIKE parsing if original distribution mapping
  not found in constants
- Fix README typo
- Nginx plugin domain selection
- Fix spacing of nginx redirect blocks
- Rationalise challenge and port selection flags
- Remove psutil from requirements.txt
- prevent Github commits from modifying certbot-auto and
- Gradually remove psutil dependency, bugfix [URGENT]
- psutil fails to install because hash is missing when running
- Failure to start Nginx after configuring redirect
- Prepare docs to turn off the wiki
- Certbot apache plugin fails with TypeError: 'NoneType' object
  has no attribute '__getitem__'
- Change fatal warning to a fatal message
- Fatal warnings
- Apache default default
- Deprecation fixes
- New docs structure and introduction
- Nginx charset_map and ${VARIABLE_SUBSTITUTION} parsing
- Unclear error about invalid email in non-interactive mode
- Use simple socket test for port availability if psutil not found
- Python 3 support for certonly
- Set dialog widgets to use autowidgetsize
- Errors when run without root
- Apache plugin PATH fallback
- Automatically enable EPEL after prompting users
- Multi-topic help listings
- Installer error
- Explain why Apache [appears] not to be installed
- ErrorHandler causing errors
- Update FreeBSD package name
- Comment out corresponding RewriteConds for filtered RewriteRule
- Permissive parsing of nginx map blocks
- add nginx round-trip tests to tox/travis
- Fix Unix signal handling in certbot.error_handler.ErrorHandler
- Resuming error handling functions after a signal
- Only write nginx config files if they've been modified
- If the user picks "cancel" from the Apache vhost selection menu,
  Certbot doesn't exit
- certbot removes http->https rules corrupts ruleset
- Fix typo
- Better document plugins and reversion
- Nginx parser apparently can't parse "map"
- Nginx plugin shouldn't write files it hasn't changed
- Fix Nginx reversion
- Merge Augeas fix for comment line continuations
- Remove warning about nginx options file
- Explain the most likely cause of a missing replay nonce error
- Bump pyca package versions
- Don't add wildcard listen if user has more specific
- Remove unused nosexcover dependency
- Cleanup dev setup
- Nginx space preservation
- Set dialog widgets to use autowidgetsize
- Printing pip output to terminal when -v is used
- Log new cert and cert renewal
- Log whether renewing or obtaining a new certificate
- Added the argument --quiet and -q so then when used with a
  regular user there is no output to the screen.
- certbot-auto not quiet when used with regular user
- Adding sensible UI logging for typical user
- Replace psutils dependency
- Display DialogError details correctly
- -v implies --text
- Fix FQDN checks, closes #3057 and #3056
- Bug in FQDN detection: installer wrongly interprets _
- Installer thinks bare TLD is not a valid FQDN
- Limiting tox envlist to really needed tests
- trouble with Listen directives in CentOS 7 / ssl.conf
- Remove dangling footnote
- certbot-apache fails to parse files with comma in the filename
- pip and verbosity
- Dialog error messages
- NcursesDisplay.menu: treat ESC as cancel
- More useful error when running as non-root?
- -v should imply --text
- Update tox/instructions
- Error that results when run without root is unclear
- Enable EPEL in RPM bootstrapper
- Add dns-01 challenge support to the ACME client
- Apache plugin fails to parse OWASP's ModSecurity ruleset
- Audit nginx plugin for guaranteed config reversion in case of
- NoInstallationError() from Apache plugin within renewal cron
  jobs due to /usr/sbin not being in the PATH
- nginx http redirect
- "No installers" error message not clear
- HelpfulArgumentParser should know about flags that are relevant
  to several topics
- Nginx configurator should preserve whitespace on output
- server blocks added to nginx.conf
- Nginx fails if ssl_session_cache already defined
- nginx leaves dirty/modified config files
- Sensible UI logging for typical user
- nginx plugin issue with server block containing multiple