./sysutils/rsyslog, The enhanced syslogd for Unix

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 8.32.0, Package name: rsyslog-8.32.0, Maintainer: filip

Rsyslog is an enhanced syslogd supporting, among others, MySQL,
PostgreSQL, failover log destinations, syslog/tcp, fine grain
output format control, high precision timestamps, queued operations
and the ability to filter on any message part. It is quite
compatible to stock sysklogd and can be used as a drop-in

Required to run:
[www/curl] [devel/libuuid] [sysutils/liblogging] [sysutils/liblognorm] [devel/libestr] [textproc/libfastjson]

Required to build:
[textproc/py-docutils] [lang/python27] [pkgtools/cwrappers]

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SHA1: 7b6aa9ba85eda7ff9ba72d27d30e84397cec44f0
RMD160: 1d6ba0dee62188ce359d307a430fbcb2e5750849
Filesize: 2420.889 KB

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   2018-01-15 12:01:16 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (15) | Package removed
Log message:
Update sysutils/rsyslog* to 8.32.0.

- rsyslogd: add capability to specify that no pid file shall be
- ompgsql: considerable enhancements
- build system: removed --enable-rtinst configure option
- pmrfc3164: support for headerless messages
- omhiredis: add option to use RPUSH instead of LPUSH
- mmexternal improvements
- omprog: refactored, code shared with mmexternal moved to common
- logctl tool: refactor to support newer rsyslog standards
- imfile: added support for Solaris File Event notification (FEN)
- core/action: new parameter "action.errorfile"
- imfile: added new module parameter "sortFiles"
- imuxsock: improved status reporting: socket name received from
- build system: added new testbench configure switches
- mmpstrucdata: new parameter "sd_name.lowercase"
- omfile: add module-global option "dynafile.donotsuspend"
- testbench: add a capability to turn off libfaketime tests via
- testbench: name valgrind tests consistently
- RainerScript: add function parse_json()
- RainerScript: add function substring()
- RainerScript: add function http_request()
- RainerScript: add function previous_is_suspended()
- Patches from BSD projects have been imported
- script bugfix: invalid function names were silently ignored
- rainerscript: add int2hex() function
- rainerscript: add is_time() function
- RainerScript: add function script_error() and error-reporting
- testbench: fixed build problem of testbench tools under Alpine Linux
- added --enable-libsystemd configure option to enforce use of
- core/glbl: remove long-unused option $optimizeforuniprocessor
- core/queue: emit better status messages at rsyslog shutdown
- fixed a couple of build issues with gcc-7 (in less frequently used
- fixed a couple of build issues on the arm platform (actually
- impstats: fix invalid counter definitions for getrusage() reporting
- imudp bugfix: potential segfault in ratelimiting
- imptcp bugfix: access to free'ed memory
- mmanon bugfix: fix wrong ipv6 embedded recognition
- imfile bugfix: not detecting files in directory when wildcards are
- script bugfix: improper string-to-number conversion for negative
- core/action bugfix: 100% CPU utilization on suspension of output
- core/variables bugfix: bare $! cannot be used in set statement
- core bugfix: auto commit of actions improperly handled
- core bugfix: filename length limitation of 199 bytes
- core bugfix: undefined behavior due to integer overflow
- core bugfix: race on LocalHostIP property during startup
- bugfix: potential segfault on startup
- omhiredis bugfix: rsyslog segfault on startup if no template is
- omprog bugfix: argv[0] not set when using binary without arguments
- core: refactoring of rsyslog's cstr "class"
- parent directory creation function refactored
- mmsnmptrapd bugfix: potential misadressing
- imkafka: fix potential small ressource leak
- imkafka bugfix: do not emit error message on regular state
- omkafka: expose operational status to user where useful
- omkafka bugfix: potential message duplication
- omkafka: fix multithreading
- omkafka bugfix: potential misadressing
- omkafka bugfix: build fails with older versions of librdkafka
- omgssapi bugfix: fix compiler warnings with gcc-7
- dnscache bugfix: entries were cached based on IP AND port number
- omkafka bugfix: fixed memory leak
- mmdblookup bugfix: replace thread-unsafe strtok() by thread-safe
- pmnormalize bugfix: remove unsave "strcat" implementation
- rainerscript bugfix: ltrim() and rtrim function misadressing
- imklog bugfix: local host IP was hardcoded to
- cleanup: remove obsolete pre-KSI GuardTime signature interface
- cleanup: obsolete defintion SOL_TCP replaced by newer IPPROTO_TCP
- lookup tables: fixed undefined behavior detected by UBSan
   2018-01-12 10:08:05 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
rsyslog: Note usage by rsyslog-omprog.
   2017-11-30 23:19:36 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/rsyslog* to 8.31.0

- remove systemd embedded code, use libsystemd instead
- mmanon: add support for IPv6 adresses with embedded IPv4 address
- ommongodb: big refactoring, more or less a feature-enhanced rewrite
- rainerscript: add parse_time() function
- omelasticsearch: add pipeline support
- lmsig_ksi_ls12: support asynchronous mode of libksi
- omprog: added error handling and transaction support for external
- imzmq3/omzmq3: marked as deprecated, modules will be remove in v8.41
- imzmq3/omzmq3: fixed build issues with gcc-7
- core: emit error message on abnormal input thread termination
- core: refactored locking for json variable access
- core: refactored creation of UDP sockets
- core/dnscache: refactor locking
- rainerscript: use crypto-grade random number generator for random()
- imkafka: improve error reporting and cleanup refactoring
- imkafka bugfix: segfault if "broker" parameter is not specified
- omkafka: improve error reporting
- omkafka: slight speedup do to refactoring of LIST class
- TCP syslog: support SNI when connecting as a client
- msg variable bugfix: potential segfault on variable access
- ratelimiting bugfix: data race in Linux-like ratelimiter
- core/template bugfix: potential NULL pointer access at config load
- core/json var subsystem bugfix: segfault in MsgSetPropsViaJSON
- core/wrkr threads bugfix: race condition
- core/wtp: potential hang during shutdown
- omfwd bugfix: generate error message on connection failure
- imtcp bugfix: "streamdriver.mode" parameter could not be set to 0
- imjournal bugfix: module was defunctional
- imjournal: refactor error handling, fix error messages
 -mmdblookup bugfix: fix potential segfault due to threading issues
- omkafka bugfixes
- kafka bugfix: problem on invalid kafka configuration values
- [io]mgssapi: fix build problems (regression from 8.30.0)
- [io]czmq: fix build problems on some platforms (namely gcc 7, clang
- tcpsrv bugfix: potential hang during shutdown
- queue bugfix: potential hang during shutdown
- queue bugfix: NULL pointer dereference during config processing
- imczmq bugfix: segfault
- imfile: some small performance enhancements
- omfile: hande file open error via SUSPEND mode
- omfile bugfix: race during directory creation can lead to loop
- imudp: improve error reporting
- omrelp bugfix: incorrect error handling
- [io]mrelp bugfix: segfault on startup if configured cert not
- mmanon fix: make build under gcc 7
- mmpstrucdata bugfix: formatting error of ']' char
- mmexternalb bugfix: memory leak
- core/stats bugfix: memory leak if sender stats or tracking are
- core bugfix: potential segfault during startup
- core bugfix: potential race in variable handling
- core bugfix: potential segfault when shutting down rsyslog
- core/action bugfix: potential misadressing when processing hard
- template object bugfix: NULL pointer access on invalid parameters
- omjournal bugfix: NULL pointer access on invalid parameters
- omelasticsearch bugfix: configured credentials not used during
  health check
- omelasticsearch bugfix: abort on unavailable ES server
- omelasticsearch: fix memory leak and potential misadressing
- omelasticsearch bugfix: output from libcurl to stdout
- iczmq bugfix: potential memory leak
- imptcp bugfix: potential misadressing
- imptcp: potential buffer overflow
- core/nsd_gtls: fix potential unitialized data access
- stats bugfix: potential program hang
- omfwd bugfix: memory leak if network namespaces are used
- core: potential misadressing when accessing JSON properties
- gcry crypto provider bugfixes: potential misadressing and memory
- core/file stream object bugfix: memory leak
- imdiag bugfix: double mutex unlock when working with stats
- fixed several minor and cosmetic issues found by Coverty scan
- build: make compile warning-free under gcc 7
   2017-10-18 13:01:05 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/rsyslog* to 8.30.0.

- CHANGE OF BEHAVIOUR: all variables are now case-insensitive by
- core: handle (JSON) variables in case-insensitive way
- imjournal: made switching to persistent journal in runtime possible
- mmanon: complete refactor and enhancements
  - add pseudonymization mode
  - add address randomization mode
  - add support for IPv6 (this also supports various replacement
  - in IPv4 address recognition
  - in IPv4 simple mode to-be-anonymized bits can get wrong
- imfile: add "fileoffset" metadata
- RainerScript: add ltrim and rtrim functions
- core: report module name when suspending action
- core: add ability to limit number of error messages going to stderr
- tcpsrv subsystem: improvate clarity of some error messages
- imptcp: include module name in error msg
- imtcp: include module name in error msg
- tls improvement: better error message if certificate file cannot be
- omfwd: slightly improved error messages during config parsing
- ommysql improvements
- ommysql bugfix: do not duplicate entries on failed transaction
- imtcp bugfix: parameter priorityString was ignored
- template/bugfix: invalid template option conflict detection
- core/actions: fix handling of data-induced errors
- core/action bugfix: no "action suspended" message during retry
- core/ratelimit bugfix: race can lead to segfault
- core bugfix: rsyslog aborts if errmsg is generated in early startup
- core bugfix: informational messages was logged with error severity
- core bugfix: --enable-debugless build was broken
- queue bugfix: file write error message was incorrect
- omrelp bugfix:  segfault when rebindinterval parameter is used
- omkafka bugfix: invalid load of failedmsg file on startup if
- kafka bugfix: problem on invalid kafka configuration values
- imudp bugfix: UDP oversize message not properly handled
- core bugfix: memory corruption during configuration parsing
- core bugfix: race on worker thread termination during shutdown
- omelasticsearch: avoid ES5 warnings while sending json in bulkmode
- omelasticsearch bugfix: incompatibility with newer ElasticSearch
- imptcp bugfix: invalid mutex addressing on some platforms
- imptcp bugfix: do not accept missing port in legacy listener
   2017-08-16 18:29:52 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/rsyslog to 8.29.0.

- imptcp: add experimental parameter "multiline"
- imptcp: framing-related error messages now also indicate remote peer
- imtcp: framing-related error messages now also indicate remote peer
- imptcp: add session statistics conunter
- imtcp: add ability to specify GnuTLS priority string
- impstats: add new ressoure counter "openfiles"
- pmnormalize: new parser module
- core/queue: provide informational messages on thread startup and
- omfwd/udp: improve error reporting, depricate maxerrormessages
- core: add parameters debug.file and debug.whitelist
- core/net.c: improve UDP socket creation error messages
- omfwd/udp: add "udp.sendbuf" parameter
- core: make rsyslog internal message rate-limiter configurable
- omelasticsearch bugfixes and changed ES5 API support:
  * avoid 404 during health check
  * avoid ES5 warnings while sending json
  * bugfix for memomry leak while writing error file
- imfile bugfix: wildcard detection issue on path wildcards
- omfwd bugfix: always give reason for suspension
- omfwd bugfix: configured compression level was not properly used
- imptcp bugfix: potential socket leak on session shutdown
- omfwd/omudpspoof bugfix: switch udp client sockets to nonblocking
- imklog: fix permitnonkernelfacility not working
- impstats bugfix: impstats does not handle HUP
- core bugfix: segfault after configuration errors
- core/queue bugfixes:
  * Fix behaviour of PersistStateInterval
  * potential problem during deserialization
- core bugfix: messsage garbled after message modification
- lmsig_ksi: removed pre-KSI_LS12 components
- testbench bugfix: hang in tests if omstdout is not present
   2017-08-04 21:32:25 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fix typo in bl3 reference
   2017-07-04 15:31:16 by Filip Hajny | Files touched by this commit (5) | Package updated
Log message:
Update sysutils/rsyslog* to 8.28.0

- omfwd: add parameter "tcp_frameDelimiter"
- omkafka: large refactor of kafka subsystem
- imfile: improved handling of atomically renamed file (w/ wildcards)
- imfile: add capability to truncate oversize messages or split into
- mmdblookup
  * upgraded from "contrib" to "fully supported" state
  * refactored and simplified code
  * added ability to specify custom names for extracted fields
  * bugfix: fixed multiple memory leaks
- imptcp: add new parameter "flowControl"
- imrelp: add "maxDataSize" config parameter
- multiple modules: gtls: improve error if certificate file can't be
- omsnare: allow different tab escapes
- omelasticsearch: converted to use libfastjson instead of json-c
- imjournal: _PID fallback
- multiple modules: add better error messages when regcomp is failing
- omhiredis: fix build warnings
- imfile bugfix: files mv-ed in into directory were not handled
- omprog bugfix: execve() incorrectly called
- imfile bugfix: multiline timeout did not work if state file exists
- lmsig_ksi-ls12 bugfix: build problems on some platforms
- core bugfix: invalid object type assertion
- regression fix: local hostname was not always detected properly on
  early start (w/o network).
- bugfix: format security issues in zmq3 modules
- bugfix build system: add libksi only to those binaries that need it
- bugfix KSI ls12 components: invalid tree height calculation
- testbench/CI enhancements
   2017-05-23 01:43:00 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
Include missing header. Deal with systems not using the LFS crap of