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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.17.0, Package name: ruby24-kramdown-1.17.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

kramdown is yet-another-markdown-parser but fast, pure Ruby, using a strict
syntax definition and supporting several common extensions.

kramdown was originally licensed under the GPL until the 1.0.0
release. However, due to the many requests it is now released under the
MIT license and therefore can easily be used in commercial projects, too.

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   2018-09-23 18:35:23 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/ruby-kramdown: update to 1.17.0

kramdown 1.17.0 released				31 May 2018

This release adds support for another server side math engine based on KaTeX
but with an easier installation method.  There are also various fixes, the
most important one being a change in the Setext and atx style header parsers
to prevent performance and potential denial of service problems.

Thanks to all the people working on making kramdown better!


* 3 minor change:

  o Add new math engine katex for easier server-side conversion (pull requests
    #489, #510 by Gleb Mazovetskiy)

  o New configuration options --no-config-file and --config-file FILE for the
    kramdown binary (pull request #499 by ccorn)

  o Add information to AST whether a codeblock is indented or fenced (issue
    #507 and pull request #508 by Dan Allen)

* 4 bug fixes:

  o Fix the numeric values of the entities cap and cup (pull request #487 by
    Ashe Connor)

o Fix problem with parsing an empty tag inside a table cell while using
  html_to_native (issue #514 and pull request #515 by Dan Allen)

o Fix performance issue in Setext and atx style headers when parsing a lot of
  space (fixes #505 by Dmitry Krasnoukhov, pull request #513 by Gleb

  o Prevent duplicate warning for reference style links with missing link
    identifier (fixes #492 reported by Gregory Pakosz)

* 8 documentation and other changes:

o Expand table of contents example for HTML converter (pull request #484 by
  Milo Simpson)

o Use non-deprecated SCSS color function for kramdown homepage (pull request
  #485 by ccorn)

o Add usage notes and comparison for KaTeX vs SsKaTeX (pull request #493 by

o Node version 6.0 is now used because of newer mathjax-node requirements
  (pull request #498 by ccorn)

o Rakefile adjustments for various math engines (pull request #499 by ccorn)

o Add more files to .gitignore (pull request #518 by Gleb Mazovetskiy)

o Remove some unneeded code for Ruby versions < 2.0 (pull request #502 by
  Ashwin Maroli)

o Updated the kramdown website to be more privacy-friendly
   2018-03-13 18:21:14 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
textproc/ruby-kramdown: update to 1.16.1

kramdown 1.16.1						2017/11/28

Hot on the heels of 1.16.0 this bug fix release fixes problems with the new
GFM task list implementation, so upgrading is recommended!


* 1 bug fix:

  o Fix the GFM task list implementation (fixes #476, reported by Brandon

kramdown 1.16.0						2017/11/27

This release brings, amongst other things, support for setting default options
for the kramdown binary via a configuration file, two new options
(`typographic_symbols' and `footnote_backlink_inline') and the new
server-side math engine SsKaTeX which doesn't need the whole NodeJS stack to
work properly.

Please also note that the MathjaxNode math engine now relies on the
mathjax-node-cli package instead of the mathjax-node package to work
correctly.  Make sure you update your NodeJS installation accordingly.

Thanks to all the contributors and supporters that made this release possible!

* 8 minor change:

  o The kramdown binary now supports specifying default options via
    configuration file (fixes #453 requested by Kyle Barbour)

  o New GFM quirk `no_auto_typographic' for disabling typographic conversions
    (fixes #459 via pull request #462, both by Kirill Kolyshkin)

  o The MathjaxNode math engine now needs the package mathjax-node-cli to
    work.  New math engine SsKaTeX for server-side rendering via KaTeX (patch
    #455 by Christian Cornelssen)

  o When using the Rouge syntax highlighter, the formatter option can now be a
    String (patch #448 by Alpha Chen)

  o New option `typographic_symbols' to control how typographic symbols are
    output by the HTML and LaTeX converters (fixes #472 requested by Kyle

  o New option `footnote_backlink_inline' to allow placing the footnote
    backlink into the last, possibly nested paragraph or header instead of
    creating a new paragraph (fixes #454 requested by Kyle Barbour)

  o The GFM parser now supports task lists (fixes #172 and #346, patch #442 by

* 4 bug fixes:

  o Line breaks in a special situation were not respected (fixes #461,
    reported by Buo-Ren Lin)

  o Fix the RemoveHtmlTags converter to also process footnote content (patch
    #458 by Maximilian Scherr)

  o Fix bug in paragraph parsing when the `html_to_native' option is used
    (fixes #466, reported by eddibravo)

  o Fix bug in kramdown converter when an image without a `src' attribute is
    encountered (patch #470 by Uwe Kubosch)
   2017-09-10 18:07:39 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-kramdown to 1.15.0.

kramdown 1.15.0 released (2017/09/08)

The most important change is that this release drops compatibility with Ruby
versions < 2.0!  Aside from that it includes some bug fixes, so updating is


o 2 minor changes:

  * Drop compatibility with Ruby versions < 2.0
  * Make footnote output XML compatible (requested by Kriss Andsten)

o 4 bug fixes:

  * Apply abbreviation substitution to footnotes (fixes #440, reported by
    Thomas Leese)
  * Fix TOC entries by removing nested links (fixes #434, reported by Nate
  * Fix problems with brackets in certain situations when using the LaTeX
    converter (fixes #414, reported by Ryan Koppenhaver)
  * Fix escaping of URLs in the LaTeX converter (reported by Moshe Kamensky in
    pull request #67)

kramdown 1.14.0 released (2017/06/26)

This release adds support for rouge 2.x and fixes some minor issues - updating
is recommended.


o 2 minor changes:

* Adapt syntax highlighter for rouge to support version 1.x and 2.x (pull
  request #413 by Hirofumi Wakasugi)
* Alias Kramdown::Converter::HashAST to Kramdown::Converter::HashAst so that
  the convenience method on Kramdown::Document works (fixes #435, requested by
  Hirofumi Wakasugi)

o 1 bug fix:

* Fix problem with GFM header ID generation when << or >> is used \ 
(reported by
  Parker Moore)
   2017-09-04 20:08:31 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (163)
Log message:
Follow some redirects.
   2017-03-20 16:31:18 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-kramdownto 1.13.2.

kramdown 1.13.2 released				2017/01/07

This release fixes some minor issues - updating is recommended.


3 bug fixes:

* Fix footnote link spacing to use non-breaking space (pull request #399 by
  Martyn Chamberlin)

* Show warning for unreferenced footnote definitions (fixes #400 reported by
  Kyle Barbour)

* Fix test cases with respect to Ruby 2.4 (fixes #401 reported by Connor Shea)

kramdown 1.13.1 released				2016/11/25

This release fixes the GFM header ID generation for more cases, updating is
very recommended.


1 bug fix:

* Fix GFM header ID generation when code spans, math elements, entities,
  typographic symbols or smart quotes are used (fixes #391 reported by Nick

kramdown 1.13.0 released				2016/11/20

The biggest change in this release is the introduction of a converter for man
pages. Although there already exist two solutions (ronn and kramdown-man),
both are not completely satisfactory:

* Ronn doesn't use standard Markdown syntax for all elements.
* kramdown-man only converts a subset of the available element types.

The new man page converter uses standard kramdown syntax and supports nearly
all element types, including tables.

This release also brings some enhancements for the GFM parser. One thing to
note is that the header ID generation is now more compatible to GFM which also
means that some IDs will be different - so check the documents on which you
use the GFM parser, especially when you are using Jekyll or Github Pages.

Organizational-wise, issues and pull requests on Github that pertain to
feature requests have been closed and are now tracked through a dedicated
kramdown project on Github.


4 minor changes:

* Add new converter for man pages
* Header ID generation for the GFM parser is now more compatible to GFM (fixes
  #267, requested by chadpowers)
* Update to the MathJax math engine to allow formatting the preview as code /
  pre > code (pull request #372 by Florian Klampfer)
* Allow tabs in table separator lines (pull request #370 by Shuanglei Tao)

2 bug fixes:

* Compactly nested lists are now handled correctly after fixing a bug in
  indentation detection (fixes #368 reported by Christopher Brown)
* GFM parser: Allow indenting the delimiting lines of fenced code blocks for
  better GFM compatibility (pull request #369 by Shuanglei Tao)

2 other fixes and enhancements:

* Added information on how to run tests to README.md (fixes #377 reported by
  Aron Griffis)
* Added information about how to use KaTeX with the MathJax math engine (fixes
  #292 reported by Adrian Sieber, information by Dato Sim«Ñ)
   2016-10-18 16:34:01 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-kramdown to 1.12.0.

kramdown 1.12.0 released		Published on Monday, 15 August 2016

This release features two enhancements for definition lists:

1. IALs can now be applied to definition terms:

	{:.classy} term
	: and its definition

2. IDs for definition terms can now be created automatically (similar to
   header IDs) and optionally assigned a prefix:

	: definition

	: definition


	: definition

	: definition

   Furthermore, compatibility of the GFM parser has been improved in regards
   to list/blockquotes/codeblocks that are used directly after a paragraph
   (i.e. without a blank line).


* 4 minor change:

  - Allow using an IAL for definition terms (<dt>) as is already possible with
    definitions themselves (<dd>)
  - Added automatic generation of IDs (with optional prefix) for terms of
    definition lists (fixes #355, requested by Greg Wilson)
  - Removed obfuscation for e-mail links (fixes #343, requested by Anton
  - New option ¡Ægfm_quirks¡Ç for enabling/disabling parsing differences of
    the GFM parser with respect to the kramdown parser

* 4 bug fixes:

  - Added support for HTML5 element <main> (fixes #334, reported by
    Jean-Michel Lacroix)
  - Fixed math element output for HTML converter when no math engine is set
    (fixes #342, reported by Adrian Sampson)
  - Fixed problem when using custom HTML formatter for syntax highlighter
    rouge (fixes #356, patch by Alexey Vasiliev)
  - Better compatibility with GFM when lists/blockquotes/codeblocks are used
    directly after a paragraph (fixes #336 (reported by Shuanglei Tao), #359
    (reported by Matti Schneider) via the patch #358 by Shuanglei Tao)

* 3 other fixes and enhancements:

  - Added some more examples for how list indentation works (fixes #353,
    requested by Robbert Brak)
  - Using RbConfig instead of deprecated Config for determining data directory
    (fixes #345, patch by C«±dric Boutillier)
  - JRuby is now also tested via TravisCI (fixes #363, patch by Shuanglei Tao)

kramdown 1.11.1 released		Published on Sunday, 01 May 2016

This release fixes an emphasis parsing regression introduced in the last


* 1 bug fix:

  - Fixed emphasis parsing regression (fixes #333, reported by Marcus

kramdown 1.11.0 released		Published on Sunday, 01 May 2016

This release fixes some bugs and includes one minor change in regards to HTML
syntax highlighting.


* 1 minor change:

  - The syntax highlighting language is now always included in the output as
    class name even if a syntax highlighter is used (fixes #328, requested by

* 3 bug fixes:

  - Fixed the GFM fenced code block parser to correctly split a provided
    highlighter name into language name and options parts
  - Fixed problem with underscores being processed even if inside a word
    (fixes #323, reported by Haruki Kirigaya)
  - Fixed HTML/XML parser to correctly, case sensitively parse XML (fixes
    #310, reported by cabo)

* 2 other fixes:

  - Updated copyright year (fixes #331, reported by Oscar Bj«Órkman)
  - Updated supported Ruby version on installation page (reported by cabo)
   2016-03-15 16:43:28 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-kramdown to 1.10.0.

kramdown 1.10.0 released

This release brings the usual bug fixes but also support for the strikethrough
syntax in the GFM parser as well as some enhancements regarding the
specification of language names for syntax highlighting purposes.


* 4 minor changes:

  o Support for the math-engine MathJax-Node was updated to use the new
    mathjax-node package (fixes #313, pull request by Tom Thorogood)

  o URL query parameters can now be appended to language names specified in
    fenced code blocks if the syntax highlighting engine accepts them (fixes

  o Added strikethrough syntax to the GFM parser (fixes #184 and #307; initial
    pull request by Diego Galeota, updated by Parker Moore)

  o Allow almost all characters in class names that are defined via a special
    syntax (fixes #318, requested by cabo)

* 4 bug fixes:

  o Fixed a problem where Kramdown::Document.new would only accept the symbol
    :input but not the string ¡Æinput¡Ç as valid key (fixes #312, pull request
    by Sun Yaozhu)

  o Fixed inconsistent behavior: Empty link text is now also allowed for
    normal links, not just images (fixes #305, reported by cabo)

  o The HTML5 <mark> element is now recognized as span level element (fixes
    #298, reported by Niclas Darville)

  o Fixed problem where e-mail autolinks containing an underscore character
    were not correctly recognized (fixes #293, reported by erikse)

* 3 other fixes:

  o Fixed missing package update statement for Travis (by Parker Moore)

  o Add some more documentation regarding MathJax (fixes #296, pull request by
    Christopher Jefferson)

  o Fixed bad link in API documentation (fixes #315, reported by Tom MacWright)
   2015-12-11 22:29:27 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Remove unnecessary FILES_SUBST, already in there. Noted by taca.