./wip/crawl-stone-soup, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a role-playing roguelike game

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.22.1, Package name: dungeon-crawl-stone-soup-0.22.1, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is an open-source, single-player, role-playing
roguelike game of exploration and treasure-hunting in dungeons filled with
dangerous and unfriendly monsters in a quest to rescue the mystifyingly fabulous
Orb of Zot.

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[devel/ncursesw] [lang/lua51]

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   2015-08-18 23:15:41 by Yorick Hardy | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Update dungeon-crawl-stone-soup-0.16.1. Change log:

Stone Soup 0.16.1 (20150322)
* Major bugfix release. Because of the first two bugfixes listed below, it's
  strongly recommended that all 0.16.0 users upgrade to this version.
* Fix a bug where all player melee damage was effectively doubled. This only
  affected player melee damage, not player ranged or spells, or monster damage
  at all.
* Fix a bug in sprint where controlled blink was blocked as if from the stasis
* Artefacts with the Contam property are no longer marked as chaotic and hence
  hated by Zin, since Zin wouldn't give penance for using e.g. weapons with
  this property anyhow. There's now a warning under Zin when Contam items are
  removed, since this does incur penance.
* Monsters no longer avoid walking on shadow traps.
* Fix the build for the Android port of DCSS.
* Other minor bugfixes.

Stone Soup 0.16 (20150311)
* New gods: Gozag Ym Sagoz the Greedy and Ru the Awakened.
* Zot Defense has been removed.

Branches, environment
* The tides in Shoals now only shift between shallow water & land; deep water
  is neither created nor destroyed. The tides move 15 times faster than before.
* Ziggurats now only require two runes to enter, down from three.
* Every time a player clears a ziggurat (exits from the top floor, Zig:27), all
  subsequent ziggurats become significantly harder.
* A Hall of Blades area (not branch) is now guaranteed on Elf:2.
* Abyssal stairs can now appear in the Abyssal Knight starting abyss.
* Clouds of draining now require rN+++ for immunity, up from rN+.
* Clouds of miasma now apply the 'Rot' status, rather than causing rotting
* New trap: "Shadow Trap", which summons a small group of hostile creatures
  from the local area when any non-summoned creature steps on it.
* Traps no longer care about whether the player is flying.
* The 'disarm trap' command has been removed.

* Demigods now gain two stats of their choice on on every third level, in
  exchange for no longer getting one random stat on every second level.
* Demigods now have innate Sustain Abilities.
* All species can now choose 'unarmed' when playing backgrounds that allow a
  weapon choice.
* Ghouls now gain as much healing from normal chunks as they previously got
  from rotting flesh, and always cure a point of rot when eating a chunk.
* Vampires now bottle blood with 'c', and can do so from the first level.
* Butchering/bottling now only takes a single turn.
* Wanderers now receive a randart spellbook instead of starting with a Level 1
  spell memorized.
* Wanderers can start with one elemental evoker or a box of beasts instead of
  a wand.
* Wanderer starting equipment is noted in the game log.
* Felids no longer have a jump-attack ability, which has been removed.
* Worshippers of Kikubaaqudgha and Nemelex Xobeh will now have titles unique
  to those gods displayed when their highest skill is Necromancy or Evocations
* Gargoyles can no longer cast Statue Form.
* Removed Death Knight and Healer backgrounds.

* The Great Lords of Pandemonium (Cerebov, et al) will reappear on later floors
  of Pandemonium if their rune is stolen, unless and until they are slain.
* The Serpent of Hell is considerably tougher; it now has three heads which
  can attack and/or breathe separately, and can also summon backup.
* Mnoleg now has more and more exciting attack types.
* Mimics now cackle and vanish (forever) when discovered.
* Curse skulls now move - fast!
* Iron devils have been upgraded to rust devils, which do less damage but
  corrode with their touch.
* Insubstantial wisps are now more fragile & less numerous, but have Static
* Seraphim are now considerably stronger, and have a new spellset. They can
  now (very occasionally) appear on the orb run.
* New monsters:
  - Robin of the Strong Arm, appearing in the early Dungeon. An unusually
    strong hobgoblin, with a personal army of hobgoblins and goblins. She
    happily hurls the latter at her enemies.
  - Caustic shrikes, appearing in Depths. Metallic birds that travel in flocks,
    attacking with acid-dripping claws that sear through armour & flesh alike.
  - Shard shrikes, appearing in Cocytus. Batty monsters that come in flocks and
    spit deadly ice shards at their foes.
  - Elemental wellsprings, appearing in Cocytus. They fire powerful waves of
    water which produce hostile water elementals - but deplete their own
    'health' in the process.
  - Bennu, the divine phoenix, appearing in Tomb. Attacks with draining and
    holy; when killed, explodes into ghostly flame and instantly returns to
    life (once).
  - Ushabti, funerary statues, appearing in Tomb. They exhale long lines of
    draining clouds, and rumble deeply to alert far-away foes.
  - Anubis guards, living fanatics appearing in Tomb. They're conditioned to
    be immune to torment, and breathe draining, dispel undead, and howl to
    alert other guards.
  - Death scarabs, swarming insects appearing in Tomb. They trail miasma and
    have a vampiric bite that also drains speed.
* Renamed monsters:
  - Silver statues -> obsidian statues.
  - Green rats -> river rats.
  - Orange rats -> hell rats.
  - Yellow wasps -> wasps.
  - Red wasps -> hornets.
  - Mermaids -> sirens.
  - Sirens -> merfolk avatars.
  - Meatsprint lost souls -> wretched souls.
* The Royal Jelly now leaks a large number of jellies when polymorphed.
* Ghost crabs have been moved from Crypt to Swamp.
* The "misshapen and mutated" status (from Malmutate and the new Irradiate
  spell) is now temporary, but more significant.
* Player ghosts & spellforged servitors can now have more than six spells.
* Player ghosts now have their weapon brands displayed.
* Hellwings can now cast Cigotuvi's Embrace, and start with it active.
* Xtahua's breath now creates a cloud of flames, like red draconians'.
* Tiamat can now be any colour of draconian, except grey.
* Fannar can now cast Condensation Shield.
* Frederick is now a demigod; his armour has been upgraded & his spellset has
  been tweaked.
* Sense invisibility has been simplified; monsters that had it now have see
  invisible + blindness immunity instead.
* Magic immunity no longer confers confusion immunity to monsters.
* Many monsters are no longer magic immune: notably, most plant enemies, eyes,
  mummies, and angels.
* Polymorphed monsters now return to their original shapes in death.
* Liches (and ancient liches) now choose their spells randomly from a large
  set of possible spells, instead of having fixed spellbooks.
* All non-permanent summoned monsters are now unable to use stairs.

* New spells:
  - Singularity (L9 Translocation), which summons a singularity & sucks in all
    nearby enemies, severely damaging them in the process.
  - Gell's Gravitas (L5 Hexes/Translocation), which pulls nearby creatures
    toward the target, causing damage if they collide & occasionally confusing
  - Hydra Form (L6 Transmutation), a short-duration form that attacks all
    adjacent foes & devours slain foes for nutrition and healing.
  - Irradiate (L5 Transmutation/Conjuration), which deals heavy damage &
    malmutates nearby enemies, but also contaminates the caster.
  - Cigotuvi's Embrace (L5 Necromancy), which turns all corpses in LOS into
    armour for the player.
* Dispersal now affects a wider radius & has a chance of confusing its victims.
* Force Lance is now L4 Translocation/Conjuration, and is more accurate and
  better at knocking enemies back.
* Ice, Dragon, Tree and Fungus forms no longer meld octopode rings.
* Spell miscast effects have been hugely revamped.
* Monstrous Menagerie has had its summon cap reduced by one.
* Twisted Resurrection and Forceful Dismissal have been removed.

* Chunks are now only separated by edibility (normal, poisonous, mutagenic...),
  rather than source monster type.
* Rotting chunks are gone; corpses rot directly into skeletons.
* Cleaving attacks (from axes and Hydra Form) try to hit all adjacent enemies,
  rather than being blocked by walls.
* Enemy-held weapons now have their brands ID'd on sight.
* Wand changes:
  - Zapping wands that don't have their charge count identified wastes several
  - Wand type is auto-identified on pickup.
  - Many weak wands have had their max charge count increased.
* New items:
  - Gyre & Gimble, a pair of quickblades linked by a chain; they take two hands
    to use, but each attack made with them strikes twice.
  - Shadow Dragon Armour: as heavy as Storm Dragon Armour, but has Stlth++++
    in place of rElec.
  - Quicksilver Dragon Armour: slightly heavier than Mottled Dragon Armour,
    with much better AC & MR+, but unenchantable. (Always +0.)
  - Phantom mirrors: one-use evocables that create a temporary friendly clone
    of targeted monsters.
  - The Iron Rod, which fires a spray of shrapnel in a wide arc. Extremely
    effective against agile, low-AC enemies, but ineffective against armoured
    enemies or at a distance.
  - The Akashic Record, a new high-level Translocations book.
  - Potions of ambrosia, which give substantial health & magic regeneration for
    a short period, but also confuse the user; if the confusion ends, so does
* Regeneration has been moved from rings to amulets.
* Corrosion resistance can now occur on artefact armour.
* Artefact generation has been generally reworked.
* Scale mail now only has 10 ER, down from 11.
* Unrand changes:
  - The Ring of Vitality is now the Amulet of Vitality.
  - The captain's cutlass is now +5 (was +10) and can disarm enemies.
  - The Hat of the Alchemist is now -2 (rElec rPois rF rC rN MR rMut rCorr).
  - Maxwell's Patent Armour now gives rCorr rElec instead of rF+ rC+.
  - The arbalest Hellfire has had its explosion damage roughly doubled.
  - The dark maul has had both its base damage & enchantment increased.
* All food other than rations, chunks, and royal jellies now takes one turn
  to eat.
* Potions of blood no longer give nutrition for non-vampires.
* All short blades now do piercing damage.
* Weapons other than short blades & felid claws are all now equally good at
* Light armour now has a small spellcast success penalty.
* Elemental evocables now charge & discharge on a type-by-type basis, rather
  than individually for each item.
* The Box of Beasts and Rod of Shadows are now considerably stronger.
* The lantern of shadows now drains MP while in use, and ceases to function
  once its wielder runs dry.
* Steel ammo no longer has a decreased mulch rate.
* Large rocks no longer have randomized range.
* Renamed items:
  - Cutlasses are now rapiers.
  - Bastard swords are now double swords.
  - Claymores are now triple swords.
  - Cloaks of darkness are now cloaks of invisibility.
* Removed items:
  - Boots of jumping.
  - Potions of confusion, porridge and coagulated blood.
  - Blessed Blades.
  - Rods of Striking.
  - Tomes of Destruction.
  - The book of Wizardry.
  - The Spear of the Botono.
  - The blowgun of the Assassin.
   2014-09-10 11:12:45 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (8)
Log message:
Try making PKGNAME valid.
   2013-07-13 19:27:01 by Matthew Sporleder | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
more suggestions from Terho Uotila

   2013-07-13 15:02:28 by Matthew Sporleder | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
add a comment to the patch

   2013-07-13 14:59:23 by Matthew Sporleder | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
upgrade, rename, and add suggestions from Terho Uotila

   2013-01-24 02:19:54 by othyro | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Fixed HOMEPAGE and MASTER_SITES. These are my only suggestions.
   2013-01-19 19:39:58 by Matthew Sporleder | Files touched by this commit (2)
Log message:
fix pkglint stuff

   2013-01-19 17:23:58 by Matthew Sporleder | Files touched by this commit (4)
Log message:
init package crawl-stone-soup, not crazy about the name