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./wip/libcanlock, Standalone RFC 8315 Netnews Cancel-Lock implementation

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 3.0.3, Package name: libcanlock-3.0.3, Maintainer: michael.baeuerle

libcanlock is a library for creating and verifying RFC 8315 Netnews
Cancel-Locks. This implementation uses the recommended algorithm from
Section 4 with HMAC based on the same hash function as <scheme>.

A command line utility "canlock" is built together with the library.

Additional header parsers (for the receiving side) are available in the
package canlock-hp.

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SHA1: 3a0e8fb6ba7a3c84a33ec5e7c0b130ab13d53d34
RMD160: 145ffc2142cbee86c8cf6801d3e413044eebff8c
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