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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 0.14.0, Package name: ruby23-padrino-0.14.0, Maintainer: pkgsrc-users

Ruby-padrino is a set of Padrino Ruby Web Framework meta-packages.

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[www/ruby-padrino-cache] [www/ruby-padrino-gen] [www/ruby-padrino-helpers] [www/ruby-padrino-core] [www/ruby-padrino-admin] [www/ruby-padrino-mailer] [www/ruby-padrino-support] [lang/ruby23-base]

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   2017-03-20 17:17:56 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (14) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-padrino* package to 0.14.0.

0.14.0 (2017-03-15)

* NEW #2120 enable cascading with Rack application (@namusyaka)
* FIX lock rake < 11.0 to avoid last_comment error (@namusyaka)
* FIX handle nil database passwords for create_db and drop_db (@phallstrom)
* FIX #2119 add rake gem tasks to gem project Rakefile
* NEW support Erubi ERB engine (@adam12)
* FIX #2125 do not load in cycle files excluded from reloading

0.14.0.rc2 (2017-01-19)

* FIX #2109 change the format of session_id for Padrino Admin AccessControl
* WARN #2109 Existing sessions will be dropped
* FIX #2097 Use exe folder for application executables (@adam12)
* FIX #2105 Run bundle with –binstubs on -b switch (@adam12)
* FIX #2111 disallow conflicting project names
* NEW remove deprecations planned for 0.14.0
* NEW stop managing Ruby default encodings Default Encoding.default_internal
  is now nil (Ruby default) instead of UTF-8 (Padrino < 0.14 default)
* FIX #2113 properly override default values in route definitions if parameter
  is present (@fidalgo)
* FIX #2116 fix plugin list `padrino g plugin -l` (@fnordfish)

0.14.0.rc1 (2016-11-02)

* NEW remove the requirement of ActiveSupport (export AS_VERSION=X.0 to put it
  back) (2016-11-02)

* FIX #2075 cache actual content_type mime type
* FIX #2081 remove -i option from pg_dump command (@dfens)
* FIX #2083 be able to create sqlite's file to deep tree of subdirectories
* NEW dynamically list supported renderers (@jfredrickson)
   2016-10-19 16:45:26 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (14) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-padrino and related package to

0.13.3 (August 17th 2016)

    FIX #1785 Nested forms and helpers with ERB and Erubis (@ujifgc)

    FIX #1847 Shoulda on modern rubies

    NEW #1851 Remove RightJS, Riot, Steak support (@ujifgc)

    FIX #1872 Implement using partials without Sinatra (@ujifgc)

    NEW #1906 Allow shortened mailer render calls with default mailer and \ 
message names (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2013 Delegate padrino and padrino-gen to bundler binstubs (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2016 Escape urls in link_to and form_tag (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2042 Do not override access control object when registered in multiple \ 
apps (@nxs6)

    FIX #2045 Prevent overwriting params by given query (@namusyaka)

    NEW #2050 Update Moneta to 0.8.0 (@basex)

    FIX #2052 String#humanize compatibility with AS ~3.2

    NEW #2056 Allow Pry as Padrino console shell

    FIX #2066 fix reloader with native jruby classes

0.13.2 (May 9th 2016)

    FIX #1789 Relax Tilt version to allow Tilt 2 (>= 1.4.1, < 3) (@ujifgc)

    WARN #1989 Warn about coming behavior change (@ujifgc)

    NEW #1987 Generator now failes with invalid namespace (@ujifgc)

    NEW Remove many internal uses of ActiveSupport (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2007 Respect Regexp#names at the time of route search (@namusyaka)

    FIX #2004 Set default alt attribute for image_tag (@namusyaka)

    FIX #2008 Login button on the admin app now looks as expected (@namusyaka)

    FIX #2011 Update mongoid database configuration (@serradura)

    FIX Remove empty rows and cols from textarea tag (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2015 Update broken links in the README and docs (@mariozig)

    FIX #2023 Preserve `default_builder` set in configure_apps (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2025 Match plugin names with dashes in their names (@wikimatze)

    WARN Notice about removing ObjectSpace.classes and ObjectSpace.new_classes \ 
in 0.14 (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2027 Use Module#name instead of Module#to_s (@namusyaka)

    NEW Logger option :sanitize_encoding (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2006 load missing AR models before calling seeds.rb (@ujifgc)

    NEW #1921 Adds `–api` option for project generator (@ujifgc)

    NEW #2032 Adds new `config/initializers` folder loaded during boot (@ujifgc)

    FIX #2019 Removes deprecation warning for ActiveRecord (@wikimatze)
   2016-03-15 17:41:50 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (11) | Package updated
Log message:
Update Padrino to 0.13.1.

Padrino 0.13.1 - Router and Reloader Updates, Ruby Compatibility, and Bug Fixes

			Posted on January 17, 2016 by Nathan Esquenazi

Padrino 0.13.0 was shipped 3 months ago on October 2015 and laid important
groundwork towards our eventual 1.0 release but also introduced some new
issues. After a few months of effort, we are excited to announce the release
of Padrino 0.13.1! This version is filled with routing and reloader
optimizations, compatibility updates, and bug fixes. Full details for this
release are below.

Router and Reloader Updates

The biggest improvement in this release is a significant reduction in the
memory usage of Padrino apps by changing the configuration of the underlying
mustermann router. Full list of improvements to router and reloader include:

* FIX #1975 Improve routing memory usage and performance (@namusyaka)
* FIX #1982 Support nested query for expanding path (@namusyaka)
* FIX #1978 Enable reloading of custom dependencies (@markglenfletcher)

Ruby Compatibility

Padrino 0.13.1 has been fixed to be fully compatible with Ruby 2.3 thanks to

* FIX #2000 Fix mutex handling for Ruby 2.3 (@tyabe)

Bug Fixes and Miscellaneous

There are also several bug fixes and other updates:

* FIX Remove use of ActiveSupport in tests (@ujifgc)
* FIX #1994 Missing new line in mocha generator (@peter50216)
* FIX #1995 Invalid german dates (@ujifgc)
* FIX #1998 Only output a warning message if the spec task is invoked
* FIX #1882 test for selected values for select tag (@ujifgc)
* FIX rendering exception for custom mime types (@nesquena)
* FIX relax mail gem dependency (@ujifgc)
* FIX minor doc typos (@lokyoung, @markglenfletcher)
   2015-12-13 16:52:14 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (18) | Package updated
Log message:
Update Padrino to 0.13.0.

Changes summary is not available, please refer:
   2015-03-13 18:04:50 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (8) | Package updated
Log message:
Update Ruby Padrino related pacakges to 0.12.5.

0.12.5 (February 22nd 2015)

* FIX #1794 inheritance of global prereqs (@ujifgc)
* FIX #1798 handling non-array `with` statement for params (@ujifgc)
* FIX Russian translation for password (@harrykiselev)
* FIX Prevent Padrino from overriding cache settings (@dariocravero)
* FIX sequence of execution for configuration methods in application
* FIX translations for admin for cs (@ortiga)
* FIX exception raised when running the controller generator (@namusyaka)
* FIX #1875 lock down rack to < 1.6.0 because of sinatra conflict (@ujifgc)
   2015-02-04 15:58:34 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (2) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-padrino to 0.12.4.

Changes are too many to write here, please refer
   2014-10-05 18:41:09 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (58)
Log message:
Fix ``Please add a line "# used by foo/bar/Makefile" here.'' warnings.
   2014-03-14 20:18:31 by Takahiro Kambe | Files touched by this commit (15) | Package updated
Log message:
Update ruby-padrino and related packages to 0.12.0.

 0.12.0 (February 9th 2014)

 FIX #1578 Fix latvian translations (@graudeejs)
 FIX #1576 incorrect nl.yml translations (@fevers)
 FIX #1564 do not reload apps with disabled or absent :reload flag (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1571 Allow for url generation to accept stringified keys (@jsmpereira)
 NEW #1570 add custom index option for form_for abstract form helper (@graudeejs)
 FIX #1567 Add :app option to the component generator (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1563 Fix behavior of content_tag when use with content that is not a \ 
string (@tyabe)
 NEW #1422 allow options Hash in protect_from_csrf (@ujifgc)

0.12.0.rc3 (January 20th 2014)

 FIX resolve_template should respect :views option (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1547 Rename `showexceptions.rb` to `show_exceptions.rb` (@namusyaka)
 NEW #1551 Introduce #default method to set application options (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1553 Chinese time translations (@gokure)
 FIX #1556 German translations (@Signum)
 FIX #1555 Fix a problem the before/after filters (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1550 Shove LOADING/RELOADING to devel log level
 FIX #1445 Drop `PADRINO_ENV` in favour of `RACK_ENV` for further compatibility \ 

0.12.0.rc2 (January 5th 2014)

 FIX development dependency for padrino-gen (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1520 Skip loading models for sequel migration tasks (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1493 make admin aware of uri_root (@ujifgc)
 NEW #854 allow -a master to rename admin path (@ujifgc)
 FIX Get tests passing again on rubinius (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1545 Don't raise on protect_from_csrf without sessions (@skade)
 FIX #1546 Silence deprecation warnings for File.exists? (@fj)
 REMOVE #1516 support for TestSpec component from generator (@ujifgc)

0.12.0.rc1 (December 31st 2013)

 FIX #1421 Prevent double-escaped HTML in simple_format (@inkstak)
 NEW #1424 Adds task generator for creating new task files (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1423 Adds MIT license to gemspec (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1121 Modify the encoding of crypted_password (@namusyaka)
 NEW #1432 Rewritten Code Reloading (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1428 logger constants to match stdlib (@spariev)
 FIX #775 track I18n locale files properly (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1434 additional fixes for slim templates (@minad)
 FIX #1431 incorrect behavior when using content_tag with block (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1435 broken slim templates (@namusyaka)
 FIX AS4.1 constantize behavior compatibility (@ujifgc)
 NEW #1436 support rails-style attribute hash of select options (@ujifgc)
 NEW support disabled_options key for select_tag (@ujifgc)
 FIX no longer monkeypatch colors onto string (@ujifgc, @nesquena)
 FIX #1442 use `=` instead of `-` in slim and haml templating
 NEW #1441 cleanup template handling logic (@ujifgc, @namusyaka)
 FIX Cleanup file loading logic (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1443 Don't step over :session_id setting on admin apps (@dariocravero)
 NEW Modified `padrino start` to take an extra `–options` (`-O`) parameter \ 
 NEW #1018 Replaces Padrino::Cache::Store with Moneta (@minad)
 NEW #1455 Steak generator written for acceptance tests (@eturk, @namusyaka)
 FIX Better error generation for forms (@ujifgc)
 FIX html_safe in labeled group (@ujifgc)
 NEW #1452 Allow padrino start to take handler specific options
 FIX #1462 cache content_type (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1466 Change accepts to empty array to fix latest sinatra
 FIX #1457 Major helpers cleanup (@ujifgc)
 NEW #1405 Params is now converted to `HashWithIndifferentAccess` (@Ortuna)
 FIX #1391 Skip path_traversal protection (@namusyaka)
 NEW #1471 allow configuring codes of cascade apps (@ujifgc)
 NEW #1477 Add :as option to form_for helper (@graudeejs)
 FIX #1481 incorrect namespace of #named_routes (@namusyaka)
 FIX Disambiguate the behavior of `url` (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1461 Allow to render template with layout that using other template engine \ 
 NEW #767 introduces App.view_path and App.layout_path (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1488 plugin generator url path to github (@bolshakov)
 FIX #915 use app.root when mounting if available (@ujifgc)
 FIX Allow to use extension with layout method. (@namusyaka)
 NEW #1414 drop ruby 18mode, liberate ActiveSupport
 NEW #711 Verify render with block now works as expected (@ujifgc)
 NEW #1504 allow partial with block (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1507 patch jruby utf-8 method naming (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1505 Remove charset from json mimetype, fix sinatra edge (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1513 Extracting logic to methods to improve readability (@scudelletti)
 FIX #1517 correctly set a name of mounted application (@ujifgc)
 NEW #1518 Add :flush option to content_for (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1523 Add Rakefile tasks to the component generator (@tyabe)
 FIX #1526 options on ActiveRecord version 3 (@tyabe)
 NEW #1528 Allow asset_folders to be configured in settings
 FIX #1529 double escaping of link urls (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1532 allow asset_path with no kind (@ujifgc)
 FIX #1535 rebase string urls to uri_root (@ujifgc)
 NEW #1539 Enable :except option to :protect_from_csrf (@namusyaka)
 FIX #1540 generator should abort if constant name already exists (@namusyaka)
 NEW #922 resolve templates relative to controller name (@ujifgc)
 NEW #1541 Reimplement authenticity token logic (@namusyaka)