./x11/libX11, Base X libraries from modular Xorg X11

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Branch: CURRENT, Version: 1.6.5nb1, Package name: libX11-1.6.5nb1, Maintainer: joerg

This is the libX11 library that is the C binding to the X protocol. It
is the foundation of practically every X Window System program out there.

This is from the modular X.org X11 project.

Required to run:
[x11/libXau] [x11/libXdmcp] [x11/libxcb]

Required to build:
[x11/xtrans] [x11/xcb-proto] [pkgtools/cwrappers] [x11/xorgproto]

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SHA1: c32155467508dfe783f9296ef22ee6ed53cae7df
RMD160: 2839f7f1510e5f7da5744a693c2a577d1390c84b
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   2018-01-07 14:04:44 by Roland Illig | Files touched by this commit (583)
Log message:
Fix indentation in buildlink3.mk files.

The actual fix as been done by "pkglint -F */*/buildlink3.mk", and was
reviewed manually.

There are some .include lines that still are indented with zero spaces
although the surrounding .if is indented. This is existing practice.
   2017-02-27 10:09:50 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (3) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated libX11 to 1.6.5.

Adam Jackson (1):
      Revert "Compose sequences for rouble sign"

Alan Coopersmith (6):
      specs/libX11: More synopsis fixes
      specs/libX11: Fix paramdef entries listing multiple parameters
      specs/libX11: Make paramdef spacing more consistent
      specs/libX11: Add missing parameter types for XGetWindowProperty()
      specs/libX11: Fix broken synopsis for Data/Data16/Data32
      specs/libX11: Update Portability Considerations for the 21st century

Emil Velikov (1):
      autogen.sh: use quoted string variables

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort (1):
      Plug a memory leak

Julien Cristau (1):
      Fix wrong Xfree in XListFonts failure path

Lucien Gentis (1):
      Typos in "Xlib - C Language X Interface" document - Chapter 02

Matt Turner (1):
      libX11 1.6.5

Mihail Konev (2):
      autogen: add default patch prefix
      Compose sequences for rouble sign

Peter Hutterer (1):
      autogen.sh: use exec instead of waiting for configure to finish

Petr Písař (1):
      Revert cs_CZ.UTF-8 XLC_LOCALE to en_US.UTF-8
   2016-10-09 01:26:56 by Joerg Sonnenberger | Files touched by this commit (1)
Log message:
Requires a newer xcb version.
   2016-10-04 23:58:10 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (4) | Package updated
Log message:
Updated libX11 to 1.6.4.

Alan Coopersmith (20):
      Move Compose \ o / to be with other emoji compose sequences
      Replace Xmalloc+memset pairs with Xcalloc calls
      Get rid of some extraneous ; at the end of C source lines
      Remove unused definition of XCONN_CHECK_FREQ
      Bug 93184: read_EncodingInfo invalid free
      Bug 93183: _XDefaultOpenIM memory leaks in out-of-memory error paths
      Delete #if 0 hunks of code
      Use strdup instead of Xmalloc+strcpy in _XDefaultOpenIM
      XDefaultOMIF: replace strlen+Xmalloc+strcpy with strdup
      XDefaultOMIF: additional code simplification
      XDefaultOMIF: Remove comments referring to ancient Sun bug ids
      XlcDL.c: replace strcpy+strcat sequences with snprintf
      XlcDL.c: reduce code duplication
      lcPubWrap: replace malloc(strlen) + strcpy with strdup
      Stop checking XTRANS_SECURE_RPC_FLAGS since we no longer use them
      Stop checking for preferred order of local transports
      Don't need to link libX11-xcb against libX11
      xcms: use size_t for strlen/sizeof values instead of converting to int \ 
& back
      xcms: use unsigned indexes when looping through unsigned values
      xcms: use size_t for pointer offsets passed to strncmp

Bhavi Dhingra (1):
      omGeneric.c: Correct the parameter usage of sizeof

Christian Linhart (1):
      fix for Xlib 32-bit request number issues

Daniel Albers (1):
      Add Compose sequence for U+1F4A9.

Dominik Muth (1):
      Xlib.h: Fix macros imitating C functions.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson (1):
      Add compose file for pt_PT similar to pt_BR

James Cloos (2):
      Fix missing update in cf4d5989383a
      Fix another missing update in cf4d5989383a

Julien Cristau (1):
      Mark _XNextRequest as hidden

Mats Blakstad (1):
      New compose keys for local languages in Togo

Matthew D. Fuller (1):
      Fixup param specification for XChangeProperty()

Matthieu Herrb (1):
      libX11 1.6.4

Mike FABIAN (3):
      add be_BY.UTF-8@latin and sr_RS.UTF-8@latin to locale.dir
      fix spelling mistakes in ks_IN and sd_IN devanagari locales
      Fix spelling mistake introduced by 748d47e69f5c12d8557d56a8a8ec166588da7b93

Olivier Fourdan (1):
      XKB: fix XkbGetKeyboardByName with Xming server

Peter Hutterer (3):
      Fix potential memory leak
      Fix an indentation issue
      Fix three "use of uninitialized variable" coverity warnings

Ross Burton (1):
      Add missing NULL checks to ICWrap

Thomas Klausner (2):
      Do not return() after exit().
      Ignore test-driver (used by newer autoconf).

Tobias Stoeckmann (2):
      The validation of server responses avoids out of boundary accesses.
      Validation of server responses in XGetImage()

walter harms (1):
      XFree will accept NULL as argument
   2016-02-26 12:27:22 by Jonathan Perkin | Files touched by this commit (98)
Log message:
   2015-11-04 04:29:14 by Alistair G. Crooks | Files touched by this commit (670)
Log message:
Add SHA512 digests for distfiles for x11 category

Problems found locating distfiles:
        Package modular-xorg-server: missing distfile xorg-server-1.17.4.tar.bz2
        Package py-qt4: missing distfile PyQt-mac-gpl-4.11.1.tar.gz
        Package xservers: missing distfile xservers-
        Package xview-clients: missing distfile xview3.2p1-X11R6.tar.gz
        Package xview-lib: missing distfile xview3.2p1-X11R6.tar.gz

Otherwise, existing SHA1 digests verified and found to be the same on
the machine holding the existing distfiles (morden).  All existing
SHA1 digests retained for now as an audit trail.
   2015-03-10 08:16:26 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (6) | Package updated
Log message:
Update to 1.6.3:

This release of libX11 looks bigger than it is, due to a lot of spec/doc
cleanup work that doesn't affect the code itself.  There is still a good
deal of bug fixes, code cleanup, locale improvements, and compose key table
additions, including new UTF-8 compose sequences for:

<Multi_key> <R> <equal>      : "<U+20B9>" \ 
<Multi_key> <S> <semicolon>  : "Ș"   U0218  # \ 
<Multi_key> <s> <semicolon>  : "ș"   U0219  # \ 
<Multi_key> <T> <semicolon>  : "Ț"   U021A  # \ 
<Multi_key> <t> <semicolon>  : "ț"   U021B  # \ 
<Multi_key> <F> <U>          : "<U+1F595>"  \ 
<Multi_key> <L> <L> <A> <P>  : \ 

Alan Coopersmith (77):
      Xcms file parsing should not require the impossible to succeed
      Drop X_LOCALE fallback for OS'es without setlocale()
      unifdef -UISC
      XkbSelectEventDetails: remove unnecessary assignments
      _XkbReadGeomOverlay: check for NULL first, then use pointer
      Remove unused ETEST & ESZTEST macros from XlibInt.c
      Add RANDR 1.4 requests & events to XErrorDB
      Fix typos in Xrm.c comments
      Fix "follwing" typo in en_US.UTF-8/Compose comment
      XCreateGC.man: simplify table to work with Solaris tbl
      Add missing .TE tags to end tables in Xkb man pages
      Start adding Unicode 7.0 support to compose table
      specs/libX11: Fix x & y in parameter lists to be two separate parameters
      specs/libX11: Fix height & width in parameter lists to be two separate \ 
      specs/libX11: Add missing spaces to 'unsignedint' & 'unsignedlong' types
      Fix map->num_types check in XkbAddKeyType()
      Fix validation of ctrls parameter to XkbGetPerClientControls()
      Use C99 named initializers to fill in events passed to XSendEvent
      specs/libX11: Correct value of IconicState to match Xutil.h
      specs/libX11: disengender a user reference
      specs/XKB: Convert header filenames to filename tags
      specs/XKB: Fix various markup issues in functiondecl tables
      specs/XKB: Add index
      specs/XKB: Convert to funcsynopsis+variablelist instead of informaltable
      specs/XKB: normalize <emphasis> layout in xml files
      specs/XKB: Markup function names as <function> instead of \ 
      specs/XKB: Apply <emphasis> to semantic tag transformations from \ 
Xlib spec
      specs/XKB: Turn Chapter references into xref links
      specs/XKB: Turn section references into xref links
      specs/XKB: Turn Table references into links
      specs/XKB: Add <figure> tags and make Figure references link to them
      specs/XKB: make olinks to xkbproto for references in section 10.13
      specs/XKB: Remove remaining xref comments
      specs/XKB: re-normalize <emphasis> layout in xml files
      specs/XKB: manually fixup some more emphasis tagging mismatches
      specs/XKB: Convert remaining error names to errorname tags
      specs/XKB: Markup function args as <parameter> instead of \ 
      specs/XKB: Markup NULL as <symbol> instead of <emphasis>
      specs/XKB: Markup keysyms as <keysym> instead of <emphasis>
      specs/XKB: Use ° instead of o for degrees.
      specs/XKB: Markup XKB macros as <symbol> instead of <emphasis>
      specs/XKB: Markup *Rec as <structname> instead of <emphasis>
      specs/XKB: Markup *Ptr as <type> instead of <emphasis>
      specs/XKB: Markup symbol names in table entries too
      specs/XKB: Markup structs as <struct{name,field}> instead of \ 
      specs/XKB: Markup characters & strings as <literal> instead of \ 
      specs/XKB: Markup keyboard keys as <keycap> instead of <emphasis>
      specs/XKB: Markup protocol requests as <systemitem> instead of \ 
      specs/XKB: Manual fixup of function name markup
      specs/XKB: Manual fixup of symbol name markup
      specs/XKB: Manual fixup of struct name/field markup
      specs/XKB: Manual fixup of parameter markup
      specs/XKB: Manual fixup of type markup
      specs/XKB: Markup key terms as <firstterm> instead of <emphasis>
      specs/XKB: fixup newlines between tags and parens
      specs/XKB: fixup newlines between tags and punctuation
      specs/XKB: Markup quoted terms as <quote> instead of with ""
      specs/XKB: make sure all files have DOCTYPEs so standard entities work
      specs/XKB: Markup some subtractions with &minus; instead of -
      specs/XKB: Markup some ranges with &ndash; instead of -
      specs/XKB: replace =&gt; with &rArr; for double arrows
      specs/XKB: replace -&gt; with &rarr; when used as arrow, not in C \ 
      specs/XKB: remove unwanted white space around C -&gt; struct references
      specs/XKB: Table 4.1: remove page numbers & unnecessary para tags
      specs/XKB: add links to more tables listing section references
      specs/XKB: add links for terms in definition list under figure 1.1
      specs/XKB: add some more links by hand
      specs/XKB: fixup various formatting issues in <literallayout>s
      specs/XKB: fixup various formatting issues in <programlisting>s
      specs/XKB: add some more indexterms by hand
      specs/XKB: Fix miscelleanous typos & spelling errors
      specs/XKB: Add olinks to libX11 for "X Library Functions Affected by \ 
      specs/XKB: Trim leading spaces off text lines
      specs/XKB: acknowledge my contributions
      specs/XKB: Markup fractions as <{super,sub}script> instead of \ 
      Fix source paths for out-of-tree lintlib builds
      libX11 1.6.3

Andreas Schwab (1):
      Restore lost tabs in sed commands

Benno Schulenberg (15):
      nls: Fix transposed locale identifier for Khmer.
      nls: Allowing Romanian Ă and ă to be composed also with lowercase \ 
      nls: Adding compose sequences (with <parenleft> first) that GTK also has.
      nls: Ordering some compose sequences in a more customary way.
      nls: Adding accessible compose sequences for Ș and Ț (with comma below).
      nls: Adding the missing postfix sequences for composing vowels with ogoneks.
      nls: Adding the missing compose sequences with <comma> for O with ogonek.
      nls: Transform Brazilian compose file to an include plus three overrides.
      nls: Grouping the compose sequences for Dstroke/dstroke together.
      nls: Grouping a lone superscript minus together with its mates.
      nls: Adding the visual composing characters to two comment lines.
      nls: Add one lowercase compose variant for ®, to mirror those for ©.
      nls: Add a comment to the block of accented Hebrew letters.
      nls: Remove a duplicate locale name, and sort some others more strictly.
      nls: Sorting compose sequences rigorously in mirroring pairs, as is custom.

Gabriel Souza Franco (1):
      Add double-arrow compose sequence

Gaetan Nadon (1):
      makekeys: don't need to use target-specific CFLAGS

Gioele Barabucci (1):
      Add compose sequence for U+20B9 INDIAN RUPEE SIGN

Ingo Schwarze (1):
      Fix pasto in XkbGetKeyBehaviors(3) manual

James Cloos (4):
      nls/en_US.UTF-8/Compose.pre: Fix typo.
      Revert "nls: Adding compose sequences (with <parenleft> first) \ 
that GTK also has."
      Add nls for cs_CZ.UTF-8
      Add cs_CZ.UTF-8 locale to configure.ac

Jon TURNEY (1):
      Don't try so hard to find a matching font with the given encoding

Joonas Javanainen (1):
      Fix XErrorEvent struct field order in man page

Marko Myllynen (1):
      Annotate Finnish Compose map with Unicode code points

Owen W. Taylor (1):
      Fix XNextRequest() after direct usage of XCB

Peter Hutterer (1):
      man: fix man page for XkbGetMap

Ran Benita (5):
      nls: remove duplicate 'ohorn' and 'uhorn' compose sequences
      nls: always use XCOMM instead of # for comments in Compose.pre files
      Remove dead USE_OWN_COMPOSE-protected code
      xkb: fix misleading comment about consumed modifiers
      compose: fix the description of modifiers in compose sequences

Reuben Thomas (1):
      en_US.UTF-8/Compose: Fix apparent copy-paste-o, changing capital to small A.

Teemu Likonen (1):
      Fix "RING ABOVE" key in the Finnish compose file

walter harms (8):
      libX11/lcGenConv.c fix: dereferenced before check
      libX11/XKBNames.c fix: dereferenced before check
      libX11/lcUTF8.c fix: dereferenced before check
      Remove redundant null checks before free
      Remove more redundant null checks before Xfree()
      libX11: rm redundante NULL checks
      rm redundant null checks
      lcDefConv.c: fix use before check
   2014-10-09 16:07:17 by Thomas Klausner | Files touched by this commit (1163)
Log message:
Remove pkgviews: don't set PKG_INSTALLATION_TYPES in Makefiles.