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wip/py-geopy Python Geocoding Toolbox
wip/py-preshed Cython hash table mapping
wip/py-murmurhash TODO: Short description of the package
wip/py-thinc TODO: Short description of the package
wip/py-wasabi A lightweight console printing and formatting toolkit
wip/py-spacy Short description of the package
wip/py-cython-blis Blis linear algebra routines as a self-contained Python C-extension
wip/py-ml-datasets various machine learning datasets for testing and example scripts
wip/py-branca Generate complex HTML+JS pages with Python
wip/py-geocoder Simple and consistent geocoding library
wip/py-ratelim Makes it easy to respect rate limits
wip/py-geographiclib The geodesic routines from GeographicLib