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wip/flnews-devel Fast and lightweight USENET newsreader with GUI
news/canlock-hp Parsers for RFC 5536 message headers and RFC 8315 header fields
news/libcanlock Standalone RFC 8315 Netnews Cancel-Lock implementation
news/flnews Fast and lightweight USENET newsreader with GUI
wip/fltk14-devel Fast Light Tool Kit for graphical user interfaces
games/doom2-pwad-lost-civilization Doom II mod
games/doomlegacy The legacy of Doom
shells/pbosh The Schily Bourne Shell
devel/smake Highly portable UNIX make implementation
converters/utf8proc C library for processing Unicode data
games/doom-pwad-shotgun-symphony Doom mod
shells/bosh The Schily Bourne Shell
wip/dillo-devel Very small and fast graphical web-browser
games/doom-pwad-sigil Doom mod
games/doom2-pwad-eviternity Doom II mod
wip/inn The public release of InterNet News (INN)
games/eureka Doom/Heretic/Hexen map editor
wip/eureka-devel Doom/Heretic/Hexen map editor
wip/prboom-plus Multiplayer-capable and modified version of DOOM
wip/doomlegacy-devel The legacy of Doom
wip/SLADE Its a Doom Editor
wip/ZenNode Node/blockmap/reject builder for Doom and Hexen level formats
wip/crispy-doom Limit-removing enhanced-resolution Doom source port
wip/zdbsp ZDooms internal node builder
games/ajbsp Node builder for modern DOOM source ports
wip/fltk2 Fast Light Tool Kit for graphical user interfaces
archivers/star Unique standard tape archiver
news/bystand NNTP client software with command-line interface
wip/qzdoom Continuation of dpJudass truecolor software renderer for ZDoom
wip/ZMusic GZDooms music system as a standalone library