The following packages were found for maintainer:
textproc/hs-text-short [CURRENT] Memory-efficient representation of Unicode text strings
print/tex-vmargin [CURRENT] Set various page dimensions
x11/mcookie [CURRENT] Tool for creating cookies for xauth(1)
geography/R-geosphere [CURRENT] Spherical Trigonometry
textproc/p5-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks-AndTables [CURRENT] Converts HTML to Text with tables in tact
fonts/tex-stix [CURRENT] OpenType Unicode maths fonts
wip/0ad [CURRENT] Historical real-time strategy game
sysutils/install-sh [CURRENT] Install script compatible with the BSD install program
wip/py-Genetic [CURRENT] Python-genetic provides genetic algorithms for Python
print/tex-hang [CURRENT] Environments for hanging paragraphs and list items
fonts/tex-punk [CURRENT] Donald Knuths punk font
devel/py-serpent [CURRENT] Simple serialization library
textproc/go-md2man [CURRENT] Uses blackfriday to process markdown into man pages
fonts/tex-qpxqtx [CURRENT] typesetting math with TeX Gyre Pagella and pxfonts
textproc/py-dominate [CURRENT] Python library for creating and manipulating HTML documents
textproc/py-jmespath [CURRENT] Query language for JSON
filesystems/ori [CURRENT] Secure distributed file system
textproc/ruby-native-hyperestraier [CURRENT] Ruby native interface of Hyper Estaier
fonts/tex-antt [CURRENT] Antiqua of Torun font for TeX
x11/xkbset [CURRENT] Manages XKB features of the X window system
wip/haxima [CURRENT] Role playing game similar to Ultima 5
wip/glibc [CURRENT] GNU C library
fonts/tex-gnu-freefont-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-gnu-freefont
meta-pkgs/suse131 [CURRENT] SUSE-based Linux binary emulation environment
net/barnyard [CURRENT] Fast output system for snort
textproc/gnome-doc-utils [CURRENT] Documentation utilities for the GNOME project
graphics/libggimisc [CURRENT] Miscellaneous graphics target features for GGI
editors/fe [CURRENT] Folding editor
textproc/groff [CURRENT] GNU roff text processing suite
editors/sam [CURRENT] Unix version of Rob Pikes editor for plan9
x11/qwt6-qt5 [CURRENT] Qt widget library for technical purposes
regress/barrier [CURRENT] Tests whether pkgsrc barriers work as expected
devel/lua-compat53 [CURRENT] Compatibility module providing Lua-5.3-style APIs for Lua 5.2 and 5.1
shells/eltclsh [CURRENT] Interactive TCL shell with editline facilities
sysutils/wbm-custom [CURRENT] Webmin module for creating custom action buttons
wip/openvas-libraries [CURRENT] Libraries for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System
devel/libstroke [CURRENT] Stroke translation library
net/ruby-train-winrm [CURRENT] Windows WinRM API Transport for Train
devel/flatzebra [CURRENT] Generic game engine for 2D double-buffering animation
wip/libtls-bearssl [CURRENT] Implementation of libtls on top of BearSSL
print/tex-babel-romansh [CURRENT] Babel/Polyglossia support for the Romansh language
net/ruby-winrm [CURRENT] Ruby library for Windows Remote Management
print/tex-dtxtut-doc [CURRENT] Tutorial on writing .dtx and .ins files
devel/ruby-tty-cursor [CURRENT] Terminal cursor positioning, visibility and text manipulation
net/net6 [CURRENT] Networking library for C++
converters/py-unicode-slugify [CURRENT] Slug generator that turns strings into unicode slugs
devel/go-mapstructure [CURRENT] Library for decoding generic map values into native structures
devel/p5-File-NFSLock [CURRENT] NFS (or not) locking
print/tex-babel-latin [CURRENT] Babel support for Latin
math/p5-Set-Crontab [CURRENT] Perl module to parse crontab(5)-like lists of integers
chat/epic4 [CURRENT] The (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient
time/p5-Time-Period [CURRENT] Perl5 module to deal with time periods
wip/avr-gdb [CURRENT] GNU gdb for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers
wip/pysite [CURRENT] XHTML website generation tool
graphics/frameworks [CURRENT] Stop-motion animation frame capture software
math/pari [CURRENT] Software package for computer-aided number theory
chat/ninja [CURRENT] Another IRC client based on ircII
misc/go-genproto [CURRENT] Go generated proto packages
misc/buffer [CURRENT] Buffer sporadic binary I/O for faster tape use
sysutils/gworkspace [CURRENT] GNUstep Workspace manager
converters/macfork [CURRENT] Tool for extracting data from Macintosh resource forks
print/tex-context-fancybreak [CURRENT] Overfull pages with ConTeXt
www/p5-HTML-Template-Compiled [CURRENT] Template System Compiles HTML::Template files to Perl code
chat/loudmouth [CURRENT] Lightweight Jabber client library
devel/py-rply [CURRENT] Pure Python Lex/Yacc that works with RPython
graphics/tex-tikz-cd [CURRENT] Create commutative diagrams with TikZ
wip/imapfilter [CURRENT] Mail filtering utility for the IMAP
wip/watch [CURRENT] Execute a program periodically, showing output fullscreen
wip/fuse-zip [CURRENT] FUSE file system to navigate, extract, create, and modify ZIP archives
mail/p5-Email-Date [CURRENT] Find and Format Date Headers
audio/nspmod [CURRENT] MOD/S3M/MTM tracker that does its own DSP, uses VoxWare v2.90+
sysutils/attr [CURRENT] Commands for Manipulating Filesystem Extended Attributes
print/foomatic-ppds [CURRENT] Foomatic PPDs collection
print/tex-resumemac-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-resumemac
www/p5-HTTP-Tiny-Multipart [CURRENT] Add post_multipart to HTTP::Tiny
chat/libtelepathy [CURRENT] Unified framework for many different kinds of real-time communications
devel/py-sure [CURRENT] Python testing tool
textproc/py-demjson [CURRENT] Encoder, decoder, and lint/validator for JSON compliant with RFC 7159
multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-dvdread [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - dvdread plugin
devel/orc [CURRENT] Compiler for vector operations
devel/libgee0.6 [CURRENT] Library providing GObject-based interfaces and classes (v0.6)
devel/lcc [CURRENT] Local ANSI C compiler for a variety of platforms
graphics/p5-Barcode-Code128 [CURRENT] Generate CODE 128 bar codes
devel/R-RUnit [CURRENT] R functions implementing a standard Unit Testing framework
audio/xmms-mad [CURRENT] Input plugin for XMMS that uses libmad
devel/p5-Alien-Base-ModuleBuild [CURRENT] Module::Build subclass for building Alien:: modules and libraries
databases/ldb [CURRENT] LDAP-like embedded database
wip/suse121_libgcrypt [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libgcrypt
wip/ogmrip [CURRENT] Application for ripping and encoding DVD into DivX/OGM files
devel/ruby-sexp-processor [CURRENT] Generic sexp processing tools
wip/p2kmoto [CURRENT] Support for p2k on Motorola phones
wip/tesseract-game [CURRENT] First-person shooter game based on Cube 2
devel/p5-subversion [CURRENT] Perl bindings for Subversion
devel/p5-Class-C3-Componentised [CURRENT] Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class
devel/tvision [CURRENT] Turbo Vision C++ CUI library for UNIX
devel/libstash [CURRENT] Collection of programming support routines and useful algorithms
devel/p5-Module-Install-Repository [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for finding the repository root
math/xfractint [CURRENT] Fractint for X11
devel/p5-Test-Memory-Cycle [CURRENT] Check for memory leaks and circular memory references
print/tex-urlbst [CURRENT] Web support for BibTeX
time/rclock [CURRENT] Analog clock for X w/appointment reminder and mail notification
graphics/p5-SVG [CURRENT] Perl module for generation of SVG images
math/gp-autpgrp [CURRENT] GAP package for finding automorphism groups of finite p-groups
devel/p5-Term-Prompt [CURRENT] Perl extension for prompting a user for information
misc/cuetools [CURRENT] Set of utilities to manipulate cue and toc files
devel/valgrind [CURRENT] Debugging and profiling tools
devel/patchelf [CURRENT] Modify the dynamic linker and RPATH of ELF binaries
chat/py-axolotl-curve25519 [CURRENT] Python wrapper for curve25519 with ed25519 signatures
comms/synce-rra [CURRENT] Remote Replication Agent Connection protocol library
textproc/p5-Text-BibTeX [CURRENT] Perl library for reading, parsing, and processing BibTeX files
wip/py-coala_utils [CURRENT] Collection of coala utilities
www/zopeedit [CURRENT] Helper client application for Zopes ExternalEditor
time/p5-DateTime-Format-HTTP [CURRENT] Deal with date formats used by HTTP
www/pear-HTTP [CURRENT] PHP support for miscellaneous HTTP functions
x11/p5-Clipboard [CURRENT] Copy and paste with any OS
comms/kyopon [CURRENT] Tool to manipulate data of Kyocera PHS handset
graphics/tex-automata [CURRENT] Finite state machines, graphs and trees in MetaPost
databases/mysql57-client [CURRENT] MySQL 5, a free SQL database (client)
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-SystemConfiguration [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (SystemConfiguration framework)
databases/oraedit [CURRENT] Editor of PL/SQL source stored in Oracle database
print/tex-hyphen-friulan [CURRENT] Friulan hyphenation patterns
www/ruby-ethon [CURRENT] Very lightweight libcurl wrapper
misc/py-trytond-stock-forecast [CURRENT] Stock forecast module of the Tryton application platform
graphics/ImageViewer [CURRENT] GNUstep image display application
graphics/gliv [CURRENT] OpenGL image viewer
devel/p5-Types-Serialiser [CURRENT] Simple data types for common serialisation formats
devel/lua-filesystem [CURRENT] File system related library for Lua
print/tex-hypernat-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-hypernat
math/p5-Math-Prime-Util [CURRENT] Perl5 utilities related to prime numbers
devel/libhfs [CURRENT] Library for accessing HFS (Apple Macintosh) volumes
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Delegate [CURRENT] Delegate session storage to an application model object
devel/p5-Devel-Autoflush [CURRENT] Perl module to set autoflush from the command line
finance/py-trytond-customs [CURRENT] Customs module of the Tryton application platform
devel/py-ipython5 [CURRENT] Interactive computing environment for Python
emulators/compat40 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 4.0 compatibility
security/gcr [CURRENT] Library for crypto UI and related tasks
print/tex-context-simplefonts-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-simplefonts
math/otter [CURRENT] Automated Deduction System
fonts/tex-baekmuk-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-baekmuk
security/bcrypt [CURRENT] Cross platform file encryption utility
math/py-tables [CURRENT] Database package for large amounts of data
net/gst-plugins0.10-mms [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - mms plugin
fonts/tex-fbb-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fbb
print/tex-adjustbox-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-adjustbox
wip/ttysnoop [CURRENT] Snoop TTYs on Linux for kernels 2.6
math/tasp-vsipl [CURRENT] Vector Signal Image Processing Library
wip/qiew [CURRENT] Reverse engineering tool
print/tex-chess-problem-diagrams-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-chess-problem-diagrams
math/p5-Math-Base85 [CURRENT] Perl extension for base 85 numbers, as referenced by RFC 1924
audio/gbemol [CURRENT] Graphical frontend for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)
wip/translate-toolkit [CURRENT] Essential Toolkit for Localization Engineers
graphics/tex-pgfgantt [CURRENT] Draw Gantt charts with TikZ
misc/colorls [CURRENT] Uses color with ls(1) to display file attributes
wip/honggfuzz-git [CURRENT] Security oriented fuzzer based on code coverage
math/p5-Algorithm-Cluster [CURRENT] Perl interface to the C Clustering Library
chat/icb [CURRENT] Internet CB - a mostly-defunct chat client
www/p5-AnyEvent-HTTPD [CURRENT] Perl 5 simple lightweight event based web (application) server
print/LPRng-core [CURRENT] Enhanced Printer Spooler
devel/ruby-uuidtools [CURRENT] Simple universally unique ID generation library
wm/fvwm [CURRENT] Newer version of X11 Virtual window manager
multimedia/libdvbpsi0 [CURRENT] PSI decoder and generator library for MPEG2 and DVB streams (v0.x)
misc/py-trytond-stock-product-location [CURRENT] Stock product location module of the Tryton application platform
devel/ruby-dhaka [CURRENT] Lexer and LALR(1) parser generators for context-free grammars
wip/memgrep [CURRENT] Tool to modify applications on-the-fly
x11/xcursor-capitaine [CURRENT] Cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze
archivers/bunzip [CURRENT] Decompressor for bzip .bz files
wip/unicorn5hc [CURRENT] Quest for the Unicorn version 5, a rogue-like game, Hard Core edition
print/ruby-prawn [CURRENT] Fast and nimble PDF generator for Ruby
security/libbf [CURRENT] Blowfish block cipher library
devel/py-argparse [CURRENT] Easy, declarative interface for creating command line tools
devel/p5-IO-Event [CURRENT] Tied Filehandles for Nonblocking IO with Object Callbacks
archivers/fastjar [CURRENT] C language version of the jar archiver normally used by Java
graphics/tex-mptrees-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mptrees
wip/swftools [CURRENT] Collection of SWF manipulation and creation utilities
wip/wxGTK-test [CURRENT] Test Package for wxGTK28 to wxGTK30 Migration
wip/torsocks-git [CURRENT] Library to torify applications
www/http-parser [CURRENT] Parser for HTTP messages written in C
wip/scm [CURRENT] Portable scheme interpreter
chat/ircII [CURRENT] Internet Relay Chat and Internet Citizens Band Client
net/p5-RADIUS [CURRENT] Perl5 module for RADIUS queries
wip/west [CURRENT] Web scripting/stress tool
devel/p5-Devel-Profile [CURRENT] Perl5 module for profiling perl programs
devel/p5-Coro [CURRENT] Perl module for threads
www/p5-CGI-Struct [CURRENT] Build structures from CGI data
devel/pedisassem [CURRENT] Disassembler for Win32 code
emulators/suse131_libjpeg [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for JPEG
www/p5-Apache-DBILogger [CURRENT] Database-independent httpd database logging module
sysutils/wbm-openslp [CURRENT] Webmin module to configure an OpenSLP server
devel/cbrowser [CURRENT] Graphical C/C++ source code browsing tool, and call graph viewer
archivers/ruby-libarchive [CURRENT] Ruby bindings for Libarchive
www/ruby-typhoeus [CURRENT] Wraps libcurl in order to make fast and reliable requests
devel/R-evaluate [CURRENT] Parsing and evaluation tools
graphics/PanoTools [CURRENT] View, create, edit, and remap panoramic images
devel/p5-File-Policy [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to provide site policy for file I/O functions
wm/wampager [CURRENT] Virtual pager dockapp for the Waimea Window Manager
devel/p5-File-Flock [CURRENT] File::Flock - file locking with flock
ham/tfkiss [CURRENT] Software implementation of TheFirmware for use with TNT
emulators/suse121_32_libtiff [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for TIFF
graphics/cdlabelgen [CURRENT] Generate frontcards and traycards for CDs
print/tex-hausarbeit-jura-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-hausarbeit-jura
print/tex-fncychap-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fncychap
wip/p5-WWW-YouTube-VideoURI [CURRENT] Module to determine the URI of a Flash Video file on
wip/p5-Net-Twitter-Lite [CURRENT] Perl interface to the Twitter API (lite)
audio/speexdsp [CURRENT] Open-source, patent-free voice codec DSP library
devel/p5-Data-Compare [CURRENT] Perl5 module comparing arbitrary data structures
devel/kdiff3 [CURRENT] File and directory diff and merge tool
devel/doxygen [CURRENT] Documentation system for C++, Java, IDL and C
devel/py-ZopeI18NMessageid [CURRENT] Zope Message Identifiers for internationalization
graphics/tex-mfpic4ode-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mfpic4ode
devel/p5-PPIx-Regexp [CURRENT] Represent a regular expression of some sort
www/htmlcxx [CURRENT] Simple non-validating CSS1 and HTML parser for C++
graphics/goocanvas2 [CURRENT] Cairo-based canvas widget for GTK+3.0
wip/mapnik [CURRENT] Toolkit for mapping applications
net/dynipclient [CURRENT] Client for the dynamic DNS service
devel/p5-Alien-SDL [CURRENT] Alien::SDL - building, finding and using SDL binaries
wip/ap2-passenger [CURRENT] Passenger module for Apache 2.x
devel/libargparse [CURRENT] Argument parsing library in C++
sysutils/dmassage [CURRENT] Parser for dmesg(8)
devel/ogre [CURRENT] Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
devel/p5-Expect-Simple [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a wrapper around the Expect module
devel/py-test-cov [CURRENT] Pytest plugin for measuring coverage
graphics/tex-exteps-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-exteps
www/ruby-webrobots [CURRENT] Ruby library to help write robots.txt compliant web robots
wip/pbzx [CURRENT] Tool to extract Apple PBZX-compressed files
graphics/tex-metaobj [CURRENT] MetaPost package providing high-level objects
devel/p5-Devel-FindRef [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to track down references
print/tex-lollipop [CURRENT] TeX made easy
fonts/tex-ptex-fontmaps [CURRENT] Font maps and configuration tools for Japanese/Chinese/Korean fonts with (u)ptex
devel/p5-Contextual-Return [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to create context-senstive return values
devel/ruby-log4r [CURRENT] Flexible logging library
devel/py-wrapt [CURRENT] Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching
www/squidpurge [CURRENT] Squid cache tool to list, extract or purge objects
devel/p5-App-Cache [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing easy application-level caching
www/wApua [CURRENT] Web browser for WAP WML
sysutils/idesk [CURRENT] Lightweight desktop icons handler
print/tex-rcs [CURRENT] Use RCS (revision control system) tags in LaTeX documents
wip/and [CURRENT] Auto nice daemon
www/ruby-padrino-core [CURRENT] Padrino framework core
textproc/p5-Lingua-Stem-Snowball [CURRENT] Lingua::Stem::Snowball - Perl interface to Snowball stemmers
devel/ruby-highline [CURRENT] High-level console IO library
devel/p5-AnyEvent-RabbitMQ [CURRENT] RabbitMQ interface with AnyEvent
time/p5-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF [CURRENT] Convert between DateTime and W3CDTF date/time format
www/p5-Apache-Filter [CURRENT] Perl5 module to alter the output of previous Apache handlers
graphics/p5-SWF-File [CURRENT] Manipulating Flash movie (SWF) files
wip/FLIF-git [CURRENT] Free Lossless Image Format
security/p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-DSA [CURRENT] Perl5 wrapper module for the OpenSSL DSA functions
textproc/ispell [CURRENT] Interactive spelling checker
wip/xml-light [CURRENT] Xml-Light is a minimal XML parser & printer for OCaml
devel/ruby-spruz [CURRENT] Some miscellaneous libraries
print/tex-enotez [CURRENT] Support for end-notes
fonts/tex-obnov [CURRENT] Obyknovennaya Novaya fonts
net/tinc [CURRENT] Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon
biology/primer3 [CURRENT] Design PCR primers
wip/commoncpp2 [CURRENT] Portable and highly optimized class framework for C++
www/py-http-parser [CURRENT] HTTP request/response parser
graphics/tex-mfpic4ode [CURRENT] Macros to draw direction fields and solutions of ODEs
devel/py-subversion [CURRENT] Python bindings and tools for Subversion
wm/wmutils-opt [CURRENT] Optional addons to wmutils
devel/ruby-ffi-compiler [CURRENT] Ruby FFI Rakefile generator
chat/tkirc [CURRENT] GUI for the ircII Internet Relay Chat client
devel/p5-Test-Modern [CURRENT] Precision testing for modern perl
devel/m4 [CURRENT] GNU version of UNIX m4 macro language processor
net/ruby-rubytter [CURRENT] Simple twitter library
devel/p5-Data-Dumper [CURRENT] Stringified perl data structures
wip/py-Soya [CURRENT] High level 3D engine for Python
print/tex-polski [CURRENT] Typeset Polish documents with LaTeX and Polish fonts
devel/emacs20-elib [CURRENT] Library of utility functions for Emacs
wip/pcp [CURRENT] Machine learning program for pattern classification
devel/py-zope.testing [CURRENT] Zope testing helpers
devel/p5-Data-Peek [CURRENT] Perl 5 collection of low-level debug functions
devel/ucommon [CURRENT] Very light-weight C++ library for deeply embedded applications
graphics/dia-python [CURRENT] Program for creating diagrams of all kinds (Python plugin)
devel/p5-IO-Pipeline [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing map and grep for filehandles, unix pipe style
print/tex-ifoddpage-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ifoddpage
graphics/pfstools [CURRENT] Tools for manipulating HDR images and video frames
devel/vanessa_adt [CURRENT] Library that provides Abstract Data Types (ADTs)
devel/cdecl [CURRENT] Utility to explain and compose C and C++ declarations
graphics/tex-latexmp-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-latexmp
devel/py-singledispatch [CURRENT] Library brings functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4
benchmarks/pipebench [CURRENT] Measures the speed of a pipe
cad/gplcver [CURRENT] Verilog simulator
graphics/tex-graphics-pln-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-graphics-pln
security/sks [CURRENT] Self Replicating PGP Key Server
print/tex-kvdefinekeys [CURRENT] Define keys for use in the kvsetkeys package
wip/p5-Apache2-ModSSL [CURRENT] Perl Interface to mod_ssl functions
devel/p5-IO-stringy [CURRENT] Perl class for I/O on in-core objects like strings and arrays
devel/p5-Devel-Pragma [CURRENT] Perl5 helper functions for developers of lexical pragmas
devel/p5-Event-RPC [CURRENT] Event based transparent Client/Server RPC framework
audio/amp [CURRENT] Another mp3 player
graphics/py-graphviz [CURRENT] Create and render graph descriptions in DOT language
print/tex-dashrule [CURRENT] Draw dashed rules
textproc/iso8879 [CURRENT] Character entity sets from ISO 8879:1986 (SGML)
devel/p5-MooseX-App-Cmd [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing MooseX::Getopt and App::Cmd mashup
wip/py-autokey [CURRENT] Desktop automation utility
fonts/ms-ttf [CURRENT] TrueType fonts from Microsoft
graphics/xdot [CURRENT] Interactive viewer for graphs written in Graphvizs dot language
devel/cvslock [CURRENT] Safely manipulate and inspect CVS repositories
inputmethod/scim-tables [CURRENT] Data files for SCIM Generic Table Input Method module
graphics/tex-ellipse-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ellipse
net/partysip [CURRENT] SIP proxy server
devel/p5-Devel-Cover [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing code coverage metrics
x11/xwit [CURRENT] Utility for calling X11 functions from the shell
print/tex-hausarbeit-jura [CURRENT] Class for writing juristische Hausarbeiten at German Universities
devel/p5-Variable-Magic [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to associate user-defined magic to variables
graphics/cairo [CURRENT] Vector graphics library with cross-device output support
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-ImageCaptureCore [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (ImageCaptureCore framework)
inputmethod/tegaki-zinnia-japanese [CURRENT] Tegaki project handwriting model for Zinnia-Japanese (all)
graphics/tex-drv-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-drv
devel/p5-Test-InDistDir [CURRENT] Test environment setup for development with IDE
devel/libindicator [CURRENT] GTK+3 symbols and convience functions for indicators
print/tex-fixpdfmag [CURRENT] Fix magnification in PDFTeX
filesystems/fuse-unionfs [CURRENT] FUSE-based union filesystem
chat/i2cbd [CURRENT] Next generation Internet Citizens Band chat server
print/tex-biblatex [CURRENT] Sophisticated Bibliographies in LaTeX
time/py-trytond-calendar-classification [CURRENT] Calendar classification module of Trytons application platform
devel/ruby-rspec-mocks [CURRENT] This is test-double framework for rspec
lang/scm [CURRENT] Portable scheme interpreter
x11/py-sip-qt5 [CURRENT] SIP bindings for C and C++ libraries (PyQt5 version)
graphics/tex-auto-pst-pdf-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-auto-pst-pdf
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-Social [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (Social framework)
devel/ruby-thrift_client [CURRENT] Thrift client wrapper for Ruby
graphics/babl [CURRENT] Dynamic pixel conversion library
x11/py-sip [CURRENT] Tool to create Python bindings for C++ libraries
databases/p5-Search-QueryParser [CURRENT] Parses a query string into a data suitable for search engines
devel/libnet10 [CURRENT] C library for portable packet creation and injection
graphics/tiff [CURRENT] Library and tools for reading and writing TIFF data files
www/py-hstspreload [CURRENT] Chromium HSTS Preload list
sysutils/zabbix-frontend [CURRENT] Zabbix PHP frontend
mail/balsa [CURRENT] Email client using GTK3
devel/p5-Tie-RegexpHash [CURRENT] Use regular expressions as hash keys
print/tex-pitex [CURRENT] Documentation macros
net/libares [CURRENT] Asynchronous DNS resolver library
devel/p5-Log-Report [CURRENT] Report a problem, pluggable handlers, and language support
devel/svn-bisect [CURRENT] Bisect SVN repositories to find a particular change
multimedia/mkvtoolnix-old [CURRENT] Matroska tools, old version for build with g++-4.1
www/p5-Template-Timer [CURRENT] Rudimentary profiling for Template Toolkit
www/py-nbformat [CURRENT] Jupyter Notebook format
www/p5-WWW-RobotRules [CURRENT] Perl 5 module database of robots.txt-derived permissions
www/p5-Apache-DBILogConfig [CURRENT] Database-independent Apache database logger
net/proftpd-ldap [CURRENT] LDAP module for ProFTPD
wip/py-python-igraph [CURRENT] Library for creating and manipulating graphs
graphics/py-strich [CURRENT] 1D and 2D barcode generator
net/p5-Geo-IPfree [CURRENT] Gets country name by IP or hostname
math/py-noise [CURRENT] Perlin noise for Python
www/py-flask-api [CURRENT] Browsable web APIs for Flask
textproc/p5-MultiMarkdown [CURRENT] Perl5 convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML
converters/p5-MIME-Base32 [CURRENT] Perl5 module for Base32 encoding
www/ruby-net-http-digest_auth [CURRENT] Implementation of RFC 2617 - Digest Access Authentication
audio/libmtag [CURRENT] Music tagging library
devel/p5-Rose-Object [CURRENT] Very simple class base class used by Rose objects
graphics/urt [CURRENT] Toolkit and library for raster image processing
wip/xpi-quick_locale_switcher [CURRENT] Quickly change the locale preference in Mozilla applications
devel/p5-File-Next [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a file-finding iterator
devel/p5-AtExit [CURRENT] Provides an ANSI C style atexit() function to Perl programs
net/nagios-nrpe [CURRENT] Nagios remote program execution daemon
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-HG [CURRENT] Mecurial interface for Padre
converters/convmv [CURRENT] Converts filenames from one encoding to another
wip/go-notify [CURRENT] File system event notification library on steroids
mail/claws-mail-fetchinfo [CURRENT] Inserts headers containing some download information
converters/p5-Convert-TNEF [CURRENT] Perl5 module interface to read TNEF files
converters/php-mbstring [CURRENT] PHP extension for multibyte characters support
time/tex-datenumber [CURRENT] Convert a date into a number and vice versa
graphics/tex-metago [CURRENT] MetaPost output of Go positions
wip/py-backports.csv [CURRENT] Backport of Python 3s csv module for Python 2
graphics/tex-shapes-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-shapes
textproc/p5-Encode-HanExtra [CURRENT] Extra sets of Chinese encodings
graphics/lepton [CURRENT] Lossless compression/decompression for JPEG images
sysutils/wbm-cluster-useradmin [CURRENT] Webmin module to manage users & groups within a Webmin cluster
converters/p5-Sereal-Decoder [CURRENT] Perl5 module for fast, compact, powerful binary deserialization
print/tex-showlabels-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-showlabels
devel/automake14 [CURRENT] GNU Standards-compliant Makefile generator (old version)
converters/enriched2html [CURRENT] Converts from text/enriched to HTML
wip/xnedit [CURRENT] Fork of NEdit with Unicode support and antialiased text
graphics/tex-tikzpagenodes [CURRENT] A single TikZ node for the whole page
fonts/tex-gfsneohellenic-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-gfsneohellenic
print/tex-hyphen-turkmen [CURRENT] Turkmen hyphenation patterns
devel/php-memcache [CURRENT] PHP extension for memcached
wip/parole [CURRENT] Simple media player based on the GStreamer framework
devel/p5-Clone-Fast [CURRENT] Natively copying Perl data structures
devel/p5-Class-Mix [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing dynamic class mixing
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-Git [CURRENT] Simple Git interface for Padre
wip/tengwar-ttf [CURRENT] Family of fonts covering J. R. R. Tolkiens Tengwar script
wip/py-gtk2-docs [CURRENT] Tutorial and reference manual for PyGTK 2.0
devel/p5-Test-Pod-Coverage [CURRENT] Check for pod coverage in your distribution
wip/gmpc-lyricsplugin [CURRENT] Lyrics plugin for GMPC
wip/q [CURRENT] Command line tool for direct SQL-like queries on CSVs/TSVs
wip/py-collectd [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - python plugin
wip/libretro-4do [CURRENT] Libretro core for 3DO emulation
pkgtools/pkgdepgraph [CURRENT] Visual representation of installed NetBSD packages
graphics/p5-GraphicsMagick [CURRENT] Object-oriented Perl interface to GraphicMagick
textproc/p5-XML-XQL [CURRENT] Perl module to perform XQL queries on XML object trees
print/tex-chess-problem-diagrams [CURRENT] Package for typesetting chess problem diagrams
security/py-pbkdf2 [CURRENT] PKCS #5 v2.0 PBKDF2 Module
x11/labltk [CURRENT] Tk bindings for ocaml
wip/naev [CURRENT] 2D space trading and combat game
graphics/py-ggplot [CURRENT] Python implementation of the grammar of graphics
chat/gajim-plugin-omemo [CURRENT] OMEMO encryption support for Gajim
sysutils/socket [CURRENT] Create tcp socket and connect to stdin/out
games/oshu [CURRENT] Fast osu! port
wip/gnokii [CURRENT] Open source tools for your mobile phone
devel/confuse [CURRENT] Configuration file parser library
audio/abcde [CURRENT] Command-line utility to rip and encode an audio CD
ham/cwtext [CURRENT] Morse Code Generator
fonts/tex-allrunes [CURRENT] Fonts and LaTeX package for almost all runes
net/sdist [CURRENT] Invoke rdist to distribute files to a set of hosts
print/tex-appendixnumberbeamer-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-appendixnumberbeamer
graphics/tuxpaint-config [CURRENT] Configuration program for tuxpaint
graphics/tex-texdraw [CURRENT] Graphical macros, using embedded PostScript
devel/ruby-celluloid [CURRENT] Actor-based concurrent object framework for Ruby
biology/mopac [CURRENT] Molecular energy calculation program
wip/debian_base [CURRENT] Debian Linux compatibility base package
graphics/jpegoptim [CURRENT] JPEG optimizer
wip/interbase-docs [CURRENT] Documentation for InterBase 6.0 in PDF format
devel/ruby-mercenary [CURRENT] Lightweight and flexible library for writing command-line apps
print/tex-ctablestack [CURRENT] Catcode table stable support
sysutils/cdrtools [CURRENT] Software for creating ISO9660 images and writing CD/DVD/Blu-ray
x11/qt4-mysql [CURRENT] QT mysql driver
www/p5-Any-URI-Escape [CURRENT] Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape
wip/ocaml-comparelib [CURRENT] Syntax extension for deriving compare functions automatically
audio/gst-plugins0.10-fluendo-mp3 [CURRENT] MP3 decoder for gstreamer
emulators/dynagen [CURRENT] Network configuration generator for Dynamips
wip/ansible-junos-stdlib [CURRENT] Ansible library for JunOS routers
emulators/suse121_libtiff [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for TIFF
wip/apache-commons-collections [CURRENT] Set of abstract data type interfaces and implementations
www/http_load [CURRENT] Multiprocessing http test client
devel/chrpath [CURRENT] Change the dynamic library load path of compiled binaries
cad/kicad-packages3d [CURRENT] 3D models for rendering and the MCAD software
audio/audacious-plugins [CURRENT] Plugins for Audacious media player
www/opera [CURRENT] Standards-compliant graphical Web browser
textproc/hunspell-lv_LV [CURRENT] Latvian dictionary for hunspell
www/py-flask-user [CURRENT] Customizable user account management for Flask
time/p5-Data-ICal-DateTime [CURRENT] Convenience methods for using Data::ICal with DateTime
wip/p5-Startup [CURRENT] Program flow utility
emulators/suse121_alsa [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for ALSA
games/kajaani-kombat [CURRENT] Rampart-like multiplayer game set in space
net/lua-socket [CURRENT] Network support for the Lua language
emulators/libretro-flycast [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Flycast Sega Dreamcast emulator
emulators/libretro-beetle-saturn [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Mednafen Sega Saturn emulator
wip/dsniff [CURRENT] Password sniffer (webspy)
math/R-mapproj [CURRENT] Map projections
emulators/suse121_slang [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for S-Lang
www/py-django-photologue [CURRENT] Plug-in photo management application for the Django framework
x11/ruby-gtksourceview2 [CURRENT] Ruby binding of gtksourceview2
emulators/compat15 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 1.5 compatibility
print/tex-context-bnf-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-bnf
math/double-conversion [CURRENT] Conversion routines for IEEE doubles
wip/go-fsnotify [CURRENT] File system notifications for Go
www/p5-HTML-Element-Extended [CURRENT] Perl5 modules for managing HTML::Element based objects
databases/p5-DBD-Oracle [CURRENT] Perl DBI/DBD driver for Oracle databases
devel/unittest-cpp [CURRENT] Lightweight unit testing framework for C++
devel/netbeans-ide [CURRENT] NetBeans Java IDE
graphics/tex-mparrows [CURRENT] MetaPost module with different types of arrow heads
inputmethod/input-pad [CURRENT] On-screen Input Pad to Send Characters with Mouse
wip/xchat2-tcl [CURRENT] TCL scripting plugin for xchat
graphics/xplot [CURRENT] Plotting program, most often used in conjunction with tcptrace
time/xonclock [CURRENT] Analog clock
print/tex-treetex-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-treetex
sysutils/wbm-fetchmail [CURRENT] Webmin module for configuring fetchmail
print/tex-babel-georgian [CURRENT] Babel support of documents written in Georgian
print/tex-hyper-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-hyper
graphics/tex-circuitikz-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-circuitikz
misc/py-trytond-production-routing [CURRENT] Production routing module of the Tryton application platform
devel/p5-Graph [CURRENT] Perl module for graph operations
finance/py-trytond-analytic-account [CURRENT] The analytic_account module of the Tryton application platform
print/pdf-redact-tools [CURRENT] Strip metadata from documents before publishing
math/harminv [CURRENT] Solver of harmonic inversion
geography/p5-Class-Measure [CURRENT] Create, compare, and convert units of measurement
graphics/tex-bbcard [CURRENT] Bullshit bingo, calendar and baseball-score cards
www/visitors [CURRENT] Very fast web log analyzer
databases/ruby-awesome_nested_set [CURRENT] Awesome nested set implementation for Active Record
emulators/suse121_32_libjpeg [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for JPEG
graphics/rayshade [CURRENT] Extensible system for creating ray-traced images
devel/netcdf [CURRENT] Library for array-oriented data access
net/py-google [CURRENT] Call the Google web API from Python
devel/hugs-unix [CURRENT] Haskell abstraction for POSIX functionality (Hugs package)
databases/p5-sybperl [CURRENT] Perl modules for using Sybase/MS-SQL databases
net/gift-gnutella [CURRENT] Gnutella plugin for giFT
multimedia/vlc [CURRENT] VideoLAN media player and streaming server
x11/dxpc [CURRENT] Differential X Protocol Compressor
devel/acunia-jam [CURRENT] Acunia version of the program construction tool, like make(1)
wip/libguestfs-appliance [CURRENT] Fixed appliance binaries for libguestfs
net/lambdamoo-core [CURRENT] Generic core classes for lambdamoo
wip/py-pcapy [CURRENT] Python interface to pcap library
security/gnupg-pkcs11-scd [CURRENT] OpenSC smart card support for GnuPG
devel/p5-System-Command [CURRENT] Object for running system commands
databases/ruby-moneta [CURRENT] Unified interface to key/value stores
wip/pear-Crypt_Blowfish [CURRENT] Two-way blowfish encryption
graphics/tex-hatching [CURRENT] MetaPost macros for hatching interior of closed paths
wip/rdsn-git [CURRENT] Robust Distributed System Nucleus
devel/py-iso-639 [CURRENT] Library for working with ISO-639 language codes
sysutils/wbm-dovecot [CURRENT] Webmin module for configuring the Dovecot IMAP/POP3 server
emulators/suse100_krb5 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for kerberos libraries
wip/gonepass-git [CURRENT] Password manager compatible with 1Password (git version)
fonts/tex-cantarell [CURRENT] LaTeX support for the Cantarell font family
audio/libopusenc [CURRENT] High-level API for encoding .opus files
textproc/liblinebreak [CURRENT] Library for line breaking in a Unicode sequence
emulators/libretro-vecx [CURRENT] Libretro core for Vectrex emulation
devel/ruby-i18n [CURRENT] New wave Internationalization support for Ruby
fonts/tex-eiad-ltx [CURRENT] LaTeX support for the eiad font
emulators/suse131_32_openldap [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for OpenLDAP
wip/hdparm [CURRENT] Linux tool for view and manipulate IDE drive parameters
audio/gmpc-tagedit [CURRENT] GMPC plugin for editing song tags
wip/pngnq [CURRENT] Tool for quantizing PNG images in RGBA format
textproc/go-sentences [CURRENT] Multilingual command line sentence tokenizer in Golang
textproc/hunspell-da_DK [CURRENT] Danish dictionary for hunspell
wip/michabo [CURRENT] Qt client for Pleroma and Mastodon
multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-good [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - Good plugins
converters/sratom [CURRENT] Library for serialising LV2 atoms to/from RDF
graphics/p5-Image-Info [CURRENT] Perl module to extract meta information from images
graphics/p5-Image-Imlib2 [CURRENT] Interface to the Imlib2 image library
graphics/p5-GraphViz [CURRENT] Perl interface to the Graphviz tools set
wip/py-typedload [CURRENT] Load and dump data from json-like format into typed data structures
emulators/suse131_32_libxslt [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libxslt
wip/icestorm-git [CURRENT] Project IceStorm
wip/slack-term [CURRENT] Slack client for your terminal
games/knightcap [CURRENT] Chess engine with 3D OpenGL-rendered chessboard
wip/common-mml [CURRENT] Common multimedia library required by mbone tools
sysutils/zabbix [CURRENT] Enterprise-class Monitoring Solution for Everyone
inputmethod/ibus-kkc [CURRENT] Japanese KKC input method for ibus
www/netsurf [CURRENT] Web browser for RISC OS and UNIX-like platforms
wip/wla-dx-git [CURRENT] Assembler that targets many CPUs
devel/p5-VCP-Dest-svk [CURRENT] VCP destination driver for SVN/SVK repositories
graphics/ncview [CURRENT] Visual browser for netCDF format files
fonts/tex-ean-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ean
print/tex-mwcls [CURRENT] Polish-oriented document classes
devel/ruby-semverse [CURRENT] Representing and comparing SemVer versions and constraints
devel/ruby-scanf [CURRENT] Implementation of the C function scanf(3)
graphics/libwmf [CURRENT] Library for reading and converting WMF (Windows Meta Files)
devel/libzookeeper [CURRENT] Highly reliable distributed coordination C lib
security/pinepgp [CURRENT] PGP display and sending filters for pine
devel/uthash [CURRENT] Hash table, implemented in C
net/p5-NetAddr-IP [CURRENT] Perl5 module for managing IP addresses
net/pear-Net_Socket [CURRENT] PHP classes to provide Network Socket Interface
wip/showfont [CURRENT] Displays font data from an X font server
wip/lilyterm [CURRENT] Terminal emulator based off of libvte
devel/ruby-curses [CURRENT] Ruby binding for curses, ncurses, and PDCurses
wip/ldapdns [CURRENT] Tiny, fast authoritative nameserver that queries LDAP
emulators/suse131_32_compat [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package with old shared libraries
wip/libcgi [CURRENT] Library for authoring cgi
graphics/screengrab [CURRENT] Crossplatform tool for grabbing screenshots of your desktop
archivers/lxqt-archiver [CURRENT] Simple and lightweight Qt file archiver
wip/mingw-w64-libgcc [CURRENT] GCC target libraries for win32/64 cross-development
emulators/suse121_32_gstreamer [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for gstreamer
regress/make-env-phases [CURRENT] Tests whether MAKE_ENV changes between build and install phase
news/newsx [CURRENT] NNTP news exchange program
net/spread [CURRENT] Group communication system providing a number of messaging services
net/gopher [CURRENT] Distributed document delivery client
graphics/jpeginfo [CURRENT] Generates informative listings from JPEG files
devel/gccmakedep [CURRENT] Create dependencies in Makefiles using gcc
textproc/p5-XML-RegExp [CURRENT] Provide regular expressions for some XML tokens
net/freenet-tools [CURRENT] Freenet Tools, freesite manipulation tools for Freenet and Entropy
graphics/graphite2 [CURRENT] Cross-platform rendering for complex writing systems
devel/R-roxygen2 [CURRENT] In-line documentation for R
devel/py-requests-futures [CURRENT] Asynchronous Python HTTP for Humans
devel/R-testthat [CURRENT] Unit testing for R
graphics/artist [CURRENT] Elisp drawing package with mouse and keyboard support
devel/gprbuild-aux [CURRENT] Adacore multi-language software build tool
net/uftp [CURRENT] Encrypted multicast file transfer program
sysutils/wbm-mailboxes [CURRENT] Webmin module to read email in users mailboxes
graphics/gimp2-wideangle [CURRENT] GIMP plugin for wideangle lens distortions
x11/xcursor-vanilla-dmz [CURRENT] Style neutral, scalable cursor theme
print/tex-zxjafont [CURRENT] Set up Japanese font families for XeLaTeX
graphics/gimp-high-pass-filter [CURRENT] General purpose high-pass filter plugin for GIMP
news/slrn [CURRENT] Highly customizable threaded newsreader
www/py-flask-common [CURRENT] Common functionality for Flask
devel/picasm [CURRENT] Assembler for Microchip PIC16Cxx microcontrollers
x11/transset [CURRENT] Utility for setting opacity property
print/tex-nfssext-cfr [CURRENT] Extensions to the LaTeX NFSS
net/php-xmlrpc [CURRENT] PHP extension for XML-RPC support
wip/ast-ksh [CURRENT] Official AT&T release of KornShell 93
lang/sigscheme [CURRENT] R5RS Scheme interpreter for embedded use
devel/sml-mode [CURRENT] Emacs mode for editing Standard ML source code
devel/ruby-minitest [CURRENT] Complete suite of testing facilities for Ruby
devel/ruby-mixlib-shellout [CURRENT] Mixin library for subprocess management
net/libIDL [CURRENT] CORBA Interface Definition Language parser
print/ruby-pdf-core [CURRENT] PDF::Core is used by Prawn to render PDF documents
textproc/py-xmltodict [CURRENT] Simplified XML parser library
wip/microtetris [CURRENT] MicroTetris is a simple and compact popular game Tetris
games/love07 [CURRENT] Framework for making 2D games in Lua (version 0.7)
wip/bstone [CURRENT] Source port of Blake Stone game engines
devel/ruby-rspec-expectations [CURRENT] Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby, expectations
sysutils/tarsnap [CURRENT] Secure online backup service
print/tex-parskip-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-parskip
security/amap [CURRENT] Applications and Services scanner
sysutils/pwgen [CURRENT] Generate pronounceable passwords
wip/miktex [CURRENT] TODO: Short description of the package
graphics/gimp-docs-it [CURRENT] Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
inputmethod/zinnia-tomoe [CURRENT] Zinna recognition models traned with Tomoe data
graphics/tex-chemfig [CURRENT] Draw molecules with easy syntax
math/eispack [CURRENT] Fortran routines for the solution of eigenvalue problems
net/go-grpc [CURRENT] Go language implementation of gRPC, HTTP/2 based RPC
devel/ruby-rspec-core [CURRENT] Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby, core part
wip/zbackup [CURRENT] Globally-deduplicating backup tool
print/tex-cweb-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cweb
print/tex-outline [CURRENT] List environment for making outlines
graphics/tex-chemfig-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-chemfig
wip/wp2md-git [CURRENT] WordPress to Markdown Exporter
wip/libgxim [CURRENT] GObject-based XIM protocol library
wip/java-swingwt [CURRENT] Swing binding to SWT for java
www/py-django-admin-rangefilter [CURRENT] Add the filter by a custom date range on the admin UI
wip/p5-collectd [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - perl plugin
math/R-XML [CURRENT] Tools for parsing and generating XML within R
devel/ruby-redmine-gitmike-theme [CURRENT] Github-like theme for Redmine
net/nipper [CURRENT] Performs security audits of network device configuration
net/tcpslice [CURRENT] Tool for extracting portions of tcpdumps packet trace files
devel/p5-Test-Pod-Spelling-CommonMistakes [CURRENT] Checks POD for common spelling mistake
net/p5-Net-Daemon [CURRENT] Perl5 module for writing networking daemons
sysutils/setquota [CURRENT] Command line quota tools
mail/p5-Email-Abstract [CURRENT] Perl5 module for writing representation-independent mail handling code
devel/py-test-forked [CURRENT] Run tests in isolated forked subprocesses
www/py-furl [CURRENT] URL manipulation made simple
sysutils/dd_rescue [CURRENT] Tool like dd(1) for rescuing data from media with errors
audio/musicpd [CURRENT] Remote controllable audio player
print/tex-aeguill [CURRENT] Add several kinds of guillemets to the ae fonts
wip/llvm-project-netbsd [CURRENT] The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
print/tex-atveryend [CURRENT] Hooks at the very end of a document
benchmarks/zelibm [CURRENT] Visual Math Library Quality Check
print/tex-nfssext-cfr-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-nfssext-cfr
print/tex-ragged2e [CURRENT] Alternative versions of ragged-type commands
devel/p5-TryCatch [CURRENT] First class try catch semantics for Perl, without source filters
devel/R-rcmdcheck [CURRENT] Run R CMD check from R and capture results
lang/gcc-aux [CURRENT] GNAT Ada compiler based on GCC 4.9
devel/p5-Test-HTTP-LocalServer [CURRENT] Perl module for spawning a local HTTP server for testing
x11/py-gnome2 [CURRENT] Python binding for GNOME2
net/vde [CURRENT] Virtual Distributed Ethernet tools
x11/modular-xorg-xquartz [CURRENT] X11 server for Mac OS X
devel/go-ini [CURRENT] INI file read and write functionality in Go
fonts/tex-feyn-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-feyn
print/tex-edmac [CURRENT] Typeset critical editions
wip/rawdog [CURRENT] RSS Aggregator Without Delusions Of Grandeur
graphics/fujiplay [CURRENT] Download pictures from some Fujifilm digital cameras
security/netramet [CURRENT] NEtwork TRaffic METer
time/libical [CURRENT] Reference implementation of the iCalendar data type and format
devel/ruby-locale [CURRENT] Pure ruby library which provides basic APIs for localization
graphics/xdvipresent [CURRENT] Slide Presentations Using LaTeX/xdvi
devel/gnome-common [CURRENT] Generic M4 macros for GNOME development
mail/perdition [CURRENT] IMAP/POP3 proxy redirector (main program)
devel/p5-Sub-Info [CURRENT] Tool to inspect subroutines
print/tex-beamerposter [CURRENT] Extend beamer and a0poster for custom sized posters
devel/R-usethis [CURRENT] Automate package and project setup
wip/PPower4 [CURRENT] PDF presentation post processor
www/py-nevow [CURRENT] Next-generation web application templating system
net/p5-Net-Google-Code [CURRENT] Perl 5 simple client library for google code
security/ruby-twitter_oauth [CURRENT] Ruby client for the Twitter API using OAuth
devel/ruby-lazy_priority_queue [CURRENT] Priority queue implemented using a lazy binomial heap
print/tex-numberpt [CURRENT] Counters spelled out in Portuguese
geography/xrmap-anthems [CURRENT] National anthems (text) for xrmap
devel/p5-Class-Base [CURRENT] Useful base class for deriving other modules
devel/py-args [CURRENT] Command Arguments for Humans
wip/ranmacgen [CURRENT] Random MAC address generator
wip/pike [CURRENT] Dynamic programming language similar to Java and C
www/py-django-timezone-field [CURRENT] Database and form fields for pytz timezone objects
graphics/gphoto2 [CURRENT] Digital camera access command line client
databases/erlang-sqlite3 [CURRENT] Sqlite gen_server port for Erlang
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-MediaLibrary [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (MediaLibrary framework)
graphics/tex-tikz-feynhand [CURRENT] Feynman diagrams with TikZ
devel/ruby-hashery [CURRENT] Facets-bread collection of Hash-like classes
games/sudoku-cli [CURRENT] Commandline version of sudoku board game
print/tex-atveryend-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-atveryend
wip/remctl [CURRENT] Client/server protocol for running commands using Kerberos v5 auth
graphics/php-gd [CURRENT] PHP extension for GD graphics library
print/tex-context-construction-plan-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-construction-plan
textproc/py-jinja2 [CURRENT] Small but fast and easy to use stand-alone template engine
devel/ruby-flexmock [CURRENT] Flexible mock object library for Ruby unit testing
devel/py-apipkg [CURRENT] Namespace control and lazy-import mechanism
wip/java-protobuf [CURRENT] Java bindings for protobuf
math/tex-apnum [CURRENT] Arbitrary precision numbers implemented by TeX macros
fonts/tex-ocr-b-outline-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ocr-b-outline
sysutils/ruby-childprocess [CURRENT] Simple and reliable solution for controlling external programs
textproc/ruby-asciidoctor [CURRENT] Convert AsciiDoc to HTML and more
wip/py-wpull [CURRENT] Wget-compatible web downloader and crawler
databases/pgtclng [CURRENT] Next Generation TCL interface to PostgreSQL
multimedia/avidemux [CURRENT] Graphical video editing program
devel/libFoundation [CURRENT] Library implementing the OpenStep Foundation API
print/tex-ucharcat-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ucharcat
emulators/gearboy [CURRENT] Game Boy / Gameboy Color emulator
textproc/untex [CURRENT] Remove LaTeX commands
sysutils/p5-Filesys-DfPortable [CURRENT] Perl extension for filesystem disk space information
print/tex-babel-norsk [CURRENT] Babel support for Norwegian
security/ruby-net-sftp [CURRENT] Secure FTP for Ruby
graphics/gnuplot [CURRENT] Portable interactive, function plotting utility
textproc/aspell-hy [CURRENT] Armenian language support for aspell
print/tex-bibleref-german [CURRENT] German adaptation of bibleref
print/tex-bbm-macros [CURRENT] LaTeX support for blackboard-style cm fonts
devel/p5-Regexp-Assemble [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to assemble multiple regular expressions
www/p5-CSS-Squish [CURRENT] Compact many CSS files into one big file
print/tex-babel-thai [CURRENT] Support for Thai within babel
textproc/convertlit [CURRENT] Convert Microsoft Legal Reader format eBooks into open format
devel/pythontidy [CURRENT] Cleans up, regularizes, and reformats the text of Python scripts
www/p5-I18N-AcceptLanguage [CURRENT] Matches language preference to available languages
time/p5-Date-Leapyear [CURRENT] Is a particular year a leap year?
textproc/ruby-hikidoc [CURRENT] Text-to-HTML conversion tool for web writers
multimedia/gnome-video-effects [CURRENT] Collection of GStreamer effects for GNOME
graphics/freetype2 [CURRENT] Font rendering engine and library API
editors/texmaker [CURRENT] LaTeX editor and front end
audio/cmusfm [CURRENT] standalone scrobbler for the cmus music player
math/dcdflib.c [CURRENT] Library of C Routines for Cumulative Distribution Functions
wip/opera60-bin [CURRENT] Standards-compliant graphical Web browser
editors/manedit [CURRENT] UNIX Manual (man, manpage) page editor, viewer, and browser for X11
devel/py-testscenarios [CURRENT] Pyunit extension for dependency injection
emulators/libretro-gearboy [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Gearboy Game Boy emlator
print/tex-beamerposter-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-beamerposter
wip/lives [CURRENT] Linux Video Editing System
security/p5-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA [CURRENT] Perl5 wrapper module for the OpenSSL RSA functions
graphics/php-jpgraph [CURRENT] Object Oriented class library for PHP
textproc/p5-XML-Filter-BufferText [CURRENT] Perl5 module XML parser filter to put all characters() in one event
wip/redfang [CURRENT] Scan for hidden bluetooth devices
print/tex-context-transliterator-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-transliterator
sysutils/tkcron [CURRENT] Graphical frontend to crontab
devel/py-cached-property [CURRENT] Decorator for caching properties in classes
games/spaceracer [CURRENT] 3D car racing game
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-DiskArbitration [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (DiskArbitration framework)
math/p5-Math-BaseCnv [CURRENT] Fast functions to CoNVert between number Bases
wip/roadfighter [CURRENT] Remake the Konami MSX classic game Road Fighter
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-AppleScriptKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (AppleScriptKit framework)
math/mapm [CURRENT] Arbitrary Precision Math library
devel/py-isort [CURRENT] Python utility / library to sort imports
math/p5-Spreadsheet-ReadSXC [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to extract OpenOffice 1.x spreadsheet data
devel/py-libmc [CURRENT] Quick and small memcached client for Python
wip/polyclipping [CURRENT] Polygon and line clipping and offsetting library
devel/py-flake8-import-order [CURRENT] Flake8 and pylama plugin that checks the ordering of import statements
audio/opencore-amr [CURRENT] Adaptive Multi-Rate speech codec libraries
wip/ruby-therubyracer [CURRENT] Embedded V8 Javascript
emulators/gearsystem [CURRENT] Sega Master System / Game Gear / SG-1000 emulator
archivers/py-zipstream [CURRENT] Zipfile generator
devel/py-pathlib2 [CURRENT] Object-oriented filesystem paths
emulators/libretro-gearsystem [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Gearsystem Master System emlator
print/tex-continue [CURRENT] Prints continuation marks on recto pages of multipage documents
archivers/ruby-bz2 [CURRENT] Ruby interface to the library libbzip2
www/py-publicsuffix2 [CURRENT] Public suffix for a domain name using the Public Suffix List
graphics/tex-dviincl [CURRENT] Include a DVI page into MetaPost output
wip/OpenJK-git [CURRENT] Game engine for Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast
devel/gdb [CURRENT] Symbolic debugger for multiple language frontends
parallel/openmp [CURRENT] Support for the OpenMP language
devel/talloc [CURRENT] Hierarchical pool based memory allocator with destructors
lang/libduktape [CURRENT] Embeddable Javascript engine library
print/tex-showdim-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-showdim
devel/py-dulwich [CURRENT] Python implementation of Git
net/p5-Net-SNMP [CURRENT] Perl5 module for SNMP queries
print/tex-context-fullpage-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-fullpage
x11/dunst [CURRENT] Customizable and lightweight notification-daemon
print/tex-varwidth-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-varwidth
print/scribus-qt4 [CURRENT] Publishing layout with graphical interface
print/R-tinytex [CURRENT] Helper Func. to Install & Maintain TeX Live & Compile LaTeX Docs
math/ppl [CURRENT] The Parma Polyhedra Library
wip/weatherman [CURRENT] Display weather information from WeatherBug on the command line
archivers/ruby-archive-tar-minitar [CURRENT] Pure Ruby library for handling POSIX tar archives
print/tex-currvita [CURRENT] Typeset a curriculum vitae
print/paps [CURRENT] Pango to PostScript converter
math/p5-Math-BigInt-Pari [CURRENT] Perl5 library to use Math::Pari for Math::BigInt routines
devel/libatomic [CURRENT] Atomic fallback implementation for GCC
wip/netquery-git [CURRENT] System introspection tool
print/tex-ptex-base [CURRENT] Plain TeX format and documents for pTeX and e-pTeX
wip/py-pdfposter [CURRENT] Scale and tile PDF images/pages to print on multiple pages
wip/rootcheck [CURRENT] RootKit detection software
print/tex-easy-todo-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-easy-todo
benchmarks/flops [CURRENT] Floating point benchmark to give your MFLOPS rating
print/tex-ifnextok [CURRENT] Utility macro: peek ahead without ignoring spaces
devel/libelf [CURRENT] ELF object file access library
audio/csound5 [CURRENT] Software synthesizer and sequencer
fonts/otf2bdf [CURRENT] OpenType to BDF font converter
games/xjump [CURRENT] Jumping game for X
www/p5-CSS [CURRENT] Object oriented access to Cascading Style Sheets
wip/openfodder-data [CURRENT] Data for the wip/openfodder
databases/pear-MDB2_Driver_mysqli [CURRENT] Mysqli MDB2 driver
inputmethod/brise [CURRENT] Official Rime Schema repository
x11/xf86-video-suntcx [CURRENT] TCX video driver for the Xorg X server
devel/bullet [CURRENT] Collision detection, soft body and rigid body dynamics library
devel/py-grako [CURRENT] Grammar compiler
print/tex-hyphen-ethiopic [CURRENT] Hyphenation patterns for Ethiopic scripts
sysutils/dvdisaster [CURRENT] Protects data on optical media with error correcting codes
wip/pentagram [CURRENT] A reimplementation of the Ultima 8 game engine
devel/p5-Getopt-Long-Descriptive [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing Getopt::Long with usage text
print/tex-amstex [CURRENT] American Mathematical Society plain TeX macros
wip/gitsome [CURRENT] Supercharged Git/GitHub command line interface (CLI)
devel/zzuf [CURRENT] Transparent application input fuzzer
devel/py-characteristic [CURRENT] Python attributes without boilerplate
graphics/tex-gmp [CURRENT] Enable integration between MetaPost pictures and LaTeX
print/tex-urlbst-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-urlbst
wip/mingw-w64-crt [CURRENT] C runtime for win32/64 cross-development
print/tex-babel-serbianc [CURRENT] Babel module to support Serbian Cyrillic
textproc/py-precis-i18n [CURRENT] PRECIS-i18n: Internationalized Usernames and Passwords
security/gnu-pw-mgr [CURRENT] Password manager
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-ApplicationServices [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (ApplicationServices framework)
print/tex-makecell-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-makecell
math/tex-mathspec-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mathspec
print/tex-unicode-data [CURRENT] Unicode data and loaders for TeX
wip/java-basicplayer [CURRENT] Threaded simple player class based on JavaSound API
print/tex-textmerg [CURRENT] Merge text in TeX and LaTeX
sysutils/lsof [CURRENT] Lists information about open files
print/tex-letltxmacro-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-letltxmacro
x11/rofi [CURRENT] Window switcher, run dialog and dmenu replacement
security/p5-Crypt-CBC [CURRENT] Perl5 cipher block chaining mode for various crypto algorithms
devel/picprg [CURRENT] Parallel port PIC programmer
sysutils/py-setproctitle [CURRENT] Python library to allow customization of the process title
devel/php-memcached [CURRENT] PHP extension for interfacing with memcached via libmemcached library
sysutils/agedu [CURRENT] Utility for tracking down wasted disk space
math/p5-Algorithm-BloomFilter [CURRENT] Simple bloom filter data structure
security/pam-mysql [CURRENT] PAM module for authenticating with MySQL
print/tex-ltxcmds-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ltxcmds
print/tex-crop [CURRENT] Support for cropmarks
wip/py-libclang-py3 [CURRENT] Python3 bindings for libclang
editors/ted-nl [CURRENT] Dutch spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
math/ruby-narray [CURRENT] N-dimensional Numerical Array class for Ruby
math/p5-Math-BigInteger [CURRENT] Arbitrary length integer extension module for Perl
lang/swi-prolog-packages [CURRENT] Packages for SWI Prolog
www/py-httpcore [CURRENT] Minimal low-level HTTP client
devel/p5-gettext [CURRENT] Perl5 module interface to C I18N functions
sysutils/dbus-glib [CURRENT] GLib bindings for the D-BUS message bus system
sysutils/ruby-fssm [CURRENT] File System State Monitor
math/R-spacetime [CURRENT] Classes and methods for spatio-temporal data
benchmarks/forkbomb [CURRENT] Classic Unix fork() bomber
textproc/R-crosstalk [CURRENT] Inter-Widget Interactivity for HTML Widgets
print/tex-revtex [CURRENT] Styles for various Physics Journals
devel/p5-constant-def [CURRENT] Perl pragma to declare previously undeclared constants
math/texdrive [CURRENT] Emacs mode for creating inline formulae for HTML
security/py-certifi [CURRENT] Python package for providing Mozillas CA Bundle
math/R-geoR [CURRENT] Analysis of geostatistical data
print/tex-getoptk-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-getoptk
converters/p5-Unicode-IMAPUtf7 [CURRENT] Perl extension to deal with IMAP UTF7
devel/p5-Test-File-Contents [CURRENT] Perl5 module for test routines examining the contents of files
print/tex-babel-english [CURRENT] Babel support for English
sysutils/fastfs [CURRENT] Turn on/off delayed IO on a file system
mail/xmailwatcher [CURRENT] Mailbox checker which displays sender and subject lines of mails
mail/etach [CURRENT] Emacs Lisp package for dealing with MIME email attachments
devel/py-slugify [CURRENT] Slugify (non-ASCII to ASCII) application that handles Unicode
www/p5-CGI-Application-PSGI [CURRENT] Perl 5 module PSGI adapter for CGI::Application
misc/py-trytond-party-siret [CURRENT] The party_siret module of the Tryton application platform
security/argon2 [CURRENT] Password hash Argon2
print/tex-datatool [CURRENT] Tools to load and manipulate data
sysutils/ups-nut-usb [CURRENT] Network UPS Tools USB drivers
fonts/public-sans [CURRENT] Strong, neutral typeface for text or display
games/gamazons [CURRENT] GNOME program for playing the game Amazons
wip/wsmake [CURRENT] Software for production and maintenance of web sites
net/php-sockets [CURRENT] PHP extension for sockets support
sysutils/libdevkit-gobject [CURRENT] Modular hardware abstraction layer
sysutils/collectd-network [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - network plugin
devel/p5-Syntax-Keyword-Junction [CURRENT] Perl5 module to provide keywords for any, all, none, or one
print/tex-substr-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-substr
mail/claws-mail-notification [CURRENT] Provides various ways to notify the user of new and unread email
games/libretro-2048 [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the 2048 puzzle game
textproc/py-sphobjinv [CURRENT] Toolkit for manipulation and inspection of Sphinx objects.inv files
x11/xclip [CURRENT] Command line interface to the X windows clipboard
lang/libcxx [CURRENT] C++ Standard Library
x11/appmenu-qt [CURRENT] Allows Qt applications to export menus over DBus to a menu applet
devel/ruby-rcsparse [CURRENT] RCS parsing library for Ruby
devel/p5-Parallel-ForkManager [CURRENT] Simple parallel processing fork manager
sysutils/ups-nut-cgi [CURRENT] Network UPS Tools CGI scripts
wip/upower [CURRENT] UPower is an abstraction for enumerating power devices
inputmethod/tegaki-python [CURRENT] Base Python library for the Tegaki project
devel/p5-Module-Install-PadrePlugin [CURRENT] Module::Install support for Padre plugins
archivers/par2 [CURRENT] PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool
wip/dropbox [CURRENT] Dropbox sync server
devel/vanessa_logger [CURRENT] Library that provides a generic logging layer
graphics/aqsis [CURRENT] Renderman clone
time/ruby-hitimes [CURRENT] Fast, high resolution timer library
games/lbreakout [CURRENT] Breakout-style arcade game
devel/p5-Scalar-Defer [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing lazy evaluation
net/socks4 [CURRENT] Old library, server and client for using proxy firewall software
textproc/p5-Text-Wrapper [CURRENT] Perl5 module that provides simple word wrapping
devel/py-fuzzywuzzy [CURRENT] Fuzzy String Matching in Python
x11/lua-keybinder [CURRENT] Lua bindings for the keybinder library
security/php-mcrypt [CURRENT] PHP extension for the mcrypt crypto algorithms library
devel/p5-Role-Identifiable [CURRENT] Perl 5 role with an ident attribute
math/qalculate [CURRENT] Modern multi-purpose desktop calculator (console version)
pkgtools/gnome-packagekit [CURRENT] GNOME frontend for PackageKit
multimedia/libdvdread [CURRENT] DVD access library
net/py-socketpool [CURRENT] Simple Python socket pool
fonts/tex-fonetika [CURRENT] Support for the Danish Dania phonetic system
lang/spidermonkey185 [CURRENT] Standalone JavaScript implementation in C
www/clearsilver [CURRENT] Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
wip/p5-HTTP-Request-StreamingUpload [CURRENT] Streaming upload wrapper for HTTP::Request
games/majesty-demo [CURRENT] Fantasy kingdom simulation (demo)
wm/fvwm3 [CURRENT] Multiple large virtual desktop window manager
databases/p5-CatalystX-CRUD [CURRENT] CRUD framework for Catalyst applications
wip/silvertree [CURRENT] Silver Tree, an open source role playing game
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-Fixtures [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to handle databases fixtures using DBIx::Class schema
wip/colord [CURRENT] Device color profile management daemon
wip/fna3d [CURRENT] 3D graphics library for FNA
wip/easy-rsa [CURRENT] Small RSA key management based on openssl command
print/tex-milog-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-milog
converters/ruby-unf [CURRENT] Wrapper library to bring Unicode Normalization Form support
www/ruby-padrino-gen [CURRENT] Generators for easily creating and building padrino applications
databases/ruby-dm-ferret-adapter [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin for Ferret
mail/elm-me [CURRENT] ELM Mail User Agent with ME extensions
devel/p5-RT-Authen-ExternalAuth [CURRENT] RT extension for external authentication methods
print/magicfilter [CURRENT] Customizable, extensible automatic printer filter
devel/p5-Proc-Simple [CURRENT] Launch and control background processes
security/avcheck [CURRENT] Mail content filter for SMTP servers
math/R-clim.pact [CURRENT] Climate analysis and downscaling for monthly and daily data
wip/chromium-depot_tools [CURRENT] Chromium depot tools
audio/SDL_sound [CURRENT] SDL library to handle the decoding of different file formats
fonts/tex-cmpica [CURRENT] Computer Modern Pica variant
security/ruby-net-ssh [CURRENT] Secure shell for Ruby
x11/wmfstatus [CURRENT] General purpose 8x5 LCD screen for WindowMaker
net/fair-identd [CURRENT] Fast RFC-1413 identd running under inetd that returns no useful info
print/tex-ccaption [CURRENT] Continuation headings and legends for floats
wip/dbf [CURRENT] Converts dBASE files to comma separated values text files
fonts/tex-brushscr [CURRENT] Handwriting script font
devel/p5-Proc-Pidfile [CURRENT] Perl module for maintaining a pid file
finance/py-trytond-product-cost-history [CURRENT] The product cost history module of the Tryton application platform
emulators/suse131_32_libgc [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for Boehm-Demers-Weiser g/c libraries
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect [CURRENT] Perl module for inflection of english words and a/an selection
devel/p5-PerlIO-via-symlink [CURRENT] PerlIO layers to create symlinks
devel/py-iso3166 [CURRENT] Self-contained ISO 3166-1 country definitions
wip/ncrack [CURRENT] High-speed network authentication cracking tool
devel/p5-Readonly [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for creating read-only scalars, arrays and hashes
games/jin [CURRENT] Graphical client for chess servers
wip/py-gettext-tools [CURRENT] Python tools for development of I18N Python apps
devel/tavrasm [CURRENT] Assembler for the Atmel AVR series of microcontrollers
security/py-urllib2-kerberos [CURRENT] Kerberos over HTTP Negotiate/SPNEGO support for urllib2
security/ssss [CURRENT] Shamirs Secret Sharing Scheme
security/p5-Authen-SASL-Cyrus [CURRENT] Perl module to handle Cyrus protocol for SASL authentication
security/ruby-net-scp [CURRENT] Secure copy for Ruby
games/gogui [CURRENT] GUI for Go-playing programs
fonts/tex-b1encoding [CURRENT] LaTeX encoding tools for Bookhands fonts
lang/compiler-rt [CURRENT] LLVM runtime libraries
devel/p5-Perl-Version [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to parse and manipulate Perl version strings
emulators/suse131_glx [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for OpenGL/Mesa
www/ruby-jekyll-sass-converter [CURRENT] Basic Sass converter for Jekyll
print/tex-hang-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-hang
emulators/suse121_32_alsa [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for ALSA
devel/p5-IPC-DirQueue [CURRENT] Disk-based many-to-many task queue
wip/dsniff-nox11 [CURRENT] Password sniffer
games/dhewm3 [CURRENT] Source port of the original Doom 3
security/libp11 [CURRENT] Convenience library for easy PKCS#11 implementation
devel/ruby-activesupport52 [CURRENT] Toolkit of support libraries (part of Rails 5.2)
fonts/Merriweather-ttf [CURRENT] Eben Sorkins Merriweather font
audio/amsynth [CURRENT] Software synth with a subtractive synthesizer topology
devel/py-jaraco.classes [CURRENT] Utility functions for Python class constructs
textproc/pear-File_Find [CURRENT] Class that facilitates the search of filesystems
net/pconsole [CURRENT] Parallel console tool to access several host via one input tty
x11/xpr [CURRENT] Formats xwd dump files as output for various types of printers
fonts/tex-starfont-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-starfont
devel/p5-MooseX-Types-LogAny [CURRENT] Moose Types for Log::Any
wip/lfe [CURRENT] Lisp flavoured erlang
x11/xkbevd [CURRENT] Possible replacement for xev (work in progress)
games/xye [CURRENT] Kye clone
wip/viewglob [CURRENT] Utility designed to complement the shell in graphical environments
sysutils/cfm [CURRENT] Simple and fast TUI file manager with no dependencies
wip/newsboat [CURRENT] RSS/Atom feed reader for the text console
devel/libgsf [CURRENT] GNOME structured file library
textproc/swath [CURRENT] Smart Word Analysis for THai
mail/ruby-mini_mime [CURRENT] Lightweight mime type lookup toy
print/psutils [CURRENT] Utilities for manipulating PostScript documents
devel/boost-build [CURRENT] Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (Boost.Build framework)
wip/py-visionegg [CURRENT] Visual stimulus creation and control in Python
security/py-pydeep [CURRENT] Python bindings for ssdeep
x11/xkbutils [CURRENT] Small utilities utilizing the X11 XKeyboard (XKB) extension
devel/p5-MooseX-StrictConstructor [CURRENT] Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes
devel/p5-MooseX-SetOnce [CURRENT] Write-once, read-many attributes for Moose
fonts/tex-dancers [CURRENT] Font for Conan Doyles The Dancing Men
net/p5-Net-Ident [CURRENT] Perl module implementing the client side of the ident protocol
wip/compiz-boxmenu [CURRENT] Desktop menu for compiz, forked from compiz-deskmenu
devel/py-flufl.lock [CURRENT] NFS-safe file locking with timeouts for POSIX systems
devel/p5-MooseX-App [CURRENT] Write user-friendly command line apps with even less suffering
security/gnupg [CURRENT] GNU Privacy Guard, public-Key encryption and digital signatures
textproc/py-mkdocs-bootswatch [CURRENT] Bootswatch theme for MkDocs
security/p5-Crypt-RSA [CURRENT] Perl5 module of the RSA public key algorithm
time/p5-DateTime-TimeZone [CURRENT] Perl module to handle time zone manipulation
devel/p5-Module-Pluggable [CURRENT] Automatically adds the ability to have plugins to modules
security/py-google-auth-oauthlib [CURRENT] Google Authentication Library
mail/courier-imap [CURRENT] IMAP server for access to maildir-style mailboxes
sysutils/collectd [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon base
wip/rng-tools [CURRENT] Random collection of Linux kernel-related projects and source code
security/rc5des [CURRENT] Binaries for taking part in the rc5des challenge
security/libassuan2 [CURRENT] IPC library used by some of the other GnuPG related packages
www/jalbum [CURRENT] Web photo album generator
mail/coolmail [CURRENT] Xbiff replacement with 3D animation and sound
x11/fvwm-wharf [CURRENT] Copy of AfterSteps Wharf compatible with fvwm2
security/srp_client [CURRENT] Client programs using Secure Remote Password protocol
math/R-RArcInfo [CURRENT] Functions to import data from Arc/Info V7.x binary coverages
fonts/lanna-io [CURRENT] Lanna Innovation collection of Thai fonts
devel/p5-Module-Install-ReadmeFromPod [CURRENT] Module::Install extension to automatically convert POD to a README
x11/xcursor [CURRENT] Client-side cursor loading library for X
wm/spectrwm [CURRENT] Small dynamic tiling window manager for X11
audio/gst-plugins1-sid [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - sid plugin
devel/libatomic-links [CURRENT] Make libatomic available from a unique directory
emulators/suse131_libgc [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for Boehm-Demers-Weiser g/c libraries
devel/p5-MooX-ClassAttribute [CURRENT] Declare class attributes Moose-style... but without Moose
wip/uzbl-git [CURRENT] Web interface tools which adhere to the UNIX philosophy
sysutils/gkrellm-share [CURRENT] GKrellM2 locale files
graphics/gnome-icon-theme [CURRENT] Theme consisting of a set of icons for GNOME
databases/py-unicodecsv [CURRENT] Drop-in replacement for Pythons csv module with unicode support
emulators/suse131_32_aspell [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for aspell
databases/sqsh-x11 [CURRENT] SQL shell for Sybase and MS-SQL servers (Athena GUI)
devel/p5-Modern-Perl [CURRENT] Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one command
misc/window [CURRENT] Windowing environment for ASCII terminals
databases/p5-Tie-DBI [CURRENT] Tie hashes to DBI relational databases
devel/py-tlsh [CURRENT] Fuzzy matching library
graphics/py-matplotlib [CURRENT] Matlab-style plotting package for Python
security/libpreludedb-pgsql [CURRENT] Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
emulators/suse131_gstreamer [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for gstreamer
wip/fluid [CURRENT] Collection of QtQuick components for building fluid
www/ruby-jekyll-archives [CURRENT] Automatically generates post archives by dates, tags, and categories
sysutils/pfstat [CURRENT] Utility to render graphical statistics for PF
wip/radare2-git [CURRENT] Reverse engineering framework
wip/mid2gmc [CURRENT] Guenthers Midi DeCompiler, convert midi to text
devel/locktests [CURRENT] POSIX locks stress-test
mail/pine [CURRENT] Program for Internet News and E-mail
databases/pgtcl [CURRENT] TCL interface to PostgreSQL
www/p5-Kwiki-ParagraphBlocks [CURRENT] Kwiki plugin to display paragraphs with embedded whitespace
wip/ruby-ghi [CURRENT] GitHub Issues on the command line
net/gnet [CURRENT] Simple network library
www/py-flask-limiter [CURRENT] Rate limiting for flask applications
print/tex-footnpag-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-footnpag
www/ruby-jekyll-seo-tag [CURRENT] Jekyll plugin to add metadata tags for SEO
sysutils/wbm-htaccess-htpasswd [CURRENT] Webmin module to protect Apache web-accessible directories
textproc/docbook-xsl [CURRENT] Docbook XSL modular stylesheet
wip/trac [CURRENT] Repository browser, wiki, and issue tracking system
devel/libdbusmenu-qt [CURRENT] Dbusmenu library for Qt4
sysutils/dvd+rw-tools [CURRENT] Tools for writing DVD+R[W] disks
games/libretro-nxengine [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the NXEngine game engine for Cave Story
misc/yrolo [CURRENT] Contact management software
textproc/ruby-strings [CURRENT] Set of useful functions for transforming strings
devel/p5-List-SomeUtils [CURRENT] Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
devel/jflex [CURRENT] Fast lexical analyzer generator for Java
graphics/pear-Image_Color [CURRENT] Manage and handles color data and conversions
audio/sptk [CURRENT] Suite of speech signal processing tools
sysutils/skill [CURRENT] Signal processes given user names, ttys, commands, or pids
textproc/p5-XML-NamespaceSupport [CURRENT] Perl module to the SAX2 NamespaceSupport class
net/py-awscli [CURRENT] Universal Command Line Interface for Amazon Web Services
sysutils/capistrano [CURRENT] Tool for parallel execution of commands across multiple machines
net/libdnet [CURRENT] C interface to several low-level networking routines
sysutils/system-tools-backends [CURRENT] DBus interface for system configuration
inputmethod/libchewing [CURRENT] The intelligent phonetic input method library
misc/tmate [CURRENT] Terminal multiplexer with instant terminal sharing
security/ruby-gssapi [CURRENT] FFI wrapper around the system GSSAPI library
security/pinentry-qt4 [CURRENT] Applications for entering PINs or Passphrases, qt4 enabled
misc/orca [CURRENT] Screen reader
graphics/magicpoint [CURRENT] X11 based presentation tool
wip/seagull [CURRENT] Open source multi-protocol traffic generator
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-MediaPlayer [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (MediaPlayer framework)
devel/py-rauth [CURRENT] Python library for OAuth 1.0/a, 2.0, and Ofly consumers
net/tcptraceroute [CURRENT] Traceroute implementation using TCP packets
devel/p5-List-MoreUtils [CURRENT] Provide the stuff missing in List::Util
wip/py-napalm-nxos [CURRENT] NAPALM module for Cisco IOS
sysutils/collectd-dns [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - dns plugin
wip/py-voluptuous-serialize [CURRENT] Convert Voluptuous schemas to dictionaries
sysutils/libcap [CURRENT] Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities
wip/dosemu2 [CURRENT] Run DOS programs under UNIX
devel/libsexy [CURRENT] Collection of GTK+ widgets that beautify standard widgets
devel/p5-Parse-PMFile [CURRENT] Parses .pm files as PAUSE does
wip/apache-commons-dbcp [CURRENT] Database Connection Pooling Services
www/aws [CURRENT] Adacore Ada Web Server and framework
fonts/FiraCode [CURRENT] Monospaced font with programming ligatures
security/erlang-p1_oauth2 [CURRENT] Erlang Oauth2 implementation
graphics/lib3ds [CURRENT] 3D Studio File Format Library
graphics/gst-plugins0.10-cairo [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - cairo plugin
audio/alsa-plugins-oss [CURRENT] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - OSS plugin
mail/claws-mail [CURRENT] X based e-mail and netnews client
databases/py-sqlrelay [CURRENT] Python extension for SQL Relay
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-CoreML [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (CoreML framework)
audio/playitslowly [CURRENT] Play back audio files at a different speed or pitch
textproc/ruby-plist [CURRENT] Manipulate Property List files
textproc/ruby-yard [CURRENT] Documentation generation tool for the Ruby programming language
textproc/ruby-csv [CURRENT] CSV Reading and Writing
wip/trac-plugins-RoadmapHours-svn [CURRENT] RoadmapHours plugin for Trac
databases/ruby-sqlite3 [CURRENT] Ruby interface for the SQLite database engine
databases/p5-DBIx-Introspector [CURRENT] Detect what database you are connected to
devel/p5-Class-OOorNO [CURRENT] Give your module classic *AND* OO interfaces
x11/matchbox-nest [CURRENT] Matchbox Xnest wrapper
audio/py-karaoke [CURRENT] Free Python-based karaoke player
databases/jdbc-mysql5 [CURRENT] MySQL 5.0 JDBC driver
databases/php-dbx [CURRENT] PHP database abstraction layer extension
wip/gnome-common [CURRENT] Generic M4 macros for GNOME development
chat/py-axolotl [CURRENT] Python port of the ratcheting forward secrecy protocol
devel/p5-Hash-Case [CURRENT] Perl module that implements case-insensitive hashes
security/py-google-auth-httplib2 [CURRENT] Google Authentication Library: httplib2 transport
textproc/p5-XML-Feed [CURRENT] Perl syndication feed parser for both RSS and Atom feeds
devel/py-parameterized [CURRENT] Parameterized testing with any Python test framework
geography/p5-Geo-Weather [CURRENT] Perl5 weather retrieval module
print/tex-schulschriften-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-schulschriften
devel/p5-Find-Lib [CURRENT] Helper to smartly find libs to use in the filesystem tree
audio/gst-plugins1-wavpack [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - wavpack plugin
security/CSP [CURRENT] Simple PKI Toolkit
mail/libytnef [CURRENT] Yerases TNEF Stream Reader library
print/tex-anysize [CURRENT] A simple package to set up document margins
graphics/liblqr [CURRENT] Content-aware image resizing library
time/p5-Business-Hours [CURRENT] Calculate business hours in a time period
x11/xf86-video-openchrome [CURRENT] Modular Xorg OpenChrome driver for VIA UniChrome video chipsets
misc/py-trytond-stock-package-shipping-dpd [CURRENT] Trytons stock package shipping DPD module
archivers/squsq [CURRENT] Compressor/decompressor for CP/M Squeeze compressed files
devel/p5-Log-Dispatch-Array [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to log events to an array
devel/ruby-rspec-logsplit [CURRENT] New logger for each example
devel/p5-File-Tempdir [CURRENT] Object interface for tempdir() from Perl module File::Temp
sysutils/p5-File-Inplace [CURRENT] Perl module for in-place editing of files
devel/anjuta [CURRENT] GTK+ based IDE for C and C++
www/py-django-sql-explorer [CURRENT] Pluggable app that allows to execute SQL, view, and export the results
devel/cssc [CURRENT] GNU workalike for the source code control system SCCS
devel/fann [CURRENT] Fast Artificial Neural Network
graphics/gqview-devel [CURRENT] GTK2-based graphic file viewer (development version)
devel/monotone [CURRENT] Free distributed version control system
devel/R-pkgKitten [CURRENT] Create Simple Packages Which Do not Upset R Package Checks
devel/p5-Class-Tiny [CURRENT] Perl extension for minimalist class construction
security/php-oauth1 [CURRENT] PHP oauth consumer extension
math/genius [CURRENT] Calculator and math tool
devel/p5-File-Share [CURRENT] Extend File::ShareDir to Local Libraries
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-Cocoa [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (Cocoa framework)
archivers/ppunpack [CURRENT] Decompresses Amiga PowerPacker files
archivers/xz [CURRENT] General-purpose data compression software
print/tex-epsf-dvipdfmx-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-epsf-dvipdfmx
emulators/suse131_32_libpng [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for PNG
devel/p5-Menlo [CURRENT] A CPAN client
devel/p5-Hook-LexWrap [CURRENT] Perl5 module providing lexically scoped subroutine wrappers
wip/edb-debugger [CURRENT] Cross platform x86/x86-64 debugger
x11/libxshmfence [CURRENT] Shared memory SyncFence synchronization primitive
devel/p5-Devel-ebug [CURRENT] Simple, extensible Perl 5 debugger
devel/ruby-facade [CURRENT] Module that helps implement the facade pattern
wip/xinetd [CURRENT] Secure replacement for inetd
devel/p5-CPAN-Common-Index [CURRENT] Library for searching CPAN modules, authors and distributions
time/wyrd [CURRENT] Text-based front-end to Remind
misc/xorg-sgml-doctools [CURRENT] Xorg documentation that does not fit anywhere else
devel/p5-Curses-UI-POE [CURRENT] Subclass for Curses::UI that enables it to work with POE
devel/pthread-sem [CURRENT] Semaphore implementation for (PTH) pthreads
textproc/go-regexp2 [CURRENT] Regex engine for Go based on the .NET engine
devel/libkgapi [CURRENT] KDE-based library for accessing various Google services
devel/p5-Dist-Zilla [CURRENT] Perl 5 module distribution builder; installer not included
print/tex-concprog-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-concprog
wip/supercollider [CURRENT] Real time audio synthesis and composition programming language
wip/ruby-sdl2 [CURRENT] Ruby extension library to use SDL2 library
wip/go-gtk2 [CURRENT] Go binding for GTK2
lang/erlang-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for Erlang, a concurrent functional programming language
devel/ruby-tty-color [CURRENT] Terminal color capabilities detection
audio/festvox-kal16 [CURRENT] 16khz American English male voice for festival
devel/p5-Devel-Events-Objects [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing object tracking support for Devel::Events
devel/p5-Devel-Cycle [CURRENT] Perl5 module to find memory cycles in objects
www/p5-HTML-Email-Obfuscate [CURRENT] Perl5 module for obfuscating HTML email addresses
net/ruby-net-ping [CURRENT] Ping interface for Ruby
print/tex-xstring-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-xstring
devel/p5-Data-Section-Simple [CURRENT] Extract data from __DATA__ section of the file
security/spiped [CURRENT] Tool for creating symmetrically encrypted and authenticated pipes
wip/py-jokosher [CURRENT] Simple, yet powerful, multi-track studio
devel/libbonobo [CURRENT] GNOME2 Object activation framework library
textproc/py-JWT [CURRENT] JSON Web Token implementation in Python
wip/p5-Test-Stub [CURRENT] Simple stubbing library for Perl5
x11/xicc [CURRENT] Load ICC profile into X server
graphics/tex-bpolynomial-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-bpolynomial
devel/nsis [CURRENT] Scriptable system to build Windows installers
devel/p5-Log-Trace [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a unified approach to tracing
devel/p5-MooseX-ConfigFromFile [CURRENT] Abstract Moose role for setting attributes from a configfile
print/tex-babel-french [CURRENT] Babel contributed support for French
x11/mkcomposecache [CURRENT] Used for creating global (system-wide) Compose cache files
devel/p5-OLE-Storage_Lite [CURRENT] Module for reading and writing OLE-Structured files
fonts/tex-manfnt-font [CURRENT] Font for LaTeX support for the TeX book symbols
print/tex-bagpipe-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-bagpipe
devel/py-futures [CURRENT] Library brings asynchronous computations from Python 3.x
devel/ropper [CURRENT] Display information about executables and search for gadgets
www/camping [CURRENT] Ruby micro-framework for web applications
devel/ruby-celluloid-supervision [CURRENT] Celluloid Supervision
devel/p5-Data-Stag [CURRENT] Structured Tags datastructures
print/tex-textfit-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-textfit
security/scanssh [CURRENT] SSH remote version scanner
www/py-bottle [CURRENT] Fast, simple and lightweight WSGI micro web-framework for Python
security/ruby-net-ssh-multi [CURRENT] SSH connection multiplexing
graphics/enblend-enfuse [CURRENT] Combines overlapping images without seams, with good exposure
security/py-simplesha3 [CURRENT] Simple SHA-3 implementation for Python
wip/rottexpr [CURRENT] SDL2 source port of Rise of the Triad
sysutils/tcx [CURRENT] Transparently compress executables
textproc/p5-Lingua-Translit [CURRENT] Transliterates text between writing systems
sysutils/ccd2iso [CURRENT] CloneCD to ISO converter
devel/p5-Mixin-ExtraFields [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to add extra stashes of data to your objects
devel/ruby-eventmachine [CURRENT] Ruby event-driven I/O using the Reactor pattern
devel/yarn [CURRENT] JavaScript package manager
wip/OpenLara [CURRENT] Classic Tomb Raider open-source engine
devel/p5-Mixin-Linewise [CURRENT] Perl 5 linewise readers and writers for strings and filenames
security/py-google-auth [CURRENT] Google Authentication Library
fonts/woff2 [CURRENT] WOFF font file format library
devel/R-devtools [CURRENT] Tools to make developing R packages easier
games/pushover [CURRENT] Remake of Pushover, a fun puzzle game
textproc/o3read [CURRENT] Standalone converter for OpenOffice and OpenDocument file formats
devel/py-doctor [CURRENT] API doc generator
fonts/urw-fonts [CURRENT] Standard postscript fonts (cyrillicized)
wip/varnish4 [CURRENT] High-performace HTTP accelerator
wip/osmo-sdr-git [CURRENT] Small form-factor inexpensive SDR (Software Defined Radio)
wip/rtspdump [CURRENT] Download multimedia stream from a Microsoft Windows Media Server
graphics/barcode [CURRENT] Create bar codes as EPS (program and library)
games/puzzles [CURRENT] Collection of small one-player puzzle games by Simon Tatham
sysutils/dtb-arm-exynos5422 [CURRENT] DTB files for arm exynos5422 based boards
games/flightgear-data [CURRENT] FlightGear Simulator data files
security/go-crypto-acme [CURRENT] ACME library from go-crypto
converters/xlhtml [CURRENT] Microsoft xls/ppt to HTML converter
security/sudo [CURRENT] Allow others to run commands as root
security/paperkey [CURRENT] Extract essence of OpenPGP secret key for printing
net/ssync [CURRENT] Invoke rsync to distribute files to a set of hosts
devel/p5-Algorithm-CheckDigits [CURRENT] Perl extension to generate and test check digits
math/py-almost [CURRENT] Python module to compare two numbers generously
devel/py-hglib [CURRENT] Python library for interfacing with mercurials CommandServer
time/tex-datetime2-catalan [CURRENT] Catalan language module for the datetime2 package
lang/sablevm-classpath [CURRENT] Class libraries for the SableVM Java virtual machine
sysutils/wtail [CURRENT] Watch multiple files at once
wip/ruby-xmpp4r [CURRENT] XMPP/Jabber library for Ruby
devel/py-test-isort [CURRENT] Pytest plugin to perform isort checks (import ordering)
print/tex-mfirstuc [CURRENT] Uppercase the first letter of a word
sysutils/smbldap-tools [CURRENT] Set of ldap administration scripts for samba
security/p5-Data-SimplePassword [CURRENT] Simple random password generator
print/tex-realboxes-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-realboxes
graphics/tex-slideshow-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-slideshow
audio/freeswitch-sounds-fr [CURRENT] FreeSwitch Sounds (French)
graphics/gnome-backgrounds [CURRENT] Set of background images for the GNOME Desktop
audio/libmysofa [CURRENT] Reader for AES SOFA HRTF files
audio/eyeD3 [CURRENT] Python audio data toolkit (ID3 and MP3)
misc/iselect [CURRENT] Curses based Interactive Selection Tool
wip/libLLVM38 [CURRENT] Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure (old version)
devel/memcached [CURRENT] High-performance distributed memory object caching system
fonts/tex-drm-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-drm
security/sbd [CURRENT] HMAC & one-time pad-based remote login program
graphics/freeimageplus [CURRENT] Library for supporting PNG, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF (C++ wrapper)
devel/R-rematch2 [CURRENT] Tidy Output from Regular Expression Matching
databases/unixodbc [CURRENT] ODBC 2.x/3.x driver manager
wip/libcstring [CURRENT] Library for cross-platform C string functions
devel/py-ZopeConfiguration [CURRENT] Zope Configuration Markup Language
devel/py-contextvars [CURRENT] PEP 567 Backport
devel/p5-File-Listing [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a directory parser
print/tex-tamethebeast-doc [CURRENT] Manual about bibliographies and especially BibTeX
www/p5-Kwiki-NewPage [CURRENT] Kwiki plugin to create a new Wiki page
emulators/suse121_qt4 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for Qt4
graphics/tex-drv [CURRENT] Derivation trees with MetaPost
audio/xmms-mac [CURRENT] XMMS plugin for Monkeys Audio files
devel/m17n-lib [CURRENT] Multilingualization library
wip/es40-cvs [CURRENT] AlphaServer ES40 emulator
games/xpilot [CURRENT] Networked space battles for X11
wip/csoap [CURRENT] SOAP C Framework C API functions
misc/dpkg [CURRENT] Package maintenance system for Debian
databases/prometheus [CURRENT] The Prometheus monitoring system and time series database
fonts/tex-ipaex [CURRENT] IPA and IPAex fonts for Kana and Kanji
devel/p5-File-DesktopEntry [CURRENT] Perl module for handling .desktop files
textproc/urlview [CURRENT] Extract URLs from text files and display them in a menu
math/p5-Statistics-Descriptive [CURRENT] Perl module of basic descriptive statistical functions
wm/ccsm [CURRENT] CompizConfig Settings Manager
x11/modular-xorg-server [CURRENT] Modular X11 server from modular
multimedia/php-ming [CURRENT] PHP extension for Ming library
sysutils/grun [CURRENT] GTK+ based Run dialog
textproc/aspell-nb [CURRENT] Norwegian (Bokmal) language support for aspell
devel/go-siphash [CURRENT] Go implementation of SipHash-2-4
wip/krusader [CURRENT] Advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE 4.x
net/py-moto [CURRENT] Mock-up of the boto library
wip/ht2html [CURRENT] Simple web page templating system
math/R-sandwich [CURRENT] Robust covariance matrix estimators
print/tex-textmerg-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-textmerg
devel/libbonoboui [CURRENT] GNOME2 Object activation framework library (graphical version)
print/tex-tex-ini-files [CURRENT] Model TeX format creation files
devel/p5-ExtUtils-Config [CURRENT] Wrapper for configuration of Perl
emulators/bsnes [CURRENT] SNES/SFC emulator focused on performance, features, and ease of use
security/ruby-openid [CURRENT] OpenID support for Ruby
net/libslirp [CURRENT] User-mode networking library
wip/guitone [CURRENT] Graphical Monotone VCS Tool
fonts/tex-cmbright-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cmbright
wip/apache-log4j [CURRENT] Logging facility for Java
sysutils/nrg2iso [CURRENT] Converts Nero Burning Roms to ISO images
security/p5-Crypt-Curve25519 [CURRENT] Perl5 module for the elliptic-curve Diffie-Hellman key exchange
textproc/xmlada [CURRENT] Adacore XML suite for the Ada language
parallel/p5-Parallel-Pvm [CURRENT] Perl module for PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)
wip/consul [CURRENT] Tool for service discovery, monitoring and configuration
sysutils/p5-Sys-Hostname-Long [CURRENT] Try to get the full hostname in Perl
devel/libvolume_id [CURRENT] Library to provide file system type information
sysutils/wbm-tunnel [CURRENT] Webmin module to tunnel to another HTTP server
devel/libuuid [CURRENT] Generate unique identifiers for objects
sysutils/xbattbar [CURRENT] X11 battery graph for laptops
devel/p5-B-Hooks-EndOfScope [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to execute code after a scope finished compilation
lang/siod [CURRENT] Small-footprint implementation of the Scheme programming language
math/py-scikit-learn [CURRENT] Machine learning algorithms for Python
devel/p5-Config-Any [CURRENT] Perl extension for handling config files
games/endless-sky [CURRENT] Side-scrolling space trading game
meta-pkgs/modular-xorg-utils [CURRENT] Modular Xorg application meta-package for Xorg development utilities
print/tex-concprog [CURRENT] Concert programmes
finance/py-trytond-analytic-sale [CURRENT] The analytic sale module of the Tryton application platform
net/yafc [CURRENT] Yet another FTP client
databases/yap2lc [CURRENT] Yet Another Passwd 2 LDIF Converter
misc/mirmon [CURRENT] Monitor the state of mirror servers
archivers/torrentzip [CURRENT] Convert zip archives to torrentzip format
wm/w9wm [CURRENT] 8 1/2-like Window Manager for X with virtual desktops
wip/felt [CURRENT] Free system for introductory level finite element analysis
wip/segvcatch [CURRENT] C++ library converting hardware exceptions into a software exceptions
devel/php-sysvshm [CURRENT] PHP extension for SysV shared memory support
net/py-hpack [CURRENT] Pure-Python HPACK header compression
textproc/aspell-el [CURRENT] Greek language support for aspell
sysutils/xps [CURRENT] Displays the Unix process list as a hierarchical tree
chat/pidgin [CURRENT] Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client GTK frontend
math/tex-mathspec [CURRENT] Specify arbitrary fonts for mathematics in XeTeX
print/tex-mdwtools-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mdwtools
devel/p5-Expect [CURRENT] Perl version of the TCL expect tool
mail/gmime3 [CURRENT] Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages (API v3)
wip/pear-channel-phpunit [CURRENT] Adds channel to PEAR
time/p5-Template-Plugin-DateTime [CURRENT] Template plugin to use DateTime objects
security/p5-Authen-Simple [CURRENT] Simple and consistent framework for authentication
lang/gcc3-c++ [CURRENT] GNU Compiler Collection, v3 - C++ compiler
sysutils/xnc [CURRENT] File manager for X Window
devel/omake [CURRENT] Build system designed for scalability and portability
devel/libusb1 [CURRENT] USB Access Library (version 1)
devel/p5-Set-Array [CURRENT] Arrays as objects with lots of handy methods
textproc/aspell-mi [CURRENT] Maori language support for aspell
print/pcps [CURRENT] Converts text files to PostScript(tm)
wip/erlang-basho [CURRENT] Erlang/OTP fork by Basho
filesystems/fuse-cryptofs [CURRENT] FUSE encrypted filesystem
devel/erlang-fs [CURRENT] Native Filesystem Listeners
textproc/enchant2 [CURRENT] Generic spell checking library
devel/libusb [CURRENT] USB access library (version 0)
emulators/hercules [CURRENT] S370 emulator
chat/mumble [CURRENT] Low latency VOIP software
wip/py-openastro [CURRENT] Open source astrology program,
www/p5-HTMLObject [CURRENT] Perl5 module to quickly and easily create Dynamic HTML pages
sysutils/daemond [CURRENT] Run a command as a daemon
security/py-prewikka [CURRENT] Prelude-IDS console
devel/libthai [CURRENT] Thai language support routines
wip/openxcom [CURRENT] Open-source clone of UFO: Enemy Unknown/X-Com: UFO Defense
sysutils/wbm-sendmail [CURRENT] Webmin module to manage Sendmail
textproc/iso12083 [CURRENT] SGML DTDs from the The Electronic Publishing Special Interest Group
meta-pkgs/gnuradio [CURRENT] Collection of GNU Radio (meta package, easy to install whole thing)
security/md5-collision [CURRENT] MD5 Collision generator
net/ftplibpp [CURRENT] C++ class providing ftp client functionality
fonts/tex-epigrafica [CURRENT] Greek and Latin font
emulators/libretro-mame2010 [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the MAME 0.139 arcade game emulator
print/tex-varisize-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-varisize
archivers/zziplib [CURRENT] Library for ZIP archive handling
security/libpreludedb-sqlite3 [CURRENT] Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
graphics/photopc [CURRENT] Manipulate digital cameras on Fujitsu chipset
wip/apel-git [CURRENT] Portable Emacs library
devel/libsmi [CURRENT] Library to access SMI MIB information
emulators/suse121_32_gtk2 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for GTK+-2.x
net/ez-ipupdate [CURRENT] Client to update dynamic DNS entries
x11/libqtxdg [CURRENT] Qt implementation of xdg specs
net/driftnet [CURRENT] Real-time image sniffer
security/libksba [CURRENT] X.509 library
devel/tla [CURRENT] Revision control system ideal for widely distributed development
fonts/tex-hacm-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-hacm
print/tex-hyphen-indic [CURRENT] Indic hyphenation patterns
benchmarks/R-rbenchmark [CURRENT] Benchmarking routine for R
inputmethod/p5-zinnia [CURRENT] Zinnia perl module
graphics/SDL_image [CURRENT] Load images as SDL surfaces
inputmethod/scim-tomoe [CURRENT] SCIM IMEngine module for Tomoe
devel/p5-Proc-WaitStat [CURRENT] Perl5 extension to interpret wait status values
devel/p5-List-MoreUtils-XS [CURRENT] Provide compiled List::MoreUtils functions
devel/ftnchek [CURRENT] Static analyzer for Fortran programs
multimedia/libaom [CURRENT] Library for using AV1, video coding format
print/tex-pitex-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pitex
graphics/clutter-mx [CURRENT] Clutter-based widget set
www/swill [CURRENT] The Simple Web Interface Link Library
wip/p5-OptArgs [CURRENT] Extended processing of command line options
emulators/stella [CURRENT] Multi-platform Atari 2600 VCS emulator
x11/hanterm [CURRENT] X11R6-based xterm hacked for managing Korean languages
devel/monotone-server [CURRENT] Simplifies the configuration of a dedicated Monotone server
emulators/suse131_32_x11 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for X11
devel/wayland-protocols [CURRENT] Additional wayland functionality
emulators/tuxnes [CURRENT] NES emulator
devel/py-rednose [CURRENT] Coloured output for nosetests
graphics/vp [CURRENT] Image viewer
devel/libpeas [CURRENT] GObject-based plugins engine
security/guardtime [CURRENT] Command line client for GuardTime keyless signature service
devel/libfreefare [CURRENT] Convenient API for MIFARE card manipulations
sysutils/desktop-file-utils [CURRENT] Utilities to manage desktop entries
net/gupnp-tools [CURRENT] Framework for UPnP devices
emulators/libretro-bluemsx [CURRENT] Libretro core for MSX/MSX2/ColecoVision/SVI/SG-1000 emulation
textproc/py-jsonpickle [CURRENT] Python library for serializing any arbitrary object graph into JSON
databases/py-cassandra-driver [CURRENT] DataStax Python Driver for Apache Cassandra
www/p5-HTML-Restrict [CURRENT] Perl5 module for stripping unwanted HTML tags and attributes
net/overnet [CURRENT] Peer-to-peer file sharing client (binary pkg)
textproc/ruby-gyoku [CURRENT] Translates Ruby Hashes to XML
graphics/scrot [CURRENT] Commandline screen capture util like import, but using imlib2
fonts/tex-jablantile-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-jablantile
databases/mariadb55-client [CURRENT] MariaDB 5.5, a free SQL database (client)
devel/p5-Safe-Hole [CURRENT] Exec subs in the original package from within a Safe object
devel/gengetopt [CURRENT] Command line parser generator
emulators/suse131_sqlite3 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for sqlite3
games/icebreaker [CURRENT] Action-puzzle game involving bouncing penguins
security/policykit [CURRENT] Framework for managing admin policies and privileges
wip/boringssl [CURRENT] Fork of OpenSSL designed to meet Googles needs
x11/mrxvt [CURRENT] Multi-tabbed terminal emulator with Xft support
devel/p5-PathTools [CURRENT] Perl module for portably manipulating file specifications
www/ruby-compass-import-once [CURRENT] Speed up your Sass compilation by making @import file once
net/cisco-mibs [CURRENT] Public SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 MIBs from Cisco
net/scapy [CURRENT] Interactive packet manipulation program
editors/biew [CURRENT] Binary viewer/editor
wip/nss-hg [CURRENT] Libraries to support development of security-enabled applications (hg version)
fonts/tex-blacklettert1 [CURRENT] T1-encoded versions of Haralambous old German fonts
wip/sendmailX [CURRENT] Modular Mail Transfer Agent
devel/p5-MooseX-MultiInitArg [CURRENT] Attributes with aliases for constructor arguments
print/tex-random [CURRENT] Generating random numbers in TeX
devel/p5-POEx-Types [CURRENT] Exported Types for use within POEx modules
net/ruby-soap4r [CURRENT] Implementation of SOAP 1.1 for Ruby
security/TweetNaCl [CURRENT] Worlds first auditable high-security cryptographic library
devel/boost-mpi [CURRENT] Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (Boost.MPI binary library)
devel/slib [CURRENT] Portable Scheme library of compatibility and utility functions
net/freeradius-perl [CURRENT] Free RADIUS rlm_perl module
wip/intel-gpu-tools [CURRENT] Test & development tools for the intel DRM kernel driver
security/portsentry [CURRENT] Detects and respond to port scans against a target host in real-time
devel/RBTools [CURRENT] Tool to submit patches to a Review Board
security/openvas-libnasl [CURRENT] Libraries for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System
devel/p5-MooseX-Getopt [CURRENT] Moose role for processing command line options
wip/gnupoc-makesis [CURRENT] GNU SIS file generator for SymbianOS
fonts/tex-concmath-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-concmath
mail/p5-Mail-IMAPClient [CURRENT] Perl5 module for talking to RFC-2060 IMAP servers
mail/evolution-data-server [CURRENT] Libraries and services for storing addressbooks and calendars
databases/mytop [CURRENT] Console-based tool for monitoring the threads and performance of MySQL
wm/larswm [CURRENT] 9wm-like window manager
filesystems/p5-MooseX-Types-Path-Tiny [CURRENT] Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose
emulators/suse121_32_libcups [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for CUPS
devel/libhid [CURRENT] Abstraction layer for HID-class devices over USB/serial
textproc/go-prose [CURRENT] Text processing including tokenization, tagging, and extraction
devel/py-ZopeInterface [CURRENT] The zope.interface package used in Zope 3 and Twisted
math/gap [CURRENT] Computational group theory and discrete algebra language
emulators/fceu [CURRENT] Portable NES and Famicom emulator
wm/musca [CURRENT] Simple dynamic window manager for X
print/tex-przechlewski-book-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-przechlewski-book
wm/blackbox [CURRENT] Small and fast X11 window manager
print/html2ps [CURRENT] HTML to PostScript converter
finance/py-trytond-account [CURRENT] Account module of the Tryton application platform
emulators/suse131_libwrap [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libwrap
news/lottanzb [CURRENT] GNOME front-end for HellaNZB
security/p5-Crypt-Blowfish [CURRENT] Perl5 Blowfish implementation
devel/p5-Date-Manip [CURRENT] Perl5 module for date calculations
geography/py-obspy [CURRENT] Python framework for seismological observatories
audio/py-libmtag [CURRENT] Python binding for libmtag
emulators/suse131_avahi [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for avahi
chat/bnc [CURRENT] Simple IRC relay proxy with support for virtual hosting
security/p5-Crypt-DES_EDE3 [CURRENT] Perl5 module for Triple-DES EDE encryption/decryption
games/bomberclone [CURRENT] Multi-player Bomberman clone
net/arpd [CURRENT] ARP daemon
benchmarks/bonnie++ [CURRENT] Enhanced performance Test of Filesystem I/O
math/R-zoo [CURRENT] S3 infrastructure for regular and irregular time series
wip/fna [CURRENT] Reimplementation of Microsoft XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh Libraries
lang/squeak [CURRENT] Full Smalltalk 80 with portability to UN*X, Mac, and Windows
sysutils/fzf [CURRENT] Command-line fuzzy finder
fonts/tex-paratype-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-paratype
sysutils/wbm-mount [CURRENT] Webmin module to mount filesystems
databases/ruby-do_mysql [CURRENT] MySQL driver for DataObjects
devel/ruby-turn [CURRENT] Test::Unit Reporter (New) -- new output format for Test::Unit
wip/p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-OAuth2-Server [CURRENT] OAuth2 Authorization Server with Mojolicious
devel/p5-Module-Dependency [CURRENT] Build perl program/module dependency graph
math/calc [CURRENT] Advanced Calculator for GNU Emacs
devel/p5-inc-latest [CURRENT] Use modules bundled in inc/ if they are newer than installed ones
net/gssdp12 [CURRENT] Simple Service Discovery Protocol library and device sniffer
x11/numlockx [CURRENT] Allows you to start X with numlock turned on
www/ap-rpaf [CURRENT] Remaps reverse-proxied connections to real requesting IPs
wip/rte [CURRENT] Real Time Audio/Video Encoding Library
graphics/digikam [CURRENT] Advanced digital photo management application
net/powerdns-recursor [CURRENT] PowerDNS resolver/recursing nameserver
math/py-cdecimal [CURRENT] Arbitrary precision decimal floating point arithmetic
fonts/tex-allrunes-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-allrunes
games/openmortal [CURRENT] Parody of Mortal Kombat with real characters
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-CoreServices [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (CoreServices framework)
wip/gpak [CURRENT] Small package installer
devel/py-hypothesis4 [CURRENT] Python library for property based testing
devel/p5-ExtUtils-CppGuess [CURRENT] Perl5 module for guess C++ compiler and flags
net/gupnp12 [CURRENT] Framework for UPnP devices (1.2 branch)
math/gp-grape [CURRENT] GRAPE (GRape Algorithms using PErmutation groups)
misc/mime-types [CURRENT] Database of common mappings of file extensions to MIME types
textproc/ispell-de [CURRENT] German dictionary for interactive spelling checker
wip/garden [CURRENT] Vertical shoot-em-up with nontraditional elements
editors/nedit [CURRENT] Motif based standard GUI style text editor
devel/py-pebble [CURRENT] Threading and multiprocessing eye-candy
sysutils/gkrellm-server [CURRENT] Monitoring daemon remotely accessible by a GKrellM client
sysutils/dptutil [CURRENT] DPT/Adaptec Storage Management software (dptutil)
devel/go-fs [CURRENT] Package fs provides filesystem-related functions
geography/p5-Geo-Gpx [CURRENT] Geo::Gpx - Create and parse GPX files.
net/dtcpclient [CURRENT] Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol client
archivers/liblzo [CURRENT] Portable lossless data compression library (v1)
devel/spiff [CURRENT] Make controlled approximate comparisons between files
net/p5-Net-Packet [CURRENT] Modules to assemble/disassemble network packets
www/py-ipywidgets [CURRENT] IPython HTML widgets for Jupyter
devel/giblib [CURRENT] Programming utility library
devel/p5-MouseX-Types [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to organize Mouse types in libraries
archivers/pigz [CURRENT] Parallel implementation of gzip
devel/p5-Class-Container [CURRENT] Glues object frameworks together transparently
devel/p5-Devel-CheckBin [CURRENT] Perl extension to check that a command is available
wip/classgen [CURRENT] Java tool to generate class frameworks and visitor patterns
devel/py-hypothesis [CURRENT] Python library for property based testing
devel/py-test-runner [CURRENT] Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution
net/gitso [CURRENT] Gitso is to support others
devel/p5-Getopt-ArgvFile [CURRENT] Interpolates script options from files into @ARGV or another array
print/tex-cooking [CURRENT] Typeset recipes
net/unison-snapshot [CURRENT] File-synchronization tool
net/mydns-mysql [CURRENT] MySQL-based DNS server
net/tcpdpriv [CURRENT] Anonymize tcpdump traces
www/p5-Test-WWW-Mechanize-Catalyst [CURRENT] Test::WWW::Mechanize for Catalyst
x11/devilspie [CURRENT] Window-matching utility to customize window behavior
graphics/gimp-docs-en [CURRENT] Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
mail/p5-Mail-DKIM [CURRENT] Perl5 module for DKIM-based mail-signing and -verifying
math/py-autograd [CURRENT] Efficiently computes derivatives of numpy code
wip/py-visionegg-contrib [CURRENT] Additional modules for py-visionegg package
inputmethod/tegaki-wagomu-japanese-joyo [CURRENT] Tegaki project handwriting model for Wagomu-Japanese (joyo)
wip/scourge [CURRENT] Graphical 3D roguelike, vermin extermination
x11/gnome-themes [CURRENT] Collection of themes and icons for GNOME 2
security/gnutls [CURRENT] Transport Layer Security library
x11/py-gtksourceview [CURRENT] Python bindings for gtksourceview2
print/tex-graphics-cfg [CURRENT] Sample configuration files for LaTeX color and graphics
net/freeradius-sqlite3 [CURRENT] Free RADIUS SQLite support
www/cronolog [CURRENT] Web log rotation utility that provides datestamp filenames
wip/bsh [CURRENT] Java scripting environment
x11/gtkada [CURRENT] Ada graphical toolkit based on Gtk+
wip/lilypond-git [CURRENT] GNU Music Typesetter
devel/p5-File-Save-Home [CURRENT] Place file safely under user home directory
net/p5-Net-FTPSSL [CURRENT] Perl FTP over SSL/TLS class
net/py-netsnmp [CURRENT] Python bindings to extensible SNMP implementation
mail/p5-Email-Find [CURRENT] Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
www/py-Routes [CURRENT] Python re-implementation of the Rails routes system for mapping URLs
editors/lpe [CURRENT] Small and efficient programmers editor for UNIX systems
print/p5-PostScript-Simple [CURRENT] Produce PostScript files from Perl
textproc/R-readr [CURRENT] Read rectangular text data
games/xemeraldia [CURRENT] Game of breaking blocks
devel/p5-Canary-Stability [CURRENT] Canary to check Perl compatibility
www/ruby-sass34 [CURRENT] Powerful, but elegant CSS compiler that makes CSS fun again
textproc/link-grammar [CURRENT] Syntactic parsing library
lang/minischeme [CURRENT] Very tiny scheme interpreter
devel/php-pthreads [CURRENT] PHP extension for POSIX threads support
x11/xterm [CURRENT] Latest terminal emulator for the X Window System
x11/xview-clients [CURRENT] OpenLook applications and man pages
math/fftpack [CURRENT] Single precision Fortran FFT subroutines
devel/p5-Log-Any-Adapter-Screen [CURRENT] Send logs to screen, with colors and some other features
print/tex-geometry-de-doc [CURRENT] German translation of the geometry package
sysutils/py-cpuinfo [CURRENT] Get CPU info with pure Python
devel/go-goptlib [CURRENT] Library for writing Tor pluggable transports in Go
textproc/p5-HTML-FormatText-WithLinks [CURRENT] HTML to text conversion with links as footnotes
wip/jlibtool [CURRENT] Libtool replacement from the apache APR, written in C
www/p5-Catalyst-Controller-FormBuilder [CURRENT] Catalyst FormBuilder Base Controller
net/py-cymruwhois [CURRENT] Client for the service
archivers/py-zipp [CURRENT] Backport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files
devel/p5-Clone-Choose [CURRENT] Perl5 module to choose appropriate clone utility
www/firefox-esr [CURRENT] Meta-package for installing the most recent Firefox ESR version
www/bins [CURRENT] Static HTML photo album generator
games/ioquake3 [CURRENT] Open source Quake 3 distribution
devel/p5-Class-XML [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a simple XML abstraction
wip/py-jwcrypto [CURRENT] Implementation of JOSE Web standards
devel/py-selectors2 [CURRENT] Back-ported, durable, and portable selectors
devel/pangox-compat [CURRENT] Backwards compatibility library for pango X support
www/p5-Apache-Gallery [CURRENT] Perl5/Apache module for handling image directories
net/upclient [CURRENT] Keeps track of your server uptime, and compares it to other hosts
print/flpsed [CURRENT] Postscript and PDF annotator
devel/tmake [CURRENT] Cross-platform Makefile Tool
shells/oksh [CURRENT] Portable OpenBSD ksh(1)
net/p5-Net-Frame-Simple [CURRENT] Frame crafting made easy
devel/p5-Glib-Object-Introspection [CURRENT] Dynamically create Perl language bindings
net/syncthing-gtk [CURRENT] GTK3 & Python based GUI for Syncthing
devel/go-amber [CURRENT] Templating engine for Go inspired by HAML and Jade
devel/darts [CURRENT] C++ template library that implements Double-Array
wip/bscript [CURRENT] Portable, fast, lightweight BASIC interpreter
devel/ruby-generator [CURRENT] Help to create and use generators like rails 3
wip/trac-plugins-TimingAndEstimation-svn [CURRENT] TimingAndEstimation plugin for Trac
chat/libtlen [CURRENT] Library to access IM system
math/ruby-roo [CURRENT] Ruby library to read and write Spreadsheet Documents
wip/phantomjs2 [CURRENT] Headless WebKit with JavaScript API
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-FindNumber [CURRENT] Inflect short English Phrases
wm/sawfish [CURRENT] Extensible window manager that is fully configurable in Lisp
net/cidr [CURRENT] RFC 1878 subnet calculator / helper
devel/p5-MooX-Types-MooseLike-Numeric [CURRENT] Moo types for numbers
net/gupnp-igd [CURRENT] Library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping
devel/cproto [CURRENT] Generates function prototypes from C source
net/mping [CURRENT] Mping network statistics collector
x11/py-wxWidgets [CURRENT] Python bindings for wxWidgets
devel/ruby-rb-inotify [CURRENT] Ruby wrapper for Linuxs inotify, using FFI
sysutils/fam [CURRENT] File Alteration Monitor
devel/p5-Cache [CURRENT] The Cache interface
lang/py-py3c [CURRENT] Python compatibility headers
devel/ncc [CURRENT] Compiler that produces program analysis information
x11/qt4-mng [CURRENT] QT MNG image format plugin
devel/R-waldo [CURRENT] Find Differences Between R Objects
wip/h8300-elf-gcc [CURRENT] GCC compiler for h8300-elf
devel/py-hash [CURRENT] Python Non-cryptographic Hash Library
net/airportbasestationconfig [CURRENT] Configuration program for Apples Airport Base Station
print/tex-context-simpleslides-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-simpleslides
wip/py-pyevolve [CURRENT] Complete genetic algorithm framework written in pure python
devel/p5-Test-Log4perl [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to test Log::Log4perl
mbone/vat [CURRENT] The Visual Audio Tool - multicast audioconferencing
games/liblcf [CURRENT] Library to handle RPG Maker 2000/2003 and EasyRPG projects
www/ruby-http-accept [CURRENT] Parse Accept and Accept-Language HTTP headers
devel/grantlee [CURRENT] String template engine in QT based on Django template system
net/jumpgate [CURRENT] TCP connection forwarder with capture and syslog support
wip/vidalia-devel [CURRENT] Graphical Tor controller (alpha branch) based on Qt 4.x
net/openconnect [CURRENT] Open source VPN client
devel/p5-Log-Any-Adapter-TAP [CURRENT] Logging adapter suitable for use in TAP testcases
devel/go-goorgeous [CURRENT] Go org syntax parser to HTML
math/p5-Math-Random-MT [CURRENT] The Mersenne Twister PRNG
devel/p5-Date-Simple [CURRENT] Simple date object
audio/pocketsphinx [CURRENT] CMUSphinx speech recognition C library
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-GameController [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (GameController framework)
x11/qt4 [CURRENT] meta-package for the QT GUI C++ toolkit
graphics/giftrans [CURRENT] Manipulate GIF89a images transparency, comment and other data
mail/gnus [CURRENT] Gnus is a flexible message reader running under GNU Emacs
devel/p5-Software-License [CURRENT] Perl 5 module which provide templated software licenses
devel/py-logan [CURRENT] Toolkit for building standalone Django applications
fonts/tex-fdsymbol-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fdsymbol
wip/libjdksmidi [CURRENT] C++ MIDI Library
sysutils/gsettings-desktop-schemas [CURRENT] Collection of GSettings schemas for the GNOME desktop
print/tex-impatient-doc [CURRENT] Free edition of the book TeX for the Impatient
net/packit [CURRENT] Network auditing tool with the ability to manipulate IP traffic
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-PerlCritic [CURRENT] Analyze perl files in Padre with Perl::Critic
devel/p5-Test-Dir [CURRENT] Test directory attributes
devel/lua-loadkit [CURRENT] Allows you to load arbitrary files within the Lua package path
fonts/ko-kaist [CURRENT] X11 fonts for Korean KSC 5601 standard (kaist foundry)
textproc/p5-Template-Declare [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to make Perlish declarative templates
net/ipv6calc [CURRENT] Manipulates IPv6 addresses
games/chromium-bsu [CURRENT] Fast paced, arcade-style, top-scrolling space shooter
www/p5-CGI-FastTemplate [CURRENT] Perl5 extension for managing templates
net/mirror [CURRENT] Mirror packages on remote sites
net/py-xmm7360 [CURRENT] Network initialization for L850-GL / Intel XMM7360 driver
graphics/compface [CURRENT] 48x48x1 image compression and decompression (X-face utility)
wip/p5-Sub-Prototype [CURRENT] Add prototype for function
wip/mupen64plus-extraplugins [CURRENT] Additional Mupen64Plus plugins
textproc/uchardet [CURRENT] Encoding detector library ported from Mozilla
mail/p5-MIME-Types [CURRENT] Definition of MIME types
print/tex-apa6 [CURRENT] Format documents in APA style (6th edition)
print/tex-zref-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-zref
editors/tepl4 [CURRENT] GtkSourceView-based text editors and IDE helper library
audio/pragha [CURRENT] Lightweight music player based on GTK and SQLite
lang/tinyscheme [CURRENT] R5RS small embeddable scheme implementation
time/p5-Olson-Abbreviations [CURRENT] Perl extension for globally unique timezones abbreviation handling
print/tex-context-letter-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-letter
devel/ruby-ruby2_keywords [CURRENT] Shim library for Module#ruby2_keywords
devel/pcl-cvs [CURRENT] Front-end to CVS for emacs
wip/tcpxtract [CURRENT] Extract files from network traffic based on file signatures
wip/mojoshader [CURRENT] Library to move calls to Direct3D shaders to OpenGL
print/tex-flowfram [CURRENT] Create text frames for posters, brochures or magazines
devel/p5-Test-Stream [CURRENT] Successor to Test::More and Test::Builder
devel/autoconf [CURRENT] Generates automatic source code configuration scripts
print/tex-babel-scottish [CURRENT] Babel support for Scottish Gaelic
print/tex-cuisine-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cuisine
time/cardboard-schedule [CURRENT] Project and resource management software implemented in Java/Swing
graphics/opendis [CURRENT] Download images from Flashpoint Digita-based cameras
emulators/suse131_32_libjpeg [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for JPEG
editors/se [CURRENT] Screen oriented version of ed
print/tex-babel-russian [CURRENT] Russian language module for Babel
devel/as31 [CURRENT] 8031/8051 assembler
emulators/suse121_libcurl [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libcurl
net/p5-XML-RPC [CURRENT] Pure Perl implementation for an XML-RPC client and server
lang/cim [CURRENT] Simula compiler based on the C programming language
x11/xcb-util [CURRENT] XCB Utilities
wip/simple-scan [CURRENT] Simple scanner graphical interface
x11/xedit [CURRENT] Simple text editor for X
math/mtl [CURRENT] Matrix Template Library
print/tex-context-construction-plan [CURRENT] Construction plans in ConTeXt
graphics/librsvg-c [CURRENT] SVG library for GNOME (2.40.xx branch, C only)
misc/getopt [CURRENT] Program to help shell scripts parse command-line parameters
emulators/suse121_libpng [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for PNG
net/libnipper [CURRENT] Performs security audits of network device configuration
print/tex-trimspaces-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-trimspaces
emulators/suse100_32_krb5 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for kerberos libraries
fonts/gbdfed [CURRENT] GTK-based BDF font editor
security/monocypher [CURRENT] Easy to use, deploy and auditable crypto library
fonts/tex-bbding-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-bbding
fonts/tex-wsuipa [CURRENT] International Phonetic Alphabet fonts
devel/py-termcolor [CURRENT] ANSI color output for terminals
devel/lua-lpeg-patterns [CURRENT] Collection of LPEG patterns
net/ruby-netrc [CURRENT] Library to read and write netrc files
wm/windowlab [CURRENT] Small and simple window manager
math/p5-Spreadsheet-XLSX [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to read MS Excel 2007 files
meta-pkgs/pulseaudio-tools [CURRENT] Management tools for PulseAudio
devel/p5-ExtUtils-Depends [CURRENT] Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions
databases/sqlrelay-sqlite [CURRENT] SQLite support for SQL Relay
sysutils/nautilus [CURRENT] Simple file manager for GNOME
fonts/tex-epsdice [CURRENT] Scalable dice font
fonts/tex-fetamont-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fetamont
textproc/p5-Snowball-Swedish [CURRENT] Porters stemming algorithm for Swedish
games/xbill [CURRENT] Stop the dreaded Windows virus from infecting computers
wip/urlwatch [CURRENT] Watch web pages and arbitrary URLs for changes
print/tex-context-french [CURRENT] Support for writing French in ConTeXt
net/trafshow [CURRENT] Full screen visualization of the network traffic
sysutils/py-xattr [CURRENT] Python wrapper for extended filesystem attributes
wip/preload [CURRENT] Adaptive readahead daemon
devel/dconf-editor [CURRENT] gsettings editor
sysutils/wbm-bandwidth [CURRENT] Webmin module to view bandwidth usage
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-CoreLocation [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (CoreLocation framework)
net/dnstop [CURRENT] Diagnose tcpdump trace for DNS queries/replies
math/p5-Math-BigInt-GMP [CURRENT] Perl module for arbitrary size integer math via the GMP library
time/pear-Date [CURRENT] PHP Date and Time Zone Classes
wip/libopensync-dev [CURRENT] Platform independent, general purpose, synchronization framework
textproc/cjose [CURRENT] C implementation of JOSE
lang/asn1c [CURRENT] Free, open source compiler of ASN.1 specifications into C source code
net/liblive [CURRENT] Set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming
textproc/artha [CURRENT] Open Source WordNet-based thesaurus
print/tex-ocgx2 [CURRENT] Drop-in replacement for ocgx and ocg-p
www/cgilib [CURRENT] Common gateway interface library
net/py-eventlib [CURRENT] Asynchronous event tracking app for Django
devel/lua-std-_debug [CURRENT] Debug Hints Library
devel/fhist [CURRENT] File history and comparison tools
databases/sqlrelay-nodejs [CURRENT] node.js API for SQL Relay
sysutils/ruby-capistrano-stats [CURRENT] Official metrics to help developing direction of Capistrano
wip/openca [CURRENT] Robust, full-featured out-of-the-box Certification Authority
multimedia/gmp-api [CURRENT] Headers for developing Gecko Media Plugins
www/py-rfc3986 [CURRENT] Validating URI References per RFC 3986
devel/p5-Object-Event [CURRENT] Perl 5 class that provides an event callback interface
devel/concurrencykit [CURRENT] Concurrency primitives, safe memory reclamation & non-blocking data structures
wip/makepp [CURRENT] Compatible and reliable make replacement written in Perl
lang/ksi [CURRENT] Portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in C
sysutils/mtoolsfm [CURRENT] Easy MS-DOS disk access without learning MS-DOS commands
textproc/p5-XML-FeedPP [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to parse/write/merge/edit RSS/RDF/Atom syndication feeds
www/p5-WWW-Pastebin-RafbNet-Create [CURRENT] Create new pastes on from Perl
multimedia/gst-plugins1-x264 [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - x264 plugin
devel/p5-Config-AutoConf [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to implement some of AutoConf macros in pure perl
misc/p5-Vroom [CURRENT] Slide Shows in Vim
games/fkiss [CURRENT] Kisekae viewer
wip/bluez-utils [CURRENT] Linux Bluetooth Stack utilities
sysutils/py-notify-python [CURRENT] Python bindings for libnotify
textproc/ruby-terminal-table [CURRENT] Simple, feature rich ascii table generation library
time/tex-datetime2-czech [CURRENT] Czech language module for the datetime2 package
www/p5-Test-WWW-Declare [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for declarative testing of web app
www/ruby-cookiejar [CURRENT] Client-side HTTP Cookie library
textproc/py-regex [CURRENT] Alternative regular expression module, to replace re
wip/soil [CURRENT] Tiny C library used primarily for uploading textures into OpenGL
wip/spidermonkey24 [CURRENT] Standalone JavaScript implementation in C
devel/p5-MooseX-POE [CURRENT] Moose wrapper around a POE::Session
wip/firehose [CURRENT] Super fast throughput over cheap ethernet
net/py-kenosis [CURRENT] P2P RPC system
devel/compiz-bcop [CURRENT] Option code generator for compiz
chat/meanwhile [CURRENT] Lotus SameTime compatible chat protocol
graphics/fbm [CURRENT] Fuzzy Pixmap Manipulation utilities
wip/swisseph [CURRENT] High precision ephemeris developed by Astrodienst
sysutils/mtscan [CURRENT] Magtape scanner - reports record and file-mark structure
www/p5-Apache-Session [CURRENT] Perl5 module to provide persistent storage
sysutils/bacula-tray-monitor-qt5 [CURRENT] System tray monitor for Bacula - The Network Backup Solution
misc/dt [CURRENT] Virtual consoles for NetBSD/mac68k (and macppc?)
wip/py-antlr3 [CURRENT] ANother Tool for Language Recognition, Python bindings
security/libfprint [CURRENT] Fingerprint reader access library
net/mrt [CURRENT] Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit
emulators/xtrs [CURRENT] TRS-80 Model I/III/4 Emulator for Unix
www/ap2-subversion [CURRENT] WebDAV server (Apache module) for Subversion
wip/nono [CURRENT] OMRON LUNA-I emulator that runs on NetBSD and so on
www/p5-CGI-PSGI [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to adapt to the PSGI protocol
devel/libgweather [CURRENT] Weather information access library
www/p5-Catalyst-Devel [CURRENT] Development tool kit for Catalyst
audio/malint [CURRENT] MPEG audio stream validator
x11/libgnomekbd [CURRENT] Gnome keyboard configuration library
fonts/tex-ipaex-type1-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ipaex-type1
cad/kicad-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for the PCB CAD software
sysutils/pv [CURRENT] Monitor the progress of data through a pipeline
misc/goffice0.8 [CURRENT] Library of document-centric objects and utilities
net/p5-RT-Client-REST [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to talk to RT using REST protocol
multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-base [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - Base plugins
devel/ruby-ole [CURRENT] Ruby library for read/write access to OLE compound documents
print/tex-tabu [CURRENT] Flexible LaTeX tabulars
wip/s3funnel [CURRENT] Multithreaded tool for performing operations on Amazon S3
print/tex-etoc [CURRENT] Completely customisable TOCs
audio/festvox-us1 [CURRENT] MBROLA based American English female voice for festival
sysutils/puppet [CURRENT] Configuration management framework written in Ruby
net/openvpn [CURRENT] Easy-to-use SSL VPN daemon
wip/libical2 [CURRENT] Reference implementation of the iCalendar data type and format
ham/kalibrate-hackrf [CURRENT] LO frequency offset calibration tool (hackrf fork)
devel/p5-aliased [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for use of shorter versions of class names
devel/py-libusb1 [CURRENT] Python ctype-based wrapper around libusb1
wip/tslib [CURRENT] Touchscreen access library
ham/kalibrate-rtl [CURRENT] LO frequency offset calibration tool (rtl-sdr fork)
wip/py-netmiko [CURRENT] Multi-vendor library to simplify Paramiko use
games/freecol [CURRENT] Turn-based strategy game based on the old game Colonization
math/p5-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel [CURRENT] Create Excel data files
print/tex-draftcopy [CURRENT] Identify draft copies
emulators/compat40-extras [CURRENT] Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 4.0 compatibility
x11/gdm [CURRENT] Gnome Display Manager - a re-implementation of the xdm program
graphics/iGMT [CURRENT] Interactive Mapping of Geoscientific Datasets
wip/ympd [CURRENT] Standalone MPD Web GUI written in C
www/jetty9 [CURRENT] Jetty is a Java HTTP Server and Servlet Container
math/yices2 [CURRENT] Yices 2 SMT solver
textproc/p5-Unicode-CaseFold [CURRENT] Unicode case-folding for case-insensitive lookups
devel/py-readline [CURRENT] Line editing support for Python
lang/mono6 [CURRENT] Open source implementation of the .NET Development Framework
textproc/p5-Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PodWeaver [CURRENT] Weave your Pod together from configuration and Dist::Zilla
mail/mailserv [CURRENT] WWW interface to several types of mailing list servers
print/tex-xtab [CURRENT] Break tables across pages
textproc/R-highr [CURRENT] Syntax highlighting for R source code
audio/sidplay2 [CURRENT] Tool for playing sidtunes
devel/ruby-rspec [CURRENT] Behaviour Driven Development framework for Ruby
net/ruby-em-socksify [CURRENT] Transparent SOCKS support for any EventMachine protocol
wip/ruby-actionpack52-xml_parser [CURRENT] XML parameters parser for Action Pack (removed from core in Rails 4.0)
wip/VASSAL [CURRENT] Game engine for building and playing board and card games
games/barrage [CURRENT] Rather destructive action game
www/p5-Catalyst-Component-InstancePerContext [CURRENT] Return a new instance a component on each request
textproc/py-enchant [CURRENT] Spellchecking library for Python
www/libpsl [CURRENT] Library to handle the Public Suffix List
audio/toolame [CURRENT] Optimized MPEG 1/2 layer 2 audio encoder
devel/py-pyobjc [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C
wip/crabemu [CURRENT] Primarily a Sega Master System emulator
wip/go-dotenv [CURRENT] Go parsing library for the dotenv format
math/R-lme4 [CURRENT] Linear mixed-effects models using Eigen and S4
print/tex-numprint [CURRENT] Print numbers with separators and exponent if necessary
emulators/suse121_glx [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for OpenGL/Mesa
www/p5-MasonX-Request-WithApacheSession [CURRENT] Perl5 module adding a session to the Mason Request obj
audio/libsmf [CURRENT] Standard MIDI File format library
games/orbital_eunuchs_sniper [CURRENT] Overhead shooting game
wip/mipscope [CURRENT] MIPS Learning Environment
games/xsc [CURRENT] Star Castle clone
math/p5-Math-Permute-List [CURRENT] Permute a list
wip/wmswallow [CURRENT] Dock any (!) Application into the WindowMaker dock
security/ruby-openssl-cmac [CURRENT] RFC 4493, 4494, 4615 - The AES-CMAC Algorithm
www/cadaver [CURRENT] Command-line WebDAV client
cad/kicad-symbols [CURRENT] Schematic symbol libraries for the schematic CAD software
time/tex-datetime2-danish [CURRENT] Danish language module for the datetime2 package
devel/go-gox [CURRENT] Tool for go cross compilation
games/chocolate-doom [CURRENT] Doom/Heretic/Hexen/Strife source port
devel/unidiff [CURRENT] Converts between uni-diffs and context diffs
devel/ruby-open4 [CURRENT] Ruby library to manage child processes
games/doom2-pwad-struggle [CURRENT] Doom II mod
games/doom1 [CURRENT] Shareware levels for Doom
time/py-trytond-calendar [CURRENT] Calendar module of the Tryton application platform
net/dtcp [CURRENT] Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol daemon and client
wip/py-willow [CURRENT] Content-filtering proxy server
www/ruby-webrick [CURRENT] HTTP server toolkit
x11/viewres [CURRENT] Display widget class hierarchy of the Athena Widget Set
wip/primecoin [CURRENT] Cryptocurrency based on searching for prime numbers
net/Radicale [CURRENT] CalDAV (calendar) and CardDAV (contact) server
textproc/libuninameslist [CURRENT] Library of Unicode names and annotation data
net/powerdns-pgsql [CURRENT] PostgreSQL backend module for PowerDNS
multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-ugly [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - Ugly plugins
wip/khard-git [CURRENT] Console carddav client
wip/libretro-beetle-lynx [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Mednafen Atari Lynx emulator
games/prboom [CURRENT] Multiplayer-capable and modified version of DOOM
net/connect [CURRENT] Open a TCP connection using a SOCKS4/5 or HTTP proxy server
wip/deviceatlas-enterprise-c [CURRENT] DeviceAtlas Device Detection C API
wip/hashcat-utils [CURRENT] Set of small utilities that are useful in advanced password cracking
print/tex-latexcheat-de-doc [CURRENT] LaTeX cheat sheet, in German
games/solarus [CURRENT] Open-source Zelda-like 2D game engine licensed under GPL
emulators/nono [CURRENT] OMRON LUNA-I emulator
lang/guile22 [CURRENT] Official extension language for the GNU operating system
misc/colortail [CURRENT] Colour-able replacement for tail(1)
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-Syllable [CURRENT] Routine for estimating syllable count in words
www/p5-CatalystX-CRUD-View-Excel [CURRENT] View CRUD search/list results in Excel format
wip/ruby-versionomy [CURRENT] Generalized version number library
www/pear-HTML_Select [CURRENT] PHP class for generating HTML form select elements
textproc/py-pygments [CURRENT] Python syntax highlighter
wip/or1ksim [CURRENT] OpenRISC emulator
lang/wsbasic [CURRENT] Simple BASIC interpreter
textproc/gtkspell [CURRENT] Spell checking GtkTextView widget (v2)
sysutils/dupeguru [CURRENT] Find duplicate files
www/apache-tomcat55 [CURRENT] The Apache Projects Java Servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 server
wip/findcrcs [CURRENT] Find and extract pieces of data by CRC, size and MD5
textproc/aspell-zu [CURRENT] Zulu language support for aspell
devel/php-gmp [CURRENT] PHP extension for arbitrary precision math
devel/p5-Carp-REPL [CURRENT] Perl 5 read-eval-print-loop on die and/or warn
emulators/suse100_libxml2 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libxml2
devel/py-unit [CURRENT] Unit testing framework for python
www/p5-Template-Extract [CURRENT] Perl5 module for extracting data structure from TT2-rendered documents
textproc/py-mecab [CURRENT] MeCab python module
www/ruby-jekyll-feed [CURRENT] Jekyll plugin to generate an Atom feed of your Jekyll posts
games/spider [CURRENT] Solitaire card game from xcontrib
net/avahi [CURRENT] Facilitate service discovery on a local network
print/rtf2latex [CURRENT] Filter that converts RTF (MSs Rich Text Format) into LaTeX
misc/granulate [CURRENT] Program for splitting files in place
sysutils/etckeeper [CURRENT] Store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs
wip/p5-MojoX-Log-Log4perl-Tiny [CURRENT] Minimalistic Log4perl adapter for Mojolicious
editors/yed [CURRENT] Graph editor (UML, Flowcharts, BPMN and more)
www/php-apcu [CURRENT] APCu - APC User Cache
security/libretls [CURRENT] Port of libtls for OpenSSL
print/tex-mweights-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mweights
devel/ncursesw [CURRENT] Wide character CRT screen handling and optimization package
devel/py-atpublic [CURRENT] @public decorator for Python
fonts/tex-prodint [CURRENT] Font that provides the product integral symbol
textproc/hunspell-ar [CURRENT] Arabic dictionary for hunspell
games/megaglest [CURRENT] 3D real-time-strategy game with seven factions
devel/py-idle [CURRENT] IDLE - The Integrated DeveLopment Environment for Python
graphics/ftgl [CURRENT] C++ library of Freetype2 in OpenGL applications
devel/SOPE4 [CURRENT] Framework for writing clever web servers driven by objects
wip/infraarcana [CURRENT] Infra Arcana is a Lovecraftian roguelike set in the early 20th century
games/megaglest-data [CURRENT] 3D real-time-strategy game with seven factions (data files)
net/nats-server [CURRENT] Simple, secure and high performance messaging system
wip/mono [CURRENT] Open source implementation of the .NET Development Framework
www/SOGo4 [CURRENT] Groupware server supporting CalDAV, CardDAV and GroupDAV
emulators/compat30-extras [CURRENT] Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 3.0 compatibility
time/tex-datetime2-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-datetime2
devel/p5-autobox [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to add methods on native types
games/gnuchess-book [CURRENT] Chess opening book for GNU Chess (default)
audio/gst-plugins1-gme [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - gme plugin
textproc/aspell-ia [CURRENT] Interlingua language support for aspell
games/warmux [CURRENT] Battle game
textproc/py-jsonref [CURRENT] JSON References for Python
fonts/tex-dozenal [CURRENT] Typeset documents using base twelve numbering (also called dozenal)
games/colchess-book-colchess [CURRENT] Chess opening book for ColChess (default)
net/remmina [CURRENT] Remote desktop client based on GTK+
devel/py-ode [CURRENT] Python wrapper for the Open Dynamics Engine
net/php-ftp [CURRENT] PHP extension for FTP access
devel/libgee [CURRENT] Library providing GObject-based interfaces and classes
net/3proxy [CURRENT] Multi-protocol proxy
textproc/p5-XML-TreePP [CURRENT] Pure Perl 5 implementation for parsing/writing XML documents
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-GameCenter [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (GameCenter framework)
devel/p5-Test-Reporter [CURRENT] Perl module which sends test results to
devel/p8-platform [CURRENT] Platform support library used by libCEC
devel/p5-Class-Load [CURRENT] Provide a working (require Class::Name) and more
net/pear-Net_LDAP3 [CURRENT] Object oriented interface for searching and manipulating LDAP-entries
www/py-purl [CURRENT] Immutable URL class for easy URL-building and manipulation
print/tex-context-rst-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-rst
devel/py-virtualenv [CURRENT] Virtual Python Environment builder
textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-log-cabinet [CURRENT] Organize changelog directives in Sphinx docs
textproc/py-dicttoxml [CURRENT] Library for simple XML serialization
www/py-flask-caching [CURRENT] Caching support to your Flask application
wip/d2x-rebirth [CURRENT] Source port of the Descent 2 engine
games/battleball [CURRENT] 3d game of soccer, with tanks
mail/R-mime [CURRENT] Map filenames to MIME types
textproc/rasqal [CURRENT] Library that handles RDF query syntaxes
net/mDNSResponder [CURRENT] Apples mDNS responder
print/tex-collectbox [CURRENT] Collect and process macro arguments as boxes
devel/libts [CURRENT] Library of simple token-scanning routines
sysutils/p5-File-Copy-Recursive [CURRENT] Perl extension for recursively copying files and directories
wip/gnochm [CURRENT] CHM file viewer for Gnome2
finance/py-trytond-sale-opportunity [CURRENT] Sale opportunity module of the Tryton application platform
devel/p5-Devel-CheckOS [CURRENT] Perl extension to check what OS we are running on
net/coherence [CURRENT] Media server framework
x11/xmove [CURRENT] Move an X11 display between screens and displays
x11/gtk-sharp3 [CURRENT] .NET bindings for GTK+3
devel/p5-Log-Dispatch [CURRENT] Perl module for logging messages to multiple outputs
wip/creduce-git [CURRENT] Reduce compiler-breaking C program to minimal one
security/php-ssh2 [CURRENT] PHP bindings to the functions of libssh2
textproc/regexx [CURRENT] C++ regular expression library
x11/efltk [CURRENT] Extended Fast Light Toolkit
textproc/antiword [CURRENT] Free MS Word to text and PostScript converter
print/xpdf-latin2 [CURRENT] Xpdf support files for Latin-2
print/ruby-poppler [CURRENT] Ruby binding of poppler-glib
databases/p5-SQL-Translator [CURRENT] Manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more)
audio/py-mpd2 [CURRENT] Python mpd client library
cross/uisp [CURRENT] AVR microcontroller hardware in-system programmer
multimedia/ruby-gstreamer [CURRENT] Ruby binding of GStreamer 1.0.x or later
cross/mingw [CURRENT] GCC tools for win32 cross-development
x11/ruby-gtksourceview3 [CURRENT] Ruby binding of gtksourceview3
wip/cdpr [CURRENT] Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter
emulators/suse131_libssh [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libssh
textproc/tex-xindy [CURRENT] General-purpose index processor
x11/xpmroot [CURRENT] Sets the root window to an Xpm pixmap
print/LaTeXML [CURRENT] LaTeX to XML/HTML/MathML Converter
math/p5-Statistics-TTest [CURRENT] Perl module of confidence interval computation using T-Tests
wip/p5-Getopt-GUI-Long [CURRENT] Wrapper around Getopt::Long
wip/rolo [CURRENT] Text-based contact manager
x11/xf86-input-fpit [CURRENT] Fujitsu Stylistic Tablet PC input driver for the Xorg X server
finance/py-trytond-account-stock-continental [CURRENT] Account stock continental module of the Tryton platform
net/p5-WebService-MusicBrainz [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing an interface to MusicBrainz
www/p5-POE-Component-Server-PSGI [CURRENT] PSGI Server implementation for POE
devel/p5-Regexp-MatchContext [CURRENT] Perl 5 module prodiving replacements for regexp related variables
lang/classpath-gui [CURRENT] Class libraries for Java VM (GUI libraries)
net/whois3 [CURRENT] RIPE very simple and generic whois client
graphics/ruby-clutter-gtk [CURRENT] Ruby binding of Clutter-GTK
multimedia/ruby-clutter-gstreamer [CURRENT] Ruby binding of Clutter-GStreamer
graphics/ruby-rsvg2 [CURRENT] Ruby binding of librsvg
net/freerdp2 [CURRENT] Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (major version 2)
sysutils/intel-microcode-netbsd [CURRENT] Firmware updates for Intel x86 processors
misc/py-trytond-production-split [CURRENT] Production split module of the Tryton application platform
math/snns [CURRENT] Software simulator for neural networks
finance/ruby-activemerchant [CURRENT] Ruby library for credit card processing
devel/go-isatty [CURRENT] Interface to isatty (is a tty)
devel/go-purell [CURRENT] Purell is a tiny Go library to normalize URLs
archivers/lzip [CURRENT] Lossless data compressor based on the LZMA algorithm
security/cy2-login [CURRENT] Cyrus SASL LOGIN authentication plugin
devel/libgnomeui [CURRENT] Core GNOME2 graphical libraries
devel/p5-SVN-Notify [CURRENT] Perl module for mailing messages for Subversion repository activity
devel/libmm [CURRENT] Portable abstraction layer for shared memory
www/ruby-sinatra [CURRENT] Classy web-development dressed in a DSL
databases/go-ldap [CURRENT] Basic LDAP v3 functionality for the GO programming language
fonts/tex-ascii-font [CURRENT] Use the ASCII font in LaTeX
misc/dirdiff [CURRENT] Displays differences between directories
fonts/tex-grotesq [CURRENT] URW Grotesq font pack for LaTeX
emulators/suse131_libsigc++2 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libsigc++2
mail/dspam [CURRENT] Extremely scalable, statistical-hybrid anti-spam filter
devel/libthrift_c_glib [CURRENT] C (Glib) bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
sysutils/p5-Gnome2-VFS [CURRENT] Perl bindings for the Gnome virtual file system
devel/p5-String-PerlIdentifier [CURRENT] Generate a random name for a Perl variable
devel/thrift [CURRENT] Cross-language data serialization
print/tex-ucharcat [CURRENT] Implementation of the (new in 2015) XeTeX \Ucharcat command in lua, for LuaTeX
devel/ruby-polyglot [CURRENT] Registry of file types to load with its improved version of require
math/statist [CURRENT] Small and portable statistics program
fonts/tex-nkarta [CURRENT] New version of the karta cartographic fonts
www/p5-POE-Filter-HTTP-Parser [CURRENT] HTTP POE filter for HTTP clients or servers
regress/check-perms [CURRENT] Ensures that wrong file permissions are fixed
www/kannel [CURRENT] Open source WAP and SMS gateway
wip/p5-Unicode-EastAsianWidth-Detect [CURRENT] Perl5 module to detect CJK Language
graphics/gimp-docs-de [CURRENT] Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
games/spellcast [CURRENT] Game of dueling wizards for two players
devel/py-requests-unixsocket [CURRENT] Use requests to talk HTTP via a UNIX domain socket
www/p5-Kwiki-Zipcode [CURRENT] Kwiki Zipcode Plugin
devel/js2-mode [CURRENT] Improved JavaScript mode for GNU Emacs
devel/p5-thrift [CURRENT] Perl bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
www/py-flask-debugtoolbar [CURRENT] Port of the Django debug toolbar to Flask
x11/rep-gtk2 [CURRENT] GTK2 librep bindings (used by wm/sawfish)
devel/p5-Carton [CURRENT] Perl module dependency manager (aka Bundler for Perl)
wip/ocaml-pipebang [CURRENT] Syntax extension to transform x |! f into f x
math/xldlas [CURRENT] XForms-based statistics package
games/angband-sdl [CURRENT] Single-player dungeon exploration game (version with graphics/sound)
wip/py-mcomix3-git [CURRENT] Comic viewer
audio/libao-pulse [CURRENT] Cross-platform audio library (PulseAudio plugin)
graphics/ruby-image_size [CURRENT] Measure image size using pure Ruby
www/p5-PSGI [CURRENT] Perl Web Server Gateway Interface Specification
wip/java-swt [CURRENT] Standard Widget Toolkit for Java
databases/pgpool [CURRENT] Connection pooling/replication server for PostgreSQL
wip/ocaml-camomile [CURRENT] Unicode library for ocaml
wip/TT2020-ttf-git [CURRENT] Advanced, hyperrealistic, multilingual typewriter font
fonts/tex-newtxtt-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-newtxtt
graphics/djview4 [CURRENT] Portable DjVu viewer and browser plugin
print/tex-eplain-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-eplain
devel/ruby-i18n12 [CURRENT] New wave Internationalization support for Ruby
net/py-libpcap [CURRENT] Python wrapper for libpcap
textproc/ruby-review [CURRENT] Re:VIEW: a easy-to-use digital publishing system
devel/ruby-shoulda-matchers [CURRENT] Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-libdispatch [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (libdispatch framework)
devel/ruby-libyajl2 [CURRENT] Vendored copy of libyajl2
www/php-propro [CURRENT] Reusable split-off of pecl_https property proxy API
textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-websupport [CURRENT] Sphinx API for Web Apps
www/p5-Kwiki-Notify-Mail [CURRENT] Kwiki email notification plugin
devel/p5-FFI-CheckLib [CURRENT] Check that a library is available for FFI
emulators/suse131_fontconfig [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for fontconfig
textproc/p5-XML-Writer-String [CURRENT] Perl module for writing XML documents based on XML::Writer
emulators/netbsd32_compat40 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 32-bit 4.0 compatibility
x11/ruby-vte [CURRENT] Ruby binding of vte
devel/py-test-watch [CURRENT] Continuous pytest runner
devel/p5-MooseX-Traits [CURRENT] Automatically apply roles at object creation time
www/p5-Kwiki-Weather [CURRENT] Weather button and WAFL for your Kwiki
wip/gnuradio-ctrlport [CURRENT] New set of hooks into GNU Radio to allow a remote client to attach
devel/lua-thrift [CURRENT] Lua bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
textproc/p5-XML-Tiny [CURRENT] Simple lightweight parser for a subset of XML
devel/py-codespell [CURRENT] Check code for common misspellings
net/mydns-pgsql [CURRENT] PostgreSQL-based DNS server
wm/uwm [CURRENT] X11R3 window manager
graphics/tex-epsincl-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-epsincl
sysutils/p5-Unix-Syslog [CURRENT] Perl5 module interface to the UNIX system logger
devel/go-thrift [CURRENT] Go bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
graphics/SDL2_image [CURRENT] Load images as SDL surfaces
devel/py-zope.hookable [CURRENT] Zope hookable
net/bridged [CURRENT] Userland ethernet bridge daemon
devel/p5-Test-Alien-CPP [CURRENT] Testing tools for Alien modules for projects that use C++
print/tex-tensind-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tensind
lang/intercal [CURRENT] The ultimate language for obfuscation and job security
wip/py-dependency_management [CURRENT] coala Dependency Management
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-NaturalLanguage [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (NaturalLanguage framework)
www/mongrel-config [CURRENT] Mongrel web-based configuration tool
devel/ruby-mkrf [CURRENT] Library for generating Rakefiles
net/sendfile [CURRENT] Implementation of the Simple asynchronous file transfer protocol
geography/libnova [CURRENT] Celestial Mechanics, Astrometry and Astrodynamics calculation library
math/newmat [CURRENT] Newmat C++ Matrix Library
comms/synce-librapi2 [CURRENT] Utilities/libraries to make RAPI calls on WinCE devices
archivers/brotli [CURRENT] Generic-purpose lossless compression algorithm
lang/py-basicproperty [CURRENT] Python RDBMS wrapper for various databases
www/firefox68-l10n [CURRENT] Language packs for www/firefox (version 68)
misc/stellarium [CURRENT] Generate photorealistic skies with OpenGL
games/angband [CURRENT] Single-player dungeon exploration game (text-only version)
wip/gnuradio-digital [CURRENT] Digital related algorithms for GNU Radio
wip/py-coala [CURRENT] Unified command-line interface for linting and fixing all your code
wip/opendune [CURRENT] Open source recreation of Dune II
security/py-nacl [CURRENT] Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library
biology/rasmol [CURRENT] Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool
wip/synce-orange [CURRENT] Extract installable files from self-extracting installers
print/tex-otibet-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-otibet
wip/systemc [CURRENT] C language for system design
devel/p5-Locale-PO [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for manipulating .po entries from GNU gettext
sysutils/pcvt-utils [CURRENT] Useful leftovers from pcvt: playvt and two font editors
www/p5-JavaScript-Minifier-XS [CURRENT] XS based JavaScript minifier
devel/py-bugzilla [CURRENT] Bugzilla XMLRPC access module
www/websvn [CURRENT] Subversion repository web frontend
devel/py-dialog2 [CURRENT] Python wrapper for the dialog utility
cad/eagle [CURRENT] Easy to use printed circuit board editor
sysutils/collectd-curl [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - curl-based plugins
print/tex-europasscv-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-europasscv
time/tex-datetime2-finnish [CURRENT] Finnish language module for the datetime2 package
wip/grc [CURRENT] Generic colouriser
math/lp_solve [CURRENT] Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) solver
wip/mtf [CURRENT] Unix reader for the Microsoft Tape Format used by NT Backup
net/py-beanstalkc [CURRENT] Simple beanstalkd client library for Python
devel/refinecvs [CURRENT] Convert CVS repository to SVN dump
misc/ruby-launchy [CURRENT] Ruby class for launching applications
devel/php-gearman [CURRENT] PHP extension for Gearman
audio/pavucontrol-qt [CURRENT] Pulseaudio mixer implemented in Qt
devel/Gorm [CURRENT] Graphical user interface builder for GNUstep
devel/py-flit_core [CURRENT] Python and PyPI packaging tool -- core library
wip/libxml++3 [CURRENT] C++ wrapper for the libxml XML parser library
games/dunelegacy [CURRENT] Open source Dune 2 clone
games/taisei [CURRENT] Open source Touhou Project fan game
print/tex-babel-italian [CURRENT] Babel support for Italian text
wip/netkit-routed [CURRENT] Network RIP and router discovery daemon for Linux
graphics/povray [CURRENT] Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer
wip/xournalpp-git [CURRENT] Handwriting notetaking software with PDF annotation support
devel/p5-MetaCPAN-API [CURRENT] Comprehensive, DWIM-featured API to MetaCPAN for Perl5
devel/libFoundation-examples [CURRENT] Library implementing the OpenStep Foundation API
www/mongrel-cluster [CURRENT] Mongrel plugin to manage a mongrel cluster
graphics/gfract [CURRENT] Gtk-based fractal program
games/srb2 [CURRENT] Sonic the Hedgehog fan game built using the Doom Legacy engine
www/p5-Catalyst-Engine-HTTP-Prefork [CURRENT] High-performance pre-forking Catalyst engine
devel/p5-Test-Expect [CURRENT] Automated driving and testing of terminal-based programs with Perl 5
textproc/p5-XML-Filter-Reindent [CURRENT] Reformats whitespace for pretty printing XML
wm/obpager [CURRENT] Lightweight pager applet for OpenBox
print/tex-a0poster [CURRENT] Support for designing posters on large paper
devel/boehm-gc [CURRENT] Garbage collection and memory leak detection for C and C++
devel/doc++ [CURRENT] Documentation system for C, C++ and Java
net/tcpflow [CURRENT] Captures data transmitted as part of TCP connections
sysutils/psmisc [CURRENT] Miscellaneous procfs tools: killall, pidof, and pstree
devel/lua-cov [CURRENT] Simple coverage analyzer for Lua scripts
wip/py-iniparse [CURRENT] Better INI parser for Python
wip/pydance [CURRENT] Simulator of Dance Dance Revolution and similar games
lang/openjdk11 [CURRENT] Open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition
www/p5-CGI [CURRENT] Perl5 module for writing forms-based CGI programs
graphics/cnxtview [CURRENT] Creative WEBCAM Notebook Utility Programs
textproc/py-nltk [CURRENT] Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK)
audio/qmmp [CURRENT] Audio player similar to Winamp/XMMS using Qt
print/tex-gfnotation [CURRENT] Typeset Gottlob Freges notation in plain TeX
net/pear-Net_DIME [CURRENT] PHP classes that implements DIME encoding
misc/xorg-docs [CURRENT] Xorg documentation that does not fit anywhere else
devel/py-blessings [CURRENT] Thin, practical wrapper around terminal
graphics/libscigraphica [CURRENT] Scientific data visualization and analysis library
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-Tagger [CURRENT] Part-of-speech tagger for English natural language processing
fonts/tex-belleek-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-belleek
textproc/p5-Encode-Locale [CURRENT] Determine the locale encoding for Encode
www/p5-LWPx-ParanoidAgent [CURRENT] Subclass of module LWP::UserAgent that protects you from harm
textproc/p5-XML-SAX [CURRENT] Perl interface to the SAX2 XML Parser
devel/poco [CURRENT] POCO C++ Foundation libraries
fonts/tex-braille [CURRENT] Support for braille
net/sharity-light [CURRENT] Userland smbfs -- SMB to NFS protocol converter
graphics/tex-slideshow [CURRENT] Generate slideshow with MetaPost
time/py-iso8601 [CURRENT] Simple Python module to parse ISO 8601 dates
net/erlang-xmpp [CURRENT] XMPP parsing and serialization library on top of Fast XML
devel/p5-Config-General [CURRENT] Perl Generic Config module
wip/lightdm-gtk-greeter [CURRENT] GTK+ greeter for LightDM
fonts/fntsample [CURRENT] Make font samples, similar to Unicode charts, showing Unicode coverage
devel/p5-Class-Method-Modifiers [CURRENT] Perl module providing Moose-like method modifiers
x11/liboldXrandr [CURRENT] X RandR extension (Library)
audio/mp3gain [CURRENT] Loudness normalizer for MP3 files
math/ltm [CURRENT] Number theoretic multiple-precision integer library
news/tin [CURRENT] USENET newsreader (termcap based)
math/R-statmod [CURRENT] Statistical modeling
devel/tkcon [CURRENT] Enhanced Tk Console for all Tk platforms
wip/libretro-mame2003 [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (v0.78)
www/ruby-sassc [CURRENT] Use libsass with Ruby
wip/multitail [CURRENT] View one or multiple files
chat/libsignal-protocol-c [CURRENT] Signal Protocol C Library
fonts/tex-baekmuk [CURRENT] Baekmuk Korean TrueType fonts
wip/lua-MessagePack [CURRENT] MessagePack library for Lua
wip/slate [CURRENT] Prototype-based object-oriented programming language
graphics/tex-gmp-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-gmp
audio/taglib-extras [CURRENT] Extra plugins for taglib
security/p5-Crypt-DES [CURRENT] XS-based DES implementation for Perl
devel/py-compizconfig [CURRENT] Python bindings for libcompizconfig
time/p5-Calendar-Simple [CURRENT] Perl extension to create simple calendars
print/tex-context-ruby-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-ruby
print/tex-babel-hungarian [CURRENT] Babel support for Hungarian (Magyar)
net/py-aioresponses [CURRENT] Mock out requests made by ClientSession from aiohttp package
mail/tnef [CURRENT] Decode MS-TNEF MIME attachments
security/ruby-sslshake [CURRENT] Ruby library for pure SSL/TLS handshake testing
security/libglobalplatform [CURRENT] C library for managing GlobalPlatform smart card contents
www/p5-Net-HTTP [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for low-level HTTP connections (client)
time/zonetab [CURRENT] NetBSD file
devel/ruby-power_assert [CURRENT] Power Assert for Ruby
time/tex-datetime2-galician [CURRENT] Galician language module for the datetime2 package
wip/pnmcurve [CURRENT] Apply tone curves to pnm images
wip/opencl-clhpp [CURRENT] OpenCL API C++ bindings (cl.hpp and cl2.hpp)
benchmarks/R-microbenchmark [CURRENT] Accurate Timing Functions
math/congen [CURRENT] Constants generator for tidal constituents
emulators/suse131_32_cyrus-sasl [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for Cyrus SASL
emulators/netbsd32_compat30-extras [CURRENT] Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 32-bit 3.0 compatibility
www/p5-LWP-ConsoleLogger [CURRENT] LWP tracing and debugging
devel/p5-Role-Tiny [CURRENT] Roles. Like a nouvelle cuisine portion size slice of Moose
print/tex-toptesi [CURRENT] Bundle for typesetting multilanguage theses
net/pear-Net_IDNA2 [CURRENT] Punycode encoding and decoding
graphics/freetype [CURRENT] FreeType libraries and utilities
wip/toxic-git [CURRENT] CLI Tox client
www/geeklog [CURRENT] PHP/MySQL based application for managing dynamic web content
time/projclock [CURRENT] Time management software
math/arpack-ng [CURRENT] Library of subroutines to solve eigenvalue problems
security/py-cryptography [CURRENT] Cryptographic recipes and primitives for Python
misc/xtail [CURRENT] Like tail -f on a bunch of files at once
devel/py-polib [CURRENT] Python library to parse and manage gettext catalogs
math/R-mvtnorm [CURRENT] Multivariate normal and t distributions
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-Inflect-Number [CURRENT] Force number of words to singular or plural
devel/p5-IO-Multiplex [CURRENT] Perl module to manage IO on many file handles
graphics/h5utils [CURRENT] Utilities for conversion from/to HDF5
databases/java-tokyocabinet [CURRENT] Java binding of Tokyo Cabinet
converters/rpm2cpio [CURRENT] Convert .rpm files for extraction with cpio, needs just perl
wip/twittering-mode-git [CURRENT] Emacs client for twitter
math/harmbase2 [CURRENT] Harmonic constant management system
devel/exctags [CURRENT] Exuberant (feature-filled) tagfile generator for vi, emacs and clones
textproc/crimson [CURRENT] implementation of JAXP, SAX, and DOM
fonts/tex-cinzel [CURRENT] LaTeX support for Cinzel and Cinzel Decorative fonts
textproc/xml-coreutils [CURRENT] Command line tools for XML processing
devel/netcdf-cxx [CURRENT] C++ support for NetCDF.
textproc/xalan-j [CURRENT] The Apache Projects XSLT implementation
wip/tcl-fossil [CURRENT] Tool Command Language, a dynamic language
graphics/ruby-gd [CURRENT] Ruby extension to drive the GD library
net/proftpd-memcached [CURRENT] Memcache module for ProFTPD
time/tex-datetime2-hebrew [CURRENT] Hebrew language module for the datetime2 package
wip/openconnect [CURRENT] Open source VPN client
devel/hs-base-compat-batteries [CURRENT] Base library compatibility without cpp
wip/ltp-git [CURRENT] Testing Linux, one syscall at a time
math/harmgen [CURRENT] Program to derive harmonic constants from water level observations
fonts/tex-courier-scaled [CURRENT] Provides a scaled Courier font
wip/vpnc [CURRENT] Client for Cisco3000 VPN Concentrator
audio/moodbar [CURRENT] Audio timeline visualization
mail/p5-Email-Send [CURRENT] Email::Send - Simply Sending Email
devel/py-pep517 [CURRENT] Wrappers to build Python packages using PEP 517 hooks
print/tex-quoting [CURRENT] Consolidated environment for displayed text
wip/vanitygen [CURRENT] Vanity address generator
wip/gmetadom [CURRENT] C++ bindings for GDome2 DOM implementaion
www/py-python-mimeparse [CURRENT] Module provides basic functions for parsing mime-type names
emulators/suse131_32_openal [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for OpenAL
www/py-betamax [CURRENT] VCR imitation for python-requests
games/mari0 [CURRENT] Recreation of Super Mario Bros
print/tex-first-latex-doc-doc [CURRENT] Document for absolute LaTeX beginners
wip/fairymax [CURRENT] AI for playing user-defined Chess variants
misc/ttyrec [CURRENT] Tty recorder
textproc/erlang-fast_yaml [CURRENT] Fast YAML native library for Erlang / Elixir
emulators/suse131_openal [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for OpenAL
lang/php56 [CURRENT] PHP Hypertext Preprocessor version 5.6
wip/libgtop [CURRENT] Library to retrieve system information, used in GNOME2
time/tex-datetime2-italian [CURRENT] Italian language module for the datetime2 package
devel/libsigc++3 [CURRENT] Type-safe callback system for C++ programs
devel/libdstr [CURRENT] C++ library, providing Daves String Class
wip/mpgedit [CURRENT] MPEG audio file editor
devel/cmake-fedora [CURRENT] Set of cmake modules for fedora developers
net/p5-Test-DNS [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to test DNS queries and zone configuration
print/tex-layouts-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-layouts
math/pear-Numbers_Roman [CURRENT] Provides methods for converting to and from Roman Numerals
devel/p5-AnyEvent-AIO [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing truly asynchronous file and directory I/O
wip/klayout [CURRENT] Simple GDS and OASIS file viewer and Editor
emulators/tme [CURRENT] The Machine Emulator
textproc/highlight [CURRENT] Converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting
wip/simgrid [CURRENT] Simulator of distributed applications
emulators/suse131_32_slang [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for S-Lang
devel/py-filebytes [CURRENT] Library to read and edit ELF, PE, MachO and OAT files
lang/py-spark-parser [CURRENT] Earley-Algorithm Context-free grammar Parser Toolkit
filesystems/ltfs [CURRENT] Linear FileSystem for LTO and DAT tapes
wip/twitmail [CURRENT] Curses-based mail-like interface to twitter
textproc/p5-Text-MultiMarkdown [CURRENT] Convert MultiMarkdown syntax to (X)HTML
www/py-ClientForm [CURRENT] Python module for handling HTML forms on the client side
wip/baresip [CURRENT] SIP User-Agent with audio and video support
misc/m17n-db [CURRENT] The m17n database used by the m17n library
textproc/R-openxlsx [CURRENT] Read, write and edit XLSX files
textproc/aspell-hus [CURRENT] Huastec language support for aspell
net/php-geoip [CURRENT] PHP module to map IP address to geographic places
net/p5-RadiusPerl [CURRENT] Provide simple Radius client facilities
www/gumbo-parser [CURRENT] HTML5 parsing library in pure C99
devel/p5-Test-TinyMocker [CURRENT] Very simple Perl5 tool to mock external modules
devel/p5-Test-Spec [CURRENT] Perl5 module for writing tests in a declarative specification style
lang/p5-Switch [CURRENT] Switch statement for Perl
print/tex-translation-enumitem-de-doc [CURRENT] Enumitem documentation, in German
devel/p5-MooseX-Singleton [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to turn Moose class into a singleton
print/ghostscript [CURRENT] Meta-package for installing the preferred ghostscript version
devel/p5-IO-Async [CURRENT] Asynchronous event-driven programming
net/p5-Net-Z3950-ZOOM [CURRENT] Perl extension for talking to Z39.50 servers
x11/speyes [CURRENT] South Park XEyes clone
wip/rhapsody [CURRENT] IRC client for Unix operating systems
devel/p5-Path-Dispatcher [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing flexible and extensible dispatch
net/powerdns-geoip [CURRENT] GeoIP backend module for PowerDNS
print/tex-numberpt-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-numberpt
devel/p5-File-BOM [CURRENT] Utilities for handling Byte Order Marks
time/logtime [CURRENT] Prints date and time in a standard format
devel/p5-Object-Realize-Later [CURRENT] Delayed creation of objects
graphics/glu [CURRENT] OpenGL Utility Library
security/R-digest [CURRENT] Create compact hash digests of R objects
sysutils/wbm-net [CURRENT] Webmin module for network configuration
textproc/aspell-lt [CURRENT] Lithuanian language support for aspell
devel/p5-Net-LDAP-SID [CURRENT] Active Directory Security Identifier manipulation
devel/ruby-ncurses [CURRENT] Ruby interface to ncurses
sysutils/sysinfo [CURRENT] Displays system hardware and software information and configuration
misc/ruby-pry [CURRENT] IRB alternative and runtime developer console
devel/R-lifecycle [CURRENT] Manage the Life Cycle of your Package Functions
graphics/jpeg_ls [CURRENT] JPEG-LS codec (lossless/near-lossless codec)
print/tex-europasscv [CURRENT] Unofficial class for the new version of the Europass curriculum vitae
wip/creal [CURRENT] Exact real arithmetic library (constructive reals) for ocaml
fonts/tex-duerer-latex [CURRENT] LaTeX support for the Duerer fonts
textproc/p5-Pod-Abstract [CURRENT] Abstract document tree for Perl POD documents
devel/vera++ [CURRENT] Programmable verification and analysis tool for C++
wip/py-visionegg-docs [CURRENT] Documentation for py-visionegg in HTML format
databases/R-RSQLite [CURRENT] SQLite interface for R
devel/ruby-rspec-its [CURRENT] Provides its method formerly part of rspec-core
sysutils/direvent [CURRENT] Daemon that monitors file system directories for events
net/nstx [CURRENT] Nameserver Transfer Protocol
audio/gmpc-jamendo [CURRENT] Jamendo plugin for GMPC
databases/p5-Palm [CURRENT] Access Palm .pdb and .prc database files
sysutils/syslog-ng-geoip [CURRENT] Highly portable log management solution
math/R-generics [CURRENT] Common S3 Generics not Provided by Base R Methods Related to Model Fitting
multimedia/mkvtoolnix [CURRENT] Set of tools to create, alter and inspect Matroska files
net/ruby-train-core [CURRENT] Transport interface to talk to a selected set of backends
chat/p5-POE-Component-IRC [CURRENT] Fully event-driven IRC client module
mail/claws-mail-mailmbox [CURRENT] Handles mailboxes in mbox format
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-Loader [CURRENT] Dynamic definition of DBIx::Class sub classes
mail/xfmail [CURRENT] Xforms based mail application for Unix operating systems
sysutils/ruby-chef-telemetry [CURRENT] Send user actions to the Chef telemetry system
graphics/tex-dviincl-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-dviincl
time/py-dateutil [CURRENT] Extensions to the standard datetime module
net/libsscript [CURRENT] Simple library for creating network oriented software in C
devel/p5-Algorithm-Annotate [CURRENT] Perl module that provides cvs-annotate-like functionality
lang/py-pyrex [CURRENT] Language for Writing Python Extension Modules
wip/visidata [CURRENT] curses interface for exploring and arranging tabular data
devel/mdds1.2 [CURRENT] Collection of multi-dimensional data structure and indexing algorithms (1.3 branch)
wip/xf86-video-virtualbox [CURRENT] Modular Xorg Virtualbox video driver
security/Bastille [CURRENT] System hardening tool focusing on educating the user
misc/goffice0.10 [CURRENT] Library of document-centric objects and utilities
textproc/cityhash [CURRENT] Provides hash functions for strings
textproc/aspell-pt_PT [CURRENT] Portuguese language support for aspell
www/py-static [CURRENT] Serve static or templated content via WSGI or stand-alone
x11/libxdg-basedir [CURRENT] XDG Base Directory library
www/p5-CGI-ProgressBar [CURRENT] sub-class with a progress bar object
devel/p5-Test-Fatal [CURRENT] Incredibly simple helpers for testing code with exceptions
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-Candy [CURRENT] Perl5 modules to simplify the common case stuff for DBIx::Class
wip/graveman [CURRENT] GTK2 frontend for CD writing and audio conversion
graphics/R-farver [CURRENT] High Performance Colour Space Manipulation
cross/mingw-gcc [CURRENT] GNU C Compiler for win32 cross-development
net/jwhois [CURRENT] Configurable WHOIS client
mail/libetpan [CURRENT] Really nice mail library
lang/gcc9-libs [CURRENT] The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
time/tex-datetime2-magyar [CURRENT] Magyar language module for the datetime2 package
wip/xtreemfs-server [CURRENT] cloud file system
graphics/R-jpeg [CURRENT] Read and write JPEG images
print/tex-chessboard-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-chessboard
graphics/R-polyclip [CURRENT] Polygon Clipping
print/tex-gentle-doc [CURRENT] Gentle Introduction to TeX
graphics/R-ggthemes [CURRENT] Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for ggplot2
lang/elk [CURRENT] Embeddable Scheme interpreter
x11/vte029 [CURRENT] Terminal widget with improved accessibility and I18N support
filesystems/ltfs-ltotape [CURRENT] HPE ltotape tape backend for LTFS
www/p5-WWW-Mechanize-GZip [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to fetch webpages with gzip-compression
graphics/GMT [CURRENT] Generic Mapping Tools
devel/abseil [CURRENT] C++ Common Libraries
textproc/py-parse_type [CURRENT] Simplifies to build parse types based on the parse module
print/tex-babel-croatian [CURRENT] Babel contributed support for Croatian
audio/libmodplug [CURRENT] Library for decoding mod-like music formats
mail/courier-unicode [CURRENT] Implements several algorithms related to the Unicode Standard
textproc/libclucene [CURRENT] Text search engine written in C++
fonts/tex-ethiop-t1 [CURRENT] Type 1 versions of Amharic fonts
graphics/s10sh [CURRENT] USB/serial userspace driver for Canon PowerShot cameras
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-Words2Nums [CURRENT] Perl module to convert English text to numbers
devel/ant-contrib [CURRENT] Collection of tasks and tools for apache-ant
textproc/ots [CURRENT] Tool and library for auto-summarizing text
net/nagios-plugin-snmp [CURRENT] Nagios snmp plugins
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-State-Cookie [CURRENT] Maintain session IDs using cookies
wip/mindy-git [CURRENT] Mindy Is Not Dylan Yet
math/volk [CURRENT] The Vector Optimized Library of Kernels
devel/p5-Term-Table [CURRENT] Format a header and rows into a table
security/cy2-scram [CURRENT] Cyrus SASL SCRAM authentication plugin
devel/p5-File-Type [CURRENT] Perl module for determining file type
ham/soapy-sdr [CURRENT] Vendor and platform neutral SDR support library
print/tex-ctib-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ctib
net/cmu-dhcpd [CURRENT] CMU BootP and DHCP server, plus Princeton patches
print/tex-makecmds [CURRENT] The new \makecommand command always (re)defines a command
wip/gtk2-theme-pack [CURRENT] Art for your GTK+ 2.x desktop
graphics/clutter-gtk0.10 [CURRENT] GTK+ Integration library for Clutter (0.10)
graphics/freetype-utils [CURRENT] Utilities for manipulating TrueType fonts
wip/fsharp [CURRENT] Fsharp compiler and interpreter
ham/py-soapy-sdr [CURRENT] Python bindings for SoapySDR
wip/py-louie [CURRENT] Python signal dispatching mechanism
wip/pgstudio [CURRENT] GUI to manage PostgreSQL database
net/R-pingr [CURRENT] Check if a Remote Computer is Up
devel/bison [CURRENT] GNU yacc(1) replacement
games/jumpnbump [CURRENT] Multiplayer platform game with bunnies
devel/ruby-uglifier [CURRENT] Ruby wrapper for UglifyJS JavaScript compressor
www/ruby-rack [CURRENT] Modular Ruby webserver interface
archivers/gtar-info [CURRENT] Info format documentation for the GNU tape archiver
net/lua-copas [CURRENT] Dispatcher based on coroutines that can be used by TCP_IP servers
graphics/tex-venndiagram [CURRENT] Creating Venn diagrams with TikZ
textproc/ugrep [CURRENT] Fast grep with many enhancements including Unicode support
devel/ruby-cucumber-messages [CURRENT] Cucumber Messages for Ruby (Protocol Buffers)
geography/py-trytond-country [CURRENT] Country module of the Tryton application platform
converters/xdeview [CURRENT] X11 program for uu/xx/Base64/BinHex de-/encoding
games/golddig [CURRENT] Fast action game designed for use with X
converters/p5-Unicode-Map8 [CURRENT] Perl5 module providing mapping tables between charsets
wip/libretro-citra [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Citra Nintendo 3DS emulator
archivers/minizip [CURRENT] Zip file manipulation library from the zlib distribution
net/ishell [CURRENT] Allow remote shell using ICMP
audio/rosegarden [CURRENT] Notation editor & MIDI sequencer
wip/routinator [CURRENT] Validate RPKI ROA against routing announcements
print/tex-go [CURRENT] Fonts and macros for typesetting go games
lang/spl [CURRENT] The SPL Programming Language
devel/py-curtsies [CURRENT] Curses-like terminal wrapper, with colored strings
print/tex-cjkpunct-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cjkpunct
devel/p5-File-Valet [CURRENT] Perl5 file utilities
net/pppd [CURRENT] PPP Daemon
devel/py-zope.deprecation [CURRENT] Zope hookable
misc/py-trytond-dashboard [CURRENT] Dashboard module of the Tryton application platform
www/p5-HTML-WikiConverter-DokuWiki [CURRENT] DokuWiki dialect module for converting HTML to wiki markup
graphics/giflib-util [CURRENT] GIF image format utility
devel/p5-IMDB-Film [CURRENT] Perl module for accessing IMDB (Internet Movie Database)
print/tex-import [CURRENT] Establish input relative to a directory
wip/ruby-rack-protection1 [CURRENT] Protection for against typical web attacks for Rack application
devel/p5-Memoize-ExpireLRU [CURRENT] Expiry plug-in for Memoize that adds LRU cache expiration
wip/judy [CURRENT] C library for efficient sparse arrays
textproc/p5-XML-XPathEngine [CURRENT] Perl 5 re-usable XPath engine for DOM-like trees
fonts/tex-arphic-ttf [CURRENT] TrueType version of Chinese Arphic fonts
sysutils/tob [CURRENT] General driver for making and maintaining backups
devel/py-py [CURRENT] Library with cross-python path, ini-parsing, io, code, log facilities
wip/tde [CURRENT] Thomson-Davis Editor
devel/p5-Specio [CURRENT] Type constraints and coercions for Perl
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authorization-Roles [CURRENT] Role based authorization for Catalyst
emulators/minivmac [CURRENT] Miniature Macintosh emulator
misc/py-trytond-carrier-weight [CURRENT] Carrier weight module of the Tryton application platform
wip/alsa-lib-git [CURRENT] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
misc/todoman [CURRENT] Simple CalDav-based todo manager
time/p5-DateTime-Format-Oracle [CURRENT] Parse and format Oracle dates and timestamps
sysutils/wbm-cyrus-imapd [CURRENT] Webmin module for administering Cyrus IMAP
math/p5-Math-Utils [CURRENT] Useful mathematical functions not in Perl
sysutils/wbm-cluster-shell [CURRENT] Webmin module to run commands across a Webmin cluster
sysutils/p5-Sys-Utmp [CURRENT] Object(ish) Interface to UTMP files
math/R-sp [CURRENT] Classes and methods for spatial data
editors/TeXmacs [CURRENT] GNU TeXmacs (free scientific text editor)
wip/svkbd [CURRENT] Simple virtual keyboard
graphics/icon-naming-utils [CURRENT] Adapts GNOME and KDE icon names to the Icon Naming Specification
graphics/pear-Image_Graph [CURRENT] Package for displaying (numerical) data as a graph/chart/plot
security/ruby-hmac [CURRENT] Common interface to HMAC functionality
editors/ted-sv [CURRENT] Swedish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
inputmethod/tegaki-recognize [CURRENT] Tegaki project integration in the desktop
audio/gst-plugins0.10-a52 [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - a52 plugin
editors/hexedit [CURRENT] To view and edit files in hexadecimal or ASCII
editors/nvi [CURRENT] Berkeley nvi with additional features
graphics/py-qrcode [CURRENT] Python QR Code image generator
finance/py-trytond-sale [CURRENT] Sale module of the Tryton application platform
devel/py-filechunkio [CURRENT] Chunck files for input/output
textproc/ruby-ultraviolet [CURRENT] Syntax highlighting engine based on Textpow
wip/mingw-w64-headers [CURRENT] Headers for win32/64 cross-development
mail/pfqueue [CURRENT] Real-time queue scanner for postfix
fonts/tex-cmexb [CURRENT] Compute modern exb font
devel/cunit [CURRENT] C Unit checking test software
textproc/p5-Text-Format [CURRENT] Provide perl5 formatting functions on plain text
games/powermanga [CURRENT] Arcade 2D shoot-em-up game
devel/kafka [CURRENT] Distributed streaming platform
emulators/suse121_libsigc++2 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libsigc++2
textproc/intltool [CURRENT] Internationalization Tool Collection
wip/libretro-px68k [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the PX68K SHARP X68000 emulator
fonts/tex-cbfonts-fd [CURRENT] LaTeX font description files for the CB Greek fonts
time/tex-datetime2-norsk [CURRENT] Norsk language module for the datetime2 package
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-NotificationCenter [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (NotificationCenter framework)
devel/p5-Array-RefElem [CURRENT] Set up array elements as aliases
textproc/p5-XML-Twig [CURRENT] Efficient XML document interface
wip/sparse [CURRENT] Semantic Parser for C
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-Kate [CURRENT] Padre plugin using the Kate syntax highlighter
sysutils/iat [CURRENT] ISO9660 analyzer tool
devel/p5-Data-Structure-Util [CURRENT] Change nature of data within a structure
www/py-moin [CURRENT] MoinMoin, a Python clone of WikiWiki
textproc/xmlindent [CURRENT] XML stream reformatter written in ANSI C
fonts/tex-cmbright [CURRENT] Computer Modern Bright fonts
databases/p5-Data-Table [CURRENT] Data type related to database tables, spreadsheets, etc
textproc/tokyodystopia [CURRENT] Full-text search system
databases/p5-DBI-Shell [CURRENT] Interactive command Shell for the Perl DBI
devel/radare2 [CURRENT] Reverse engineering framework
sysutils/xosview [CURRENT] X11 graphical display of OS statistics
textproc/ruby-toml [CURRENT] Parser for a sane configuration format
devel/p5-Parse-Yapp [CURRENT] Perl5 LALR parser
net/vncviewer [CURRENT] Viewer for remote X and Win32 VNC servers
devel/readline [CURRENT] GNU library that can recall and edit previous input
math/py-intervals [CURRENT] Tools for handling intervals (ranges of comparable objects)
misc/figlet [CURRENT] Print text banners in fancy ASCII art characters
fonts/tex-pacioli [CURRENT] Fonts designed by Fra Luca de Pacioli in 1497
textproc/regxml [CURRENT] Command line utilities for XML stream manipulation
wip/libvirt [CURRENT] Virtualisation toolkit for host operating systems
devel/p5-Tie-Array-Sorted [CURRENT] Array which is kept sorted
x11/py-sip-qt4 [CURRENT] SIP bindings for C and C++ libraries (PyQt4 version)
news/knews [CURRENT] X11 newsreader with support for threading and MIME
fonts/tex-paratype [CURRENT] LaTeX support for free fonts by ParaType
textproc/rarian [CURRENT] Documentation metadata library
pkgtools/packagekit [CURRENT] System activated daemon for managing software updates
textproc/gsed [CURRENT] GNU implementation of sed, the POSIX stream editor
devel/py-checker [CURRENT] Python code checker
wip/haskell-mode [CURRENT] Haskell mode for Emacs
wip/xf86-video-intel-git [CURRENT] Modular Xorg Intel video driver
audio/gst-plugins1-alsa [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - alsa plugin
devel/cfitsio [CURRENT] FITS (flexible image transport system) file input and output
games/pmars [CURRENT] The official Core Wars simulator
x11/qt4-pgsql [CURRENT] QT postgresql driver
textproc/py-xlrd [CURRENT] Python library to extract data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files
graphics/tex-tikzsymbols-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tikzsymbols
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-MultipeerConnectivity [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (MultipeerConnectivity framework)
wip/admsmb [CURRENT] Security scanner for Samba
devel/tex-xifthen [CURRENT] Extended conditional commands
wip/ruby-rack-flash3 [CURRENT] Flash hash implementation for Rack apps
fonts/culmus [CURRENT] Culmus Hebrew fonts
x11/x11vnc [CURRENT] VNC server for real X displays
wip/ruby-treetop16 [CURRENT] Ruby-based text parsing and interpretation DSL
fonts/tex-libertine [CURRENT] Use of Linux Libertine and Biolinum fonts with LaTeX
wip/apache-commons-logging [CURRENT] Commmon wrapper interface for several logging APIs
fonts/tex-epigrafica-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-epigrafica
graphics/R-ggtern [CURRENT] Extension to ggplot2, for the creation of ternary diagrams
parallel/R-promises [CURRENT] Abstractions for promise-based asynchronous programming
wip/xerces-c-2.8.0 [CURRENT] Validating C++ XML parser with DOM and SAX support
time/tex-datetime2-irish [CURRENT] Irish Gaelic Language Module for the datetime2 Package
inputmethod/ibus-tegaki [CURRENT] Tegaki integration in ibus
fonts/tex-ean [CURRENT] Macros for making EAN barcodes
time/tex-datetime2-romanian [CURRENT] Romanian language module for the datetime2 package
textproc/log4cpp [CURRENT] C++ logging library
time/p5-Rose-DateTime [CURRENT] DateTime helper functions and objects for Rose
mail/p5-Catalyst-View-Email [CURRENT] Send Templated Email from Catalyst
math/p5-Math-Matrix [CURRENT] Math::Matrix - Multiply and invert Matrices
wip/qira [CURRENT] QEMU Interactive Runtime Analyser
math/R-Rcmdr [CURRENT] Platform-independent basic-statistics GUI for R
graphics/pngquant [CURRENT] Command-line utility for lossy compression of PNG images
net/p5-Net-DRI [CURRENT] Perl5 module to access DNS registries/registrars w/EPP
print/vlna [CURRENT] Adds tilde after each non-syllabic preposition
devel/R-proto [CURRENT] Prototype object-based programming
fonts/tex-lxfonts-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-lxfonts
cross/mingw-w64 [CURRENT] Cross toolchains for win32 and win64 cross-development
cross/mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc-bootstrap [CURRENT] GNU C Compiler for win64 cross-development (for bootstrap)
wip/gnuradio-zeromq [CURRENT] All of the zeromq blocks, utilities, and examples
wip/ruby-blockenspiel [CURRENT] Library to create DSL blocks
wip/lariza [CURRENT] Experimental web browser using WebKit2GTK+
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-iTunesLibrary [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (iTunesLibrary framework)
wip/muffin [CURRENT] Cinnamon window manager
editors/emacs26 [CURRENT] GNU editing macros (editor)
fonts/AnonymousPro [CURRENT] Fixed width Sans designed especially for Coders
wip/bup-git [CURRENT] Highly efficient file backup system based on the git packfile format
textproc/p5-Filter [CURRENT] Perl5 classes representing a number of source filters
wip/py-priority [CURRENT] Pure-Python implementation of the HTTP/2 priority tree
www/ap2-encoding [CURRENT] Non-ascii filename interoperability
devel/php-posix [CURRENT] PHP extension for POSIX-like functions
wip/go-rest [CURRENT] SendGrids Golang HTTP Client for calling APIs
lang/py-python-lua [CURRENT] Simple python to lua translator
net/omniNotify [CURRENT] CORBA Notification Service
wip/go-ghodss-yaml [CURRENT] YAML marshaling and unmarshaling support for Go
devel/php-sysvsem [CURRENT] PHP extension for SysV semaphore support
sysutils/qdirstat [CURRENT] Qt-based directory statistics
cad/MyHDL-iverilog [CURRENT] Icarus Verilog cosimulation support for py-MyHDL
devel/apache-ivy [CURRENT] Apache Projects Java-Based agile dependency manager
net/py-xandikos [CURRENT] Lightweight CalDAV/CardDAV server
lang/utilisp [CURRENT] UTI Lisp
graphics/radiance [CURRENT] Physically-based, image-generating, backward raytracer
time/tex-datetime2-slovak [CURRENT] Slovak language module for the datetime2 package
textproc/py-Levenshtein [CURRENT] Python extension for computing string edit distances
cross/mingw-w64-x86_64-binutils [CURRENT] GNU binutils for win64 cross-development
editors/p5-Padre-Plugin-Ecliptic [CURRENT] Padre plugin that provides Eclipse-like useful features
www/py-filebrowser_safe [CURRENT] Permanent fork of FileBrowser asset manager for Mezzanine
fonts/tex-duerer-latex-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-duerer-latex
sysutils/wbm-cluster-passwd [CURRENT] Webmin module to change users passwords within a Webmin cluster
lang/gcc10-libs [CURRENT] The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
x11/libXpresent [CURRENT] Xlib-compatible API for the Present extension
audio/libsbsms [CURRENT] Subband Sinusoidal Modeling Synthesis
sysutils/binwalk [CURRENT] Firmware analysis tool
print/tex-stdclsdv-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-stdclsdv
net/ftpproxy [CURRENT] Application level gateway for FTP
lang/smalltalk [CURRENT] GNU Smalltalk: A smalltalk-80 implementation
wip/madonctl [CURRENT] Command line client for the Mastodon distributed social network API
devel/protobuf [CURRENT] Google protocol buffers
cross/mingw-w64-i686-headers [CURRENT] Mingw-w64 headers for win32 cross-development
www/py-idna [CURRENT] Python module for Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
chat/tik [CURRENT] Tcl/Tk AOL Instant Messenger client
wip/urw-base35-ttf [CURRENT] URW++ base 35 font set
cross/mingw-w64-i686-crt [CURRENT] Mingw-w64 C runtime for win32 cross-development
wip/fontaine [CURRENT] CLI utility to display font meta information
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-SpriteKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (SpriteKit framework)
devel/RE-flex [CURRENT] Fast lexical analyzer generator for C++ with full Unicode support
sysutils/i3status [CURRENT] Small program for generating a status bar
wip/alsa-lib [CURRENT] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA)
wip/p5-Email-AddressParser [CURRENT] RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
print/tex-context-account [CURRENT] Simple accounting package for ConTeXt
textproc/aspell-ro [CURRENT] Romanian language support for aspell
fonts/tex-punk-latex [CURRENT] LaTeX support for punk fonts
fonts/tex-calligra-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-calligra
cross/mingw-w64-x86_64-crt [CURRENT] Mingw-w64 C runtime for win64 cross-development
meta-pkgs/ruby-shoulda [CURRENT] Making tests easy on the fingers and eyes
wip/resin [CURRENT] High-performance, open source application server
textproc/p5-XML-Simple [CURRENT] Easy Perl API to read/write XML
textproc/py-pysrt [CURRENT] Python parser for SubRip (srt) files
sysutils/ruby-facter [CURRENT] Cross-platform Ruby library for retrieving facts from OS
meta-pkgs/ruby-gnome [CURRENT] Set of Ruby language bindings for GNOME
sysutils/libvirt [CURRENT] Virtualisation toolkit for host operating systems
archivers/zstd [CURRENT] Fast real-time compression algorithm
wip/p5-Algorithm-Combinatorics [CURRENT] Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences
fonts/afm2pl [CURRENT] Convert an Adobe font metric file to a TeX font property list
www/qutebrowser [CURRENT] Keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5
misc/p5-Weather-PurpleAir-API [CURRENT] Perl5 library for PurpleAir API
wip/libretro-yabause [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Yabause Sega Saturn emulator
misc/asr-manpages [CURRENT] Distribution of alt.sysadmin.recovery man page
textproc/py-Tempita [CURRENT] Small Python templating language
wip/ruby-roo-xls [CURRENT] Add support for legacy Excel file standards to math/ruby-roo
math/capc-calc [CURRENT] C arbitrary precision calculator
textproc/p5-XML-SAX-Base [CURRENT] Perl base class SAX Drivers and Filters
devel/msgpack [CURRENT] Binary-based efficient object serialization library
www/p5-Catalyst-Action-RenderView [CURRENT] Catalyst render action target
lang/rust [CURRENT] Safe, concurrent, practical language
print/tex-cyrillic-bin-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cyrillic-bin
wip/php-imagick-imagick6 [CURRENT] PHP extension for ImageMagick graphics library
net/netcat6 [CURRENT] Network swiss army knife
devel/py-cffi [CURRENT] Foreign Function Interface for Python calling C code
security/md4-collision [CURRENT] MD4 Collision generator
textproc/rman [CURRENT] Produces HTML from formatted and unformatted man pages
audio/gst-plugins0.10-vorbis [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - vorbis plugin
textproc/p5-PPI-HTML [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to generate syntax-hightlighted HTML for Perl
print/tex-ebproof-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ebproof
x11/xcb-util-image [CURRENT] XCB port of Xlibs XImage and XShmImage
lang/gcc7-libs [CURRENT] The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
textproc/p5-String-RewritePrefix [CURRENT] Rewrite strings based on a set of known prefixes
devel/ruby-locale-rails [CURRENT] Rails localized functions using ruby-locale
net/rp-l2tp [CURRENT] User-space implementation of layer 2 tunnelling protocol
devel/p5-Devel-Gladiator [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to walk Perls arena
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langcjk [CURRENT] Chinese/Japanese/Korean (base) TeX packages
emulators/libretro-beetle-ngp [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Mednafen Neo Geo Pocket emulator
print/tex-leading [CURRENT] Define leading with a length
wip/xargon-git [CURRENT] SDL port of the DOS game Xargon
print/tex-tracklang-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tracklang
wip/qtile [CURRENT] Fully-featured, pure-Python tiling window manager
games/moon-buggy [CURRENT] Game on the Moon
net/nfdump [CURRENT] Tools to collect and process netflow data
devel/py-dash [CURRENT] Python utility libraries for doing stuff in a functional way
wip/gst-plugins1-hls [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - hls plugin
graphics/R-Cairo [CURRENT] R graphics device using cairo graphics library
wip/py-xcffib [CURRENT] Python binding to the X Window System protocol via libxcb
audio/libfishsound [CURRENT] Provides a simple API for decoding and encoding audio data
wip/roxterm [CURRENT] ROXTerm is a terminal emulator
devel/py-testrepository [CURRENT] Repository of test results
math/py-numba [CURRENT] NumPy aware dynamic Python compiler using LLVM
math/R-chron [CURRENT] Chronological objects which can handle dates and times
wip/vlevel [CURRENT] Dynamic compressor LADSPA plugin with look-ahead
sysutils/p5-Unix-Process [CURRENT] Perl extension to get pid info from ps(1)
comms/tilp2 [CURRENT] Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
graphics/feh [CURRENT] Imlib2 based image viewer
wip/xbase [CURRENT] Xbase (i.e. dBase, FoxPro, etc.) compatible C++ class library
net/py-subunit [CURRENT] Python implementation of subunit test streaming protocol
devel/ruby-getopt [CURRENT] Another option parsers for Ruby
textproc/p5-Text-ChaSen [CURRENT] Perl5 module to use ChaSen
x11/xjman [CURRENT] Japanized X manual from The X Japanese Documentation Project
print/pslib [CURRENT] C-library to create PostScript files
lang/gcc48 [CURRENT] The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 4.8 Release Series
print/tex-epigraph-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-epigraph
print/tex-biblatex-nature-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-biblatex-nature
devel/py-flit [CURRENT] Python and PyPI packaging tool
textproc/py-peg2 [CURRENT] Intrinsic PEG Parser-Interpreter for Python
sysutils/wbm-quota [CURRENT] Webmin module to setup disk quotas
print/tex-multibib [CURRENT] Multiple bibliographies within one document
math/R-sgeostat [CURRENT] Object-oriented framework for geostatistical modeling in S+
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-DigestColumns [CURRENT] Automatic digest columns for DBIx::Class
www/htdavlock [CURRENT] Apache mod_dav_fs lock database management tool
misc/xjdic [CURRENT] Japanese dictionary
devel/ruby-forwardable-extended [CURRENT] Forwardable with hash, and instance variable extensions
devel/ruby-mocha [CURRENT] Ruby library for mocking and stubbing
devel/p5-Test-More-UTF8 [CURRENT] Enhancing Test::More for UTF8-based projects
textproc/ripgrep [CURRENT] Line-oriented search tool
lang/gcc8 [CURRENT] The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 8.0 Release Series
wip/gr-gsm [CURRENT] Gnuradio blocks and tools for receiving GSM transmissions
devel/php-raphf [CURRENT] Resource and persistent handles factory
wip/py-print [CURRENT] Simple printer library
devel/egypt [CURRENT] Simple tool for creating call graphs of C programs
math/p5-Alien-GMP [CURRENT] Alien package for the GNU Multiple Precision library
devel/p5-Test-Mock-LWP [CURRENT] Perl 5 package providing easy mocking of LWP packages
www/p5-Kwiki-UserName [CURRENT] Kwiki user name plugin
wip/mxallowd [CURRENT] Anti-Spam-Daemon using pf/pflog
www/album_themes [CURRENT] Themes for the album generator
security/passphrase [CURRENT] Zero-dependency passphrase generator
databases/ruby-pg [CURRENT] Ruby extension for PostgreSQL
textproc/py-expat [CURRENT] Python interface to expat
x11/wmfire [CURRENT] Displays generated fire according to system load
devel/p5-Make [CURRENT] Perl5 module implementing make in Perl
fonts/tex-tapir-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tapir
x11/xscope [CURRENT] Tool to monitor X11/Client conversations
misc/py-trytond-product-attribute [CURRENT] Product attribute module of the Tryton application platform
math/R-quantreg [CURRENT] Quantile regression
databases/db4 [CURRENT] Berkeley DB version 4 from Oracle
wip/libeio-cvs [CURRENT] Full-featured asynchronous I/O library for C
devel/reposurgeon [CURRENT] Tool for editing version-control repository history
print/tex-context-rst [CURRENT] Process reStructuredText with ConTeXt
fonts/tex-eulervm [CURRENT] Euler virtual math fonts
games/freeciv-server [CURRENT] Freeciv game server
textproc/erlang-stringprep [CURRENT] Fast Stringprep implementation for Erlang / Elixir
www/squid4 [CURRENT] Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator
lang/npm [CURRENT] Package manager for JavaScript
textproc/makeztxt [CURRENT] ASCII text to Palm zTXT database converter
devel/p5-Class-Load-XS [CURRENT] XS implementation of parts of Class::Load
math/py-libixion [CURRENT] General purpose formula parser & interpreter
audio/gst-plugins1-faac [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - faac plugin
wip/py-junos-netconify [CURRENT] Junos console/bootstrap automation Python module
security/py-m2crypto [CURRENT] Crypto and SSL toolkit for Python
games/circuslinux [CURRENT] Clone of the Atari 2600 game Circus Atari
textproc/aspell-gl [CURRENT] Galician language support for aspell
sysutils/rw [CURRENT] Sortix dd(1) replacement
www/links-gui [CURRENT] Lynx-like text and graphics WWW browser
devel/p5-Test-Fixture-DBIC-Schema [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a DBIx::Class::Schema fixture data loader
x11/worker [CURRENT] Highly configurable two-panes file manager for X11
multimedia/ffmpeg4 [CURRENT] Decoding, encoding and streaming software (v4.x)
fonts/tex-countriesofeurope-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-countriesofeurope
textproc/p5-XML-Filter-DOMFilter-LibXML [CURRENT] Perl5 module SAX filter allowing DOM processing
fonts/tex-concmath-fonts [CURRENT] Concrete mathematics fonts
math/R-relimp [CURRENT] Relative contribution of effects in a regression model
math/R-urca [CURRENT] Unit root and cointegration tests for time series data
fonts/tex-bbold [CURRENT] Sans serif blackboard bold
misc/visual-regexp [CURRENT] Easily design and debug regular expressions graphically
x11/xcb-util-keysyms [CURRENT] XCB Utilities
math/R-Formula [CURRENT] Extended model formulas
print/tex-ctable [CURRENT] Flexible typesetting of table and figure floats using key/value directives
multimedia/ffplay4 [CURRENT] Simple SDL frontend for FFmpeg
math/libmatheval [CURRENT] Library for evaluating mathematical expressions
devel/p5-MooseX-Attributes-Curried [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to define curried versions of has in Moose
wip/libgtk-java [CURRENT] Gtk2 bindings for Java
textproc/p5-Text-DHCPLeases [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to parse DHCP leases file from ISC dhcpd
sysutils/p5-File-Copy-Recursive-Reduced [CURRENT] Recursive copying of files and directories
textproc/xmltoman [CURRENT] XML to manual page converter
graphics/tex-splines [CURRENT] MetaPost macros for drawing cubic spline interpolants
chat/eggdrop [CURRENT] IRC robot with TCL scripting and multi-channel ability
devel/p5-File-HomeDir [CURRENT] Get the home directory for yourself or other users
security/p5-Crypt-IDEA [CURRENT] Perl5 module for the IDEA symmetric key algorithm
audio/sphinxtrain [CURRENT] CMUSphinx speed recognition acoustic model training tools
textproc/aspell-tk [CURRENT] Turkmen language support for aspell
print/tex-macros2e-doc [CURRENT] List of internal LaTeX2e macros
fonts/tex-overlock [CURRENT] Overlook sans fonts with LaTeX support
sysutils/ruby-inspec-core [CURRENT] Core library for Infrastructure and compliance testing
wip/tex-breqn-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-breqn
devel/gdb7 [CURRENT] Symbolic debugger for multiple language frontends
fonts/tex-dosepsbin [CURRENT] Deal with DOS binary EPS files
mail/claws-mail-spamreport [CURRENT] Report spam to various places
devel/p5-Config-Properties [CURRENT] Read and write property files
fonts/tex-rsfso [CURRENT] Mathematical calligraphic font based on rsfs
lang/python27 [CURRENT] Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
fonts/tex-lato [CURRENT] Lato font family and LaTeX support
print/tex-present-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-present
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-FastMmap [CURRENT] FastMmap session storage backend
mail/milter-manager [CURRENT] Milter to use milters effectively
games/ketm [CURRENT] Old-school 2d-scrolling shooter
comms/dl-ezkit [CURRENT] Coff file downloader for the EZ-KIT Lite using the RS232
wip/pxview [CURRENT] Simple utility to view Paradox database files
devel/pcre [CURRENT] Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library
devel/p5-Proc-ProcessTable [CURRENT] Perl extension to access the UNIX process table
fonts/tex-pigpen [CURRENT] Font for the pigpen (or masonic) cipher
devel/p5-Data-Dump-Streamer [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to serialize a data structure as Perl
wip/ricochet [CURRENT] Anonymous instant messaging for real privacy
misc/reed [CURRENT] Auto-scrolling file viewer
wm/obconf-qt [CURRENT] Qt based configurator of OpenBox window manager
misc/figlet-fonts [CURRENT] Additional fonts for figlet
inputmethod/scim-chewing [CURRENT] SCIM IMEngine module for Chewing input method
textproc/p5-FormValidator-Simple [CURRENT] Validation with simple chains of constraints
fonts/tex-ebgaramond [CURRENT] LaTeX support for EBGaramond fonts
devel/librlog [CURRENT] C++ logging library
mail/squirrelmail-locales [CURRENT] Locale package for SquirrelMail
misc/py-trytond-stock-split [CURRENT] Stock split module of the Tryton application platform
textproc/aspell-la [CURRENT] Latin language support for aspell
textproc/py-ptable [CURRENT] Simple Python library for easily displaying tabular data
parallel/sge [CURRENT] Son of Grid Engine distributed resource management system
textproc/py-gnosis-utils [CURRENT] Classes for working with XML
wip/c3270 [CURRENT] 3270 Terminal emulator ncurses
misc/chordii [CURRENT] Produce PS sheet-music from text input
textproc/aspell [CURRENT] Spell checker with good multi-language support
emulators/suse131_32_motif [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for Motif
wip/freetalk [CURRENT] Console based Jabber client
graphics/tex-roundrect-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-roundrect
print/tex-ctablestack-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ctablestack
misc/root [CURRENT] OO framework for data analysis and visualisation
textproc/erlang-p1_xmlrpc [CURRENT] Erlang XMLRPC implementation with SSL, cookies, Authentication
print/tex-luatex85-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-luatex85
net/nprobe [CURRENT] Monitor a network interface and generate NetFlow data
wip/alsa-plugins-jack [CURRENT] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - OSS plugin
wip/actor-framework [CURRENT] An Open Source Implementation of the Actor Model in C++
www/p5-AnyEvent-ReverseHTTP [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing reversehttp for AnyEvent
textproc/py-jsonlib3 [CURRENT] JSON serializer/deserializer for Python (python-3.x version)
devel/gmtk [CURRENT] Gnome-mplayer toolkit
devel/boost-headers [CURRENT] Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (build-time headers)
audio/traverso [CURRENT] Multitrack audio recording and audio editing suite
www/go-toml-pelletier [CURRENT] TOML parser for Golang with reflection
sysutils/ruby-chef [CURRENT] Configuration management tool for infrastructure automation
editors/ghex [CURRENT] Hex editor
net/py-requestbuilder [CURRENT] Command line-driven HTTP request builder
devel/hs-hashtables [CURRENT] Mutable hash tables in the ST monad
www/p5-Catalyst-Model-Adaptor [CURRENT] Use a plain class as a Catalyst model
wip/yauap [CURRENT] Yauap is a simple commandline audio player
wip/briskmenu [CURRENT] Modern Menu for MATE-Desktop
devel/go-gitmap [CURRENT] Git repository object map creator
security/snortsnarf [CURRENT] Generate HTML report summaries from snort incident alerts
wip/snallygaster-git [CURRENT] Tool to scan for secret files on HTTP servers
math/py-asteval [CURRENT] Safe, minimalistic expression evaluator using ast module
devel/go-yaml [CURRENT] YAML support for the Go language
devel/p5-MooseX-Types-Structured [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing structured type constraints for Moose
emulators/compat20-extras [CURRENT] Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 2.0 compatibility
textproc/p5-Text-Unidecode [CURRENT] Perl5 module that transliterates Unicode to US-ASCII
databases/mysql-cluster [CURRENT] MySQL Cluster 7.4, a free SQL clustered database
devel/p5-Clone [CURRENT] Perl module for recursively copying datatypes
wip/lingoteach-lesson [CURRENT] Lesson files for lingoteach
wip/xine-plugin [CURRENT] Plugin for www/firefox for using multimedia/xine-lib
emulators/netbsd32_compat40-extras [CURRENT] Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 32-bit 4.0 compatibility
security/libprelude-lua [CURRENT] Lua bindings to LibPrelude
multimedia/mlt [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework
devel/p5-File-DirCompare [CURRENT] Perl module to compare two directories using callbacks
textproc/tinyxml2 [CURRENT] Simple, small and efficient C++ XML parser
devel/p5-CPAN-Meta-Check [CURRENT] Perl module to verify requirements in a CPAN::Meta object
wip/varnish [CURRENT] High-performace HTTP accelerator
wip/vcmi [CURRENT] Open-source engine for Heroes of Might and Magic 3
audio/xmms-pulse [CURRENT] XMMS plugin to output sound through the pulseaudio daemon
textproc/ispell-pt_BR [CURRENT] Brazilian Portuguese dictionary for interactive spelling checker
misc/bsdstats [CURRENT] BSD-Stats collector script
security/dsniff [CURRENT] Password sniffer (webspy)
wip/py-orm [CURRENT] Object-relational membrane for Python
graphics/libdmtx [CURRENT] Software for reading and writing Data Matrix 2D barcodes
security/xca [CURRENT] Certificate and key management
wip/lumina-desktop [CURRENT] Lightweight desktop for Unix-like operating systems
textproc/lout [CURRENT] Basser Lout, a TeX/troff-like formatter with PostScript/PDF output
www/ruby-css-parser [CURRENT] Ruby CSS parser
devel/cut [CURRENT] C Unit Tester
math/eigen2 [CURRENT] C++ template library for linear algebra
editors/ted-pt [CURRENT] Portuguese spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
benchmarks/ttcp [CURRENT] TCP testing and performance measuring tool
devel/libwhisker2 [CURRENT] Perl module geared specifically for HTTP testing
www/py-wagtail [CURRENT] Django-based Content Management System
print/tex-tap [CURRENT] TeX macros for typesetting complex tables
shells/bash2-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for the GNU Bourne Again Shell
www/webby [CURRENT] Static web page generator
devel/gobject-introspection [CURRENT] GObject Introspection
www/py-django-modelcluster [CURRENT] Django extension for offline model instances
devel/p5-MooseX-Method-Signatures [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for method declarations with type constraints
textproc/p5-Convert-BER [CURRENT] Perl class to encode/decode objects using Basic Encoding Rules
databases/mariadb-connector-c [CURRENT] MariaDB Connector/C library
wm/icewmconf [CURRENT] Graphical configuration tool for IceWM
wip/uzbl [CURRENT] Web interface tools which adhere to the UNIX philosophy
fonts/tex-japanese-otf-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-japanese-otf
misc/py-trytond-carrier [CURRENT] Carrier module of the Tryton application platform
graphics/ptex [CURRENT] Per-Face Texture Mapping for Production Rendering
devel/p5-MooseX-Types-Stringlike [CURRENT] Commonly-used type constraints that do not ship with Moose by default
editors/ted-fr [CURRENT] French spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
wip/f1spirit [CURRENT] Remake the Konami MSX1 classic F-1 Spirit
www/py-django-taggit [CURRENT] Generic tagging application for Django
emulators/suse121_fontconfig [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for fontconfig
www/py-django-phonenumber-field [CURRENT] Django library for managing phone numbers
www/py-django-cogwheels [CURRENT] Setting framework for Django
wip/py-trollius [CURRENT] Module asyncio, for writing single-threaded concurrent code
editors/sandy [CURRENT] Sandy is an ncurses text editor
wip/py-pyswisseph [CURRENT] Python extension to AstroDienst Swiss Ephemeris
www/py-wstools [CURRENT] WSDL parsing services package for Web Services
fonts/tex-dozenal-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-dozenal
textproc/opensp [CURRENT] SGML parser, successor to sp
wip/s2tc [CURRENT] S2TC - a subset of a well known texture compression scheme
sysutils/ruby-chef-config [CURRENT] Chefs default configuration and config loading
math/maxima [CURRENT] Computer algebra system
wip/feathercoin [CURRENT] Open source Internet currency
www/py-draftjs_exporter [CURRENT] Library to convert Draft.js raw ContentState to HTML
wip/pxlib [CURRENT] C language library for reading Paradox database files
fonts/profont [CURRENT] Monospaced bitmap font readable in very small sizes
devel/py-anytree [CURRENT] Powerful and Lightweight Python Tree Data Structure
textproc/sublib [CURRENT] Library that eases the development of subtitling applications
graphics/py-Willow [CURRENT] Wrapper library for Pillow, OpenCV and Wand
time/py-l18n [CURRENT] Translations for pytz names
wip/gnormalize [CURRENT] Gtk2::Perl frontend for audio conversion
print/tex-longfbox [CURRENT] Draw framed boxes with standard CSS attributes that can break over multiple pages
print/tex-metafont-beginners-doc [CURRENT] Introductory tutorial for Metafont
devel/p5-UUID-Tiny [CURRENT] Pure Perl UUID Support With Functional Interface
print/imposter [CURRENT] Standalone OpenOffice presentations viewer using GTK2
print/tex-hyphen-thai [CURRENT] Thai hyphenation patterns
cross/avr-gdb [CURRENT] GNU gdb for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers
mail/p5-MailTools [CURRENT] Perl5 modules related to mail applications
math/py-simpleeval [CURRENT] Simple, safe single expression evaluator library
mail/ingo [CURRENT] Horde based generic and complete mail filter rule frontend
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-Automator [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (Automator framework)
print/tex-antomega-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-antomega
math/pari-galdata [CURRENT] Galois group data for pari
devel/p5-File-BaseDir [CURRENT] Perl module for the XDG Base Directory Specification
mail/tmda [CURRENT] Python-based SPAM reduction system
devel/p5-POE-Test-Loops [CURRENT] Perl module providing reusable tests for POE::Loop authors
mail/claws-mail-attremover [CURRENT] Permanently deletes attachments from mail
www/nghttp2-tools [CURRENT] Tools for nghttp2
print/tex-upquote-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-upquote
math/p5-Math-Pari [CURRENT] Perl5 interface to the pari math library
time/p5-DateTime-Format-DateManip [CURRENT] Convert Date::Manip dates and durations to/from DateTimes
net/gh [CURRENT] GitHub CLI
math/antixls [CURRENT] Print XLS file with minimal formatting, or as CSV
sysutils/amanda-plot [CURRENT] Visualizes the behavior of Amanda, a network backup system
devel/hs-call-stack [CURRENT] Use GHC call-stacks in a backward compatible way
math/xmgr [CURRENT] Powerful XY plotting tool for workstations or X-terminals using X
devel/py-at-spi [CURRENT] Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface
mail/dnsbl-milter [CURRENT] DNSBL Sendmail milter
textproc/ruby-haml [CURRENT] XHTML & CSS markup language & template engine
graphics/lxqt-themes [CURRENT] Themes, graphics and icons for LXQt
devel/hs-utility-ht [CURRENT] Various small helper functions for Lists, Maybes, Tuples, Functions
sysutils/smartmontools [CURRENT] Control and monitor storage systems using SMART
devel/hs-file-embed [CURRENT] Use Template Haskell to embed file contents directly
games/lnl [CURRENT] L&L - Labyrinths & Legends - Fantasy RPG
sysutils/ruby-notify [CURRENT] Ruby notification function for cross platfoms
textproc/raptor [CURRENT] RDF Parser Toolkit written in C
x11/lxqt-session [CURRENT] Session manager
print/tex-microtype-de-doc [CURRENT] Translation into German of the documentation of microtype
net/vcheck [CURRENT] Latest program version checker and auto-downloader
devel/p5-Term-Size-Perl [CURRENT] Perl extension for retrieving terminal size in perl
devel/p5-List-SomeUtils-XS [CURRENT] XS implementation for List::SomeUtils
devel/emacs-ilisp [CURRENT] Emacs interface to embedded Lisp process
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-metapost [CURRENT] MetaPost and Metafont packages
games/nagi [CURRENT] Clone of Sierras AGI
x11/libXaw3d [CURRENT] X 3D Athena Widget Set
www/ruby-em-websocket [CURRENT] EventMachine based WebSocket server
devel/p5-perl-headers [CURRENT] Perl header files
devel/lua-posix [CURRENT] POSIX library for Lua language
devel/hs-tasty [CURRENT] Modern and extensible testing framework
net/py-twine [CURRENT] Collection of utilities for publishing packages on PyPI
audio/rsynth [CURRENT] Public Domain Speech Synthesis System
www/p5-HTML-Strip [CURRENT] Perl5 module for strip HTML tag
emulators/netbsd32_compat15 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 32-bit 1.5 compatibility
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-ScriptingBridge [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (ScriptingBridge framework)
devel/p5-Test-Compile [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to check whether Perl module files compile correctly
wip/p5-Frontier-RPC [CURRENT] Perl module to handle client/server xmlrpc
devel/p5-Module-Compile [CURRENT] Perl Module Compilation
wip/mysql++ [CURRENT] Complex C++ API for MySQL
emulators/suse121_32_libpng [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for PNG
security/openct [CURRENT] Smart Card Reader drivers and middleware
archivers/cabextract [CURRENT] Microsoft cabinet (.CAB) file extractor
x11/lxqt-panel [CURRENT] Desktop panel
devel/p5-MooX-Cmd [CURRENT] Easy Moo style way to make command organized CLI apps
meta-pkgs/matchbox [CURRENT] The Matchbox window manager environment
audio/pavucontrol [CURRENT] Volume control tool (mixer) for the PulseAudio sound server
wip/cockroach [CURRENT] CockroachDB is a cloud-native SQL database for building global, scalable cloud services that survive disasters.
ham/xdx [CURRENT] Amateur Radio tcp/ip DX-cluster client
sysutils/magicrescue [CURRENT] Recover files from a block device by scanning for magic bytes
time/p5-Time-Interval [CURRENT] Converts time intervals of days, hours, minutes, and seconds
devel/hs-timeit [CURRENT] Time monadic computations with an IO base
fonts/tex-ifsym-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ifsym
fonts/Xft2 [CURRENT] Library for configuring and customizing font access
wm/wmextra [CURRENT] Extras for Window Maker window manager
wip/shoutcast [CURRENT] Internet Streaming server for MP3 audio
devel/p5-Data-Munge [CURRENT] Various utility functions
fonts/tex-typicons-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-typicons
wip/paxtest [CURRENT] Test program for PaX functionality
devel/p5-Params-Util [CURRENT] Simple standalone param-checking functions
fonts/tex-librecaslon [CURRENT] Libre Caslon fonts, with LaTeX support
devel/range-v3 [CURRENT] Range library for C++14/17/20, basis for std::ranges in C++20
x11/lxqt-globalkeys [CURRENT] Daemon and library for global keyboard shortcuts registration
net/ruby-ipaddress [CURRENT] Library to handle IP addresses in a modern and productive way
fonts/tex-gfssolomos [CURRENT] Greek-alphabet font
devel/p5-B-Utils [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing op tree manipulation helper functions
wip/canto-daemon [CURRENT] The next generation Canto RSS daemon
sysutils/neb-wipe [CURRENT] Secure disk partition eraser
print/tex-diagbox [CURRENT] Table heads with diagonal lines
devel/re2 [CURRENT] Regular expression library
wip/liblingoteach [CURRENT] Library for lingoteach
devel/hs-Only [CURRENT] The 1-tuple type or single-value collection
devel/py-mmh3 [CURRENT] Python wrapper for MurmurHash3
x11/lxqt-about [CURRENT] LXQt about dialog
time/tex-datetime2-estonian [CURRENT] Estonian language module for the datetime2 package
www/felinks [CURRENT] Fork of elinks, the text web browser
x11/lxqt-qtplugin [CURRENT] LXQt platform integration plugin for Qt5
devel/py-hamcrest [CURRENT] Framework for writing matcher objects
emulators/suse100_32_aspell [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for aspell
devel/cvsutils [CURRENT] CVS utilities to facilitate working
x11/lxqt-config [CURRENT] System configuration control center
devel/cvs2html [CURRENT] Perl script to turn cvs log output into HTML
net/rbldnsd [CURRENT] Efficient DNS daemon to serve DNSBL zones
converters/p5-JSON-XS [CURRENT] JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast
wip/mdadm [CURRENT] RAID management for Linux systems
emulators/libretro-parallel-n64 [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Parallel N64 emulator
devel/p5-ExtUtils-AutoInstall [CURRENT] Lets Makefile.PL automatically install dependencies
wip/sm-change_ldappass [CURRENT] Allows users to change their LDAP password from SquirrelMail
x11/libxklavier [CURRENT] High-level API for the X Keyboard Extension (XKB)
devel/p5-Module-CPANTS-Analyse [CURRENT] Perl5 module to generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution
devel/py-iniconfig [CURRENT] Brain-dead simple config-ini parsing
archivers/py-brotlipy [CURRENT] Python Bindings to the Brotli Compression Algorithm
fonts/tex-ccicons-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ccicons
devel/hs-uglymemo [CURRENT] Simple (but internally ugly) memoization function
devel/hs-wizards [CURRENT] High level, generic library for interrogative user interfaces
devel/p5-namespace-autoclean [CURRENT] Keep imports out of your namespace
wip/pangoterm [CURRENT] GTK/Pango-based terminal
audio/ruby-taglib [CURRENT] Ruby library for reading and writing meta-data of many audio formats
emulators/suse131_32_libsigc++2 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libsigc++2
math/yacas [CURRENT] Yet Another Computer Algebra System
devel/p5-Test-Assertions [CURRENT] Perl 5 module prodiving building blocks for unit and runtime testing
devel/py-protobuf [CURRENT] Python bindings for protobuf
print/tex-koma-script-examples-doc [CURRENT] Examples from the KOMA-Script book
fonts/ko-mizi [CURRENT] X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard
net/bftpd [CURRENT] Small and fast FTP server
x11/xf86-video-suncg3 [CURRENT] CG3 video driver for the Xorg X server
wip/belle-sip [CURRENT] C object oriented SIP Stack
security/py-asyncssh [CURRENT] Asynchronous SSHv2 client and server library
filesystems/fuse-exfat [CURRENT] FUSE file-system and utilities for exFAT file systems
print/tex-polytable-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-polytable
devel/hs-fgl [CURRENT] Martin Erwigs Functional Graph Library
fonts/tex-archaic [CURRENT] Collection of archaic fonts
print/tex-visualfaq-doc [CURRENT] Visual LaTeX FAQ
devel/shunit2 [CURRENT] Unit test framework for Bourne based shell scripts
devel/p5-Path-Iter [CURRENT] Perl module for simple efficient path iteration
sysutils/p5-Sys-CpuLoad [CURRENT] Module to retrieve system load averages
textproc/hunspell-fo_FO [CURRENT] Faroese dictionary for hunspell
wip/jfsw-git [CURRENT] JonoFs Shadow Warrior port
mail/thunderbird52 [CURRENT] Organize, secure and customize your mail
devel/py-backports.functools_lru_cache [CURRENT] Backport of functools.lru_cache from Python 3.3
x11/rendercheck [CURRENT] XRender test application
time/ruby-tzinfo-data [CURRENT] Daylight-savings-aware timezone library data
print/tex-luatex85 [CURRENT] pdfTeX aliases for LuaTeX
finance/hs-Decimal [CURRENT] Decimal arithmetic for financial applications
devel/pdcurses [CURRENT] Public domain implementation of the X/Open curses standard
editors/ex [CURRENT] Berkeley vi 3.7
devel/gnustep-make [CURRENT] GNUstep makefile package
misc/ruby-configuration [CURRENT] Library for loading Ruby configuration files
databases/p5-SQL-Abstract-Limit [CURRENT] Generate SQL from Perl data structures
wip/libgamecommon [CURRENT] Utility functions for working with binary files
audio/sweep [CURRENT] Full-featured digital sound editor
emulators/darwin_lib [CURRENT] Darwin compatibility libraries (including X11)
fonts/tex-tfrupee-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tfrupee
emulators/suse131_32_freetype2 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for freetype-2.x
devel/ruby-shoulda-context [CURRENT] Context framework extracted from Shoulda
emulators/suse131_libcups [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for CUPS
sysutils/ups-nut [CURRENT] Network UPS Tools
graphics/ljpeg [CURRENT] Lossless JPEG codec
fonts/tex-xcharter [CURRENT] Extension of Bitstream Charter fonts
devel/p5-MooX-Log-Any [CURRENT] Role to add Log::Any
wip/FLIF [CURRENT] Free Lossless Image Format
textproc/hs-cassava [CURRENT] CSV parsing and encoding library
sysutils/libgksu [CURRENT] Library that provides a GTK+ frontend to su and sudo
www/p5-CGI-Session-Serialize-yaml [CURRENT] Serializer for CGI::Session
devel/p5-Devel-Hide [CURRENT] Meatier versions of caller
print/py-pslib [CURRENT] Python bindings for pslib
wip/opensubdiv [CURRENT] High performance subdivision surface for parallel architectures
wip/tesseract-game-svn [CURRENT] First-person shooter game based on Cube 2
finance/py-trytond-account-payment [CURRENT] Account_payment module of the Tryton application platform
fonts/tex-greenpoint [CURRENT] Green Point logo
devel/p5-MooX-HandlesVia [CURRENT] NativeTrait-like behavior for Moo
comms/op_panel [CURRENT] Flash Operator Panel for Asterisk
devel/p5-Test-Command-Simple [CURRENT] Test external commands (nearly) as easily as loaded modules
fonts/tex-wsuipa-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-wsuipa
textproc/hs-csv [CURRENT] CSV loader and dumper
sysutils/pluged [CURRENT] USB plug/unplug monitoring daemon
textproc/hs-html [CURRENT] HTML combinator library
fonts/tex-dantelogo [CURRENT] Font for DANTEs logo
graphics/tuxpaint-stamps [CURRENT] Rubber stamps for Tux Paint
chat/spectrum [CURRENT] XMPP transport/gateway based on libpurple
emulators/x48 [CURRENT] HP48 emulator
devel/p5-PPIx-Utilities [CURRENT] Extensions to PPI
www/py-django-debug-toolbar [CURRENT] Debugging toolbar for Django
fonts/tex-fontmfizz-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fontmfizz
wip/autoproject [CURRENT] Creates a skeleton source package for a new program
time/tex-datetime2-lsorbian [CURRENT] Lower Sorbian language module for the datetime2 package
lang/gcc5 [CURRENT] The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) - 5 Release Series
emulators/m1 [CURRENT] Arcade video and pinball game sound emulator (Linux binary)
devel/p5-Class-ObjectTemplate [CURRENT] Perl extension for optimized template builder base class
textproc/OdfConverter [CURRENT] Converter between Microsoft Office 2007 and OpenOffice formats
cad/py-simpy [CURRENT] Discrete event simulation framework
devel/ruby-test-spec [CURRENT] BDD interface over Test::Unit
lang/sablevm-classpath-gui [CURRENT] Class libraries for the SableVM Java virtual machine (GUI libraries)
textproc/hs-Diff [CURRENT] O(ND) diff algorithm in Haskell
fonts/tex-countriesofeurope [CURRENT] Font with the images of the countries of Europe
textproc/hs-lucid [CURRENT] Clear to write, read and edit DSL for HTML
net/entropy [CURRENT] Anonymous peer-to-peer networking node (similar to Freenet)
emulators/suse131_openldap [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for OpenLDAP
wip/payara41 [CURRENT] Java EE 7 application server based on GlassFish 4.1
security/cy2-anonymous [CURRENT] Cyrus SASL ANONYMOUS authentication plugin
emulators/freebsd_lib [CURRENT] Libraries necessary for FreeBSD compatibility, including XFree86
time/p5-DateTime-Format-Natural [CURRENT] Create machine readable date/time with natural parsing logic
time/tex-datetime2-russian [CURRENT] Russian language module for the datetime2 package
wip/wireshark2 [CURRENT] Network protocol analyzer
devel/flex [CURRENT] Fast clone of lex(1), the lexical scanner generator
devel/cre2 [CURRENT] C wrapper for re2 regular expression library
x11/lxqt-runner [CURRENT] Launch applications quickly by typing commands
devel/py-exam [CURRENT] Helpers for better testing
net/xipdump [CURRENT] Displays IP packets using X Window System
print/tex-otibet [CURRENT] Tibetan package for omega
lang/py-mypy_extensions [CURRENT] Experimental type system extensions
games/lgogdownloader [CURRENT] Download games from GOG
time/tex-datetime2-usorbian [CURRENT] Upper Sorbian language module for the datetime2 package
geography/R-deldir [CURRENT] Delaunay Triangulation and Dirichlet (Voronoi) Tessellation
devel/p5-AutoXS-Header [CURRENT] Perl 5 module container for the AutoXS header files
math/lua-cassowary [CURRENT] Constraint solver for Lua
security/lxqt-openssh-askpass [CURRENT] Tool used with openssh to prompt the user for a password
devel/py-windbg [CURRENT] Python GUI debugger
print/sile [CURRENT] Modern Layout Engine with Lua based scripting
textproc/hs-wcwidth [CURRENT] Native wcwidth
security/lxqt-policykit [CURRENT] Policykit authentication agent
time/dateutils [CURRENT] Command line tools for working with dates
filesystems/fuse [CURRENT] Filesystem in Userspace
devel/afl [CURRENT] American Fuzzy Lop, a fuzzing tool for finding bugs by random input
wip/linuxdcpp [CURRENT] DC++-based p2p filesharing application
graphics/tex-metago-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-metago
fonts/gucharmap [CURRENT] Unicode/ISO10646 character map and font viewer
www/firefox_decrypt [CURRENT] Extract passwords from Mozilla Firefox profiles
time/p5-DateTime-Locale [CURRENT] Localization data for p5-DateTime
fonts/tex-mdputu [CURRENT] Upright digits in Adobe Utopia Italic
security/lxqt-sudo [CURRENT] LXQt GUI frontend for sudo
textproc/hs-shakespeare [CURRENT] Toolkit for making compile-time interpolated templates
textproc/lua-cosmo [CURRENT] Lua template engine
sysutils/vbetool [CURRENT] Run real-mode video BIOS code to alter hardware state
net/py-dnsdiag [CURRENT] DNS Diagnostics and Performance Measurement Tools
devel/p5-Mouse [CURRENT] Perl module implementing an extension of the perl object system
textproc/hunspell-bg_BG [CURRENT] Bulgarian dictionary for hunspell
devel/R-caTools [CURRENT] Tools: Moving Window Statistics, GIF, Base64, ROC AUC, etc
fonts/tex-cinzel-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cinzel
time/p5-TimeDate [CURRENT] Perl5 TimeDate distribution
wip/emacs-w3m-cvs [CURRENT] Emacs frontend for w3m browser
devel/p5-Module-Install-GithubMeta [CURRENT] Module::Install extension to include GitHub meta info in META.yml
devel/p5-IO-Pipely [CURRENT] Portably create pipe() or pipe-like handles, one way or another
x11/xcmsdb [CURRENT] Loads, queries, or removes Device Color Characterization data
textproc/gutcheck [CURRENT] Text checker specialized in reporting problems spellcheckers overlook
fonts/tex-frcursive-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-frcursive
databases/sqlrelay-freetds [CURRENT] FreeTDS support for SQL Relay
wip/autoq3d [CURRENT] Application for computer aided drafting in two and dimensions
sysutils/lxqt-powermanagement [CURRENT] Daemon used for power management and auto-suspend
wip/glimpse [CURRENT] Fork of the GNU Image Manipulation Program
devel/lua-linenoise [CURRENT] Lua binding for linenoise
databases/ruby-tokyotyrant [CURRENT] Pure Ruby Interface of Tokyo Tyrant
www/p5-URI-Fetch [CURRENT] Perl module to intelligently fetch syndication feeds
math/R-bitops [CURRENT] Functions for bitwise operations on integer vectors
fonts/tex-foekfont [CURRENT] Title font of the Mads Fok magazine
security/nettle [CURRENT] Cryptographic library
net/rootprobe [CURRENT] Root DNS server performance analysis
emulators/suse121_libdrm [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libdrm
chat/srain [CURRENT] Modern IRC client written in GTK
x11/lxqt-admin [CURRENT] LXQt admin panel
www/p5-Catalyst-View-Excel-Template-Plus [CURRENT] Catalyst View for Excel::Template::Plus
www/p5-Catalyst-Controller-HTML-FormFu [CURRENT] Catalyst integration for HTML::FormFu
fonts/tex-junicode [CURRENT] TrueType font for mediaevalists
wip/sushi [CURRENT] Quick File Previewing
chat/bitlbee-facebook [CURRENT] Facebook protocol plugin for BitlBee
mail/p5-Email-MessageID [CURRENT] Generate world unique message-ids
devel/p5-Ref-Util [CURRENT] Utility functions for checking references
print/tex-cjk-gs-integrate-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cjk-gs-integrate
wip/opensips [CURRENT] Open Source implementation of a SIP server
x11/lxqt-notificationd [CURRENT] Notification daemon and library
fonts/tex-initials [CURRENT] Adobe Type 1 decorative initial fonts
time/py-tzdata [CURRENT] Timezone database for Python
net/py-twisted-docs [CURRENT] Framework for writing networked applications (documentation)
audio/cddbd [CURRENT] Internet CD Database Server
devel/lua-epnf [CURRENT] Abstract Syntax Tree support library for Lua
devel/lua-vstruct [CURRENT] Binary data manipulation function
time/tex-datetime2-swedish [CURRENT] Swedish language module for the datetime2 package
math/R-prob [CURRENT] Elementary probability on finite sample spaces
time/tex-datetime2-slovene [CURRENT] Slovene language module for the datetime2 package
wip/tcpspy [CURRENT] TCP/IP connections logger
devel/py-cheetah [CURRENT] Python-powered template engine and code-generator
fonts/tex-greenpoint-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-greenpoint
wip/spidermonkey31 [CURRENT] Standalone JavaScript implementation in C
fonts/tex-gfsbodoni [CURRENT] Greek and Latin font based on Bodoni
print/tex-parskip [CURRENT] Layout with zero \parindent, non-zero \parskip
graphics/tex-metauml [CURRENT] MetaPost library for typesetting UML diagrams
wip/wmbattery [CURRENT] Dockapp that shows battery status
sysutils/vifm [CURRENT] Curses based file manager with vi like keybindings
math/R-mnormt [CURRENT] Multivariate normal and t distributions
time/p5-DateTime-Format-CLDR [CURRENT] Parse and format CLDR, Common Locale Date Repository, time patterns
graphics/erlang-eimp [CURRENT] Erlang Image Manipulation Process
misc/py-trytond-stock-package-shipping [CURRENT] Stock package shipping module of the Tryton application platform
time/py-parsedatetime [CURRENT] Python module for parsing human-readable date/time text
wip/esdl [CURRENT] SDL and OpenGL library for Erlang
sysutils/libfm-extra [CURRENT] File management library (extra)
games/cbzone [CURRENT] Simple classic game of 3D tank warfare
textproc/p5-XML-RAI [CURRENT] Maps RSS tags to one common simplified interface
textproc/p5-yamcha [CURRENT] YamCha perl module
print/tex-beamertheme-detlevcm [CURRENT] Beamer theme designed for use in the University of Leeds
audio/py-audioread [CURRENT] Audio file decoder
wip/wla-dx [CURRENT] Assembler that targets many CPUs
fonts/tex-fontinst-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fontinst
textproc/libcroco [CURRENT] Toolkit to parse and manipulate CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
fonts/tex-fira-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fira
fonts/tex-fge-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fge
devel/libf2c [CURRENT] f2c Fortran support library
games/enigma [CURRENT] Puzzle game similar to Oxyd/RocknRoll/Marble Madness
math/R-nimble [CURRENT] MCMC, Particle Filtering, and Programmable Hierarchical Modeling
misc/zorro [CURRENT] Simple to-do list manager
math/R-tensor [CURRENT] Tensor product of arrays
www/apache-tomcat8 [CURRENT] Implementation of Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies
sysutils/shmux [CURRENT] Shell Multiplexor
fonts/tex-elvish-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-elvish
fonts/tex-ebgaramond-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ebgaramond
sysutils/usbutil [CURRENT] USB developer utilities
time/tex-datetime2-latin [CURRENT] Latin language module for the datetime2 package
wip/canna-canuum [CURRENT] Kana-Kanji conversion system (canuum)
misc/ruby-ohai [CURRENT] Ohai profiles your system and emits JSON
fonts/tex-calligra-type1-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-calligra-type1
print/tex-iftex [CURRENT] TeX package to determine if running under pdfTeX, XeTeX or LuaTeX
fonts/tex-duerer [CURRENT] Computer Duerer fonts
sysutils/p5-SSH-Batch [CURRENT] Cluster operations based on parallel SSH, set and interval arithmetic
sysutils/py-supervisor [CURRENT] System for controlling process state under UNIX
chat/p5-Net-Jabber [CURRENT] Provide a Perl Developer access to the Jabber protocol
math/R-LearnBayes [CURRENT] Functions for Learning Bayesian Inference
www/py-wtforms-recaptcha [CURRENT] Custom WTForms field that handles reCaptcha display and validation
wip/higan [CURRENT] Nintendo multi-system emulator
multimedia/py-ming [CURRENT] Python bindings for Ming library
print/tex-context-vim [CURRENT] Generate ConTeXt syntax highlighting code from vim
time/tex-datetime2-samin [CURRENT] Northern Sami language module for the datetime2 package
sysutils/amanda-server [CURRENT] Server part of Amanda, a network backup system
archivers/py-libarchive-c [CURRENT] Python interface to libarchive
math/R-goftest [CURRENT] Classical Goodness-of-Fit Tests for Univariate Distributions
archivers/fcrackzip [CURRENT] Zip password cracker
lang/rust-bin [CURRENT] Safe, concurrent, practical language (official binaries)
print/tex-tensind [CURRENT] Typeset tensors
math/R-psych [CURRENT] Procedures for psychological and psychometric research
lang/python38 [CURRENT] Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
textproc/R-rjson [CURRENT] JSON for R
time/R-lubridate [CURRENT] Make Dealing with Dates a Little Easier
time/py-goocalendar [CURRENT] Calendar widget using GooCanvas
sysutils/grub [CURRENT] GRand Unified Bootloader -- Boots *BSD, Linux, groks ffs, FAT, ext2
devel/git-docs [CURRENT] GIT Tree History Storage Tool (documentation)
x11/fltk13 [CURRENT] Fast Light Tool Kit for graphical user interfaces
print/tex-hyphen-macedonian [CURRENT] Macedonian hyphenation patterns
graphics/tex-tikz-3dplot [CURRENT] Coordinate transformation styles for 3d plotting in TikZ
www/cvsweb [CURRENT] Web interface for browsing a CVS repository
wip/picolisp64 [CURRENT] Simple programming language and application server framework
www/ruby-sassc-rails [CURRENT] Integrate SassC-Ruby into Rails
x11/xbindkeys-tk [CURRENT] Launches shell commands with your keyboard or your mouse (Tk interface)
security/cy2-sql [CURRENT] Cyrus SASL SQL authentication plugin
x11/picom [CURRENT] Lightweight compositor for X11 (fork of Compton)
sysutils/fatback [CURRENT] Recover deleted files from FAT filesystems
fonts/tex-cm-lgc [CURRENT] Type 1 CM-based fonts for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic
graphics/jpeg2ps [CURRENT] Convert jpeg images to PostScript level 2 or 3
fonts/tex-cjhebrew-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cjhebrew
meta-pkgs/lxqt [CURRENT] Meta-package for the LXQt desktop environment
geography/R-maps [CURRENT] Draw Geographical Maps
fonts/tex-ccicons [CURRENT] LaTeX support for Creative Commons icons
games/fltk-sudoku [CURRENT] FLTK example Sudoku game creator and solver
wip/bonnie++-current [CURRENT] Enhanced performance Test of Filesystem I/O
fonts/lcdftypetools [CURRENT] Outline font manipulation tools
multimedia/clutter-gst [CURRENT] Clutter GStreamer integration
chat/carbons-purple [CURRENT] XEP-0280: Message Carbons plugin for libpurple
print/tex-leading-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-leading
lang/mono [CURRENT] Open source implementation of the .NET Development Framework
math/p5-Roman [CURRENT] Conversion of numeric notation between Roman and Arabic
fonts/tex-carolmin-ps-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-carolmin-ps
geography/R-prettymapr [CURRENT] Scale Bar, North Arrow, and Pretty Margins in R
net/inetutils [CURRENT] GNU network utilities
wip/gnutls-guile [CURRENT] GNU Transport Layer Security library
print/tex-tpslifonts [CURRENT] LaTeX package for configuring presentation fonts
devel/p5-Devel-CheckCompiler [CURRENT] Check the compiler availability
graphics/tex-mcf2graph [CURRENT] Draw chemical structure diagrams with Metafont/MetaPost
fonts/tex-caladea-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-caladea
textproc/p5-Text-Emoticon-MSN [CURRENT] Emoticon filter of MSN Messenger
geography/ [CURRENT] Datasets for spatstat
sysutils/asapm [CURRENT] Laptop battery status display for X11
lang/sbcl [CURRENT] SBCL, a Common Lisp implementation
net/nslint [CURRENT] Perform consistency checks on DNS zone files
geography/R-spatstat.utils [CURRENT] Utility Functions for spatstat
textproc/p5-highlight [CURRENT] Converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting (Perl bindings)
x11/xf86dga [CURRENT] Simple test client for the XFree86-DGA extension
wip/stmd-git [CURRENT] Standard markdown converter implementation
lang/ucblogo [CURRENT] Brian Harveys logo language interpreter
cad/spiceprm [CURRENT] Spice preprocessor for parameterized subcircuits
emulators/suse131_32_krb5 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for kerberos libraries
textproc/py-libxml2 [CURRENT] Python wrapper for libxml2
print/tex-mdwtools [CURRENT] Miscellaneous LaTeX tools by Mark Wooding
lang/vscm [CURRENT] Portable scheme implementation
print/tex-floatflt-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-floatflt
geography/R-rgeos [CURRENT] Interface to Geometry Engine - Open Source (GEOS)
lang/rexx-imc [CURRENT] Implementation of IBMs REXX scripting language
sysutils/whowatch [CURRENT] Interactive who-like program displaying real-time user information
print/tex-umlaute [CURRENT] German input encodings in LaTeX
sysutils/wbm-time [CURRENT] Webmin module to set the system time
print/tex-xstring [CURRENT] String manipulation for (La)TeX
lang/libLLVM34 [CURRENT] Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure (previous version)
geography/R-spatstat [CURRENT] Spatial Point Pattern Analysis, Model-Fitting, Simulation, Tests
wip/briquolo [CURRENT] 3D breakout based on OpenGL
sysutils/checkperms [CURRENT] Check and correct file permissions
sysutils/rfstool [CURRENT] Tools to access ReiserFS partitions
textproc/py-text-unidecode [CURRENT] Most basic Text::Unidecode port
sysutils/bcollect [CURRENT] Incremental remote backup tool
devel/p5-Net-CIDR [CURRENT] Perl5 module to manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation
www/htmllint [CURRENT] Another HTML-Lint program
x11/gst-plugins1-x11 [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - x11 plugin
wip/avr-binutils [CURRENT] GNU binutils for Atmel AVR 8-bit RISC microcontrollers
print/tex-readarray [CURRENT] Read, store and recall array-formatted data
wip/gplbasic [CURRENT] Basic interpreter for Unix
audio/libvisual-plugins [CURRENT] Plugins for libvisual
geography/R-mapdata [CURRENT] Extra Map Databases
print/tex-multibib-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-multibib
devel/GConf [CURRENT] Configuration database system used by GNOME
chat/p5-POE-Filter-IRCD [CURRENT] POE-based parser for the IRC protocol
devel/clib [CURRENT] Enhanced language features for C
print/chktex [CURRENT] LaTeX semantic checker
www/R-RCurl [CURRENT] General Network (HTTP/FTP/...) Client Interface for R
net/get_iplayer [CURRENT] Search, index, record or stream BBC iPlayer broadcasts
graphics/darktable [CURRENT] Photography workflow application
devel/trio [CURRENT] Fully matured and stable set of printf and string functions
emulators/suse131_libdbus [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for DBus
textproc/p5-Text-RecordParser [CURRENT] Perl5 extension to read record-oriented files
net/xtraceroute [CURRENT] Graphical version of traceroute, which traces the route IP packets go
benchmarks/bonnie [CURRENT] Performance Test of Sequential Filesystem I/O and STDIO
wip/boinc-git [CURRENT] Open-source software for volunteer computing
devel/py-ipykernel [CURRENT] IPython Kernel for Jupyter
sysutils/libgamin [CURRENT] File alteration monitor
print/tex-beamerthemejltree [CURRENT] Contributed beamer theme
cross/nios2-binutils [CURRENT] GNU binutils for Altera FPGA Nios2 processor
print/tex-metapost-examples-doc [CURRENT] Example drawings using MetaPost
fonts/noto-ttf [CURRENT] Noto fonts for all languages
sysutils/p5-Unix-ConfigFile [CURRENT] Simple interfaces to various Unix configuration files
sysutils/memtestplus [CURRENT] Thorough, stand alone memory test for x86 arch
www/R-rvest [CURRENT] Easily Harvest (Scrape) Web Pages
print/tex-timetable [CURRENT] Generate timetables
print/tex-babel-slovak [CURRENT] Babel support for typesetting Slovak
devel/openocd [CURRENT] Open On-Chip Debugger
wip/bitkeeper [CURRENT] Distributed Source Control System
emulators/compat61-x11 [CURRENT] Shared X11 libraries for NetBSD 6.1 compatibility
inputmethod/py-zinnia [CURRENT] Zinnia python module
devel/p5-Test-Identity [CURRENT] Assert the referential identity of a reference
fonts/geoslab703-ttf [CURRENT] Free TrueType fonts from Bitstream, useful for web viewing
sysutils/ansible [CURRENT] SSH-based configuration management, deployment, and task execution
graphics/xgraph [CURRENT] Tool to draw a graph on an X11 display
textproc/bsdgrep-devel [CURRENT] BSD version of grep as in NetBSD src/usr.bin/grep
x11/xinput [CURRENT] Diagnostic utility for inputs in X
sysutils/wbm-at [CURRENT] Webmin module to schedule execution of commands
lang/gcc3-c [CURRENT] GNU Compiler Collection, v3 - C compiler
math/superlu [CURRENT] Library for solving large, sparse, nonsymmetric systems of linear equations
fonts/Hasklig [CURRENT] Code font with monospaced ligatures
devel/coccinelle [CURRENT] Tool for writing and applying semantic patches
lang/sun-jdk7 [CURRENT] Suns Java(tm) 2 Standard Edition, Java Development Kit (JDK) 7u80
lang/lua52 [CURRENT] Lightweight, embeddable scripting language (v5.2)
wip/dnswalk [CURRENT] DNS debugger
sysutils/fakeroot [CURRENT] Creates a fake root environment
math/R-mitools [CURRENT] Tools for multiple imputation of missing data
fonts/lato-ttf [CURRENT] Free Sans Serif font Lato by Lukasz Dziedzic
databases/p5-DBICx-TestDatabase [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to create temporary database from a DBIx::Class::Schema
wip/nss-pam-ldapd [CURRENT] LDAP client for nsswitch
devel/p5-Test-Warn [CURRENT] Perl extension to test methods for warnings
devel/fortran-utils [CURRENT] Utilities for Fortran programmers
textproc/ruby-yajl [CURRENT] Ruby C binding to YAJL JSON library
geography/R-lwgeom [CURRENT] Bindings to Selected liblwgeom Functions for Simple Features
sysutils/gnuit [CURRENT] GNU Interactive Tools - a file system browser for UNIX systems
textproc/lit2epub [CURRENT] Convert .lit files to valid epub
misc/ukpostcodes [CURRENT] UK national postcode information
sysutils/file [CURRENT] Tool for determining file type
graphics/tex-venndiagram-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-venndiagram
devel/p5-MRO-Compat [CURRENT] MRO::* interface compatibility for Perls < 5.9.5
devel/p5-Method-Signatures-Simple [CURRENT] Basic signatures method declarations, without source filters
finance/py-trytond-sale-complaint [CURRENT] Sale complaint module of the Tryton application platform
sysutils/xuvmstat [CURRENT] Graphical display for the current UVM status
print/tex-lettrine [CURRENT] Typeset dropped capitals
biology/gromacs [CURRENT] Molecular dynamics package
wip/netkit-telnet [CURRENT] The telnet and telnetd for Linux
devel/p5-Module-Starter [CURRENT] Perl 5 module acting as a simple starter kit for any module
devel/py-unittest2 [CURRENT] New features in unittest backported to Python 2.4+
lang/libLLVM [CURRENT] Low Level Virtual Machine shared library
wip/nios2-gdb [CURRENT] GNU Debugger (gdb) for Altera FPGA Nios2 processor
sysutils/free [CURRENT] Displays memory usage
emulators/suse131_glib2 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for GLib-2.x
sysutils/wbm-apache [CURRENT] Webmin module for configuring Apache servers
comms/py-gammu [CURRENT] Python bindings for gammu
audio/gst-plugins0.10-mad [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - mad plugin
geography/R-raster [CURRENT] Geographic Data Analysis and Modeling
sysutils/systester [CURRENT] Test system stability and performance by calculating Pi
devel/py-reparser [CURRENT] Simple regex-based lexer/parser for inline markup
fonts/font-misc-meltho [CURRENT] Miscellaneous Meltho OTF fonts
devel/py-memory-profiler [CURRENT] Monitors memory usage of a Python program
devel/pango [CURRENT] Library for layout and rendering of text
textproc/p5-Alien-Libxml2 [CURRENT] Perl interface to libxml2
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-QTKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (QTKit framework)
fonts/p5-Font-TTF [CURRENT] Perl module for TrueType font hacking
wip/smallbasic-gui [CURRENT] SmallBASIC with GUI
converters/p5-Convert-BinHex [CURRENT] Read and write Macintosh BinHex streams
multimedia/minidlna [CURRENT] DLNA server
sysutils/swapd [CURRENT] Swap daemon for POSIX-compliant operating systems
devel/p5-Moose [CURRENT] Postmodern object system for Perl 5
wip/llvm-dfbsd [CURRENT] Low Level Virtual Machine compiler infrastructure
print/tex-program-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-program
comms/fidogate [CURRENT] FidoNet (FTN) <-> Internet mail and news gateway
sysutils/collectd-postgresql [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - postgresql plugin
net/sdig [CURRENT] Switch Digger finds port assignment for hosts on a switched Ethernet
databases/mysql56-server [CURRENT] MySQL 5, a free SQL database (server)
wip/vimprobable2 [CURRENT] WebKit based web browser that behaves like Vimperator
databases/dbfsak [CURRENT] Tool for converting to and from DBF files
geography/R-rgdal [CURRENT] Bindings for the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
lang/erlang [CURRENT] Concurrent functional programming language
devel/distcc [CURRENT] Tool for distributed C/C++ compiling
editors/nvi2 [CURRENT] Multibyte fork of the nvi editor for BSD
lang/jamvm [CURRENT] Compact Java Virtual Machine
fonts/tex-berenisadf-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-berenisadf
print/tex-adjustbox [CURRENT] Graphics package-alike macros for general boxes
geography/R-spData [CURRENT] Datasets for Spatial Analysis
geography/R-rosm [CURRENT] Plot Raster Map Tiles from Open Street Map and Other Sources
www/ap2-xsendfile [CURRENT] Apache 2 module that processes X-SENDFILE headers
fonts/tex-roboto-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-roboto
devel/ruby-validatable [CURRENT] Library for adding database/object validations
devel/ruby-rugged [CURRENT] Ruby bindings to libgit2
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-CoreBluetooth [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (CoreBluetooth framework)
www/p5-SCGI [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to implement SCGI interface
mail/Pantomime [CURRENT] Objective-C mail system class library
editors/nvi-m17n [CURRENT] Clone of vi/ex, with multilingual patch
geography/R-sf [CURRENT] Simple Features for R
www/firefox-l10n [CURRENT] Language packs for www/firefox
databases/ruby-activerecord60 [CURRENT] Object-relational mapper framework (part of Rails 6.0)
print/tex-dinbrief-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-dinbrief
x11/gnome-terminal [CURRENT] Terminal emulator for GNOME
math/R-units [CURRENT] Measurement Units for R Vectors
sysutils/p5-File-chmod [CURRENT] Perl API-Implements symbolic and ls chmod modes
graphics/tex-ellipse [CURRENT] Draw ellipses and elliptical arcs using the standard LaTeX2e picture environment
audio/timidity [CURRENT] MIDI to WAV renderer and player
www/htdig [CURRENT] WWW indexing and searching system
emulators/suse131_32_expat [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for expat
sysutils/gst-plugins0.10-gio [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - gio plugin
graphics/exiftags [CURRENT] Utility to read Exif tags from a digital camera JPEG file
math/speedcrunch [CURRENT] Calculator
x11/p5-Alien-wxWidgets [CURRENT] Building, finding and using wxWidgets binaries
fonts/tex-oldlatin-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-oldlatin
lang/tcl85 [CURRENT] Tool Command Language, a dynamic language
sysutils/ruby-syslog-logger [CURRENT] Improved Logger replacement that logs to syslog
devel/p5-CPAN-Checksums [CURRENT] Write a CHECKSUMS file for a directory as on CPAN
fonts/tex-erewhon-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-erewhon
geography/R-rnaturalearth [CURRENT] World Map Data from Natural Earth
fonts/tex-ebgaramond-maths [CURRENT] LaTeX support for EBGaramond fonts in mathematics
print/tex-outline-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-outline
wip/glulxe [CURRENT] Interpreter for Glulx text adventures
net/gkrellm-multiping [CURRENT] Pings several machines and prints out stats
editors/jove [CURRENT] Small emacs-style editor, but lacks the LISP engine
www/htmldoc-x11 [CURRENT] Converts HTML to indexed HTML, PDF and/or PostScript
sysutils/9base [CURRENT] Port of various original plan9 tools
audio/libao-macosx [CURRENT] Cross-platform audio library (MacOS X plugin)
www/p5-App-Nopaste [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing easy access to any pastebin
net/p5-Net-Akismet [CURRENT] Perl 5 interface to Akismet - comment and trackback spam fighter
misc/calibre [CURRENT] E-book library management application
textproc/py-markdown2 [CURRENT] Fast and complete Python implementation of Markdown
www/p5-HTML-Template-Expr [CURRENT] Perl5 module to create HTML templates with simple expressions
geography/R-rnaturalearthhires [CURRENT] High Resolution World Vector Map Data from Natural Earth
devel/pardiff [CURRENT] Converts diff output to paralleled (side-by-side) format
sysutils/hal [CURRENT] FreeDesktop hardware abstraction layer
fonts/tex-playfair [CURRENT] Playfair Display fonts with LaTeX support
fonts/tex-cmexb-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cmexb
wip/ruby-gollum-rugged_adapter [CURRENT] Adapter for Gollum to use Rugged (libgit2) at the backend
mail/ruby-mime-types [CURRENT] Definition of MIME types for Ruby
databases/p5-Net-FileMaker [CURRENT] Perl Module to interact with FileMaker services
sysutils/mencvcd [CURRENT] Script for converting movie files into (S)VCD format
wip/py-unidiff [CURRENT] Unified diff python parsing/metadata extraction library
games/quarry [CURRENT] Multi-purpose GUI for several board games
fonts/jmk-fonts [CURRENT] Jim Knobles font collection for X11
databases/mongo-c-driver [CURRENT] MongoDB client library written in C
sysutils/wbm-mysql [CURRENT] Webmin module for managing MySQL databases
games/crack-attack [CURRENT] Tetris Attack inspired game
fonts/tex-gothic [CURRENT] Collection of old German-style fonts
textproc/grepcidr [CURRENT] Filter IP addresses matching IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR specification
textproc/yaml-cpp [CURRENT] YAML parser and emitter for C++
emulators/compat50-x11 [CURRENT] Shared X11 libraries for NetBSD 5.0 compatibility
wip/piedock [CURRENT] Task bar and application menu launcher in shape of a pie menu
sysutils/p5-Filesys-Df [CURRENT] Perl extension for filesystem disk space information
audio/icecast1 [CURRENT] Internet broadcasting system using Mpeg Layer III streaming
sysutils/xc3028l-firmware [CURRENT] Firmware binary image for Xceive XC3028L tuners
wip/p5-Net-PcapUtils [CURRENT] Utility routines for Net::Pcap module
fonts/tex-almfixed-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-almfixed
print/tex-cnbwp-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cnbwp
textproc/aspell-tr [CURRENT] Turkish language support for aspell
wip/zlua [CURRENT] Lightweight tool that lets you quickly jump around your filesystem
games/MyGoGrinder [CURRENT] Program to solve Go (Weiqi, Baduk) problems
print/tex-subfiles [CURRENT] Individual typesetting of subfiles of a main document
sysutils/vip [CURRENT] Script to edit the data at any point in a pipeline
textproc/libhighlight [CURRENT] Converts source code to formatted text with syntax highlighting (shared library)
wip/compat32_libxslt [CURRENT] XSLT parser library from the GNOME project
graphics/gdk-pixbuf2 [CURRENT] Library for image loading and manipulation
fonts/tex-ptex-fonts [CURRENT] Fonts for use with pTeX
geography/R-osmdata [CURRENT] Import OpenStreetMap Data as Simple Features or Spatial Objects
textproc/sub2srt [CURRENT] Simple tool to convert 2 common subtitle formats to subviewer format
editors/vile [CURRENT] VI Like Emacs. a vi workalike, with many additional features
devel/libcfg+ [CURRENT] Command line and configuration file parsing library
geography/R-osmar [CURRENT] OpenStreetMap and R
wip/xsnow [CURRENT] Create a snowy and Santa-y desktop
devel/maketool [CURRENT] Graphical front end to GNU make
math/py-munkres [CURRENT] Munkres algorithm for the Assignment Problem
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-UUIDColumns [CURRENT] Implicit uuid columns for DBIx::Class
time/py-relativetimebuilder [CURRENT] Dateutil relativedeltas for calendar precision with aniso8601
fonts/tex-oldstandard-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-oldstandard
geography/R-rnaturalearthdata [CURRENT] World Vector Map Data from Natural Earth Used in rnaturalearth
print/tex-cutwin-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cutwin
textproc/ruby-multi_json [CURRENT] General-purpose swappable JSON backend library
sysutils/xmeter [CURRENT] Distributed system load meter for X11
print/tex-newlfm-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-newlfm
fonts/tex-mf2pt1-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mf2pt1
fonts/tex-adforn [CURRENT] OrnementsADF font with TeX/LaTeX support
devel/p5-SDL [CURRENT] SDL - Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl
textproc/py-smartypants [CURRENT] Python with the SmartyPants
fonts/tex-ptex-fonts-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ptex-fonts
sysutils/wbm-telnet [CURRENT] Webmin module to login via telnet or SSH
textproc/py-pdfrw [CURRENT] PDF file reader/writer pure Python library
sysutils/wbm-cluster-copy [CURRENT] Webmin module to schedule file transfers within a Webmin cluster
print/tex-pb-diagram-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pb-diagram
audio/p5-MusicBrainz-Client [CURRENT] Provide access to the libmusicbrainz client library
x11/xfishtank [CURRENT] Make fish swim in the background of your screen
print/tex-keycommand-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-keycommand
geography/R-stars [CURRENT] Spatiotemporal Arrays, Raster and Vector Data Cubes
fonts/tex-ocr-b-outline [CURRENT] OCR-B fonts in Type 1 and OpenType
fonts/ko-x11fonts [CURRENT] Korean X11 fonts
lang/janet [CURRENT] Functional and imperative programming language
audio/gst-plugins0.10-wavpack [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - wavpack plugin
sysutils/py-notify [CURRENT] Python package providing tool for observer programming pattern
sysutils/zabbix50-java [CURRENT] Enterprise-class Monitoring Solution for Everyone
fonts/tex-elvish [CURRENT] Fonts for typesetting Tolkien Elvish scripts
finance/py-quickbooks [CURRENT] Python library for accessing the Quickbooks API
print/tex-antomega [CURRENT] Alternative language support for Omega/Lambda
wip/spice-vdagent [CURRENT] Agent for Spice guests
fonts/tex-cfr-lm [CURRENT] Enhanced support for the Latin Modern fonts
sysutils/pstree [CURRENT] Display processes in a tree
graphics/librsvg [CURRENT] SVG library for GNOME
graphics/tex-splines-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-splines
lang/libLLVM4 [CURRENT] Low Level Virtual Machine shared library
shells/tcsh [CURRENT] Extended C-shell with many useful features
fonts/tex-kixfont [CURRENT] Font for KIX codes
emulators/compat14 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 1.4 compatibility
sysutils/pidof [CURRENT] Linux pidof(8) command
sysutils/pflogsumm [CURRENT] Produce summaries from Postfix syslog data
fonts/tex-cookingsymbols [CURRENT] Symbols for recipes
graphics/dx [CURRENT] Open Visualization Data Explorer
devel/py-gitinspector-devel [CURRENT] The statistical analysis tool for git repositories
misc/py-trytond-stock-package-shipping-ups [CURRENT] Trytons stock package shipping UPS module
sysutils/pear-Log [CURRENT] PHP Log framework provides an abstracted logging system
sysutils/p5-UPS-Nut [CURRENT] Network UPS Tools perl binding
x11/qt4-tiff [CURRENT] QT TIFF image format plugin
print/tex-math-e-doc [CURRENT] Examples from the book Typesetting Mathematics with LaTeX
graphics/pgraf [CURRENT] Portable graphics system
devel/p5-Test-SharedFork [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to make forking test
x11/gtk-sharp [CURRENT] C# bindings for GTK
x11/xfsinfo [CURRENT] Utility for displaying information about an X font server
editors/codeblocks [CURRENT] Open source, cross platform, free C++ IDE
emulators/suse121_libgc [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for Boehm-Demers-Weiser g/c libraries
comms/libticonv [CURRENT] Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
multimedia/libflash [CURRENT] Open source Flash(tm) library
net/flickcurl [CURRENT] Flickr API library
wip/printrun [CURRENT] 3D printing host suite
sysutils/monit [CURRENT] Monitors processes, files, directories and devices
devel/p5-IO-Tee [CURRENT] Multiplex output to multiple output handles
devel/tet3 [CURRENT] The Open Group test harness
emulators/suse121_32_slang [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for S-Lang
sysutils/p5-Daemon-Generic [CURRENT] Framework to provide start/stop/reload for a daemon
graphics/tex-suanpan-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-suanpan
wip/py-aioh2 [CURRENT] HTTP/2 implementation with hyper-h2 on Python 3 asyncio
net/py-onionbalance [CURRENT] Tor onion service load balancer
x11/xkbd [CURRENT] On-screen keyboard for X, useful for palmtops
devel/p5-ExtUtils-F77 [CURRENT] Perl module for determining how to link Fortran and C
wip/ruby-taskwarrior-web [CURRENT] Lightweight web interface for Taskwarrior
wip/masscan [CURRENT] TCP port scanner, spews SYN packets asynchronously
sysutils/mklivecd [CURRENT] Make your own NetBSD/x86 Live CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
print/tex-shadethm [CURRENT] Theorem environments that are shaded
filesystems/squashfs [CURRENT] Tools for squashfs archives
devel/p5-Error [CURRENT] Perl extension module for try/throw/catch exception handling
graphics/gimp-exif-browser [CURRENT] EXIF data browser plugin
emulators/libdsk [CURRENT] Library for accessing floppy discs and disc image files
misc/sch [CURRENT] Curses-based schedule management tool
sysutils/dirvish [CURRENT] Fast, disk based, rotating network backup system
devel/p5-Hash-MultiValue [CURRENT] Perl5 module to store multiple values per key
wip/exult-snapshot [CURRENT] Open-source Ultima 7 engine
graphics/aalib [CURRENT] ASCII Art library
www/ruby-http-form_data [CURRENT] Build form data request bodies
x11/xmindpath [CURRENT] MindPath PocketPoint user-level driver for X11
net/poink [CURRENT] Nosuid, absolutely secure version of ping utility
graphics/tex-garrigues [CURRENT] MetaPost macros for the reproduction of Garrigues Easter nomogram
devel/p5-File-Which [CURRENT] Portable implementation of the which utility
misc/m17n-docs [CURRENT] Documents for the m17n library
wm/bbkeys09 [CURRENT] General X Window keygrabber
textproc/py-yamcha [CURRENT] YamCha python module
ham/gnuradio-companion [CURRENT] User interface entry of GNU Radio
x11/gtk3-engines-unico [CURRENT] Unico Gtk+ Theming Engine for GTK+ 3.0
print/tex-import-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-import
wm/bsetroot [CURRENT] Tools to set the root windows background
net/nagios-plugin-radius [CURRENT] Nagios radius plugin
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-Intents [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (Intents framework)
sysutils/py-diffoscope [CURRENT] In-depth comparison of files, archives, and directories
net/tsocks [CURRENT] Transparent SOCKS proxying library
sysutils/radeontool [CURRENT] Toggle backlight and external video output on Radeon cards
sysutils/rdfind [CURRENT] Redundant data find
net/trickle [CURRENT] Portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper
devel/gps [CURRENT] GNAT Programming Studio - IDE for Ada and many other languages
graphics/cqcam [CURRENT] Free Color QuickCam control program
lang/jikes [CURRENT] Java source to byte-code compiler
wm/evilwm [CURRENT] Minimalist Window Manager for X
textproc/p5-PDF-Table [CURRENT] Utility class for building table layouts in a Perl5 PDF::API2 object
net/tn5250 [CURRENT] Implementation of the IBM 5250 telnet protocol
x11/xscript [CURRENT] X Window system script recording and playback
wm/wbar [CURRENT] Simple and highly customizable quick-launch tool
filesystems/p5-Module-Path [CURRENT] Perl5 module to get the full path to a locally installed module
net/p5-Net-XMPP [CURRENT] Provide a Perl Developer access to the XMPP protocol
emulators/suse131_libdrm [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libdrm
x11/xvattr [CURRENT] Modify Xv attributes
sysutils/shc [CURRENT] Shell script to C compiler
filesystems/fuse-curlftpfs [CURRENT] FUSE filesystem for acessing FTP hosts
textproc/ruby-kramdown [CURRENT] Pure-Ruby Markdown-superset parser and converter
graphics/libpano13 [CURRENT] Cross-platform library behind Panorama Tools and other stitchers
x11/xview-lib [CURRENT] OpenLook Toolkit libs, includes, and man pages
net/py-celery [CURRENT] Asynchronous task/job queue based on distributed message passing
devel/libdbusmenu-gtk [CURRENT] GTK2+ library created by pulling some code from indicator-applet
net/corebird [CURRENT] Native Gtk+ Twitter Client
sysutils/wbm-ipfilter [CURRENT] Webmin module for IPFilter configuration
filesystems/fuse-afpfs-ng [CURRENT] FUSE filesystem for network mounting using AFP
textproc/p5-Text-Trac [CURRENT] Perl extension for formatting text with Trac Wiki Style
devel/py-automat [CURRENT] Self-service finite-state machines for the programmer on the go
misc/molden [CURRENT] Displaying MOLecular DENsity
www/mknmz-wwwoffle [CURRENT] Full text indexing and searching system for wwwoffles cache directory
textproc/tex-latexdiff-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-latexdiff
devel/p5-Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML [CURRENT] Perl5 module to displays stack trace in HTML
www/p5-HTML-Template-Pro [CURRENT] Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts
textproc/ruby-kramdown-parser-gfm [CURRENT] Kramdown parser for the GFM dialect of Markdown
devel/p5-Data-Integer [CURRENT] Details of the native integer data type
wip/ocaml-easy-format [CURRENT] High-level and functional interface to the OCaml Format module
devel/p5-BSD-Resource [CURRENT] Perl interface to BSD process resources library
net/mDNSResponder-nss [CURRENT] Apples mDNS responder - NetBSD nsswitch module
graphics/scidavis [CURRENT] Data analysis and visualization package
filesystems/fuse-bindfs [CURRENT] Remounts file system subtrees in arbitrary locations
net/py-Socks [CURRENT] Python SOCKS client module
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-CryptoTokenKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (CryptoTokenKit framework)
www/clearsilver-base [CURRENT] Fast, powerful, language-neutral HTML template system
textproc/tex-xmltexconfig [CURRENT] Files used to generate xmltex formats
textproc/p5-String-Compare-ConstantTime [CURRENT] Perl5 module for timing side-channel protected string compare
print/tex-bigintcalc-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-bigintcalc
www/py-PasteDeploy [CURRENT] Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers
devel/robin-map [CURRENT] C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash set
textproc/p5-mecab [CURRENT] MeCab perl module
time/glclock [CURRENT] OpenGL-based pocket watch
devel/p5-CPAN-Perl-Releases [CURRENT] Mapping Perl releases on CPAN to the location of the tarballs
sysutils/dbus-sharp [CURRENT] D-Bus for .NET
net/gtk_wicontrol [CURRENT] GTK+-based Wavelan status meter
devel/p5-Algorithm-HowSimilar [CURRENT] Perl module for computation of similarity amongst values
graphics/tex-featpost-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-featpost
wip/sunterlib [CURRENT] Scheme Unterground library, a collection of libraries for scsh
www/ruby-rack16 [CURRENT] Modular Ruby webserver interface
devel/p5-Data-Perl [CURRENT] Base classes wrapping fundamental Perl data types
filesystems/fuse-loggedfs [CURRENT] FUSE file system which logs all operations
editors/jde [CURRENT] Full-featured Java editing mode for emacs
filesystems/fuse-encfs [CURRENT] FUSE Encrypted Filesystem
www/ruby-http-parser [CURRENT] Ruby bindings to joyent/http-parser
wip/java-vorbisspi [CURRENT] Java Service Provider Interface for the OGG Vorbis audio format
finance/py-trytond-sale-supply [CURRENT] Sale supply module of the Tryton application platform
textproc/p5-String-Trim [CURRENT] Perl5 module to trim whitespace from your strings
wip/go-ping [CURRENT] ICMP Ping library for Go
comms/conserver [CURRENT] Application that allows multiple users to watch serial consoles
net/py-portend [CURRENT] TCP port monitoring utilities
fonts/tex-xits [CURRENT] Scientific Times-like font with support for mathematical typesetting
x11/py-vte [CURRENT] Python bindings for the Vte terminal widget
lang/inform [CURRENT] Interactive fiction compiler (Z-Machine and Glulx)
graphics/libiptcdata [CURRENT] Library to parse IPTC metadata
comms/gammu [CURRENT] Command line utility and library to work with mobile phones
net/msdl [CURRENT] Media stream downloader
textproc/sgrep [CURRENT] Tool for searching and indexing text, SGML,XML and HTML files
security/py-Des [CURRENT] DES implementation in python
security/nikto [CURRENT] URL scanner used to search for known vulnerable CGIs on websites
net/rinetd [CURRENT] Internet redirection server
net/airportmodemutility [CURRENT] Modem (dis)connection utility for Apples Airport Base Station
wip/dvbsnoop [CURRENT] DVB / MPEG stream analyzer program
devel/cdk [CURRENT] Curses Development Kit
emulators/suse121_32_sqlite3 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for sqlite3
graphics/ploticus [CURRENT] Versatile data visualization engine
devel/bugzilla3 [CURRENT] Web based bug tracking system
www/p5-HTML-Template [CURRENT] Perl5 module to create HTML templates with simple tags
wip/dwb-gtk3 [CURRENT] Dynamic WebKit browser, gtk3 version
devel/p5-Test-Manifest [CURRENT] Perl5 module to choose test order
textproc/ruby-sary [CURRENT] Ruby Binding of Sary
emulators/suse131_aspell [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for aspell
devel/py-test-timeout [CURRENT] Py.test plugin to abort hanging tests
finance/py-trytond-account-fr [CURRENT] The account_fr module of the Tryton application platform
archivers/unlzx [CURRENT] Extracts .lzx archives from Amiga systems
net/cacti [CURRENT] Web frontend to rrdtool for monitoring systems and services
print/tex-cmap [CURRENT] Make PDF files searchable and copyable
devel/ProjectCenter [CURRENT] GNUstep Integrated Development Environment
misc/cksfv [CURRENT] Check and create simple file verification (SFV) listings
sysutils/py-collectd [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - python plugin
net/cntlm [CURRENT] NTLM/NTLMv2 authenticating HTTP proxy
comms/p5-Asterisk [CURRENT] Collection of perl modules to be used with Asterisk
chat/toxcore [CURRENT] Tox protocol library
www/phraseanet-indexer [CURRENT] Digital asset management
devel/ruby-wmi-lite [CURRENT] Lightweight, low-dependency wrapper for basic WMI functionality
textproc/py-X2 [CURRENT] Package for the creation of PostScript and PDF files
net/p5-Net-Trac [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to interact with a remote Trac instance
textproc/p5-XML-Compile-SOAP12 [CURRENT] SOAP 1.2 implementation for perl
security/cy2-plain [CURRENT] Cyrus SASL PLAIN authentication plugin
net/p5-Net-IP [CURRENT] Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses
misc/py-trytond-company [CURRENT] Company module of the Tryton application platform
wip/vacuum [CURRENT] Vacuum Magic, a fast-paced action game
wip/skype4 [CURRENT] P2P VoIP software (4.x branch)
net/py-ncclient [CURRENT] NETCONF Python client
devel/py-test-localserver [CURRENT] Py.test plugin to test server connections locally
comms/pilot-link [CURRENT] Tools to talk to the 3Com Pilot PDA
security/p5-Digest-MD5-File [CURRENT] Perl5 extension for getting MD5 sums for files and urls
misc/team [CURRENT] Portable multi-buffered tape streaming utility
security/pear-Crypt_GPG [CURRENT] Object oriented interface to GNU Privacy Guard
chat/gloox [CURRENT] Jabber/XMPP client library
emulators/suse121_32_libgc [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for Boehm-Demers-Weiser g/c libraries
wip/tabbed-git [CURRENT] Simple generic tabbed frontend to xembed aware applications
multimedia/libdvdcss [CURRENT] Simple library designed for accessing DVDs
emulators/suse131_32_sqlite3 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for sqlite3
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-IP [CURRENT] DBIx::Class component to auto-create NetAddr::IP objects from columns
databases/myodbc [CURRENT] ODBC driver (server side) for MySQL
devel/p5-Test-YAML-Meta [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to validate the META.yml file in a distribution
fonts/tex-iwona-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-iwona
emulators/suse100_32_glx [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for OpenGL/Mesa
fonts/tex-auncial-new [CURRENT] Artificial Uncial font and LaTeX support macros
cross/bfd-crunchide [CURRENT] Crunchide using libbfd, used for cross-building distributions
time/tex-datetime2-it-fulltext [CURRENT] Italian full text styles for the datetime2 package
www/p5-Role-REST-Client [CURRENT] REST Client Role
textproc/tex-lwarp [CURRENT] Converts LaTeX to HTML
textproc/biblook [CURRENT] Indexing and searching tools for BibTeX bibliography databases
graphics/tex-incgraph [CURRENT] Sophisticated graphics inclusion in a PDF document
audio/wsoundprefs [CURRENT] WSoundServer configuration utility
games/xskat [CURRENT] Play the card game Skat
wip/hyperrogue [CURRENT] Rogue clone in a strange, non-Euclidean world
textproc/p5-Text-Xslate [CURRENT] Scalable template engine for Perl5
x11/xview [CURRENT] OpenLook Toolkit meta-package
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-IntrospectableM2M [CURRENT] Introspect many-to-many shortcuts
graphics/hugin [CURRENT] Panorama photo stitcher
emulators/libretro-dolphin [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Dolphin GameCube/Wii emulator
wip/vhdtool-git [CURRENT] Tool to convert raw .IMG files into Microsoft .VHD/.VHDX format
textproc/dblatex [CURRENT] DocBook to LaTeX Publishing
security/easy-rsa [CURRENT] CLI utility to build and manage a PKI CA
wip/yosys [CURRENT] Yosys is a framework for Verilog RTL synthesis
x11/gtk2-theme-switch [CURRENT] Allows quick & easy switching of GTK+ 2.x themes
geography/R-ggspatial [CURRENT] Spatial Data Framework for ggplot2
devel/scmcvs [CURRENT] Concurrent Versions System
ham/gr-osmosdr [CURRENT] SDR Hardware support for OsmoSDR and so many more
devel/ruby-dep [CURRENT] Extracts supported Ruby versions from Travis file
x11/startup-notification [CURRENT] X11 application startup notification library
emulators/libretro-smsplus [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the SMS Plus Master System / Game Gear emulator
textproc/aiksaurus [CURRENT] English-language thesaurus
games/pioneers [CURRENT] GNOME version of the Settlers of Catan board game
devel/p5-Test-Deep [CURRENT] Perl5 module to test deep structures
cross/mingw-w32api-bin [CURRENT] GCC libraries for win32 cross-development
devel/p5-Term-ReadLine-Gnu [CURRENT] Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library
wm/skippy [CURRENT] Fullscreen task switcher for X11
print/tex-xcolor [CURRENT] Driver-independent color extensions for LaTeX and pdfLaTeX
graphics/fotoxx [CURRENT] Program for editing image files from a digital camera
comms/msynctool [CURRENT] Command line tool for opensync framework
graphics/tex-tkz-base [CURRENT] Tools for drawing with a cartesian coordinate system
emulators/Cygne-SDL [CURRENT] Bandai Wonderswan Color handheld emulator
time/tex-datetime2-german [CURRENT] German language module for the datetime2 package
graphics/tex-tikzsymbols [CURRENT] Some symbols created using TikZ
emulators/BasiliskII [CURRENT] Open Source 68k Macintosh emulator
fonts/tex-romande-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-romande
wip/gnuradio-utils [CURRENT] Utilities in GNU Radio
cross/mingw-w64-i686-binutils [CURRENT] GNU binutils for win32 cross-development
www/p5-HTML-Tree [CURRENT] Perl5 modules for manipulating HTML syntax trees
security/php-ssh2-0 [CURRENT] PHP bindings to the functions of libssh2
emulators/suse131_32_libidn [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libidn
emulators/suse131_32_libaudiofile [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libaudiofile
games/openjk [CURRENT] Community version of the Star Wars: Jedi Academy game engine
devel/ragel [CURRENT] State machine compiler
devel/py-cursespanel [CURRENT] Curses panel module for Python
devel/py-pyobjc-core [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C
graphics/py-pygraphviz [CURRENT] Python interface to the Graphviz package
graphics/gimp-docs-ko [CURRENT] Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
net/ruby-amq-protocol [CURRENT] AMQP 0.9.1 encoder & decoder
textproc/xml2doc [CURRENT] Xml to document formats converter
devel/ruby-c21e [CURRENT] CrossPlatformExecutable library for Ruby
textproc/tcl-dom [CURRENT] DOM implementation for use with TclXML or TclExpat
emulators/dgen [CURRENT] Genesis/Megadrive emulator for Unix platforms
wip/nuvie [CURRENT] Game engine for Ultima 6
devel/qtscriptgenerator [CURRENT] Tool that generates Qt bindings for Qt Script
devel/gst-plugins0.10-pango [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - pango plugin
textproc/py-lxml [CURRENT] Python binding for libxml2 and libxslt
chat/finch [CURRENT] Multi-protocol Instant Messaging client console frontend
security/fwbuilder [CURRENT] Firewall Builder GUI
security/p5-Crypt-Random [CURRENT] Perl5 interface to /dev/random
devel/p5-Devel-Events [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing an extensible instrumentation framework
sysutils/p5-Sys-CPU [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for getting CPU information
emulators/libretro-fceumm [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the FCEUmm Famicom/NES emulator
wip/py-vanguards [CURRENT] Vanguards Onion Service Addon
multimedia/mpeg_encode [CURRENT] The Parallel Berkeley MPEG Encoder
fonts/aegean-ttf [CURRENT] Aegean, Cretan, Cyprominoan, Linear-A fonts
fonts/tex-calligra [CURRENT] Calligraphic font
security/p5-Crypt-Random-Seed [CURRENT] Simple method to get strong randomness
graphics/libotf [CURRENT] Library for handling OpenType fonts (OTF)
wip/py-mailcap-fix [CURRENT] Patched mailcap module that conforms to RFC 1524
wip/panda [CURRENT] GPLed PDF generation library
devel/py-configargparse [CURRENT] Argparse-like with config files or environment variables support
mail/p5-Mail-SPF-Query [CURRENT] Perl module for Sender-Policy-Framework queries
security/pam-af [CURRENT] Anti-bruteforce PAM module
wip/py-aspell [CURRENT] Python wrapper for GNU Aspell
devel/p5-Test-Trap [CURRENT] Perl extension to trap exit codes, exceptions, output
www/nghttp2 [CURRENT] Implementation of HTTP/2 in C
fonts/tex-trajan [CURRENT] Fonts from the Trajan column in Rome
wip/ruby-gh [CURRENT] Layerd GitHub API client
www/p5-HTML-Prototype-Useful [CURRENT] Some useful additions for the Prototype library
emulators/DatLib [CURRENT] Data file library for some emulation tools
fonts/tex-gillcm-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-gillcm
wm/twm [CURRENT] Toms Window Manager
www/p5-Apache-Session-Wrapper [CURRENT] Perl5 module doing a wrapper around Apache::Session
news/trn [CURRENT] Threaded version of rn, the classic news reader
multimedia/win32-codecs [CURRENT] Huge compilation of Win32 binary codecs
audio/celt [CURRENT] Ultra-low-delay, high-quality audio codec (experimental)
textproc/R-stringi [CURRENT] Character string processing facilities
wip/scite [CURRENT] Source code editor
time/ical2rem [CURRENT] Convert iCal files to remind format
emulators/cmdpack [CURRENT] Neill Corletts command line tools for emulation
x11/lesstif [CURRENT] API compatible clone of the OSF/Motif toolkit
devel/ruby-parser [CURRENT] Ruby parser written in pure ruby
net/bwm-ng [CURRENT] Console-based bandwidth monitor
emulators/suse121_sqlite3 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for sqlite3
print/tex-pbibtex-base-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pbibtex-base
devel/cvsclone [CURRENT] Clone a CVS repository using the :pserver: access method
fonts/tex-adforn-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-adforn
multimedia/gst-plugins0.10-theora [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - theora plugin
security/p5-File-KeePass [CURRENT] Perl module interface to KeePass V1 and V2 database files
wip/matanza [CURRENT] Multiplayer space shooter ascii-art game
devel/boa-constructor [CURRENT] Python IDE
time/p5-Time-Duration [CURRENT] Perl5 module for rounded or exact English expression of durations
archivers/nomarch [CURRENT] Free replacement for the arc program
devel/ruby-pastel [CURRENT] Terminal strings styling with intuitive and clean API
wip/l2tpd [CURRENT] Implementation of the layer two tunneling protocol (l2tp)
x11/modeline [CURRENT] Calculates XF86 Modelines to configure your monitor for X11R6
fonts/tex-accfonts-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-accfonts
devel/py-treq [CURRENT] HTTP library for Twisted
devel/liboop [CURRENT] Event loop management library
emulators/compat30 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 3.0 compatibility
devel/p5-Module-Build-WithXSpp [CURRENT] Build and install Perl XS++ modules
wip/arachne-pnr-git [CURRENT] Place and route tool for FPGAs
security/prngd [CURRENT] Pseudo Random Number Generator Daemon
security/py-oath [CURRENT] Python implementation of OATH (HOTP, TOTP, OCRA)
wip/ocaml-enumerate [CURRENT] Quotation expanders for enumerating finite types
x11/wmweather [CURRENT] WindowMaker DockApp showing local weather conditions
fonts/tex-aurical [CURRENT] Calligraphic fonts for use with LaTeX in T1 encoding
devel/py-test-rerunfailures [CURRENT] Pytest plugin to re-run tests to eliminate flaky failures
devel/p5-Test-TempDir-Tiny [CURRENT] Temporary directories that stick around when tests fail
devel/ruby-simplecov [CURRENT] Code coverage for Ruby 1.9+
textproc/ruby-nori [CURRENT] XML to Hash translator
graphics/tex-bpolynomial [CURRENT] Drawing polynomial functions of up to order 3
devel/py-cachecontrol [CURRENT] Port of httplib2s caching to requests
devel/p5-Test-Spelling [CURRENT] Test::Spelling - check for spelling errors in POD files
devel/php-raphf2 [CURRENT] Resource and persistent handles factory
fonts/tex-sansmathaccent [CURRENT] Correct placement of accents in sans-serif maths
devel/go-kr-pretty [CURRENT] Go package for pretty-printing Go values
graphics/p5-Image-JpegTran-AutoRotate [CURRENT] Losslessly fix JPEG orientation
wip/ezbounce [CURRENT] Highly Configurable IRC Proxy
textproc/py-pandocfilters [CURRENT] Utilities for writing pandoc filters in python
emulators/libretro-picodrive [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the Picodrive MegaDrive/MegaCD/32X emulator
graphics/glw [CURRENT] GL widget for Athena and Motif
fonts/tex-calligra-type1 [CURRENT] Type 1 version of Calligra
audio/strawberry [CURRENT] Music player and music collection organizer (based on Clementine)
x11/gtkglarea2 [CURRENT] OpenGL widget for the GTK+2 GUI toolkit
x11/fox [CURRENT] Fast and extensive C++ GUI toolkit
devel/cmake-mode [CURRENT] Emacs mode for CMake syntax highlighting and indentation
time/py-cftime [CURRENT] Time-handling functionality
wm/oroborus [CURRENT] Small and simple window manager for X
fonts/tex-carlito [CURRENT] Support for Carlito sans-serif fonts
databases/apache-cassandra [CURRENT] Highly scalable, distributed structured key-value store
textproc/p5-PDF-Reuse-Barcode [CURRENT] Create barcodes for PDF documents with PDF::Reuse
devel/py-txgithub [CURRENT] GitHub API client using Twisted
audio/py-dynampd [CURRENT] Dynamic playlist generator for MPD
devel/p5-PerlIO-eol [CURRENT] Perl module for normalizing line endings
devel/ruby-rbtree [CURRENT] Sorted associative collection using Red-Black Trees for Ruby
emulators/realboy [CURRENT] Complete, fast, yet accurate Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator
devel/argtable [CURRENT] Library for parsing command line arguments of a C/C++ program
security/tkpasman [CURRENT] Username and password manager that uses the Tk toolkit
devel/cogito [CURRENT] Version control system of the Linux kernel
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-DynamicDefault [CURRENT] DBIx::Class component to automatically set and update fields
emulators/suse100_32_openmotif [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for OpenMotif
fonts/tex-cfr-initials-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cfr-initials
net/vpnc [CURRENT] Client for Cisco3000 VPN Concentrator
fonts/tex-arev [CURRENT] Fonts and LaTeX support files for Arev Sans
www/py-django-admin-sortable2 [CURRENT] Generic drag-and-drop sorting for Views in the Django Admin
devel/cppunit [CURRENT] C++ unit testing framework
multimedia/mediatomb [CURRENT] UPnP MediaServer with a web user interface
print/tex-background [CURRENT] Placement of background material on pages of a document
devel/go-assert [CURRENT] Go assertion library
devel/py-gobject-shared [CURRENT] Python bindings for glib2 gobject
devel/py-filelock [CURRENT] Platform independent file lock
databases/p5-Rose-DB-Object [CURRENT] Extensible, high performance RDBMS-OO mapper
wip/py-hvac [CURRENT] Client library for Hashicorp vault
devel/p5-IPC-Signal [CURRENT] Perl5 extension to deal with signals
fonts/tex-hfoldsty [CURRENT] Old style numerals with EC fonts
devel/p5-File-Modified [CURRENT] Perl module for checking intelligently if files have changed
www/py-uwsgitop [CURRENT] Command to interface with the uWSGI stats server
emulators/suse121_32_glx [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for OpenGL/Mesa
wip/galib [CURRENT] GAlib contains a set of C++ genetic algorithm objects
net/bind916 [CURRENT] Berkeley Internet Name Daemon implementation of DNS, version 9.14
games/cmatrix [CURRENT] Simulates the display from The Matrix in your console
sysutils/bacula-qt5-console [CURRENT] Qt5-based console for Bacula - The Network Backup Solution
graphics/wld [CURRENT] Primitive drawing library targeted at Wayland
x11/keylaunch [CURRENT] X utility for binding commands to a hot key
devel/p5-Hash-Util-FieldHash-Compat [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to user Hash::Util::FieldHash or ties
fonts/tex-mathabx [CURRENT] Three series of mathematical symbols
devel/p5-Scalar-Util-Refcount [CURRENT] Perl module to show an objects reference count
wip/slackpkg2pkgsrc [CURRENT] Simple script for easy generation of Slackware binary packages
www/p5-CatalystX-CRUD-Controller-RHTMLO [CURRENT] Rose::HTML::Objects CRUD controller
graphics/tex-tikz-cd-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tikz-cd
devel/compizconfig-backend-gconf [CURRENT] Plugin (gconf) for the compiz configuration backend
wip/libretro-melonds [CURRENT] Libretro core based on the melonDS emulator
wip/rtl-sdr-git [CURRENT] Turns your Realtek RTL2832 based DVB dongle into a SDR receiver
fonts/tex-droid [CURRENT] LaTeX support for the Droid font families
archivers/arc [CURRENT] Create & extract files from DOS .ARC files
emulators/suse121_openmotif [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for OpenMotif
print/tex-csbulletin [CURRENT] LaTeX class for articles submitted to the CSTUG Bulletin (Zpravodaj)
wip/arx-libertatis-git [CURRENT] Cross-platform, open source port of the Arx Fatalis RPG
print/indexinfo [CURRENT] Utility to regenerate the GNU info page index
security/p5-IO-Socket-SSL [CURRENT] Perl5 SSL socket interface class
regress/print-plist [CURRENT] Test print-PLIST and related functionality
filesystems/fuse-ext2 [CURRENT] FUSE module to mount ext2, ext3, and ext4 filesystems
wip/p5-Encode-compat [CURRENT] emulation layer
devel/p5-Devel-Symdump [CURRENT] Perl5 module for inspecting perls symtable/class hiers
wip/py-notify-dev [CURRENT] Python bindings for libnotify - development branch
graphics/tex-metapost-colorbrewer [CURRENT] Implementation of the colours for MetaPost
sysutils/openstack_init [CURRENT] Autoconfigure NetBSD VM on OpenStack
cross/mingw-w64-x86_64-gcc [CURRENT] GNU C Compiler for win64 cross-development
fonts/Hack-ttf [CURRENT] Typeface designed for source code
wip/p5-Text-EtText [CURRENT] Simple plain-text format which allows conversion to and from HTML
print/tex-rcsinfo-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-rcsinfo
wm/9wm [CURRENT] Rio-like Window Manager for X
textproc/p5-Locale-Maketext-Gettext [CURRENT] Joins the gettext and Maketext frameworks
graphics/autotrace [CURRENT] Convert bitmap to vector graphics
wip/datamash [CURRENT] Command-line program for basic textual and statistical operations
www/p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Mason [CURRENT] Perl5 module providing a simple mason server
editors/mule [CURRENT] Multilingual GNU editing macros (editor)
security/p5-Net-DNS-SEC [CURRENT] DNSSEC extension to Net::DNS Perl DNS Resolver Module
fonts/aegyptus-ttf [CURRENT] Typefaces for Aegyptan symbols
databases/py-datapkg [CURRENT] Tool for distributing, discovering, and installing data packages
filesystems/fuse-gstfs-ng [CURRENT] FUSE-based file system for dynamic gstreamer-based transcoding
devel/gob2 [CURRENT] GNOME object builder for glib2
databases/p5-Rose-DBx-Garden [CURRENT] Bootstrap Rose::DB::Object and Rose::HTML::Form classes
comms/openobex [CURRENT] Implementation of the Object Exchange (OBEX) protocol
wip/py-jtextfsm [CURRENT] Template based state machine for semi-formatted text
www/py-landslide [CURRENT] Generate HTML5 slideshows from markdown, ReST, or textile
security/libtasn1 [CURRENT] ASN.1 structure parser library
print/tex-scale [CURRENT] Scale document by sqrt(2) or magstep(2)
audio/shntool [CURRENT] Lossless audio compressor wrapper tool
security/cyrus-sasl [CURRENT] Simple Authentication and Security Layer
x11/xf86-video-fbdev [CURRENT] Video driver for framebuffer device
fonts/tex-universalis-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-universalis
www/p5-Data-URIEncode [CURRENT] Allow complex data structures to be encoded using flat URIs
databases/py-ldap3 [CURRENT] Strictly RFC 4510 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python client library
wip/compat32_ncurses [CURRENT] CRT screen handling and optimization package
devel/SDL_Pango [CURRENT] Connects the text rendering engine of GNOME 2.x. with SDL
geography/R-countrycode [CURRENT] Convert country names and country codes
textproc/p5-Text-WagnerFischer [CURRENT] Perl module for configurable edit distance calculations
wip/compat32_libxml2 [CURRENT] XML parser library from the GNOME project
net/py-ldapdomaindump [CURRENT] Collection of Python classes for working with network protocols
databases/php-pdo_pgsql [CURRENT] PHP extension for PHP Data Objects (PostgreSQL)
biology/openbabel [CURRENT] Chemistry file translation program
emulators/suse131_32_libwebp [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libwebp
biology/chemtool [CURRENT] Program for drawing organic molecules
comms/py-termstyle [CURRENT] Console colouring for python
textproc/ruby-fuzzyurl [CURRENT] Library for non-strict parsing, construction, and wildcard-matching of URLs
fonts/tex-adfsymbols [CURRENT] SymbolsADF with TeX/LaTeX support
fonts/tex-newtx-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-newtx
time/tex-datetime2 [CURRENT] Formats for dates, times and time zones
time/tex-datetime2-turkish [CURRENT] Turkish language module for the datetime2 package
emulators/suse131_32_libwrap [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libwrap
security/xml-security-c [CURRENT] XML Digital Signature specification implementation
www/p5-CGI-FormBuilder [CURRENT] Perl5 module for building HTML forms
fonts/dbz-ttf [CURRENT] Divide By Zero TrueType fonts created by Tom Murphy 7
graphics/scigraphica [CURRENT] Data analysis and technical graphics
devel/cvsgraph [CURRENT] Graphically represents CVS/RCS branches and file revisions
emulators/suse131_pulseaudio [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for Pulseaudio
mail/p5-Email-Address [CURRENT] RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation
audio/gst-plugins1-faad [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - faad plugin
wip/py-textblob [CURRENT] Python library for processing textual data
www/py-webpy [CURRENT] Simple, public domain web publishing system
fonts/font-schumacher-misc [CURRENT] Schumacher Miscellaneous Crean PCF fonts
wip/cloc [CURRENT] Count lines of code
fonts/ghostscript-fonts [CURRENT] Postscript fonts for Aladdin Ghostscript
wip/teamspeak [CURRENT] Talk to other people over the internet
textproc/fmtlib [CURRENT] Formatting library
emulators/suse131_slang [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for S-Lang
geography/libchamplain012 [CURRENT] Map widget
time/wmzcalock [CURRENT] Dockapp calendar clock
www/SpeedyCGI [CURRENT] Speed up perl scripts by running them persistently
emulators/suse131_x11 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for X11
x11/xscribble [CURRENT] Handwriting recognition (like graffiti)
devel/p5-Perl-APIReference [CURRENT] Programmatically query the perlapi
databases/sdbm [CURRENT] Substitute DBM, an implementation of the real ndbm library
x11/qt4-tools [CURRENT] QT GUI (WYSIWYG) builder and other tools
audio/libcddb [CURRENT] Library to access data on a CDDB server
print/tex-SIunits-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-SIunits
time/tex-datetime2-greek [CURRENT] Greek language module for the datetime2 package
wip/RigelEngine [CURRENT] Modern re-implementation of the classic DOS game Duke Nukem II
graphics/ruby-color [CURRENT] Color value conversion and manipulation library
security/gpg2dot [CURRENT] Converts your GnuPG keyring to a graph of associations
databases/ruby-arel [CURRENT] Arel is a SQL AST manager for Ruby
textproc/p5-Text-CSV-Encoded [CURRENT] Encoding aware Text::CSV
x11/xservers [CURRENT] Old X11 servers for use under XFree86 4.x
geography/qlandkartem [CURRENT] QLandkarteM is a moving map application for mobile devices
geography/py-trytond-google-maps [CURRENT] Google Maps module of the Tryton application platform
wip/aldumb [CURRENT] Allegro support for audio/dumb
wip/pkg_fake [CURRENT] Tool for pkgsrc that creates and manages fake packages
wip/compat32_libuuid [CURRENT] Generate unique identifiers for objects
textproc/p5-String-Flogger [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for string munging for loggers
audio/faudio [CURRENT] Accuracy-focused XAudio reimplementation for open platforms
print/tex-context-mathsets-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-mathsets
security/nfsbug [CURRENT] NFS security verification suite
emulators/compat12 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 1.2 compatibility
security/pinentry-gnome3 [CURRENT] Applications for entering PINs or Passphrases, GNOME 3 enabled
geography/geoclue [CURRENT] Geoinformation service API and base providers
textproc/docbook2mdoc [CURRENT] Convert DocBook documentation into man pages (mdoc)
wip/gst-plugins1-aalib [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - aalib plugin
devel/p5-accessors [CURRENT] Perl module - create accessor methods in callers package
print/tex-easy-todo [CURRENT] To-do notes in a document
x11/py-Tk [CURRENT] Tkinter -- Python interface to Tcl/Tk
security/py-ndg_httpsclient [CURRENT] HTTPS client implementation for httplib and urllib2 based on PyOpenSSL
fonts/tex-cfr-initials [CURRENT] LaTeX packages for use of initials
emulators/suse100_slang [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for S-Lang
fonts/tex-academicons [CURRENT] Font containing icons of online academic profiles
net/gst-plugins0.10-rtmp [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - rtmp plugin
parallel/fastflow [CURRENT] High performance C++ parallel building blocks
print/tex-moderncv-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-moderncv
mail/mailman [CURRENT] The GNU Mailing List Manager
textproc/GutenMark-words [CURRENT] Word lists for GutenMark
devel/p5-Regexp-Parser [CURRENT] Perl 5 base class for parsing regexes
emulators/suse131_libxml2 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libxml2
fonts/tex-astro-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-astro
print/tex-latex-doc-ptr-doc [CURRENT] Direction-finder for LaTeX documentation
fonts/tex-baskervald-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-baskervald
emulators/suse131_32_libjson [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libjson
devel/go-cobra [CURRENT] Commander for modern Go CLI interactions
devel/p5-Filesys-Notify-Simple [CURRENT] Perl5 module providing a simple and dumb file system watcher
devel/p5-namespace-clean [CURRENT] Perl module to keep imports and functions out of your namespace
misc/bbappconf [CURRENT] Configure the behaviour of an application under Blackbox
security/p5-Crypt-PasswdMD5 [CURRENT] MD5-based crypt() function
emulators/gnuboy-sdl [CURRENT] SDL port of Gameboy emulator
www/py-django-tastypie [CURRENT] Flexible and capable API layer for Django
devel/p5-Exporter-Tiny [CURRENT] Exporter with the features of Sub::Exporter but only core dependencies
print/tex-intro-scientific-doc [CURRENT] Introducing scientific/mathematical documents using LaTeX
wip/opentyrian [CURRENT] SDL port of the DOS shoot-em-up Tyrian
x11/rxvt-unicode [CURRENT] Clone of rxvt supporting Xft fonts and Unicode
print/tex-labels-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-labels
textproc/ruby-unicode-display_width [CURRENT] Monospace Unicode character width in Ruby
audio/gst-plugins1-soundtouch [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - soundtouch plugin
devel/autoconf-archive [CURRENT] Collection of macros for GNU Autoconf
wip/gnome-bluetooth [CURRENT] Fork of bluez-gnome focused on integration with GNOME
security/p5-GnuPG-Interface [CURRENT] Perl interface to GnuPG
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-EventKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (EventKit framework)
print/tex-rotfloat-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-rotfloat
wip/entityx [CURRENT] Fast, type-safe C++ Entity-Component system
textproc/p5-Text-Kakasi [CURRENT] Perl5 module to use Kakasi
x11/py-qt5 [CURRENT] Python binding for Qt5
time/cal [CURRENT] Enhanced color version of standard calendar utility
audio/espeak [CURRENT] Speech synthesizer
wip/emacs-nox11-git [CURRENT] GNU editing macros (editor, no x11)
devel/py-docstyle [CURRENT] Python docstring style checker
devel/adacurses [CURRENT] Ada95 bindings for ncurses
time/p5-Time-Clock [CURRENT] Twenty-four hour clock object with nanosecond precision
time/p5-Time-Warp [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to control the flow of time
devel/p5-XXX [CURRENT] Perl function to die with a YAML dump of its arguments
graphics/wmphoto [CURRENT] Dock-app that can show you a photo
print/tex-SIstyle [CURRENT] Package to typeset SI units, numbers and angles
databases/p5-SQL-Abstract-Classic [CURRENT] Generate SQL from Perl data structures
devel/p5-Sub-Exporter-GlobExporter [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to export shared globs with Sub::Exporter collectors
converters/p5-Convert-UUlib [CURRENT] Perl5 module interface to the uulib library
x11/Xaw-Xpm [CURRENT] Enhanced 3-D widgets based on the Athena Widget set and Xaw3d
converters/p5-MARC-Charset [CURRENT] Convert MARC-8 encoded strings to UTF-8
emulators/suse131_qt4 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for Qt4
devel/mph [CURRENT] Minimal perfect hashing functionality
www/ruby-webunit [CURRENT] HTTP unit testing framework for Ruby
audio/id3ren [CURRENT] Rename batches of mp3 files using ID3 tags
security/libidea [CURRENT] IDEA block cipher library
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-CoreAudio [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (CoreAudio framework)
print/tex-hanging-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-hanging
x11/py-qwt-qt5 [CURRENT] Python PyQt wrapper for Qwt6
www/py-terminado [CURRENT] Terminals served to term.js using Tornado websockets
fonts/tex-doublestroke [CURRENT] Typeset mathematical double stroke symbols
devel/ruby-regexp_parser [CURRENT] Scanner, lexer, parser for rubys regular expressions
devel/p5-ExtUtils-ModuleMaker-TT [CURRENT] Makes skeleton modules with Template Toolkit templates
devel/py-test-randomly [CURRENT] Pytest plugin to randomly order tests and control random.seed
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-MetalKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (MetalKit framework)
fonts/tex-ecc-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ecc
www/py-django-sortedm2m [CURRENT] Drop-in replacement for Djangos many to many field
devel/ruby-gettext-setup [CURRENT] Ease internationalization with fast_gettext
security/openvas-plugins [CURRENT] Plugins for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System
misc/py-immutables [CURRENT] Immutable collections
wip/py-fastaudio [CURRENT] Python bindings for portaudio library
print/tex-xcjk2uni [CURRENT] Convert CJK characters to Unicode, in pdfTeX
audio/libmpcdec [CURRENT] Portable Musepack decoder library (V7)
print/tex-context-french-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-french
devel/p5-MooseX-Types [CURRENT] Organise your Moose types in libraries
devel/p5-lib-abs [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to add in @INC absolute paths from relative ones
mail/sieve-connect [CURRENT] Command line client for the ManageSieve protocol
emulators/unicorn [CURRENT] CPU emulator engine framework based on QEMU
time/p5-DateTime-Format-Flexible [CURRENT] Flexibly parse strings and turn them into DateTime objects
meta-pkgs/compiz-fusion [CURRENT] Meta-package for compiz fusion
textproc/py-jsonrpclib [CURRENT] Implementation of the JSON-RPC v2.0 specification
wip/netwmpager [CURRENT] EWMH (NetWM) compatible pager
devel/p5-Data-UUID [CURRENT] Perl module for generating UUIDs
finance/py-trytond-product-cost-fifo [CURRENT] The product cost FIFO module of the Tryton application platform
fonts/tex-fontinst [CURRENT] Help with installing fonts for TeX and LaTeX
emulators/applyppf [CURRENT] PPF (Playstation Patch File) v3.0 apply tool
devel/p5-Module-Versions-Report [CURRENT] Extension to report versions of all modules in memory
fonts/tex-erewhon [CURRENT] Font package derived from Heuristica and Utopia
x11/matchbox-themes-extra [CURRENT] Collection of themes for Matchbox
www/py-cheroot [CURRENT] High-performance, pure-Python HTTP server used by CherryPy
fonts/font-sun-misc [CURRENT] Sun Open Look PCF fonts
print/tex-eplain [CURRENT] Extended plain TeX macros
audio/ladspa [CURRENT] Linux Audio Developers Simple Plugin API
devel/py-backports [CURRENT] Namespace for backported Python features
print/tex-latex-veryshortguide-doc [CURRENT] The Very Short Guide to LaTeX
devel/p5-MooX-StrictConstructor [CURRENT] Make your Moo-based object constructors blow up on unknown attributes
wip/py-albatross [CURRENT] Toolkit for Stateful Web Applications
sysutils/collectd-mysql [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - mysql plugin
textproc/p5-Pod-Tests [CURRENT] Perl5 module that extracts embedded tests and code examples from POD
devel/p5-Test-Metrics-Any [CURRENT] Assert that code produces metrics via Metrics::Any
fonts/cyberbase-ttf [CURRENT] Cyberbit minus CJK subset, for ISO-8859-x languages
devel/p5-Proc-PID-File [CURRENT] Perl module to manage process-ID files
x11/unclutter [CURRENT] Remove idle cursor image from screen
audio/twolame [CURRENT] Optimised MPEG Audio Layer 2 (MP2) encoder based on tooLAME
wip/ncp [CURRENT] Fast file copy tool for LANs
fonts/TextFonts-ttf [CURRENT] Various Unicode fonts by George Duros
www/p5-Kwiki-Archive-Rcs [CURRENT] Kwiki page archive using RCS
mail/claws-mail-pgp [CURRENT] Metapackage for the PGP plug-in for Claws-mail
net/kismet [CURRENT] 802.11 wireless network detector, sniffer and IDS
fonts/tex-fontmfizz [CURRENT] Font Mfizz icons for use in LaTeX
devel/py-test-pylint [CURRENT] Pytest plugin to check source code with Pylint
emulators/ZIPIdent [CURRENT] Identify arcade ROM sets
devel/p5-Const-Fast [CURRENT] Perl5 facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes
devel/acr [CURRENT] Autoconf replacement
audio/id3lib [CURRENT] Library for manipulating ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
multimedia/divxplayer [CURRENT] DivX(TM) Video Player for Linux from
benchmarks/dbench [CURRENT] Simulation of the Ziff-Davis netbench benchmark
wip/docbook2X [CURRENT] Convert DocBook documents into traditional Unix man page format
fonts/tex-fontools [CURRENT] Tools to simplify using fonts (especially TT/OTF ones)
devel/go-shellwords [CURRENT] Parse line as shell words
print/tex-kotex-utils [CURRENT] Utility scripts and support files for typesetting Korean
editors/ted-it [CURRENT] Italian spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
print/tex-texlive-scripts-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-texlive-scripts
x11/vte [CURRENT] Terminal widget with improved accessibility and I18N support
devel/gperf [CURRENT] GNU perfect hash function generator
devel/libslang2 [CURRENT] Routines for rapid alpha-numeric terminal applications development
audio/libshout [CURRENT] Connects and sends data to icecast servers
emulators/suse121_libxml2 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libxml2
print/tex-l2tabu-doc [CURRENT] Obsolete packages and commands
devel/p5-common-sense [CURRENT] Save a tree AND a kitten, use common::sense!
wip/android-tools-adb [CURRENT] Android debug bridge command line tool
devel/p5-Metrics-Any [CURRENT] Abstract collection of monitoring metrics
devel/py-visitor [CURRENT] Tiny pythonic visitor implementation
x11/wmavgload [CURRENT] Another WindowMaker load gauge
net/nagios-plugin-dnsmaster [CURRENT] Domain NS record monitoring plugin for Nagios
emulators/suse131_libsndfile [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libsndfile
time/fet [CURRENT] Automatically schedule timetables
fonts/tex-grotesq-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-grotesq
devel/p5-Curses [CURRENT] Perl5 module for terminal screen handling and optimization
chat/skypeweb-purple [CURRENT] Skype (HTTP) plugin for libpurple messengers
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-fontsextra [CURRENT] Additional fonts for TeX
x11/wterm [CURRENT] NeXTStep(tm) style X11 terminal emulator for WindowMaker
www/p5-LWP-Protocol-Net-Curl [CURRENT] Provide Curl support for LWP::UserAgent
www/py-django-extensions [CURRENT] Extensions for Django
devel/edcommon [CURRENT] Foundation and AppKit extensions
devel/gdl [CURRENT] Gnome Devtool Libraries
devel/ruby-activestorage60 [CURRENT] Local and cloud file storage framework (part of Rails 6.0)
wip/py-mlt [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework (Python bindings)
wip/flowblade [CURRENT] Multitrack non-linear video editor
fonts/tex-gfsbodoni-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-gfsbodoni
graphics/py-altgraph [CURRENT] Graph (network) package for constructing graphs
emulators/suse121_base [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-CoreMedia [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (CoreMedia framework)
fonts/tex-ifsym [CURRENT] Collection of symbols
audio/gst-plugins1-vorbis [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - vorbis plugin
time/py-mxDateTime [CURRENT] Python extension that provides types and conversions for dates
graphics/tuxpaint [CURRENT] Drawing program for small children
x11/wxWindows-docs [CURRENT] HTML documentation for wxWindows
emulators/netbsd32_compat16-extras [CURRENT] Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 32-bit 1.6 compatibility
textproc/p5-Convert-PEM [CURRENT] Perl5 module to read/write ASN.1-encoded PEM files
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-CoreWLAN [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (CoreWLAN framework)
wip/py-sarge [CURRENT] Wrapper for subprocess which provides command pipeline functionality
mail/claws-mail-bogofilter [CURRENT] Enables the scanning of incoming mail using Bogofilter
devel/cscope [CURRENT] Interactive C program browser
lang/librep [CURRENT] Emacs Lisp-like runtime library, interpreter, compiler and VM
devel/epydoc [CURRENT] Python documentation framework
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-Metal [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (Metal framework)
sysutils/gnome-menus [CURRENT] Implementation of the desktop menu specification for GNOME
www/p5-Plack-Middleware-JSConcat [CURRENT] Plack middleware to concatenate javascripts
print/tex-context-filter-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-context-filter
emulators/compat61 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 6.1 compatibility
wip/ez-pine-gpg [CURRENT] Scripts for using gpg with pine
print/tex-g-brief [CURRENT] Letter document class
x11/p5-gtk2 [CURRENT] Perl bindings for GTK+ 2.0
wip/necpp-git [CURRENT] C++ rewrite of the Numerical Electromagnetics Code
sysutils/p5-Quota [CURRENT] Perl interface to filesystem quotas
audio/guspatches [CURRENT] GUS (Gravis Ultrasound) patches (audio samples) for TiMidity
fonts/tex-musixtex-fonts [CURRENT] Fonts used by MusixTeX
x11/matchbox-desktop [CURRENT] Desktop manager for Matchbox
audio/libao-sun [CURRENT] Cross-platform audio library (Sun audio plugin)
audio/streamripper [CURRENT] Splits SHOUTcast stream into tracks
wip/ocaml-pa_bench [CURRENT] Syntax extension for inline benchmarks
x11/qt4-docs [CURRENT] Documentation for the QT C++ X GUI toolkit
fonts/tex-oldlatin [CURRENT] Compute Modern-like font with long s
devel/p5-Getopt-Tabular [CURRENT] Table-driven getopt wrapper
fonts/tex-oldstandard [CURRENT] Old Standard: A Unicode Font for Classical and Medieval Studies
print/tex-embedfile-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-embedfile
graphics/gimp-color-manager [CURRENT] Gimp Color Manager plugin
audio/bmp-scrobbler [CURRENT] BMP plugin for
security/pyca [CURRENT] Administration tools for X.509/PKIX CA
fonts/tex-newtx [CURRENT] Alternative uses of the TX fonts, with improved metrics
fonts/tex-phonetic-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-phonetic
emulators/suse100_aspell [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for aspell
textproc/py-pyaml [CURRENT] YAML pretty printer for human readable output
textproc/py-textile [CURRENT] XHTML generator using a simple markup
fonts/tex-dvipsconfig [CURRENT] Collection of dvips PostScript headers
security/py-requests-ntlm [CURRENT] NTLM authentication handler for python-requests
comms/libticables2 [CURRENT] Multi-platform linking program for TI graphing calculators
emulators/fmsx [CURRENT] MSX (Z80-based computer) emulator
devel/ruby-necromancer [CURRENT] Conversion from one object type to another
wip/xaralx-bin [CURRENT] Vector graphics program
textproc/p5-Text-Autoformat [CURRENT] Perl module for text wrapping and reformatting
benchmarks/httperf [CURRENT] Popular web server benchmarking program
print/tex-beamertheme-phnompenh [CURRENT] A simple beamer theme
print/tex-probsoln-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-probsoln
devel/ruby-pathname2 [CURRENT] Alternate implementation of the Pathname library
print/tex-swrule [CURRENT] Lines thicker in the middle than at the ends
wip/3dsconv [CURRENT] Script to convert Nintendo 3DS CCI (.cci, .3ds) files to the CIA format
misc/routeplanner-cli [CURRENT] Highway trip planner written in Python
audio/py-vorbis [CURRENT] Python bindings for Vorbis library
graphics/tex-tkz-base-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tkz-base
x11/neXtaw [CURRENT] NeXTstep-like widgets based on the Athena Widget set
audio/gtick [CURRENT] Metronome application using GTK2+
pkgtools/pkgclean [CURRENT] Quickly clean up all work directories in pkgsrc
devel/cfr [CURRENT] Another java decompiler
wip/xace [CURRENT] Jupiter Ace emulator
www/drupal7 [CURRENT] Open source content management system
cross/bfd-mdsetimage [CURRENT] Mdsetimage using libbfd, used for cross-building distributions
pkgtools/bootstrap-mk-files [CURRENT] *.mk files for the bootstrap bmake utility
emulators/keystone [CURRENT] Multi-platform and multi-arch assembler framework
fonts/tex-pxtxalfa [CURRENT] Virtual maths alphabets based on pxfonts and txfonts
audio/tfmxplay [CURRENT] Console TFMX (amiga games sound file format) player
wip/arangodb [CURRENT] Native multi-model database with flexible data models
audio/kid3 [CURRENT] ID3 tagger for QT
meta-pkgs/boost [CURRENT] Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
games/violetland [CURRENT] Help a girl by name of Violet to struggle with monsters
cad/py-gds [CURRENT] Python module for creating GDSII stream files
sysutils/p5-Filesys-Statvfs [CURRENT] Perl extension for statvfs() and fstatvfs()
net/py-boto3 [CURRENT] Amazon Web Services SDK for Python
sysutils/ntfsprogs [CURRENT] Linux-NTFS project utilities for the Windows NT Filesystem
wip/gimp-dds [CURRENT] DDS io gimp plugin
devel/xxhash [CURRENT] Extremely fast non-cryptographic hash algorithm
www/ruby-erubis [CURRENT] Fast and extensible eRuby implementation which supports multi-language
databases/mysql-workbench [CURRENT] Cross-platform, visual database design tool
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-ScreenSaver [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (ScreenSaver framework)
meta-pkgs/php56-extensions [CURRENT] meta-package for the PHP 5.6 HTML-embedded scripting language
wip/spice-gtk [CURRENT] GTK+ widget for SPICE clients
lang/nodejs [CURRENT] V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
wip/links1 [CURRENT] Text browser with tables (original version)
fonts/tex-xcharter-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-xcharter
audio/festvox-en1 [CURRENT] MBROLA based British English male voice for festival
devel/p5-Event [CURRENT] Event library for Perl
wip/sent [CURRENT] Simple plaintext presentation tool
textproc/p5-Pod-Tree [CURRENT] Create a static syntax tree for a POD
www/py-aiohttp [CURRENT] Async http client/server framework
devel/meson [CURRENT] Open source build system meant to be fast and user friendly
math/R-ISwR [CURRENT] Data sets and scripts for Introductory Statistics with R
games/naev [CURRENT] 2D space trading and combat game
biology/R-popbio [CURRENT] Construction and Analysis of Matrix Population Models
print/tex-MemoirChapStyles-doc [CURRENT] Chapter styles in memoir class
mail/thunderbird52-l10n [CURRENT] Language packs for mail/thunderbird
wip/msgpack-git [CURRENT] Binary-based efficient object serialization library
www/p5-HTML-PrettyPrinter [CURRENT] Perl5 module for pretty-printing HTML
mail/claws-mail-vcalendar [CURRENT] Enable vCalendar message handling
emulators/suse121_32_libcurl [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libcurl
graphics/tex-pgf-umlsd-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pgf-umlsd
print/tex-beamertheme-light [CURRENT] Minimal beamer style
sysutils/lambd [CURRENT] Shutdown switch monitoring daemon for Wildlab LAMB
audio/festvox-ked8 [CURRENT] 8khz American English male voice for festival
games/armagetronad-server [CURRENT] Server for the armagetronad game
audio/normalize [CURRENT] Audio file volume normalizer (wav,mp3,ogg)
print/tex-verbatimbox-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-verbatimbox
devel/py-zconfig [CURRENT] Configuration library
games/arx-libertatis [CURRENT] Cross-platform, open source port of the Arx Fatalis RPG
print/tex-ordinalpt [CURRENT] Counters as ordinal numbers in Portuguese
net/grive2 [CURRENT] Independent open source implementation of Google Drive client
games/glaxium [CURRENT] Space-ship OpenGL shoot them up
fonts/tex-roboto [CURRENT] Support for the Roboto family of fonts
sysutils/brasero [CURRENT] CD/DVD burning application
graphics/tex-pgf-umlsd [CURRENT] Draw UML Sequence Diagrams
wip/java-bcel [CURRENT] ByteCode Engineering Library
fonts/thaixfonts [CURRENT] The collection of Thai X fonts
pkgtools/pkg_filecheck [CURRENT] Check for files not owned by any package
filesystems/fuse-cddfs [CURRENT] FUSE filesystem that uses libparanoia for audio CDs
audio/flac2mp3 [CURRENT] Script to convert flac to mp3
wip/MesaLib-dfbsd-meson [CURRENT] The Mesa 3D Graphics Library
security/fsh [CURRENT] Fast remote command execution
pkgtools/pkg_regress [CURRENT] Run pkgsrc infrastructure regression test suite
devel/py-aiounittest [CURRENT] Test asyncio code more easily
fonts/tex-sansmathaccent-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-sansmathaccent
databases/py-tortoise-orm [CURRENT] Easy async ORM for Python, built with relations in mind
emulators/suse131_32_libesd [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for esd/esound
misc/py-trytond-carrier-percentage [CURRENT] Carrier percentage module of the Tryton application platform
devel/py-intelhex [CURRENT] Python library for Intel HEX files manipulations
audio/gmpc-albumview [CURRENT] GMPC plugin showing album covers
textproc/p5-Snowball-Norwegian [CURRENT] Porters stemming algorithm for Norwegian
devel/py-zope.exceptions [CURRENT] Zope testing helpers
textproc/p5-Pod-Weaver [CURRENT] Weave together a Pod document from an outline
print/tex-mdframed-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mdframed
print/tex-forloop [CURRENT] Provide the LaTeX command \forloop
inputmethod/tegaki-train [CURRENT] Train Tegaki with your own handwriting
lang/stalin [CURRENT] Aggressively optimizing Scheme compiler
devel/zookeeper [CURRENT] Highly reliable distributed coordination server
print/tex-latex-referenz-doc [CURRENT] Examples from the book LaTeX Referenz
devel/py-ZopeTestrunner [CURRENT] Zope testrunner script
databases/py-aiosqlite [CURRENT] Async bridge to the standard sqlite3 module
print/tex-blindtext [CURRENT] Producing blind text for testing
math/R-nloptr [CURRENT] R interface to NLopt
textproc/hunspell-ms_MY [CURRENT] Malay dictionary for hunspell
wip/modular-xorg-server-dfbsd-meson [CURRENT] Modular X11 server from modular
fonts/tex-junicode-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-junicode
games/xu4 [CURRENT] Remake of Ultima IV
print/tex-mweights [CURRENT] Support for multiple-weight font packages
wip/libcnotify [CURRENT] Library to support cross-platform C notification functions
devel/ruby-subversion [CURRENT] Ruby bindings for Subversion
textproc/ruby-text [CURRENT] Collection of text algorithms for Ruby
print/tex-texdoctk-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-texdoctk
devel/py-xdis [CURRENT] Python cross-version byte-code disassembler and marshal routines
textproc/p5-XML-Checker [CURRENT] Perl module for validating XML
time/py-ciso8601 [CURRENT] Fast ISO8601 date time parser for Python written in C
print/tex-keycommand [CURRENT] Simple creation of commands with key-value arguments
wip/gurlchecker [CURRENT] Gnome2 program to check a page/website for broken links
audio/gst-plugins0.10-alsa [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - alsa plugin
sysutils/gvfs [CURRENT] Userspace virtual filesystem
emulators/bochs [CURRENT] IA32 and AMD64 PC emulator
fonts/tex-wasy-type1 [CURRENT] Type 1 versions of wasy fonts
devel/device-driver-doc-de [CURRENT] Device driver documentation in German
print/tex-beamer-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-beamer
www/R-httpuv [CURRENT] HTTP and WebSocket server library
games/mirrormagic [CURRENT] Nice little puzzle game with color graphics and sound
devel/popt [CURRENT] Command line option parsing library
wip/py-scikit-image [CURRENT] Image processing routines for SciPy
fonts/tex-fouriernc-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fouriernc
pkgtools/plist-utils [CURRENT] Utility to facilitate management of PLIST files
textproc/p5-XML-LibXML-Iterator [CURRENT] Iterator for XML::LibXML parsed documents
chat/psi [CURRENT] Psi XMPP/Jabber Client
emulators/suse131_32_libtiff [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for TIFF
wip/ocaml-custom_printf [CURRENT] Syntax extension for printf format strings
misc/usbids [CURRENT] Repository of USB IDs (usb.ids database)
fonts/tex-raleway-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-raleway
wip/yabar [CURRENT] Modern and lightweight status bar for X window managers
www/py-autobahn [CURRENT] WebSocket client and server library, WAMP real-time framework
filesystems/fuse-wdfs [CURRENT] FUSE-based webdav filesystem
games/xkobo [CURRENT] Multi-way scrolling shoot em up game for X. Strangely addictive
www/libproxy [CURRENT] Library that provides automatic proxy configuration management
print/tex-newunicodechar-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-newunicodechar
devel/ruby-posix-spawn [CURRENT] Ruby wrapper for the posix_spawn() system call
ham/gnuradio-ctrlport [CURRENT] New set of hooks into GNU Radio to allow a remote client to attach
devel/p5-POE-Component-Cron [CURRENT] Schedule POE Events using a cron spec
net/openrsync [CURRENT] BSD-licensed implementation of rsync
print/tex-semantic-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-semantic
audio/tracker [CURRENT] MOD player
wip/hunspell-uk_UA [CURRENT] Ukraine dictionary for hunspell
fonts/cyberbit-ttf [CURRENT] Multilingual TrueType font from Bitstream
wip/py-statgrap [CURRENT] Python bindings for the libstatgrab library
fonts/ko-hanyang [CURRENT] X11 fonts for KSC 5601 standard
devel/p5-Devel-EvalContext [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to save lexicals and hints between calls to eval
textproc/hunspell-de [CURRENT] German dictionaries for hunspell
wip/ruby-roadie-rails52 [CURRENT] Hooks Roadie into your Rails application to help with email generation
devel/py-gcovr [CURRENT] Generate GCC code coverage reports
print/tex-newunicodechar [CURRENT] Definitions of the meaning of Unicode characters
audio/gst-plugins1-speex [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - speex plugin
wip/ruby-roadie [CURRENT] Making HTML emails comfortable for the Ruby rockstars
converters/ruby-unf_ext [CURRENT] Unicode Normalization Form support library for CRuby
games/lgeneral [CURRENT] Panzer General play-a-like, uses Panzer General data files
security/p5-Authen-PAM [CURRENT] Authentication via PAM
www/R-gh [CURRENT] GitHub API
net/py-softlayer_messaging [CURRENT] SoftLayer Message Queue client
wip/p5-MasonX-Apache2Handler [CURRENT] Perl-based Apache handler for Apache2 with Mason
sysutils/osname [CURRENT] Print canonical name of operating system
fonts/tex-hands [CURRENT] Pointing hand font
security/py-asn1 [CURRENT] ITU Abstract Syntax Notification for Python
devel/p5-Proc-Daemon [CURRENT] Provide capability for a Perl program to run as a daemon
x11/gnome-themes-extras [CURRENT] Collection of metathemes for the GNOME desktop environment
converters/p5-Unicode-UTF8simple [CURRENT] Conversions to/from UTF8 from/to charactersets
www/p5-HTML-Escape [CURRENT] Extremely fast HTML escape
net/ruby-net-dhcp [CURRENT] Net::DHCP Library for ruby
games/xlennart [CURRENT] Stop the dreaded systend virus from infecting computers
wip/py-pyglet [CURRENT] Object-oriented programming interface for developing games
games/criticalmass [CURRENT] SDL/OpenGL space shootem up game
wip/ruby-htmlentities [CURRENT] Encoding and decoding (X)HTML entities
fonts/tex-antiqua [CURRENT] URW Antiqua condensed font, for use with TeX
audio/mkcdtoc [CURRENT] Script to create .toc files for cdrdao
print/tex-listofitems-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-listofitems
wip/ruby-rbpdf-font [CURRENT] RBPDF font files
converters/p5-Convert-Bencode [CURRENT] Functions for converting to/from bencoded strings
databases/ruby-dm-constraints [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin constraining relationships
fonts/tex-cmll [CURRENT] Symbols for linear logic
print/tex-stackengine-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-stackengine
devel/py-pylint-plugin-utils [CURRENT] Utilities and helpers for writing Pylint plugins
wip/es40-firmware [CURRENT] AlphaServer ES40 firmware image
x11/xdialog [CURRENT] X11 drop-in replacement for the curses dialog program
wip/py-rlcompleter2 [CURRENT] Python command line completion
devel/R-lpSolve [CURRENT] Interface to Lp_solve v. 5.5 to Solve Linear/Integer Programs
archivers/file-roller [CURRENT] Archive manager for the GNOME desktop environment
print/tex-listofitems [CURRENT] Grab items in lists using user-specified sep char
wip/ruby-sqlite3 [CURRENT] Ruby bindings for the SQLite3 embedded database
x11/XmHTML [CURRENT] Motif Widget capable of displaying HTML 3.2 conforming text
devel/py-pyrsistent [CURRENT] Persistent/Functional/Immutable data structures
print/tex-stackengine [CURRENT] Highly customised stacking of objects, insets, baseline changes, etc
converters/chef [CURRENT] Convert from English to (mock) Swedish - Bork Bork Bork!
wip/py-python-application [CURRENT] Basic building blocks for python applications
time/php-calendar [CURRENT] PHP extension for calendar conversion support
games/freeciv-share [CURRENT] Machine independent files for Freeciv
wip/ruby-csv [CURRENT] CSV Reading and Writing
print/tex-etoc-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-etoc
textproc/xindy [CURRENT] xindy runtime required by the tex-xindy package
wip/vault [CURRENT] Tool for managing secrets
devel/p5-MooseX-Types-Common [CURRENT] Commonly-used type constraints that do not ship with Moose by default
print/tex-fontaxes [CURRENT] Additional font axes for LaTeX
www/p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-ValidateRM [CURRENT] Help validate CGI::Application run modes using Data::FormValidator
devel/p5-Test-utf8 [CURRENT] Handy UTF-8 tests
wip/ruby-rbpdf [CURRENT] Ruby on Rails TCPDF plugin
devel/p5-MooseX-Meta-TypeConstraint-ForceCoercion [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing forced coercion validating type constraints
devel/p5-Test-POE-Server-TCP [CURRENT] POE Component providing TCP server services for tests
cad/gtkwave [CURRENT] Electronic waveform viewer
audio/xmms-musepack [CURRENT] XMMS plugin for musepack (mpc) files
sysutils/salt [CURRENT] Remote execution and configuration management system
cad/qcad [CURRENT] 2D CAD system
fonts/tex-fontools-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fontools
wip/emacs-git [CURRENT] GNU editing macros (development version)
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-File [CURRENT] File storage backend for session data
fonts/tex-lobster2 [CURRENT] Lobster Two fonts, with support for all LaTeX engines
wip/peercoin [CURRENT] Open source peer-to-peer digital currency, favored by Shiba Inus
devel/libowfat [CURRENT] Library of general purpose APIs
cad/veriwell [CURRENT] Verilog Simulator
audio/cripple [CURRENT] Command line CD ripper/encoder wrapper with cddb support
wip/ruby-delegate_it [CURRENT] ActiveSupport like delegate method for non Rails projects
devel/p5-Test-TempDir [CURRENT] Temporary files support for testing
x11/qt4-sqlite3 [CURRENT] Qt4 sqlite3 driver
devel/py-testtools [CURRENT] Extensions to the Python standard library unit testing framework
fonts/t1lib [CURRENT] Library for generating bitmaps from Adobe Type 1 fonts
wip/splix [CURRENT] Driver for SPL printers (Samsung and Xerox)
net/py-prometheus_client [CURRENT] Prometheus instrumentation library for Python applications
devel/R-gert [CURRENT] Simple Git Client for R
www/p5-Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-HTTP-Proxy [CURRENT] HTTP Proxy authentication for Catalyst
inputmethod/sj3-server [CURRENT] SJ3 Japanese input method server
www/p5-HTML-Lint [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to check for HTML errors in a string or file
devel/libglade [CURRENT] Runtime interpreter for GLADE GUI files
www/ruby-em-http-request [CURRENT] EventMachine based, async HTTP Request client
audio/wavpack [CURRENT] Audio codec for lossless, lossy and hybrid compression
www/p5-Catalyst-View-Mason [CURRENT] HTML::Mason view class for Catalyst
x11/xlockmore [CURRENT] Like the XLock session-locker/screensaver, but with more
x11/xpostit [CURRENT] Post notes to yourself on the screen
cad/xcircuit [CURRENT] Drawing program for X11 (especially for circuits)
www/p5-Template-Provider-Encoding [CURRENT] Explicitly declare encodings of your templates
print/php-pdflib [CURRENT] PHP extension for PDFlib on-the-fly PDF generation
x11/p5-Wx [CURRENT] Perl5 interface to the wxWidgets cross-platform GUI toolkit
sysutils/ndesk-dbus-glib [CURRENT] C# implementation of dbus - GLib integration
devel/ruby-railties52 [CURRENT] Tools for creating, working with, and running Rails 5.2
inputmethod/tegaki-tools [CURRENT] Set of command-line tools for Tegaki
cad/gdsreader [CURRENT] GDS-II stream file to Postscript and HP/GL converter
www/ruby-capybara [CURRENT] Integration testing tool for rack based web applications
audio/opusfile [CURRENT] Decoding and seeking API for opus files
wip/icewm17 [CURRENT] Small, fast and light-weight window manager
graphics/tex-tikzmark [CURRENT] Use TikZs method of remembering a position on a page
games/neverball [CURRENT] Puzzle/action game similar to Super Monkey Ball
www/p5-Plack-Handler-AnyEvent-SCGI [CURRENT] PSGI handler on AnyEvent::SCGI
textproc/go-inflect [CURRENT] Inflect library for go
devel/R-pak [CURRENT] Another Approach to Package Installation
wip/ivtools [CURRENT] Drawing editors for PostScript, TeX, and web graphics
net/libktorrent [CURRENT] Torrent library split from KTorrent
wm/wmutils-core [CURRENT] Window Manipulation Utilities
fonts/tex-punknova [CURRENT] OpenType version of Knuths Punk font
games/fortune [CURRENT] Fortune cookie generator
www/p5-WWW-Mechanize-Shell [CURRENT] Interactive shell for WWW::Mechanize
net/gnapfetch [CURRENT] Update/maintain opennap servers for gnapster/TekNap
devel/p5-Devel-StackTrace-WithLexicals [CURRENT] Perl 5 module combining Devel::StackTrace and PadWalker
x11/xtruss [CURRENT] Easy-to-use X protocol tracing program
wm/quartz-wm [CURRENT] Aqua Window Manager for the X Window System on OS X
devel/ruby-activestorage52 [CURRENT] Local and cloud file storage framework (part of Rails 5.2)
wm/icewm14 [CURRENT] Small, fast and light-weight window manager
cross/mingw-w64-x86_64-headers [CURRENT] Mingw-w64 headers for win64 cross-development
sysutils/ovmf [CURRENT] Sample UEFI firmware for virtual machines
wip/py-wahcade [CURRENT] GNU/Linux-friendly clone of Minwahs MameWAH
www/p5-Jemplate [CURRENT] Javascript Templating with Template Toolkit
mail/popa3d [CURRENT] Secure, reliable, performant, and small pop3 server
www/p5-Catalyst-View-JSON [CURRENT] JSON view for your data in Catalyst
fonts/tex-feyn [CURRENT] Font for in-text Feynman diagrams
audio/festlex-poslex [CURRENT] English lexicon suitable for use with Festival
fonts/tamsyn-font [CURRENT] Monospaced programming font
cad/kicad [CURRENT] Schematic and PCB CAD software (stable branch)
www/p5-Template-Plugin-Clickable-Email [CURRENT] TT2 plugin to transform email addresses in to HTML links
audio/id3ed [CURRENT] Edit id3 description tags in mpeg3 files
www/p5-HTTP-Server-Simple-Kwiki [CURRENT] Standalone HTTP server for Kwiki
sysutils/gkrellm [CURRENT] GTK2 based system monitor
devel/ruby-activemodel52 [CURRENT] Toolkit for building modeling frameworks (part of Rails 5.2)
converters/txt2html [CURRENT] Plain text to HTML convertor
www/p5-libwww [CURRENT] Perl5 library for WWW access
graphics/gst-plugins1-cairo [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - cairo plugin
audio/mad123 [CURRENT] Command-line MPEG audio player
audio/libmusepack [CURRENT] Portable Musepack decoder library
www/p5-FCGI-ProcManager [CURRENT] Functions for managing FastCGI applications
databases/ruby-sqlite [CURRENT] Ruby interface for the SQLite database engine
textproc/aspell-ny [CURRENT] Chichewa language support for aspell
fonts/tex-dictsym [CURRENT] DictSym font and macro package
www/ruby-actionview52 [CURRENT] Rendering framework putting the V in MVC (part of Rails 5.2)
fonts/tex-brushscr-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-brushscr
fonts/uralic-ttf [CURRENT] Font for Uralic languages with Russian-based writing systems
wip/py-beampy [CURRENT] Tool to create slide-show in SVG
editors/xvile [CURRENT] VI Like Emacs, X11 version -- a fully X aware vi work-alike
www/p5-CGI-Session-Plugin-Redirect [CURRENT] Perl5 module extension adding a redirect method for CGI::Session
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-TimeStamp [CURRENT] DBIx::Class component to automatically handle timestamp fields
www/p5-HTTP-DAV [CURRENT] HTTP::DAV interface and dave
audio/py-last [CURRENT] Python interface to and
net/p5-Net-Dev-MIBLoadOrder [CURRENT] Perl5 module to determine MIB files load order
converters/pear-I18n_UnicodeNormalizer [CURRENT] PHP classes to provide Unicode Normalization
fonts/tex-ocherokee [CURRENT] LaTeX Support for the Cherokee language
www/p5-HTML-Format [CURRENT] Perl5 modules for converting HTML to other text formats
www/ruby-httpclient [CURRENT] HTTP accessing library for Ruby
wip/p5-CGI-Application-Plugin-AutoRunmode [CURRENT] CGI::App plugin to automatically register runmodes
net/gkrellm-wireless [CURRENT] Wavelan signal strength monitor for gkrellm
security/py-mcrypt [CURRENT] Python interface to mcrypt library
devel/p5-Cache-Simple-TimedExpiry [CURRENT] Perl module providing a lightweight cache with timed expiration
www/ruby-websocket [CURRENT] Universal Ruby library to handle WebSocket protocol
devel/p5-Perl-MinimumVersion [CURRENT] Find a minimum required version of perl for Perl code
print/tex-context-typescripts [CURRENT] Small modules to load various fonts for use in ConTeXt
wip/barrier [CURRENT] Let a user share a mouse and keyboard among computers
databases/ruby-dm-observer [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin for observing Resources
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-GameKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (GameKit framework)
net/freeradius-python [CURRENT] Free RADIUS rlm_python module
textproc/py-mkdocs [CURRENT] Fast and simple static site generator for documentation
fonts/tex-mathabx-type1-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mathabx-type1
databases/ruby-data_objects [CURRENT] DataObjects basic API and shared driver specifications
audio/gst-plugins0.10-speex [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - speex plugin
databases/ruby-activerecord52 [CURRENT] Object-relational mapper framework (part of Rails 5.2)
www/webnew [CURRENT] Retrieve modification times of web documents
devel/ruby-tomlrb [CURRENT] Racc based toml parser
wip/py-Kallithea [CURRENT] Fast and powerful management tool for Mercurial and Git
wip/py-CalDAVClientLibrary [CURRENT] CalDAV library for python used by CalendarServer
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langfrench [CURRENT] French TeX packages
chat/xaric [CURRENT] IRC client similar to BitchX and ircII
www/py-cherrypy [CURRENT] Pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework
www/py-wtforms-components [CURRENT] Additional fields, validators and widgets for WTForms
wip/suse131_libbz2 [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libbz2
math/libixion [CURRENT] General purpose formula parser & interpreter
benchmarks/postal [CURRENT] Tool for benchmarking SMTP/POP servers
time/p5-Schedule-At [CURRENT] OS independent interface to the Unix at command
sysutils/lf [CURRENT] Terminal file manager
games/woof [CURRENT] Continuation of Lee Killoughs Doom source port MBF
wip/pulseaudio-git [CURRENT] Sound server for POSIX and Win32 systems
databases/p5-Class-DBI [CURRENT] Perl5 module for Simple Database Abstraction
print/tex-beamertheme-focus [CURRENT] Minimalist presentation theme for LaTeX Beamer
fonts/linux-libertine-ttf [CURRENT] Free TrueType font family
devel/py-unittest-mixins [CURRENT] Helpful mixins for unittest classes
www/w3 [CURRENT] World Wide Web browser for Emacs
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-IOSurface [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (IOSurface framework)
fonts/tex-rsfso-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-rsfso
net/wide-dhcpv6 [CURRENT] DHCP6 client, server and relay agent by WIDE project
fonts/CutiveFont [CURRENT] Classic typewriter typeface
graphics/xfig [CURRENT] CAD-like 2D drawing tool, good for colorful scale drawings & ISOs
www/p5-Dancer2 [CURRENT] Lightweight yet powerful web application framework
devel/p5-Data-Pageset [CURRENT] Page numbering and page sets
math/euler [CURRENT] Interactive numerical analysis and graphics program
www/loggerhead [CURRENT] Web viewer for Bazaar branches
math/py-Numeric [CURRENT] Adds multidimensional numeric arrays to Python
chat/epic4-doc [CURRENT] Additional documentation for epic4 package
security/libfido2 [CURRENT] U2F/FIDO/FIDO2 library and tools
wip/espeak [CURRENT] Speech synthesizer
chat/ctrlproxy [CURRENT] Detachable internet relay chat proxy server
editors/zile [CURRENT] Emacs-like text editor
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-MediaAccessibility [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (MediaAccessibility framework)
security/openvas-client [CURRENT] Client for the Open Vulnerability Assessment System
net/couriertcpd [CURRENT] Courier TCP socket and TLS servers
multimedia/gst-plugins1-transcoder [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - transcoding plugin
graphics/p5-PerlMagick [CURRENT] Object-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick
print/tex-IEEEconf-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-IEEEconf
fonts/tex-mintspirit [CURRENT] LaTeX support for MintSpirit font families
wip/bijiben [CURRENT] Simple Note Viewer
security/libprelude [CURRENT] LibPrelude libraries and c++ easy bindings
textproc/hunspell-lt_LT [CURRENT] Lithuanian dictionary for hunspell
textproc/p5-ack [CURRENT] Grep-like text finder
print/tex-context-annotation [CURRENT] Annotate text blocks
databases/pear-DB [CURRENT] PHP Database Abstraction Layer
chat/libmsn [CURRENT] Library for connecting to Microsofts MSN Messenger service
www/go-ffuf [CURRENT] Fast web fuzzer
print/tex-fifinddo-info-doc [CURRENT] German HTML beamer presentation on nicetext and morehype
net/websocketpp [CURRENT] Header-only C++ library that implements the WebSocket protocol
devel/p5-Hash-Merge-Simple [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to simply merge two or more hashes recursively
chat/roxirc [CURRENT] Graphical IRC client written in tcl/tk
databases/erlang-p1_mysql [CURRENT] Erlang MySQL driver
math/R-compositions [CURRENT] Compositional data analysis
wip/py-launchpadlib [CURRENT] Script Launchpad through its web services interfaces
converters/p5-Sereal-Encoder [CURRENT] Perl5 module for fast, compact, powerful binary serialization
devel/p5-Package-Generator [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to generate new packages
net/py-amqp [CURRENT] Low-level AMQP client for Python
sysutils/gst-plugins1-gio [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - gio plugin
chat/zenicb [CURRENT] ICB client for Emacs
print/tex-lambda-lists [CURRENT] LaTeX support for Lambda Calculus
print/tex-standalone-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-standalone
databases/p5-Redis [CURRENT] Perl binding for Redis database
textproc/jansson [CURRENT] C library for encoding, decoding and manipulating JSON data
security/p5-Crypt-HSXKPasswd [CURRENT] Generate secure, memorable, and easy to share passwords
graphics/tex-blockdraw_mp [CURRENT] Block diagrams and bond graphs, with MetaPost
net/libdmapsharing3 [CURRENT] Implementation of the DMAP family of protocols (v3)
math/fftw2 [CURRENT] Collection of fast C routines to compute DFTs
print/tex-booktabs-de-doc [CURRENT] German version of booktabs
www/ap2-python [CURRENT] Apache module that embeds the Python interpreter
chat/iroffer [CURRENT] IRC (Internet Relay Chat) DCC OfferBot
devel/python-mode [CURRENT] Emacs mode for editing python files
devel/re2c [CURRENT] Deterministic Finite State Automaton generator
textproc/hunspell-el_GR [CURRENT] Greek dictionary for hunspell
chat/py-nbxmpp [CURRENT] Asynchronous Python library for XMPP
databases/ruby-dm-is-list [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin for creating and organizing lists
wip/fbida [CURRENT] Image viewer and editor
devel/p5-Config-INI [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to handle simple .ini-file format
devel/libgit2 [CURRENT] Portable, pure C implementation of the Git core methods
time/wmmoonclock [CURRENT] Shows lunar ephemeris to fairly high accuracy
lang/owl-lisp [CURRENT] Purely functional dialect of Scheme
security/ruby-ruby-openid [CURRENT] Library for consuming and serving OpenID identities
wip/stmpclean [CURRENT] Secure /tmp cleaner
wip/zvbi [CURRENT] Library for accessing raw VBI sampling devices
net/ddclient [CURRENT] Client to update dynamic DNS entries
fonts/tex-cmtiup-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cmtiup
geography/p5-Geo-Distance [CURRENT] Calculate Distances and Closest Locations
fonts/tex-mdputu-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mdputu
graphics/ImageMagick6 [CURRENT] Package for display and interactive manipulation of images
cross/h8300-elf-gcc [CURRENT] GCC compiler for h8300-elf
wip/bluez-hcidump [CURRENT] Bluetooth packet analyzer
databases/php-pdo_dblib [CURRENT] PHP extension for PHP Data Objects (FreeTDS/Sybase/MS SQL)
devel/tevent [CURRENT] Event system based on the talloc
graphics/g2 [CURRENT] Powerful, easy to use 2D graphics library
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-WebKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (WebKit framework)
devel/p5-Config-File [CURRENT] Parse a simple configuration file
lang/swi-prolog-lite [CURRENT] ISO/Edinburgh-style Prolog compiler
devel/p5-Class-Field [CURRENT] Perl 5 class field accessor generator
print/tex-omega-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-omega
textproc/py-snowballstemmer [CURRENT] Python module with stemmer algorithms for multiple natural languages
mail/p5-Mail-Webmail-Gmail [CURRENT] Interface to Googles webmail service
security/crypto++ [CURRENT] Free C++ class library of Cryptographic Primitives
wip/ocaml-odoc [CURRENT] OCaml documentation generator
databases/wiredtiger [CURRENT] Open Source extensible platform for data management
print/tex-yfonts [CURRENT] Support for old German fonts
pkgtools/binpatch [CURRENT] Trivial binary patch applicator
devel/p5-Class-ErrorHandler [CURRENT] Perl base class for error handling
graphics/gmngview [CURRENT] Simple GTK-based MNG viewer
archivers/unshield [CURRENT] Extract InstallShield .CAB files
textproc/p5-Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate [CURRENT] Perl port of the syntax highlight engine of the Kate texteditor
devel/R-pkgcache [CURRENT] Cache CRAN-Like Metadata and R Packages
print/tex-cutwin [CURRENT] Cut a window in a paragraph, typeset material in it
wip/ruby-redmine41 [CURRENT] Flexible project management web application
devel/rapidsvn [CURRENT] Cross-platform Subversion GUI
textproc/hunspell-cs_CZ [CURRENT] Czech dictionary for hunspell
inputmethod/scim-thai [CURRENT] SCIM IMEngine module for Thai
wip/riak14 [CURRENT] Distributed, highly available data store
print/tex-pbox [CURRENT] A variable-width \parbox command
devel/p5-IO-Capture [CURRENT] Perl modules to capture output to stdout and stderr
sysutils/wbm-status [CURRENT] Webmin module to view the status of services
fonts/tex-kpfonts [CURRENT] Complete set of fonts for text and mathematics
wip/ruby-pusher-client [CURRENT] Ruby WebSocket client for Pusher Channels
print/img2eps [CURRENT] Convert raster images to EPS files
regress/conf-files-spaces [CURRENT] Demonstrates spaces in configuration file names
graphics/tex-feynmf [CURRENT] Macros and fonts for creating Feynman (and other) diagrams
time/remind [CURRENT] Calendar/alarm program with interpreted input language
devel/p5-Cache-Cache [CURRENT] The Cache interface
wip/ocaml-pa_test [CURRENT] Quotation expanders for assertions
devel/ruby-logging [CURRENT] Flexible logging library for Ruby based on log4j
pkgtools/pkgfind [CURRENT] Find packages by package name in pkgsrc
devel/p5-Module-Build-Tiny [CURRENT] Tiny replacement for Module::Build to build and install Perl modules
graphics/p5-cairo-gobject [CURRENT] Perl module to integrate Cairo into the Glib type system
wip/ogre [CURRENT] Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-NetworkExtension [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (NetworkExtension framework)
time/p5-DateTime-Format-ICal [CURRENT] Parse and format iCal datetime and duration strings
security/p5-Tie-EncryptedHash [CURRENT] Perl5 module for hashes with encrypting fields
wip/lumina [CURRENT] Lumina Desktop Environment
time/py-trytond-timesheet [CURRENT] Timesheet module of Trytons application platform
security/pam-passwdqc [CURRENT] Password strength checker
databases/libgda-mysql [CURRENT] GNU database access library - mysql provider
security/p5-Crypt-PWSafe3 [CURRENT] Perl module interface to Passwordsafe v3 files
wip/aegis-devel [CURRENT] Infrastructure meta-package to develop on Aegis
games/wordwarvi [CURRENT] Side-scrolling shoot em up 80s style arcade game
archivers/mousetar [CURRENT] Version of tar program from der Mouse
devel/py-progressbar2 [CURRENT] Text progress bar library for Python
devel/ruby-pkg-config [CURRENT] Pure Ruby implementation of pkg-config
devel/py-ailment [CURRENT] The angr intermediate language
security/sslsplit [CURRENT] Transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception
www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Deflater [CURRENT] Plack middleware to compress response body with Gzip or Deflate
devel/py-CppHeaderParser [CURRENT] Python library to parse C++ header files
devel/p5-Parse-CPAN-Packages [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to parse 02packages.details.txt.gz
graphics/viewfax [CURRENT] Tool for displaying fax files in an X Window
devel/boost-docs [CURRENT] Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (documentation)
lang/sun-jre7 [CURRENT] Suns Java(tm) 2 Standard Edition, Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 7u80
graphics/p5-GDGraph-boxplot [CURRENT] Boxplot - Box and Whisker Graph Module for Perl 5
fonts/tex-gentium-tug-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-gentium-tug
databases/mongo-tools [CURRENT] MongoDB CLI tools
devel/py-xbe [CURRENT] Python 3 library to work with .xbe files
devel/py-repoze.lru [CURRENT] Tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator
wip/flyback [CURRENT] Backup software inspired by Apples Time Machine
fonts/tex-ocherokee-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ocherokee
wip/p5-Proc-Fork [CURRENT] Simple, intuitive interface to the fork() system call
databases/p5-CatalystX-CRUD-ModelAdapter-DBIC [CURRENT] CRUD for Catalyst::Model::DBIC::Schema
wip/py-pyrit [CURRENT] WPA/WPA2-PSK and a world of affordable many-core platforms
meta-pkgs/suse121 [CURRENT] SUSE-based Linux binary emulation environment
net/openrrcp [CURRENT] RealTek Remote Control Protocol tools
devel/palmpower [CURRENT] Assembler, disassembler and other tools for PalmOS binaries
wip/libfolks [CURRENT] Library to manage contacts
devel/py-mulpyplexer [CURRENT] Python module to multiplex interactions with lists of objects
graphics/tex-tikzposter-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tikzposter
graphics/qvplay [CURRENT] Software for use with CASIO QV digital cameras
devel/py-pyparsing [CURRENT] Parsing module for Python
devel/py-itanium_demangler [CURRENT] Python parser for the Itanium C++ ABI symbol mangling language
devel/p5-File-Flat [CURRENT] Implements a flat file system
devel/py-faker [CURRENT] Python package that generates fake data for you
devel/py-cheetah3 [CURRENT] Template engine and code generation tool
devel/py-ZopeSchema [CURRENT] Zope Interface extension for defining data schemas
security/py-aes [CURRENT] Pure-Python implementation of AES block-cipher
chat/matterircd [CURRENT] Minimal IRC server which integrates with Mattermost and Slack
graphics/zphoto [CURRENT] Flash-based photo album generator
mail/exim3 [CURRENT] The Exim mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail
security/pinentry-mac [CURRENT] Application for entering PINs or Passphrases under Mac OS
databases/p5-DBD-Sybase [CURRENT] Perl DBI/DBD driver for Sybase/MS-SQL databases
sysutils/lavaps [CURRENT] Lava lamp of currently running processes
wip/0ad-data [CURRENT] Datafiles for the 0ad game
databases/p5-DBICx-Deploy [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to deploy a a DBIx::Class schema
lang/python37 [CURRENT] Interpreted, interactive, object-oriented programming language
converters/cbmconvert [CURRENT] Converts files to and from various C64/C128/CBM formats
graphics/ipe [CURRENT] Drawing editor for creating figures in PDF or (e)PS
chat/i2cb [CURRENT] Next generation Internet Citicens Band chat client
databases/p5-DBIx-Class [CURRENT] Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper
devel/p5-Params-Validate [CURRENT] Validate method/function parameters
graphics/p5-GD-SecurityImage [CURRENT] Perl5 security image (CAPTCHA) generator
wip/debugger-git [CURRENT] X86/x86_64 debugger with the goal to drop-in replace gdb
sysutils/notification-daemon [CURRENT] Shows notification messages on the desktop
www/p5-WWW-Mechanize-FormFiller [CURRENT] Framework to automate HTML forms
devel/p5-Getopt-Mixed [CURRENT] Mixed Getopt wrapper
fonts/tex-pxtxalfa-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pxtxalfa
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-Helpers [CURRENT] Perl5 modules to simplify the common case stuff for DBIx::Class
devel/p5-Devel-REPL [CURRENT] Modern Perl interactive shell
devel/py-utils [CURRENT] Some convenient utilities not included with standard Python
textproc/ruby-fastercsv [CURRENT] Replacement to Ruby standard CSV library
security/lua-sec [CURRENT] Lua binding for OpenSSL library
wip/synce-dynamite [CURRENT] Microsoft cabinet file extraction library
lang/clang-tools-extra [CURRENT] Extra Clang tools
devel/p5-Safe-Isa [CURRENT] Call isa, can, does and DOES safely on things that may not be objects
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-FS [CURRENT] Inflate/deflate columns to Path::Class::File objects
devel/py-bitstring [CURRENT] Python module to create, manipulate, and analyze binary data
devel/py-pybind11 [CURRENT] Seamless operability between C++11 and Python
devel/matio [CURRENT] Matlab MAT file I/O library
fonts/tex-barcodes-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-barcodes
games/yquake2 [CURRENT] Yamagi Quake II - alternative Quake II client
textproc/xerces-c [CURRENT] Validating C++ XML parser with DOM and SAX support
devel/p5-Want [CURRENT] Perl module providing a generalisation of wantarray
multimedia/gst-plugins1-gtk [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - gtk plugin
devel/p5-Data-Visitor [CURRENT] Visitor style traversal of Perl data structures
x11/xf86-video-dummy [CURRENT] Virtual/offscreen frame buffer driver for the Xorg X server
devel/p5-PPI [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to parse, analyze and manipulate Perl (without perl)
devel/p5-local-lib [CURRENT] Create and use a local lib/ for perl modules with PERL5LIB
print/tex-bigfoot [CURRENT] Footnotes for critical editions
devel/p5-Class-MakeMethods [CURRENT] Getter/setter OO method maker for class elements
math/py-networkx [CURRENT] Python package for creating and manipulating graphs and networks
graphics/gst-plugins1-gdk_pixbuf [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - gdk_pixbuf plugin
devel/p5-Capture-Tiny [CURRENT] Capture STDOUT and STDERR from Perl, XS or external programs
databases/p5-ORLite [CURRENT] Perl 5 extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM
wip/fvcool [CURRENT] Utility to make your AMD CPU cooler
lang/py-pygls [CURRENT] Pythonic generic implementation of the Language Server Protocol
databases/p5-Parse-Dia-SQL [CURRENT] Perl module to convert Dia diagrams to SQL
devel/p5-Test-Pod [CURRENT] Perl5 module to check for POD errors in files
databases/p5-Rose-DB [CURRENT] DBI wrapper and abstraction layer
games/flare-engine [CURRENT] Free Libre Action Roleplaying Engine
devel/p5-Struct-Dumb [CURRENT] Make simple lightweight record-like structures
print/tex-extsizes-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-extsizes
inputmethod/ruby-zinnia [CURRENT] Zinnia ruby module
math/py-smt [CURRENT] Library for SMT formula manipulation and solving
wip/ruby-gollum [CURRENT] Simple, Git-powered wiki with a sweet API and local frontend
sysutils/cvsreport [CURRENT] Message reports from CVS activity
databases/p5-Rose-DBx-Object-MoreHelpers [CURRENT] More mixin helpers for RDBO
sysutils/iwn-firmware [CURRENT] Firmware binary image for the iwn(4) driver
devel/R-tinytest [CURRENT] Lightweight and Feature Complete Unit Testing Framework
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langeuropean [CURRENT] Other European languages TeX packages
multimedia/alevt [CURRENT] Teletext decoder and browser for Brooktree 848 compatible TV cards
wip/greenbone-security-assistant [CURRENT] Web application that connects to OpenVAS
net/delegate [CURRENT] General purpose TCP/IP proxy system
math/p5-Statistics-Distributions [CURRENT] Perl module of computations with distributions
devel/p5-Module-Runtime-Conflicts [CURRENT] Provide information on conflicts for Module::Runtime
devel/p5-Locale-Msgfmt [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to compile .po files to .mo files
sysutils/bfs [CURRENT] Breadth-first version of the UNIX find command
sysutils/dtb-arm-tegra124 [CURRENT] DTB files for arm tegra124 based boards
x11/xkeyboard-config [CURRENT] X Keyboard Configuration Database
databases/php-rrd [CURRENT] PHP extension provides bindings to the RRDtool C library
lang/nodejs12 [CURRENT] V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
chat/bitlbee-discord [CURRENT] Discord protocol plugin for BitlBee
math/R-abind [CURRENT] Combine multi-dimensional arrays
devel/p5-Future [CURRENT] Represent an operation awaiting completion
lang/LuaJIT2 [CURRENT] Just-In-Time Compiler for the Lua programming language
www/py-django-binary-database-files [CURRENT] In-database file storage backend for Django
databases/poco-data-mysql [CURRENT] POCO C++ MySQL RDBMS Accessor libraries
wip/alsa-plugins [CURRENT] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture plugins
math/R-RPostgreSQL [CURRENT] R interface to the PostgreSQL database system
devel/p5-ExtUtils-ModuleMaker [CURRENT] Perl extension for creating modules (better than h2xs)
lang/mercury [CURRENT] Modern logic/functional programming language
devel/p5-Alien-Build [CURRENT] Build external dependencies for use in CPAN
databases/poco-data-odbc [CURRENT] POCO C++ ODBC RDBMS Accessor libraries
wip/daphne [CURRENT] Emulator for Laserdisc arcade games
devel/p5-ExtUtils-InstallPaths [CURRENT] Build.PL install path logic made easy
devel/p5-Devel-TraceUse [CURRENT] Show the modules your Perl program loads, recursively
archivers/py-bz2file [CURRENT] Read and write bzip2-compressed files
devel/p5-Devel-PatchPerl [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to patch a perl source tree
print/tex-pdftexcmds-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pdftexcmds
sysutils/tits [CURRENT] Server which provides telnet(1) access to one or more tty ports
wip/bub-n-bros [CURRENT] Multiplayer crazy clone of Bubble Bobble
sysutils/fs-kit [CURRENT] User-level filesystem testing kit
finance/py-trytond-account-stock-anglo-saxon [CURRENT] Trytons account stock anglo saxon continental module
sysutils/915resolution [CURRENT] BIOS VESA resolution utility for 8XX/9XX Intel chips
net/py-zmq [CURRENT] Python bindings for zeromq
math/gp-grpconst [CURRENT] GAP package for finding isomorphism classes of finite groups
textproc/hunspell-ga_IE [CURRENT] Irish dictionary for hunspell
sysutils/tdir [CURRENT] Display directories with files ordered by ending extension
wip/qt5-libqtlua [CURRENT] Lua alternative to the Qt5Script module
devel/p5-Debug-Client [CURRENT] Client side code for perl debugger
archivers/bmap-tools [CURRENT] Block map tools
textproc/p5-String-Expand [CURRENT] Functions to expand variables in self-referential sets
print/tex-kvoptions-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-kvoptions
devel/darcs [CURRENT] Distributed revision control system
devel/p5-Data-Serializer [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to serialize data structures
graphics/tex-latexmp [CURRENT] Interface for LaTeX-based typesetting in MetaPost
wip/qt4-libqtlua [CURRENT] Lua alternative to the QtScript module
shells/rc [CURRENT] Unix incarnation of the plan9 shell
games/imaze [CURRENT] Multiplayer, networked, action,x 3D maze game
textproc/py-mistune [CURRENT] The fastest markdown parser in pure Python
www/p5-libapreq2 [CURRENT] Lots of Apache specific httpd handling modules
sysutils/xcdroast [CURRENT] Graphical user interface for the command-line cdrecord-tools
wip/qmc2 [CURRENT] Multi-platform GUI front end for MAME and MESS
devel/libdbusmenu-tools [CURRENT] Tools for development with libdbusemenu
databases/sqlite [CURRENT] SQL Database Engine in a C Library
devel/p5-Class-Autouse [CURRENT] Run-time class loading on first method call
mail/mailsync [CURRENT] Mailsync is a way of synchronizing a collection of mailboxes
wip/sipwitch [CURRENT] Secure peer-to-peer VoIP server that uses the SIP protocol
print/tex-kvoptions [CURRENT] Key value format for package options
www/webalizer [CURRENT] Web server log file analysis program
devel/p5-CPAN-Reporter [CURRENT] Adds CPAN Testers reporting to p5-CPAN
databases/p5-Rose-DBx-AutoReconnect [CURRENT] Perl5 module for Rose::DB with auto-reconnect to server
math/p5-Set-Infinite [CURRENT] Perl module for sets of integers and objects
emulators/caprice32 [CURRENT] Emulator of the Amstrad CPC 8bit home computer range
print/tex-atbegshi-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-atbegshi
devel/p5-App-perlbrew [CURRENT] Manage perl installations in your /home/pkgsrc
devel/libidn [CURRENT] Internationalized Domain Names command line tool
devel/p5-Git-Repository [CURRENT] Perl interface to Git repositories
mail/claws-mail-cachesaver [CURRENT] Saves Claws-Mail metadata every 60 seconds
print/tex-pdftexcmds [CURRENT] LuaTeX support for pdfTeX utility functions
wip/pywm [CURRENT] Window manager in Python
fonts/tex-universa-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-universa
devel/p5-File-pushd [CURRENT] Perl module to change directory temporarily for a limited scope
print/tex-atbegshi [CURRENT] Execute stuff at \shipout time
mail/ruby-actionmailer52 [CURRENT] Email composition, delivery, and receiving (for Rails 5.2)
print/tex-lipsum-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-lipsum
textproc/R-readxl [CURRENT] Read Excel files
mail/p5-Email-Valid-Loose [CURRENT] Email::Valid which allows dot before at mark
mail/gld [CURRENT] Standalone greylisting server for Postfix
databases/py-tokyocabinet [CURRENT] Python wrapper to tokyocabinet database
math/tex-unicode-math-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-unicode-math
wip/vimb2 [CURRENT] Vim-like webkit browser
wip/libopensync-plugin-moto [CURRENT] Moto plugin for opensync (for Motorola phones)
games/uqm [CURRENT] Ur-Quan Masters
textproc/source-highlight [CURRENT] Highlight syntax of various languages source into HTML document
misc/kanjidic2 [CURRENT] Japanese Kanji information
wip/compat32_tiff [CURRENT] Library and tools for reading and writing TIFF data files
www/ruby-sawyer [CURRENT] Secret User Agent of HTTP
sysutils/syslog-ng-redis [CURRENT] Highly portable log management solution
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-mathscience [CURRENT] Mathematics, natural sciences, computer science packages
wip/libgda-sqlite3 [CURRENT] GNU database access library - sqlite provider
devel/hs-tabular [CURRENT] Two-dimensional data tables with rendering functions
math/ntl [CURRENT] C++ library for doing number theory
wip/kyra2 [CURRENT] Sprite engine
devel/tex-doclicense-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-doclicense
www/ruby-jsmin [CURRENT] Ruby library for minifying JavaScript
misc/xrolodex [CURRENT] Motif/X11 rolodex application
sysutils/p5-Parse-Syslog [CURRENT] Perl5 module for parsing Unix syslog files
wip/tcptrack [CURRENT] Watch TCP connections
misc/starplot [CURRENT] 3-dimensional star chart viewer
archivers/lua-zlib [CURRENT] Simple streaming interface to zlib for Lua
devel/p5-POE-Component-Syndicator [CURRENT] POE component base class which implements the Observer pattern
databases/qdbm-plus [CURRENT] C++ API for QDBM
misc/p5-Array-PrintCols [CURRENT] Perl5 module to print arrays of elements in sorted columns
lang/R-cpp11 [CURRENT] C++11 Interface for Rs C Interface
wip/xoreos [CURRENT] Open source implementation of BioWares Aurora engine
math/py-numpy16 [CURRENT] Array processing for numbers, strings, records, and objects
chat/tkirc2 [CURRENT] GUI for the ircII Internet Relay Chat client
textproc/wbxml2 [CURRENT] Library to handle WAP binary XML files
textproc/jing [CURRENT] RELAX NG validator in Java
math/php-stats [CURRENT] PHP extension for statistical computation
math/R-plyr [CURRENT] Tools for splitting, applying and combining data
wip/aspell-dictionaries [CURRENT] meta-package for aspell spell checker dictionaries
devel/radamsa [CURRENT] General-purpose fuzzer
textproc/aspell-yi [CURRENT] Yiddish language support for aspell
databases/quicklist [CURRENT] Simple database like AppleWorks & MS Works
lang/forth-retro [CURRENT] Clean, elegant, and pragmatic dialect of Forth
net/nicotine-plus [CURRENT] Graphical client for the Soulseek file sharing network
textproc/py-eradicate [CURRENT] Removes commented-out code
sysutils/rkdeveloptool [CURRENT] Rockchip RockUSB development tool
devel/py-limits [CURRENT] Rate limiting utilities
misc/ruby-bundler1 [CURRENT] Manage your applications dependencies
databases/rrdtool [CURRENT] Data analysis tool generating graphical representations
math/p5-Math-Base36 [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to encode and decode base36 strings
wip/yateclient [CURRENT] Instant Messenger and a SoftPhone
fonts/tex-cfr-lm-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cfr-lm
databases/rrdtool12 [CURRENT] Data analysis tool generating graphical representations
textproc/aspell-am [CURRENT] Amharic language support for aspell
wip/libunibilium [CURRENT] Basic terminfo library
wip/py-pylru [CURRENT] A least recently used (LRU) cache implementation
devel/go-levenshtein [CURRENT] Levenshtein distance and similarity metrics
games/svb [CURRENT] Spy Vs. Bob, the timeless classic
archivers/unace [CURRENT] Extract, list and test files in ACE archives
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langgreek [CURRENT] Greek TeX packages
textproc/ruby-xpath [CURRENT] Ruby DSL for generating XPath expressions
security/ruby-oauth [CURRENT] OAuth Core Ruby implementation
math/xgap [CURRENT] GUI for GAP
textproc/ispell-gl [CURRENT] Galician dictionary for interactive spelling checker
sysutils/watchman [CURRENT] Watches files and takes action when they change
finance/py-stripe [CURRENT] Stripe python bindings
graphics/tex-pst-ovl [CURRENT] Create and manage graphical overlays
wip/xtraceroute [CURRENT] Graphical version of traceroute, tracing the route IP packets go
textproc/aspell-br [CURRENT] Breton language support for aspell
textproc/p5-YAML-Tiny [CURRENT] Read/Write YAML files with as little code as possible
databases/ruby-dm-is-state_machine [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin for creating state machines
print/tex-beamertheme-upenn-bc [CURRENT] Beamer themes for Boston College and the University of Pennsylvania
graphics/py-uniconvertor [CURRENT] Universal vector graphics translator
sysutils/amanda [CURRENT] The meta-package for Amanda, a network backup system
databases/ruby-dm-is-versioned [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin enabling simple versioning of models
textproc/p5-XML-Filter-DetectWS [CURRENT] PerlSAX filter that detects ignorable whitespace
security/gnome-keyring [CURRENT] GNOME password and secret manager
fonts/tex-mdsymbol-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mdsymbol
wip/cup [CURRENT] LALR parser generator for java
devel/p5-Sub-Exporter [CURRENT] Sophisticated exporter for custom-built routines
devel/go-cmp [CURRENT] Package for comparing Go values in tests
textproc/p5-Text-LevenshteinXS [CURRENT] XS implementation of the Levenshtein edit distance
textproc/p5-Text-Reflow [CURRENT] Reflowing of text using Knuths paragraphing algorithm
databases/lua-tokyocabinet [CURRENT] Lua binding of Tokyo Cabinet
net/nagios-base [CURRENT] Network monitor
wip/php-dotclear [CURRENT] Open-source web publising software
math/R-RandomFields [CURRENT] Simulation and analysis of random fields
sysutils/amanda-common [CURRENT] Common libraries and binaries for Amanda
databases/ruby-dm-sqlite-adapter [CURRENT] Sqlite3 Adapter for DataMapper
lang/perl5 [CURRENT] Practical Extraction and Report Language
textproc/py-manuel [CURRENT] Build tested documentation
graphics/drawing [CURRENT] Application for drawing for the GNOME desktop
textproc/aspell-grc [CURRENT] Ancient Greek language support for aspell
math/pspp [CURRENT] Program for statistical analysis of sampled data
databases/ruby-dm-sweatshop [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin for building pseudo random models
devel/tex-latexbug [CURRENT] Bug-classification for LaTeX related bugs
sysutils/bacula-clientonly [CURRENT] The Network Backup Solution (client only)
graphics/luminance-hdr [CURRENT] GUI application that aims to provide a workflow for HDR imaging
textproc/aspell-mt [CURRENT] Maltese language support for aspell
lang/erlang-man [CURRENT] Documentation for Erlang, a concurrent functional programming language
print/tex-beamertheme-saintpetersburg [CURRENT] Beamer theme incorporating colours and fonts of Saint Petersburg State University
time/p5-DateTime-Format-DateParse [CURRENT] Parses Date::Parse compatible formats
databases/ruby-dm-tags [CURRENT] This package brings tagging to DataMapper
pkgtools/port2pkg [CURRENT] Convert from a FreeBSD port to a NetBSD package
wip/libeio [CURRENT] Full-featured asynchronous I/O library for C
wip/tinylogin [CURRENT] Suite of tiny Unix utilities for handling logging
textproc/aspell-sv [CURRENT] Swedish language support for aspell
lang/mit-scheme-bin [CURRENT] MIT/GNU Scheme (Linux binary)
databases/ruby-dm-transactions [CURRENT] Adds transaction support to datamapper
net/tcpillust [CURRENT] Graphical TCP connection analysis tool
security/ykman [CURRENT] Yubico YubiKey manager command-line tool
textproc/p5-Text-SpellChecker [CURRENT] Perl5 OO interface for spell-checking a block of text
security/py-yubikey-manager [CURRENT] Yubico YubiKey manager library
devel/go-wordwrap [CURRENT] Go library for wrapping words in a string
devel/p5-List-AllUtils [CURRENT] Combines List::Util and List::SomeUtils
textproc/epubcheck [CURRENT] Tool to validate IDPF Epub files
databases/ruby-do_postgres [CURRENT] PostgreSQL driver for DataObjects
wip/gnuradio-uhd [CURRENT] Uhd-based encoding and decoding algorithms for GNU Radio
wip/calibre [CURRENT] E-book library management application
security/egd [CURRENT] EGD: Entropy Gathering Daemon
textproc/aspell-tn [CURRENT] Setswana language support for aspell
math/mcsim [CURRENT] Monte Carlo Simulation software
sysutils/burn [CURRENT] GNUstep based CD burning program
textproc/p5-XML-Entities [CURRENT] Decode strings with XML entities
security/py-fido2 [CURRENT] Yubico FIDO U2F and FIDO 2.0 USB Python library
wip/go-madon [CURRENT] Golang library for the Mastodon API
fonts/tex-pl-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pl
devel/py-dialog [CURRENT] Python wrapper for the dialog utility
databases/ruby-do_sqlite3 [CURRENT] Implements the DataObjects API for Sqlite3
math/linpack [CURRENT] Library of linear algebra Fortran routines
print/cups-pdf [CURRENT] PDF backend for CUPS
devel/go-textseg [CURRENT] Go implementation of Unicode Text Segmentation
devel/go-kingpin.v3-unstable [CURRENT] Golang command line and flag parser, unstable v3
math/R-genetics [CURRENT] Classes and methods for handling genetic data
sysutils/cfengine2 [CURRENT] Automate configuration and administration of large systems
devel/pcre2 [CURRENT] Perl Compatible Regular Expressions library (major version 2)
devel/diffutils [CURRENT] GNU diff utilities - find the differences between files
textproc/crush-tools [CURRENT] Collection of tools for processing delimited-text data
devel/py-scard [CURRENT] Python library for smart cards
devel/chmlib [CURRENT] Library for dealing with Microsoft ITSS/CHM format files
sysutils/collectd-rrdtool [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - rrdtool plugins
textproc/ruby-will-paginate [CURRENT] Pagination for views of model queries
sysutils/wbm-virtual-server [CURRENT] Webmin module to allow users to control their own virtual servers
lang/sablevm [CURRENT] SableVM free Java virtual machine
textproc/diffsplit [CURRENT] Splits a unified diff into pieces which patch one file each
databases/ruby-qdbm [CURRENT] Ruby interface of QDBM
sysutils/cpuid [CURRENT] CPU identification feature
www/p5-Hijk [CURRENT] Hijk - Fast & minimal low-level HTTP client
databases/ruby-rrdtool [CURRENT] Data analysis tool generating graphical representations
security/p5-Bytes-Random-Secure [CURRENT] Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes
www/p5-CatalystX-LeakChecker [CURRENT] Debug memory leaks in Catalyst applications
textproc/docbook-xml [CURRENT] XML DTD designed for computer documentation
www/ruby-patron [CURRENT] Ruby HTTP client library based on libcurl
databases/ruby-tiny_tds [CURRENT] Modern, simple and fast FreeTDS library for Ruby using DB-Library
devel/py-hg-git [CURRENT] Push to and pull from a Git server repository using Mercurial
math/p5-Math-VecStat [CURRENT] Some basic numeric stats on vectors
www/php-http3 [CURRENT] PHP extension for extended HTTP support
textproc/emacs-muse [CURRENT] Publishing environment for Emacs
devel/libevent [CURRENT] Asynchronous event notification library
databases/ruby-vapor [CURRENT] Ruby transparent persistence to postgresql
textproc/expat [CURRENT] XML parser library written in C
devel/p5-Class-XSAccessor [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to generate fast XS accessors
www/py-grappelli_safe [CURRENT] Permanent fork of Grapelli admin skin for Mezzanine
net/nagios-plugin-spamd [CURRENT] Nagios plugin for monitoring the SpamAssassin daemon
textproc/tcl-expat [CURRENT] XML parser implemented entirely in Tcl
wip/tex-mathtools-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mathtools
devel/lua-fifo [CURRENT] FIFO library for Lua
sysutils/wbm-cluster-webmin [CURRENT] Webmin module to manage Webmin settings across a Webmin cluster
wip/clearsans-ttf [CURRENT] Clear Sans TrueType font from Intel
sysutils/wbm-useradmin [CURRENT] Webmin module to manage users and groups
sysutils/gnome-vfs [CURRENT] GNOME Virtual File System (v2)
net/nagios-plugin-pgsql [CURRENT] Nagios pgsql plugin
net/ruby-amqp [CURRENT] AMQP client implementation in Ruby/EventMachine
devel/hs-bytestring-builder [CURRENT] The new bytestring builder, packaged outside of GHC
devel/lua-basexx [CURRENT] BaseXX encoding and decoding library for Lua
mail/php-mailparse [CURRENT] PHP extension for email message manipulation
graphics/py-blurhash [CURRENT] Implementation of the blurhash algorithm in pure python
lang/lua54 [CURRENT] Lightweight, embeddable scripting language (v5.4)
emulators/emulationstation [CURRENT] Themeable multi-system emulator frontend
databases/sqlite3-docs [CURRENT] SQL Database Engine in a C Library (docs package)
databases/gourmet [CURRENT] Recipe database
wip/gst-plugins1-fluidsynth [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - fluidsynth plugin
devel/lua-binaryheap [CURRENT] Binary heap implementation in Lua
databases/sqlite3-tcl [CURRENT] SQL Database Engine in a C Library (TCL extension)
devel/go-nitro [CURRENT] Quick and easy performance analyzer library
devel/lua-BitOp [CURRENT] Lua module which adds bitwise operations on numbers
devel/ruby-thrift [CURRENT] Ruby bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
emulators/suse131_32_libsndfile [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for libsndfile
textproc/ruby-coderay [CURRENT] Syntax highlighter for Ruby and other languages
fonts/tex-fouriernc [CURRENT] Use New Century Schoolbook text with Fourier maths fonts
misc/gelemental [CURRENT] Periodic table viewer
wip/nqp [CURRENT] Not Quite Perl -- lightweight Perl 6-like environment for VM
wip/gtk2-engines-galaxy [CURRENT] Another theme engine for GTK+ 2.x
net/wmget [CURRENT] Background download manager in a Window Maker dock app
databases/p5-DublinCore-Record [CURRENT] Container for Dublin Core metadata elements
security/ap-modsecurity2 [CURRENT] Intrusion detection and prevention engine for web applications
devel/py-testpath [CURRENT] Test utilities for code working with files and commands
databases/iodbc [CURRENT] ODBC 3.x driver manager
sysutils/wbm-change-user [CURRENT] Webmin module to personalize Webmin user sessions
net/wget [CURRENT] Retrieve files from the net via HTTP and FTP
security/gnu-crypto [CURRENT] GPL implementation of the Java Crypto Extensions
databases/p5-MARC-Record [CURRENT] MARC record handling package
misc/py-trytond-stock-lot [CURRENT] Stock lot module of the Tryton application platform
regress/env-vars [CURRENT] Demonstrates the various *_ENV variables
devel/ruby-cucumber-tag_expressions [CURRENT] Cucumber Tag Expressions for Ruby
multimedia/dvdrip [CURRENT] Graphical frontend for DVD ripping
devel/R-filelock [CURRENT] Portable File Locking
emulators/suse131_32_openssl [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for OpenSSL
textproc/p5-native-hyperestraier [CURRENT] Perl native interface of Hyper Estraier
net/uucp [CURRENT] Taylor UUCP
databases/java-db3 [CURRENT] Java interface to Sleepycat Softwares Berkeley DB version 3
devel/ruby-fast_gettext [CURRENT] Simple, fast, memory-efficient and threadsafe GetText
databases/libcassandra [CURRENT] C++ interface to Cassandra
databases/p5-perl-ldap [CURRENT] Perl class to access LDAP servers
textproc/p5-SGMLS [CURRENT] Class for postprocessing the output from the sgmls and nsgmls parsers
misc/khard [CURRENT] CLI contacts application built around CardDAV
devel/py-importlib-metadata [CURRENT] Read metadata from Python packages
devel/appdata-tools [CURRENT] Application data tools
pkgtools/createbuildlink [CURRENT] Shell script to help creating files
devel/p5-Date-Calc-XS [CURRENT] XS wrapper and C library plug-in for Date::Calc
misc/tds [CURRENT] Web diary system
wip/graphmonkey [CURRENT] GTK#-based graphing calculator
databases/py-cassa [CURRENT] Python client library for Cassandra
databases/p5-DBD-XBase [CURRENT] Perl DBI/DBD driver for XBase (dBase/FoxPro) databases
textproc/asciidir [CURRENT] Recursively remove non ASCII characters in file names
wip/collectd-unbound [CURRENT] Collectd plugin for submitting unbound statistics
net/flow-tools [CURRENT] Collect and store NetFlow data
devel/arena [CURRENT] ANSI C like scripting language
devel/lua-repl [CURRENT] REPL library for Lua
textproc/p5-Encode-JIS2K [CURRENT] JIS X 0212 (aka JIS 2000) Encodings
misc/kanjidic [CURRENT] Japanese Kanji information
devel/tl-expected [CURRENT] C++11/14/17 std::expected with functional-style extensions
mail/claws-mail-managesieve [CURRENT] Manage Sieve filters on servers that support the ManageSieve protocol
converters/wkhtmltopdf [CURRENT] Command line tools to render HTML into PDF
mail/claws-mail-attachwarner [CURRENT] Warns if a message mentions an attachment without attaching files
sysutils/collectd-write_prometheus [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - write_prometheus plugin
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langkorean [CURRENT] Korean TeX packages
databases/php-ldap [CURRENT] PHP extension for LDAP database access
devel/p5-Module-Install-ManifestSkip [CURRENT] Module::Install::ManifestSkip - Generate a MANIFEST.SKIP file
databases/tdb [CURRENT] Small database system which uses files to store data
misc/p5-File-Tail [CURRENT] Perl5 module for reading from continuously updated files
devel/cvs2cl [CURRENT] CVS-log-message-to-ChangeLog conversion script
sysutils/p5-Mac-AppleScript-Glue [CURRENT] Perl 5 module allowing AppleScript to be written in Perl
devel/elfcat [CURRENT] Dump sections or program entries from a ELF file
fonts/overpass [CURRENT] Font family inspired by Highway Gothic
wip/cpqarrayd [CURRENT] Monitor HP SmartArray controllers
wip/conkeror [CURRENT] Extensible keyboard-oriented web browser based on Mozilla
net/p5-IO-SessionData [CURRENT] Supporting module for SOAP::Lite
devel/haskell-mode [CURRENT] Haskell mode for Emacs
net/oidentd [CURRENT] Configurable IDENT server that supports NAT/IP masq
devel/p5-Moo [CURRENT] Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatiblity)
security/py-backports.ssl_match_hostname [CURRENT] Python SSL support module for Python 2
databases/gnome-mime-data [CURRENT] MIME and Application database for GNOME2
print/tex-colorprofiles [CURRENT] Collection of free ICC profiles
wip/openvas-scanner [CURRENT] Open Vulnerability Assessment System Scanner
sysutils/xfe [CURRENT] Fast MS-Explorer like filemanager for X
www/ruby-jquery-rails [CURRENT] Rails jQuery support
devel/libfirm [CURRENT] Provides a graph-based SSA representation of programs
fonts/tex-trajan-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-trajan
textproc/aspell-tet [CURRENT] Tetum language support for aspell
devel/lua-std-normalize [CURRENT] Normalized Lua functions
wip/cops [CURRENT] Computer Oracle and Password System
devel/lua-term [CURRENT] Lua module for manipulating a terminal
textproc/p5-Text-Aligner [CURRENT] Perl module to align text
databases/ruby-odbc [CURRENT] ODBC binding for Ruby
mail/sendymail [CURRENT] Send emails through Yahoo using your favorite email client
devel/libftdi1 [CURRENT] Userland driver library for FTDI USB chips
wip/tenmado [CURRENT] Vertical scrolling shootem-up game
databases/p5-Catalyst-Model-DBIC-Schema [CURRENT] DBIx::Class::Schema Model Class
devel/libproplist [CURRENT] GNUstep/OPENSTEP property lists compatibility library
databases/lua-sql-sqlite3 [CURRENT] SQLite 3.x bindings for Lua
wip/kannel-gateway [CURRENT] Kannel WAP gateway
net/p5-Net-DNSServer [CURRENT] Perl5 module to be used as a domain name server
devel/p5-Module-Runtime [CURRENT] Deal with runtime handling of Perl modules
net/p5-Net-IPv4Addr [CURRENT] Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses
databases/adodb [CURRENT] Active Data Objects Data Base for php
sysutils/py-salt-pepper [CURRENT] CLI front-end to a running salt-api system
mail/p5-Net-SMTP_auth [CURRENT] Perl module adding SMTP AUTH support to Net::SMTP module
wip/py-ontopy [CURRENT] Simple RDF to Python mapper built on top of rdflib
devel/p5-Array-Compare [CURRENT] Perl extension for comparing arrays
databases/ruby-postgres-pr [CURRENT] Pure Ruby extension for PostgreSQL
x11/imwheel [CURRENT] Tool which helps to use mousewheels
net/httping [CURRENT] Like ping but for http-requests
archivers/xpk [CURRENT] The eXternal PacKer (XPK) library system
wip/ioquake3-snapshot [CURRENT] Open source Quake 3 distribution
wip/go-properties-map [CURRENT] TODO: Short description of the package
devel/p5-Bit-Vector [CURRENT] Efficient base class implementing bit vectors
devel/p5-Data-TemporaryBag [CURRENT] Handle long size data using temporary file
devel/lua-argparse [CURRENT] Feature-rich command-line argument parser for Lua
devel/p5-B-Compiling [CURRENT] Expose PL_compiling to perl
wip/php-redis5 [CURRENT] PHP extension for Redis
textproc/p5-Convert-ASCII-Armour [CURRENT] Perl5 module to convert binary octets into ASCII armour
databases/py-PgSQL [CURRENT] Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL
fonts/artwiz-fonts [CURRENT] Set of free fonts for X11 desktops
x11/py-Pmw2 [CURRENT] Python meta widgets (python-3.x version)
time/jday [CURRENT] Julian date calculator
textproc/p5-Pod-Elemental-PerlMunger [CURRENT] Perl5 module that takes a string of Perl and rewrites its Pod
fonts/comic-neue [CURRENT] Font that fixes the shortcomings of Comic Sans
ham/xlog [CURRENT] Amateur Radio logging program
devel/p5-Class-C3-XS [CURRENT] XS speedups for Class::C3
games/openrct2 [CURRENT] Open source reimplementation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
databases/p5-AddressBook [CURRENT] Perl5 module for unified access to addressbook databases
cross/asm6809 [CURRENT] Portable assembler targeting Motorola 6809 and Hitachi 6309
textproc/aspell-pl [CURRENT] Polish language support for aspell
devel/p5-Debug-ShowStuff [CURRENT] Collection of handy debugging routines to display values of variables
databases/apache-cassandra2 [CURRENT] Highly scalable, distributed structured key-value store
devel/go-xerrors [CURRENT] Transition package for Go 1.13 error values
devel/libgnt [CURRENT] GLib Ncurses Toolkit
shells/esh [CURRENT] Unix shell with Lisp-like syntax
archivers/p5-Compress-Bzip2 [CURRENT] Perl5 interface to bzip2 compression library
security/py-crack [CURRENT] Python interface to cracklib
devel/p5-Module-Versions [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to handle versions of loaded modules
devel/p5-TAP-Harness-Archive [CURRENT] Create an archive of TAP test results
databases/pgpool2 [CURRENT] Middleware between PostgreSQL servers and a PostgreSQL database client
databases/php-sqlrelay [CURRENT] PHP extension for SQL Relay
devel/lua-coxpcall [CURRENT] Module to encapsulate protected calls with a coroutine based loop
sysutils/scsiinfo [CURRENT] Displays information about SCSI devices attached to a system
devel/p5-syntax [CURRENT] Perl 5 pragma to activate syntax extensions
databases/ruby-tokyocabinet [CURRENT] Ruby binding of Tokyo Cabinet
wip/mupen64plus [CURRENT] Cross-platform plugin-based N64 emulator
devel/libexecinfo [CURRENT] BSD Licensed clone of backtrace facility found in GNU libc
www/bkedit [CURRENT] Bookmark manager and editor
devel/Renaissance [CURRENT] Structured GNUstep user interface development framework
finance/py-braintree [CURRENT] Braintree Python Library
devel/tokei [CURRENT] Displays statistics about code
wip/ispell-dictionaries [CURRENT] meta-package for ispell spell checker dictionaries
meta-pkgs/texlive-collection-langpolish [CURRENT] Polish TeX packages
databases/ruby-dm-cli [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin allowing interaction with models through a CLI
x11/xf86-video-nouveau [CURRENT] New (or nouveau) NVidia driver for modular
print/tex-context-filter [CURRENT] Run external programs on the contents of a start-stop environment
math/py-bottleneck [CURRENT] Collection of fast NumPy array functions written in C
devel/py-test-mock [CURRENT] Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test
www/py-django-celery-beat [CURRENT] Database-backed Periodic Tasks
textproc/aspell-ca [CURRENT] Catalan language support for aspell
games/xfreecell [CURRENT] Popular freecell card game for X
wip/p5-Subtitles [CURRENT] Handle video subtitles in various text formats
devel/capstone [CURRENT] Lightweight multi-platform, multi-architecture disassembly framework
multimedia/gstreamermm1 [CURRENT] C++ interface for GStreamer
devel/go-quicktest [CURRENT] Quick helpers for testing Go applications
wip/gleam-stdlib [CURRENT] Gleam standard library
databases/p5-MLDBM-Serializer-JSON [CURRENT] DBM serializer uses JSON for language interoperability
security/kpcli [CURRENT] Command line interface to KeePass password safes
devel/gcvs [CURRENT] GTK interface for CVS
www/p5-HTTP-Server-Simple [CURRENT] Perl5 module providing a simple standalone HTTP daemon
wip/p5-Term-ReadLine-Perl5 [CURRENT] Perl module providing minimal interface to Readline libraries
databases/p5-Ima-DBI [CURRENT] Perl5 module for DB connection caching and organization
devel/ruby-hike [CURRENT] Find files in a set of paths
mail/p5-Email-MIME-Attachment-Stripper [CURRENT] Strip the attachments from a mail
games/love11 [CURRENT] Framework for making 2D games in Lua (version 11.0)
wip/java-muse [CURRENT] Java-XML API for networking with modules like Jabber
wm/mlvwm [CURRENT] Macintosh Like Virtual Window Manager
wip/p5-RPC-PlClient [CURRENT] All thats needed to run PlRPC-Server and Client
editors/obby [CURRENT] Library for distributed editing
textproc/go-kr-text [CURRENT] Go package for manipulating paragraphs of text
mail/p5-MIME-Lite-HTML [CURRENT] Perl5 module to transform a HTML page into a MIME-Lite mail
games/corsix-th [CURRENT] Reimplementation of the game engine of Theme Hospital
databases/ruby-dm-mysql-adapter [CURRENT] MySQL Adapter for DataMapper
wip/light-desktop [CURRENT] Fast and lightweight desktop
databases/p5-Class-DBI-Plugin [CURRENT] Abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins
devel/p5-Term-Size [CURRENT] Perl extension for retrieving terminal size
sysutils/bacula-tray-monitor [CURRENT] System tray monitor for Bacula - The Network Backup Solution
print/tex-ncctools [CURRENT] Collection of general packages for LaTeX
devel/p5-B-Keywords [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing lists of reserved barewords and symbol names
devel/py-incremental [CURRENT] Small library that versions your Python projects
misc/py-trytond-stock-inventory-location [CURRENT] Trytons stock inventory location module
www/py-pystache [CURRENT] Mustache for Python
graphics/jbig2enc [CURRENT] JBIG2 encoder
net/netcat-openbsd [CURRENT] Arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens
devel/rebar3 [CURRENT] Erlang build tool
wip/gleam [CURRENT] Statically typed language for the Erlang VM
benchmarks/nttcp [CURRENT] New TCP testing and performance measuring tool
databases/mysqltuner [CURRENT] Perl script that assists in MySQL configuration
devel/SDL [CURRENT] Simple DirectMedia Layer, a cross-platform multimedia library
misc/ini_file_manager [CURRENT] Ini configuration file reader and manipulator package for Ada
wip/stackdriver-collectd [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon base, Stackdriver version
textproc/p5-XML-Compile-Tester [CURRENT] Perl module for testing compilation based XML processing
editors/leim20 [CURRENT] Libraries of Emacs Input Methods
audio/libao-nas [CURRENT] Cross-platform audio library (NAS plugin)
wip/spice-html5 [CURRENT] Pure Javascript SPICE client
textproc/go-org [CURRENT] Go Org mode parser with html & pretty printed org rendering
devel/p5-Test-HexString [CURRENT] Perl5 module to test binary strings with hex dump diagnostics
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-FinderSync [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (FinderSync framework)
benchmarks/libmicro [CURRENT] Set of utilities to benchmark productivity of system calls
games/2048-cli [CURRENT] The game 2048 for your Unix terminal
print/tex-beamertheme-npbt [CURRENT] Collection of LaTeX beamer themes
inputmethod/ibus [CURRENT] Intelligent Input Bus
wip/premake [CURRENT] Build script generator
devel/p5-Hash-FieldHash [CURRENT] Lightweight field hash for inside-out objects
devel/libite [CURRENT] Useful functions developed by both Finit and the OpenBSD project
print/tex-beamerthemenirma [CURRENT] Beamer theme for academic presentations
devel/p5-Class-Gomor [CURRENT] Another class and object builder
wip/rebar3 [CURRENT] Erlang build tool
mail/rblcheck [CURRENT] Command-line interface to Paul Vixies RBL filter
wip/pcsx2 [CURRENT] Playstation 2 Emulator
converters/p5-Cpanel-JSON-XS [CURRENT] JSON serialising/deserialising, done correctly and fast (cPanel fork)
wip/libc++-abi [CURRENT] Low Level Virtual Machine C++ standard library support
emulators/free42 [CURRENT] HP42S Calculator Simulator
databases/repmgr [CURRENT] Replication Manager for PostgreSQL clusters
databases/p5-MLDBM-Sync [CURRENT] Perl5 module for safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases
x11/xdbedizzy [CURRENT] Demo of the X11 Double Buffer Extension (DBE)
graphics/go-gift [CURRENT] Go Image Filtering Toolkit
graphics/SDL2_gfx [CURRENT] Graphics drawing primitives library for SDL2
x11/matchbox-common [CURRENT] Shared icons and configuration data for Matchbox
devel/p5-TAP-Formatter-HTML [CURRENT] TAP Test Harness output delegate for html output
net/dante [CURRENT] BSD-licensed socks 4/5 proxy suite
wip/micropolis [CURRENT] City-building simulation
converters/p5-JSON-XS-VersionOneAndTwo [CURRENT] Support versions 1 and 2 of JSON::XS
lang/py-js2py [CURRENT] Pure Python JavaScript Translator/Interpreter
wip/refkeen [CURRENT] Port of Keen Dreams, Catacomb 3-D and The Catacomb Adventure Series
devel/visualvm [CURRENT] Monitor, profile, take and browse java thread dumps
net/freeradius-ldap [CURRENT] Free RADIUS rlm_ldap module
lang/japhar [CURRENT] Java Virtual Machine, currently JDK 1.1.5-level
comms/conserver8 [CURRENT] Application that allows multiple users to watch serial consoles
sysutils/neofetch [CURRENT] Command-line system information tool
security/rvault [CURRENT] Secure and authenticated store for secrets and small documents
databases/p5-MARC [CURRENT] Perl5 module for manipulating MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) data
games/afternoonstalker [CURRENT] Robot-killing video game
multimedia/xine-ui [CURRENT] Skinned xlib-based xine GUI
converters/erlang-iconv [CURRENT] Fast encoding conversion library for Erlang / Elixir
fonts/tex-japanese-otf [CURRENT] Advanced font selection for platex and its friends
wip/ptpd [CURRENT] Precision Time Protocol Daemon
devel/py-cpplint [CURRENT] Static code checker for C++
x11/deskmenu [CURRENT] X utility for providing root menus
devel/py-cubes [CURRENT] Lightweight framework for Online Analytical Processing
databases/ruby-dm-is-searchable [CURRENT] DataMapper plugin for searching
x11/py-terminator-plugins [CURRENT] Set of plugins for terminator
databases/gdbm [CURRENT] The GNU database manager
databases/p5-DBIx-Class-Validation [CURRENT] Validate all data before submitting to database
devel/p5-accessors-fast [CURRENT] Compiletime accessors using Class::Accessor::Fast
graphics/qimageblitz [CURRENT] Interm graphical effect and filter library for KDE4.0
x11/qwt6-qt4 [CURRENT] Qt widget library for technical purposes
wip/netbsd-pf [CURRENT] PF module for NetBSD
databases/p5-postgresql [CURRENT] Perl interface class for PostgreSQL
lang/swi-prolog-jpl [CURRENT] JPL package for SWI Prolog
devel/p5-Log-Any-Adapter-Dispatch [CURRENT] Log::Any adapter uses Log::Dispatch for logging
devel/p5-Dir-Self [CURRENT] Perl 5 __DIR__ constant for source files directory
time/xtide [CURRENT] X11 tide predictor
databases/py-metakit [CURRENT] Embedded database library
graphics/freetype-lib [CURRENT] TrueType font rendering engine and library API
audio/blop [CURRENT] Bandlimited LADSPA Oscillator Plugins
wip/py-libopensync-plugin [CURRENT] Python support code for opensync plugins
converters/recode [CURRENT] Convert files between character sets and usages
databases/p5-Jifty-DBI [CURRENT] Perl 5 object-relational persistence framework
devel/go-pty [CURRENT] Go package for using unix pseudo-terminals
devel/py-ddt [CURRENT] Data-Driven/Decorated Tests
security/pam-fprint [CURRENT] PAM module to provide authentication using fingerprint readers
wip/libcdata [CURRENT] Library for cross-platform C generic data functions
textproc/helpdeco [CURRENT] Windows .hlp to .rtf converter
devel/mell [CURRENT] M Emacs Lisp Library
graphics/p5-clutter [CURRENT] Perl interface to the 1.x series of the Clutter toolkit
databases/p5-Sort-SQL [CURRENT] Manipulate SQL sort strings
lang/nqp [CURRENT] Not Quite Perl -- lightweight Perl 6-like environment for VM
databases/py-peewee [CURRENT] Small, expressive ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite
finance/py-trytond-purchase-requisition [CURRENT] Purchase requisition module of the Tryton application platform
wip/py-napalm-iosxr [CURRENT] NAPALM module for Cisco IOS-XR
math/tochnog [CURRENT] Finite Element Analysis Program
math/p5-Number-Range [CURRENT] Define ranges and test if number is in range
devel/py-test-virtualenv [CURRENT] Virtualenv fixture for py.test
cross/mingw-w64-i686-gcc [CURRENT] GNU C Compiler for win32 cross-development
graphics/tex-mpcolornames [CURRENT] Extend list of predefined colour names for MetaPost
sysutils/syslog-ng-curl [CURRENT] Highly portable log management solution
finance/py-trytond-purchase [CURRENT] Purchase module of the Tryton application platform
textproc/py-xmlschema [CURRENT] XML Schema validator and decoder
print/tex-edmac-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-edmac
wip/uclibc [CURRENT] C library for developing embedded Linux systems
devel/p5-Data-Alias [CURRENT] Comprehensive set of aliasing operations
databases/ruby-dm-rest-adapter [CURRENT] REST Adapter for DataMapper
sysutils/pciutils [CURRENT] PCI bus manipulation utility similar to NetBSD pcictl(8)
graphics/gexiv2 [CURRENT] GObject-based wrapper around the Exiv2 library
wip/obnc-libstd [CURRENT] (no description)
finance/py-trytond-bank [CURRENT] Bank module of the Tryton application platform
net/openh323 [CURRENT] Open H.323 library
finance/magento [CURRENT] Feature-rich eCommerce platform
converters/2vcard [CURRENT] Convert an addressbook to the popular VCARD file format
x11/tk-BWidget [CURRENT] High-level Widget Set for Tcl/Tk
graphics/quesoglc [CURRENT] Free implementation of the OpenGL Character Renderer (GLC)
print/tex-ragged2e-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ragged2e
time/tex-datetime2-scottish [CURRENT] Scottish Gaelic Language Module for the datetime2 Package
devel/p5-GitLab-API-v4 [CURRENT] Complete GitLab API v4 client
print/tex-trimspaces [CURRENT] Trim spaces around an argument or within a macro
x11/xcb-util-xrm [CURRENT] XCB utility functions for the X resource manager
databases/php-redis [CURRENT] PHP extension for Redis
textproc/p5-Number-Format [CURRENT] Perl extension for formatting numbers
sysutils/p5-Linux-Inotify2 [CURRENT] Scalable directory/file change notification
devel/devIL [CURRENT] Developers Image Library
graphics/x11rec [CURRENT] Very ad hoc X11 recorder which create a movie
math/R-forcats [CURRENT] Tools for working with categorical variables (factors)
emulators/suse131_lsb [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for Linux Standard Base
wm/bbpager04 [CURRENT] Pager for the blackbox window manager
games/InterLOGIC [CURRENT] Logic/puzzle game based on the old Amiga game Balls
graphics/camediaplay [CURRENT] Digital camera downloading tool for Epson/Sanyo/Olympus/Agfa camera
games/lbreakout2 [CURRENT] Breakout-style arcade game
graphics/clutter-gtk [CURRENT] GTK+ Integration library for Clutter
textproc/p5-Text-DelimMatch [CURRENT] Find regexp delimited strings with proper nesting
print/tex-translation-filecontents-de-doc [CURRENT] German version of filecontents
sysutils/libpciaccess [CURRENT] PCI access utility library from
x11/xf86-input-penmount [CURRENT] PenMount input driver for the Xorg X server
misc/jive [CURRENT] Filter that converts English text to Jive
print/tex-texlive-scripts-extra-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-texlive-scripts-extra
wip/opengrok [CURRENT] Fast and usable source code search and cross reference engine
wip/p5-WebService-GData [CURRENT] Google data protocol v2
games/ccgo [CURRENT] Go board with IGS and gnugo interface
misc/py-trytond-product-measurements [CURRENT] Product measurements module of the Tryton application platform
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-SceneKit [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (SceneKit framework)
textproc/p5-String-Approx [CURRENT] Approximate (fuzzy) string matching library for Perl
wip/p5-JSON-WebToken [CURRENT] JSON Web Token (JWT) implementation for Perl
misc/chipmunk [CURRENT] Shell-like tool for hardware debugging
wm/novawm [CURRENT] Nova window manager
security/py-rsa40 [CURRENT] Pure-Python RSA implementation (for Python 2.x)
wip/fuse-mp3fs [CURRENT] MP3 transcoding FUSE file system
misc/gkrellm-launch [CURRENT] GKrellM plugin to allow quick launch of applications
misc/gkrellm-leds [CURRENT] GKrellM plugin that monitors CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock keys
devel/p5-Set-Scalar [CURRENT] Perl5 module for basic set operations
graphics/tex-mfpic [CURRENT] Draw Metafont/post pictures from (La)TeX commands
wip/jgraphx [CURRENT] Java Swing diagramming (graph visualisation) library
misc/gnuls [CURRENT] GNU ls utility with color support
graphics/tex-mp3d [CURRENT] 3D animations
misc/kanjipad [CURRENT] Japanese handwriting recognition
devel/apr [CURRENT] Apache Portable Runtime
devel/sunifdef [CURRENT] Tool for eliminating superfluous C preprocessor conditionals
net/p5-Net-AMQP [CURRENT] Advanced Message Queue Protocol (de)serialization and representation
graphics/tex-textpath [CURRENT] Setting text along a path with MetaPost
wip/PyBabelFish [CURRENT] Gtk-based frontend for several translation services on web
wip/lander [CURRENT] Lunar Lander clone
wip/love11 [CURRENT] Framework for making 2D games in Lua
devel/go-consul-api [CURRENT] Golang API client for Consul
wip/gnomeradio [CURRENT] FM-radio tuner for the GNOME desktop
misc/multitail [CURRENT] View one or multiple files
lang/gpc [CURRENT] GNU Pascal Compiler
misc/p5-Business-UPS [CURRENT] Perl5 module to handle UPS rate calculation and package tracking
wip/go-junit-report [CURRENT] TODO: Short description of the package
fonts/tex-cookingsymbols-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cookingsymbols
sysutils/bsign [CURRENT] Utility to embed a hash or signature into an executable
misc/p5-Locale-US [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to maps US two-letter codes to states and vice versa
wip/cvstrac [CURRENT] Web-based bug and patch-set tracker for CVS, Subversion and GIT
graphics/vid [CURRENT] Simple-minded image capture program for some USB webcams
wip/hypatia [CURRENT] 2D RPG game engine written in Python
comms/binkd [CURRENT] FidoNet-over-IP transport program utilizing BINKP protocol
wip/mu [CURRENT] E-mail searching and indexing tools
graphics/libgiigic [CURRENT] General Input Configurator for GGI
misc/pdmenu [CURRENT] Simple console menu program
devel/p5-Test-Script-Run [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to test scripts
wip/bluez-libs [CURRENT] Linux Bluetooth Stack libraries
sysutils/dmesg2gif [CURRENT] Output dmesg(8) device tree as GIF image
misc/py-stdnum [CURRENT] Python module to handle standardized numbers and codes
wip/gnuradio-wavelet [CURRENT] Wavelet transform of GNU Radio
wip/flexdock [CURRENT] Swing windowing and docking framework
misc/py-trytond-production [CURRENT] Production module of the Tryton application platform
biology/bioperl [CURRENT] Perl tools for computational molecular biology
www/p5-HTTP-CookieMonster [CURRENT] Easy read/write access to your jar of HTTP::Cookies
graphics/tex-emp-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-emp
lang/py-byterun [CURRENT] Python implementation of a python interpreter
textproc/p5-Lingua-EN-Fathom [CURRENT] Measure readability of English text
www/ruby-mustermann [CURRENT] Use patterns like regular expressions
mbone/dbeacon [CURRENT] Distributed IPv4/IPv6 multicast beacon
graphics/blender-lts [CURRENT] Fully integrated 3D graphics creation suite
wip/minio-client [CURRENT] Tool implementing ls/cp/mkdir/diff/rsync for S3-like object storage
databases/p5-DBICx-Sugar [CURRENT] Just some syntax sugar for DBIx::Class
games/unknown-horizons [CURRENT] 2D RTS game with an emphasis on economy and city building
print/tex-beamertheme-metropolis [CURRENT] Modern LaTeX beamer theme
wip/p5-Perl-LanguageServer [CURRENT] Language Server for the Perl language
textproc/py-sphinxcontrib-jsmath [CURRENT] Sphinx API for math in HTML via JavaScript
www/p5-CSS-Tiny [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to read/write .css files with as little code as possible
misc/abduco [CURRENT] Tool for session {at,de}tach support
misc/root-tail [CURRENT] Allows printing of text directly to the X11 root window
fonts/tex-fonetika-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fonetika
graphics/libraw [CURRENT] Raw decoding/processing library
www/p5-Cookie-XS [CURRENT] HTTP Cookie parser in C (deprecated)
emulators/mmix [CURRENT] Simulators for Knuths MMIX RISC architecture
lang/gcc49-libs [CURRENT] The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
textproc/aspell-sc [CURRENT] Sardinian language support for aspell
textproc/p5-String-ToIdentifier-EN [CURRENT] Convert Strings to English Program Identifiers
graphics/tex-metaplot-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-metaplot
print/ruby-pdf-writer [CURRENT] PDF generation library
net/pear-SOAP [CURRENT] SOAP Client/Server for PHP
wip/trac-plugins-AuthOpenId [CURRENT] This plugins allows to login to Trac using OpenID
wip/cross-binutils [CURRENT] Unified GNU binutils for cross build environments
databases/sqlrelay [CURRENT] Database connection pooling middleware and API
devel/py-test-xprocess [CURRENT] Pytest plugin to manage external processes across test runs
www/hiawatha [CURRENT] Barebones HTTP server with XML and XSLT support (and more)
wip/wlroots [CURRENT] Wayland compositor library
finance/py-trytond-sale-shipment-cost [CURRENT] Sale shipment cost of the Tryton application platform
devel/p5-B-COW [CURRENT] Some naive additional B helpers to check the COW status of one SvPV
math/nickle [CURRENT] Desk calculator language
net/py-txtorcon [CURRENT] Twisted Python library for controlling tor daemon
graphics/glx-utils [CURRENT] OpenGL glxgears and glxinfo
www/py-httpx [CURRENT] The next generation HTTP client
math/py-ephem [CURRENT] Scientific-grade astronomical computations for Python
graphics/xart [CURRENT] Paint program (enhanced xpaint)
net/nyx [CURRENT] Command-line monitor for the tor daemon
devel/lld [CURRENT] The LLVM Linker
graphics/veusz [CURRENT] Scientific plotting package
archivers/py-lz4 [CURRENT] Python LZ4 binding
graphics/py-blockdiag [CURRENT] Generate block-diagram image file from spec-text file
www/firefox52-l10n [CURRENT] Language packs for www/firefox (version 52)
graphics/py-imaging [CURRENT] PIL, the Python Imaging Library
fonts/tex-aspectratio-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-aspectratio
devel/p5-MooseX-Traits-Pluggable [CURRENT] Extension to MooseX::Traits
wip/md4c [CURRENT] Markdown for C library and parser
print/tex-appendixnumberbeamer [CURRENT] Manage frame numbering in appendixes in beamer
sysutils/sarah [CURRENT] Syslog automated Rotation and Archive Handler
net/py-nyx [CURRENT] Command-line monitor for the tor daemon
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-ConfigLoader [CURRENT] Load Catalyst config from YAML file
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-DBIC [CURRENT] DBIC session storage backend
wip/scare [CURRENT] Interpreter for interactive fiction written in Adrift
math/muparser [CURRENT] Parser for mathematical expressions
archivers/szip [CURRENT] Extended-Rice lossless compression
graphics/py-seaborn [CURRENT] Statistical data visualization
security/opensc [CURRENT] Smart Card drivers and middleware
devel/lua-cqueues [CURRENT] Stackable Continuation Queues for Lua
www/p5-Template-Toolkit [CURRENT] Perl5 text template and dynamic web page integration toolkit
net/py-sbws [CURRENT] Tor simple bandwidth scanner
wip/p5-Mojo-JWT [CURRENT] JSON Web Token the Mojo way
security/p5-Digest-MD2 [CURRENT] Perl5 module for MD2
textproc/aspell-sr [CURRENT] Serbian language support for aspell
devel/py-stem [CURRENT] Python controller library for the tor daemon
devel/p5-Exporter-Lite [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing lightweight exporting of variables
wip/coverity-analysis-bin [CURRENT] Static Analysis for Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, or Python
textproc/java-native-hyperestraier [CURRENT] Java native interface of Hyper Estraier
textproc/p5-Lingua-Stem-It [CURRENT] Porters stemming algorithm for Italian
www/swiftsurf [CURRENT] Web proxy that can handle http and https
textproc/aspell-be [CURRENT] Belarusian language support for aspell
www/p5-CatalystX-CRUD-YUI [CURRENT] YUI for your CatalystX::CRUD view
wip/shttpd [CURRENT] Lightweight, easy to use web server
fonts/tex-fc-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-fc
textproc/R-stringr [CURRENT] Simple, consistent wrappers for common string operations
graphics/opencolorio [CURRENT] Color management solution
print/tex-revtex-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-revtex
wip/gitless [CURRENT] Experimental version control system built on top of Git
emulators/suse121_32_expat [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for expat
textproc/aspell-hsb [CURRENT] Upper Sorbian language support for aspell
print/tex-poltawski-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-poltawski
meta-pkgs/php73-extensions [CURRENT] meta-package for the PHP 7.3 HTML-embedded scripting language
textproc/hunspell-en_US [CURRENT] US American English dictionaries for hunspell
print/tex-font-change [CURRENT] Macros to change text and mathematics fonts in plain TeX
graphics/tex-pictex [CURRENT] Picture drawing macros for TeX and LaTeX
print/tex-standalone [CURRENT] Compile TeX pictures stand-alone or as part of a document
www/py-django-formtools [CURRENT] Collection of assorted utilities for specific form use cases
games/freeciv-client [CURRENT] Freeciv client
math/p5-Math-Int64 [CURRENT] Manipulate 64 bits integers in Perl
print/tex-context-gantt [CURRENT] GANTT module for ConTeXt
sysutils/menu-cache [CURRENT] Cache for menu spec
sysutils/ruby-specinfra [CURRENT] Common layer for serverspec and itamae
fonts/tex-lfb [CURRENT] Greek font with normal and bold variants
print/tex-texdoctk [CURRENT] Easy access to package documentation
x11/docker [CURRENT] WindowMaker dock app which acts as a system tray
multimedia/libmpeg2 [CURRENT] Library for decoding mpeg-2 and mpeg-1 video streams
ham/gnuradio-trellis [CURRENT] Trellis-based encoding and decoding algorithms for GNU Radio
www/py-respx [CURRENT] Utility for mocking out the Python HTTPX library
wip/terraform-provider-vultr [CURRENT] Terraform provider for Vultr
misc/p5-Business-CreditCard [CURRENT] Perl5 module to validate/generate credit card checksums/names
multimedia/transcode [CURRENT] Command line video-stream processing tool
multimedia/mediainfo [CURRENT] Utility to supply technical info about audio and video
textproc/py-biplist [CURRENT] Library for reading/writing binary plists
net/miniupnpd [CURRENT] UPnP IGD service with NAT-PMP support
textproc/libpinyin [CURRENT] Library to deal with pinyin
wip/gst-plugins1-modplug [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - modplug plugin
wip/vmsbackup [CURRENT] Utility to read VMS backup tapes
wip/sonic-visualiser [CURRENT] Application for viewing and analysing music audio files
net/p5-Net-DNS [CURRENT] Perl5 module for DNS resolution
archivers/lhasa [CURRENT] Freely licensed lha archiving tool (for .lzh and .lha files)
wip/libgamemusic [CURRENT] Library for playing and converting music used in DOS games
net/pear-Net_URL [CURRENT] PHP classes to easy parsing of URLs
security/p5-Net-SSH [CURRENT] Perl implementations of SSH1 and SSH2 protocols
security/clamav [CURRENT] Anti-virus toolkit
net/airport2basestationconfig [CURRENT] Configuration program for Apples Airport Base Station
textproc/split-thai [CURRENT] Utilities to split UTF-8 Thai text into words
textproc/p5-Text-Emoticon [CURRENT] Emoticon filter class
wip/libfirm-git [CURRENT] C-Library suitable for optimizing compilers
inputmethod/skkserv [CURRENT] Dictionary server for Simple Kana-Kanji conversion programs
fonts/tex-ebgaramond-maths-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ebgaramond-maths
sysutils/amanda-client [CURRENT] Client part of Amanda, a network backup system
devel/py-extras [CURRENT] Useful extra bits for Python
net/ettercap [CURRENT] Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
finance/py-trytond-sale-invoice-grouping [CURRENT] Sale invoice grouping module of the Tryton application platform
print/cups-drivers-Magicolor5440DL [CURRENT] CUPS drivers for printer Konica Minolta Magicolor 5440DL
security/cy2-gssapi [CURRENT] Cyrus SASL GSSAPI authentication plugin
security/libpreludedb-mysql [CURRENT] Provides an interface to the database used to store IDMEF alerts
net/gupnp [CURRENT] Framework for UPnP devices (1.0 branch)
devel/p5-Data-Uniqid [CURRENT] Perl extension for simple generaion of unique ids
sysutils/burp [CURRENT] Networked backup and restore program
net/nanomsg [CURRENT] Scalability protocols library
print/tex-beamertheme-cuerna [CURRENT] Beamer theme with 4 colour palettes
graphics/OpenRM [CURRENT] The OpenRM Scene Graph API
wip/trac-plugins-MasterTickets-svn [CURRENT] Ticket dependency plugin for Trac
textproc/php-excel [CURRENT] Pure PHP library for reading and writing spreadsheet files
sysutils/dd_rhelp [CURRENT] Rescue hard disk helper
wip/emacs27 [CURRENT] GNU editing macros (editor)
fonts/tex-baskervaldx-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-baskervaldx
sysutils/collectd-snmp [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - snmp plugin
fonts/tex-universa [CURRENT] Herbert Bayers universal font
security/otpCalc [CURRENT] OTP and S/Key calculator for X
print/tex-beamertheme-epyt [CURRENT] Simple and clean theme for LaTeX beamer class
net/p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco [CURRENT] Perl5 module for communicating with Cisco routers via telnet
textproc/ruby-temple [CURRENT] Template compilation framework in Ruby
editors/emacs27-nox11 [CURRENT] GNU editing macros (editor)
sysutils/devkitd [CURRENT] NetBSD port of devkitd (for DeviceKit)
converters/p5-JSON [CURRENT] Perl module converts between JSON and Perl data structure
www/py-soupsieve [CURRENT] CSS4 selector implementation for Beautiful Soup
fonts/tex-bbm-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-bbm
fonts/tex-merriweather-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-merriweather
wip/gst-plugins1-dash [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - dash plugin
editors/emacs27 [CURRENT] GNU editing macros (editor)
devel/p5-Config-Std [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a simple configuration-file system
textproc/pugixml [CURRENT] Light-weight C++ XML processing library
security/p5-Crypt-Random-TESHA2 [CURRENT] Random numbers using timer/schedule entropy
fonts/intlfonts [CURRENT] Free X11 fonts (BDF format) for all characters that Emacs can handle
wip/malaga [CURRENT] Grammar development and application for natural languages
wm/berry [CURRENT] Healthy, byte-sized window manager
audio/libgig [CURRENT] C++ library for working with sampler file formats
devel/p5-Config-MVP [CURRENT] Perl5 module for multivalue-property package-oriented configuration
emulators/compat60 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 6.0 compatibility
sysutils/stow [CURRENT] Maps several separate packages into a tree without merging them
geography/lua-mmdb [CURRENT] MaxMind Geolocation database format parser for Lua
sysutils/libgtop [CURRENT] Library to retrieve system information, used in GNOME2
www/p5-Dancer-Session-Cookie [CURRENT] Encrypted cookie-based session backend for Dancer
audio/gst-plugins1-mpg123 [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - mpg123 plugin
lang/tcl [CURRENT] Tool Command Language, a dynamic language
net/freeradius-yubikey [CURRENT] Free RADIUS rlm_yubikey module
devel/p5-Tie-CPHash [CURRENT] Case preserving but case insensitive hash table
games/bluemoon [CURRENT] Blue Moon game with AI
lang/gcc5-libs [CURRENT] The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) support shared libraries
www/p5-Alien-GvaScript [CURRENT] Gva extension to the prototype javascript framework
sysutils/p5-GTop [CURRENT] Perl interface to libgtop
audio/gst-plugins1-pulse [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - pulse plugin
games/exchess-book-small [CURRENT] Chess opening book for EXchess (small)
editors/hnb [CURRENT] Hierarchical data organizer
emulators/suse131_libffi [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for libffi
wip/gnome3 [CURRENT] Meta-package for the GNOME desktop
games/gnome-mastermind [CURRENT] Mastermind (the game)
www/py-beautifulsoup [CURRENT] HTML/XML Parser for Python, version 3
wip/aqemu [CURRENT] GUI for virtual machines using QEMU as the backend
sysutils/collectd-xen [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - xencpu plugin
misc/pixd [CURRENT] Colourful visualization tool for binary files
audio/freepats [CURRENT] Free patches (audio samples) for TiMidity
fonts/tex-urwchancal-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-urwchancal
sysutils/ups-nut-snmp [CURRENT] Network UPS Tools SNMP driver
devel/vtcl [CURRENT] Visual Tcl/Tk application development environment
lang/lua-moonscript [CURRENT] Dynamic scripting language that compiles into Lua
wip/tudu [CURRENT] Command line interface to manage hierarchical todos
wip/py-astroML [CURRENT] Astropy affiliated module for machine learning and data mining
geography/xrmap-factbook_html [CURRENT] CIA factbook for xrmap (HTML)
print/tex-babel-hebrew [CURRENT] Babel support for Hebrew
audio/rexima [CURRENT] Curses-based interactive mixer
sysutils/collectd-amqp [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - amqp plugin
emulators/netbsd32_compat20 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 32-bit 2.0 compatibility
audio/festvox-rab16 [CURRENT] 16khz British English male voice for festival
sysutils/p5-Config-Simple [CURRENT] Simple configuration file class
databases/postgresql-pljava [CURRENT] Java Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Functions for PostgreSQL
audio/festvox-ked16 [CURRENT] 16khz American English male voice for festival
archivers/p5-Archive-Any [CURRENT] Perl5 module with single interface to deal with archives
graphics/tex-mpgraphics-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-mpgraphics
wip/viewer [CURRENT] OpenGL based multipurpose image viewer
graphics/p5-SVG-Graph [CURRENT] Visualize your data in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format
security/polkit-qt [CURRENT] Qt Wrapper around PolicyKit
misc/hexd [CURRENT] Colourful, human-friendly hexdump tool for reverse engineering
emulators/suse121_32_krb5 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for kerberos libraries
textproc/ruby-pure-hyperestraier [CURRENT] Ruby pure interface of Hyper Estaier
textproc/p5-String-Errf [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a simple string formatter
emulators/arcem [CURRENT] Dave Gilberts Acorn Archimedes emulator
games/ufoai [CURRENT] UFO Alien Invasion
print/tex-dk-bib-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-dk-bib
fonts/tex-gfssolomos-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-gfssolomos
www/fcgi [CURRENT] FastCGI application development kit
wip/drow [CURRENT] Low-level ELF file analyzer
sysutils/p5-IO-KQueue [CURRENT] Perl interface to the BSD kqueue system call
fonts/tex-newtxsf-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-newtxsf
sysutils/collectd-varnish [CURRENT] Statistics collection daemon - varnish plugin
audio/splay [CURRENT] Audio player/decoder that decodes MPEG Layer I,II,III and WAV files
net/mtr [CURRENT] Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool
misc/p5-Locale-Maketext-Lexicon [CURRENT] Use other catalog formats in Maketext
net/gtk-vnc [CURRENT] VNC viewer widget for GTK
time/asclock-gtk [CURRENT] Dockable clock and calendar with themes for GTK+
emulators/suse121_openssl [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for OpenSSL
devel/py-test-relaxed [CURRENT] Relaxed test discovery/organization for pytest
graphics/gif320 [CURRENT] GIF file viewer for use with VT-320 terminals
wip/xplugd [CURRENT] Monitor, keyboard, and mouse plug/unplug helper for X
audio/icecast [CURRENT] Live streaming audio server
emulators/spim [CURRENT] MIPS R2000 Simulator
emulators/makeppf [CURRENT] PPF (Playstation Patch File) v3.0 creation tool
security/opencdk [CURRENT] Open Crypto Development Kit
games/ztrack [CURRENT] Simple curses-based pseudo-3D driving game
security/libgnome-keyring [CURRENT] GNOME password and secret manager
textproc/p5-Text-Soundex [CURRENT] Phonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound
sysutils/gpart [CURRENT] Tool to show the partitions on a PC type harddisk
emulators/compat13 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 1.3 compatibility
multimedia/acidrip [CURRENT] Gtk2::Perl application for ripping and encoding DVDs
fonts/tex-cantarell-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cantarell
wip/gscan2pdf [CURRENT] GUI for producing a multipage PDF from a scan
www/php-tt-rss-fever-plugin [CURRENT] Fever emulation plugin for Tiny Tiny RSS
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-SyncServices [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (SyncServices framework)
devel/ruby-mixlib-cli [CURRENT] Mixin for creating command line applications
misc/py-trytond-project-plan [CURRENT] Project plan module of the Tryton application platform
devel/p5-Sub-Override [CURRENT] Perl 5 module for easily overriding subroutines
wip/ldapbrowser [CURRENT] Java based LDAP browser and editor
security/p5-Crypt-DH [CURRENT] Perl5 module for the Diffie-Hellman key exchange system
devel/go-errors [CURRENT] Simple error handling primitives
fonts/tex-urwchancal [CURRENT] Use URWs clone of Zapf Chancery as a maths alphabet
textproc/p5-Text-Sass [CURRENT] Perl 5 module implementing Sass
www/trafficserver [CURRENT] Fast, scalable and extensible caching proxy server
net/rsync [CURRENT] Network file distribution/synchronisation utility
devel/p5-Perl4-CoreLibs [CURRENT] Libraries historically supplied with Perl 4
emulators/handy_sdl [CURRENT] Atari Lynx emulator
chat/zircon [CURRENT] X11 interface to Internet Relay Chat
textproc/p5-Text-RewriteRules [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to rewrite text using regexp-based rules
wip/gst-plugins1-schroedinger [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - schro plugin
archivers/9e [CURRENT] Explode Plan9 archives
net/whatmask [CURRENT] Easily convert between three common subnet mask notations
graphics/py-gnuplot [CURRENT] Python package that interfaces to gnuplot
wip/hasciicam [CURRENT] Live ascii video on the web
devel/p5-Test-Inline [CURRENT] Inlining your tests next to the code being tested
audio/xmcd [CURRENT] Motif CD player
x11/xf86-video-voodoo [CURRENT] Voodoo/Voodoo2 video driver
sysutils/wbm-qmailadmin [CURRENT] Webmin module to configure the qmail mail server
fonts/tex-bguq-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-bguq
textproc/py-xlwt [CURRENT] Writing data and formatting information from Excel files
audio/shine [CURRENT] Fast fixed-point mp3 encoding
wip/mozjpeg [CURRENT] Mozilla JPEG Encoder Project
wip/gcalcli-git [CURRENT] Command line interface to Google Calendar
fonts/tex-baskervaldx [CURRENT] Extension and modification of BaskervaldADF with LaTeX support
sysutils/hfsutils [CURRENT] Command Line Interface HFS (not HFS+) disk access tools
wip/elfhash-git [CURRENT] Manipulate Hash tables in ELF files
devel/gindent [CURRENT] GNU version of pretty-printer for C source code
benchmarks/bytebench [CURRENT] BYTE Magazines Public Domain benchmark for UNIX
print/tex-pb-diagram [CURRENT] A commutative diagram package using LAMSTeX or Xy-pic fonts
print/tex-kotex-plain [CURRENT] Macros for typesetting Korean under Plain TeX
net/nagios-plugins [CURRENT] Nagios plugins
textproc/py-pyquery [CURRENT] Python jquery-like library
wip/openh264 [CURRENT] H.264 encoder/decoder library from Cisco
wip/gnome-todo [CURRENT] Personal task manager for GNOME
textproc/hunspell-pl_PL [CURRENT] Polish dictionary for hunspell
mail/jchkmail [CURRENT] Behavior-based virus and spam milter for Sendmail
print/tex-context-title [CURRENT] ConTeXt document titles
devel/py-kaitaistruct [CURRENT] Kaitai Struct declarative parser generator for binary data
textproc/hunspell-ny_MW [CURRENT] Chichewa dictionary for hunspell
wip/p5-AnyEvent-I3 [CURRENT] Perl module to communicate with the i3 window manager
print/abcm2ps [CURRENT] Converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript format
graphics/dvipng [CURRENT] Convert TeX DVI files to PNG or GIF
www/p5-HTML-LinkExtractor [CURRENT] Extract links from an HTML document
textproc/cwdiff [CURRENT] Color wrapper for wdiff (word diff)
devel/p5-PerlIO-gzip [CURRENT] Perl extension to provide a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip
print/tex-breqn [CURRENT] Automatic line breaking of displayed equations
audio/festvox-us3 [CURRENT] MBROLA based American English male voice for festival
www/lighttpd [CURRENT] Fast, light-footprint HTTP server
wip/freesynd [CURRENT] GPLed reimplementation of the engine for the game Syndicate
wip/microcom [CURRENT] Minicom-like serial terminal emulator with scripting
benchmarks/hint [CURRENT] Scalable benchmark for testing CPU and memory performance
wip/mailutils [CURRENT] General-Purpose Mail Package
print/tex-chemgreek [CURRENT] Upright Greek letters in chemistry
wip/libgda-odbc [CURRENT] GNU database access library - odbc provider
print/tex-r_und_s [CURRENT] Chemical hazard codes
devel/ruby-simple_uuid [CURRENT] Simple, scalable UUID generation for Ruby
devel/cloc [CURRENT] Count lines of code
fonts/tex-punk-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-punk
sysutils/wbm-sshd [CURRENT] Webmin module to setup the Secure Shell server
games/maelstrom-sdl [CURRENT] High resolution version of Asteroids (SDL version)
devel/p5-Package-Variant [CURRENT] Perl5 module wrapper for parameterizable packages
mail/mhonarc [CURRENT] Mailbox to HTML converter, suitable for list archives
wip/libgda4 [CURRENT] GNU database access library
graphics/p5-GD-Barcode [CURRENT] Create barcode image with GD
math/vista [CURRENT] Visual statistics system
wip/thcrut [CURRENT] Gathers information from local and remote networks
www/py-flask-sslify [CURRENT] Force SSL on your Flask app
wip/py-shtoom [CURRENT] Software VoIP telephony in Python
textproc/texi2roff [CURRENT] Texinfo-to-ROFF direct translator
www/py-websockets [CURRENT] Implementation of the WebSocket Protocol (RFC 6455)
wip/qrq [CURRENT] Open source Morse telegraphy trainer
devel/p5-CPAN-DistnameInfo [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to extract distname and version from distfile
print/tex-babel-portuges [CURRENT] Babel support for Portuges
graphics/tex-roex [CURRENT] Metafont definitions for remove overlap and expand stroke
www/p5-Kwiki-Simple-Server-HTTP [CURRENT] Kwiki plugin to start a standalone Kwiki HTTP server
wip/netdata-git [CURRENT] distributed real-time performance and health monitoring
sysutils/salt-docs [CURRENT] Documentation for salt
fonts/tex-braille-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-braille
www/cgit [CURRENT] Fast web interface for git
devel/p5-Test-LoadAllModules [CURRENT] Run use_ok() on all modules in the search path
wip/libstatgrab [CURRENT] Provides a useful interface to system statistics
graphics/hicolor-icon-theme [CURRENT] Standard icon theme called hicolor
devel/p5-bareword-filehandles [CURRENT] Perl 5 module which disables bareword filehandles
archivers/afio [CURRENT] Data corruption handling cpio-format archive creator
fonts/tex-zlmtt [CURRENT] Use Latin Modern Typewriter fonts
graphics/ruby-color-tools [CURRENT] Provides colour space definition and manpiulation
devel/ossp-uuid [CURRENT] C-API and command line tool for generating UUIDs
sysutils/service-config [CURRENT] Utility to create and configure svscan service directories
devel/p5-B-Hooks-OP-Check [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to wrap OP check callbacks
graphics/adaptagrams [CURRENT] Tools for adaptive diagrams
print/ja-a2ps [CURRENT] Text file to postscript converter (with Japanese support)
textproc/aspell-bg [CURRENT] Bulgarian language support for aspell
fonts/tex-iwona [CURRENT] Two-element sans-serif font
textproc/py-pytoml [CURRENT] TOML-0.4.0 parser/writer for Python
www/trac [CURRENT] Repository browser, wiki, and issue tracking system
benchmarks/filebench [CURRENT] File system and storage benchmark
wip/libltc [CURRENT] POSIX-C Library for handling Linear/Logitudinal Time Code (LTC)
wip/MesaLib-dfbsd [CURRENT] The Mesa 3D Graphics Library
wip/go-backoff [CURRENT] Exponential backoff algorithm in Go
archivers/advancecomp [CURRENT] Recompression utilities for .zip, .png, .mng and .gz files
wip/motion [CURRENT] Motion detecting video camera package
editors/ted-es [CURRENT] Spanish spelling dictionary for the Ted word processor
emulators/suse131_mozilla-nspr [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for Mozilla NSPR
www/php-curl [CURRENT] PHP extension for curl functions
fonts/tex-libertine-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-libertine
security/pam-mkhomedir [CURRENT] Pluggable authentication module for automatic homedir creation
devel/libthrift [CURRENT] C++ bindings for the Apache Thrift RPC system
net/p5-Net-INET6Glue [CURRENT] Make common Perl modules IPv6 ready by hotpatching
devel/idutils [CURRENT] Classic Berkeley gid/lid tools for looking up variables in code
print/tex-tpslifonts-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-tpslifonts
time/py-dateparser [CURRENT] Date parsing library designed to parse dates from HTML pages
wip/freerdp [CURRENT] Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol
devel/ruby-gemcutter [CURRENT] Commands to interact with
wip/ [CURRENT] SID (Syntax Improving Device) is an LL(1) parser generator
emulators/suse121_expat [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for expat
wip/zenity [CURRENT] Display GNOME dialogs from the command line
graphics/gimp-docs-zh_CN [CURRENT] Documentation package for The Gimp image manipulation software
sysutils/py-ptyprocess [CURRENT] Run a subprocess in a pseudo terminal
wip/gnump3d [CURRENT] The GNU Streaming MP3 / Media Server
fonts/tex-newtxtt [CURRENT] Enhancement of typewriter fonts from newtx
sysutils/wbm-dhcpd [CURRENT] Webmin module for managing ISC DHCPd
www/h2o [CURRENT] Optimized HTTP server with support for HTTP/1.x and HTTP/2
math/TinySVM [CURRENT] Tiny Support Vector Machines
wip/py-captcha [CURRENT] Python framework for CAPTCHA tests
misc/py-trytond-product-classification [CURRENT] Product classification module of the Tryton application platform
wip/lingoteach-ui [CURRENT] Language teaching program
textproc/erlang-jiffy [CURRENT] JSON NIFs for Erlang
shells/fish [CURRENT] User friendly command line shell for UNIX-like operating systems
textproc/py-rapidjson [CURRENT] Python wrapper around rapidjson
fonts/p5-Font-TTFMetrics [CURRENT] Perl parser for the True type font metric (TTF) files
benchmarks/ubench [CURRENT] The Unix Benchmark utility
time/py-pendulum [CURRENT] Human-friendly date and time handling
mail/ruby-roadie-rails [CURRENT] Hooks Roadie into your Rails application
devel/vanessa_socket [CURRENT] Library that simplifies TCP/IP socket operations
lang/nodejs10 [CURRENT] V8 JavaScript for clients and servers
net/gst-plugins1-rtmp [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - rtmp plugin
print/foomatic-ppds-cups [CURRENT] Foomatic PPD collection for CUPS servers
wip/dwb-gtk2 [CURRENT] Dynamic WebKit browser, gtk2 version
print/evince3 [CURRENT] Document viewer
graphics/tex-feynmf-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-feynmf
www/lynx [CURRENT] Alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client
devel/p5-Test-Perl-Critic [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing a Perl::Critic interface for test programs
devel/ruby-redmine_code_review [CURRENT] Redmine plugin to annotate source code within the repo browser
fonts/tex-heuristica [CURRENT] Fonts extending Utopia, with LaTeX support files
www/wwwcount [CURRENT] Graphical access counter, clock and date indicator for WWW pages
fonts/tex-gfsneohellenic [CURRENT] Greek font in the Neo-Hellenic style
multimedia/libdvdnav [CURRENT] Library to navigate DVDs
wip/debian_glib [CURRENT] Debian Linux glib1.2 package
devel/librfuncs [CURRENT] Provides missing POSIX *_r functions
audio/festvox-rab8 [CURRENT] 8khz British English male voice for festival
devel/py-pyobjc-framework-PreferencePanes [CURRENT] Bridge between Python and Objective-C (PreferencePanes framework)
wip/tendra [CURRENT] Multi-targetted C and C++ compiler
wip/freej [CURRENT] Instrument for realtime video manipulation
www/ruby-padrino-cache [CURRENT] Page and fragment caching for Padrino
wip/pinentry-dmenu [CURRENT] A pinentry program with the charm of dmenu
multimedia/libbdplus [CURRENT] Research project to implement the BD+ System Specifications
wip/ethtool [CURRENT] Display or change ethernet card settings
audio/xmms-wma [CURRENT] WMA input plugin for XMMS
security/qident [CURRENT] Small program to query an ident protocol server (rfc1413)
fonts/tex-bbold-type1-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-bbold-type1
print/tex-ascii-chart-doc [CURRENT] ASCII wall chart
x11/xkbprint [CURRENT] Generate printable description of a XKB keyboard description
www/p5-Kwiki-PreformattedBlocks [CURRENT] Kwiki plugin to display preformatted text
devel/distccmon-gtk [CURRENT] Graphical monitor for distcc, the distributed C/C++ compiler
devel/R-diffobj [CURRENT] Diffs for R Objects
net/wistumbler2-gtk [CURRENT] Fork of original WaveLAN/IEEE network stumbler
wip/java-tritonus-share [CURRENT] Shared classes required by all other Tritonus plug-ins
net/6tunnel [CURRENT] Tunnelling for applications that dont speak IPv6
time/tex-datenumber-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-datenumber
www/pound [CURRENT] Reverse proxy, load balancer and HTTPS front-end
wip/MoleInvasion [CURRENT] Platform game with moles
fonts/tex-ascii-font-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-ascii-font
chat/p5-IRC-Utils [CURRENT] Common utilities for IRC-related tasks
www/ap22-auth-ofba [CURRENT] MS-OFBA authentication
textproc/expatobjc [CURRENT] Objective-C Wrapper for Expat
print/xpdf-thai [CURRENT] Xpdf support files for Thai
fonts/tex-clearsans [CURRENT] Clear Sans fonts with LaTeX support
inputmethod/py-input-pad [CURRENT] Python wrapper for Input Pad
audio/mt-daapd [CURRENT] Server for DAAP (iTunes)
devel/p5-Term-ReadLine-Perl [CURRENT] Perl 5 module providing minimal interface to Readline libraries
databases/phppgadmin [CURRENT] Set of PHP-scripts to administer PostgreSQL over the WWW
textproc/detex [CURRENT] Remove LaTeX commands
mail/p5-Email-Date-Format [CURRENT] Perl Module to produce RFC 2822 date strings
textproc/aspell-de [CURRENT] German language support for aspell
fonts/tex-romande [CURRENT] Romande ADF fonts and LaTeX support
fonts/tex-lm-math-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-lm-math
games/eboard [CURRENT] Graphical user interface for playing chess
misc/ruby-systemu [CURRENT] Capture of stdout/stderr and handling of child processes
print/tex-harvard-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-harvard
games/love010 [CURRENT] Framework for making 2D games in Lua (version 0.10)
print/tex-greek-inputenc [CURRENT] Greek encoding support for inputenc
mail/py-libgmail [CURRENT] Python bindings to access Gmail
sysutils/p5-IO-BufferedSelect [CURRENT] Perl buffered version of select interface that operates on lines
textproc/robodoc [CURRENT] Tool to support project documentation within source code
lang/oracle-jdk8 [CURRENT] Oracle Java(tm) 2 Standard Edition, Java Development Kit (JDK) 8u202
wip/granite [CURRENT] Elementary OS Gtk+/GLib extension library
wip/py-namedlist [CURRENT] Similar to namedtuple, but instances are mutable
print/tex-pict2e-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pict2e
print/tex-polyglossia-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-polyglossia
wip/py-OpenAL [CURRENT] Python bindings for audio/openal
chat/pidgin-libnotify [CURRENT] Pidgin plugin that adds popup support
www/cherokee [CURRENT] Flexible and fast web server
sysutils/gst-plugins0.10-gnomevfs [CURRENT] Open source multimedia framework - gnomevfs plugin
wip/pheanstalk [CURRENT] PHP client for beanstalkd queue
www/links [CURRENT] Lynx-like text WWW browser
www/tuir [CURRENT] Browse Reddit from your terminal
chat/zenirc [CURRENT] IRC client for Emacs
audio/alsa-plugins-pulse [CURRENT] Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) - PulseAudio plugin
devel/hs-unbounded-delays [CURRENT] Unbounded thread delays and timeouts
devel/p5-Log-Any [CURRENT] Perl5 module to bring loggers and listeners together
fonts/tex-ogham [CURRENT] Fonts for typesetting Ogham script
security/rsaref [CURRENT] Encryption/authentication library, RSA/MDX/DES
net/wpa_gui [CURRENT] QT GUI for wpa_supplicant(8)
net/zeromq [CURRENT] The ZeroMQ messaging library
mail/rmail-mime [CURRENT] MIME-capabilities for RMAIL in Emacs
www/py-yarl [CURRENT] Yet another URL library
sysutils/intel-backlight [CURRENT] Tool for controlling backlight level on certain Intel GPUs
emulators/netbsd32_compat15-extras [CURRENT] Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 32-bit 1.5 compatibility
print/tex-xetexref-doc [CURRENT] Reference documentation of XeTeX
multimedia/mplayer [CURRENT] Fast, cross-platform movie player
print/tex-newsletr-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-newsletr
wip/dvisvgm [CURRENT] Fast DVI to SVG converter
x11/eterm [CURRENT] Enlightened terminal emulator for the X Window System
print/papersize [CURRENT] Manipulate the default papersize in certain packages
devel/p5-File-Slurper [CURRENT] Simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file
mail/avenger [CURRENT] SMTP server with filtering capabilities
wip/cglib [CURRENT] Code generation library for Java
print/tex-acronym-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-acronym
mail/drac [CURRENT] Dynamic Relay Authorization Control
wip/bip [CURRENT] IRC proxy
www/py-raven [CURRENT] Client for Sentry
www/crawl [CURRENT] Small and efficient HTTP crawler
fonts/tex-aspectratio [CURRENT] Capital A and capital R ligature for Aspect Ratio
math/php-bcmath [CURRENT] PHP extension for bc-style arbitrary precision math
security/courier-authlib [CURRENT] Courier Authentication Library
net/snort [CURRENT] The Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System
emulators/suse131_libtiff [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for TIFF
devel/p5-Test-File-ShareDir [CURRENT] Perl5 module to create a fake ShareDir for module testing
comms/lrzsz [CURRENT] Receive/Send files via X/Y/ZMODEM protocol. (unrestrictive)
x11/xcb-util-cursor [CURRENT] XCB port of Xlibs libXcursor
mail/proxsmtp [CURRENT] SMTP proxy content filter
fonts/asea-ttf [CURRENT] Typeface for greek typography
devel/go-cast [CURRENT] Safe and easy casting from one type to another in Go
devel/p5-Hash-MoreUtils [CURRENT] Provide the stuff missing in Hash::Util
www/p5-Reaction [CURRENT] Perl 5 extended MVC framework based on Catalyst
devel/libmemcached [CURRENT] C/C++ client library and tools for the memcached server
lang/py-python-language-server [CURRENT] Implementation of the Language Server Protocol for Python
devel/rdp [CURRENT] Compiles attributed LL(1) grammars into recursive descent compilers
www/raggle [CURRENT] Console-based screen(1)-aware RSS reader written in Ruby
wm/tinywm [CURRENT] Very basic X window manager in around 50 lines of C
fonts/tex-comicneue-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-comicneue
www/py-protego [CURRENT] Pure-Python robots.txt parser with support for modern conventions
wip/irrxml [CURRENT] Simple and fast open source xml parser for C++
misc/bsdiff [CURRENT] Size efficient binary diff and patch tools
devel/p5-Curses-UI [CURRENT] Curses based user user interface framework
wip/java-frozenbubble [CURRENT] Java port of Frozen Bubble
devel/cflow-mode [CURRENT] Emacs mode for GNU cflow output
emulators/suse100_glx [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for OpenGL/Mesa
wm/amiwm [CURRENT] X window manager with Amiga look and feel
wip/stress-ng [CURRENT] Stress test benchmarks
devel/py-minimock [CURRENT] Simplest possible mock library
emulators/compat16 [CURRENT] Shared libraries for NetBSD 1.6 compatibility
mail/elm [CURRENT] ELM Mail User Agent (without ME extensions)
security/p5-Digest-Nilsimsa [CURRENT] Perl5 extension module for Nilsimsa signatures
security/py-asn1-modules [CURRENT] Modules for ITU Abstract Syntax Notification for Python
inputmethod/ibus-table-chinese [CURRENT] Chinese tables for IBus-Table
math/py-astropy [CURRENT] Python module for astronomical calculations and data analysis
print/ijs [CURRENT] Protocol library for raster page transmission
print/tex-latex-tabellen-doc [CURRENT] LaTeX Tabellen
devel/tig [CURRENT] Ncurses-based GIT repository tool
devel/py-test [CURRENT] Python testing tool
wip/thunderbird68-enigmail [CURRENT] GnuPG support for mail/thunderbird68
games/sienna [CURRENT] One button platformer
textproc/lua-expat [CURRENT] XML parser for LUA based on expat
graphics/unicap [CURRENT] Uniform interface to video capture devices
print/tex-makecmds-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-makecmds
devel/ruby-sync [CURRENT] Module that provides a two-phase lock with a counter
wip/xmoto [CURRENT] 2D motocross platform game
archivers/gsharutils [CURRENT] Allow packing and unpacking of shell archives
audio/gmpc [CURRENT] GNOME client for the Music Player Daemon
fonts/tex-superiors [CURRENT] Attach superior figures to a font family
textproc/hunspell-he_IL [CURRENT] Hebrew dictionary for hunspell
wip/solarus-zsdx [CURRENT] Zelda Mystery of Solarus DX
wip/diveintopython [CURRENT] Free book for experienced Python programmers
devel/py-txaio [CURRENT] Compatibility API between asyncio/Twisted/Trollius
multimedia/libaacs [CURRENT] Advanced Access Content System specification implementation
net/libasr [CURRENT] Asynchronous DNS resolver library
x11/xwatchwin [CURRENT] Watch a window on another X server
devel/p5-Role-HasMessage [CURRENT] Perl 5 role with a message method
devel/py-fastimport [CURRENT] Fastimport parser and generator in Python
fonts/tex-yfonts-t1 [CURRENT] Old German-style fonts, in Adobe type 1 format
www/p5-URI-Query [CURRENT] Perl5 module providing URI query string manipulation
devel/py-flufl.testing [CURRENT] Small collection of test tool plugins
textproc/ruby-json-pure [CURRENT] Pure Ruby implementation of JSON
emulators/compat15-extras [CURRENT] Additional shared libraries for NetBSD 1.5 compatibility
wip/ruby-review [CURRENT] Converts single Markup Text into various publishing format
www/p5-LWP-MediaTypes [CURRENT] Guess media type for a file or a URL
wip/py-scipy [CURRENT] Scientific Algorithms Library for Python
devel/gnustep-base [CURRENT] GNUstep foundation classes
wip/mmm-mode [CURRENT] Multiple Major Modes for emacs
time/gnyaclock [CURRENT] Accessory with Bezier curve
multimedia/hwdecode-demos [CURRENT] Standalone programs showing off various HW acceleration APIs
graphics/tex-animate [CURRENT] Create PDF and SVG animations from graphics files and inline graphics
x11/xf86-video-sunffb [CURRENT] SUNFFB video driver for the Xorg X server
www/py-nbconvert [CURRENT] Converting Jupyter Notebooks
net/gnetcat [CURRENT] Read and write data across network connections
devel/p5-App-FatPacker [CURRENT] Perl5 module to pack your dependencies onto your script file
www/p5-Apache2-AuthCASSimple [CURRENT] Apache2 module to authenticate through a CAS server
emulators/suse100_32_slang [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for S-Lang
lang/gwydion-dylan [CURRENT] Functional language
devel/p5-Perl6-Export-Attrs [CURRENT] Perl 5 module implementing Perl 6 symbol export mechanism
multimedia/harvid [CURRENT] HTTP Ardour Video Daemon
print/tex-make4ht-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-make4ht
www/p5-JSON-RPC [CURRENT] JSON RPC 2.0 Server implementation for Perl
geography/cm2gpx [CURRENT] CacheMate PDB-to-GPX file converter
emulators/suse131_32_gtk2 [CURRENT] Linux 32-bit compatibility package for GTK+-2.x
textproc/uriparser [CURRENT] URI parsing library
graphics/mpeg2codec [CURRENT] MPEG Software Simulation Groups MPEG-2 Encoder and Decoder
devel/amtk [CURRENT] Actions, Menus and Toolbars Kit for GTK applications
games/openttd [CURRENT] Open source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe
audio/id3v2 [CURRENT] Command line editor for id3v2 tags
net/tcpdump [CURRENT] Network monitoring tool
emulators/vmips [CURRENT] MIPS R3000 emulator
textproc/aspell-is [CURRENT] Icelandic language support for aspell
www/calamaris [CURRENT] Squid logfile analyzer
wip/py-remctl [CURRENT] Python bindings for remctl remote command execution
devel/rubigen [CURRENT] Ruby stub generator
audio/libdssialsacompat [CURRENT] Alsa compatibility library to build DSSI
graphics/p5-GraphViz2 [CURRENT] Wrapper for AT&T\s Graphviz
www/litmus [CURRENT] WebDAV server protocol compliance test suite
www/p5-URI-Find [CURRENT] Perl5 module to find URIs in arbitrary text
security/botan [CURRENT] Portable, easy to use, and efficient C++ crypto library
textproc/btparse [CURRENT] BibTeX parsing library
wip/xtags [CURRENT] Little keyboard-driven Window Manager for X11
audio/festvox-don [CURRENT] British English male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
wip/backplane [CURRENT] Innovative RDBMS database by Matthew Dillon
devel/ruby-inline [CURRENT] Embed C/C++ code directly in Ruby
benchmarks/netperf [CURRENT] Rick Jones network performance benchmarking package
benchmarks/nsieve [CURRENT] Sieve of Eratosthenes benchmark
graphics/gimp-liquid-rescale [CURRENT] Content-aware image resizing plugin for the GIMP
games/qonk [CURRENT] Small space build-and-conquer strategy game
textproc/aspell-rw [CURRENT] Kinyarwanda language support for aspell
devel/p5-Log-Dispatch-DBI [CURRENT] Perl module for logging messages via the DBI interface
security/arirang [CURRENT] Powerful webserver security scanner
sysutils/ruby-listen [CURRENT] Listen to file modifications
audio/festvox-jph [CURRENT] American English male voice for the festival speech synthesis system
print/tex-ltabptch [CURRENT] Bug fix for longtable
fonts/tex-dingbat-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-dingbat
fonts/tex-orkhun [CURRENT] Font for orkhun script
devel/p5-Env-Path [CURRENT] Advanced operations on path variables
fonts/tex-cm-lgc-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-cm-lgc
devel/py-kitchen [CURRENT] Kitchen contains a cornucopia of useful code
games/py-easyAI [CURRENT] Easy-to-use game AI algorithms
www/p5-Plack-Handler-SCGI [CURRENT] PSGI handler on SCGI daemon
devel/p5-Inline [CURRENT] Perl5 module for writing Perl subroutines in other languages
fonts/tex-hfbright [CURRENT] Hfbright fonts
textproc/html2text [CURRENT] Advanced HTML-to-text converter
emulators/suse131_expat [CURRENT] Linux compatibility package for expat
graphics/tex-textpath-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-textpath
textproc/py-validators [CURRENT] Python data validation for humans
print/tex-thumbpdf [CURRENT] Thumbnails for pdfTeX and dvips/ps2pdf
wip/py-bitarray [CURRENT] Efficient arrays of booleans -- C extension
wip/py-asdf [CURRENT] Advanced Scientific Data Format
www/p5-Plack-Middleware-Session [CURRENT] Plack middleware for session management
devel/boost-jam [CURRENT] Free, peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries (Boost.Jam utility)
devel/py-queuelib [CURRENT] Collection of persistent (disk-based) queues
textproc/aspell-da [CURRENT] Danish language support for aspell
wip/sulley [CURRENT] pure-python fully automated and unattended fuzzing framework
textproc/pxp [CURRENT] Polymorphic XML parser, a validating XML-1.0 parser (OCaml)
converters/xlreader [CURRENT] Converts the cells in a MS Excel file to text
graphics/autopano-sift-C [CURRENT] SIFT Feature Detection implementation
devel/java-subversion [CURRENT] Java bindings for Subversion
misc/py-trytond-project-invoice [CURRENT] Project invoice module of the Tryton application platform
graphics/tex-pgfgantt-doc [CURRENT] Documentation for tex-pgfgantt
www/p5-HTML-Selector-XPath [CURRENT] Perl 5 CSS Selector to XPath compiler
www/p5-Catalyst-Plugin-Authentication-Store-RDBO [CURRENT] Authentication and authorization against a Rose::DB::Object
devel/uno [CURRENT] Tool for source code analysis
math/randlib [CURRENT] Library of C Routines for Random Number Generation
net/isc-dhcp4 [CURRENT] ISC Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Base
wip/polipo [CURRENT] Small and fast caching web proxy
devel/p5-Getopt-Euclid [CURRENT] Perl 5 module to create command-line parser from documentation
wip/xmms2 [CURRENT] Audio player featuring a client-server model
devel/idiff [CURRENT] Interactive front-end to diff(1)
devel/tcllib [CURRENT] Collection of utility modules for Tcl
multimedia/gxine [CURRENT] Gtk-based media player
audio/py-mad [CURRENT] Python bindings for libmad
devel/cmocka [CURRENT] Unit testing framework for C supporting mock objects
databases/p5-Template-DBI [CURRENT] Template interface to the DBI module
sysutils/daemonize [CURRENT] Tool to run a command as a daemon
math/dfftpack [CURRENT] Double precision version of FFTPACK
graphics/py-cycler [CURRENT] Composable style cycles
devel/p5-Alien-Packages [CURRENT] Find information of installed packages
www/py-selenium [CURRENT] Python bindings for Selenium
math/R-MatrixModels [CURRENT] Modelling with sparse and dense matrices
cad/tkgate [CURRENT] Tcl/Tk based digital circuit editor and simulator
multimedia/libtheora-docs [CURRENT] Video codec for Ogg multimedia streaming (API documentation)
wip/gnome-apps [CURRENT] Meta-package for the GNOME applications
wip/py-astroquery [CURRENT] Astropy coordinated Python module for querying astronomical databases
databases/p5-DBD-DB2 [CURRENT] Perl DBI/DBD driver for DB2 databases
wip/erfa [CURRENT] Essential Routines for Fundamental Astronomy
wip/sara [CURRENT] Security Auditors Research Assistant
multimedia/mjpegtools [CURRENT] Programs for compressing video streams
graphics/libggiwmh [CURRENT] Windows Manager hints library for GGI
devel/py-backports.shutil_get_terminal_size [CURRENT] Backport of the get_terminal_size function from Python 3.3s shutil
benchmarks/postmark [CURRENT] NetApps file system benchmark
devel/p5-CPAN-Changes [CURRENT] Read and write Changes files
net/mimms [CURRENT] MMS (e.g. mms://) stream downloader
wip/carla [CURRENT] Audio plugin host
wip/py-astropy4 [CURRENT] Python module for astronomical calculations and data analysis
time/tty-clock [CURRENT] Simple console clock
devel/p5-Eval-Closure [CURRENT] Safely and cleanly create closures via string eval
editors/hexer [CURRENT] Vi-like binary editor
benchmarks/heapsort [CURRENT] Benchmark program for variable sized arrays
devel/py-curses [CURRENT] Curses module for Python
www/py-httpbin [CURRENT] HTTP Request and Response Service
wm/matchbox-wm [CURRENT] Window manager designed for computers with small displays
audio/py-mutagen [CURRENT] Audio metadata handling for Python
net/libupnp [CURRENT] Portable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) SDK