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wip/easymesh Mesh generator
wip/udp-ping UDP Ping is a tool to selectively send UDP packets
wip/ozymandns Tool to enable ssh tunnel over DNS using TXT records
wip/showmesh Display program for easymesh
wip/imonc Command-line version of the fli4l monitoring tool
wip/nrg4iso Extracts data from a Nero Burning ROM image file
wip/ar7 Diagnosis tool for certain ADSL modems
wip/tctool Speed Modem 50B/50B+/200/Cellpipe CELL 19A-BX utility
wip/pdnsd Pdnsd is a DNS resolver
wip/dnrd Dnrd is a caching forwarding DNS proxy
wip/smap SIP network scanner
wip/moe Moe Editor - A powerful and user-friendly text editor
wip/dwepcrack Dwepcrack uses varioius methods to extract WEP keys
wip/tftp-hpa Enhanced version of the BSD TFTP client and server
wip/uqwk Tool to collect news and mail packets for offline reading
wip/weplab Weplab is a tool to review the security of WEP encryption
wip/sipp SIPp is a free Open Source SIP test tool/traffic generator
wip/ophcrack Ophcrack is a free Windows password cracker based on rainbow tables
net/libexosip The Extended Open SIP library
wip/tac_plus-libradius Version of Ciscos tac_plus Tacacs server with RADIUS support
net/traceroute-nanog Traceroute implementation with extended features
wip/lpdsrv Non-spooling LPD server (RFC1179)
wip/archimedes 2D Monte Carlo simulation software for submicron semiconductor devices
wip/boa Small HTTP server
wip/dionysus Dionysus is a database engine for for universal constants
wip/dns2tcp Dns2tcp is a tool for relaying TCP connections over DNS
wip/proxyknife Proxyknife is a tool to validate free proxies
wip/fnord Small HTTP server
wip/gtk-imonc GTK version of the fli4l monitoring tool
wip/dmt-ux DSL modem tool for Unix
wip/openlogos Openlogos is a language translation system
net/sipsak Sipsak is a command-line SIP testing utility
wip/cardpeek Cardpeek is a tool to read the contents of ISO7816 smart cards
net/tacacs-shrubbery Cisco AAA protocol (tacacs+) daemon (Shrubbery Networks version)
net/siproxd Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Application-Level Gateway
wip/py-sipvicious Set of tools that can be used to audit SIP based VoIP systems