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((V)irtual = Package is only listed here)
6tunnel v4/v6 protocol translation
DarwinStreamingServer Open source version of Apple QuickTime Streaming Server
GeoIP Find the country from any IP address
IglooFTP Easy to use FTP client for X Window System
LaBrea Builds tarpits/honeypots for scanners
ORBit High-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language
ORBit2 High-performance CORBA ORB with C language support
SDL_net Small sample cross-platform networking library for SDL
Transmission Free, lightweight BitTorrent client
adns Asynchronous-capable DNS client library and utilities
aget Multithreaded HTTP download accelerator
aiccu Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client Utility
airport2basestationconfig Configuration program for Apple's Airport Base Station
airportbasestationconfig Configuration program for Apple's Airport Base Station
airportmodemutility Modem (dis)connection utility for Apple's Airport Base Station
amap (V) Applications and Services scanner
amule Another Emule P2P client
aoe-vblade ATA over Ethernet (AoE) server - thin, LAN-based storage protocol
argus System and Network Monitoring Application
arla Free AFS implementation from KTH
arpd ARP daemon
arping ARP-level ping utility
arpwatch Monitor ARP activity on a network, maintaining a database
asterisk (V) The Asterisk Software PBX
autonet Automatically configure network interface & WEP keys
awhois All-encompassing whois client wrapper
balance TCP loadbalancer with roundrobin and failover
batchftp Automatically download files via the FTP protocol
bftpd Small and fast FTP server
bind4 The BIND name server, version 4, as an alternative to BIND 8
bind8 The Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, an implementation of DNS
bind9 Version 9 of the Berkeley Internet Name Daemon, implementation of DNS
bing Bing is a point-to-point bandwidth measurement tool
bittornado Experimental bittorrent client
bittornado-gui Experimental bittorrent client (wxGTK GUI)
bittorrent File sharing tool
bittorrent-gui File sharing tool (GTK+ GUI)
bmon Bmon is an interface bandwidth monitor
boinc3-coreclient Core client for Boinc V3
boinc3-libs Libraries for BOINC applications
boinc3-seti SETI@home client for the BOINC framework
bounce Tool to forward TCP connection from one IP to another
bpalogin BigPond Advance login client
bridged Userland ethernet bridge daemon
bsddip Dialup IP program
btget Fast bittorrent client and library written in C
btpd Daemon for file sharing over bittorrent
bug-buddy Graphical GNOME2 bug reporting tool
cdpd Simple daemon to send Cisco Discovery Protocol packets
cftp Comfortable FTP, a full screen ftp client
checkbot (V) Verify links on a set of HTML pages
chksniff Small tool to check for promiscuous interfaces
choparp Simple proxy arp daemon
chrony Daemon for maintaining the accuracy of computer clocks
cia Simple IP accounting software
cidr RFC 1878 subnet calculator / helper
cisco-mibs Public SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 MIBs from Cisco
citrix_ica Citrix(R) ICA client for the Citrix(R) Presentation Server(TM)
cmu-dhcpd CMU BootP and DHCP server, plus Princeton patches
coda Coda distributed fileystem
connect Open a TCP connection using a SOCKS4/5 or HTTP proxy server
corkscrew Tool for tunneling SSH through HTTP proxies
couriertcpd Courier TCP socket and TLS servers
csup Rewrite of the CVSup file updating client in C
ctorrent Bittorrent client for the console
cvsup (V) cvsup daemon and client
cvsup-gui (V) cvsup daemon and client
dante BSD-licensed socks 4/5 proxy suite
darkstat Network statistics gatherer
dc_gui2 Graphical user interface for DCTC
dctc Direct Connect clone (Direct Connect Text Client)
ddclient Client to update dynamic DNS entries
ddos-scan (V) Scan for a limited set of distributed denial of service (ddos) agents
delegate General purpose TCP/IP proxy system
dgd Object-oriented programmable server
dhid Dynamic Host Information System client daemon
dhisd DynDNS server
djbdns Collection of secure and reliable DNS tools
djbdns-run Configures djbdns to cache and serve queries
dlint Internet Domain Name System (DNS) error checking utility
dnsdoctor DNS zones misconfigurations or inconsistencies diagnostic tool
dnsmasq Lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder
dnstop Diagnose tcpdump trace for DNS queries/replies
dnstracer Tool to trace dns queries
docsis Utility for manipulating DOCSIS-compliant cable modems
driftnet Real-time image sniffer
dtcp Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol daemon and client
dtcpclient Dynamic Tunnel Configuration Protocol client
dynipclient Client for the dynamic DNS service
echoping Test performance of a remote TCP service
ed2k-gtk-gui GUI for the eDonkey2000 and Overnet
edonkey2k Yet another P2P file sharing tool
entropy Anonymous peer-to-peer networking node (similar to Freenet)
etherape Graphical network monitor
ettercap Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
ettercap-NG Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
ez-ipupdate Client to update dynamic DNS entries
fair-identd Fast RFC-1413 identd running under inetd that returns no useful info
firewalk Determines the filter rules on a packet forwarding device
flan Simulator for IP networks written in Java
flodo Simple network flow sampling tool
flow-tools Collect and store NetFlow data
fmirror Mirror program for FTP sites (written in C)
fpdns Fingerprinting DNS servers
fping Quickly ping many hosts w/o flooding the network
fping6 Quickly ping many hosts w/o flooding the network
freenet-tools Freenet Tools, freesite manipulation tools for Freenet and Entropy
freeradius Free RADIUS server implementation
freewais-sf Enhanced Wide Area Information Server
ftplibpp C++ class providing ftp client functionality
ftpproxy Application level gateway for FTP
ganglia-monitor-core (V) Ganglia cluster monitor, monitoring daemon
gated Routing protocol daemon
gethost Hostname and IP resolver for testing /etc/hosts and nsswitch.conf
gift Modular daemon that abstracts filesharing protocols
gift-fasttrack Fasttrack plugin for giFT
gift-gnutella Gnutella plugin for giFT
gift-openft OpenFT Plugin for the gift daemon
giftcurs Curses frontend to the giFT daemon
gini Free streaming media server
gkrellm-multiping Pings several machines and prints out stats
gkrellm-snmp GKrellM plugin to display values collected from a SNMP agent
gkrellm-wireless Wavelan signal strength monitor for gkrellm
gnapfetch Update/maintain opennap servers for gnapster/TekNap
gnet Simple network library
gnet1 Simple network library (older version)
gnetcat Read and write data across network connections
gnome-netstatus Network status applet for the GNOME panel
gnome-vfs-smb GNOME Virtual File System (v2) - smb plugin
gnugk H.323 Gatekeeper
gofish Gopher server
gopher Distributed document delivery client
gt-itm GT Internetwork Topology Models
gtk-gnutella GTK-based gnutella client
gtk_wicontrol GTK+-based Wavelan status meter
hesiod Hesiod network database client and library
hf6to4 Enables 6to4 IPv6 automatic tunnels
hlfl High Level Firewall Language
hobbitclient Free-software client for the Hobbit monitor
hobbitmon Network services monitor a la Big Brother
host Powerful DNS query and testing tool
howl Zeroconf (Rendezvous) implementation
hping Command-line oriented TCP/IP packet assembler/analyzer
httping Like 'ping' but for http-requests
httptunnel Encapsulate TCP/IP connections in HTTP requests
icsi-finger Distributed finger service
iftop Display bandwidth usage on an interface
ipcalc IP Calculator
ipcheck Python client for the dyndns service
iperf TCP and UDP bandwidth performance measurement tool
ipgrab Verbose packet sniffer for UNIX hosts
iplog Iplog is a tool using pcap to log IP traffic
ipv6calc Manipulates IPv6 addresses
ipw whois replacement that automatically queries several databases
irrd Internet Routing Registry Daemon
irrtoolset-nox11 The Internet Routing Registry Toolset - client to IRRd
ishell Allow remote shell using ICMP
isic Ip Stack Integrity Checker (IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP et. al.)
ispman ISP management software written in perl
ja-samba Samba supporting I18N swat and L10N for Japanese
jftpgw FTP gateway/proxy
jigdo Tool to ease downloading of large files from the Internet
jumpgate TCP connection forwarder with capture and syslog support
jwhois Configurable WHOIS client
kdenetwork3 Network modules for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kftpgrabber Graphical FTP client for KDE
kiax Open internet telephony system
kismet 802.11 wireless network detector, sniffer and IDS
kphone Graphical Voice Over Internet (VoIP) phone
ktorrent Graphical BitTorrent client for KDE
lambdamoo The definitive MOO software
lambdamoo-core Generic core classes for lambdamoo
lambdamoo-doc Documentation for lambdamoo
latd The linux-decnet project's LAT protocol suite
lft Layer four traceroute capable of tracing protocol paths
lftp Powerful command line file transfer client
libIDL CORBA Interface Definition Language parser
libares Asynchronous DNS resolver library
libcares Asynchronous resolver library
libdnet C interface to several low-level networking routines
liblive Set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming
libmms Library for parsing mms:// and mmsh:// type network streams
libnids Network monitoring library with TCP/IP reassembly
libpcap System-independent interface for user-level packet capture
libradius RADIUS client library
libsoup-devel HTTP library implementation in C
libsscript Simple library for creating network oriented software in C
libtorrent BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix
libtrace Library for trace processing
libupnp Portable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) SDK
libvncserver Easy API to write one's own vnc server
linc Network client/server library
llnlxdir Advanced graphical FTP client
llnlxftp Motif FTP client
logjam GTK client for
lopster Yet another Gtk+ Napster clone
mDNSResponder Apple's mDNS responder
mDNSResponder-nss Apple's mDNS responder - NetBSD nsswitch module
maradns Secure DNS server for *NIX systems
mbrowse Graphical SNMP MIB browser
md-whois Improved whois client
microdc2 Console-based DirectConnect client
miredo Teredo IPv6 tunneling
mirror Mirror packages on remote sites
mldonkey Free peer-to-peer client with eDonkey support and more
mldonkey-gui Free peer-to-peer client with eDonkey support and more (GTK interface)
mouse-pppoe derMouse's PPP over Ethernet program
mping Mping network statistics collector
mppe-lkm NetBSD kernel module for MPPE compression with PPP
mrstat Track load and number of users on specified hosts
mrt Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit
mrtg The Multi-Router Traffic Grapher
mtr Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool
mydns-mysql MySQL-based DNS server
mydns-pgsql PostgreSQL-based DNS server
nagios-base Network monitor
nagios-imagepak-base Additioannal icons for nagios
nagios-nrpe Nagios remote program execution daemon
nagios-nsca Remote/passive network service for nagios
nagios-plugin-ldap Nagios ldap plugin
nagios-plugin-mysql Nagios mysql plugin
nagios-plugin-pgsql Nagios pgsql plugin
nagios-plugin-radius Nagios radius plugin
nagios-plugin-snmp Nagios snmp plugins
nagios-plugins Nagios plugins
nam The UCB/LBNL Network Animator
nap Terminal based Napster client similar to ircII
napshare Fully featured Gnutella P2P client made to run 24/7 unattended
nasd Prototype storage implementation
nbtscan NetBIOS name network scanner
ncftp3 FTP replacement with advanced user interface
neat Netsaint Easy Administration Tool
nemesis Nemesis is a command-line UNIX network packet injection suite
net-snmp Extensible SNMP implementation
netatalk Netatalk appletalk file and print services
netatalk1 Netatalk appletalk file and print services
netbsd-tap NetBSD kernel module for virtual Ethernet devices
netcat Read and write data across network connections
netcat6 Network swiss army knife
netdisco Open Source web-based network management tool
netgroup Netgroup membership listing and testing functions
netname Return the canonical network name of a host
netpipes Utilities for communicating via sockets
netsaint-base Network monitor
netsaint-plugin-cluster Host and service cluster plugin for NetSaint
netsaint-plugin-snmp SNMP monitoring plug-in for netsaint
netsaint-plugins NetSaint plugins
nfdump Tools to collect and process netflow data
nfsbug (V) NFS security verification suite
ngrep Network grep
nicotine Client for soulseek, a peer-to-peer network for music
nidentd identd that supports IPv4, IPv6, NAT, fake and random
nipper Performs security audits of network device configuration
nload Monitoring network traffic and bandwidth usage
nmap Network/port scanner with OS detection
nmapfe Graphical front end to the nmap port scanner
nocol Extensible network and system monitoring utility
nprobe Monitor a network interface and generate NetFlow data
ns The UCB/LBNL Network Simulator Version 2
nsca Submit passive NetSaint checks results to another server
nsd Authoritative-only DNS server
nslint Perform consistency checks on DNS zone files
nstx Nameserver Transfer Protocol
ntop Shows network usage (similar to top for processes)
ntop1 Shows network usage (similar to top for processes)
ntp4 Network Time Protocol Version 4
ocamlnet Library focusing on application-level network protocols (OCaml)
oidentd Configurable IDENT server that supports NAT/IP masq
oinkmaster Manage snort rule updates
openafs File system for sharing, scalability and transparent data migration
openag Open Audio Galaxy client
openh323 Open H.323 library
openntpd Free implementation of the Network Time Protocol
openslp Open-source implementation of the Service Location Protocol
openvmps GPL implementation of the VMPS protocol
openvpn Easy-to-use SSL VPN daemon
overnet Peer-to-peer file sharing client (binary pkg)
p5-DNS-ZoneParse Perl5 module for parsing DNS zone files
p5-Geo-IP Gets country name by IP or hostname
p5-Geo-IPfree Gets country name by IP or hostname
p5-INET6 Object interface for AF_INET and AF_INET6 domain sockets
p5-IO-Interface IO-Interface - get and set interface characteristics
p5-IO-Socket-Multicast IO::Socket::Multicast - perl multicast socket IO
p5-IO-Socket-SSL (V) Perl5 SSL socket interface class
p5-IP-Country Fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses
p5-MARC (V) Perl5 module for manipulating MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) data
p5-Net Perl5 modules to access and use network protocols
p5-Net-Amazon-S3 Framework for accessing via SOAP and XML/HTTP
p5-Net-Bind Perl5 module to grovel DNS resolver information
p5-Net-CIDR (V) Perl5 module to manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation
p5-Net-CIDR-Lite Perl extension for merging IPv4/v6 CIDR addresses
p5-Net-DNS Perl5 module for DNS resolution
p5-Net-DNS-SEC (V) DNSSEC extension to Net::DNS Perl DNS Resolver Module
p5-Net-DNSServer Perl5 module to be used as a domain name server
p5-Net-Daemon Perl5 module for writing networking daemons
p5-Net-Dev-MIBLoadOrder Perl5 module to determine MIB files load order
p5-Net-Dict (V) Client API for the DICT protocol defined in RFC2229
p5-Net-FTPSSL Perl FTP over SSL/TLS class
p5-Net-Gnats Perl interface to the gnatsd daemon
p5-Net-Google Perl module for accessing Google search engine
p5-Net-IP Perl extension for manipulating IPv4/IPv6 addresses
p5-Net-IPv4Addr Perl extension for manipulating IPv4 addresses
p5-Net-IPv6Addr Check the validity of IPv6 addresses
p5-Net-IRC Perl Internet Relay Chat (IRC) module
p5-Net-Ident Perl module implementing the client side of the ident protocol
p5-Net-Libdnet Perl interface to libdnet
p5-Net-NBName Perl extension to perform simple NetBIOS Name Service Requests
p5-Net-OpenID-Consumer Perl library for consumers of OpenID identities
p5-Net-Packet Modules to assemble/disassemble network packets
p5-Net-Pcap Perl interface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library
p5-Net-RawIP Perl extension to manipulate raw ip packets with interface to libpcap
p5-Net-Rendezvous Module for DNS service discovery (Apple's Rendezvous)
p5-Net-SNMP Perl5 module for SNMP queries
p5-Net-SSH (V) Perl implementations of SSH1 and SSH2 protocols
p5-Net-Server Perl5 modules for network services engine
p5-Net-TFTP Perl5 module for TFTP transfers
p5-Net-Telnet Perl5 module to use telnet
p5-Net-Telnet-Cisco Perl5 module for communicating with Cisco routers via telnet
p5-Net-Write Portable interface to open and send raw data to network
p5-Net-XWhois Perl5 module for Whois Client Interface
p5-Net-Z3950 Perl interface to the Z39.50 information retrieval protocol
p5-Net-eBay Perl Interface to XML based eBay API
p5-NetAddr-IP Perl5 module for managing IP addresses
p5-NetPacket Modules to assemble/disassemble network packets
p5-Nmap-Parser Parse nmap scan data with perl
p5-POE-Component-Client-DNS Non-blocking, concurrent DNS requests
p5-POE-Component-Client-Ident Non-blocking ident lookups to your sessions
p5-POE-Component-SNMP Event-driven SNMP interface
p5-PV (V) Perl5 library for text-mode user interface widgets
p5-RADIUS Perl5 module for RADIUS queries
p5-RPC-XML XML-RPC client and server library for Perl
p5-SNMP-Info Perl5 object oriented interface to SNMP informations
p5-SNMP-MIB-Compiler MIB Compiler supporting SMIv1 and SMIv2
p5-SNMP_Session Perl5 module providing rudimentary access to remote SNMP agents
p5-SOAP-Lite Perl5 module providing a lightweight interface to SOAP
p5-Set-Scalar (V) Perl5 module for basic set operations
p5-Socket6 Perl5 module to support getaddrinfo() and getnameinfo()
p5-URI (V) Perl5 Uniform Resource Identifiers class (URI, RFC 2396)
p5-VRML (V) Set of VRML classes for Perl
p5-X500-DN Handle X.500 DNs (Distinguished Names), parse and format them
p5-ispman Perl module for ISPMan webAdministrator and command line utils
p5-perl-ldap (V) Perl class to access LDAP servers
packit Network auditing tool with the ability to manipulate IP traffic
partysip SIP proxy server
pchar Tool for measuring Internet path characteristics
pconsole Parallel console tool to access several host via one input tty
pear-Net_DIME PHP classes that implements DIME encoding
pear-Net_SMTP PHP classes to provide SMTP Interface
pear-Net_Sieve PHP classes that handles talking to timsieved
pear-Net_Socket PHP classes to provide Network Socket Interface
pear-Net_URL PHP classes to easy parsing of URLs
pear-SOAP SOAP Client/Server for PHP
pen Load balancer for simple tcp based protocols
pfnet Minimal FNET-like ICB client written in Perl
php-ftp PHP extension for FTP access
php-snmp PHP extension for SNMP
php-sockets PHP extension for sockets support
php-xmlrpc PHP extension for XML-RPC support
php-yaz PHP extension for YAZ
php-yp PHP extension for YP domain support
php5-soap PHP5 extension for SOAP functions
pim6dd IPv6 PIM dense mode daemon
pim6sd IPv6 PIM sparse mode daemon
pload PPP monitor for X11, monitoring totals and current in/out rates
poink Nosuid, absolutely secure version of ping utility
polsms Send SMS to cellular phones in Poland (Plus, Idea, Era)
poptop PPTP server with support for Microsoft VPN clients
powerdns Modern, advanced and high performance nameserver
powerdns-ldap LDAP backend module for PowerDNS
powerdns-mysql MySQL backend module for PowerDNS
powerdns-pgsql PostgreSQL backend module for PowerDNS
powerdns-sqlite SQLite backend module for PowerDNS
ppp-lzs PPP daemon and LKM with Stac LZS decompression
pppd PPP Daemon
pptp PPTP client package for Microsoft VPN servers (no encryption yet)
proftpd FTP server with Apache like configuration
proxycheck Tester for open (promiscuous) proxy systems
publicfile Secure read-only HTTP and FTP servers
puf Parallel URL fetcher
pure-ftpd Secure FTP daemon with optional SQL support
pxe Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) daemon
py-GeoIP GeoIP support for Python
py-IP Python module to handle IPv4 and IPv6 address
py-METAR Downloads weather reports
py-ORBit Python bindings for ORBit2
py-adns Python interface to the GNU asynchronous DNS resolver library
py-dns Python DNS toolkit
py-google Call the Google web API from Python
py-kenosis P2P RPC system
py-libdnet Python wrapper for libdnet
py-libpcap Python wrapper for libpcap
py-medusa Framework for writing asynchronous socket-based servers
py-mimelib Email package for Python
py-soaplib Implementation of the SOAP 1.1 protocol
py-soappy SOAP implementation
py-spreadmodule Python bindings for the Spread messaging service
py-twisted Framework for writing networked applications
py-twisted-docs Framework for writing networked applications
py-zsi SOAP implementation
pygopherd Gopher server
qadsl Login software for Swedish Telia ADSL/Comhem cable Internet users
quagga Free multithreaded routing daemon software (fork of zebra)
quagga-devel Free multithreaded routing daemon software (fork of zebra)
queryperf DNS performance and load tester
ra-rtsp-proxy Proxy server for the RealAudio RTSP protocol
radiusclient-ng Client library and basic utilities for Radius authenticated login
radiusd-cistron RADIUS-compliant remote authentication and accounting server
rbldnsd Efficient DNS daemon to serve DNSBL zones
rdesktop Open-source Remote Desktop Protocol client
rdist6 Network file distribution/synchronisation utility
rinetd Internet redirection server
ripe-whois RIPE very simple and generic whois client
ripe-whois-tools RIPE WHOIS client and tools
rootprobe Root DNS server performance analysis
rp-l2tp User-space implementation of layer 2 tunnelling protocol
rp-pppoe Roaring Penguin's PPP over Ethernet client
rsync Network file distribution/synchronisation utility
rtorrent Ncurses based torrent client with support for sessions
ruby-icmp Ruby module for handling ICMP packets
samba SMB/CIFS protocol server suite
scamper Dual-stack traceroute software
scapy Interactive packet manipulation program
scdp Program to send Cisco Discovery Protocol packets
scli SNMP command line interface
sdig Switch Digger finds port assignment for hosts on a switched Ethernet
sdist Invoke rdist to distribute files to a set of hosts
sendfile Implementation of the Simple asynchronous file transfer protocol
ser SIP express router
sfs (V) Secure, global, self-certifying network file system
sharity-light Userland smbfs -- SMB to NFS protocol converter
sipcalc IPv4/IPv6 subnet calculator
sipsak Sipsak is a command-line SIP testing utility
sitescooper Retrieve stories from websites and convert to Palm readable format
skype P2P VoIP software
slurm Realtime traffic statistics
smokeping Latency/packet loss monitoring/graphing tool
sniffit Packet sniffer program
snort The Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System
snort-rules Network Intrusion Detection System (Community Rules)
socat netcat++ (extended design, new implementation)
socket++ C++ class library for UNIX Sockets with exception handling
socks4 Old library, server and client for using proxy firewall software
socks5 SOCKS v5 application layer gateway and clients
solaris-tap Solaris kernel module for virtual Ethernet devices
speedtouch Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL modem driver
spegla Mirror program for FTP sites (written in C)
spread Group communication system providing a number of messaging services
spreadlogd Daemon to log to file, messages from spread toolkit clients
srsh Emulate rsh client behavior using ssh
ssync Invoke rsync to distribute files to a set of hosts
stripes Looking Glass for Zebra and Cisco Routers
sup Network file distribution/synchronisation utility
synergy Let an user share a mouse and keyboard among computers
synergy1.2 Let an user share a mouse and keyboard among computers
tacacs Cisco authentication, authorization, and accounting protocol daemon
tcl-scotty Network management extensions to TCL
tcpdmerge Merge two tcpdump output files
tcpdpriv Anonymize tcpdump traces
tcpdstat Analyze tcpdump output
tcpdump Network monitoring tool
tcpflow Captures data transmitted as part of TCP connections
tcpick Simple tcp sniffer with tcpdump-style rules
tcpillust Graphical TCP connection analysis tool
tcpreplay Replay saved tcpdump or snoop files
tcpslice Tool for extracting portions of tcpdump's packet trace files
tcptrace TCP dump file analysis tool
tcptraceroute Traceroute implementation using TCP packets
teamspeak-client Teamspeak group VoIP client
teamspeak-server Teamspeak group VoIP server
tightvnc Display X and Win32 desktops on remote X/Win32/Java displays
tightvncviewer Viewer for remote X and Win32 VNC servers
tinc Virtual Private Network (VPN) daemon
tinyfugue Popular programmable MUD client, with macro support and more
tkined Graphical network discovery and monitoring tool based on scotty
tn5250 Implementation of the IBM 5250 telnet protocol
tnftp The enhanced FTP client in NetBSD
tnftpd The NetBSD FTP Daemon
tor Anonymizing overlay network for TCP
torrentutils Manage BitTorrent files and interact with trackers
totd DNS proxy that supports IPv6 <==> IPv4 record translation
traceroute-as Traceroute capable of reporting the AS number of hops
trafshow Full screen visualization of the network traffic
trickle Portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper
tsclient GNOME2 Frontend for rdesktop
tsocks Transparent SOCKS proxying library
tspc Tunnel Setup Protocol Client for Freenet6
ttt Tele Traffic Tapper
ucarp Common Address Redundancy Protocol (CARP) for Unix
ucspi-ssl Command-line tools for SSL client-server applications
ucspi-tcp Command-line tools for building TCP client-server applications
udpcast Send data simultaneously to many destinations on a LAN
udptunnel Tunnel UDP packets over a TCP connection
unison File-synchronization tool
unison-devel File-synchronization tool
upclient Keeps track of your server uptime, and compares it to other hosts
urlgfe Download manager for X
userppp User-PPP package as found in FreeBSD and OpenBSD
uucp Taylor UUCP
vcheck Latest program version checker and auto-downloader
vde Virtual Distributed Ethernet tools
vino VNC server for GNOME
vnc Display X and Win32 desktops on remote X/Win32/Java displays
vncviewer Viewer for remote X and Win32 VNC servers
vpnc Client for Cisco3000 VPN Concentrator
vsftpd FTP server that aims to be very secure
vtun Virtual Tunnels over TCP/IP networks with traffic shaping
wakeup Wakeup On LAN client for remote power-up of machines
wap-utils Wireless access points UNIX management tool
waste Secure file sharing network
wget Retrieve files from the 'net via HTTP and FTP
whatmask Easily convert between three common subnet mask notations
whoson Check if (dynamic) IP address is connected
wide-dhcpv6 DHCP6 client, server and relay agent by WIDE project
wimon Tool that shows a real-time graph of your wireless connection
wireshark Network protocol analyzer
wistumbler Network stumbler for WaveLAN/IEEE wireless networking
wistumbler2 Fork of original WaveLAN/IEEE network stumbler
wistumbler2-gtk Fork of original WaveLAN/IEEE network stumbler
wmget Background download manager in a Window Maker dock app
wminet Dockable network monitor
wmnd Dockable network monitor
wmnet Dockable network monitor
wmpload PPP monitor for X11, totals and current in/out rates in 64x64 cube
wol Small Wake On Lan client
wpa_gui QT GUI for wpa_supplicant(8)
wu-ftpd Replacement ftp server for Un*x systems
x2vnc Multi-console display using X and VNC
xfce4-wavelan-plugin Xfce WLAN plugin
xfstt (V) TrueType font server for X11
xipdump Displays IP packets using X Window System
xmftp X/Motif FTP client
xnap Java filesharing client with support for OpenNap
xorp The eXtensible Open Router Platform
xrmftp FTP client for X Window System
xtraceroute Graphical version of traceroute, which traces the route IP packets go
yafc Yet another FTP client
yale-tftpd Enhanced tftpd(8) from Yale University and cisco Systems
yaz C/C++ toolkit for the development of Z39.50v3/SRW clients and servers
youtube-dl Download videos from
ytalk Multi-user replacement for UNIX talk
ywho Who, users, uptime on clients in a sun-RPC network