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glickomania Clear a board by removing groups of identical, adjacent tiles
gltron 3D lightcycle game inspired by the movie Tron
gnome-games GNOME2 games collection
gnuchess GNU chess engine
gnuchess-book Chess opening book for GNU Chess (default)
gnuchess-book-medium Chess opening book for GNU Chess (medium)
gnuchess4 The classic GNU chess
gnugo Go playing program
gogui GUI for Go-playing programs
golddig Fast action game designed for use with X
greed Strategy game: eat as much as possible
grhino Othello (Reversi) engine
gtetrinet Multiplayer tetris game for GNOME2
gtkballs GTK+ clone of Color Lines
gtklevel9 GTK+ port of the Level 9 text adventure interpreter
gtkmagnetic Interpreter for text adventures from Magnetic Scrolls
gturing GNOME2 turing machine emulator
heretic2-demo Heretic2 - first person Quake 3D engine based (linux demo)
hugo Interactive fiction design system and interpreter
icbm3d 3D X11 game of defense
icebreaker Penguin capturing simulation
imaze Multiplayer, networked, action,x 3D maze game
ivan Graphical roguelike featuring deep gameplay
jetpack Arcade action game for X Windows
jools Bejeweled clone
kajaani-kombat Rampart-like multiplayer game set in space
kapooka Puzzle game
kdegames3 Games for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdetoys3 Toys for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
ketm Old-school 2d-scrolling shooter
knightcap Chess engine with 3D OpenGL-rendered chessboard
knightcap-brain Book of losing moves for KnightCap
knights Chess interface for KDE
koth The classic shoot the other tank artillery game, networked
kye Puzzle game
lbreakout Breakout-style arcade game
lbreakout2 Breakout-style arcade game
level9 Curses port of the Level 9 text adventure interpreter
lgeneral Panzer General play-a-like, uses Panzer General data files
lgeneral-data Panzer General data files for lgeneral
lincity Free clone of SimCity for X11
liquidwar Unique multiplayer wargame
lmarbles Atomix-like puzzle
lpairs Memory game matching pairs of cards
ltris SDL tetris clone
maelstrom-sdl High resolution version of Asteroids (SDL version)
maelstrom-x11 High resolution graphics version of Asteroids (X11 version)
majesty-demo Fantasy kingdom simulation (demo)
minami Text adventure
mirrormagic Nice little puzzle game with color graphics and sound
mirrormagic-sdl Nice little puzzle game with color graphics and sound
monsterz Puzzle game similar to the famous Bejeweled or Zookeeper
moon-buggy Game on the Moon
moria Rogue-like game with a different sense of scale than Rogue
nagi Clone of Sierra's AGI
nethack Meta-package for NetHack with x11, qt and tty versions
nethack-lib Data files for Nethack
nethack-qt The QT-Enhanced X11 version of NetHack
nethack-tty The tty/console based version of NetHack
nethack-x11 The X11 version of NetHack
netmaj Mahjongg game with network and 1-4 player(s) support
netmaze X windows-based multiplayer combat game (like Midi Maze)
netris Everybody's darling T*tris in a networked version
neverball Part puzzle game, part action game and with SDL graphics
newvox Voxel-style landscape rendering fly-by
nighthawk C64 Paradroid clone
omega Complex rogue-like game of exploration with a sense of humor
openmortal Parody of Mortal Kombat with real characters
openttd Open source clone of Transport Tycoon Deluxe
orbital_eunuchs_sniper Overhead shooting game
pag Platform Arcade Game
pioneers GNOME version of the Settlers of Catan board game
plib Libraries for writing portable games/realtime interactive apps
polyglot UCI to WB adapter (for chess engines)
powermanga Arcade 2D shoot-em-up game
powwow Client to play MUDs
prboom Multiplayer-capable and modified version of DOOM
pysol Solitaire game, written in Python
pytraffic Computer version of a popular board game
qnetwalk QNetwalk is a Qt-version of the popular NetWalk game
qonk Small space build-and-conquer strategy game
qstat Program that gathers real-time statistics from game servers
quake Legendary first person shoot'em up game
quake2forge Enhanced Quake II engine
quake3arena Quake 3 Arena -- first person shooter (binary only, no data files)
quake3arena-demo Quake 3 Arena -- first person shooter (linux demo)
quake3server Quake III Arena Dedicated Server for Linux
quake3server-excessive Quake III Arena Mod: Excessive for Linux
quake3server-osp Quake III Arena Mod: OSP Tourney DM/CA/CTF for Linux
quake3server-ra3 Quake III Arena Mod: Rocket Arena 3 for Linux
quake3server-ut Quake III Arena Mod: Urban Terror 3 for Linux
quake6 Quake over IPv6
quakedata Game data files for Quake
quakeforge Improved Quake engine
quarry Multi-purpose GUI for several board games
rocksndiamonds Game like Boulder Dash, Emerald Mine, or Sokoban
rocksndiamonds-levels DX, Emerald Mine, and Sokoban levels for Rocks'N'Diamonds
rollemup Multi Ball, Player, Platform, Media, Cool Pinball game
rtcw Return to Castle Wolfenstein for Linux
sarien Adventure Game Interpreter (AGI) for Sierra On-Line Titles