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kdenetwork3 Network modules for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kdenetwork4 Network modules for the KDE integrated X11 desktop
kftpgrabber Graphical FTP client for KDE
kiax Open internet telephony system
kismet 802.11 wireless network detector, sniffer and IDS
kmldonkey KDE4 interface for mldonkey
kmldonkey-kde3 KDE3 Frontend for MLDonkey
knock Port knocking server
kphone Graphical Voice Over Internet (VoIP) phone
ktorrent Graphical BitTorrent client for KDE4
ktorrent-kde3 Graphical BitTorrent client for KDE
lambdamoo The definitive MOO software
lambdamoo-core Generic core classes for lambdamoo
lambdamoo-doc Documentation for lambdamoo
latd The linux-decnet project's LAT protocol suite
ldns Library for simplified DNS programming
lft Layer four traceroute capable of tracing protocol paths
lftp Powerful command line file transfer client
libIDL CORBA Interface Definition Language parser
libares Asynchronous DNS resolver library
libasyncns C library for executing name service queries asynchronously
libbind ISC Standard Resolver Library
libcares Asynchronous resolver library
libdlna Reference DLNA open-source implementation
libdmapsharing Implementation of the DMAP family of protocols
libdnet C interface to several low-level networking routines
libfetch Library to access HTTP/FTP server
libgdata Google Data API based Glib client library
liblive Set of C++ libraries for multimedia streaming
libmms Library for parsing mms:// and mmsh:// type network streams
libnice IETF's draft Interactice Connectivity Establishment standard implementation
libnids Network monitoring library with TCP/IP reassembly
libnipper Performs security audits of network device configuration
libpcap System-independent interface for user-level packet capture
libradius RADIUS client library
libsoup24 HTTP library implementation in C
libsscript Simple library for creating network oriented software in C
libtorrent BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix
libtrace Library for trace processing
libupnp Portable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) SDK
libvncserver Easy API to write one's own vnc server
linc Network client/server library
llnlxdir Advanced graphical FTP client
llnlxftp Motif FTP client
logjam GTK client for
lopster Yet another Gtk+ Napster clone
lua-socket Network support for the Lua language
mDNSResponder Apple's mDNS responder
mDNSResponder-nss Apple's mDNS responder - NetBSD nsswitch module
maradns Secure DNS server for *NIX systems
mbrowse Graphical SNMP MIB browser
mcast-tools IPv6 multicast routing daemons and tools
md-whois Improved whois client
microdc2 Console-based DirectConnect client
miniupnpd UPnP IGD service with NAT-PMP support
miredo Teredo IPv6 tunneling
mirror Mirror packages on remote sites
mldonkey Free peer-to-peer client with eDonkey support and more
mldonkey-gui Free peer-to-peer client with eDonkey support and more (GTK interface)
modpcap Command line utility to modify pcap capture files
mono-nat C# library for uPnP management
monotorrent Open source bittorrent library
monsoon Open source GTK+ bittorrent client
mouse-pppoe derMouse's PPP over Ethernet program
mping Mping network statistics collector
mppe-lkm NetBSD kernel module for MPPE compression with PPP
mrstat Track load and number of users on specified hosts
mrt Multi-threaded Routing Toolkit
mrtg The Multi-Router Traffic Grapher
msdl Media stream downloader
mtftpd Open-loop multicast TFTP server
mtr Traceroute and ping in a single graphical network diagnostic tool
mydns-mysql MySQL-based DNS server
mydns-pgsql PostgreSQL-based DNS server
nagios-base Network monitor
nagios-imagepak-base Additioannal icons for nagios
nagios-nrpe Nagios remote program execution daemon
nagios-nsca Remote/passive network service for nagios
nagios-plugin-ldap Nagios ldap plugin
nagios-plugin-mysql Nagios mysql plugin
nagios-plugin-pgsql Nagios pgsql plugin
nagios-plugin-radius Nagios radius plugin
nagios-plugin-snmp Nagios snmp plugins
nagios-plugin-spamd Nagios plugin for monitoring the SpamAssassin daemon
nagios-plugins Nagios plugins
nagstamon Nagios status monitor which takes place in systray or on desktop
nam The UCB/LBNL Network Animator
nap Terminal based Napster client similar to ircII
napshare Fully featured Gnutella P2P client made to run 24/7 unattended
nasd Prototype storage implementation
nbtscan NetBIOS name network scanner
ncftp3 FTP replacement with advanced user interface
nemesis Nemesis is a command-line UNIX network packet injection suite
net-snmp Extensible SNMP implementation
net6 Networking library for C++
netatalk Netatalk appletalk file and print services
netbsd-iscsi-initiator NetBSD's iSCSI initiator (per iSCSI RFC 3720)
netbsd-iscsi-target NetBSD's iSCSI target (per iSCSI RFC 3720)
netcat Read and write data across network connections
netcat6 Network swiss army knife